Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Sleigher Snowball Gun Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Hunt down a rare enemy and loot a new snowball-shooting gun in The Division 2’s holiday event, Situation: Snowball. The event grants a free Santa Hat to anyone who logs in, and the Silent Night apparel has even more new cosmetic gear in store. The event coincides with the release of Title Update 6.1, which introduces a new Hardcore mode (still in beta). In this mode, respawning is disabled and death is permanent, but rewards await those who survive long enough to earn them.
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    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Sleigher Snowball Gun Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]
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  • Cerrome CEO
    Cerrome CEO 15 hours ago

    I just found this gun today. It was so random

  • Ghost Sk1llzz
    Ghost Sk1llzz 22 days ago

    I have it from a loot runner and I'm lvl 9😂👌

  • Brett Haifley
    Brett Haifley 23 days ago +1

    This guy sprinted from an alley and shot me randomly. Scared the hell out of me, but it was an easy kill. Pretty awesome to see they are throwing stuff in like this!

  • Kalvorax
    Kalvorax 24 days ago

    just got this at level 7....didnt even know about it and annoyed i cant even use it until level 30

  • Lantsey
    Lantsey 25 days ago +2

    I got it from a loot runner even tho I was level 6 when I got it XD

  • Angel Santana
    Angel Santana 27 days ago

    Is this game any fun anymore ?
    I deleted it a month after it’s release

    • Angel Santana
      Angel Santana 7 days ago

      True can’t argue with that

    • S U C K M E O F F D A D D Y
      S U C K M E O F F D A D D Y 7 days ago

      Angel Santana I mean I don’t mind grinding cause on gta online. I don’t mind doing the same import/export missions, air cargo, or client jobs. Because in the end I know Ima get what I want to buy. But with the division 2 it’s like I have to wonder how many times before I get what I want. Could it be 5x or 50x? who knows? To me that seems horrible. What’s worse is that in division 1 loot was not an issue for me. Cause not only did I enjoy PvP and the DZ I also didn’t mind the grinding of legendary missions.

    • Angel Santana
      Angel Santana 8 days ago

      Yea it just felt repetitive to me

    • S U C K M E O F F D A D D Y
      S U C K M E O F F D A D D Y 8 days ago

      ceremonials. Dude he’s asking if it’s still good to play...but to him I would say I deleted it about 4-5 months ago. I was getting real tired of the PvP and the grind for something that I don’t even know RnG will give. I’ve since moved on. When someone tells me they fixed the PvP or RnG or both then I’ll come back.

    • ceremonials.
      ceremonials. 26 days ago


  • VeloBlynk
    VeloBlynk 29 days ago

    I think it’s guaranteed

  • LeftIndexNubb
    LeftIndexNubb 29 days ago

    my game crashes after an hour and half everytime. its not my pc bc it only happen with this game. super annoying. please help us pc players out

  • One Ace Nomad
    One Ace Nomad 29 days ago +2

    Found a level 8 high armored dude wearing this, he had a Santa hat on.

  • Black.
    Black. Month ago +11

    I found this weapon as a level 7 from a random kill. I was surprised to see something high end actually drop in the regular world when I’m level 7. It’s never happened to me in the first one.

    • W4TCH3R433
      W4TCH3R433 24 days ago

      There was a glitch for low level highness on the first

  • draneishaman
    draneishaman Month ago

    is the gun still obtainable for players this year?

    • Soumendu Ghosh
      Soumendu Ghosh Month ago

      Not sure what you mean by this year, it's the first Christmas event for Division 2
      I believe for Division 1, its respective seasonal caches are available

    • Crispy Sprite
      Crispy Sprite Month ago

      I got it last night

  • The Shooting Chip
    The Shooting Chip Month ago +1

    Lol I'm a lvl7 scrub and fought some random dude hade glitches in my game and that I had just stollen his stuff

    • The Shooting Chip
      The Shooting Chip Month ago

      @AvaintTF ThePyro bro I have never played a division game or seen any stuff for division 2 and I remember dark zones

    • AvaintTF ThePyro
      AvaintTF ThePyro Month ago +1

      Why do you lie like this? Nobody is not that stupid

  • Filimon Embaye
    Filimon Embaye Month ago +1

    I always love how UBI handle holidays

    NICHI Month ago +1

    The division 1 lasted longer than this sequel dud, make a sequel that doesn't suck and has an actual story with political intrigue worthy of the tom Clancy name you hacks.

  • Dns Bsow
    Dns Bsow Month ago

    Can you add a flashlight in game ? Like a uncharted , days gone and more other game ....

    • Tómppá
      Tómppá Month ago

      Some armors have flashlights but cant use them lmao

    • Tómppá
      Tómppá Month ago

      I wish

    SR DANGER Month ago


  • George George
    George George Month ago

    I got a sleight at lvl 6

    SINIZER Month ago

    I got the sleighter

  • Gh0stZTV
    Gh0stZTV Month ago +3

    When the game game out,I bought it and grinded a solid 25 lvl,then i got tired a bit.About 1 month ago,I relunched the game and now im hooked,every thing changed and I really consider you buying it,its the best time rn.

  • purafyre
    purafyre Month ago

    I got this gun on first kill. Works for me

    MEMBRE JOHN Month ago

    Very bad weapon no difficulty for event open world dark zone is big cheat

  • games guitars and gore

    Ive got like 3 of these and im not lvl 30 yet....5 more levels...

  • 魚沼宇水
    魚沼宇水 Month ago

    hello Dev, i'm a korean user
    If the Light machinegun is a targeted loot, will it be dropped only when the invaded is on? (pestilence)
    I'm sorry for using the translator. :)

  • Junior #JP12
    Junior #JP12 Month ago +1

    I want to play first person, please.

  • Kion The Lion
    Kion The Lion Month ago

    I love how people here don't get ghat the weapon is supposed to be a joke/gag weapon

  • Jayson Washington
    Jayson Washington Month ago

    Ubisoft is trash. Hey let's make a realistic 3rd person cover based.... Wait wtf is this game now ?

  • Bröther Loaf
    Bröther Loaf Month ago

    I got this the first time I found a loot boi at level 6.

  • Harrai Bhangu
    Harrai Bhangu Month ago +1

    If I deconstruct the gun is the any way I can get it again?

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia Month ago +18

    A random lone boss I killed dropped this gun but I just got the game yesterday and it's a level 30 and I'm only level 8 so I can't even use it.

    • Adrien
      Adrien Month ago


    • Robert Garcia
      Robert Garcia Month ago

      @Virginia Brobander that's what I've been doing. I work all day so I don't get much play time. I'm level 24 now

    • Virginia Brobander
      Virginia Brobander Month ago +1

      Tips: u can do control points and main missions to get XP and kill random enemy's u encounter
      Also i recommend u don't use the gun forever keep it in ur stash in case of nerfs and buffs

  • Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    What is there else to do when you Unlock all the Area's of the Map lol 😂

  • Él RaDhí KháL
    Él RaDhí KháL Month ago +1

    Cuando va a estar el "Sigilo", agacharse o tirarse, supervivencia, CAZERIA para alimentarse??.

  • HuntersMustDie TV
    HuntersMustDie TV Month ago +1

    Loot runner also spawns North-West corner of Downtown East.

  • HuntersMustDie TV
    HuntersMustDie TV Month ago +1

    Love that gun on skill build. But it'll be nice if they can release a new Survival mode for 2020.

  • Squirrel Savage8
    Squirrel Savage8 Month ago

    What about ghost recon breakpoint I want Christmas stuff

  • damm1t_ b0bby
    damm1t_ b0bby Month ago

    How do you get that gas mask?

  • Witu Tekashiwashiwoo
    Witu Tekashiwashiwoo Month ago +1

    I got the Sleigher a few days ago but I’m not lvl 30 yet and can’t use it

    • Anon. Entity
      Anon. Entity Month ago

      Same as you...and I'm still only level 9 at the moment. I can't level up fast enough to use the thing!

  • Yanni Kalianteris
    Yanni Kalianteris Month ago

    The shitty part is there is a glitch in the last 3 days that takes away all crosshairs from all guns when you equip the snowball gun at random times, you have to log out and log in to get your crosshairs back. I hope they fix it because it's a fun gun to mess around with when crosshairs are still available.

  • crashdodgers
    crashdodgers Month ago +3

    I forgot about this weapon when I started playing this morning and then suddenly I killed this guy with noticing the hat and got the Sleigher, I love this weapon as it has great damage 30.2 DPM, down side it takes a bit of getting use to handle it at first but once you get going it is great fun, it is best at medium to close range. I had a lot of fun shooting outcast in the crown jewels as when the round hit they hit the floor hard.
    I got killed to many times because I was laughing to much and not play, it would be great if the dev's in the new year modified this to fire explosive rounds and did some tweaking to the handling to make it hand better, but all in all for a free gift it is great and it just went to my prim weapon for mid to close quarter fighting, very happy with this weapon and it is great fun, now all we need is the snow to go with it.

  • RedLion13bravo D
    RedLion13bravo D Month ago +2


  • Doctor Sixes
    Doctor Sixes Month ago

    This game would probably attract more people if it was balanced, took skill in PvP and wasn't repetitive in PvE. PvP=Cheese. PvE=Easy. GG.

  • release
    release Month ago +3

    The Division 1’s The House ain’t got nothing on this guy

  • T. Anderson
    T. Anderson Month ago

    Played for about 4 hours the horder never spawned.

    • Daniel Hall
      Daniel Hall Month ago

      Fast travel to Lincoln memorial. Don't start the mission, just fast travel there. You will find him immediately. Normally he runs toward you

  • DanPH77
    DanPH77 Month ago +29

    Community: "Fix PvP" - past 9 months

    Massive: "Here's a snowball gun"


    • altruistic gamer
      altruistic gamer Month ago

      Yea got in a match and couldn't even kill there shields with strongest build wtf

    • Playerz714
      Playerz714 Month ago +1

      people need to move on from PVP in loot shooters lol

  • Rotem Salvatori
    Rotem Salvatori Month ago +2

    You guys are really sick.. I mean your commentary is look like 6 years old kid playing minecraft 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rotem Salvatori
    Rotem Salvatori Month ago +3

    Pls don't make this game like fortnite 😑

  • Apparo
    Apparo Month ago +1

    Dead game

  • Sniper Queen
    Sniper Queen Month ago

    hate hardcore mode 😒😑

  • Front row seat to the end of the world

    People still play this shity game?

  • NEP_Willl_NEP
    NEP_Willl_NEP Month ago

    It actually reached the moon in the div2 world lol

  • Tibbs McFish
    Tibbs McFish Month ago +6

    Damn didn't know people were still playing this

  • garrison bush
    garrison bush Month ago +1

    Add a bunch of content and make the game better and I’ll buy it

  • CallMeJ
    CallMeJ Month ago +1

    Lol you think people play your games? The only game you made that ppl play is r6 and that’s because it’s a glorified cod snd
    Hate comments welcome, I’m in the mood for some

    • Jayson Washington
      Jayson Washington Month ago

      You won't get hate comments because everyone agrees with you. Any negative comment you get will be from one of their many paid P.R accounts.

    • CallMeJ
      CallMeJ Month ago

      Rasin Islam I know but I’ve done this before and got a LOT of hate lol

    • yonda bigman
      yonda bigman Month ago

      This ain't a comment that shows hate towards ubisoft. Got to admit

  • dicemoney2
    dicemoney2 Month ago +1

    Glad I got red dead 2 man sheesh

    • dicemoney2
      dicemoney2 Month ago

      Daniel Hall your opinion and you probably have no friends

    • Daniel Hall
      Daniel Hall Month ago

      Red dead 2 is a horrendous game to play

    • dicemoney2
      dicemoney2 Month ago

      CircusKing huh

  • Shadow Lion Zero
    Shadow Lion Zero Month ago


  • PAK-GG
    PAK-GG Month ago +8

    “You’ll shoot ya eye or someone else’s out” - unnamed rouge agent

  • Eugen Miller
    Eugen Miller Month ago +4

    Are you serious? Is that all you could think of? Hardcore mod with 1 cosmetic item is just a failure of the year!

  • Death Stalker
    Death Stalker Month ago +4

    Lmao this game just gets worst and worst, its entertaining watching a dumpster fire

    • Anon
      Anon Month ago +1

      If only they would've learned to listen to what people actually wanted/disliked

    • Death Stalker
      Death Stalker Month ago +2

      @Arun Gopan yes it's entertaining watching this game destroy itself with stupid appearal events like flip flops and boy shorts and ugly lackluster weapons, all the developers seriously need to be fired

    • Arun Gopan
      Arun Gopan Month ago

      So you admit it's entertaining.....

  • Fabio Arruda
    Fabio Arruda Month ago +2

    And i was tripping with battlefield V, what the hell are we supposed to play these days....every dev team lost touch with it's communities.

    • The Jokester
      The Jokester Month ago

      There is a bunch of games to play just find some else that isn’t FPS

  • HunterC16 [ ••]

    Ela elite

  • hughzi1973
    hughzi1973 Month ago +1

    This game gets better everytime lol glad i left in tu3