Batman - The Dark Knight | The Joker Compilation (All Scenes)

  • Published on Oct 22, 2017
  • Such an incredible performance, There will never be a better joker.
    Joaquin Phoenix was also incredible. They are both very different takes on the Joker! Let me know what you think of each individual performance!

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  • Dylan Hogan
    Dylan Hogan  3 months ago +7412

    Joker is finally out! I personally thought Joaquin Phoenix was incredible. What are your thoughts from finally seeing the film? Reply under this comment!

    • ICURN SO
      ICURN SO Day ago


    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 days ago

      Dylan Hogan They had different roles, even if it's the same character... Heath's Joker feels more spontaneous, almost like there's only Joker and not Heath on the screen. Phoenix did amazing in my opinion is Joker is really good. I would say Heath's Joker is the best Joker ever, and Phoenix sure comes second.

    • Mbutta7
      Mbutta7 6 days ago

      garbage. nothing close to what the joker should be like

    • lilsnoopy90
      lilsnoopy90 7 days ago

      Joaquín was good But Heath is way better no Doubt. Imagine Heath in the new Joker Movie Damn that Would have Been insane

    • Rakhee Rakhee
      Rakhee Rakhee 7 days ago

      Still heath is perfect for this role.

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren Hour ago

    I think you and I are destined to do this forever.
    Rip Heath Ledger 😢😢😢

  • ria dazzling
    ria dazzling Hour ago

    I love heath ledger's joker and I hate batman in this movie I don't know why...

  • Zenaël MATHOS
    Zenaël MATHOS 2 hours ago

    Ledger = legend

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 8 hours ago

    The part where Batman slams Joker's head on the table telling him to never start with the head always gets to me 😂

    SON OFTHESUN 14 hours ago

    "Heres my card" like you could actually get in touch with him

  • Jam Lym
    Jam Lym Day ago

    I just realized that the Joker was lucky that Batman used his head to break the glass because he was later able to use that broken glass as a weapon. I wonder what he would've done if that hadn't happened.

  • Super Marco
    Super Marco Day ago

    Sooo im confused, hes everybody favorite Joker cuz he died from portraying him?

  • Maruthi Macha
    Maruthi Macha Day ago


  • Kim Hara
    Kim Hara Day ago

    Why? In my mind, Batman is so trivial beside Joker?

  • Irina Girleanu
    Irina Girleanu Day ago

    I don't know about you guys, but I want a remake of The Crow

  • Riley Schalau
    Riley Schalau Day ago

    This is the Joker I like😃

  • bene hd
    bene hd 2 days ago

    37:10 Peter Baelisch and Joker would be a dream team.

  • Sharen Rawat
    Sharen Rawat 2 days ago

    Anyone notice “ace in the hole” dialogue in last & it is also in joker movie.... any Easter egg may be!!!!

  • Browsing Content
    Browsing Content 2 days ago

    *5:09** mood*

  • justinw1198
    justinw1198 2 days ago

    Holy shit he stole the shotgun from the bank manager and used it later during the dinner party...

  • Brian Zepeda
    Brian Zepeda 2 days ago


  • Communism Man
    Communism Man 2 days ago +1

    "You think you can just steal from us and walk away?"


  • مكس يوسف و كلاب

    لو في احد عربي يفعل ليك

  • KlaseOmen
    KlaseOmen 2 days ago

    Ledger: ya wanna know how I got these scars?
    Leto: ass titties ass and titties

  • Greg Mueller
    Greg Mueller 2 days ago

    I am the Joker hahaha

  • Guru RAj
    Guru RAj 2 days ago +1

    38:07 pufffffffff.... That's how the Joker became the greatest of all villains 😅

  • Stéphanie Renée
    Stéphanie Renée 3 days ago

    Thanks you for this! I couldn't care less for batman... I saw this movie coincidentally a few months ago, love the role of the Joker! Thanks to you I don't have to watch 2 and a half ours for 45 minutes of Heath Ledger's Joker! You've saved a lot of my time, thanks! 😆

  • Ashraful Islam
    Ashraful Islam 3 days ago

    And you are beautiful

  • مياو آل ميويين


  • big bluntsboi
    big bluntsboi 3 days ago

    4:47 Guy: You're crazy!
    Joker: No I'm not..... No I'm *NOT*

  • N.Realist17
    N.Realist17 3 days ago +1

    They are both great but since jaquine gave it more sad take but like rise up above society and bullying but instead of throwing them in jail or wounding them he kills them which you shouldn’t condone but you sympathize with him and they did get what they fucking deserved. Treat how you want to be treated. But he has humanity he doesn’t just kill to start chaos and kills to kill like heath he kills only those who wrong him. But heath was great too

  • Hade Chanel
    Hade Chanel 3 days ago +12

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  • erik castillo
    erik castillo 3 days ago

    "Look at me!!"

  • Eleazar L. Magariño

    Best Joker ever

  • ????????
    ???????? 3 days ago

    1980: I am Your Father.
    2008: Why So Serious?

  • Dmart 360
    Dmart 360 3 days ago

    34:26 😬 Hiiiii...

  • LuigiF96
    LuigiF96 3 days ago +1

    I honestly don't understand what they saw in this actress who plays Rachell..

  • MCOC Pope
    MCOC Pope 4 days ago +2

    I’m sorry, but Heath Ledger will forever always be the best joker performance, and perhaps one of the greatest performances of all time.

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 4 days ago

    Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson (sorry if I spelled it wrong) had the best Jokers

  • cwegers2
    cwegers2 4 days ago

    Fuck.... I miss Heath .

  • El Tornado
    El Tornado 4 days ago

    18:30 re-watched that multiple times still wasn't enough lol
    So cool with the background music

  • El Tornado
    El Tornado 4 days ago

    9:27 that Joker entry scene was priceless

    TOXIC 4 days ago +1

    Why does he lick his lips alot

    • Lillie Sanders
      Lillie Sanders 2 days ago

      TOXIC he had a prosthetic scar across his face as you know and it would often get loose so to secure it up during scenes he would constantly look his lips or use his tongue to press it back so it didn’t fall off but it ended making him look even more creepier

  • sen pak
    sen pak 4 days ago

    El Joker de Joaquin Phoenix fue muy bueno, ojalá no existiera la comparativa de ambos jokers (Joaquín y Heath ) pero es inevitable, pero pienso que el de Heath es legendario, pues la película de Joker, fue una obra de arte en toda la extensión de la palabra, pero su interpretación de Joker fue muy libre, como villano de comic, que es la esencia del guason, el de Heath es mejor

  • Ty Berger
    Ty Berger 4 days ago

    Ta da the pencils gone

  • Fc king Sg
    Fc king Sg 5 days ago


  • Fc king Sg
    Fc king Sg 5 days ago


  • Hervis Daubeny
    Hervis Daubeny 5 days ago

    all scenes? fuck u,u forgot so many fucking scenes.for example,joker vs batman fight.scumbag

  • dameion foley
    dameion foley 5 days ago

    Funny scene is when he got dazed and shot the gun falling down xD
    The other scene is my favorite was his improve scene with the girl. Cause she really was scared of the look at first xD

  • ItsAlright
    ItsAlright 5 days ago

    it’s crazy to think that the hospital scene were it blows up that was actually a malfunction and he kept in character... absolutely crazy

  • Camry Hunt
    Camry Hunt 5 days ago

    Rachael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂

  • Nithyanandhan Mathan MK

    The best

  • Bradyn36
    Bradyn36 5 days ago

    Joaquin Phoenix cries himself to sleep every night after watching this

  • Williaem00
    Williaem00 5 days ago

    Joaquin was amazing. However I feel if Heath had a full movie just about the joker , he would have been the best.

  • CodyTheDoggo
    CodyTheDoggo 5 days ago

    8:46 bruh that scream is actually terrifying

  • sanchio he dead
    sanchio he dead 5 days ago

    Fuck he just hhaaaadddd to die huh.

  • Vishnu star
    Vishnu star 5 days ago

    If you're good at something never do it for free !
    This dialogue changed my life

  • xystumpy
    xystumpy 5 days ago +3

    "You see, Madness as you know is like gravity. All it takes is a little push."

  • Pablo Constanza
    Pablo Constanza 6 days ago

    20:28 RIP to that long nose peterbuilt

  • Tayfa Ahammed
    Tayfa Ahammed 6 days ago +1

    At the time 38:46 😂

  • Amey Tiwari
    Amey Tiwari 6 days ago +2

    Joker: I am an agent of chaos
    Chaos Theory: Actually, there is no chaos
    Joker: 😑

  • Tayfa Ahammed
    Tayfa Ahammed 6 days ago +1

    Some day Joker will be the next and best super hero love you Riz 😍 and I am a boy

  • L8R
    L8R 6 days ago +19

    I’m still shocked that Joaquin Phoenix didn’t say “why so serious?”, as the joker. It would have been a nice nod to Heath if anything.

    SKINNY 6 days ago

    9:57 you can hear the Aussie Heath ledger