i wore a wig to school and this is what happened


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  • vereena
    vereena  4 months ago +9616


  • Zoe Johnson
    Zoe Johnson 3 hours ago

    I literally just came over your TVclip and like.. you should have over 1 million on here bc you are so amazing, confident, pretty, and dgaf what ppl think of you and I love it. Wearing those hair clips on your pants is so cute and iont understand why people hate on you for it😂 like frfr you are so pretty and keep this up. Also, your intro music is bomb💣 “alright dude, go trip over a knife”-Billie.

  • Leilani Maldonado
    Leilani Maldonado 6 hours ago +1

    You the funny youtube and u look fine so all of those people making fun her just stop ok thank u i don't what she did to u but stop thank u

  • Giulia Woldorf
    Giulia Woldorf 7 hours ago

    ok so literally,i’ve seen every video of yours and every time hannah comes in ,you hype her up,STOP,she’s not pretty at all,you said that she should model???? like bitch tf???? you’ve seen that nose?

  • Mavericek Amin
    Mavericek Amin 8 hours ago

    You look great

  • maty mbye
    maty mbye 10 hours ago

    Your so pretty omg 😫😫😍😍I wish I was you 😫😫especially with those perfect blue eyes and long curly eyelashes 😍😍lmao lemme stop fangirling

  • Teodora Elisa
    Teodora Elisa 13 hours ago

    13:22 the girl with glasses said "melon verde" and verde in Romanian means green

  • Games And Stuff
    Games And Stuff 19 hours ago

    That dude be like, *YOU'RE GONNA GET NO VEIWS!*
    *1.6 fRiKin MILLON vEiWs!*

  • Thank you, next
    Thank you, next Day ago

    15:09 HeLLo pOLiCe?

  • Hernandez Betsy
    Hernandez Betsy Day ago

    Tbh it looks stupid

  • leo .g2
    leo .g2 Day ago +1

    I literally love you.

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson 2 days ago


  • Nat Coco
    Nat Coco 2 days ago

    Ur outfit and the wig reminded me of Billie Eillish

  • zoe garcia
    zoe garcia 2 days ago

    "Best, gay best friend." That is honestly me.

  • Diosa Subliminals
    Diosa Subliminals 2 days ago

    My hair is naturally curly a bit like yours. I straightened it everyday. Your channel helps me embrace my curls. Still can’t at school but around the house alone I can.

  • Mr.SpookySpooks
    Mr.SpookySpooks 3 days ago

    Daylen's pretty cute but I'm not so hehe hit me up I guess lmao

  • Anaya Bree
    Anaya Bree 3 days ago

    Are her eyes blue or brown??

  • Daniyah Francis
    Daniyah Francis 3 days ago

    your eyes are so pretty

  • Georgia Matthews
    Georgia Matthews 3 days ago +1


  • Georgia Matthews
    Georgia Matthews 3 days ago +1


  • Georgia Matthews
    Georgia Matthews 3 days ago


  • Brittney Rojas
    Brittney Rojas 3 days ago

    blue eyes!?

  • Ayshia Renee
    Ayshia Renee 3 days ago

    I’m literally binge watching ur videos 💀

  • aba hurtt
    aba hurtt 3 days ago

    take a shot every time she says “i wanna dIIieEEeE”

  • Ays G
    Ays G 3 days ago

    Ur gorg

  • XxRyxXii XD
    XxRyxXii XD 3 days ago

    Her and her friend might not like girls but I ship them so much 😂😂

  • Itz_ Muah
    Itz_ Muah 3 days ago

    I can’t believe I was watching dis at 2:00 am.

  • Araceli Gonzalez
    Araceli Gonzalez 3 days ago

    I can’t get over the fact that she is so gorgeous like omg😩😍😍😍😍😍.

  • Taehyungs_Teddybear
    Taehyungs_Teddybear 3 days ago

    why does the thumbnail look like billie eilish

  • Mooseloom
    Mooseloom 3 days ago +1

    if some one was to wear a wig made out of your hair and commit a crime it would not be blamed on you because the DNA in your hair would of been gone because of how many times it was washed and processed with out it being on your head. Also because when the mortician does the autopsy he would discover the wig or if the hair was left some where it would be untraceable because once hair is processed that many times the DNA weakens and eventually goes away after being pressed and washed so many times.

  • MVP lyrics
    MVP lyrics 3 days ago

    Her and steezy kane👆👆👆

  • Claudia Dillon🤪
    Claudia Dillon🤪 3 days ago

    You are so pretty like I don’t understand why people at your school make fun of you for being you like it’s unique instead of dressing like everybody else😍😍

  • HerHairIsSnatched
    HerHairIsSnatched 3 days ago

    You just put it on didn’t secure it or make look natural then you hid the lace which made that be known that it was a wig or sumn it had soooo much potential. Ill install it for you one day love so you can Love It 🥰

  • Kyra Carty
    Kyra Carty 4 days ago

    Why are you drinking redbull

  • por pendeja
    por pendeja 4 days ago +1

    she has so many best friends omg

  • Beth Roberts
    Beth Roberts 4 days ago

    her hair conspiracy is a jenna julien reference and it MAKES ME SO HAPPY

  • Sydney Coppola
    Sydney Coppola 4 days ago

    at 0:52 omgggg your eyes in the lighting tho im obsessed

  • Ashley Jarquin
    Ashley Jarquin 4 days ago +1

    Who else was just waiting for her wig to get snatched 😂

  • Mélimélo 14
    Mélimélo 14 5 days ago

    14:07 Girl now that you've talked about this IT IS kinda scary

  • kaylovespigs
    kaylovespigs 5 days ago +1

    I love your contacts ah💖

  • Slayerfoxy 123
    Slayerfoxy 123 5 days ago

    Better without the head band ;-;

  • tarzan ツ
    tarzan ツ 5 days ago

    i luv how u took this fashion risk. big dick energy

  • Zakiyah Tasnim
    Zakiyah Tasnim 5 days ago

    I liked it without the red headband or with the black beanie more

  • Lea Rakovac
    Lea Rakovac 5 days ago

    Taylor is sooo beautiful😍😍😍

  • Neeka Mullins
    Neeka Mullins 5 days ago

    You're so pretty 😍

  • sylviavelezz
    sylviavelezz 6 days ago

    vereena!! just thought you would like to know if someone had a wig made out of your hair and they left it at a crime scene or something like that it wouldn’t be traced back to you because in order for hair to be traced to you it needs the hair follicle and everything 😊 (14:08)

  • Meghan McKee
    Meghan McKee 7 days ago

    0:52 6 AM..?...sis, what time does your high school start at because I'm on the bus at 6:20 am and already at school by the time it's 6:45... all I can say is you're LUCKY!😂💖

  • crack head
    crack head 7 days ago

    Whats Monets ign???

  • Saffron Vlogz
    Saffron Vlogz 7 days ago

    Her natural hair is sooo long and pretty

  • Clairice Sanchez
    Clairice Sanchez 7 days ago

    Then this sister got 1.6 million views what was that again

  • Sofia Rodz
    Sofia Rodz 8 days ago

    Count how many times she says “I wanna die” 🤣🤣

  • Sara Okurrr
    Sara Okurrr 8 days ago +3

    You looked good af with that beanie them B’s are hating

  • Ariana Medranomunoz
    Ariana Medranomunoz 8 days ago

    Chris brown:With you ❤️❤️ I now luv u more💞

  • Roxey Plays
    Roxey Plays 8 days ago


  • Classicality
    Classicality 8 days ago

    Honestly you're so nice. Do what you want, those guys are rude af and just jealous that you're doing better than them. Stay true girl, love your channel xx

  • Valérie Rose Cherrier

    where are the eye lenses from??? youre soooooooo cute girl

  • Crazy_Fangirl
    Crazy_Fangirl 9 days ago

    omg when you put on the wig you kind of looked like Tana Mongue

  • BasketballVideos Nayani2730

    Elmilio is not a 9 he’s more like a 1 or maybe a 0

  • Anna Frostman
    Anna Frostman 9 days ago

    If you came to my school you would be so popular . They dont get you . You are the new wave ❤

  • Grace Coade
    Grace Coade 10 days ago

    Drugs are cool

    *Says under the influence of marijuana*

  • Grace Coade
    Grace Coade 10 days ago

    You so gorgeous stop

    I love you so much ❤️❤️

  • NitroFairyWing
    NitroFairyWing 10 days ago

    What was with all those people trying to snatch your wig off of your head like damn, and some of them people saying shit like nah what they were saying was not funny tryna pass if it off as a joke in my eyes 😑

  • flowerchild
    flowerchild 10 days ago

    Nobody would even notice if I wore a wig to school cuz I’m a complete loner and have no friends 👌🙃

  • Josefine Palmgren
    Josefine Palmgren 10 days ago

    School in us is stressing me out. I can wear whatever i want how much makeup i want eat where ever i want and no one cares #sweden

  • janelle
    janelle 10 days ago

    that wig is so pretty on you with that beanie

  • Sister Sarah
    Sister Sarah 10 days ago

    2:57 the lighting is on fleek

  • Caroline W
    Caroline W 10 days ago

    Well HA mean kid she got 1 mil views

  • DD A
    DD A 10 days ago

    It looked way better without the barrets and band

  • Estefani Palma
    Estefani Palma 10 days ago

    Weave secured 💀💀by the was love u💓

  • Dizzy B
    Dizzy B 10 days ago

    Is she drinking Red Bull ?

    THE TEA IS HOT 10 days ago +1

    Get no views?huh? 1.6 million views

  • R Alshraify
    R Alshraify 10 days ago

    “I feel like someones gonna snatch it”😂😭

  • lukas armendariz
    lukas armendariz 10 days ago

    Sista snatched!

  • Kiki Katy
    Kiki Katy 10 days ago

    you look so cute like wtf the wig so so good ^^

  • Meadow Weaver
    Meadow Weaver 11 days ago

    I ship you and Emilio

    Sorry if I spelled his name wrong 😬

  • Ivy Aiken
    Ivy Aiken 11 days ago

    Sis is almost at 700k!!

  • clxrxkr
    clxrxkr 11 days ago +1


  • Janat Payne
    Janat Payne 11 days ago

    I don’t understand why ppl hate u

  • Beatriz _
    Beatriz _ 11 days ago +1

    New sub 🧡.

  • miraculouslband btsarmy

    i bet she is the prettyest in her school

  • Ellie Jade
    Ellie Jade 11 days ago

    12:15 you look like Lennon Stella 😍❤️

  • Potato Pop
    Potato Pop 11 days ago

    I’m literally a big meme at my school too

  • Mich 0
    Mich 0 12 days ago

    I want to enter into High school with confident like this

  • Hippo productions
    Hippo productions 12 days ago

    I have a question, why are you so pretty?!

  • Myriam Mimi
    Myriam Mimi 12 days ago

    Her eye color is soooo pretty lysm Vereena

  • Margarita Gonzalez
    Margarita Gonzalez 12 days ago

    Her eyes are blue??? Tbh she looks pretty ❤️ her

  • John PLAYZ
    John PLAYZ 12 days ago

    I ship you with emilio 😍

  • 18teenll
    18teenll 12 days ago

    she´s talking like madison beer in a way

  • loving shawty
    loving shawty 12 days ago

    Your so beautiful

  • Sammy Montes
    Sammy Montes 12 days ago

    My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sammy

  • Marlee
    Marlee 12 days ago

    You are sooo naturally pretty!!

  • Hosna Wow
    Hosna Wow 12 days ago

    I know u aihe u had 400k subscribers but now u have 600k

  • Amaudi Willis
    Amaudi Willis 13 days ago

    You make high school sound like only bullying *13 Reasons Why* I’m actually scared

  • Abgail
    Abgail 13 days ago

    im supposed to be doing homework...

  • Gia B.
    Gia B. 13 days ago

    she is so qt braiding her hair. There is nothing wrong with that!!!!!!

  • Olivia Creek
    Olivia Creek 13 days ago

    12:07 is a big fAT MOOD!!!

  • BabyGirl
    BabyGirl 13 days ago +1

    *#hashtag* 🙃

  • Kaylee Jordan
    Kaylee Jordan 14 days ago

    1:03 great lighting

  • celeste
    celeste 14 days ago

    girl where do you get your contacts?