10 REASONS Why Asians Don't Get FAT

  • Published on Dec 10, 2016
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    Now of course, there are Asians who are fat or chubby, so the title is a bit of a generalized statement or stereotype, but as a whole, there's definitely some truth to it. Genetics is an obvious factor so I'm gonna leave that one off the list.
    1. Fish & Seafood
    Asians eat a lot of seafood. The biggest benefit to eating fish is the omega-3 fatty acids. Fish gives our brain and body the DHA & EPA it needs. EPA in particular has been shown to prevent obesity. 1.5 to 2 grams daily of fish oil can produce weight loss of a couple pounds over a period of a month.
    2. Cooking Methods
    If you compare Western and Asian eating habits, sure they both consume deep fried foods, but Asian countries vary their cooking methods a lot more.
    3. Food Perception
    How people see and experience food can be different depending on where you are. In America, for example, food is seen more as entertainment. There is desire, joy and anticipation associated with eating. Not that it isn't in Asian countries, but it's a lot more toned down. Eating has more of a practical feel, in many cases closer to being a chore rather than entertainment.
    4. Portion Size
    Asians eat smaller portions. Food is often served in small serving bowls and small plates and this helps regulate how much is consumed in one sitting. Now if we take a look at America? SUPERSIZE!
    5. Leafy Greens
    Asian portion size in general might be smaller, but their vegetable portion size is consistently larger. In many Asian countries, people don't even need to be reminded to eat their veg. It's just ingrained.
    6. Drink Habits
    It is a common belief that drinking water, especially cold water, with your meal is a habit that one should avoid, as it dilutes your digestive enzymes and makes it harder for your stomach to digest food. Americans often drink cold water or sodas with their meals, not so much for Asian people however. Rather they drink hot teas before or after a meal. I should note that many experts say this is greatly exaggerated and that it's generally ok to drink water with your meals.
    7. Population Density
    Many Asian countries & cities are densely populated. There are lots of people living in small apartments and almost everything you need is just round the corner. Leading one to possibly conclude that many Asian people must exert less energy in their daily lives. In actuality, Asian people in this circumstance may end up walking more. With everything being in close proximity, they are more inclined to just walk to their destination, whereas in many Western countries, distances are often too great.
    8. Fermented Foods
    Asians consume more fermented foods such as miso, natto, tempeh, kimchi, kombucha, etc, and this is not just good for your gut health, but helps reduce the overall inflammation in the body. And inflammation is a contributing factor to weight gain and obesity.
    9. Snacks & Desserts
    This one's quite simple. Asian snacks, healthy, Western snacks, not so much. Asian snacks and desserts may be rice cakes, red beans, seaweed snacks, nuts, seeds, and lots of fruit. For Western snacks and desserts, you have cookies, chips, ice cream, sugary cakes.
    10. Prevention vs Treatment
    Asians practice prevention, while others practice treatment. With the Western approach, you have your antibiotics, antacids, NSAIDs, quick, temporary, remedies that might actually hurt you in the long run. The Asian approach attempts to get to the root of the problem using nutrition, healthy habits, prevention practices. It's a societal mindset. Health is not simply the absence of sickness.

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  2 years ago +1983

    This really doesn't need to be said (but apparently it does...):
    ► There is some truth to the stereotype that Asian's don't get fat, but it's NOT a rule.
    ► Not all Asian countries are equal. Some countries fit the points better than others.
    ► I don't claim Asians NEVER get fat (the first thing I say in the video is that of course there are Asians who are fat, as well as giving examples).
    ► East to Southeast Asian countries are what this stereotype is mainly referring to, hence more of those examples.
    ► Non-Asians can easily practice these points too. (as I said, not a rule)
    ► If you are an Asian but live in a Western country or has a Western influenced diet, many of these points don't apply.
    ► Yes sumo wrestlers are fat (although fat and muscly as hell is more accurate). Again, not a rule. Also they made themselves that size on purpose.
    ► About the criticism on my brief comment of Africa, I agree I could have phrased it better. However there's also this: lists10.com/top-10-malnourished-countries-world/
    ► I use the all encompassing term 'Asians' (accurate or not) because it's in reference to the stereotype.
    ► This video is purposely analyzing a well-known Asian generalization (just like many videos on this channel) rather than some agenda I have. I would have nothing against making a part 2 devil's advocate video on '10 Reasons Why Asians DO Get Fat' (which I very well might).
    *If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized.
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      White Bed Month ago

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    • Ali Jahani
      Ali Jahani Month ago

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      The Shyest Ant 2 months ago

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