ASAP Ferg Harlem Shakes While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 24, 2017
  • Harlem rapper, designer, and all-around Renaissance man ASAP Ferg just dropped his new album, "Still Striving." But will he still be striving after the wings of death? Find out as the A$AP Mob emcee takes on some hot questions and even hotter wings with Sean Evans, weighing in on everything from durag fashion to Madonna along the way.
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  • Michelle Johnston
    Michelle Johnston 5 hours ago

    i still find it soo cool that the singer of From First To Last is Skrillex

  • Akhilan K.T Singam
    Akhilan K.T Singam 9 hours ago


  • Escada Latina
    Escada Latina 15 hours ago

    Hard rappin ass nigga!!! yes FERG

  • Kendall Guerra
    Kendall Guerra Day ago

    You guys need to restock!!! I need some hot sauce!!

  • Moon Man
    Moon Man Day ago

    Seen this man in concert this weekend In Denver

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M. 2 days ago

    Ski Mask Is Durag God

  • Mr. Wingman
    Mr. Wingman 2 days ago

    A$AP FLAME 750,000 Scoville Units
    Put that up for your *Last Dab*

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva 2 days ago

    Get LeBron on here

  • Jay The Climber
    Jay The Climber 2 days ago

    Seems like a genuinely nice guy

  • michael ndegwa
    michael ndegwa 3 days ago

    jae richards has the ultimate duuuuu

  • Dillon
    Dillon 3 days ago +1

    Shoutout to the Flatbush Zombies🧟‍♂️✊🏼‼️

  • Iso God Sensei
    Iso God Sensei 3 days ago

    I'm disappointed he talked about durags and didn't mention ski mask the slump god

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 4 days ago

    Get rocky on this

  • Josh Mack
    Josh Mack 4 days ago

    My nigga feet high asl

  • Ranim 974
    Ranim 974 4 days ago

    did he say it's hard to find good food in europe ?

  • Anh Vu
    Anh Vu 4 days ago

    Ferg seems like the kinda dude where if you're feeling down he'd dap you up so fuckin hard you'd forget why you're sad.

  • Tempus Non
    Tempus Non 6 days ago

    Get Drag on up in this

  • Tray God
    Tray God 7 days ago

    Joe Rohan Dave Chappell asap rocky nardwuar

  • Duane Johnson
    Duane Johnson 7 days ago

    Bro he is sooo high it’s hilarious

  • cheese butter Central

    That man so baked

  • Eric Myless
    Eric Myless 7 days ago

    Get faith Evans on the show

  • Eric Christian
    Eric Christian 8 days ago

    😂😂😂 that was cool. Ferg is a cool dude

  • Christopher McLean
    Christopher McLean 9 days ago

    This just made me more of a fan of Ferg. This interview was funny AF.

  • d silverleaf
    d silverleaf 10 days ago

    CaraBana is the shit,, tree's 4 dayz

  • snakezulu7
    snakezulu7 11 days ago

    You're gonna talk about durags in rap and not talk about Mike Jones? Come on, man.

  • Sélecteur
    Sélecteur 11 days ago

    I like the way his Du rag has a bow at the front. It looks cute on him.

  • MO Crafty
    MO Crafty 11 days ago

    19:30 verb opens his eyes for the first time. Love this guy😂😂

  • ferg orr
    ferg orr 11 days ago

    it was a mistake watching this now I'm fucking hungry

  • Alfonso  Covarrubias
    Alfonso Covarrubias 11 days ago


  • R.A.G.E Inc.
    R.A.G.E Inc. 13 days ago

    West Indian gang 🇹🇹

  • The Phat Jesus
    The Phat Jesus 13 days ago

    My absolute favorite hot sauce El Yucateco XXXtra hot. I go through 3 bottles a week

  • jaesquared
    jaesquared 13 days ago

    This is one of the funniest ones made lmao

  • Tay Acti
    Tay Acti 13 days ago

    “My Head Is Starting To Tingle ... You’re Tryna Talk To Me Still “ 😭😭😭

  • iksmurG-
    iksmurG- 13 days ago

    Yoooo I fuck with the fact that ferg fucks with spooky black

  • iksmurG-
    iksmurG- 13 days ago

    “This shit right here is litttttt.”

  • Mr.Poopy Butthole
    Mr.Poopy Butthole 14 days ago

    Did he say it's hard to find good food in Europe? What? Is this man mentally impaired?

  • kxlxh
    kxlxh 15 days ago

    that chicken look good af

  • Bare High
    Bare High 15 days ago

    Good to see Nando's getting some international love 🤘🏻

  • davontae pantions
    davontae pantions 16 days ago

    I wish xxxtentacion could have done this 😔 rip x

  • 2kbigtime
    2kbigtime 16 days ago

    I lowkey wanted someone to snatch his durag off

    JJ FISH 18 days ago

    1:03 his milk mustache😂

  • Billeeblu19
    Billeeblu19 18 days ago

    He is so cuuttteeeeee

  • Mateusz Janas
    Mateusz Janas 19 days ago

    invite Brian Ambs

  • Tee Dunn
    Tee Dunn 19 days ago


  • Su🅱️reme 🅱️ickle

    Them Indian birds was on his wee wee💀

  • Quishanty Coffy
    Quishanty Coffy 20 days ago

    asap ferg

  • bibiisbatman bb
    bibiisbatman bb 21 day ago

    Hard to find good food in Europe....bullshit all yall got in US is italian or other european restaurants stfu

  • Fritzer789
    Fritzer789 22 days ago

    ferg is toasted

  • Renato Pascoal
    Renato Pascoal 23 days ago

    “It’s hard to find good food(...)”!?!? Stopped watching right there. Next

  • Russell Catt
    Russell Catt 23 days ago

    Get Flatbush on the show

  • S Money
    S Money 24 days ago

    Most fat dudes don’t have fashion it’s impressive

  • Chris Dickenson
    Chris Dickenson 24 days ago

    Sometimes this show throws people on a spiritual journey haha

  • Padma Dornadula
    Padma Dornadula 24 days ago

    best one hands down

  • NJP695
    NJP695 25 days ago


  • lukisnootis
    lukisnootis 26 days ago

    the editing at the end was great

  • lukisnootis
    lukisnootis 26 days ago

    *Cannibal Buress*

  • whyme
    whyme 28 days ago

    i would bet odd would win the fashion show

  • fern
    fern 28 days ago

    11:49 “I’m on a new level” lmfao Ferg too funny

  • ChingChao
    ChingChao 28 days ago

    This guy is pretty fuckin New York street smart, but I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't read the first few pages from a fuckin Harry Potter book

  • illest insomnia
    illest insomnia 28 days ago


  • Nathan Riley
    Nathan Riley 28 days ago

    Cool dude

  • Mercurio Bua
    Mercurio Bua 28 days ago

    call EMINEM

  • xXGalaxyKnightXx
    xXGalaxyKnightXx 29 days ago

    i was hoping he would mention Ski Mask The Slump God when he talked about durags

  • Moritz Lukas
    Moritz Lukas Month ago +3

    My Man ferg dipped his wing into the hot sauce and took a bite from the undipped side, i'm weak

  • Destinee Davis
    Destinee Davis Month ago

    4:42 😂😂😂😂

  • The Official Savage Sweetheart

    I REALLY wanna be on this show🤣email me!

  • Dearly Departed Productions

    get Dave east on here

  • HerboBoi
    HerboBoi Month ago


  • TheOG llama21
    TheOG llama21 Month ago

    "you can open your eyes now"😂😂

  • Dante LeJeune
    Dante LeJeune Month ago


  • ManBun
    ManBun Month ago

    Do Tyler

  • Logan G
    Logan G Month ago

    So with as big as this show has become and the issues you have with the freshness of the wings why not just get a little deep fryer to fry the wings before the interviews?

  • F11 Exfo Jr
    F11 Exfo Jr Month ago

    Spooky black and not ski mask?

  • Edward Martinez
    Edward Martinez Month ago

    spooky black underrated

    RYAN COLVIN Month ago

    please diversify your musical guests. Its not cool to just bring musical guests on for music you enjoy. Not everyone are hip hop fans

  • ed Dan
    ed Dan Month ago

    Trinidad 🤘

  • Caro Huerta
    Caro Huerta Month ago

    Get asap rocky hereeee

  • bee sting
    bee sting Month ago

    Bring back the du rags ❤❤ cute ass

  • ѕσullєѕѕ nᴏᴍαd

    Didn't know ferg's fam is Trini. No wonder

  • Shaila's Space
    Shaila's Space Month ago

    He was still sitting there with his eyes closed 😂😂😂 omg that was hilarious

  • slammed ej6
    slammed ej6 Month ago

    LMFAO he only gets a little bite yg ate the whole wings 😂😂😂😂

  • Elias Villasenor
    Elias Villasenor Month ago

    Bad ass loved it ASAP Ferg a fool

  • Elias Villasenor
    Elias Villasenor Month ago

    How about method man he is he true king

  • Spread Eagle Cross The Block


  • T Stormer
    T Stormer Month ago


  • 09soniciscool09
    09soniciscool09 Month ago

    Asap ferg is chill bro I thought he’d be a dick for some reason.

  • Reblunting
    Reblunting Month ago

    Lol he’s high af

  • themrhc
    themrhc Month ago

    He’s so chill 😍😍😍

  • Brittany Guillot
    Brittany Guillot Month ago

    my man was zooted.

  • Vextile
    Vextile Month ago


  • NyaoNyao Kat
    NyaoNyao Kat Month ago

    'Oh man, you've been to Harlem!'
    '...Noooo, noo noo noo....'

  • Kent Tatton
    Kent Tatton Month ago

    ferg's ripped

  • wendelslugger
    wendelslugger Month ago

    Wack? Jiggy wid it? K ferg...

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee Month ago

    They could take flacko and his stinkin ass lmaoooo

  • Irbretha Horne
    Irbretha Horne Month ago

    Yall silly Harlem Shake #Priceless

  • katiebkatieb
    katiebkatieb Month ago

    your doo doo must be hot

  • Mali2nicee
    Mali2nicee Month ago

    how he eat with one hand so easily

  • Patrick mulrooney
    Patrick mulrooney Month ago

    Ferg: I just met LeBron.....OH IT JUST ME.
    The Celtics just said the same shit lol

  • The Mafia
    The Mafia Month ago

    Btw west indian is the generic version of blacks

  • Dima keat
    Dima keat Month ago

    залупа где перевовод????