The New Scooby-Doo Designs Are... (Scoob 2020)

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • The brand new Scooby-Doo movie offers brand new CGI designs! But are they good? Does our take matter? Figure out which one is "No!" It's. It's not the designs...
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    Written by: Shane Verkest
    Hosted by: Shane Verkest
    Edited by: Shane Verkest
    Produced by: Kevin Williams
    Graphics by CabooseJr
    Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
    This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.
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Comments • 1 284

  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz Day ago

    I'm very excited for this movie to come out.

  • J R
    J R 6 days ago

    I still dont know why its 3d

  • DBLoCK_ThE_KeyBlade Master

    The designs are fantastic it's the voice cast that's not doing it for me

  • HowdyHowdy
    HowdyHowdy 11 days ago

    I like this new style over the last few incarnations. Still liked the zombie island era of animation

  • Vulpes Ailurus
    Vulpes Ailurus 11 days ago

    Thanks. I hate it.

  • Zefo No
    Zefo No 12 days ago

    Fred's chin is too big, and his face is too small for his head.
    Without the ascot, there's nothing to distract from that fact he looks like a chad.

  • Lucky Zeguro
    Lucky Zeguro 13 days ago

    fred looks off because he doesn't have his ascot

  • Sarah Baranski
    Sarah Baranski 14 days ago

    Fred n Velma just look slightly a little too realisticly than the other three they look spot on cookie cutter same look for the most part but Fred just too much of a realistic character look than cartoon character.interested to see ho the cast sounds to the gang.i still think the OG LA cast shouldve been brought back or approached to see if matt or freddie and sarah would come back.

  • EinsamPibroch278
    EinsamPibroch278 14 days ago

    What happened to Fred and his Lucky Ascot?! His cool neckerchief?!

  • EmemonD
    EmemonD 14 days ago

    Velma's Design is so *Thicc*

  • SnazzyRando
    SnazzyRando 15 days ago

    fReD iS MiSsinG hiS ScaRf

  • Gremlinton
    Gremlinton 15 days ago

    can we just agree that 2010-2013 Mystery Inc. is the best scooby doo iteration ever?

  • well well
    well well 16 days ago

    no freckles?
    so wrong

  • Colorlessie
    Colorlessie 16 days ago

    Not only did they remove Fred's scarf, they also removed Daphne's. Whurt?

  • Bubaiel
    Bubaiel 16 days ago

    Daphne looks like she is seriously judging Fred's fashion choices

  • RUdigitized
    RUdigitized 16 days ago

    NO ASCOT 1/10

  • ThatOneCutie
    ThatOneCutie 17 days ago

    Fred looks so normal what the hell is wrong with his face

  • ツDekiru
    ツDekiru 17 days ago

    Fred looks like Ken (barbie scene) from toy story

  • Big Disappointment
    Big Disappointment 17 days ago

    Velma looks T H I C C !

  • ButterflyColors
    ButterflyColors 17 days ago

    Everything is pretty fine except for Fred’s design he looks bland, and something about shaggy’s voice doesn’t sit well with me

  • Moira Hause
    Moira Hause 17 days ago +1

    Its Freds face for me that looks a little off, not gonna lie.

  • Veda Dida
    Veda Dida 18 days ago

    Freddy isn't wearing his ascot

  • Austin Savage
    Austin Savage 18 days ago

    ruh roh raggy

  • Angela Genel
    Angela Genel 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who feels like Fred looks like more of a teen now? I’m glad they changed his design a bit.

  • Dead Meme Lord
    Dead Meme Lord 18 days ago

    Fred looks like a teenager.
    They needed to make Fred back into that beautiful GIGGA CHAD FRED

  • Five Nights At Harry Potters

    Watch the trailer

  • darkstar2874
    darkstar2874 18 days ago

    Most of the cast are more or less the same, I can see differences but I have to actively look to find them, then there’s Fred and Daphne. That’s not to say they’re both bad designs, I don’t mind Daphne’s. There’s something about her body proportions that feel a little off but I can’t explain what exactly. Fred on the other hand... if you swapped his colour palate I wouldn’t be able to recognize that as Fred no matter how long I look at it. Freddie Prinze Jr looked more recognizable and that was live action.

  • 3ink 3onk
    3ink 3onk 18 days ago

    Fred's ascot
    *Fred's ascot.*
    *FRED'S ASCO-*

  • Kuush kihng VEVO
    Kuush kihng VEVO 19 days ago

    this video is kinda pointless. everybody knew they are okay from the get-go

  • Eric Reid
    Eric Reid 19 days ago

    Be cool Scooby Doo was trash.
    Mystery Inc was so fucking good

  • ragonday ourtneycay
    ragonday ourtneycay 19 days ago

    Fred looks like a high school jock

  • Rikku Takanashi
    Rikku Takanashi 19 days ago

    There is a trailer for this.

  • Abby Bish
    Abby Bish 19 days ago

    Fred kinda looks like syndrome from the Incredibles

  • Iris
    Iris 19 days ago +1

    Fred dont look like himself because he looks way to ”boy-ish” in this new version. The original Fred was so manly

  • Natalia Wintersparrow
    Natalia Wintersparrow 19 days ago

    wait, something's off- WHERE'S FRED'S ASCOT!?!?!

  • Taurus Doodles
    Taurus Doodles 19 days ago

    I like all designs. Except Fred. Give him his ascot. Or even a jock's jacket. Make his chin less.. Idk, fat? Its too rounded to me for some reason? His design just seems off and that white on white clothes design choice is one of the issues.

  • Daengie
    Daengie 19 days ago

    Shaggy is a scruffy philistine

  • Deni Bravo
    Deni Bravo 20 days ago

    Velma dummy thicc 👀💦

  • Mar
    Mar 20 days ago

    At one point shaggy had a red shirt don't get me started on that 😂 😂😂 same bro same

  • Louie Man Gaming
    Louie Man Gaming 20 days ago

    Fred better get his ascott sometime in the film.

  • Jayden McCowan
    Jayden McCowan 20 days ago

    Fred sorta looks like ken from toy story

  • Sir Bear
    Sir Bear 20 days ago +3


  • Quwyn Iscoool
    Quwyn Iscoool 20 days ago +1

    1:30 it’s cause his eyes are blue and his face look more realistic plus his eyes need to be more rounded plus his hair doesn’t have like a puff thing

  • Quwyn Iscoool
    Quwyn Iscoool 20 days ago +1

    Everyone knows the scooby y doo is the comic scoob and shag

  • OrangeyEmpress
    OrangeyEmpress 20 days ago

    Fred's face is just slight too small for his head and it bugs me

  • ArtWithBex
    ArtWithBex 20 days ago

    Personally im excited for this movie

  • gordo knickerbocker
    gordo knickerbocker 20 days ago

    Velmas hair looks like a pool of pen ink

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher 20 days ago

    I mean, the characters have had so many different styles, so why does it really matter if they look different this time? And it’s really annoying how people are already shitting on the movie because of the cast.

  • RandomPineapple
    RandomPineapple 20 days ago

    We all know that the plot is figuring out Fred’s catchphrase

  • crimson Roses
    crimson Roses 20 days ago

    I cannot handle this Fred. He looks like he'd call you a slur in the parking lot of a Dennies.

  • OnePiece3
    OnePiece3 20 days ago

    I think I’ve figured it out? Fred’s face is more realistically proportioned than anyone else’s, his eyes are small and relatively accurate, and there’s nothing else extreme about him that says “cartoon” like the others with their big eyes or big noses. When you look at them all lined up, I think that’s why he doesn’t really fit in.

  • Mistress Darkness
    Mistress Darkness 20 days ago

    Fred's jacket should have been blue with orange accents since they got rid of the ascot because I get it, no one wears ascots except me, Zaine.

  • Veruca
    Veruca 20 days ago

    What's with all the shitty not 2-D movies and tv shows coming out?

  • Nacket Donut
    Nacket Donut 20 days ago

    Fred's chin is wide bro

  • nikolback
    nikolback 20 days ago

    why would they get rid of the A S C O T

  • Lisande Puredream
    Lisande Puredream 20 days ago

    I cannot exprss in words how much I already love this movie just from what we've seen so far, and if it drops in may it basically drops on my birthday which makes everything even so much better asdfghjk

  • iDontFwYou••• NevaCappin

    😷 Fred look disgusting lmao. All the other characters looks better and normal, but Fred, omg 😱 Fred looks like a bob.

  • Little Pasca
    Little Pasca 20 days ago

    Wheres this Hardy Bois/Scooby Doo crossover movie

    Or just a hardy boys movie

  • Charlotte Harjo
    Charlotte Harjo 20 days ago

    Freddie just doesnt look cartoony lmao

  • Akko Eclipse
    Akko Eclipse 20 days ago +2

    Is it me or fred looks like Ken from toy story