TOP 25 Instantly Recognizable Acoustic Guitar Intros of All Time!

  • Published on Dec 11, 2018
  • #acousticguitar #riffs #top
    Top 25 Songs for Acoustic Guitar
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    The Gear I Used:
    - Takamine GD11M-NS
    - Komplete Audio 6
    - Shure SM57
    - some mic cable, keyboard, two hands, oxygen and alcohol
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Comments • 3 353

  • Paranormal Guitar Channel
    Paranormal Guitar Channel  10 months ago +4278

    'Cause maybe...

  • Wilson The Turtle
    Wilson The Turtle 4 hours ago

    I feel like paint it black may have been a good choice.

  • Leah H
    Leah H 6 hours ago

    Stairway to heaven by Greta Can Fleet 😂😂😂

  • Leah H
    Leah H 6 hours ago

    Who's your keyboardist? Those were some sick opening chords.

  • Jer TheJambon
    Jer TheJambon 6 hours ago

    Nice work although something's wrong with your Babe I'm gonna leave you when you play the F#

  • Nick Hays
    Nick Hays 7 hours ago

    video hasn't started but ik good riddance has to be on here

    IAMJAYZON 10 hours ago

    Surprised despacito ain’t on here

  • lukas203
    lukas203 Day ago


  • AfrigginPancake Boi
    AfrigginPancake Boi 2 days ago

    Playing Roundabout without bass is sacrilege

  • ivaylo Kirilov
    ivaylo Kirilov 2 days ago

    Wake me up when September ends or time of your life by green day ???

  • The Idiot Crew
    The Idiot Crew 3 days ago

    Is it bad that I couldn't tell it was a joke until the cannibal corpse part?

  • Isaac C
    Isaac C 3 days ago +1

    Where’s nutshell?

  • iMPRE7ed
    iMPRE7ed 5 days ago

    For the ending , like you get

  • Vijay Adhikari
    Vijay Adhikari 5 days ago

    I didn't recognize a single song in this video.

  • Christian Buschardt
    Christian Buschardt 5 days ago

    stairway to heaven is from led zeppelin, not greta van fleet

  • Orlando Rbn2
    Orlando Rbn2 5 days ago +3

    I recognized:
    1- Where is my mind?
    2- Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
    3- Blackbird
    4- Dust in the Wind
    5- Road Trippin’
    6- I Could Have Lied
    7-Nothing Else Matters
    8- Hurt
    9- Wake me up when September ends
    10- More than a Feeling
    11- California Dreamin’
    12- While my Guitar Gently Weeps
    13- Hotel California
    14- The sound of silence
    15- Here comes the sun
    16- Stairway to Heaven
    17- Tears in heaven
    18- Shape of my Heart
    19- Wish you were here
    20- Roundabout
    I think in the other 5 positions you should have putting
    21- Wonderwall
    22- Wanted Dead or Alive
    23- Love of My Life
    24- Layla
    25- Starman or Space Oddity

  • Tristan21 1918
    Tristan21 1918 5 days ago

    25? More like 6

  • Bruno Rocha
    Bruno Rocha 6 days ago +4

    I was expecting 'More Than Words" on the list

  • joako vergara
    joako vergara 7 days ago +1


  • Yes
    Yes 7 days ago

    The Metallica ones weren’t very well done in my opinion

  • Drxyy
    Drxyy 7 days ago +1


  • Daniel Alonzo
    Daniel Alonzo 9 days ago

    Escucha "el ángel de los perdedores"..saludos

  • GD Anger
    GD Anger 9 days ago +1

    I don’t recognize any of them
    EDIT: sound of science and roundabout are exceptions

    • Christian Thomassen
      Christian Thomassen 6 days ago

      You should check out more rock music, then. Its the best genre that there is

  • Carlos Luna
    Carlos Luna 9 days ago

    One? Come as you are? My sweet lord?
    Anyways, nice video

  • Zach Tozer
    Zach Tozer 9 days ago

    “TOP 25 instantly recognizable acoustic guitar riffs”
    But without wonderwall, Y’know, the most recognizable acoustic guitar song since Stairway to Heaven by LED ZEPPELIN.

    BØZILLA Æ 9 days ago

    Man.. I died laughing.. that greta van fleet one was the best thing I've seen

  • Crazybafoon606
    Crazybafoon606 10 days ago

    How dare you not play house of the rising sun

  • Timothy McEachron
    Timothy McEachron 10 days ago

    5:21 the forbidden riff!

  • 10th element
    10th element 10 days ago +1

    Day one of asking for a voice reveal

  • Dope
    Dope 10 days ago

    imagine using a tuner

  • Xander
    Xander 10 days ago

    Good outro song.

  • Noodlelino28
    Noodlelino28 10 days ago +1

    5:25 *Led Zeppelin**

  • Nolife Sofiane
    Nolife Sofiane 11 days ago

    I only recognized hammer smashed face

  • nacho playmer
    nacho playmer 11 days ago

    0:34 *starts* *singing* *teenage* *dirtbag*

  • Izaiah Metcalf
    Izaiah Metcalf 12 days ago

    Ahh good ol’ Hammer Smashed Face. Just a delightful morning latte song!

  • Halsey R
    Halsey R 12 days ago

    I knew almost all of them. GD! But what about good riddance?

  • Hassan Tahan
    Hassan Tahan 12 days ago +3

    "Stairway to Heaven
    *Greta Van Fleet*"
    Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

  • Hassan Tahan
    Hassan Tahan 12 days ago +1

    Ah yes, Greta Van Fleet, my favourite Led Zeppelin band.

  • Kenna Auditore
    Kenna Auditore 12 days ago +2

    Stairway to heaven- Greta van Fleet
    *Confused screaming*

  • guido garavini
    guido garavini 12 days ago


  • Gregorio Farah
    Gregorio Farah 12 days ago

    Wow just realized I’m a dumb millennial.. when he played shape of my heart by sting I though it was lucid dreams by Juice Wrld... 😅

  • Pastor Kevin Lauer
    Pastor Kevin Lauer 13 days ago

    Anxious for part 2. ☺️

  • Pastor Kevin Lauer
    Pastor Kevin Lauer 13 days ago

    2:12 At first I thought that was "One" by Metallica. I did a reaction on my channel, turning it into a "Guess That Tune" game.

  • John Whalen
    John Whalen 13 days ago

    Didn’t know like 8-9 of these

  • Lucis Texere
    Lucis Texere 13 days ago

    I think what a lot of people missed about this video and there being missing songs or songs that aren't that easily recognizable, is the fact that the title says acoustic riffs. Acoustic guitar riffs. Riffs on an acoustic guitar.

  • Miguel Ohara
    Miguel Ohara 13 days ago +2

    More like "25 instantly recognizable metal and rock riffs"

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera 13 days ago

    More than words?

  • Juan Pablo Carvajal
    Juan Pablo Carvajal 13 days ago

    I've never thought I could laugh at an acoustic guitar riffs video

  • Lukas Giersberg
    Lukas Giersberg 13 days ago

    Hammer smashed face was the one I got

  • Yesu_Desu
    Yesu_Desu 14 days ago

    I see.... You're a keyboardist too

  • Gabgab Traubengott
    Gabgab Traubengott 14 days ago

    3:48 I recognize that.. But what was it called.. Help!

  • Sour Milk
    Sour Milk 14 days ago +26

    “25 recognizable guitar riffs”
    doesn’t play chop suey

  • eminem46787
    eminem46787 14 days ago +2

    3:06 ah i see your a man of culture too

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple 14 days ago

    Oh and... what's the song name at the end? 😂

  • melongames123 dang
    melongames123 dang 15 days ago +4

    when everyone’s commenting about knowing half of them and you only know the sound of silence

  • Crab Mint
    Crab Mint 15 days ago

    Sweet guitar

  • ides of march
    ides of march 15 days ago

    I Could Have Lied sounds like a sample that Peep would’ve used for one of his songs.

  • Cristian Trejo
    Cristian Trejo 15 days ago

    I love my mic stand 😂

  • VodrakTM
    VodrakTM 15 days ago +1

    *0:15** ...And stop*

  • Maddy Vogel
    Maddy Vogel 15 days ago

    smoke on the water???