Eggs Part 1 | Basics with Babish

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    Eggs are something that confounds both newcomers to the kitchen and seasoned chefs. In this episode of Basics, I'll show you a few techniques to make this breakfast mainstay a whole lot easier.
    Join me on 3/8 @ 8PM EST on Twitch for a live Cook-a-Long of these egg preparations:
    Grocery List:
    Goat cheese
    Swiss cheese
    Special equipment:
    Biscuit cutter
    9-inch omelette pan
    T-fal professional series skillet (preferred for eggs)
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Comments • 80

  • prashanth kandi
    prashanth kandi 2 hours ago

    I had so much respect for this channel until i has his that quesadilla or omelette?

  • KaneAmora
    KaneAmora 22 hours ago

    My favorite way of making scrambled eggs is in a double boiler. Makes incredibly soft creamy eggs.

  • Murdoch’s Mind
    Murdoch’s Mind Day ago +1

    Thank you for this. My scrambled egg skills have now leveled up.

  • Tai Peng
    Tai Peng Day ago

    looking good

  • AJ
    AJ 2 days ago

    I tried eating an egg once, maybe about a year ago. I fried the egg. It tasted like c**. I don't like egg.

  • Macy Haase
    Macy Haase 4 days ago

    thick creamy eggs are my ALL time favorite!!

  • crazy scottish boi
    crazy scottish boi 4 days ago

    You should do a video in your style but with Gordon Ramsay

  • Null Alex
    Null Alex 4 days ago

    Can i add cheese with the french omelet?

  • jeff wei
    jeff wei 5 days ago

    I got the Gordon Ramsay masterclass ad for this video...

  • Felipe M
    Felipe M 6 days ago

    Once I made mine like Gordon Ramsey , I couldn't go back

  • Mark Deer
    Mark Deer 8 days ago

    Eggsellent !!!

  • Chase Rogers
    Chase Rogers 9 days ago

    Fuck me up eggs

  • brodudeman
    brodudeman 10 days ago

    yo, huge fan but your mushroom & spinach omelette looked trash. Super overcooked. It's not supposed to be an egg sandwich with egg as the bun. You're supposed to flip it while there is still uncooked egg on the top so that AFTER you flip it, it becomes one mass and holds itself together. You had 2 thin layers of egg with the fillings in between. The french omelette looked fuego but your other omelette is a straight up 0/10.
    Fuck you

  • Leo Guidi
    Leo Guidi 11 days ago

    Father Andrew, I have sinned. I like my eggs with a non-runny yolk

  • Latham Bauer
    Latham Bauer 11 days ago

    I’d love to see babish make omurice

  • Alexander Deis
    Alexander Deis 14 days ago

    Its 3:33AM where I live and I'm trying to cook a French omelet, ngl it turned out great on my first try.

    I am happy and going to get sleep.

  • jmleeinla
    jmleeinla 15 days ago

    French omelette where have you been all my life!!! I will make you I say!!

  • CMAN1362
    CMAN1362 16 days ago

    So stupid question, is making an over easy egg the same procedure as a sunny side up egg?

  • Lulu
    Lulu 18 days ago +1

    Keep it simple

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan 18 days ago

    U are freaking legend.

  • Shoccoe the cool guy

    Me mentioned Gordon Ramsey I gotta do it.

  • Doc Ho11andaise
    Doc Ho11andaise 24 days ago

    How did he do the Sunnyside egg without runny whites?

  • My Nontraditional Life

    I was taught to flip sunny side up eggs and briefly cook it on the other side. It was interesting to watch you only cook it on the one side until white all the way through. The scrambled eggs were also so different than how I was taught and now I want to try the creamy version you showed. I feel like I have a lot to unlearn about cooking, but this way is so much better than how I cook.

  • Kyle Harmon
    Kyle Harmon 26 days ago

    Nah dude, you're making eggs way too fancy, just scramble and season or hard fried. You're just making a gooey mess

  • Peter Peterson
    Peter Peterson 27 days ago

    Can I offer you a nice egg in the trying times?

  • jwjahaj kaJsjsjajajajah
    jwjahaj kaJsjsjajajajah 28 days ago +1

    Cooking eggs is whiskey business

  • Henry Eccleston
    Henry Eccleston 29 days ago

    It is worth noting that egg yolks should be slightly more orange than a normal large commercial orange, similar to the colour of mango flesh, or a vibrant sunset. A yellow egg is a mark of an unhealthy bird and the more yellow and less orange the yolk, the less healthy and less happy the bird that laid it. I eat cheap, yellow eggs myself, but it should be said on any guide to eggs.

  • Ben Zirpoli
    Ben Zirpoli Month ago

    Stop sounding so weird with your promotions. Love the babish life

  • nicholas muoio
    nicholas muoio Month ago

    aye you da man

  • erowidx
    erowidx Month ago

    I don't think enough people here are appreciating just how easy you made making that french omelette look.

  • N_Kuz
    N_Kuz Month ago

    “If you like your eggs bad a boujee” LOLOL I love Babish for dialect like this

  • Rob Bob42069
    Rob Bob42069 Month ago +1

    You forgot raw eggs.

  • kieran thomas
    kieran thomas Month ago

    How to basic: eggs

  • Hoopla Ninja
    Hoopla Ninja Month ago

    I make French omelettes alot

  • Umbral Chroma
    Umbral Chroma Month ago

    Was hoping I would stop seeing Gordon's scrambled eggs.

  • J. Herbacher
    J. Herbacher Month ago

    First time I heard him only saying salt instead of kosher salt

  • matoe
    matoe Month ago

    Danny devito would love this video

  • your mother's favorite.

    Never got into the runny egg thing.

  • SeoulMan
    SeoulMan Month ago

    I would definitely like to see your take on omurice! (Japanese rice omelette)

  • The Endleader
    The Endleader Month ago

    I had a plan to make sunny side ups, but accidently wisked chopped pepperoni and cheese in a bowl, now its scrambled eggs! Should be interesting...its going on a white toast with sliced tommato and chopped mini cucumber and coffee on the side

  • SaberofSpades
    SaberofSpades Month ago +3

    Me: Excited to finally find out how to cook over easy and over medium eggs without that nasty, plastic-like crust on the edges
    Babish: We're going to cover everything except over easy and over medium eggs

  • Abdullah C
    Abdullah C Month ago +1

    Why’s you use Swiss ingredients in an American omelette Babish

  • Mordekai Horowitz
    Mordekai Horowitz Month ago

    I've made the French scrambled eggs before and they are delicious. The flavor was really surprising the first time I tried them.

  • TheInsanePickle
    TheInsanePickle Month ago

    How too basics with babish

  • ً
    ً Month ago

    I don't know why, but I leave my eggs on the pan till it had a nice gold brown color on it. I don't like my scrambled eggs runny.

  • That Indie Reviewer

    But is it Kosher salt?

  • SuperKamiGuru 97
    SuperKamiGuru 97 2 months ago

    *Our favorite toasted toast*

  • Valérie Black
    Valérie Black 2 months ago +1

    “Seasoned chef’s”... You think you’re so sly, don’t you?

  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago

    4:33, almost expected him to say "When I was a boy..."

  • ssanderford63
    ssanderford63 2 months ago

    Love the Gordon ramsay eggs, I haven't made them any other way since I first saw his egg video 6 months ago.

  • plucas1
    plucas1 2 months ago

    One of the few times I'll emphatically disagree with Babish, but...
    'Gordon Ramsey Eggs' are disgusting. They have the texture of seasoned vomit. The best scrambled eggs are simple--mix them in a bowl, scramble them in a pan to desired doneness, add salt, pepper, or whatever afterward.

  • xSoporific
    xSoporific 2 months ago

    Love eggs

  • DarkFox2071
    DarkFox2071 2 months ago

    He is how to basic

  • Zoe
    Zoe 2 months ago +1

    Looking at all these tasty eggs, meanwhile I'm eating nutella from the jar with a spoon for my meal

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M 2 months ago +92

    Eggs Part I Breakdown
    0:55 Sunny Side Up 🥚
    1:34 Scrambled 🥚
    2:36 American Omelette
    3:44 Classic French Omelette

  • Luiz Pretti
    Luiz Pretti 2 months ago

    Very good video

  • A G
    A G 2 months ago

    It’s weird seeing your face....

  • Light of Entertainment
    Light of Entertainment 2 months ago

    Andrew is the type of person to wash his hands after taking a shower so i expected him to like soft scrambled eggs

  • jkl
    jkl 2 months ago +1

    Bruh why his yolk highlight green???

  • Jared Poth
    Jared Poth 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie... I don't like my eggs runny or slimy... Ever. When I do scrambled, I make them have brown patches from cooking so much. Personal preference.

  • Alton Caldwell
    Alton Caldwell 2 months ago +1

    These videos will help me impress my future girl😂

  • Levi Betts
    Levi Betts 2 months ago +4

    Ya the butter didn’t help my omelet stocked to the pan

  • Frangus
    Frangus 2 months ago

    Dont use a spatula made of rubber. Even on low heat it can melt. You have to use one made of silicone.

  • Mashed Potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes 2 months ago +7

    Best way to avoid Gordon's criticism is to use his own method, so that bastard can't point a finger

  • The Buttlet
    The Buttlet 2 months ago

    *This video is officially dated*

  • Fred Baggs
    Fred Baggs 2 months ago

    all i'm thinking while i'm watching this is "holy shit that's a LOT of butter........"

  • Bobcatethan
    Bobcatethan 2 months ago +1


  • Ant Man
    Ant Man 2 months ago

    Alright, I did the Gordon Ramsey eggs and didnt really care for them. But I think my problem was not putting them atop a thick slice of toast. Gonna have to try again. Thanks!

  • MegaTech81
    MegaTech81 2 months ago

    Damn why Americans gotta use so much butter

  • Bára Vlášková
    Bára Vlášková 3 months ago

    My all time favourite are eggs in glass ♥️

  • Tino Chakadonha
    Tino Chakadonha 3 months ago +1

    Salt the eggs whist cooking ? Blasphemy

    AGGRESSIVEPEANUT 3 months ago


  • One Strange Cyka
    One Strange Cyka 3 months ago +3

    I’ve been making Ramsay eggs for 10 years, can’t eat them any other way.

  • Aryaman Achanta
    Aryaman Achanta 3 months ago +1

    How do you crack a fucking egg?

  • Samin Chowdhury
    Samin Chowdhury 3 months ago

    skillshare why aren't u sponsoring this showw???

  • Muzza Ponders
    Muzza Ponders 3 months ago

    You look a bit like a hipster with a sibilant s....but your stuff is pretty good if the viewer has a large grocery budget.

  • firehawk 99
    firehawk 99 3 months ago

    You forgot the Japanese omelet

  • Jean-Luc Fevrier
    Jean-Luc Fevrier 3 months ago +1

    heyyyyy Vsauce, Babish here...

  • Ellen Wilde
    Ellen Wilde 3 months ago

    You can also use wooden chopsticks for the french omelet scrambling.