ASAP Ferg Harlem Shakes While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 24, 2017
  • Harlem rapper, designer, and all-around Renaissance man ASAP Ferg just dropped his new album, "Still Striving." But will he still be striving after the wings of death? Find out as the A$AP Mob emcee takes on some hot questions and even hotter wings with Sean Evans, weighing in on everything from durag fashion to Madonna along the way.
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Comments • 7 597

  • Tre 47
    Tre 47 5 hours ago

    Do Flatbush zombies

  • AVZ Boxing
    AVZ Boxing 12 hours ago

    "They dont have good food in europe"

  • Cyclone24
    Cyclone24 Day ago

    how could you talk about durags and not mention ski mask

  • Nicole Ibrajev
    Nicole Ibrajev 3 days ago

    Lmao the milk moustaches at the end.

  • TwizzT
    TwizzT 3 days ago

    I thought ASAP mob were vegetarians

  • Darrell Scott
    Darrell Scott 4 days ago

    Coolio should change his name from Coolio to Cooley ant.

  • Terra Flesh
    Terra Flesh 5 days ago

    Please ask Desiigner to be on Hot Ones. Please. Like really.

  • Chris Wtf
    Chris Wtf 7 days ago

    Thought ASAP was vegetarians

  • Billy Bonga
    Billy Bonga 7 days ago

    Get the Flatbush Zombies on here!

  • Billy Bonga
    Billy Bonga 7 days ago

    S/O To the Flatbush Zombies! WOOOO

  • Chris Irish
    Chris Irish 10 days ago

    Liked how chill he was during the interview.. just felt relaxed while watching!

  • David Reeves
    David Reeves 10 days ago

    yo pls have tyler the creator on a episode

  • David Reeves
    David Reeves 10 days ago

    have tyler, the creator on

  • Barry White
    Barry White 11 days ago

    I need that Marino Infantry shirt as well

  • Barry White
    Barry White 11 days ago

    I need some of these wings man

  • bfboobie
    bfboobie 13 days ago

    ASAP is legit. Ride with the mob. "Plain Jane" by ASAP Ferg. top notch shit. This nigga knows how to eat wings, and make great music and videos. The hottest sauce on this show should be called "plain jane."

  • Jef Costello
    Jef Costello 13 days ago

    ferg should start a podcast

  • Fong Shiyu
    Fong Shiyu 14 days ago

    Yo that group trade question had to be one of the best interview questions ive ever heard

  • Frost RC
    Frost RC 15 days ago

    Get ski mask

  • Дамo Крiстофеr

    18:00 Willem Defoe?

  • Braden Owens
    Braden Owens 25 days ago

    Lowkey mad that ski mask wasn't in the list of durags

  • Steven Burrito
    Steven Burrito 27 days ago

    ASAP is fatter than i am. thats one thing i have going for me

  • Eric Myers
    Eric Myers 28 days ago

    Da Bomb is where it all goes downhill everytime

  • Connor Shillington
    Connor Shillington 28 days ago

    i feel like sean's interviewing style is somewhat inspired by nardwuar

  • Max Jacobs
    Max Jacobs 28 days ago

    You know we stay eating that dirty dick sauce

  • Plummet
    Plummet 29 days ago

    Nandos good chicken lol dont make me laugh

  • stevie w
    stevie w 29 days ago


  • Gavyn Pendleton
    Gavyn Pendleton Month ago

    Ferg was so high the whole time

  • Barfiel d
    Barfiel d Month ago

    This host is dope, fat line of interesting people, great questions the fans would love to know, and the guy does iit all with out barely even feeling the hot wings. Although after this many episodes dude must shit like a volcano.

  • NandiB.
    NandiB. Month ago


  • MGTOW Riggs
    MGTOW Riggs Month ago

    I love how he portrays himself sooooo tough. Give him some hotsause and he turns into a little bitch

  • ClamFishing
    ClamFishing Month ago

    Seeing ferg dab when the last dab is brought out makes me feel alot less cringey about when I do it

  • Kreatyon X
    Kreatyon X Month ago

    Bitch where be Ski's durag

  • What no
    What no Month ago

    He’s so genuine, I want a husband like him

  • Stephanie Nguyen
    Stephanie Nguyen Month ago

    so bute ferg

  • Arthur Flores
    Arthur Flores Month ago +2

    Yo what about j cole? Think he can handle heat? #colehotones

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar Month ago

    get rocky up on this shit b

  • Idripdots
    Idripdots Month ago

    this is my feel good vid. can we please get a A$AP Ferg no 2 please ?

  • Kanye Abloh
    Kanye Abloh Month ago

    Rip yams

  • IHOP
    IHOP Month ago

    “A few words with A$AP Ferg”

  • give me Chocolate
    give me Chocolate Month ago

    nandos is crap

  • Marie The Alchemist

    Ferg is the cutest

  • Ken
    Ken Month ago

    Ferg a cool ass mf

  • Tô Diệp Khanh
    Tô Diệp Khanh Month ago

    he is so chill

  • xHyper Nova
    xHyper Nova Month ago

    “This one tastes like a tire”

    PJΛZΞЯŁΛZΞЯ Month ago +1

    "Yamborghini chain, rest in peace to my superior..."

  • MetroTheSlumpGod
    MetroTheSlumpGod Month ago

    Ski mask durag king

  • Mate Imgreat
    Mate Imgreat Month ago

    Please get Gordon Ramsay 😂

  • The One and Only
    The One and Only Month ago +4

    Has Ferg always been this fine? Like uh wow... I’m shaken.

  • Gengar Williams
    Gengar Williams Month ago

    I wash my asshole every time I take a shower. I too wash my asshole every time I take a shower.. I WASH MY ASSHOLE EVERYTIME I TAKE A SHIT!!!! WITH THE SHITBLASTER 5000!!!!!

  • Xsar08X
    Xsar08X Month ago

    Ferg is such a stand up guy

  • pyro eyes
    pyro eyes Month ago

    Zombie gets everyone literally lol. Everyone makes a comment on it

  • Hannah Crowder
    Hannah Crowder Month ago

    he is so cool looking he don't need any tats on his face

  • Jayshon Hubbard
    Jayshon Hubbard Month ago +1

    Lol, there's levels to this shit

  • Anthony B.
    Anthony B. Month ago

    *takes bite* "lil tingle" lmaooo

  • Jorden Reece
    Jorden Reece Month ago

    This one taste like a tire I’m dead

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago

    Worse and better at the same time... makes sense because the greater ease and lower costs of making music means that more music is produced... which means more *bad* music along with more good ;)

  • Rêtêê Skrr Skrr
    Rêtêê Skrr Skrr Month ago

    Is it weird I've never had Hot Wings? Just normal fried wings?

  • Bryan Soto-Molina
    Bryan Soto-Molina Month ago +1


  • P-diddy21
    P-diddy21 Month ago

    LIL TANGLE 1:24

  • Piratesarelikereallycool

    get earl on this pronto!

  • Edgar Rios
    Edgar Rios Month ago

    Need Flatbush zombies on here

  • Official LilBrokn
    Official LilBrokn Month ago

    I need to hear what Ferg has to say about Ski Mask's Do rag game

  • Funasenbaer
    Funasenbaer Month ago

    "I dont even want to meet that again" -Asap Ferg about Hot ones

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic Month ago

    They can take Flacko with his stinkin ass

  • Ham Burger
    Ham Burger Month ago

    Seen all epsd till this one..def 1 my favs ..solute Ferg tha shi waa funny...bro Hot ones keep it up bro yall winning..when you said oh the past of no return..I died

    KWENSI Month ago

    they need SAUCE WALKA on here! LMAOO

  • Desiree Robinson
    Desiree Robinson Month ago

    Love asap ferg so much more now after talkin about pepper sauce lol. Trini Love !

  • Amanda Grant
    Amanda Grant 2 months ago


  • tait Michie
    tait Michie 2 months ago

    Good to see Nando’s getting some love

  • The Institution
    The Institution 2 months ago +1

    Great fucking guest!

  • Rahema
    Rahema 2 months ago

    I enjoyed this way too much! Big ups ASAP Ferg.

  • Sea of Arc.
    Sea of Arc. 2 months ago

    Get someone from TDE. Notably Q or K-Dot

  • dock6000
    dock6000 2 months ago

    ASAP Ferg has class.

  • pacdbz
    pacdbz 2 months ago

    When you go to Europe is hard to find good food?? Really Ferg?

  • Bape Pilot
    Bape Pilot 2 months ago

    What about Ski mask with the dourag

  • OZzz 0113
    OZzz 0113 2 months ago

    I wish he showed him ski mask the slump God

  • Kofi Jiles
    Kofi Jiles 2 months ago

    Snoop would be great on Hot ones.

  • Matt Vitez
    Matt Vitez 2 months ago

    shoulda got rocky

  • Thomas Ahmed
    Thomas Ahmed 2 months ago

    him eatin wings sounds like his ad libs

  • Mark Gonzalez
    Mark Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Everyone talking about slump god tying his durag in the front but this man been on it

  • Marius Grp
    Marius Grp 2 months ago

    more people need to fuck with ferg, on the real

  • VOIDArc
    VOIDArc 2 months ago

    When he said pause I was like "Deadass 🅱"

  • itsdavesterrr
    itsdavesterrr 2 months ago


  • DifferentGaming
    DifferentGaming 2 months ago

    Bring A$AP Rocky, please. :)

  • Relici /\
    Relici /\ 2 months ago

    great interview

  • Nya Jal
    Nya Jal 2 months ago

    Asap fergs real name is Asapian Ferguson

  • Hjalti Gunnar
    Hjalti Gunnar 2 months ago

    we need chief keef on this show

  • Sav Chris
    Sav Chris 2 months ago +1

    “What’s the headspace like right now?”
    “I got the du-rag on”
    Lmao that ain’t what he meant by headspace

  • IDPZK99
    IDPZK99 2 months ago +1

    Fergy always with the positivity

  • Emanuel Oliviery
    Emanuel Oliviery 2 months ago

    A$AP Rocky? Or Tyler the Creator

  • Sèrge Johny
    Sèrge Johny 2 months ago

    Can We Get Drake To Do #HotOnes As Well? That'll Be Spicy

  • ryuķ565
    ryuķ565 2 months ago

    this one tastes like a tire 😂

  • Anthony Rotz
    Anthony Rotz 2 months ago

    You have to do one with tech n9ne or twisted insane that would be sick!

  • Sydow93
    Sydow93 2 months ago

    Shout out to Flatubush!

  • Yung Draco
    Yung Draco 2 months ago

    No boost Hannibal Burress his mom used to work at my school

  • Afro Sam R Eye
    Afro Sam R Eye 2 months ago

    bro his closing is so epic; so many recommendations

  • Afro Sam R Eye
    Afro Sam R Eye 2 months ago

    suck a winga's drumstick or something

  • Ashley Lucas
    Ashley Lucas 2 months ago

    is that Crystal hot sauce? if he don't be foreal that shit is not hot lol

  • five Fly
    five Fly 2 months ago