NERF Find Your Weapon Challenge! GIANT Ball Pit Edition!

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • Make sure to download RØZE's new song!! ➡
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    Instagram Picks Our Blasters! NERF Build-Your-Weapon Challenge!! ➡
    NERF Hide and Seek Challenge! ➡
    What's up guys! Today we bring back another classic with FIND YOUR WEAPON!!! This time it's in a GIANT BALL PIT to make it even MORE difficult!
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  • Battle Universe
    Battle Universe  Month ago +143

    Make sure to check out Roze's AWESOME new music video! Link up in the description!!!

    • Khayllie Tzentel
      Khayllie Tzentel Month ago

      Wait what I thought Sam was an official person on their that sad

    • Lord Ewnan
      Lord Ewnan Month ago

      When I first heard Røze it was in Matthias' Gotye cover.

    • A Wu
      A Wu Month ago +1

      What happened to j fred this is no longer bu

    • Victor Omar Rosa Rivas
      Victor Omar Rosa Rivas Month ago


      DYLAN HERNANDEZ Month ago +1

      plz do choose your class or mystery box challenge

  • Jay Heath
    Jay Heath 26 days ago

    Can you please do Pokémon related games 😉

  • Daniel Sydenham
    Daniel Sydenham 29 days ago


  • cris rivera
    cris rivera Month ago


  • cris rivera
    cris rivera Month ago


  • PurpleLettuce OG
    PurpleLettuce OG Month ago

    2:17 omg i got a red and blue one of thoes blasters from my neighbors and they were sooooooo annoying 😂

  • Sarah Tokpa
    Sarah Tokpa Month ago

    you call that a GIANT BALL PIT?

  • Nicolas Dagher
    Nicolas Dagher Month ago

    Where sam at?

  • HeyyitzAlyssa
    HeyyitzAlyssa Month ago

    That looks like so much fun lol

  • HeyyitzAlyssa
    HeyyitzAlyssa Month ago

    “Patrick’s getting balls to the balls”💀😂

  • Bimboy Cabaluna
    Bimboy Cabaluna Month ago

    I want the old battle universe

  • Jelix Clips
    Jelix Clips Month ago +5

    Woods: “hey what’s up, what do you need, you need me?”
    Pat: “I just wanna support you”
    Woods: *takes his hand* “gotcha”
    Ok that was soft thank you

  • Elijah Tronti
    Elijah Tronti Month ago

    Love Pat, but when you said “new guest wall” I thought “omg, did they get Keanu Reeves?!?!”

  • Bad Breakfast
    Bad Breakfast Month ago

    I watched the music video first because it was posted first

  • Ryan Zheng
    Ryan Zheng Month ago +1

    Find your weapon is the most funniest videos and my favorite

  • Max Vu
    Max Vu Month ago

    y woods was in the music vid watch it and stop it at 2:17

  • Bib's Youtube
    Bib's Youtube Month ago +2

    Roze sings good but she int better than me hear me out ,LALALA U KNOW LALALA REEEEEEE REEEEEE REEÈEEEEE

    See I am better and subscriber to me and battle universe

    Also who do u think is better Sam or Roze

  • CrazyRC5000
    CrazyRC5000 Month ago

    Is Patrick Trump now?

  • Lauren Lanning
    Lauren Lanning Month ago

    CJ and Woods are the BEST

  • Punisher 2000
    Punisher 2000 Month ago

    What type of constellation is this?! Well I can tell you, it is not #TeamEdge

    • CurryKingWurst
      CurryKingWurst Month ago

      Of course it's not Team Edge. That's an entirely different channel.

  • Zara Mickelson
    Zara Mickelson Month ago

    Where’s Sam

  • Gavin Cruz
    Gavin Cruz Month ago

    I love your vid and matt

  • Brock Plush Productions

    *_Another New Edition To The Intro(?).._*
    *_This Channel Just Gets Better And Better!_*

  • Brooke Swenson
    Brooke Swenson Month ago

    lowkey mad none of the originals are in anything anymore

  • Annamarie Weber
    Annamarie Weber Month ago

    All of your faces when it's paused at 11:40, it looks like an awesome picture of all of you

  • FearMobile
    FearMobile Month ago

    I’m telling u Bryan = Views and Likes

  • Emilio Tobias
    Emilio Tobias Month ago +1

    Rekt !!

  • Irritating UTuber
    Irritating UTuber Month ago

    I exited when woods lost

  • moose moose
    moose moose Month ago

    I have a ideer for a battle let j Fred Matt marina and cj pick any gun they want and battle to the death

  • Keeton Caperton
    Keeton Caperton Month ago


  • R.E.A.L Studios
    R.E.A.L Studios Month ago

    No Pat should’ve won that first round for the quick win and just for that reason

  • Banana Rama
    Banana Rama Month ago

    Awww woods didn’t win for the 982 time

    ELIT3 HAIRLINEZ Month ago

    You guys should make your own nerf guns with bu

  • blackops fox
    blackops fox Month ago

    Dont deserve the gun in a fun way (no shade)

  • RikuPB98 Gameplays
    RikuPB98 Gameplays Month ago

    Wow folks,devs had nerfed Woods

  • Chase Wrubel
    Chase Wrubel Month ago +1

    I am a proud PAT supporter 😀😀

  • New Ninga
    New Ninga Month ago

    sam is not a guest!!!!

  • Brad Brown
    Brad Brown Month ago

    Its been ages since one of these challenges, im happy!

  • Pablo Rodriguez
    Pablo Rodriguez Month ago

    Uhhh why isn't Sam a main member?

  • stone nation
    stone nation Month ago

    Do the hit man challenge

  • F2PContent
    F2PContent Month ago

    Not to be a hater but I liked what they did before, different people in every video so It can be fresh.

  • Pablo Ponce
    Pablo Ponce Month ago

    Whatta heck at 4:25 woods

  • Zack Kropf
    Zack Kropf Month ago

    battle universe has really changed reply universe if you remember the old battle universe

  • curran griffith
    curran griffith Month ago

    Put tanner Matthias and Michael in the same video or seprate Please

  • Sarah1390
    Sarah1390 Month ago

    Not too big of a fan of the New BU intro music. I think sounds too light for a channel of Nerf battles. I loved the base of the other intros but I know that is more of a personal preference. Though interesting including the main talent in the new intro in the tunnel sequence.

  • Tian Long
    Tian Long Month ago

    Can you bring Brian innplz

  • Invader Core
    Invader Core Month ago

    Seems like a lot of promotion for something that, oh I was thinking about "rekt" again... Stop shoving Roze... Katheryn in my face when you can't decide to call her by the fake name religiously... If people want to watch a music video they will, but not because you tell them to.

    • Invader Core
      Invader Core Month ago

      @SGT EpicSpeed Just want to watch them play with Nerf, or any blasters. Thanks for introducing Roze.. but I came to watch B U

    • SGT EpicSpeed
      SGT EpicSpeed Month ago

      What's wrong calling by her artist name? Plus it's technically her name as Rose is her maiden surname.

  • Mustafa Chothia
    Mustafa Chothia Month ago +1

    Legit love that intro

  • Greenappleツ
    Greenappleツ Month ago

    7:57 this made into something

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +1

    YAY RØZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Little Fox
    Little Fox Month ago

    Rose has a severely long neck

  • NsX Symple
    NsX Symple Month ago

    BATTLE UNIVERSE YOUR SO CLOSE TO 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!,And I just wanted to thank you and the whole team for making these awesome videos for me and the rest of the community,also thx for being Pat for the videos(but for a guest appearance can we either Paul,J-Fred,Matt, or Connor)

  • Dianne Polmanter
    Dianne Polmanter Month ago

    Very very very funny guys!

  • ExtraTrash Gaming
    ExtraTrash Gaming Month ago

    Rose is thicc

  • GloberHD Gaming
    GloberHD Gaming Month ago

    Pat is trump

  • Skarkbaitares
    Skarkbaitares Month ago

    Pat is Donald Trump, confirmed.

  • Hayden Baker
    Hayden Baker Month ago

    they wont see this buttttttttt you should make a game involving helium filled cover blocks

  • Cladio Vail
    Cladio Vail Month ago

    CAN WE GET MARIA BACK like for her to come back

  • Obviously Bair
    Obviously Bair Month ago

    Do a Gun Fight mode where you all fight and then when you get a kill ur gun levels up!

  • usercass ᕕ[ ᐛ ]ᕗ

    i dearly missed seeing pat and woods i love them on BU its gr8