Are We In A Simulation? - Elon Musk


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  • Beth Charlene
    Beth Charlene 23 hours ago

    Yo whoever is controlling me is constantly hitting a sleep button because that’s all I do. Yes could u pls stop??

  • pishionelar
    pishionelar 4 days ago

    Thoses guys are the guys who support evolution theory against creation, but they talk about simulation wich is a creation theory.... they are all lost without religion, the human nature is created with this belief need, and without it its lost.

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 5 days ago

    Why are there 2 of the same clips in this video? :S

  • Bibek Acharya
    Bibek Acharya 5 days ago

    I was serious until some old guy said ÷
    Cuz they could reboot it
    at 3:26
    Damn I laughed so hard .

  • void mvther
    void mvther 5 days ago

    He is so rude

  • Caio Gamer
    Caio Gamer 5 days ago

    The guy controlling isn't the best at doing in-game choices.

  • Big Boom
    Big Boom 7 days ago

    it's some thing bigger after death

  • Celia Thomas
    Celia Thomas 9 days ago

    and maybe whenever we sleep our player is taking a break by pausing the game....?

  • super
    super 9 days ago

    ‘It seems real, but it seems unlikely to be real” brb unplugging

  • Reticuli
    Reticuli 9 days ago +1

    The universe is not a simulation.

  • Mr. Jack M
    Mr. Jack M 10 days ago +1

    If he says this he must know it's correct his supposed rockets went to space.

  • No No
    No No 10 days ago

    Help the bathroom won't render and I'm about to crap my pants!

  • lateralus024
    lateralus024 11 days ago

    Dezz nuts

  • Hatim Quilon
    Hatim Quilon 12 days ago

    He makes you think something from what he is actually doing.

  • Michael Lambert
    Michael Lambert 12 days ago

    There is a major point to the "living in a simulation" discussion I think even Elon is missing: if reality is a simulation, so are we. In short, "we" would be part of the simulation. It isn't The Matrix, it's being a simulated person in a simulated reality. That means we could be programmed to accept the simulation as "reality." We would have no idea what reality actually is like, having no independent existence. The whole discussion degenerates to nothing, so I see no point in even entertaining it.

  • amy dixon
    amy dixon 13 days ago

    I want to meet Elon, he's my idol

  • jasonherbert8
    jasonherbert8 14 days ago

    It's like this... to create a univers with real life energy..u need positives and negatives to create in density veriations..and we are the energy conductors thoughts and emotions. Needed to grow properly without creating a mass deverstatuon for recreation...astrology, is the way things are conducted in order to create all vibrational conclusion at the right time needed for the perfect moment of completion...not long to go until completion, for the golden acention to begin. This is when we live free in the oneness in love one family.

  • Bryan Coombes ART
    Bryan Coombes ART 16 days ago

    Im relieved to hear him say "things seem to be accelerating" ...I've felt this for several years, thought I was going nuts.

  • alejandrolz1250
    alejandrolz1250 18 days ago

    World government summit???. New world order son's of bitches

  • Merve Merve
    Merve Merve 19 days ago

    If we are in a simulation, the simulator is lazy as fuck.

  • jake kenner
    jake kenner 21 day ago

    We are living in a simulation or virtual reality, but it is a virtual reality of our own creation as long as we understand the true nature of what we are to be nothing but consciousness. The only hard part of the argument is understanding science in terms of consciousness. Science is only an aspect of the virtual reality, and just as consciousness creates the virtual reality, consciousness also creates science.
    The only way to give logically consistent scientific answers to the questions raised in this talk is to explain in a logically consistent way how quantum theory is unified with relativity theory. The only known way to do that is with the holographic principle. When the holographic principle is understood in the context of dark energy, which is the primordial energy that creates the universe in the first place along the lines of the big bang event, the answers to the questions raised here become very clear as long as we are clear about the unlimited primordial nature of consciousness. The important distinction is between unlimited Brahmanic consciousness, which is the nature of the formless void of undifferentiated infinite nothingness that exists prior to the creation of a limited world of forms but has unlimited potential to create limited worlds of forms, and limited Atmanic consciousness, which is the nature of an observer and its observable world. What limits Atmanic consciousness is a bounding surface of space that arises in the observer's accelerated frame of reference as energy is expended and acts as a limiting holographic screen that projects all images of the observer's world to the observer's limited central point of view of that world. This limiting holographic screen is really a mental screen, which is the nature of the movie-in-the-mind the observer observes. The mental screen projects all external sensory images of the observer's world, like sight and sound, and all internal mental images, like thoughts and memories, to the observer's central point of view. As quantum theory tells us, the observer must be present to observe these images, since that is the only way an unobserved quantum state of potentiality can become an observed state of actuality. The mental screen is fundamentally what limits the observations of the observer's consciousness. Without that limitation, consciousness becomes unlimited, which must ultimately occur when energy is no longer expended, the observer's accelerated frame of reference comes to an end, the mental screen is no longer holographically constructed on an observation-limiting bounding surface of space, and the observer's world and mind disappear from existence. When the observer is no longer present for its world and mind and its world and mind disappear from existence, the observer's limited consciousness can only return to and reunite itself with unlimited consciousness. It is then possible to say in a scientific way as Shankara stated long ago: Ultimately there is no difference between Atman and Brahman.
    See the Science and Nonduality Wordpress website:

  • Shree Srikanth
    Shree Srikanth 21 day ago

    Great man

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole 22 days ago

    #1 Elon do you believe in God?
    #2 Who is the number 1 person you enjoy talking to?
    #3 Do you enjoy Poetry?
    #4 Who is your favorite Poet?

  • Swagy
    Swagy 24 days ago

    Imagine being able to joke about taking topics off the table in hot tubs. I want money.

  • Swagy
    Swagy 24 days ago

    Did anyone else hear the silence in the room when he laid it out so truthfully and beautifully? They realization of oh fuck hes right just sets in lol

  • Paige Aluminum
    Paige Aluminum 24 days ago

    Sorry, mate. Wrong path.

  • Szz
    Szz 25 days ago


  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo 26 days ago +1

    How do I tell the guy controlling me to type in motherlode???

  • Casey Pharr
    Casey Pharr 26 days ago

    One more thing, i ready much physics as a child, science etc. Started developing at around 9 years old. I love the code analogy of DNA to Binary, Mboard to neuron network, etc. Though, if it is this in theory, we cannot understand it ever. Code can be self replicating, self taught etc, yet it will NEVER understand they ASM push, pop, register meanings, etc. It willy only react to testing higher level procedures. I feel kind of the same if we were inside a simulation, and studying it. Any thoughts?

  • Casey Pharr
    Casey Pharr 26 days ago

    I dont understand why certain people are always idolized as a sort of "supreme" or "higher" god. there are many many many people who think in these ways, anylize using pure logic, and so on also allowed to be so creative they view things out of the box. Yet, this man, due to money power what ever it may be, people take as if his opinion is some sort of godish like teaching. People, YOU ALL CALL BE INTELLECTUAL like this, just try. Anyways, i love Musk and have felt this way since i was a child. lol I remember in 2nd grade arguing with my teacher that breaking the law is not a moral standing or meter because that law could change one day, and then it is allowed. I remember at this time, being in second grade, i got in much trouble then was told by my parents, yes but dont argue with your teachers. lol Anyways, ...

  • M
    M 27 days ago

    One day this will be as official as the first person that said the world was round.

  • MMM 7
    MMM 7 29 days ago

    But wait. What if we are the ones that play the game? What if this game is so advanced that we choose to become part of it in this human form? And then what if this game is actually so advanced it changes depending on our conscious thoughts though here we are not aware that we have actually chosen to play the game. So we might have just accepted the rules and decided to become part of this game. Maybe our lives are randomly chosen or maybe we chose em depending on our circumstances. But then...

    What is that other life where we are able to play games like this? Is it also a game? A thought of a superior being?

    Endless argument. I’ll just live. And I’ll just believe we are actually part of a body- like highly intelligent organism our minds can’t really understand.

  • mohit kashyap
    mohit kashyap 29 days ago +1

    What happens if we die? Game over? Restart?

  • Isis zahori Parra
    Isis zahori Parra Month ago

    That is what rick und morti said😂

  • Phil Whatever
    Phil Whatever Month ago

    Every Elon Musk theory I hear is based on movies, this one being the Matrix, the last one was Avatar! (Joe Rogan podcast)

  • Ryan OBeirne
    Ryan OBeirne Month ago

    Nietzsche among other philosophers have also wondered if the universe has some kind of "eternal return", so that coupled with us possibly stuck in some kind of simulacrum makes the odds of this being the "first" time around seem highly unlikely to me.

  • Ivan Bryan
    Ivan Bryan Month ago

    Why is there crickets sound in the background? 😅

  • chris anderson
    chris anderson Month ago

    So imagine we voluntarily decided to play this simulation/game.
    And we are sleep somewhere right now and what feels like a lifetime in reality is not that long.
    But this game is like GTA v
    Everytime you log on its the same game in That everyone experiences the same things. If your character dies you can come back in another location.
    "Old earth" and we all are playing at the same time.

  • Lat igo
    Lat igo Month ago

    Maybe Elon Musk said that this is maybe a simulation because maybe he is right, right?

  • BillyDoesGames
    BillyDoesGames Month ago

    The muslims really didn't like that answer.

  • Vahe Hovhannisyan
    Vahe Hovhannisyan Month ago

    Maybe Elon Musk is an NPC and he's programmed to get all of us to realize that we are in a simulation...

  • Little Green Giant
    Little Green Giant Month ago

    If a day is coming when there will be no way of telling if what we are presented with is real or digital, what's to stop government's from producing fake news on steroids?

  • Nate Porras
    Nate Porras Month ago

    The big bang was when the person or thing outside of our simulation started it, hence we have no explanation of how the big bang even started. It litterally came from nothing. Maybe the nothing was a PlayStation 1988198 starting.

  • Scott Griffith
    Scott Griffith Month ago

    That guy took the LSD forsure

  • Bloody Polemistis
    Bloody Polemistis Month ago

    Well what he said in 2010 goes against us being in a simulation because if we were which with his theory we most likley are then there would be high intelligence of a different civilization playing us or simulating us

  • Bjørn Brondelsbo
    Bjørn Brondelsbo Month ago

    End is the beginning Musk..In everything!! Everything is possible.... Let’s think out the box no matter what, where, and when we are Mister. A.I. Will not win with still a few unplugged of us. Thanks for last time together Mr. Musk. Every time my pleasure, but this time you’re the slow on the team. Heh . Bjørn Brøndelsbo. See you...

  • Bjørn Brondelsbo
    Bjørn Brondelsbo Month ago

    To hell with simple people’s Matrix Specula. Can’t know anyway, so it’s interesting but not relevant. We must travel to know.. Don’t forget eh. Why I hope keep texting you, A.I ( Ethernet) will connect the dots. Don’t want nothing in life only info sharing my stranger man.

    ELI MONTEITH Month ago

    Wait if we are living and this is what we know, then if the other people who created us then who the fuck created them if they are alive too. FUCK MY BRAIN HURTS

  • Venkateswaran S
    Venkateswaran S Month ago

    He is the Neo to safe zion

  • Done4s
    Done4s Month ago

    Can someone break up of what elon musk said please

    • Done4s
      Done4s Month ago

      chris anderson thanks appreciate your time writing this out im about to read it

    • chris anderson
      chris anderson Month ago +1

      He's saying what if we are playing a futuristic video game right now
      And our bodies are somewhere else (in the real world)
      We chose to play this game "original earth" just to experience it
      And we are actually already living in a advanced futuristic multi planet utopia and everyone that's here is playing this game on the same server.
      When you die you just end the game and take off your virtual reality suit or whatever matrix.
      A lifetime in the game is like a hour or so of gameplay.
      Also he said that eventually we WILL in this reality develop gaming systems that are so realistic that we won't be able to tell the difference from real life.
      His point is what if we already accomplished that and were in a game right now.
      Also also that it's probably highly unlikely that this isn't a simulation
      Because a advanced society would have millions of game simulators so the chances of this actually being reality are slim.
      Hope that helped

  • JOHN
    JOHN Month ago +1

    My guy is stuck or bored and has left the game on and is not playing anymore

  • Samuel Saarinen
    Samuel Saarinen Month ago

    Debating our existence is ultimately pointless. Even if we we're living in an infinite mmo made by another life forms, that still doesn't change the fact that we're gonna die or disappear from our own existence some day and no one in the history of the whole mankind will ever know the right answer. But it's an intresting theory though

  • Faizunnessa Akther
    Faizunnessa Akther Month ago

    The so called "What if" is a famous conjecture always used by the atheists or Scientologist, however, their message is quite clear here " our civilization was created by another alien civilization". A simple thing can never be put into their intellect, if we were to create by a group of advanced people, then there would always be a chaos in the entire creation. If we apply logical reasoning here, which will reveal that there would always a fighting going on their own planet regarding how to operate their new creation. For instance, if someone among them wanted to create it like his own way, others, however, would prefer the opposite way. That is actually always happening in our case, for example, If USA wanted to built a computer simulated universe, Russia would intervene and deploy a computer virus to destroy it. What a crap video and conception, those who believe in it and share it, I would think they have intellectual acumen less than a donkey. What level of evidence this donkey has? Ask him to show proper evidence and proof. It seems quite like: if I can create an android, it means whole human beings are androids. By creating such videos they are executing a hidden agenda to brainwash young people's mind."

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright Month ago

    If we were in one tho he wouldn’t tell us no one will it’s impossible to realise it

  • Gregory Reimer
    Gregory Reimer Month ago

    Does anyone else find it strange that GOD is just DOG spelled backwards...

  • Annie1962
    Annie1962 Month ago

    Person asking question doesn't care if Elon's answered this question a gazillion times.

  • Daniel Ramos
    Daniel Ramos Month ago

    Awesome, we can easily see the genius he is right through his eyes

  • Daniel Collins
    Daniel Collins Month ago +1

    Man, I'm in a boring fucking video game

  • Colin Skinner
    Colin Skinner Month ago

    That argument doesn't make sense. Just because we are able to get to the point of simulation indistinguishable from reality doesn't mean we ourselves are simulated. Who is to say or know we aren't the reality creating the first simulation?

  • robin
    robin Month ago

    What if we are in someone's simulated reality/game and all of this is just one of millions of simulations?
    This is most probably not true but my mind travels... 😅

  • athe na
    athe na Month ago

    What if we are in a simulation we ourselves created? What if our own civilization became so advance, because as he said we are definitely on our way to becoming advanced enough to create photo realistic virtual realities, we are in a simulation created by ourselves? What if our existence right now is actually just some teenager in the year...I don't know 3097 playing a vr game his parents got him for christmas? What IF we are just characters in a game?

  • Mariel Lang
    Mariel Lang Month ago

    We are like the sims of the alien community

  • Francisco Nieves
    Francisco Nieves Month ago

    I hope if anything every happens in my dismay as I lay my hand across my forehead in distress, that someone idk maybe a Marine comes to rescue

  • Tejinder singh
    Tejinder singh Month ago +1

    Matthew santaro brought me here👏

  • 9bq
    9bq Month ago +2

    So they simulated my penis?!?!? Perverted aliens!

  • Ramiro Olivares
    Ramiro Olivares Month ago

    I watched Bandersnatch, It gave me lots to think about. Such as, whether I truly have control of my life.

    TANTILIST Month ago

    Matthew santaro anyone

  • frayfog
    frayfog Month ago

    Warning ⚠️ watching this video ends your simulation! Be prepared.

  • The Cool Squad
    The Cool Squad Month ago

    What if? Virtual reality is reality and right is simulation/vr and what if we are all who we are in vr

  • The Marlboro Man
    The Marlboro Man Month ago +17

    Matthew Santoro brought me here

  • Music 4MySoul
    Music 4MySoul Month ago

    In video games the characters follow scripts. They have no consciousness, how do you create consciousness. A.I is not conscious. A.I has no awareness. A.I doesn't know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. We live more in a simulated conscious reality, a video game where people can think openly without following scripts written by programmers, a.k.a freewill.

  • Wilbur Thoors
    Wilbur Thoors Month ago +1

    He has no logic in his argument. U can't even talk about 1 in a billion or any fucking numbers discussing this topic. It has nothing to do with numbers the possibilites are infinite. You can't argue with logic from factors in this universe because THIS IS THE SIMULATION according to him. He has no idea what "the real world" would be like and it wouldn't probably be anything like this world. In a simulation u can make impossible things in real life possible so why would we have made everything the same way as the real world? That makes no sense. I see so many stupid comments. And if this is a simulation why are u all so fucking sure about that we live in it together? So fucking naive. What if u guys are all playing single player? Fucking idiots.

  • Lea Lee - healthyteame

    If we were in a simulation...why on earth would there be disease and death etc?...Or not a mechanism to remember that we were if things got to crazy.....and who created many questions...

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man Month ago +2

    This is some Rick and Morty Shit

  • Allison Argent
    Allison Argent Month ago

    If we were like sims i guess my player created me just ugly and gave me all the „bad-luck“ choices possible 😂

  • Freedom Liberty
    Freedom Liberty Month ago

    The dude playing me needs to set the difficulty back down to recruit

    TRUE 2 MYSELF Month ago

    only a time traveller would know coz I wounder what a time traveller sees while going through time? does the time machine make the world rewind like a movie?
    Or the time machine works like a controlled black hole so once you hit launch. Time traveling could be like a loading screen kinder like most of our technology works u click on something on the internet it will load whatever from the past like pics, vids whatever

    while the future the simulator acts like icloud that's synced to your life everything you do is saved every second. So if you practised or learned or do whatever today its all saved and ready to lead up to your fate eventually

    so my theory is if time travel is possible then yes I think we could be in a computer simulation coz how does time n date (bunch of numbers) impact reality for the time machine to work?

  • Alex Peek
    Alex Peek Month ago

    Elon's simulation description sounds similar to Descartes's evil demon simulation. Both theories state perceptions could be fake, which I agree with. But I do not agree with Elon's proposition that its billions to 1 odds that we're in a simulation.
    Imagine that in 2100 we create a Play Station 13 VR-full body simulation for everyone on planet earth that could perfectly fool us. When we put on the VR suit (which completely sedates our body but thinks we're awake), all of our sense are perfectly imitated. Upon first trying it, a person is completely blown away and there is always the option to exit by clapping your hands 3 times. A person does not lose their memory because the VR system is programmed to only high-jack current senses.
    But now imagine a slightly different Play Station 13 VR that erases past memory and replaces it with a complete different past. Also the VR keeps you perfectly fed, hydrated and healthy just by wearing it, so you don't have to worry about your body wearing the VR set. What if everyone in the world did this at once and everyone went to their own different world? Everyone would play this game forever without ever having the thought of returning to their original body wearing the VR set. When you die in the game, the VR system reincarnates restarts your memory in a new life and the process goes on as long as your original body wearing the VR stays alive.
    I don't understand how this crazy situation I've described leads Elon to be convinced that we are wearing a Play Station 13 right now. It's a possibility, similar to Descartes evil demon but that's as far as the proposition should go.

  • o h y e a h y e a h

    3:51 “whut is leif for ilon moosk?”

    omg I feel so bad

  • Kyle2324
    Kyle2324 Month ago +4

    Even if it’s a simulation, it doesn’t make life seem pointless. Think about when you play a video game, and the npc’s see the video game as their home, and don’t know they are in a simulation. They still have to do their part in the video game, or the game would be drastically different

  • Norbert de Varenne
    Norbert de Varenne Month ago

    what's the other counter argument?

  • Darren Woods
    Darren Woods Month ago

    It does make sense to me if a civilisation were ever capable of building a computer simulation, that would basically run it's own coarse it would have already happened by now in a universe 13 billion years old..furthermore , building a simulation that gives the players the gift of eternal life (spiritual) offset-ed with the temporary status off physicality ( with a unit of amnesia) to brake up the boredom of eternity makes even more sense to me that this civilisation has given us an opportunity to continue on for ever as spiritual beings having physical experiences unlike in their "base reality"were when you are gone, death is final ..perhaps their civilisation was doomed and this experience we are all a part of is their gift to us in keeping our dream of their civilisation alive?

  • Goochi
    Goochi Month ago

    What if the games we made were real life for the people we made in that game

  • Frank Robinson
    Frank Robinson Month ago

    Is the repetition in the middle supposed to be baiting? Dunno... that aside... have we considered, alongside the “acceleration” in advancement of technologies and gaming potential, we’d also require a deceleration in moral and social views to allow such a thing to happen. If we’re aware now that it’s possible to create beings with will and consciousness that are ‘unreal’, then surely in the future we would be aware of this and ask the question “is this right”? And imagine the uproar. Plus... if we are aware of progression now, and we are projecting possible leaps into the future then the future beings who are supposedly controlling us are inherently linked to ourselves, meaning that if we are simulation then they are simulation too. If that is true then there is a loop, begging further theories. Else, it is not true because it cannot be true: the creator cannot be created by its creations nor vice versa. One ends up on the age old discussion around time travel. Loops... yes. One big game... meh... not for me... too many batteries!!! 😃

  • green house
    green house Month ago

    elon was telling this guy that questions like this shouldnt be asked on a place like this so he keeps on stating the bath tub statement. we can talk about this when we are no longer in the bath tub

  • Jhovani Calvillo
    Jhovani Calvillo Month ago

    we're living in gods simulation

  • rasvan 19slobozia
    rasvan 19slobozia Month ago

    Elon Musk = Thawne ( The Flash)

  • rocha333
    rocha333 Month ago

    God is our reality and because of evil men people are becoming stupid

  • Mr Kaktus
    Mr Kaktus Month ago +1

    I'm experiencing low FPS...

  • Pᴀʀᴀsᴇʟᴇɴᴇ Tᴀᴏ

    I feel it. A lot of the time I feel like my experience isn't real. I think my depersonalization is based on minor PTSD or it's a coping mechanism meant to handle anxiety, pain and suffering. If I choose to believe reality isn't real, I can handle much higher amounts of anxiety and pain.

  • Skrilax Rev
    Skrilax Rev Month ago

    How arrogant he thinks his perception of the world is the truth for everyone.

  • Andi Gomez
    Andi Gomez Month ago

    he's aged horribly in the past 8 years

  • Kelvin Anarchy99
    Kelvin Anarchy99 Month ago

    Yeah totally we're living in a simulation. Nd we're source of energy as a battery. Like the matrix.

  • Rachael Leland
    Rachael Leland Month ago +2

    If we were truly in a game, what would be the point of having so many civilian lives that could be boring. Why would the creators want to make the characters have their own consciousness? Why would they run the risk of people like Ellon , figuring out that we are in a simulation? Wouldn't that break the system? If we were in a game, why isn't life perfect? Why is there no creative mode where we can spawn infinite money? Why hasn't there been someone to have came back to life in the modern world. Wouldn't the players not want to buy a new player everytime they died? Just my thoughts

    • Chris Seger
      Chris Seger Month ago

      Think about The Sims. I mean, that would be the closest to simulating real life that we've come, right? Millions of civilian lives, all being played out by millions of random people. Why? Because they want to. Life sure isn't perfect for a Sim. If they were a little more intelligent, they probably would question why life isn't perfect too. If a character dies, oh well, just make another, or load an old save.
      Now think about what The Sims (or whatever comparable title there is) will be like in 100 years. You'll put on a headset and literally live every aspect of that virtual person's life, in full, realistic detail. How would you be able to tell the difference? For all intents and purposes, you likely wouldn't be able to. If you loaded an old save here in "real life", how would you know? You wouldn't.

  • The Chief _
    The Chief _ 2 months ago

    windows update comes and kills us all

  • Rushii
    Rushii 2 months ago

    The person controlling me must definitely be a horny bastard.

  • All The Things I do All The Things You do

    He had to be careful with those Muslims so I didn't get beheaded.

  • D vd
    D vd 2 months ago

    Very creative way of projecting your own view on God and his creation. If intelligent people say stupid things, it is still stupid.

  • xx Smurray xx
    xx Smurray xx 2 months ago +1

    I’m just upset some people have better avatars in this simulation