How to Replace Brake Pads and Rotors Top 10 Brake Job Tips

  • Published on Sep 25, 2015
  • Need new brake pads and rotors? Watch this video on my Top 10 Brake Replacement Tips before you change your brake because I cover a few tips that many people overlook!
    Brake Cleaner:
    Wire Brush Set:
    Brake Compressor Tool:
    Here is the Silicone Paste I used:
    Antiseize I use:
    How to Replace Brake Pads (the Complete Guide):
    How to Prevent Uneven Brake Wear:
    One Man Brake Bleeder:
    How to Replace Drum Brakes:
    How to Bleed Brakes:
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  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez 2 days ago

    My tip is Grab a beer before you star the job 👍

  • Octane Street
    Octane Street 2 days ago

    I started as an Apprentice Mechanic 5 months ago and had the opprtunity to change my own brakes (fronts only, doing rears soon) not too long ago with the help of a well seasoned tech. It was really cool to see you share tips that he showed me as well. It really does make a big difference when you learn from guys who really know the trade like him and yourself. Dope stuff man.

  • Don Pixote
    Don Pixote 3 days ago

    Tip 1 doesn't work for rear brakes.
    Tip 3 is common knowledge and goes without saying
    Tip 4 isn't necessary with any type of geomet coating. Good rotors are generally oil free now
    Tip 8 It's normal to remove some fluid from the reservoir before starting so when the piston is pushed back the fluid has somewhere to flow to
    Tip 10 unnecessary overkill.
    you're welcome

  • matermark
    matermark 4 days ago

    Was that an s10 4wd?

  • R B
    R B 6 days ago

    And what if poop urge strikies just in the middle of the process?
    Just when you are holding a nut!

  • Ron Palmer
    Ron Palmer 6 days ago

    Excellent video

  • riikerman
    riikerman 8 days ago +1


  • riikerman
    riikerman 8 days ago


  • Alexandre Raymond
    Alexandre Raymond 10 days ago

    Thanks you man

    DORKUCHO TANIHU 10 days ago +1

    So you have to wait until you hear the sound coming from the brakes. THANKS

  • arif khan
    arif khan 11 days ago

    very well mr cris...

  • Jason Weir
    Jason Weir 13 days ago

    I also use brake lube anywhere the pads come in contact with the calliper brackets as they have a tendency to get stuck there like the slides do in salty areas like Canada winters.
    Same thing hit em with wire wheel and then lube them back up. Some come with clips so a thin layer under the clip and a thicker layer on surface that touches your new pads.
    Do this pre-winter for extended brake pad life. Dragging brakes cost lots of money

  •  13 days ago

    My number one top brake tip is
    To do the stuff that you showed me what to do and to share this video to my mate's who are mechanically minded and encourage them that they can actually do this stuff it's not brain surgery

  • jolit Sharma bachaspatimayum

    Please make a video for brake caliper noise repair tips

  • Alan Percy
    Alan Percy 15 days ago +6

    A second tip: Here in road salt country, wheels and rotors often get fused to the hub. Loosen the lug nuts one turn before lifting the car, drive some S turns in the driveway, then lift the car and the wheels will be loose!

  • Alan Percy
    Alan Percy 15 days ago

    My tip: use a large C clamp to press the caliper piston(s) back in before removing the caliper. C clamp goes on the outside pad and over the back of the caliper, a few twists to press the piston into the caliper housing.

  • Piotr Hazymut
    Piotr Hazymut 15 days ago

    You do it inproperlly ...

  • Mike Price
    Mike Price 16 days ago +2

    Turn the wheel, never thought of that. Flol

  • Glen Francis
    Glen Francis 17 days ago

    Your videos really come in handy.👍

  • jogmas12
    jogmas12 18 days ago

    You the greatest Mr. Fix

  • C Ch
    C Ch 18 days ago

    Burnish the pads?

  • Владимир Колобов

    Тормоза придумали трусы 😀

  • Stan Tim
    Stan Tim 20 days ago

    You can rotate cylinder for move back!!!!

  • 8 year old
    8 year old 26 days ago

    With new dish and pads I would swap out brake hardware too. Old one do make noise even with lube

  • Indygreg71
    Indygreg71 26 days ago

    Truly a great video. Solid tips and efficient delivery. I think the bleed part is likely out of many's desire to do but still good to add that as a tip.

  • Derek Hughes
    Derek Hughes 28 days ago

    I always unscrew the master cylinder so air can release when pushing the piston back

  • Troy Jones
    Troy Jones 28 days ago

    Great video. My tip is to loosen or remove master cylinder brake fluid cap. After brake job, pump the break pedal to get piston and new pads snug against rotor. Opening bleeder etc could definitely result in air getting into your brake lines...not good..

    SOONCAR 29 days ago

    great thank you!

  • Steeve Cantave
    Steeve Cantave 29 days ago

    I’ve spent $1500 on brake jobs over the last three years-I drive a lot, and in one case, I got the caliper changed also. Had I done them myself, just buy the parts, I would have saved around $700. I just did my front brakes, and I bought the brakes pads for $50. Had I gone to my mechanic, he’d charged me closed to $200 since he’d marked up the pads. Now, I will always do my own brake jobs.

  • Oscar Nash
    Oscar Nash Month ago

    These are good vids. A nice refresher. Good idea about the brake fluid, never done that! Thanks!

    BLACK HEART Month ago +1

    Nie smaruje się piasty pod tarczą fck

  • Mervin Tres Reyes
    Mervin Tres Reyes Month ago

    Hello mr.chris fix your awesome...and i have a terrible grinding noise looks like coming out from my brakes like grinding gears and my abs is on but i did change all 4 the brakepads and the rotors are fine and my brake fluid level is on a normal level what it could be wrong? Thanks...

  • Tim Schnuckel
    Tim Schnuckel Month ago

    Minor common sense tips
    Some kinda pointless

    • sentry8535
      sentry8535 2 days ago

      Tim Schnuckel Don't worry about pointless tips - just make sure to remove your latex gloves and/or wash your hands after every brake job .

  • David Mandziuk
    David Mandziuk Month ago

    I file down the ends of the backing plates so they don't drag on the caliper slide rails. So when you take your foot off the brake ,it minimizes drag

  • MDS
    MDS Month ago

    MY TIP is not to change your dangerously worn brake pads THEN drive your car of a cliff

  • R B
    R B Month ago

    Thanks for the tips. Great help!

  • X23
    X23 Month ago

    Which way does the brake pad indicator go up toward the car or down toward the floor?

    • X23
      X23 Month ago

      @MDS same thing for the rear?

    • MDS
      MDS Month ago

      The brake pad indicator always faces down on both inner and outer pads BECOUSE as the rotor rotates forward the lower edge of pad BITES into rotor this tends to wear pad slightly more in that spot .

  • Shah Fahad
    Shah Fahad Month ago +1

    Love your every video

  • ashiq shah
    ashiq shah Month ago

    When I used top do my pads years ago remove the brake reservoir top push piston back fluid would go up slightly. Sadly rarely cleared the dirt off the piston .🙄 like tip loosening brake bleed nipple and attaching the self bleed pipe kit .

  • woods roamer
    woods roamer Month ago +1

    I need to change my rotors. I've done it several times. This is a great video. Thanks for the tips!

  • VASYL Berk
    VASYL Berk Month ago

    Для чого змивач тормозів, якщо після кількаразрвого гальмування від чищення і сліду не буде.

  • Gerald Rivard
    Gerald Rivard Month ago

    i have used your nut to rotor ,this break job, great tip, this spring i will clean piston boot tip and about your gloves do you have issues with slipping or anti seiz grease i have to strugle with bolts and threads. ps you have really good vids. thanks gerry.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez Month ago

    I only remove lug nuts that fast when the car/ rims are shitty. But on my own car I’ll try avoid hitting the rim with the socket

  • Ray Titselaar
    Ray Titselaar Month ago

    I have a tip to change ur tire

  • subok ryu
    subok ryu Month ago

    No breckoil 보조통에 들어가서 정상량에들어가야 경고등도 않들어오고 정량을 유지해야지 그걸 빼버리면 어쩌냐?

  • Wizard of Oz
    Wizard of Oz Month ago

    Tip #11. Apply some anti-squeak paste (CRC Disc Brake Quiet or alike)

  • Gman 207
    Gman 207 Month ago

    If it was only these simple on my Lexus IS 300 lol took hours just to put a pad plus installing new rotors

  • Ramon Ibarra
    Ramon Ibarra Month ago

    WAZZUP Chris ⚽ Hey how come I can't find videos on fixing turbos in A6 Quattro 2.7T... I'm leaving oil.. working on brakes and rotors next ⚽🎱⚾🏈 Thank you for your videos ⚽

  • Rickkari7
    Rickkari7 Month ago

    Tip 11- pump brake pedal until pedal is hard. This seats everything back into postion. You can then spin the rotor by hand to verify that the caliper isn't binding and you also won't put the wheels on and drive it and have the pedal go to the floor on the first push saving yourself from a accident.

  • joe mama
    joe mama Month ago

    There's a lot that goes into a good brake job . All rotors have runout ,some have more than others , good techs like me check that before putting a car in service. i've cut new rotors right out of the box, on car cutting is the best IMO, good pads matter , sometimes you have to file/ fit your pads to slide in the cradle correctly, grease those slides and other hang up points, and don't forget to burnish. if you drive normal ,don't ride your brakes (stab instead) your brakes will last . with a three year warranty , i bring my rotors and pads back every two years for free ones . haven't paid for brakes in 8 years on one of my cars.

  • Full of Joy Studio
    Full of Joy Studio Month ago

    I changed the both rear brake and when is finished I test drive and want to chnage the both front and I see the fron disk was very hot , I don't know hot to fix that any quick answer will be wonderful

    • Full of Joy Studio
      Full of Joy Studio Month ago

      @GAS GRASS OR A$$ thanks bro for explanation , it's clear to me nw 😊

    • GAS GRASS OR A$$
      GAS GRASS OR A$$ Month ago +1

      Lmao he just likes the fickn comment what the.. It's most likely normal dude the front gets hotter because it takes more weight up front. Plus brakes can handle heat, on top of that, after a test drive your engine is already hot so it could just be radiated heat in the front. Worst case, somethings wrong but what that would be I wouldn't know. Brakes rotors naturally get very hot. All that weight is frictioned onto those rotors; friction equals heat.

  • sparkplug964
    sparkplug964 Month ago

    Good tips there, thanks, like the brake bleed tip.

  • Boone Docker
    Boone Docker Month ago +1

    I always thought that when my brakes started squeaking, it was time to take off those wear indicators clips.

  • Curly servicestate
    Curly servicestate Month ago

    We always machine new rotors saves lots of headaches great tips though

    PEARLDIVER Month ago

    since the sixties I have used a stout screwdriver to slowly compress the pistons slowly and sometimes releasing the relief plug, sometimes not. never understood the need for c-clamps or special tools.
    also ford had a problem with the guide pins. no sliding causes wear on one side of rotor.

  • Julio Derivet
    Julio Derivet Month ago

    I have just one tip bring it to you so o don't mess it up

  • Bassam salim
    Bassam salim Month ago

    My top tip: after doing a brake service, test your breaks at low speed before going at highway speed, if you can't stop while doing 100km/h, you are screwed

  • Asif Rashid
    Asif Rashid Month ago

    Excellent Chris and thanks for such an informative vedio.

  • Siladitya Acharyya
    Siladitya Acharyya Month ago

    I sprayed white vinegar on the rotor surface to get rid of rust or foreign contamination... It worked...surface became cleaner... Is it right? Tell me please

  • Arty Clutch
    Arty Clutch Month ago

    There's not even ten steps haha 😂