Are We In A Simulation? - Elon Musk


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  • Brian Zar
    Brian Zar Day ago

    Well as an Engineer, I would like to sure my modest opinion. I do believe in god and I do believe that we are in a simulation. There is no possible way that humans were created by "nothing". Someone very skilled designed our bodies to last and last without being shutdown due to lack of energy! think about it, we don't need gas to work, our bodies were designed to work on Oxygen, and what a fucking coincidence, the planet we were found in is the only planet with the amount of oxygen we exactly need! There must be a creator, and designer, and to me it's god.

  • rodrigueskorn
    rodrigueskorn Day ago

    Funny when they are easy set to believe in simulation, but when God is brought to the talk it's like an abomination.

  • OpportunisticHunter


  • Brian Ingles nobody

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  • Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray 2 days ago


  • Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray 2 days ago +1

    I am very relieved this a simualtion, you can realise just how insignificant your problems and life in general is! You could end it now and in the grand scheme of things no one would give a shit!

  • Mathew Eason
    Mathew Eason 2 days ago

    The idea of a simulated universe makes more sense then there being a god as a creator, but if we were created as a simulation then that would prove we weren't created by a god, so I'm wondering who created our creators? Or are they too themselves in a simulated universe? Are we just a creation of somebody else's creation?

    • Mathew Eason
      Mathew Eason Day ago

      +Craig Szymanski but if that's how it is there had to be a beginning yeah? A civilization that created the first simulation, but who created them?

    • Craig Szymanski
      Craig Szymanski Day ago

      Yes and it probably goes in loops with infinite amount of simulations. Which is why this shit is so mind blowing how we even exist damn.

  • Lachlan Ford
    Lachlan Ford 2 days ago

    *you cannot physically smell stuff in a game*

  • Bobo andPenelope
    Bobo andPenelope 4 days ago

    That’s what I said when I saw that Fake Spacex BS

  • neal fager
    neal fager 4 days ago

    What A Mind Fuck!!!
    If we are in a simulation or being in one is possible than could a simulation create other simulations how many layers of simulations could there be?!?
    Holy Fucking Matrix Shit!!!

  • Michal Fornalczyk
    Michal Fornalczyk 5 days ago

    We already have games where Little creatures have inteligencce points, life bar , they get smarter through out The game... and in A real Life we are able to do Brian surgeries, create an ear e.i without growing it back ourselves.. why couldnt we grow A whole man one Day. I think its interesting.

  • Mikey Slakowski
    Mikey Slakowski 6 days ago

    I don’t follow his logic. It’s possible but just because we might be able to create worlds with life like simulations doesn’t mean we’re in one it’s a big stretch I’d like to hear his reasoning about why it’s so likely. As far as base reality if you take into account alternate universes and dimensions such a thing probably doesn’t exist simulation or not

  • smileyface
    smileyface 6 days ago

    Fck this I'm making a jelly sandwich :-o ) ill be dead in 100 years anways.

  • squirrelsareverycool

    He's supposing we get past the uncanny valley, maybe.

  • junior villalobos
    junior villalobos 7 days ago

    I found out we were a simulation on this if you want to find out

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 7 days ago

    I'm sure that in the future more than one out of a billion won't be playing a game...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 7 days ago

    What? Some of this makes sense...but billion to one we are in base reality??...there are flaws...his reasoning is that there will be billions of people playing games in the future...but for that ratio to be accurate then for every billion and one people on the planet only one wouldn't be playing a game...

  • Pexxan
    Pexxan 7 days ago

    Whoever is playing me right now, stop fucking me over ffs

  • TheBSideDJ
    TheBSideDJ 7 days ago

    i don't read long comments.

  • ReligionForAll
    ReligionForAll 7 days ago

    try learning #quantumphysics your all doubt will start being creared.

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 9 days ago

    Did you know... THE MATRIX IS PROOF OF GOD. Something to consider, from a former atheist activist: The Matrix is in the Bible 5 times.
    mentioned in Scripture five (5) times beginning in Exodus.
    We are immortal souls in a test.
    Only God is ultimately real.
    And Only God can save us.
    Through the Only True Gate, Jesus.
    The Luciferian Elites are
    trying to claim the Matrix is
    only planet-wide and invention of aliens, which is a lie,
    when the truth is the simulations are fundamental to the nature of the multiverse, the Electric Universe, as discovered by Nikola Tesla and illustrated beautifully by Walter Russell...
    No virtual realities exist without a CREATOR.
    The Matrix is God's.
    This is a simulation and we are souls on trial in an interactive virtual reality that manifests at the speed of thought.
    - The Planck Length proves our reality is pixelated.
    - The Nag Hammadi Pistis Sophia further prove the historicity of Jesus as do Kabbala and Talmud.
    - the debunking of the Shroud of Turin was debunked -- it's real.
    The only salvation for individual souls is very likely Jesus in this MATRIX this VIRTUAL reality.
    Something to consider
    - Peace to you
    PS. To my Jewish friends -- The highly esteemed Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri saw multiple visions of YESHUA for over a year before his death. (We Jews are mistakenly taught to expect a temporary political messiah instead of a savior for our souls for all eternity. Time to be humble in this DIVINE virtual reality. )
    May the Lord Bless You.
    Please share Proof of God if this helps you.
    Save your soul.
    The spiritual war is real.
    And so is GOD.

  • StuntMan
    StuntMan 10 days ago

    I knew chickens wouldn't hold the athmosphere of mars

    WILLIAMS FROST 10 days ago

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  • James Lloyd
    James Lloyd 11 days ago

    I like to think we are on dust in a carpet walked on by aliens 😂

  • Charles Jannuzi
    Charles Jannuzi 12 days ago

    Then why didn't the simulation programmers come up with better batteries for the Tesla?

  • Hillside Heathen
    Hillside Heathen 14 days ago

    He's a fucking Genius

  • cheeseburger
    cheeseburger 15 days ago

    Yeah you're right dad I'll never grow up, because I'm being controlled by a toddler dick head. Rated E for everyone!

  • Bas Waaijer
    Bas Waaijer 15 days ago

    Now the true question: Does it matter? Even if its a simulation, you can't do anything about that which you're not aware of. So in that sense its a pointless and unpractical philosophical question. Things are what they are, and until something else reveals itself its pointless to even ask this question.
    Now, considering the fact that some day we can put ourselves in testtubes, keep our bodies maintained and experience the equivalent of a VR lucid dream is a scary thought considering how easily people get hooked and addicted. We could literally just quit reality. I hope some higher entity or consciousness has build failsafes into this reality to prevent that from happening.

  • Jan Peeters
    Jan Peeters 16 days ago +1

    Just put banana in your ass and yell 'give it to me daddy' and you will receive infinity money.

  • J Bright
    J Bright 16 days ago

    eXistenZ Capital X, capital Z.

  • jlarrymore
    jlarrymore 17 days ago

    Dumber concept than even Darwin thought up....

  • Abraham Wilberforce
    Abraham Wilberforce 17 days ago

    Elon Mosque, Space Jihad.

  • Robert Spreadborough
    Robert Spreadborough 17 days ago

    try pulling your head out your ass - you will discover life

  • OC Run
    OC Run 18 days ago

    That guy asking the question is so freaking annoying and doesn't even listen to the answer to the question he's asking.

  • PunkGamerGirl
    PunkGamerGirl 18 days ago

    Elon just hurry and call that guy an idiot thats basicalky what elon did lol he funny af savage

  • Morbs
    Morbs 18 days ago

    thanks that arabian guy and auto generated subs now I'll change Elon Musk name to LM Mosque forever

  • Harry A
    Harry A 19 days ago

    World Government Summit? NWO in full effect

  • swadlol
    swadlol 20 days ago

    We could be a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation...

  • wetcircuit
    wetcircuit 20 days ago

    The guy who lost over a billion dollars for saying stupid shit…. To Musk something is my new favorite phrase.

  • gazza
    gazza 20 days ago

    sometimes i think we're in a simulation, until i do a massive fart that knocks me back to reality.

  • KDHD
    KDHD 21 day ago

    back when people used to say we were "created" by god. "created" sounds a lot like a word someone would use before they knew what "programmed" was. Lots of religions believe we were "created" in gods image, lets translate that to "we were programmed in gods image". Why are we ourselves, creators? why are humans trying to program new realities and designing worlds in computers? perhaps it is because indeed we are created/programmed in gods image, and just as god created our reality, its why we create new realities as well. But if this is all by design.. it begs the question.. who designed the designer?

  • Juson Voorhess
    Juson Voorhess 21 day ago

    First the atheists say life on Earth is an accident. Then they say it came from meteors. Then they say it was created by aliens. Now they say we're in a simulation. Face it people... GOD exists and so do other dimensions, interdimensional demons, ghosts, angels, etc. Stop denying what people have known for thousands of years.

  • farhan sadik
    farhan sadik 21 day ago

    That's it! Earth is flat! I don't care anymore!

  • Terry Cygan
    Terry Cygan 22 days ago

    Yes.. Definitely.. On the idea that we are in a simulation. For the very fact that we recall and remember things that are sometimes different from what we think actually happened.

  • Prakash 07/11
    Prakash 07/11 22 days ago

    I Got Bug...😅

  • Office Productions
    Office Productions 23 days ago

    If you listen they are talking about the matrix

  • Filips May
    Filips May 23 days ago

    Nothing special about Musk. He is just a rich gy that makes rockets and creates space ship cars.

  • Benedek Laca
    Benedek Laca 23 days ago

    so if i want to be rich and happy that's 2 DLCs and i must pay for them first :(

  • IssacSun
    IssacSun 24 days ago

    For everyone interested in this question please read this paper its awesome it descirbes a experiment with memory soft errors in our simmulated reality or in the real reality , its not math its only a experiment but definitly is very interesting.

  • Joseph Dember
    Joseph Dember 24 days ago

    I think it could be a little deeper, maybe more depressing. Not only are we most likely in a simulation, but we are in a failed simulation. Because why would you want to make a simulation except to create a better world to live in. Since our world is shit, it must have failed

  • Ivan Pedersen
    Ivan Pedersen 25 days ago

    Funny how people are lauging at him, when what he is stating is just simple math..

  • rockymontana1
    rockymontana1 25 days ago

    If you eat,shit,fuck,or jack off and pay your bills and anything else you do everyday,I doubt we're a simulation..If we are ,dam we're pretty dam real...then I wonder what real life is and what it looks like.

  • Angel Allen
    Angel Allen 25 days ago

    Elon Musk will forever be my celebrity crush 💃♀❤❤❤

  • MHEheeheehee
    MHEheeheehee 25 days ago

    What if when we die then open our eyes as an alien with some space weed, then the aliens next to us say. "Bro did you feel it?" And humanity was being high?

  • Ganbat Battsengel
    Ganbat Battsengel 26 days ago

    When people die it's gameover?

  • Eric Milton
    Eric Milton 26 days ago

    Im not convinced by the billions of years of an absolute lack of intellect as we know it as being a worth while simulation for anything that thinks as we do, as far as this planet is concerned. Why create a simulation where everything is for the most part irrelevant to intellectual interaction? Thats like creating a video game with no characters or purpose until the ending scene. Idgi

  • Brenton Walker
    Brenton Walker 27 days ago

    Just look and the universal structure - Protons, Electrons, Neutrons & Mathematical Structure, Energy & Force. If you create a carbon atom witch creates matter you would come up with the same components. Hence, we are living in a simulation universe. That's why the Fibonacci golden ratio is 61.8 and everything i mean everything is correlated around this golden ratio.

  • Matthew Dawood Khaghani

    Life, what is point?

  • Jennifer Ramos
    Jennifer Ramos 28 days ago

    8:48 cute.

  • some guy idk lol
    some guy idk lol 28 days ago


  • scott merrow
    scott merrow 28 days ago

    No, we're on a flat earth.

  • ---------------
    --------------- 28 days ago +2

    Alt F4

  • Hubert Walter
    Hubert Walter 29 days ago

    Any super-rich who wants to send me some Ethereum (ETH) so I can enjoy the simulation? 0xcbe83cdaa9b9b7c40c9f581477bbd7fe2cd0c07d

  • JR Piano
    JR Piano 29 days ago

    They need to start interviewing people who are gonna ask questions beforehand, so that we can weed out the antisocial retards from the pack before they can spread their cringe

  • Shanu Vk
    Shanu Vk 29 days ago

    Did you evee think you are the only humen on earth and others are just robots?

  • Cody S.
    Cody S. Month ago

    Well, I can tell you that my controller doesn't buy in-game currency.

  • Stinkyfinger
    Stinkyfinger Month ago

    fuck I'm an NPC

  • Crew TheAftermath
    Crew TheAftermath Month ago

    lol if we are in a sim.. and we are pretty much NPC's. and then add in aliens ( the account holders lol) that might mean the rich, the powerful, alien lineage r actual aliens that run our NPC world. ( which could explain the everything wrong issues)So..If we ARE NPC's our life will always be shit. Why? coders never give NPCs any power. NO perks No riches. The NPC is the ones with all the troubles and live the worst lives Until the Heroes login and achieve the story arc, mission quest, what ever. But US. The living NPC program. Our lives are poor, sickly, poverty ridden. And never truly informed on life and its choices which are made by every other player of consequence. So.. being a NPC in a simulation is actually no life at all. As a player of MMORPG types. I never ever think of the NPC as a person. Just a thing to click on, not fully ready or listen to them, then run off to do what ever to become more powerful, get virtually rewards of some kind.Yeah life as a NPC inside a simulation.... fukin suks.

  • Shannon kruse Kruse

    I know that I am not the master of the entire universe, yet I am the master of my own faith, so I could be. I don't want that. It concerns me that anyone does. What would be the reward after that? Without pain, we cannot know pleasure. Without sacrifice, we cannot know abundance. There is duality in everything. If infinity is truth, then there is no balance, no median. We assign the meaning to everything. Reality is relative. Reality is all a cloak to attract or repel other energies, anyway. There is no matter without energy. Is light a particle or a wave, or both? Has mankind created duality or did the number "two" define itself? Elon Musk makes my heart go vroOM-vroOM!!!! When in a hot tub, I want to be able to look at the stars...and say nothing, being in awe of them and of their mysteries. If love is real in nature, then someone loves us.

  • Make the world a better place kill feminists

    Cancer is a hardware failure

  • Jayson Power
    Jayson Power Month ago

    I think I've figured it out guys. Elon Musk is an awkward alien teenager living in his alien moms basement. And things have been tough after his alien parents divorce. So he escapes into this video game he bought at the alien gamestop called "earth". And now he builds rocket and car companies to escape his alien world troubles. We are all "non playable characters". And every time he has to go to the alien bathroom, he pauses "earth" and all our consciousness stops, while he goes to take a big shit. Lets just hope he doesn't get an alien girlfriend, otherwise he might stop playing! Fuck now I won't be able to sleep.

  • Mr. Elastomeric1
    Mr. Elastomeric1 Month ago

    I want my Quarter back.

    DOOM DAY Month ago +1

    If you stand in a public place and shout "I KNOW ITS A SIMULATION AND I WANT THE CHEAT CODES"....

    message send

  • Adam Sandler
    Adam Sandler Month ago +1


  • Allen Kemmett
    Allen Kemmett Month ago

    Shit man iv seen it, the latest beta with oculus holy shit to think what im seeing is like for now atleast a "toaster" holy fff shit..

  • Jacob Yolo
    Jacob Yolo Month ago

    By the same token of his logic (hear me out), there should also be a 1 in billion chance of us being the final simulation... , just as much as there would of us being the 'base reality'. So in other words, how come we don't own a bunch of simulations where there are other simulations inside those simulations!? It's simple delusional paranoia, I'm sorry to say. The same kind of theory has been around for ages of "is this the real reality". Have you not seen The Matrix people?? Also the same theory can be dated back hundreds of years ago, except people thinking they were just inside a dream. A cool and famous French phrase that is in response to this theory is, "I think, therefore I am". I don't entirely understand why it's so famous or clever, but it's just a bit of evidence that there has been a similar theory to this dating back hundreds of years.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    he isnt brilliant, these are not new ideas. I can tell you i considered these things 30 years ago

    • Jacob Yolo
      Jacob Yolo Month ago

      By the same token of his logic (hear me out), there should also be a 1 in billion chance of us being the final simulation... , just as much as there would of us being the 'base reality'. So in other words, how come we don't own a bunch of simulations where there are other simulations inside those simulations!? It's simple delusional paranoia, I'm sorry to say. The same kind of theory has been around for ages of "is this the real reality". Have you not seen The Matrix people?? Also the same theory can be dated back hundreds of years ago, except people thinking they were just inside a dream. A cool and famous French phrase that is in response to this theory is, "I think, therefore I am". I don't entirely understand why it's so famous or clever, but it's just a bit of evidence that there has been a similar theory to this dating back hundreds of years.

  • treponema pallidum
    treponema pallidum Month ago

    then I want my refund

  • InfiniteWarr1or
    InfiniteWarr1or Month ago

    simulations are a human construction. why would we be part or our own idea?

  • F H M
    F H M Month ago

    somebody send this to TierZoo

  • F H M
    F H M Month ago

    If this is a game, (theoretically it's indistinguishable from reality) we have no idea what actual reality is like. Actual reality could be far different, in terms of physics, then the one we're in. To be indistinguishable from reality could potentially mean nothing.

    • Jacob Yolo
      Jacob Yolo Month ago

      Ur so ignorant it hurts. Basically ur comment said nothing apart from the fact that if it were true there might be different laws in the different realities... (thanks captain obvious). By the same token of Elon Musk's logic, there should also be a 1 in billion chance of us being the final simulation... , just as much as there would of us being the 'base reality'. So in other words, how come we don't own a bunch of simulations where there are other simulations inside those simulations!? It's simple delusional paranoia, I'm sorry to say. The same kind of theory has been around for ages of "is this the real reality". Have you not seen The Matrix people?? Also the same theory can be dated back hundreds of years ago, except people thinking they were just inside a dream. A cool and famous French phrase that is in response to this theory is, "I think, therefore I am". I don't entirely understand why it's so famous or clever, but it's just a bit of evidence that there has been a similar theory to this dating back hundreds of years.

  • Monosetopia
    Monosetopia Month ago

    The Arab interviewer has no clue! The dumb vague answer: "Everything is possible" 😂😂😂

  • WhatTheFucckk
    WhatTheFucckk Month ago

    If we live in a fckn simulation then why is so shitty? The programmer must have messed up really bad.

  • Flinch
    Flinch Month ago

    No, Elon. Life is a miracle existing in defiance of the laws of mathematics, and... your buzz precedes you. "Simulation" doesn't capture half of the incomprehensible.

  • Gumpy
    Gumpy Month ago +1

    Had insane deja vu, where I was convinced this has happened before. I even knew what the person was going to say next. Blew my fuckin mind man

  • Noor Jahan
    Noor Jahan Month ago

    This world is a really fucked up program. Humans can do a better job of creating a much better simulation than god.

  • J. B.
    J. B. Month ago +2

    How is it that Elon Musk thinks we are in a simulation , but he's afraid of A.I. ? 🤔

  • WreckedGaming
    WreckedGaming Month ago +1

    These aliens made a really fucked up game O_o

  • eric wishon
    eric wishon Month ago

    waaaaaait!!!!!!!!!!! stop with the whole simulation therys thers a hot tub lmfao

  • Cancel Ok
    Cancel Ok Month ago

    The guy asking the question is a douchebag.

    Edit: First guy.

  • @SernaT.D.E
    @SernaT.D.E Month ago

    it makes sense look at virtual reality headsets

  • Travis S
    Travis S Month ago

    This guy is definitely not sleeping well. Just came from the Ted Talk. He looks rough here. That mind doesn't stop moving.

  • Jerome 092
    Jerome 092 Month ago +3

    Musk has to much time on his hands. Just because video games are becoming more and more realistic like Vr doesn’t mean we had to get to the matrix level, his reasoning is we are moving into that directions so it’s probable that we are already there.
    To much assumptions with nothing to back it up.

    • Jerome 092
      Jerome 092 Month ago

      I do, just because he don't know those answers doesn't mean he can make up theories and consider them as a real possibility. I can make my own assumptions and they can sound logic to some and ridiculous to others. doesn't make them true. Just live life who cares how we end up here

    • Ivan Lui
      Ivan Lui Month ago +1

      From your comment, you just don't understand his thoughts, even today in 2018, we as a human still don't know where we are from. Evolution from ape of some other kind of species? Created by some kind of god? or............we are the by product of an advanced species and treated like or experiment may be?

    L3OPARD Month ago

    *_*Hits Blunt_**

  • SolitarySaiyan
    SolitarySaiyan Month ago

    I have a theory for ya. When we are in a situation that we should've died but didn't, like being hit by a bus and everything going black into nothingness, reality splits into two paths or I should say YOUR timeline splits into two separate timelines where you survived in this one because your consciousness is here and in the other version, you died.
    But what about permadeath you say? When you die of old age or from something that can't be survived, the timeline splits into you being born almost instantaneously so yes you died, but your consciousness carried on into another timeline. Not reincarnating into the same reality, but the next one. Another one created solely for your consciousness the second you die.
    Hell, you can go on to say a single decision you made created two separate timelines where your consciousness is split into both, in this one you shot the guy but in this one you didn't.

  • Heather Humphrey
    Heather Humphrey Month ago

    I want a re-roll, please.

  • idekwti
    idekwti Month ago

    ellen mosque 3:52

  • First Name Last Name

    People need to stop listening to this idiot.

  • Matt Mayes
    Matt Mayes Month ago

    Fark yeah real life max cape coming up.

  • Leader Never Follow

    He sold yall a dream and you sheep believe it