Are We In A Simulation? - Elon Musk


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  • The Great of Beam
    The Great of Beam 21 hour ago


  • Joseph Enrico Tiu

    The way elon speaks shows sign of him trying to escape this world matrix..its the result of lab test trying to escape reality

  • Angry Combat Wombat
    Angry Combat Wombat 2 days ago

    Elon is so wierd, yet so savage.

  • Martin Z
    Martin Z 2 days ago

    Bad effing video making me watch the same thing twice

  • ΧΡΣ
    ΧΡΣ 2 days ago

    '' We are not in a hot tub soooo ''

  • Javier Garcon
    Javier Garcon 3 days ago

    This being said only confirms that you can be forgiven for all your evil crimes! because your not responsible for your actions...... ponder on that.... (Jesus Saves Program)

  • Ken
    Ken 3 days ago

    9:23 "Um, so I think we see ... probably less ... physical movement in the future as a result of ... the virtual reality stuff ... ummm ...... yeah."
    Get the book now, _Deep thoughts_ - Inspiring like, um, totally quotable, um, words, um, from Elon Musk ...yeah. A man who only sounds like he's just watched youtube videos enough to understand most of what happens in _Gravity_ , but is really a smart kind of ... um, guy. stuff. yeah.

  • Javier Garcon
    Javier Garcon 3 days ago

    I bet the flat earthers are enjoying this video

  • Javier Garcon
    Javier Garcon 3 days ago

    You all better hope we are not in the matrix if not that means we are all dead and we are all soulless programming code.

  • Ken
    Ken 4 days ago

    This guy is super overrated. This is just another example. "We either will create simulations that are indistinguishable from reality or we will cease to exist. Those are the two options."
    Um, no. That would mean that within each underlying system that is created, the loop needs to continue down one level. And I don't know too many programmers that can make an emulator that exceeds the system it runs on. At some point down the chain, you no longer have a system that can make simpler systems since it doesn't have enough to work with. Put simply, we have no evidence that we're not at the base level.

  • Ken
    Ken 4 days ago

    1:22 "We have photo realistic simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously."
    One problem with that statement. We don't have any of that.
    His overall argument is that because it might be true, it's very likely that it is true. There's a 99% chance that that does not compute.

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    Aside from the admittedly sound logic in this argument, I think it must be easier to make the mental leap to believing this to be true when you have lived a life as extraordinary as Elon's. He must be pinching himself daily over the way his life turned out. If you live a tragic existence of suffering or even just an unremarkable one it's harder to imagine somebody designed your life. That is of course unless you consider that your reality could be a form of punishment. Dark stuff. There's also the possibility that Elon views the world as his simulation which is full of non sentient AI actors (us). Makes you wonder if someone with that mindset has any level of difficulty feeling empathy for others if they are skeptical of how real they are. What are your thoughts guys?

  • Richard Huang
    Richard Huang 5 days ago

    why does it matter?

  • Breh Breh
    Breh Breh 5 days ago

    I remember watching this when it first got posted on the internet , and i was laughing at elon and saying “is this the smart lad everyone’s talking about ?!” , but since then , each and everyday proves that what elon said was true !

  • captainjaneway3000
    captainjaneway3000 5 days ago

    "There is a 1 : Billions chance that we are currently in base reality : a simulation" - Elon Musk

  • Jinkinson sasa
    Jinkinson sasa 5 days ago

    It’s very possible that our concept of dimensions is an awareness of parallel simulations. That our concept of god is the all knowing organic matrix formed over uncountable eons. That the purpose of all existence is to add to that all knowing presence. That god is real that he is not what our finite minds can comprehend but the total and complete everything, a quantity that we cannot begin to gather. And because of this we are each required to complete the whole. This simulation is one of countless working through problems to come to the ultimate conclusion of truth. And truth along with love, real love, not manipulated

  • Lithuania Mania
    Lithuania Mania 6 days ago

    So we are game pieces on a cosmic "Game of Life" board? Bollocks!

  • Giovanni Rana
    Giovanni Rana 6 days ago +1

    Can organic computers exist? The brain is very powerful etc so is it possible to create brain tissue and use it to process informations like a PC?

  • Dangrousdave20
    Dangrousdave20 7 days ago

    God poor Elon looks so young at 5:46. Video was shot in 2010. This man has accomplished so much in 8 years

  • Zach
    Zach 8 days ago

    The guy playing Elon Musk has an OP champion. Nerf now.

  • joseph thomas
    joseph thomas 8 days ago

    Hello every1, Elon musk is onto something here. I have found Tom Campbell's work to be informative on the subject of "virtual reality". He is a very reputable physicist & he has a good understanding of how our reality operates & other realities accessible by us to use as a tool for growing up.

  • Lilbenz
    Lilbenz 9 days ago

    Does he make sense or is he the robot that’s makes robots to make robots that will take over the world?

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 9 days ago

    One thing I wish Elon would say is, in order to understand simulation, you have to understand reality first. I don't know if our level of consciousness knows the difference. The question then becomes, do we even want to know? If you think about all of the "realities" from virtual to actual, we are definitely in a simulation. That's life. One big simulation after another

  • Ivar the Boneless
    Ivar the Boneless 10 days ago

    Imagine this is a simulation to create the perfect being through evolution, and all the creatures that have existed and currently exist were tries at creating it through different factors.

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 10 days ago

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  • Melissa Duvernay
    Melissa Duvernay 10 days ago

    He keeps, popping up when I look into things. I suppose this is due to an algorithm. His thoughts process is connecting things, sometimes it can get wrapped up in connections that are solely based on a run away train of thoughts. As far as virtual reality. My biggest fear is if it was to become to real we have too many fantasies we do not react on in actual reality. Such as murder and so on. My fear would be it becoming so real it desensitizes people and you can't differentiate between killing real people and fake. We are in a simulation of sorts. Society is based on what? A set program almost except it's manmade. I guess its very hard to explain these things. Anyway Im off to have fun and not think too much into anything.

  • Meme Nite
    Meme Nite 11 days ago

    Well, I mean yea. Im jewish, but if god is real, wouldnt life be a sim bc god?

  • G bacon!
    G bacon! 11 days ago

    Imagine if people like Elon Musk were the once who actually decided how the world would run n go
    Wouw that would be beautiful !

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 11 days ago

    Is this why Jesus spoke in parables, because even in basic language he knew we would not get it, but he spoke to make people think for themselves and decider the code

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 11 days ago +1

    Dejavu, dying in your dreams and repetitive Dreams, etc

  • zinTaxZA
    zinTaxZA 11 days ago

    Rick is just trying to find the recipe to mulan szechuan dipping sauce, so he created our universe

  • moe amrani
    moe amrani 11 days ago

    This is a perfect example of when you think you are too smart, you end up talking out of your rear end! The poor guy is confused. It can happen to any of us if you don't sleep enough and work over 100 hours all year around.

    STAKBUNDLES18125 11 days ago

    *Plot twist* Elon musk is in a simulation his self because he’s in fact a sophisticated ai which resembles a human all while constantly promoting anti Ai speech and simultaneously promoting simulations. In doing so we don’t connect the dots of him actually being a robot integrated with advanced artificial intelligence

  • Girly Girl
    Girly Girl 12 days ago

    I recently talked to one of my friends about Hawthorne, CA feeling like a city made specifically for gov’t(or whatever else) to track the development of research & civilization and how they adjust it accordingly. :OOO have a conversation with me Elon😣😣😣

  • Eugene DeVito
    Eugene DeVito 12 days ago

    this guy is full of shit ! he's another NASA puppet under a different name !nothing leaves earth ! we are well protected by the dome !we are ATLANTIS ! we are the experiment !wake up !

  • Rick Nof
    Rick Nof 12 days ago

    We will never live in a simulation, because we want simulations that are different and more interesting than "base reality". In other words, simulation will ALWAYS be a step ahead of us. Me, I'm a simple guy. I believe that God created the Universe ans He sent His Son, Jesus to die on the cross to pay for our sins. Someday, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord. That is my base reality.

  • Michael Sieger
    Michael Sieger 12 days ago

    lol this is the stupidest shit I've ever heard

    • The Part Time Economist
      The Part Time Economist 11 days ago

      I tried to understand his arguments, but I don't completely agree with his conclusions. As I understand it, he looks at current video game progress and projects that we will someday have simulations indistinguishable from reality. Based on that, prior civilizations certainly could have created our current simulation. I feel like the flaw is using current progress to project backwards. If there is a 1 in a billion chance that we are a simulation, there is also a 1 in a billion chance that our creators were in a simulation, and their creators, and so on. At least in my opinion, his theory would run into infinite recursion, but I am not an expert in this matter.

  • Mael-Strom
    Mael-Strom 12 days ago

    You can pull the plug from a game but who would pull the plug from reality?

  • overthehill91
    overthehill91 12 days ago

    Are we the A.I. finally becoming self-aware?

  • XdStevie
    XdStevie 12 days ago +1

    Anyone else not have a single clue what’s going on but still very interested

  • italianrepsta
    italianrepsta 13 days ago +2

    What is life for LM MOSQUE?

  • C Connors
    C Connors 14 days ago


  • cam davis
    cam davis 14 days ago

    Worst game ever.

  • Damian Mazotti
    Damian Mazotti 14 days ago

    I’d like to see more on if technology stops progressing we will die.. please help me find a link or something

    • Damian Mazotti
      Damian Mazotti 10 days ago

      The Part Time Economist right but i just mean how like it doesn’t make any sense. Like if we stop progressing but technology still exists hospital equipment won’t die tf

    • The Part Time Economist
      The Part Time Economist 11 days ago

      In my opinion, this is one of the flaws in his argument. Essentially, he says that technology is always progressing (which I agree with). If we assume that progress happens no matter what, than the only thing that can stop progress is the complete end of civilization (this is where I disagree). At some point, we reach limits that do not result from the end of the universe.

  • parvin eblagh
    parvin eblagh 15 days ago


  • hullu mati
    hullu mati 15 days ago

    there is no end or a start... illusion it happend nowhere

  • Ashish Arora
    Ashish Arora 15 days ago

    Look at Elon musk closely he has a mark of a beast on his forehead

  • H Xen
    H Xen 16 days ago +1

    Yes, there is a big flaw in this "argument." For starters, the video games he mentions simulate known laws of physical reality that are based on Newtonian mechanics. Physicists make simulations of highly complex physical interactions also based on known (or experimentally verified) laws, such as quantum interactions or General Relativity. Now imagine a hundred years before Newton when gravity was still a mysterious force that no know understood. How could you possibly model or simulate it without understanding the physics of it? You cannot. It would be like trying to write a novel in a foreign language that you still have not learned. Yet what Musk proposes is essentially the same in that we cannot simulate consciousness because we do not know what it is or how it arises. Knowing something exists and being familiar with it is very different from understanding it. And consciousness, unlike any other phenomena, is inherently a subjective experience. It still eludes objective quantification. By this fact, the subjective nature of consciousness is much likely to elude "aliens" as well who supposedly programmed our "reality." Additionally, putting aside the question of what is reality and who might have programmed the programmer's reality, the assumption we are a simulation would imply there is a fundamental understanding of consciousness. But there is no evidence for this. More importantly, Musk draws on current technology to try to understand existence. In Newton's time people made analogies of the universe with mechanical clocks. In our digital age, not surprisingly, it is with the computer and code. Yet just as the mechanical clock analogy broke down upon further scrutiny, which reflected an intimation of a deeper theory of gravity to be found (and put forth by Einstein), similarly "simulation theory" (which is not even a theory but mere speculation and an ill-informed one at that) breaks down in that it requires a programmer and one that understands the laws he or she (or it?) is simulating. Where did this programmer come from? And is the realm of this supposed programmer the real "reality?" What is reality then? Moreover, the universe is inherently quantum mechanical and the only way to simulate a quantum phenomena is with quantum computers. And to simulate an entire universe would require a universe. That is, the alien programmer would have to create an entire universe. This alien now sounds an awful like "God" or at the very least this entire proposal like the Theory of Design to me. But please don't mistake this for what it is *not* : science. 2:04

  • Sandy g.
    Sandy g. 16 days ago +1

    The guy asking the first question thought he was so unique and clever initially lol 😂 I bet he was like “ooo imma ask him this, it’ll make him ponder life for sure”

    • The Part Time Economist
      The Part Time Economist 11 days ago

      However, I did like his question asking if someone else essentially beat us to creating the simulation. I wish Elon would have answered that because I have the same question.

  • kountPHERLOCKula
    kountPHERLOCKula 17 days ago

    A future civilization could not be simulating something that happened before them. Everyone keeps saying our universe is a simulation but advanced computer technology comes after the beginning of time. Whatever originally created the universe was not man made.

  • WereBakedFreestyles
    WereBakedFreestyles 18 days ago

    Lol I find it hard to believe someone is controlling 7billion people

  • bish325
    bish325 18 days ago

    Maybe we are rogue Artificial intelligence

  • It rocks
    It rocks 18 days ago

    If we’re nothing but a simulation then the alien or whatever that’s controlling me is acc str8 GODLIKE at sniping. Jus sayin.

  • John L
    John L 18 days ago

    Elon is so scripted same exact talk over and over

  • Flag Football
    Flag Football 20 days ago

    Elon Musk is a swaglord

  • [Icon] Hammer
    [Icon] Hammer 21 day ago

    Barely know what he says half the time but when I do I'm intrigued as hell

  • Artificial Intelligence

    It's called The Matrix

  • Craig Carnachan
    Craig Carnachan 22 days ago

    Where Breed for a purpose lol

  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 22 days ago




  • Pedro Tedro
    Pedro Tedro 23 days ago

    Greetings folks what if someone went back in the past and created a simulation?

  • Brian Stark
    Brian Stark 24 days ago

    At first you think maybe he's not understanding what's being said because of language issues. After a while you realize it's because he's an idiot.

  • Brad Douglass
    Brad Douglass 25 days ago

    Man we're here playing on an intellivison, I want the Atari version

  • Sega City
    Sega City 25 days ago

    How come elon musk always draws the most retarded question askers

  • babyblue
    babyblue 26 days ago

    If we are in a simulation, whoever's controlling my life needs to do better.

  • P14Media
    P14Media 26 days ago

    I suck at this game

  • Mains Blanches
    Mains Blanches 26 days ago

    When he looks up and moves his eyes from left to right, where do you think he is looking?...or what exactly is he looking at?...he seems to be "reading" off of some kind of "screen"!!...

  • John Contos
    John Contos 27 days ago

    we goona blast off or biust bust down 4 wha chica chic egg wrapper rock siccor excelsior

  • CharlesMeriot
    CharlesMeriot 27 days ago


  • Peter Hensel
    Peter Hensel 27 days ago +1

    The first argument is clearly wrong. You cannot deduce a fact, out of a proposition stating a possibility. But even if you could, the answer would reveal that the question is obsolet. For if reality is just a Simulation, then "Reality" and "Simulation" collide and you are left with the ever so old questions: "Who made Reality/Simulation?" "Why are we here" and so on.

  • UnHoly Bones
    UnHoly Bones 28 days ago

    We are all buried very close to earths molten core since that is the last heat source left and it is fading...we have no way to sustain life as it was before. So we have chosen to dive into AI controlled simulation to at least live our last moments in comfort.

  • Bradd
    Bradd Month ago

    I never believed in simulation until I met Mark Zukerberg

  • GabbishLee Gifted
    GabbishLee Gifted Month ago +1

    I’m not sure why this is such a big topic, we already .. knowingly 🤷‍♂️ live multiple realities.. half asleep in class to full asleep in bed, nightmares vs daydreams.. drunk vs high vs church.. acid vs meth vs weed... vs hot yoga vs runners high.. sex, making love (truly lost in it) dancing, giving a speech, facing death.. realizing death and returning.. birth of a child.. your birth.. your childhood vs now.. all TOTALLY different realities you live, go in and out of..
    really what difference does this make? Video games, movie theaters? All diff realities. People will tell their friends and family goodnight, just to go home and re greet them on Facebook.. legit have done that- said goodnight to a friend, left their house, got on FB to see what other people were doing and re engaged that same friend in online reality conversations.. and then I pointed that out to her.. and I got off haha

  • D P
    D P Month ago

    Elon's like yeah everytime I talk about being in a simulation it's a feedback loop

  • - Axxion -
    - Axxion - Month ago

    If Elon says it, it must be true.

  • Brian Reip
    Brian Reip Month ago

    What is wrong with Elon musk's eyes?

  • Edward Bowers
    Edward Bowers Month ago

    If we are truly living in a "Simulation" or i.e. a augmented reality we are not supposed too be aware of considering if we are then,the processing of said "simulation" has had a malfunction and we are now becoming aware of the true situation we are indeed in or believe we are in.
    Proof: I am a Christian I believe in God a.k.a. a power greater then myself

  • hzhang1228
    hzhang1228 Month ago

    im tired of this grinding... how do I activate the console?

  • atsuko san
    atsuko san Month ago +1

    WOW! Westworld Season 3 looks great!

  • Rabbi Joe Schwartz
    Rabbi Joe Schwartz Month ago

    The flaw is that it assumes a theory of mind in which consciousness, as we know it, can be replicated from information ("substrate independence). That may or may not be true, but no philosopher of mind I'm aware of has made a compelling case for it and many reject it. I'm rather surprised that this isn't the objection raised every time the simulation argument arises.

  • GoolmeGaming
    GoolmeGaming Month ago +77

    The guy controlling me is stuck at tutorial.

    • Javier Garcon
      Javier Garcon 3 days ago

      lol mine bought the cheapest pack

    • GoolmeGaming
      GoolmeGaming 5 days ago

      +J.Views At least you got some skill points to spend, I mean iam probably just an alt acc

    • J.Views
      J.Views 5 days ago

      Im not going to lie I can relate the person controlling me leveled me up from 1 to 19 it was a rough start but... he was doing pretty decent and then all of sudden decided to go bankrupt and now his down to level 16 *Faceplam +GoolmeGaming

    • GoolmeGaming
      GoolmeGaming 5 days ago

      +Tamar Mebonia I think we both might be. He is not leveling me up.

    • Tamar Mebonia
      Tamar Mebonia 5 days ago

      Same here. Maybe it's the same one? Which one of us do you think is his alt? :/

  • Heite
    Heite Month ago

    I have some open questions: "Games become indistinguishable from reality" - Does Elon mean the simulation within itself so that consciousness would be simulated in it and no "player input" would be needed? Or does he refers to a perfectly human-computer interface that has the highest level of immersion (so to say the next level virtual reality, like hooking your brain directly onto computer)?
    So with other words: Does Elon think that we are in a 'closed' simulation and our consciousness lies within it or does he think that outside of the simulation our biological brains need to be hooked up to the system (as we maybe won't be able to simulate consciousness)?

  • Nell Godwin
    Nell Godwin Month ago

    to whoever is running the simulation can u please take away my crippling depression thank u

  • Atrieus Esrolense
    Atrieus Esrolense Month ago

    What kind of operating system run the universe if it is simulation?what if system breaks down?

  • Gerry Moore
    Gerry Moore Month ago

    Your roof solar side Is gonna take you down ,put someone in charge ,and only talk to them ,let them run it.,they make money ,they get a works. But your smarter than me ,Gerry Smetana

  • Gerry Moore
    Gerry Moore Month ago

    If something does happen to you,it slows down .but to delegate ,you fall ,rest,get up.need help call me. Your solar power ,people are not helping you,hire a strong g woman and let her fix it not you,,,,

  • Gerry Moore
    Gerry Moore Month ago

    As I listen to this. You need to delegate more to the people that work for you. Trust,meet with them often. Take days off and feed your brain.8f something happens y

  • Kaylee Wells
    Kaylee Wells Month ago

    "It seems real but it seems unlikely to be real." I think for example if you believe in a God, then essentially a God created you: a higher being of consciousness creating a lower being of life. So, in these terms, either way we are technically a simulation of some sort?

  • Siosifa Faanunu
    Siosifa Faanunu Month ago


  • Brian Dougherty
    Brian Dougherty Month ago

    Josh, the person asking the question in the beginning, had a really cool video with the Verge from a few years ago inside the Microsoft Research facility.... "To build the holodeck". Really cool shit. This was a whiiiile ago, and we still haven't seen much come from it yet, sadly.
    And of course the other two people seated also had Bill Gates and Steve Jobs guesting at the same time back in 2007ish in a stellar interview.

  • Ever Argueta
    Ever Argueta Month ago

    LOL i find it funny how you guys think you are ahead of yourself technology has always been around trillions of years but yet you look forward to one person to guide you because you are a piece of shit

  • TribeJudah
    TribeJudah Month ago

    He dont stand a chance in the end times with God

  • Sabin Ionesco
    Sabin Ionesco Month ago

    You can put it this way... Max Planck said once that the Universe is self contemplating through our eyes or something like that.
    So, Creation/Creator of this Reality/Universe are experienced LIFE through our eyes...
    You are developing a Game and after that You wanna play it as a character in that Game.
    If that is not a Simulation type experience, then What it is??? ;)

  • NEWMOON54 Cannone
    NEWMOON54 Cannone Month ago +1

    Just be glad that that's NOT the case! Fact! Human life, and all other life on this planet was factually created! It had/has a creator, just as even the smallest, most insignificant things that we create and use every day and pay no mind to, have their creator(s). Remember the saying: "Form follows function"!?!? Think about that for a minute or so,,,, "form", must hold true to it's ""planned-design"" which can only come from a "designer". So, "function(ality)" precedes "form"! It MUST!!! Before you can build anything, you must first conceive of the "intention"or function(s) that you're wanting to have happen. And once you establish that, you can then begin creation of the "form" or designed/engineered abilities!!! Einstein agreed with this too!!! That's why he said, "I SEE GOD IN THE DETAILS IN LIFE"!!!!

  • NEWMOON54 Cannone
    NEWMOON54 Cannone Month ago

    I think Elon needs to take a vacation...................... a LONG ONE~!~ He's losing touch with the r-e-a-l reality~!~ Simulation is just that.......... SIMULATION~!~ Life and the matter that makes life possible are NOT ours to create and do as we will with!!! Musk is like so many other men who have false-egos~!~ The father of quantum physics, Maxwell Planck, Nobel prize winning physicist said: ""there is NO MATTER THAT JUST COME INTO EXISTENCE RANDOMLY..... but rather, all matter comes from atoms,, all of them initially identical,, that are coerced by specific frequencies, which bring about that particular form of matter and hold it in that state"". Elon and the rest of us must remember this!!!!!!! We humans cannot coerce atoms into any viable matter, nor can we animate that matter which we see all around us, which includes ourselves!!!!! Only a supreme engineer/scientist ( GOD!) could possibly have first, planned out everything in it's proper order for successful life, and complete fruition,, and second, having given us "awareness", and ""creativity"" two absolute essentials for the continuation, the survival of human life~!~!~!~

  • carlos hidalgo
    carlos hidalgo Month ago

    Why do TVclip videos replay the same clip twice in one video? Anyone seeing this)

  • Eugene DeVito
    Eugene DeVito Month ago

    he's a fucking android !! look at he's eyes when he bullshits !

  • Leli Dawi
    Leli Dawi Month ago

    I get that one day simulations will look and feel the same as reality, but wouldn't we still go in and out of reality and know that we are in a simulation.. Why would we want are kids born in simulations and not tell them about reality?

  • Ava Donald
    Ava Donald Month ago +9

    Would déjà vu be glitches in the system? Maybe you think it happened because it actually did happen, you just started over again.

  • Rainhut
    Rainhut Month ago

    If this is a simulation, then some of us are from the future, probably learning about ancient Earth. Only one #BaseReality. Checkout a Novel on this.

  • h l
    h l Month ago +1

    This 'simulation' trick question negates one important factor. that human inevitably will use technology first to destroy themselves and then to pleasure themselves. So a 'sufficiently advanced society capable of producing simulation reality' would never come about because it would have wiped out or regressed itself before it gets to that point.

    The dark side of human nature will always screw up human potential