10 REASONS Why Asians Don't Get FAT

  • Published on Dec 10, 2016
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    Now of course, there are Asians who are fat or chubby, so the title is a bit of a generalized statement or stereotype, but as a whole, there's definitely some truth to it. Genetics is an obvious factor so I'm gonna leave that one off the list.
    1. Fish & Seafood
    Asians eat a lot of seafood. The biggest benefit to eating fish is the omega-3 fatty acids. Fish gives our brain and body the DHA & EPA it needs. EPA in particular has been shown to prevent obesity. 1.5 to 2 grams daily of fish oil can produce weight loss of a couple pounds over a period of a month.
    2. Cooking Methods
    If you compare Western and Asian eating habits, sure they both consume deep fried foods, but Asian countries vary their cooking methods a lot more.
    3. Food Perception
    How people see and experience food can be different depending on where you are. In America, for example, food is seen more as entertainment. There is desire, joy and anticipation associated with eating. Not that it isn't in Asian countries, but it's a lot more toned down. Eating has more of a practical feel, in many cases closer to being a chore rather than entertainment.
    4. Portion Size
    Asians eat smaller portions. Food is often served in small serving bowls and small plates and this helps regulate how much is consumed in one sitting. Now if we take a look at America? SUPERSIZE!
    5. Leafy Greens
    Asian portion size in general might be smaller, but their vegetable portion size is consistently larger. In many Asian countries, people don't even need to be reminded to eat their veg. It's just ingrained.
    6. Drink Habits
    It is a common belief that drinking water, especially cold water, with your meal is a habit that one should avoid, as it dilutes your digestive enzymes and makes it harder for your stomach to digest food. Americans often drink cold water or sodas with their meals, not so much for Asian people however. Rather they drink hot teas before or after a meal. I should note that many experts say this is greatly exaggerated and that it's generally ok to drink water with your meals.
    7. Population Density
    Many Asian countries & cities are densely populated. There are lots of people living in small apartments and almost everything you need is just round the corner. Leading one to possibly conclude that many Asian people must exert less energy in their daily lives. In actuality, Asian people in this circumstance may end up walking more. With everything being in close proximity, they are more inclined to just walk to their destination, whereas in many Western countries, distances are often too great.
    8. Fermented Foods
    Asians consume more fermented foods such as miso, natto, tempeh, kimchi, kombucha, etc, and this is not just good for your gut health, but helps reduce the overall inflammation in the body. And inflammation is a contributing factor to weight gain and obesity.
    9. Snacks & Desserts
    This one's quite simple. Asian snacks, healthy, Western snacks, not so much. Asian snacks and desserts may be rice cakes, red beans, seaweed snacks, nuts, seeds, and lots of fruit. For Western snacks and desserts, you have cookies, chips, ice cream, sugary cakes.
    10. Prevention vs Treatment
    Asians practice prevention, while others practice treatment. With the Western approach, you have your antibiotics, antacids, NSAIDs, quick, temporary, remedies that might actually hurt you in the long run. The Asian approach attempts to get to the root of the problem using nutrition, healthy habits, prevention practices. It's a societal mindset. Health is not simply the absence of sickness.

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  Year ago +1660

    This really doesn't need to be said (but apparently it does...):
    ► There is some truth to the stereotype that Asian's don't get fat, but it's NOT a rule.
    ► Not all Asian countries are equal. Some countries fit the points better than others.
    ► I don't claim Asians NEVER get fat (the first thing I say in the video is that of course there are Asians who are fat, as well as giving examples).
    ► East to Southeast Asian countries are what this stereotype is mainly referring to, hence more of those examples.
    ► Non-Asians can easily practice these points too. (as I said, not a rule)
    ► If you are an Asian but live in a Western country or has a Western influenced diet, many of these points don't apply.
    ► Yes sumo wrestlers are fat (although fat and muscly as hell is more accurate). Again, not a rule. Also they made themselves that size on purpose.
    ► About the criticism on my brief comment of Africa: lists10.com/top-10-malnourished-countries-world/
    ► I use the all encompassing term 'Asians' (accurate or not) because it's in reference to the stereotype.
    ► This video is purposely analyzing a well-known Asian generalization (just like many videos on this channel) rather than some agenda I have. I would have nothing against making a part 2 devil's advocate video on '10 Reasons Why Asians DO Get Fat' (which I very well might).
    *If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized.
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    • Eurobiker Life
      Eurobiker Life 26 days ago

      193rd least obesed country is INDIA but its not asians for you kento , only small eyed Mangoloids race means asians lol

    • stfu. •
      stfu. • Month ago

      Sumos do make themselves that big and sometimes, they’d even get plastic surgery to keep themselves at the right height and weight! That’s according to my Japanese teacher.

    • Yuen Kwan Humble
      Yuen Kwan Humble Month ago

      I think it is relate to how to use the adjectives too; using "fat and overweigh" in conversation is not forbidden in my culture. It is okay to use these adjectives in daily life. Just in case, people are not using them in bullying. if I know my friends are fat or overweigh which may harm them, I will said:" You are fat or overweigh." That is reality. Most of the European is overreact these adjectives.
      I told my father-in-law that he is overweigh. It is just a reality!

    • Vani Kumar
      Vani Kumar 2 months ago

      Pacifico Batang how did you make taht?????

  • J W
    J W 11 hours ago

    *Deep fry everything*

  • Shrok Pok
    Shrok Pok 19 hours ago

    I love seaweed

  • Ebrelus
    Ebrelus 22 hours ago

    1.5 speed is perfect for this video. Poles have more fermented foods than the western Europe (sour cucumber, sour cabbage, fermented milk - does nonpasterised beer counts? :P ) but because of westernisation and fall of communism they got used to eat plenty and sweet, salty, processed food. Less obese western nations have things like French healthy stinky cheese, olives (olive oil with omega 3 fats), wine, fishes, old vegetables in mediterrain diet. Japanese drinks a lot of green tea while not touching soft drinks and have punishment in form of higher heathcare insurance fee for being obese (add to this more social/family control and voila!). Also there is a cultural aspect - South American women comming to Europe become obese - because in South Americas culture you do things slowwer without rush - also eating and drinking - eating slowwer and sending from mouth to the stomach more preprocessed food improves diagestion and consumes less body energy. One grandpa told me that easting slowly makes your life longer and he was a proof of that himself. Also it is not a good habit to drink while eating and no science can falsify this fact. The reason is drinking you not only prolong the diagestion process but you also cause your mouth to produce less siagestion enzimes needed for the first phase of diagestion in your mouth. You should wait at least 15 minutes before drinking after eating. Also water is not sending signal to your stomach to produce more enzimes when it's needed - while any other drink does (especially coffee). You can observe it also when it's hot and you drink only water - it goes throu you instantly, it sinks in and escapes like it wasn't there at all, doesnt stay in organism, while other drinks hydrate you better and makes water being sucked into cells - what also makes them work properly - hydration is very important for the body function. And there is another aspect in case of Japan and China - they eat more algae which is a super food and they live more often close to ocean - iodine is a very important mineral for the proper body functioning and also salty ocean water is the best possible and well balanced electrolite naturally existing (after surviving diarea in Asia using this tip you WILL thank me a lot :D ). You could also make a claim that eating regularily more eggs also helps body stay fit - same perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and needed fats and proteins (also makes you full fast).

  • Shaima Shah
    Shaima Shah 22 hours ago

    It's not Asians
    It's East Asians are Damn skinny than others.

  • Snoop catt
    Snoop catt Day ago

    i'm high idk wtf is happening


    I loved watching this and I loved how u stated facts

  • Ari 25
    Ari 25 2 days ago

    Me: Hey, how come we don’t get fat?
    Mom: Because we are the superior.
    Me: ;-;

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    DeadPineapple 2 days ago +1

    Is Kim Jong Un an exception?

  • Gamer JJ
    Gamer JJ 2 days ago +1

    I eat shrimps

  • PeterJuiceNator
    PeterJuiceNator 3 days ago

    Because they eat dog

  • Viet Luu
    Viet Luu 4 days ago

    If Asian don't get FAT, then explain to me why my cousin is obese ??!

  • AZP Derpz
    AZP Derpz 4 days ago

    im filipino i eat similar to a fat person, but im still thin like a stick

  • Joseph Atnip
    Joseph Atnip 4 days ago

    They don't eat milk they don't eat dairy ... And it's real hard to get fat eating nothing but rice and fish heads

  • ants usa
    ants usa 5 days ago

    And mercan

  • ants usa
    ants usa 5 days ago

    I'm 12 72 pounds and love greens

  • starsandhearts
    starsandhearts 5 days ago

    We get Skinny Fat. I eat a ton of junk food and don’t exercise but my BMI is 22 and I wear a size 6 women’s. I do have a lot of excess fat around my waist and thighs though that make me look skinny fat (skinny arms but fat mid-section). On the other hand, Blacks and Latinos with the same lifestyle get much heavier and have their fat more evenly distributed.

  • Exscro guten
    Exscro guten 5 days ago

    asian people are cute now they don't get fat wtf?!?

  • Exscro guten
    Exscro guten 5 days ago

    da fuq 0:08

  • Epic Lasagna
    Epic Lasagna 5 days ago

    Ever heard of a Sumo Wrestler

  • F SL
    F SL 5 days ago

    I diet to slim, okay.

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 5 days ago

    A study in the 1980's demonstrated that Asians have a faster metabolism. It isn't what they eat, it's that their bodies process food faster.

  • Orgil Battulga
    Orgil Battulga 6 days ago

    i'm fat as f

  • Sally Yang
    Sally Yang 6 days ago

    Actually in north China, we eat more because there’s colder, I’m from Northeast China

  • Skyran
    Skyran 6 days ago

    How we stay skinny: Eat rice, fish, and veg in moderate proportion.
    Drink water & tea instead of soda
    Our junk food has significantly lower sugar too.

  • Sama Zyad
    Sama Zyad 7 days ago

    I’m Asian and everyday I eat:
    Egg 🥚
    Tomato stew

    And that’s it

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    Advaith Bala 7 days ago

    Well you don’t know Chen from school

  • Vagolyk
    Vagolyk 8 days ago

    An easy mind experiment: How widespread is consuming hot water in the animal kingdom? So can drinking lukewarm or cold water be unhealthy?
    (Hot liquids can be beneficial to your health, but damn, I want to be paid to research dumb questions like: "is water messing up your digestion?".)

  • corey
    corey 8 days ago

    "Would you like some mixed vegetables?"

    *"Hell no"*

  • Yoongi Yasss
    Yoongi Yasss 8 days ago

    I love seaweed and nuts

  • snehhz
    snehhz 8 days ago

    im asian, but not east/south-east asian but im still skinny
    im from bangladesh

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 8 days ago +1

    I like the thick Asian chicks and call mine the Big Buda

  • Oskar
    Oskar 9 days ago

    I know 1 Asian person and he's fat.

    This stereotype isn't very *consistent*

  • esam ahmed
    esam ahmed 9 days ago

    skinny&under weight is mostly seen in south asia specially Bangladesh&India.

  • piggy oink
    piggy oink 9 days ago +2

    Im fat, and im asian

  • povang
    povang 9 days ago

    #1 reason, rice rice rice rice rice rice. I eat everything with a bowl of plain rice.

  • Cromwell Cruz
    Cromwell Cruz 9 days ago

    As an Asian, I have to say, you stereotype particularly to infamous regions of Asia, particularly Japan, China and India (to some extent).

  • Charlie Extra
    Charlie Extra 10 days ago

    cough sumo wrestlers cough

  • Jennifer Yu
    Jennifer Yu 10 days ago

    not true i'm asian af and i'm fat af

  • CharaPlayzROBLOX 123
    CharaPlayzROBLOX 123 10 days ago +1

    This is offensive. This might offend people who are fat. This is very mean and I do not like this. I’m Asian and I eat rice and Pho

  • Kaitlyn Williams
    Kaitlyn Williams 10 days ago

    No wounder im fat

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    Miscia Aishi D. Tarlit 11 days ago +1

    Philippines squad 🇵🇭 I'm Filipino BTW!!
    Edit:I'm not telling you to like 👍 my comment but, I want all of us to 💬 Chat! If you're not Filipino, we can still 💬 Chat!

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    Jennifer kay 12 days ago

    I love asian culture 😍

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    Its very wrong. I am fat asian!!!!! Some Asians are fat.

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    Im Asian and im too skinny :(

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    Willie Lee 12 days ago

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    Dosnt matter most will die in traffic accidents

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    Asian countries as a whole to not have a higher standard of living at all

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    sammelFUGAR 17 days ago

    OP is Fake. almost laughed my fatass off, exactly like the guy on 0:10, still got no hipster Beard though.

  • Dashi Stocku
    Dashi Stocku 18 days ago

    Not EVERYONE in asia is slim... Some of them are chubby

  • Eva the cat lover
    Eva the cat lover 18 days ago

    I'm asian
    I'm malaysia
    But I'm fat

    *a n d I m p r o u d o f i t*

  • AK 9000
    AK 9000 18 days ago

    Im fat but im asian but the pics you have shown are edited because their too fat and that's impossible if their that fat even if their not asian

  • Kim Ngan Tran
    Kim Ngan Tran 18 days ago

    are you sure ?

  • Nicolaus Volentius
    Nicolaus Volentius 19 days ago

    Northern Asians, Northern Chinese, Koreans, Mongolians tend to eat very similarly to Russians, Eastern and Northern Europeans, etc. Their diets include large amounts of meat and in contrast with southern Chinese diets, less green vegetables and more beans, squash and fermented vegetables (pickled vegetables). Also, diets include a larger variety of staple foods, compared to southern Chinese diets, but still especially Northern China and Korea include large amounts of rice too.
    Specifically in China, there tends to be a larger variety of fermented or pickled vegetables the farther north you go.
    Also an fun note Korea like Scandinavia has strong smelling fermented fish, which is not enjoyed nationally haha.
    Then stereotypical Chinese food. Most of my experience in Chinese restaurants in Chinese tends to be show that no matter how the food is cooked it will be doused in oil. For most foreign people from any country the amount of oil used in Chinese restaurants ranges from excessive to disturbing. Like vegetable floating in a small pool of oil. But people seem to eat healthier at home. Also, sweet sauces are very popular in China Sugar Vinegar Pork and sweet Sauces with Beijing Duck being two examples.
    Chinese, Mongolians and Koreans love huge portions, because sharing is fun. Koreans have small side dishes because they are premade and you can just take a small amount out.
    Societal tendency to drink hot water is very Chinese in the current world. Most Koreans and Japanese, even south east asians (at least the majority I have met), would rather drink cold water if available.
    Who said Western people don't like fermented foods????
    Potato chips and seaweed snacks are equally healthy. Potatoes like seaweed are very healthy, but bother are extremely salty and oily....
    But I would say most important is that Asians are more active, generally.

  • Patreeck
    Patreeck 19 days ago

    i thought it was the other way around

  • Chae*zone
    Chae*zone 19 days ago

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    Nehan Khan 21 day ago

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  • Blackpinkue in your area

    I'm asian,and i'm actually fat...But after puberty,my weight is going down...And the fact that i just weight myself and i lose 4kg after eating in Mcdonalds...XD

  • BattleScar
    BattleScar 23 days ago

    As a patriotic Asian American, eating fast food and microwavable-food is normal for me. Though, I'm still skinny as fuck.

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    Rufino Medado 24 days ago

    I'm Filipino and I weigh 145 pounds. And? 12 years old and eat the equivalent of 17000 supersized meals a year

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    MUSTAFIZAR ABD MANAF 25 days ago

    Am south east asian ( malaysia ) 177cm 65kg - slim. Tips : 2 simple / small meals a day. Eat to live not live to eat! ;)

  • Malte Christensen
    Malte Christensen 25 days ago

    Just a bunch of mostly useless generalisations. I spend six months a year in Vietnam. Since 1993 I've seen the Vietnamese grow much more affluent. With affluence come eating habits like you see abroad. I'll wager that 80 of women over 30 are overweight. From observation this is caused by physical inactivity, overeating and drinking coffee with condensed milk sweetener. Yes, servings are smaller than in ridiculous USA, but who orders only one dish in Vietnam? Sadly, the children are now also putting on weight. One problem is the "fat is beautiful" dillusion, because fat equals wealthy and healthy.

  • Mavrick Faust
    Mavrick Faust 25 days ago

    Asians actually get obese more easily. They just cant normaly afford to eat like others do and now that they can obese rates are rising.

  • Aidan In
    Aidan In 26 days ago

    Asians aren't fat unless you're me.

  • Karlijn Herijgers
    Karlijn Herijgers 26 days ago

    I've been living in Korea for quite a time now and I've noticed a few things about the eating habits here. People actually do enjoy eating a lot, like here it's more common to talk about foods and people will rather ask you "have you had lunch" than "How are you". It seems that because of this 'not trying to hide food' people won't go out to eat secretly a lot and they will just be like "HEY LETS EAT". Also, it's more normal here to not finish your food. When you're full, you're full and you stop. I'm raised to always finish my plate (and it's impolite not to), but here it's okay. One other thing, I've been living here, not really trying to change my eating habits, however I naturally started losing weight so I wondered how this was possible, because here I was never hungry, I always eat whatever I wanted (in the Netherlands I would constantly worry about food and try to eat less (always)) and actually the potion sizes here are HUGE like, yes the side dishes are small but I can often not finish my plate and feel so full. The only thing I can really notice about the foods is that most things in western countries is grain based (pastas, breads), and here things are based on rice. Also, as mentioned in this video, there's a LOT less fat used and also the sugar in things is way way way lower. Asians love sweet things, but here they would just eat one cookie without shame, rather than a whole box of them on your couch at night :)

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  • Republic of Gold landia


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