10 REASONS Why Asians Don't Get FAT

  • Published on Dec 10, 2016
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    Now of course, there are Asians who are fat or chubby, so the title is a bit of a generalized statement or stereotype, but as a whole, there's definitely some truth to it. Genetics is an obvious factor so I'm gonna leave that one off the list.
    1. Fish & Seafood
    Asians eat a lot of seafood. The biggest benefit to eating fish is the omega-3 fatty acids. Fish gives our brain and body the DHA & EPA it needs. EPA in particular has been shown to prevent obesity. 1.5 to 2 grams daily of fish oil can produce weight loss of a couple pounds over a period of a month.
    2. Cooking Methods
    If you compare Western and Asian eating habits, sure they both consume deep fried foods, but Asian countries vary their cooking methods a lot more.
    3. Food Perception
    How people see and experience food can be different depending on where you are. In America, for example, food is seen more as entertainment. There is desire, joy and anticipation associated with eating. Not that it isn't in Asian countries, but it's a lot more toned down. Eating has more of a practical feel, in many cases closer to being a chore rather than entertainment.
    4. Portion Size
    Asians eat smaller portions. Food is often served in small serving bowls and small plates and this helps regulate how much is consumed in one sitting. Now if we take a look at America? SUPERSIZE!
    5. Leafy Greens
    Asian portion size in general might be smaller, but their vegetable portion size is consistently larger. In many Asian countries, people don't even need to be reminded to eat their veg. It's just ingrained.
    6. Drink Habits
    It is a common belief that drinking water, especially cold water, with your meal is a habit that one should avoid, as it dilutes your digestive enzymes and makes it harder for your stomach to digest food. Americans often drink cold water or sodas with their meals, not so much for Asian people however. Rather they drink hot teas before or after a meal. I should note that many experts say this is greatly exaggerated and that it's generally ok to drink water with your meals.
    7. Population Density
    Many Asian countries & cities are densely populated. There are lots of people living in small apartments and almost everything you need is just round the corner. Leading one to possibly conclude that many Asian people must exert less energy in their daily lives. In actuality, Asian people in this circumstance may end up walking more. With everything being in close proximity, they are more inclined to just walk to their destination, whereas in many Western countries, distances are often too great.
    8. Fermented Foods
    Asians consume more fermented foods such as miso, natto, tempeh, kimchi, kombucha, etc, and this is not just good for your gut health, but helps reduce the overall inflammation in the body. And inflammation is a contributing factor to weight gain and obesity.
    9. Snacks & Desserts
    This one's quite simple. Asian snacks, healthy, Western snacks, not so much. Asian snacks and desserts may be rice cakes, red beans, seaweed snacks, nuts, seeds, and lots of fruit. For Western snacks and desserts, you have cookies, chips, ice cream, sugary cakes.
    10. Prevention vs Treatment
    Asians practice prevention, while others practice treatment. With the Western approach, you have your antibiotics, antacids, NSAIDs, quick, temporary, remedies that might actually hurt you in the long run. The Asian approach attempts to get to the root of the problem using nutrition, healthy habits, prevention practices. It's a societal mindset. Health is not simply the absence of sickness.

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  2 years ago +1819

    This really doesn't need to be said (but apparently it does...):
    ► There is some truth to the stereotype that Asian's don't get fat, but it's NOT a rule.
    ► Not all Asian countries are equal. Some countries fit the points better than others.
    ► I don't claim Asians NEVER get fat (the first thing I say in the video is that of course there are Asians who are fat, as well as giving examples).
    ► East to Southeast Asian countries are what this stereotype is mainly referring to, hence more of those examples.
    ► Non-Asians can easily practice these points too. (as I said, not a rule)
    ► If you are an Asian but live in a Western country or has a Western influenced diet, many of these points don't apply.
    ► Yes sumo wrestlers are fat (although fat and muscly as hell is more accurate). Again, not a rule. Also they made themselves that size on purpose.
    ► About the criticism on my brief comment of Africa, I agree I could have phrased it better. However there's also this: lists10.com/top-10-malnourished-countries-world/
    ► I use the all encompassing term 'Asians' (accurate or not) because it's in reference to the stereotype.
    ► This video is purposely analyzing a well-known Asian generalization (just like many videos on this channel) rather than some agenda I have. I would have nothing against making a part 2 devil's advocate video on '10 Reasons Why Asians DO Get Fat' (which I very well might).
    *If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized.
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    • Nam Jin
      Nam Jin Day ago

      I am asian I don’t like sea food they disgust me 😓but my family it’s a different story

    • HAT
      HAT Month ago

      Deep fried butter....wthh!!!

    • Dewey
      Dewey Month ago

      Racist im fat and im asian

    • q xᴇɴɪ
      q xᴇɴɪ 2 months ago

      Pfft I'm not fat. I'm t h i c c

    • will Smith
      will Smith 2 months ago

      Im fat
      Im asian

  • kekthealex
    kekthealex 2 hours ago

    no wonder im thin as fuck

  • wAiS Kafia
    wAiS Kafia 7 hours ago

    Asians don't get fat..
    Me: Hold My Chicken Durus..

  • Sajad Rezaei
    Sajad Rezaei 11 hours ago +1

    This is really fucked up..... oh yeahhhhhhhh no

  • mary sunshine
    mary sunshine 22 hours ago

    I wish I was dead before I was born. I'm tired of always being sick and in pain. No one cares any how, I just wish it wasn't so unsure that pain and mistakes can keep u alive and more miserable.

  • Chelsea Xiang
    Chelsea Xiang Day ago

    Asians will tell you directly if you are fat or you have gained weight. On the contrary, in North America, people will get offended if you ever comment about someone’s weight and will be told to mind your own business. As a result, Asian girls are very conscious about their weight. If an Asian girl gained 1 lb, she will try to lose 2 lb. It’s the mindset. Don’t believe it if an Asian girl says”I just can’t gain weight!”. It’s a lie. You don’t know how hard she will be dieting secretively.

  • Theory Vue
    Theory Vue 2 days ago

    Pho gets me fat, if you're asian and want to get fat, eat lots of pho.

  • cameron kinsey
    cameron kinsey 2 days ago +2

    Ima need that Asian female name at 0:29 for err...ummm... scientific reasons.

  • ed low
    ed low 2 days ago +1

    The main reason is simply that they don't eat a lot of sugar.

  • meme the memestar 69

    My school has like 10 massive fat asians

  • Jeremy Yadid
    Jeremy Yadid 2 days ago

    Asians do get fat but it looks like we don't cause most asians usally have fast metabolisms

  • Mark Z U C C
    Mark Z U C C 3 days ago +1

    Because they aren’t stupid

  • crwhhx
    crwhhx 3 days ago

    we certainly do

  • YoshiBroccoli
    YoshiBroccoli 3 days ago

    Im filipino and i cant get fat from eating a cow (i live in america with american food portions)

  • HappyHappy
    HappyHappy 3 days ago

    I only eat once a day

  • J. A.B
    J. A.B 4 days ago

    How do u explain sump wrestlers?
    Silence, peasant!

  • DZYK 7810
    DZYK 7810 4 days ago

    Mangkane poso

  • Original Moana
    Original Moana 4 days ago +1

    Nilotic people are the thinnest tallest and darkest people on this earth boom

  • realthundercat17
    realthundercat17 4 days ago

    then why the fuck am i fat then

  • tserennadmid Nergui
    tserennadmid Nergui 5 days ago

    theres no mongolian food

  • tserennadmid Nergui
    tserennadmid Nergui 5 days ago

    bro im mongolian and im not fat but mongolians dont eat fish

  • Kathleen M
    Kathleen M 5 days ago

    My face gets fat

  • Ulen Grau
    Ulen Grau 5 days ago

    It's weird to see fish, then hear talk about fish oil, and then proceed with photos of supplement capsules of this fish oil. Sort of contradictory, since our bodies don't absorb fish oil as easily from capsules as they do from actually eating the fish.... I'd even say drinking the oil (yes, I know it's disgusting) makes more sense than taking capsules that have been mixed with other things.

  • NatandSam
    NatandSam 5 days ago

    Im Asian and i can vouch for this

  • Lerno2
    Lerno2 5 days ago

    I don't want criticism, hate, or an argument, but I'm just confused, what exactly was wrong about his comment on Africa?

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 5 days ago

    Wait what?

    SKRIMLIX 6 days ago

    American fat streamers.

    SKRIMLIX 6 days ago

    I'm fut.

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    Sae Wings 6 days ago

    How kind of you :) leaving summary of your video in the description.

  • Al_xz
    Al_xz 6 days ago

    Asian Andy is fat and Those chinese fighters

  • YellowBeastCZ
    YellowBeastCZ 6 days ago

    0:50 Oh no, My country ( Czechia ) is only red in whole Europe xD

  • Gamingrocks673
    Gamingrocks673 6 days ago

    im gonna get criticized for saying this but the 2 reasons asians dont get fat is their chopsticks arent very helpful and the food they eat dont put weight on them like the fast food we eat

  • ruuchiruu
    ruuchiruu 6 days ago

    My ex was of Cantonese decent. He was fat at the time and might be very much fat and getting fatter possibly. If that made sense.

  • Aihara
    Aihara 7 days ago

    *Im Asian, and I wanna loose 3 pounds*

  • Keion Yan2
    Keion Yan2 7 days ago

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    Artist yusi 7 days ago

    Im not asian abut im not obeese too.So i think its not depending on which place ur living

  • Lam Par
    Lam Par 7 days ago +1

    Weird! We have many 'fat' Asian here. Probably it is because they can get all the 'fat' they want from the American fast food joints and franchises here easily.

  • J. A.B
    J. A.B 8 days ago +2

    Hell, I'd be skinny too if all I ate was bamboo.
    Hit me.

  • Spencer Lasley
    Spencer Lasley 8 days ago +2

    Me: (reads title)
    Me: (thinks sumo wrestling)

  • zechatron_
    zechatron_ 8 days ago

    im asian and im skinny

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      J. A.B 8 days ago

      I'm black got a HUGE MONSTUR KOCK

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    Tru fact earth 8 days ago

    Just look at the WWII westernes English not fat and short too.

  • Stone Music Entertainment

    so im not asian..??

  • Kev
    Kev 8 days ago

    I've seen heaps of fat Asians.... oh wait your talking about the one that don't have access to food.

  • jesus is jerry allah is tom

    the genes are number one reason why people get fat or slim, then food habits, environement...........

  • Ziestosti / I love ClownPiece.

    we have magic powers

  • Cringe Channel V.2
    Cringe Channel V.2 10 days ago +1

    Im a fat asian

  • Omega Lol TM
    Omega Lol TM 10 days ago +1

    This is so not true tbh my weight is 35 and my height is 143

  • tajrulzify
    tajrulzify 10 days ago

    I’m half Ugandan and we have a 2 percent starvation rate and a 9 percent obesity rate. Why?

  • Hurtz Burtz
    Hurtz Burtz 11 days ago

    Asians have a lot of genetic health problems unique to them.
    Rice is not a diet food and a regular diet of rice is bad for your stomach.
    Asians do get fat....the very idea that they dont is ridiculous.
    I’ve seen plenty of asian fatties.

    • Ibra Sar
      Ibra Sar 10 days ago

      The video is kind of dumb it’s all about the metabolism if your metabolism is bad then eating more then what you have to eat will result in weight gain if you have an amazing metabolism then you can 4 to 5 thousand calories without gaining any weight just like me and if your metabolism comes from another planet like Matt then you can eat much more then 5 thousand calories without gaining any weight

  • OGC Something
    OGC Something 11 days ago

    I had miso for my first time yesterday

    No one cares...

  • Bolaji Fola-Omowole
    Bolaji Fola-Omowole 11 days ago

    I am not Asian love to eat a lot but not even close to plump

  • Mr. Cringe 2
    Mr. Cringe 2 11 days ago

    I must have some Asian genes in me then. I'm a European, but I can't get fat (even though I eat as muh as 3 grown up men when I'm very hungry, even though I'm a teen).

    • Ibra Sar
      Ibra Sar 10 days ago

      Nope it doesn’t matter were you are from I’m from Lebanon which is basically an Asian and I never get fat just like you but i see plenty of people who are Asian and get fat pretty easily the reason we don’t get fat is because of our amazing metabolism

  • NarnianLady
    NarnianLady 11 days ago

    In fact, portion size... isn't always true that Americans have larger servings. I have heard people from some cultures complain how being invited over to Americans meant small portions on the plate... only a few potatoes and a few pieces of meat each :) In the Middle east, it is considerd polite to stuff your guest and just load their plate with food.

  • Tobi #1
    Tobi #1 11 days ago

    Is not true

  • Georg Leitl
    Georg Leitl 11 days ago

    My experience with western style snacks in Japan was that the portions were rather small and they were rather expensive. That kept me away fron them ^^

  • *PaccoLazyGuy*
    *PaccoLazyGuy* 12 days ago +1

    I am a Asian and my Asian Genes failed me.

  • Panja The Protagonist
    Panja The Protagonist 13 days ago

    Explain Kim Jung Un

  • Mr. Puffy
    Mr. Puffy 13 days ago

    How Asian do you technically have to be? I’m 25% Japanese and I don’t look Asian, but I technically am. I’m also a chunky hoe.

  • GLU Rameen
    GLU Rameen 13 days ago +1

    I'm Asian and I'm as fat as an American lol

  • Soniverse
    Soniverse 13 days ago

    Also we don't eat out as much as western people do #Eathomecookedfood
    In my case we only eat out when travelling.
    But when I want to eat something exotic I just ask my mom to cook something for me😃

  • / YoMummaGaey \
    / YoMummaGaey \ 14 days ago

    *Kim jong un*

    ORDINARY CIVILIAN 14 days ago

    And finally but not least
    Number one
    We are not lazy like American people who keep playing Fortnite

    • NatandSam
      NatandSam 5 days ago

      Lots of asians play fortnite what ya talking about especially indians and indonesians and china people


    i am from Philippines and i eat a lot but i dont really gain weight because my father dont let us eat a lot of pork he always cook a lot fish thats why i think i dont gain weight haha.

  • Jack Wong0818
    Jack Wong0818 15 days ago

    why am I fat

  • D. Lawrence
    D. Lawrence 16 days ago

    "China has the world’s biggest population of obese children and is second only to the United States in the number of obese adults, a global study has found.' That quote is straight out of the South China Morning Post (www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2098042/china-has-largest-number-obese-children-world-says-study). Bottom line: Even the "skinny" genes of Asians are NOT MATCH for McDonalds, KFC, and Taco Bell.

  • SC 03
    SC 03 16 days ago

    Yeah, we have small one too.

  • SpeciamDraws
    SpeciamDraws 16 days ago

    Rice cakes can be yummy... just have to Westernize it by adding a few tens of grams of sugar.

  • SpeciamDraws
    SpeciamDraws 16 days ago

    4:58 Lol that guy wanted to see what would happen to himself atfer ONLY eating supersize mcdonalds meals for a month. That was actually a good movie.

  • Nikolaos Peterson
    Nikolaos Peterson 17 days ago


  • Skrawker
    Skrawker 17 days ago

    asians do get fat , mongolians are kinda fat. but i dont why it says not really. We eat lot of sheep , beef . actually we eat lot of parts eyes,heart,stomach,........, thats it

  • The Real Celtic Fan
    The Real Celtic Fan 17 days ago

    but i'm asian and fat

  • Half Alligator
    Half Alligator 17 days ago

    wow asia must be a utopia!!

  • Calvin Stevenson
    Calvin Stevenson 18 days ago

    So the entire African population has no food.... Dead facts!

  • Olivia •
    Olivia • 19 days ago

    I feel like I’m the only asian who despises sea food

  • Sean Hines
    Sean Hines 20 days ago

    we asians don't get fat because we don't eat junks. simple as that. how often do i have fast food? believe or not, only once or twice a year...

  • Wolf Gang
    Wolf Gang 20 days ago +1

    Eat rice my men

  • Betti P
    Betti P 20 days ago

    Seafood? Lol I hATE fish so that isn’t a factor for me

  • Pancake_With_A_Katana

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    SeN HippoMelon 21 day ago

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  • NonStopSpicyTom
    NonStopSpicyTom 21 day ago


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    Asians don’t get aesthetically pleasing muscle either even if they’re very strong.

  • You are King
    You are King 22 days ago

    Even the fat asian guy on the beginning part went on a diet and lost a lot of weight. As of now, he became normal.

  • Job TRM
    Job TRM 22 days ago

    I am Asian and ate chicken coke fires and iam still not fat
    I think it's the gen

  • CodmasterLE
    CodmasterLE 22 days ago

    im a fucking fatass and im asian...

  • 복숭아우유
    복숭아우유 23 days ago

    ... 김정은...

  • Constantinople 콘스탄티노플

    Korean is getting fat. It's getting serious problem in young Korean. (0~19)

  • mystery man
    mystery man 23 days ago

    Sumo wrestlers ???

  • Taro Nakahara
    Taro Nakahara 24 days ago

    Im quarter japanese in canada and i got sick of the western american diet and im gluten intolerant which means i cant eat most of that anyways so now i prefer latino or indian or asian food even had arabic food once that shit was good

  • Jasper Eisele
    Jasper Eisele 24 days ago

    I'm an Asian in America and I don't get fat.

  • Corn
    Corn 26 days ago

    Asians only get fat when they come to America.

  • Kate
    Kate 26 days ago +2

    I legit just went out and bought cod liver tablets.

  • Phoenix Suc
    Phoenix Suc 26 days ago

    I like my super fast metabolism

  • Tae Tae Ate My Potato
    Tae Tae Ate My Potato 28 days ago

    *if we cook meat, we put some vegetables*

  • Nora Man Wai Kwan
    Nora Man Wai Kwan 28 days ago

    Walking more 😭😭 sooooo true!! I walk around ten thousand steps daily. Btw I'm not doing it intentionally...... just a casual day going to school and study in the library for a few hours and back home 😩

  • Jeremy Ritter
    Jeremy Ritter 28 days ago


  • Bob Greene
    Bob Greene 28 days ago

    Points nuanced, reasonable and well taken. However, this video may have a fundamental problem with failing to define fat, at the very beginning. What do people mean when they say, "Asians don't get fat"? Do they consider that obesity is most frequently defined in terms of the BodyMassIndex (BMI), and not rolls of fat on the body frame? Medical experts use the BMI in technical discussions of obesity.
    The primary culprit of today's (BMI-defined) obesity epidemic is a massive departure from traditional American or European diets. This is not to say traditional American or European diets were as healthy as all others, but simply that traditional diets did not launch waves of obesity through their populations nearly as much as modern American or European fast food does today.
    Obesity in any population seems to come from leaving a traditional high-fiber, low sugar, low-sodium and low-saturated fat diet behind. In its place, the food "industry" (grocery store food and fast food) offer only low-fiber, high-sugar, high-sodium, refined carbohydrates (cake, cookies and ice cream) and saturated animal fats. These easy-profit industrial diets are killing off the very populations they claim to serve, with soaring disease rates and millions of added early deaths, actually lowering life expectancy.
    Although few world populations are entirely vegetarian (no animal tissue-- fat or protein), emigrants from traditional East Asian, African (and some extent, South American) areas tend to come from a healthier dietary practice. When these immigrants arrive in the United States, for example, the younger tend to abandon their healthier former diet for what the rest of their adopted country appears to eat. In short order, they develop almost the same disease patterns within a generation or two (despite the influence of their families).
    Yet, in the United States and other nations with a predominantly industrial Western diet, we do see a mounting trend away from the "grocery store" diet toward healthy, even vegetarian diets. The research is here-- www.NutritionFacts.org. (Sample the brief videos in the introduction page, which explain what we used to believe about a whole food, plant-based diet may be wrong.)

  • Dobby
    Dobby 29 days ago +3

    who else read the title then burst out laughing?? 😂 bro I’m fat...and asian so...

  • Kami2Kaze
    Kami2Kaze 29 days ago

    Coff Coff i am Asina And I Am Fat Coff COff
    OK My Hole Family is a "Medium Fat"
    Why Asian Genes ;___; i am bangladeshi