How to Replace Brake Pads and Rotors Top 10 Brake Job Tips

  • Published on Sep 25, 2015
  • Need new brake pads and rotors? Watch this video on my Top 10 Brake Replacement Tips before you change your brake because I cover a few tips that many people overlook!
    Brake Cleaner:
    Wire Brush Set:
    Brake Compressor Tool:
    Here is the Silicone Paste I used:
    Antiseize I use:
    How to Replace Brake Pads (the Complete Guide):
    How to Prevent Uneven Brake Wear:
    One Man Brake Bleeder:
    How to Replace Drum Brakes:
    How to Bleed Brakes:
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  • Thomas Catford
    Thomas Catford 7 hours ago

    If you dont know all this you should not be working on vehicle brakes

  • panic panic
    panic panic 17 hours ago


  • David McCafferty
    David McCafferty Day ago +1

    Put anti-friction paste or inserts on the back of the new pads before fitting them or they'll eventually start squealing like a stuffed pig under regular breaking.

  • Joshua Quick
    Joshua Quick Day ago

    Another tip: Change both sides of the axle at the same time but, not necessarily both axles.
    EXAMPLE: You suspect front left is low due to noise. You measure and discover that the front left pad and or rotor are less than the discard specifications. Replace both the left front and right front pads and rotors.
    PS: Great tip on cylinder and cylinder boot. Never thought of that in the past.

  • laserr10000000
    laserr10000000 Day ago

    Press the break a few times before driving off, after a break job

  • Tim Castle
    Tim Castle Day ago

    Very important to open up brake fluid cap before pushing pistons back in

  • joey jenks
    joey jenks Day ago +1

    Thank you Chris you're the Best ...

  • Jean Najem
    Jean Najem Day ago

    Hi Chris, I have 2015 Genesis sedan. They have no guide pins. My question to you is, have you made a video about replacing electronic parking brakes and what to do when you replace rear pads and rotors?

  • E S
    E S 2 days ago

    My teep is to watch Chris's video x3 times, then take it to the mechanic. ;P thank you for the vid Chris, broken cars suck.

  • Sa Feetau
    Sa Feetau 2 days ago +1

    Thank you very much bro! Well done 👍

  • Adrian Millan
    Adrian Millan 2 days ago

    Is bleeding an important step, or is it just an added precaution?

  • Marty Truelove
    Marty Truelove 3 days ago

    Your videos are much appreciated...THANK YOU.

  • D Hall
    D Hall 4 days ago

    Dial indicator. Index the new rotors in the position with the least runout. Get those brakes running glass smooth! Doing this will cause less rotor surface parallelism problems (aka rotor warp) in the future.

  • brett seaberg
    brett seaberg 5 days ago

    I use the old inner break pad and channel locks to compress the break cylinders in.

  • Min Lee
    Min Lee 5 days ago

    Thanks so much for creating this! I don't know anything about cars and I'm so sick of getting ripped off at dealerships for fixes. This kinda stuff gives me confidence that I can begin to do things on my own!

  • KirboTron 2
    KirboTron 2 6 days ago

    2:11 look at dat

  • Nam Kim
    Nam Kim 7 days ago

    I just changed my brake pads and rotors and I can feel the heat and the smell from the wheels. Is there a reason for the smell? They were front brakes and left side is worse than right side.

  • Troy Bailey
    Troy Bailey 10 days ago

    My tip is to find something comfy to sit on while doing your brakes and to follow Chrisfix for more tips!

  • Salman Moghul
    Salman Moghul 11 days ago

    Thanks Bro, this video is so informative n gave me so much good knowledge. Thanks a lot. Keep smiling

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  11 days ago

      Glad the video was helpful!

  • Armand Simic
    Armand Simic 11 days ago


  • 20gauge Trapper
    20gauge Trapper 11 days ago

    I have crc synthetic brake and caliper grease. Is that ok to use on the caliper bolts?

  • JesseBCO18
    JesseBCO18 13 days ago

    Always grease all slides or anything else that should move.

  • grozbeek mose
    grozbeek mose 13 days ago

    At 0:52 it looks like the boot has a hole in it.
    did you replace it?

    JEWISH COMMUNISM 14 days ago

    TIP #1 I laughed my ass off.... no need to watch further.
    "Work with your back button not against it"

  • William Hendrix
    William Hendrix 14 days ago

    what about if the pads don’t want to come out for when you take the caliper

  • Waylander the Slayer
    Waylander the Slayer 15 days ago +1

    *NEVER EVER* use silicon oil or grease for metal to metal contact!
    Silicon oil and grease does not lubricate metal!
    Put silicon oil on metal to metal and it will seize!
    Silicon oil is used to friction weld metal to metal!
    Try it yourself by putting a bolt in a drill and then push it hard into some metal plate.... see what happens...
    Then do the same but with silicon oil between the parts...
    The parts will weld together!

  • Stjepan Suman
    Stjepan Suman 15 days ago

    make sure indicator is nor put over shims, I just did that last week, luckily I had more job on the wheel yesterday so I noticed a mistake. In a 100 miles new pads are already unevenly broken in.

  • Mike Bavoso
    Mike Bavoso 15 days ago

    Nice Video, direct and to-the-point.... but I thought you were supposed to put some sort of Grease or anti seize lubricant on the back side of the pad where it touches the piston so that it doesn't squeak or shimmy.

  • Marcelino Roldan
    Marcelino Roldan 16 days ago

    Great job friend

  • acheaito
    acheaito 16 days ago

    Thanks for the wire brush tip. Rotor was not spinning evenly, was much better after cleaning the hub. Saved me a headache.

  • Syed Imran SHAH
    Syed Imran SHAH 17 days ago

    Is it related to my criticism on the word "brave"? Being technical is something else, yeah may be some courage is also needed. My point was that we are humans, not fighting machines. What about tools? you must have bought all the tools needed for the job or.....Air Force is more technical than other services and its a plus to be able to do such repairs yourself.

  • Brian69frmO'Vale
    Brian69frmO'Vale 17 days ago

    Thanks bro , you get a LIKE for sure!

  • 18 days ago

    Guess us Chris's think alike about to the t on how I do it well done

  • Mistah J
    Mistah J 18 days ago

    Hey Chris, I love your videos.
    Just wanted to know if it's a worthwhile investment to upgrade to slotted rotors if your car originally has standard ones.

  • PetrPospechApofis
    PetrPospechApofis 18 days ago

    My top tip is to Watch these videos to save some money. Next time I will make it myself, using these tips. Thanks!

  • Albert Hendershot
    Albert Hendershot 18 days ago

    My tip is use a clicker torque wrench for the calipers bolts and lugs nuts. The other torque wrenchs available are worthless !!!!!!!

  • TMG ltd
    TMG ltd 19 days ago

    well done

  • Dennis Ritter
    Dennis Ritter 20 days ago

    What is your opinion of slotted and drilled rotors?

  • CJ S
    CJ S 20 days ago

    You can use a box or anything around the house for caliper if you don't have a bungee cord or you don't want to tie it around a shock. Jesus.

  • CJ S
    CJ S 20 days ago

    Sliding freely is nice, but not too freely?

    GETREAL! 20 days ago

    Simply the best

  • Rukkkis
    Rukkkis 21 day ago

    My tip is to pump up the brakes before you drive off to burn them in

  • grand masters777
    grand masters777 22 days ago

    ну да,снаружи побрызгал,а изнутри нахуй

  • Colin Parkinson
    Colin Parkinson 23 days ago

    I always put rtv silicone caulk on the back of the brake pads too stop brake rattle.

  • adult talking
    adult talking 23 days ago

    If your flex lines can't handle a caliper hanging from them, you need new flex lines. Side note: this is a domestic car problem, asian cars don't need flex lines until they're 30yrs old.
    22yr Nissan tech here.
    I used to be ashamed of my GM neighbors when I did safety inspections on domestics....

    • adult talking
      adult talking 23 days ago

      And if you want to clean the hub, use power toolsand don't stop until it shines. One speck of rust and you're wumpwupmpwumping to a stop on the freeway when it's life or death.

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos 23 days ago

    Good job

  • checkmate1996
    checkmate1996 24 days ago

    Love tip 8- never did that One before - great idea. Great video thanks!

  • Centaur1
    Centaur1 24 days ago

    those discs didn´t look that bad.

  • Michael Wightman
    Michael Wightman 25 days ago +1

    ALWAYS use CERAMIC pads!

  • Ronald van Kemenade
    Ronald van Kemenade 25 days ago

    My 1985 wagon was fitted with new pads when buying. Nice gesture, but driving home, the car started shaking violently: Making room for the new pads, they pushed the pistons back into the crud & rust accumulated over the years. So once applied, the brakes held on, warping the rotors. (hot spots actually, but they´re trash now).
    When doing a brake job on an older vehicle, make sure the pistons move freely in & out. In case of doubt, overhaul them. You might be the first one bothering..

  • حسين الكردي
    حسين الكردي 25 days ago


  • Angelo Reese
    Angelo Reese 26 days ago

    Would like to know if you will be doing a video on Electronic parking brakes.

  • joe Vasquez
    joe Vasquez 27 days ago

    My tip is to buy brakes made in Canada instead of shit made in China. Available online and cheaper than local without paying taxes to support illegals

    SANG THONG 27 days ago

    Thanks much

  • Sand Hill81
    Sand Hill81 27 days ago

    1:12 That what she said.

  • tamyboy1
    tamyboy1 28 days ago

    you are the best bro

    WDIA PRODUCTIONS 28 days ago +4

    if you dislike this video please show us the proper way, if not just watch the video, have a blessed day.

  • James Adams
    James Adams 28 days ago

    Anti seize your lug bolts also

  • Mike Wiebers
    Mike Wiebers 29 days ago

    I’ve spent over a half hour reading the comments. It is so refreshing to not read a ton of swearing 🤬. Your subscribers (including myself) are an educated lot. I’m an old man, but I certainly enjoy your videos 🤗!

  • Mitch Pol
    Mitch Pol Month ago

    someone helped me change my pads but got copper antiseize on the part that touches the rotor.
    how can i clean that section ?with brake cleaner or water and soap?

  • Tintoycar
    Tintoycar Month ago

    Honda brake rotors have little screws, so they don't have any use?

    • Omnis Imperator
      Omnis Imperator Month ago

      I don't think so. I was told they are used during manufacture to hold the rotor in place on the assembly line. Could still be handy for holding it in place when you put the caliper back on but not necessary.

  • Almighty IssaCodeine

    hey chrisfix i have a question so i have a 94 4runner and i finished my brake job on the sub but the wear indicator kinda throw me off, so on one pad it has 2 indicator but on the other one it has one, does it matter how the pads go in? like is there a inner pad and outer pad type of thing?

  • Riley Koziol
    Riley Koziol Month ago

    These aren't tips, these are directions lol

  • Atinae Iuli
    Atinae Iuli Month ago

    Tip #1 watch this video and the other one before attempting a brake change it saves time of just guessing it

  • Luke, I'm your father!

    Cool thanks

  • Yineng Wang
    Yineng Wang Month ago

    I run into this issue recently.
    A bit of back ground.
    2014 ram 1500 4X4.
    I got a sticky brake pads on front driver wheel weeks ago, that over heated the rotor (rotor wrapped). So it vibrates crazy at that point.
    Then I bought new pads/rotor for my front and replaced both front brakes thinking the vibrate would go away.
    80% went away but It's still vibrating on brandy new rotors and pads.
    To rule out alignment issue, I let go steering wheel on freeway, trucks runs straight and doesn't pull to either side.
    Running out of ideals.....
    What do you think?

    • John H
      John H Month ago

      Have checked the rest rotors and pads they can cause wabbles as well if they are warped. Are your calipers pulling straight. You can try to grease your calipers guide pins and see if that helps one side may be sticking a little.

    • Yineng Wang
      Yineng Wang Month ago

      @John H I only did front. The vibration is only under braking. When I jack up my truck and rotate front driver wheel, I can hear scratch noise on a section of the rotor in every turn. since it's brandy new rotor, I'll try take it off and clean off the dust from wheel hub. If that doesn't work... I'll have to send it in and spend $$$ for a check up.

    • John H
      John H Month ago

      Did you do all four rotors and pads? If so are all your tires in balance? Is the vibration all the time or only under braking?

  • knite rida
    knite rida Month ago

    No tip to either change the shims or clean them if the new pads did not come with it.... also some brake pads that are aftermarket in size some are bigger and sometimes you have to grind them a little bit for them to fit in nice and easy and not get stuck.

  • knite rida
    knite rida Month ago

    Tht hub was Rusty as f*** and needed some serious grinding with a cookie grinder..

  • John Gotti NYC
    John Gotti NYC Month ago

    Chris I have a question your opinion for suv mdx Yokohama geolander,Nokian a/t or good year weather ready tires .I live in ny and yes some climbing.

  • GameWatch
    GameWatch Month ago

    ....I tried your tips but I got stuck on tip #1 all day, that passenger rear brake is a pain 🤔