ASAP Ferg Harlem Shakes While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 24, 2017
  • Harlem rapper, designer, and all-around Renaissance man ASAP Ferg just dropped his new album, "Still Striving." But will he still be striving after the wings of death? Find out as the A$AP Mob emcee takes on some hot questions and even hotter wings with Sean Evans, weighing in on everything from durag fashion to Madonna along the way.
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  • Rob
    Rob 18 hours ago

    Worse and better at the same time... makes sense because the greater ease and lower costs of making music means that more music is produced... which means more *bad* music along with more good ;)

  • Rêtêê Skrr Skrr

    Is it weird I've never had Hot Wings? Just normal fried wings?

  • Bryan Soto-Molina
    Bryan Soto-Molina 3 days ago


  • P-diddy21
    P-diddy21 4 days ago

    LIL TANGLE 1:24

  • Piratesarelikereallycool

    get earl on this pronto!

  • Edgar Rios
    Edgar Rios 4 days ago

    Need Flatbush zombies on here

  • Official LilBrokn
    Official LilBrokn 5 days ago

    I need to hear what Ferg has to say about Ski Mask's Do rag game

  • Funasenbaer
    Funasenbaer 5 days ago

    "I dont even want to meet that again" -Asap Ferg about Hot ones

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 6 days ago

    They can take Flacko with his stinkin ass

  • Ham Burger
    Ham Burger 8 days ago

    Seen all epsd till this one..def 1 my favs ..solute Ferg tha shi waa funny...bro Hot ones keep it up bro yall winning..when you said oh the past of no return..I died

    KWENSI 8 days ago

    they need SAUCE WALKA on here! LMAOO

  • Desiree Robinson
    Desiree Robinson 8 days ago

    Love asap ferg so much more now after talkin about pepper sauce lol. Trini Love !

  • Amanda Grant
    Amanda Grant 11 days ago


  • tait Michie
    tait Michie 11 days ago

    Good to see Nando’s getting some love

  • The Institution
    The Institution 12 days ago +1

    Great fucking guest!

  • Rahema
    Rahema 12 days ago

    I enjoyed this way too much! Big ups ASAP Ferg.

  • Sea of Arc.
    Sea of Arc. 12 days ago

    Get someone from TDE. Notably Q or K-Dot

  • dock6000
    dock6000 12 days ago

    ASAP Ferg has class.

  • pacdbz
    pacdbz 12 days ago

    When you go to Europe is hard to find good food?? Really Ferg?

  • Bape Pilot
    Bape Pilot 13 days ago

    What about Ski mask with the dourag

  • OZzz 0113
    OZzz 0113 15 days ago

    I wish he showed him ski mask the slump God

  • Derek Geyer
    Derek Geyer 15 days ago

    Do ski mask the slump god

  • Kofi Jiles
    Kofi Jiles 16 days ago

    Snoop would be great on Hot ones.

  • Matt Vitez
    Matt Vitez 16 days ago

    shoulda got rocky

  • Thomas Ahmed
    Thomas Ahmed 16 days ago

    him eatin wings sounds like his ad libs

  • Mark Gonzalez
    Mark Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Everyone talking about slump god tying his durag in the front but this man been on it

  • Marius Grp
    Marius Grp 19 days ago

    more people need to fuck with ferg, on the real

  • VOIDArc
    VOIDArc 20 days ago

    When he said pause I was like "Deadass 🅱"

  • ItsDavesterrr
    ItsDavesterrr 20 days ago


  • DifferentGaming
    DifferentGaming 21 day ago

    Bring A$AP Rocky, please. :)

  • Relici /\
    Relici /\ 22 days ago

    great interview

  • Nya Jal
    Nya Jal 22 days ago

    Asap fergs real name is Asapian Ferguson

  • Hjalti Gunnar
    Hjalti Gunnar 23 days ago

    we need chief keef on this show

  • Sav Chris
    Sav Chris 23 days ago +1

    “What’s the headspace like right now?”
    “I got the du-rag on”
    Lmao that ain’t what he meant by headspace

  • IDPZK99
    IDPZK99 23 days ago

    Fergy always with the positivity

  • Emanuel Oliviery
    Emanuel Oliviery 24 days ago

    A$AP Rocky? Or Tyler the Creator

  • Sèrge Johny
    Sèrge Johny 25 days ago

    Can We Get Drake To Do #HotOnes As Well? That'll Be Spicy

  • ryuķ565
    ryuķ565 25 days ago

    this one tastes like a tire 😂

  • Anthony Rotz
    Anthony Rotz 26 days ago

    You have to do one with tech n9ne or twisted insane that would be sick!

  • Sydow93
    Sydow93 26 days ago

    Shout out to Flatubush!

  • Yung Draco
    Yung Draco 27 days ago

    No boost Hannibal Burress his mom used to work at my school

  • Afro Sam R Eye
    Afro Sam R Eye 28 days ago

    bro his closing is so epic; so many recommendations

  • Afro Sam R Eye
    Afro Sam R Eye 28 days ago

    suck a winga's drumstick or something

  • Ashley Lucas
    Ashley Lucas 29 days ago

    is that Crystal hot sauce? if he don't be foreal that shit is not hot lol

  • five Fly
    five Fly 29 days ago


  • Chey Infinity
    Chey Infinity Month ago

    do ybn nahmir

  • LayneXIII
    LayneXIII Month ago

    Doc Martens never left!

  • Anthony Veltry
    Anthony Veltry Month ago

    I’m upset ski wasn’t mentioned during the durag segment

  • Miguel ramrz
    Miguel ramrz Month ago

    hes cool as fuck

  • VRexG
    VRexG Month ago

    ferg looked like he was high af in this video.

  • elchasai
    elchasai Month ago

    I think this guy ASAP Ferg is definitely gay.

  • Brandon Minton
    Brandon Minton Month ago

    We need to get the $UICIDEBOY$ on this show. Like this motherfucking comment if you agree. #G59

  • Zebian Pandey
    Zebian Pandey Month ago

    wish rocky could do this. god damn that would be the shit

  • Timothy Breda
    Timothy Breda Month ago

    Please get all 3 Flatbush Zombies on, or atleast Meechy

  • Lust The Lascivious

    Get Kendrick Lamar on there 😂

  • Moe kay
    Moe kay Month ago

    Ferg was high as shit😂

  • Connor Blythe
    Connor Blythe Month ago

    “I smell it”

  • ay where my hug at
    ay where my hug at Month ago

    Get asap rocky on this shit

  • t jenk
    t jenk Month ago

    those wings look good af.

  • Marco Sanchez
    Marco Sanchez Month ago

    Y’all ignored ski

  • Eddie Onoka
    Eddie Onoka Month ago

    Sean - "How's the head space?"
    Ferg - "Well I got this durag on"

  • Beat Around the Bush

    So we really gon forget Mike Jones was the du-rag king? “Who?” Mike Jones !

  • Tania Pamela Arréllaga Balbuena

    Please make Rhett and Link do this please please please

  • Christian Urso
    Christian Urso Month ago

    This man said that is hard to find good food in europe 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦I hope he got paid by nando at least

  • The Canine Nutritionist

    5 yrs too late

  • Mythic - The Chicken Tamer

    i wanna see asap rocky!

  • SokoKing
    SokoKing Month ago

    Didn't mention ski when talking abt du rags smh

  • TylerparkerGames
    TylerparkerGames Month ago

    U should get the migos

  • Cole E
    Cole E Month ago

    ferg is sick haha

  • TheBlasianKing
    TheBlasianKing Month ago

    Ferg is mad chill yo I love it lmao

  • MegaThefuture
    MegaThefuture Month ago

    He's so sweet, and such a down to earth guy, I'm even a bigger fan now :D

    KEKE HONEY Month ago


  • angel b
    angel b Month ago

    imagine a game show like this but instead of hot sauce its weed

  • Shayna md
    Shayna md Month ago

    The end with him naming different shows hahaha

  • Cary Nick
    Cary Nick Month ago

    Ah fuck they gotta show JME for the durag looks

  • Ironiic Clan
    Ironiic Clan Month ago


  • reemtype
    reemtype Month ago

    "You don't have to if you don't want to ferg" ... He's like a chicken wing therapist

  • Tipsie4u2
    Tipsie4u2 Month ago

    I love me some Ferg. His voice is just so sexy to me ❤️❤️😋😋

  • Dwight Blanton
    Dwight Blanton Month ago

    When he said he taste a tingle on the first wing I knew he was in for some shit😂😂

  • earl jones
    earl jones Month ago

    more interested in fashion than music?! yeah, hip hop is dead

  • Skechy Yeti
    Skechy Yeti Month ago

    Lmao he thinks asap dresses better than OF

  • Azius VILLA
    Azius VILLA Month ago

    Get SkiMaskTheSlumpGod on here, bro.

  • Kix Musaid
    Kix Musaid Month ago

    Says he loves fashion, looks like a 30 year old trash bag

  • J Santos
    J Santos Month ago

    you should get tekashi 6ix9ine on the show

  • DankGod420
    DankGod420 Month ago +1


  • Gil Wadsworth
    Gil Wadsworth Month ago

    Ferg killed it.

  • Poke Crack
    Poke Crack 2 months ago

    Suck a nigga dick or somethin.

  • jasonplusone
    jasonplusone 2 months ago

    asap was doin fukkin ad libs LMAO

  • KamiCB
    KamiCB 2 months ago

    what does he mean by pause?

  • Ariana Armijo
    Ariana Armijo 2 months ago

    I'm so happy y'all mentioned Spooky Black! He was the first to pop in my head during that segment!! Nobody knows Spooky Black for some reason!

  • India Bindia
    India Bindia 2 months ago

    I really dislike the wing eating format. you need 2 wings per sauce. just toss them and make it regular. Who fans sauce on wings like that?

  • Vid Critic and Troll [Sometimes]

    Been in the booth for days

  • Kilian G.
    Kilian G. 2 months ago

    WTF.. Nandos is good food in Europe? .. in what shithole part of Europe you where brüh.. Europe Food is next Level they have fast Food for like "forgot my lunch got some fast food" they're not like "let me get some fast food for regular meal"

  • Eric Barrera
    Eric Barrera 2 months ago

    We need Flatbush Zombies in this joint

  • Ryan Jack
    Ryan Jack 2 months ago

    What is the brand of his durag

  • Michelle Johnston
    Michelle Johnston 2 months ago

    i still find it soo cool that the singer of From First To Last is Skrillex

  • Akhilan K.T Singam
    Akhilan K.T Singam 2 months ago


  • Escada Latina
    Escada Latina 2 months ago

    Hard rappin ass nigga!!! yes FERG

  • Kendall Guerra
    Kendall Guerra 2 months ago

    You guys need to restock!!! I need some hot sauce!!