i wore a wig to school and this is what happened

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • what tf my nostrils so big for
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  • vereena
    vereena  6 months ago +10080


    • Sonia Ortega
      Sonia Ortega 28 days ago

      I was LITERALLY going to say that in the comments but I saw that you said but then I also though it would be mean of me and disrespectful of me saying that

    • Bangtan crazy Jam
      Bangtan crazy Jam 29 days ago


    • Cameron Coore
      Cameron Coore Month ago

      +Beautiful Angel and she's 15

    • Flora ishpoppin
      Flora ishpoppin Month ago

      +Kallys Awesome Who cares??

    • Stop Animal Cruelty !!!!
      Stop Animal Cruelty !!!! 2 months ago

      I dunno 🤷‍♀️ looks ok to me lol

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts Day ago

    Wig? snatched
    Intro? billie
    Vereena? amazing
    Hotel? Triviago

  • cat cool
    cat cool Day ago +1

    7:12 I can tell he's a Sister.

  • SadieElizabeth
    SadieElizabeth Day ago

    Ok I can’t be the only one who scream sings the intro every time right😂

  • bris. Lopez
    bris. Lopez 11 days ago +1


    vereena: "i wAnNa DiEeEeee''

  • Aliyah Valentin
    Aliyah Valentin 11 days ago +1

    Your. Voice is literally satisfying for me

  • Kiyarra Painter
    Kiyarra Painter 12 days ago +2

    Emilio + veerena

    HOME SKILLY 13 days ago

    You look so good when you wake up
    How 😩

  • •Rogerina Loves Us •

    I am wearing a grey wig to school tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  • Ava Rae
    Ava Rae 15 days ago

    Bro she is so lucky they can eat, talk, record, wear what ever she wants, and be in her phone like um what!?😲😲😲

  • Jane Kirsch
    Jane Kirsch 18 days ago

    3:45 oml you are beautifull

  • Jenna Howard
    Jenna Howard 18 days ago +2

    I love the intro

  • Wait Whatt??
    Wait Whatt?? 19 days ago

    9:06 lol

  • Dekerria Keno
    Dekerria Keno 20 days ago +1

    Who else love her laugh. I do😍

  • Anita Bu
    Anita Bu 20 days ago

    What's the song

  • BTS Tae Tae Kim Taehyung

    your so pretty

  • Aria Edwards
    Aria Edwards 22 days ago

    Taylor, the girl on the right at 5:41, looked like Belle Delphine😂

  • iiMxllie
    iiMxllie 22 days ago

    vereena is one of those people who looks cute with a retainer so lmao bye

  • Alexis Westerman
    Alexis Westerman 22 days ago

    Who else wants Emilio and vereena to date👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Peaches527 AJ
    Peaches527 AJ 23 days ago

    I know what you mean cause I preferred hair extensions and I’m so scared that somebody in my school is going to pull my hair when I have them in but a wig is definitely scarier cause it’s allllllllll your hair

  • Isabel
    Isabel 25 days ago

    I liked the video after I heard Billie 💗

  • Ash Pikachu
    Ash Pikachu 25 days ago

    Bro honestly your friend Emilio is cute

  • Maja Lundin
    Maja Lundin 26 days ago

    What lipgloss are you using plssssss answer

  • IReallyDontKnow
    IReallyDontKnow 27 days ago

    Queen of school challenges

    BABY SKITTLES 29 days ago

    you see how beautiful us African woman or black woman are, no matter if your Egyptian or Nigerian they're both African

  • M I S S I N G H E R

    am i the only one who feels creepy wearing someone else’s hair

  • Seriah Samran
    Seriah Samran Month ago +1

    But she eyes tho I don’t know if those are eye contacts but look at them gosh

  • Lizbeth Gomez
    Lizbeth Gomez Month ago +1

    My friend chloe 5th grade told me ur her cousin and asked u to say happy birthday kylie to my other friend

  • Jahlivya Harvey
    Jahlivya Harvey Month ago

    12:00 he was wrong you have 1.7M views

  • deeya shahid
    deeya shahid Month ago


  • Safy A
    Safy A Month ago

    If one of you hoes pull my hair ..😂😂😂✌

    KAT VIRK Month ago +1

    Nails ALWAYS on point tho 💗

  • Anna W
    Anna W Month ago

    ,,I don’t workout, I only drink coffee every day,,

  • Natasha Is a lie
    Natasha Is a lie Month ago

    Your so damn pretty!

  • nathanized
    nathanized Month ago

    I took a wig to school & filmed it too sis it was hella hard especially the fact that imma boy lmao but hey werrrkkkkk bitchhh

  • cats ?
    cats ? Month ago

    She's so pretty.

  • Jennie DaWeirdo
    Jennie DaWeirdo Month ago +1

    Oml your so beautiful 🥰

  • antonia obaze
    antonia obaze Month ago

    *wig trips over knife*

  • DD Edits
    DD Edits Month ago

    You started to look like alisa fox (I think that’s her name) from wwe

  • Sofia Rodz
    Sofia Rodz Month ago

    15:21😂I’m dead

  • Vicky K
    Vicky K Month ago

    6:49 💓😍

  • itskiarra
    itskiarra Month ago

    Are this her real eyes sorry

  • serenity jordan
    serenity jordan Month ago

    you made it look bad w the headband

  • Maria Hadi
    Maria Hadi Month ago

    Your soo pretty how 😍😍👌🏼😭😭

  • Ruby Lin
    Ruby Lin Month ago

    I feel like a lot of people in your school either love your style as a girl or have a crush on you as a boy

  • jess et Mimi
    jess et Mimi Month ago

    Which lenses do you wear?

  • Mohamed Reyaz
    Mohamed Reyaz Month ago

    Lesson: dont wear wigs in India and Sri Lanka because crows just fly by "grabbing it"!

  • sqvcx
    sqvcx Month ago

    taylor is really pretty

  • Uva Paty
    Uva Paty Month ago

    Luv how u listen to so many oldies, like yess 🥰

  • Norrissa Riggs
    Norrissa Riggs Month ago

    7:40 😂😂 "STAWP! STAWWWWP"

  • Samantha Jimenez
    Samantha Jimenez Month ago

    you drink red bull ????

  • Sophia Yohnk
    Sophia Yohnk Month ago +1

    Your EYES are soooooooo beautiful

  • fast n fabul0u5
    fast n fabul0u5 Month ago

    I donated 2 feet of hair to locks of love my hair was to my knees

  • Fariah Khatun
    Fariah Khatun Month ago

    She is 😂

    I don’t know

    Why I did this

    Bye 🎶

  • Latrice
    Latrice Month ago

    3:03 sssssssss ssss *rip headphone users*

  • Carmen
    Carmen Month ago +1

    11:25 that dood looks like the vine dod

  • steve richter
    steve richter Month ago +1

    U gay boy

  • carina seelos
    carina seelos Month ago +1

    why the fuck are you so beautiful and I am not this is the fuck not fair. WHATTHEFUCKINGHELLIAMFREAKINGOUTRIGHTNOWLIKEQVKDFYHJLWDKSHBEKHFDFFHEBLSVHJHL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayagil Mikaela
    Ayagil Mikaela Month ago +1


  • Bad Jelly
    Bad Jelly Month ago

    Like.....like.....like like.... like

  • Azzy & Alyssa
    Azzy & Alyssa Month ago

    You guys. I love Vereena. She’s a sweetheart and she’s freaking beautiful. She also has more confidence than all of us combined. Love you girl💕

  • Dalia Amarilio
    Dalia Amarilio Month ago

    LoOk At ThAt Mc DoNLaD HaIr LiNe!

    CARLiiGHT Month ago +2

    Just a tip to not get your wig snatched off: bobby pins. It also keeps it in place.

  • Daniela
    Daniela Month ago

    okay but taylor is so pretty

  • Sippin on sTrAiGhT ChLoRiNe

    Omg the Benie looks so cute

  • aku dan kamu
    aku dan kamu Month ago

    6:13 wait dont use straw LOVE TURTLEEE

  • Michael Blamo
    Michael Blamo Month ago +1

    Y’all keep subscribing she is almost at a million subs

  • Akira Mosley
    Akira Mosley Month ago +2

    Can’t wait till she gets 1 mil 🥰 keep being you sis

  • bree rose
    bree rose Month ago +1

    the wig looks real

  • sailor moon
    sailor moon Month ago

    I like the wig, but it would look better wihout the red thing.

  • Sarah Hassan
    Sarah Hassan Month ago

    “The lighting is rlly bad”
    *looks like a goddess*

  • Bubbles The-Narwhale
    Bubbles The-Narwhale Month ago +1

    You have very pretty eyes!

  • Isabella Marie
    Isabella Marie Month ago

    Honestly that hair actually looks rlly cute on u

  • anastasia chirica
    anastasia chirica Month ago

    you should do a collab with steezy lol Idk y but you guys will look cute lol

  • juliaiscool
    juliaiscool Month ago


  • Lesly Suarez
    Lesly Suarez Month ago

    Why do i think Emilio is super cute??? Also you looked amazing with the wig!

  • Glumish -
    Glumish - Month ago

    *googles what red bull is made out of*

  • Samantha Neville
    Samantha Neville Month ago

    “nO viEwS” bitch you got 1.6 mill you go gurlllll

  • Beth B
    Beth B Month ago

    11:55 "your gonna get no views" *gets 1.6 million views*

  • Ashley Desiree
    Ashley Desiree Month ago

    “i feel like someone is going to snatch it” HAHAHA i love u

  • Ahlam Shido
    Ahlam Shido Month ago

    4:03 billieee vibbeeesss

  • lmaoxxkittyz
    lmaoxxkittyz Month ago

    That friend that was like yk what lets just talk about emilio’s fking hair. LOOK at your hair you have a dog hair!!

  • Liza K
    Liza K Month ago

    12:09 " I don't work out I only drink coffee" 😂

  • Ariana's Life
    Ariana's Life Month ago


  • Alivia Morgan
    Alivia Morgan Month ago

    I love you 💕💞💖💗💝 she my idol

    Did u finish



    ok I'm done 😡😤😢😰

  • Christa and Zoe
    Christa and Zoe Month ago

    13:30 I was drinking tea and I spit it out because I was laughing to death 😂

  • Aimee Jennings
    Aimee Jennings Month ago

    "Don't look at my room it's messy" Oh my, i wish my room looked like that when its messy!! It is spotless compaired to mine hahah

  • Grace the cool pineapple

    Then why did you name it “I wore a wig to school and this happened...” nothing happened gurl

  • The Panda Panda
    The Panda Panda 2 months ago

    *i feel like someone is gonna snatch it*

  • Payton Doodles
    Payton Doodles 2 months ago

    I love how you braid your hair, using your whole ass arm lmaoo

  • annalisa Buglino
    annalisa Buglino 2 months ago

    You are so gorgeous and I just can’t you are so beautiful 😍 😍💓

  • bonitadawn
    bonitadawn 2 months ago

    anyone else thought she looked gorgeous in the lighting 00:48 😍.

  • Wera
    Wera 2 months ago

    Woww girll you have such a perfect face and everything. Sooo pretty without make up 😍😍😍

  • reagan fitzwater
    reagan fitzwater 2 months ago

    you kinda look like cher’s best friend from clueless when you’re wearing the wig and the headband,, like in the gym scene

  • Nøštalgīc dëvīł Tournay

    *gets 1.6 million views*

  • Zoe J
    Zoe J 2 months ago

    I literally just came over your TVclip and like.. you should have over 1 million on here bc you are so amazing, confident, pretty, and dgaf what ppl think of you and I love it. Wearing those hair clips on your pants is so cute and iont understand why people hate on you for it😂 like frfr you are so pretty and keep this up. Also, your intro music is bomb💣 “alright dude, go trip over a knife”-Billie.

  • Leilani Maldonado
    Leilani Maldonado 2 months ago +1

    You the funny youtube and u look fine so all of those people making fun her just stop ok thank u i don't what she did to u but stop thank u

  • Giulia Woldorf
    Giulia Woldorf 2 months ago

    ok so literally,i’ve seen every video of yours and every time hannah comes in ,you hype her up,STOP,she’s not pretty at all,you said that she should model???? like bitch tf???? you’ve seen that nose?

  • Mavericek Amin
    Mavericek Amin 2 months ago

    You look great