Survival Overnight Adventure - Lost on the Trail with only the Emergency Pocket Super Shelter

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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    This is the very first Survival Overnight adventure where I head into the woods with very little in terms of food, gear, clothing, and so on. The focus of this trip is an emergency shelter which is known as the Pocket Super Shelter and it is time to see how well that it holds up as an emergency option.
    In this episode you will see a beautiful remote forest, bears, deer, owls, and experience real survival with temps close to freezing with absolutely no overnight gear.
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Comments • 936

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  3 months ago +144

    This is the first time that I have ever had to pull my firearm.....
    what a trip!
    Now on to the next adventure.
    Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for watching and supporting. Make sure to hit the like button if you enjoyed the trip.
    - Luke

    • Dylan Leaman Anderson
      Dylan Leaman Anderson 2 months ago

      Red rocks Worship stop spending your kids food money on booze you drunk

    • David Blyth
      David Blyth 2 months ago

      Good man for carrying protection.

    • Your Hunting Buddy
      Your Hunting Buddy 2 months ago +1

      KRAKEN you have your mace and he has his gun. He doesn't owe you an explanation. He seems secure to me.

    • Your Hunting Buddy
      Your Hunting Buddy 2 months ago

      Lee Benson open carry is illegal in some states. NY for instance doesn't allow open carry, only concealed.

    • Your Hunting Buddy
      Your Hunting Buddy 2 months ago

      TheOutdoorGearReview Always keep it chambered. That split second you need to chamber it could cost you your life.

  • Jaz Mar
    Jaz Mar Day ago

    Hi Luke
    Great experience,do more of these. However why no coffee in the morning, and you could of made a pillow with a small log and your pack for comfort .thank's from a 86 yr old, hiking with you.
    Jim (Mountain Man)

  • De Kleine Kapitein
    De Kleine Kapitein 3 days ago

    well good nite whit a bear around. In my case i drink 5 gallons of coffee, and stay awake whole nite. Whit the 9 mm in front of me. On sharp. 110% tensed. Eyeballs wide open.
    Kill on sight and empthy all the bullits in the mag in 3 seconds. When i hear something.

    But on other things i am very brave.Just saying.

  • Vanessa Furlough
    Vanessa Furlough 3 days ago

    Great video! Glad you survived it,

  • De Kleine Kapitein
    De Kleine Kapitein 3 days ago

    The EPSS will work if the elements are not to extreem. 2-3 days. Even whit no fire. if the EPSS tears apart, you can wrap the restant arround your body to protect your vital body parts.
    Sub zero storys works different. Whitout any fire, Hardtimes for sure.

  • Sean Chamberlain
    Sean Chamberlain 4 days ago

    So pocket poopershitter

  • Charles Scudder
    Charles Scudder 6 days ago

    Next Survival Overnight try your own system the bivey and tarp. Show the differences.

  • Charles Scudder
    Charles Scudder 6 days ago

    First time I had to pull my carry gun I thankfully didn't have to shoot, but glad ya carry. After the fact for my first time drawing it was so ridiculous it was funny.

  • Glen Hillman
    Glen Hillman 7 days ago

    I was concerned for your safety until I saw that you were armed. Self defense tools are always necessary, whether you're in the woods, or the concrete jungle.

  • Matt James
    Matt James 7 days ago

    hey luke u should really use a holster for your weapon. For your safety man having it in your pocket like that isnt safe

  • icskaug
    icskaug 7 days ago

    Awsome video, I really enjoy these vids, starting to be my evening meal entertainment. What 5.11 jacket is this?

    • icskaug
      icskaug 7 days ago

      After some research I found that you have done a review on this Aurora Jacket, thanks;)

  • Todd DiNezza
    Todd DiNezza 10 days ago

    Hi Luke, Really enjoy this Survival themed Overnight Adventure video! The landscape and scenery you filmed was really beautiful as well. Great job!
    As for suggestions, would recommend filming a similar one with the minimal (5C's) gear that you recommend always keeping in your backpack even for a day hike in case of this type of a situation should arise and present a new emergency situation. Second, as an additional suggestion or twist on this concept perhaps you could create another related Survival type video using your preferred budget/military surplus minimal gear that you would choose to keep in your backpack. It would let us all know what gear your would choose to carry (from what you have in your supplies) and see you use it. I honestly believe that most of your viewers would appreciate and enjoy watching those videos! Thanks again for sharing this video.

  • Biff Grimes.
    Biff Grimes. 15 days ago

    Well the shelter did its job and to be fair that's all the makers claimed , personally l wouldn't light a fire, my luck doesn't run to that by morning the shelter would be reduced to a molten blob.Great video though ,Thanks.

  • Tom Dawidowicz
    Tom Dawidowicz 17 days ago

    Damn! Watching that second time and still enjoy it!

  • John West
    John West 20 days ago

    Luke you have my favorite channel, but please always have a chamber racked never wait. PLEASE thank you and keep up the great job

  • Marques Entzminger
    Marques Entzminger 21 day ago

    HEY! Good Idea... Pee in the bottle to keep warm. As far as condensation in the tent... I generate a lot of body heat... there would probably be a torrential downpour in that shelter for me LOL.

  • Level3-RC
    Level3-RC 23 days ago

    I ride a ktm450 in the woods or desert here in AZ. I carry a gun. Not for protection from animals or especially humans but just to shoot at targets when i take rests. We can fire a weapon as long as we are not in the city. I have responsible fun, that's all.

  • m pasco
    m pasco 25 days ago

    Holster to protect the trigger allows you to carry one in the pipe bro 🤙🏽
    ...but I'm sure you have your reasons for doing what you do too. I'm definitely not THEE expert

  • Ken Coulter
    Ken Coulter 26 days ago

    Watch out for Coyote , there are lots here in western VA,

  • Tommy Newton
    Tommy Newton 29 days ago

    Great video,I think that you should have took along a backup tarp or small tent just in case the product your testing should fail,not worth risking your life just for a video, I would rather be safe than sorry,I don't think in heavy rain and wind that it would have survived the night.

  • Specmilitary3
    Specmilitary3 Month ago

    It’s a good thing you were alone. The other guy would have crapped his pants when you pulled a gun and started yelling lol. I’ve been in that same situation. Mine was a damn raccoon fight that scared the crap out of me lol.

  • Robyn Doby
    Robyn Doby Month ago

    Hey Luke that was cool and beautiful surroundings love nature hope you are well be safe have a wonderful week

    SWAMPHUNTER644 Month ago

    I would also carry several thermal reflective blankets in such a case. Some are a bit thicker and would be better for a ground cloth.

  • Hector Ching
    Hector Ching Month ago

    Luke I did not see an extra magazine or two for your glock 43

  • Absolute Veteran
    Absolute Veteran Month ago

    Nice to see another camper/outdoorsman recommending that people carry. Everywhere I go people try to make me feel like a criminal for having a weapon, even when there are news stories of people being killed right where we are camping or hiking. It's like they want to be victims. Great video as always brother!

  • John Does
    John Does Month ago

    And maybe a dumb idea but hey my hot cam was a dumb idea to and it sold real big in Japan like half million dollars worth

  • John Does
    John Does Month ago

    Idea for a new bear repellent hang a motion sensor like you see on the garage door lights and when a bear comes close by it sounds a loud pitch squealing noise like car alarm easy pack solar-powered and maybe and would scare Bears off while you sleep

  • Lisa Edwards
    Lisa Edwards Month ago

    18:19 we finally get into seeing the gear for gear review

  • Erdinger Nullfast
    Erdinger Nullfast Month ago

    I like the clear plastic side. That way the bear can see what he is going to eat. Kind of like a buffet 👍

  • Floyd Mietus
    Floyd Mietus Month ago

    Found this video nice job well spoken and very easy to understand 👍 one thing I'm glad you spoke in dangers everywhere and you didn't promote that moron great video

  • Paul allen
    Paul allen Month ago

    looks like it would be good for an absolute emergency one night stay Its better than nothing to keep the wind and rain at bay ! so show us what would be a good super shelter ???

  • Twigs N' Jigs
    Twigs N' Jigs Month ago

    I know this was just a test/review, but with a 34.99 US price tag, I would seriously consider just a mylar blanket and cheap plastic drop sheet from the dollar store. Total cost, maybe $5 with virtually the same results, and with a little rigging "finess" with some rubber bands or cordage, it works just fine and packs down small and light. Other than that, nice video Luke, looked like a nice spot for a camp out brother.

  • Linda Thatcher
    Linda Thatcher Month ago

    Until you find a spot to set up, you should wear an umbrella hat lol

  • Gypsyy
    Gypsyy Month ago

    i think its good that the shelter is bright orange in a real emergency that would help searchers find you

  • monsieur boeuf de tête

    fantastic yt content, this... thanks man!

  • haanjamiis
    haanjamiis 2 months ago

    I have usually emergency blanket inside my daily bag. This could replace that. Depends on price though. Keeping one or 2 in car could not hurt ether. But suggestions at the end make bit more sense indeed.

  • haanjamiis
    haanjamiis 2 months ago

    Very informative video. Thank You!

  • Allan Larmour
    Allan Larmour 2 months ago

    I'm with you, I'd carry something else.

  • videolabguy
    videolabguy 2 months ago

    5:30 - Exactly! I don't care what you think. You're welcome!

  • Omnifay
    Omnifay 2 months ago

    Thanks for a great video!!!After you yawned at 4 A.M., yawns are contagious! I wonder how many others yawned, too! As far as guns are concerned, slide pistols I understand are not very accurate. I have my mind on getting maybe a revolver, but wonder what the best is...a 22 caliber or bigger...? I had some rifles stolen a couple or more years I do agree a gun for protection is wise, and easier to lug around than a rifle...although I will replace the ones stolen down the road...and I figure a 22 will only anger a bear....what do you think is a good outdoors firearm? As far as the survival tent, I wouldn't feel so safe in it, but it's good to stay warm in. I just kept imagining a bear leaning into your tent from behind! That would be a deal-breaker for me. Survival, though, maybe. But it did what it needed to do. I prefer debris insulation/nests.

  • djakavey
    djakavey 2 months ago

    I typically carry a sol emergency bivi and a military poncho on day trips. Just for when Murphy strikes. Also a small amount of 550 cord typically about 50 feet. There is so much that can be done with 550 cordage. Fishing net hammock snare set up. 2 days worth of food and some sort of water purification rain gear. Depending on season I will also carry a jacket to fit the temperature. There are also a few other odds and ends.

  • Slikx666
    Slikx666 2 months ago

    I'm not sure if anyone has done it, but if you can walk into a doller store with $50 and get whatever you need to survive 1 or 2 nights.
    This will not include the basic clothing you are going to wear.
    It'll be interesting to see what you can buy to adapt for the night(s) out.

  • Thomas S.
    Thomas S. 2 months ago

    Towel. T-shirt. Soak up wetness and have a drink. Yeah, the owl is talking. Mocking birds are known for that also. But you're owl-speak is spot on. Good job.

  • Thomas S.
    Thomas S. 2 months ago

    Got to love the wrens and their singing. Here's the genesis of the super shelter:

  • Your Hunting Buddy
    Your Hunting Buddy 2 months ago

    Let's see what the triggered gun haters are saying... let me grab my popcorn.

  • Aerozine
    Aerozine 2 months ago

    I live in Blacksburg and I haven’t ever heard anyone say there’s wolves around here

  • Tushar Mhatre
    Tushar Mhatre 2 months ago

    Nice as always 👍🏻

  • ElfAzzid
    ElfAzzid 2 months ago

    It did its job! It wasnt pretty, but its an emergency shelter, not a long term tent. I'd give it a thumbs up.
    I'd pack that into an emergency survival kit LOOOOONG before packing useless stuff like fish hooks and safety pins.

    HUGO WIILKAS 2 months ago

    i see this like a way to valud the all thigs have in home and how esy haved in the citys or towns thanks for this aventure i wait to see the next travel

  • Don Carlton
    Don Carlton 2 months ago

    Any shelter is better than no shelter at all. If I were to carry one, it would be a rescue blanket bivy or rescue blanket.

  • Jason  Rideout
    Jason Rideout 2 months ago

    100% agree with u buddy

  • zdenek marek
    zdenek marek 2 months ago

    There was a Black Bear about 50yds behind you when you first stopped it ran from right to left behind you ,its a quick brief view of its back it was on all fours.Great stuff,love it.Here in the czech Republik we have Bears aswell,estimate is 800 at least ! I must admit I have beenadvised to sing out load if I sense Bears around,or some hikers have bells etc.I like your call you make greeting Bears.I carry only a low pwered 22 but its very loud. I will get myself an antibear spray for the close encounters.Great love this vid shows I am not alone amonst furrie Bears. Be Blessed.

  • Susan Kerr
    Susan Kerr 2 months ago

    Maybe turn those rocks in the stream and on the ground over for creatures to cook and eat

  • Susan Kerr
    Susan Kerr 2 months ago

    Siberian logfire with as large logs as you could gather to present a wide face of glowing flame and coals

  • Susan Kerr
    Susan Kerr 2 months ago

    Maybe a dense mattress of dry leaves under the shelter to insulate and cushion you

  • Susan Kerr
    Susan Kerr 2 months ago

    Maybe mop the walls with a small cloth such as handkerchief-sized or your sock and suck the water out of it, thereby giving yourself a drink and removing the condensation

  • Joseph Pessotti
    Joseph Pessotti 2 months ago

    Super shelter? Better than nothing.

  • Joseph Pessotti
    Joseph Pessotti 2 months ago

    My rule # 1 no food enters the tent ever.

  • Australian Survivalism
    Australian Survivalism 2 months ago

    How to Survive in Australia...

  • upandrunning777
    upandrunning777 2 months ago

    dont think that shelter is all that good.all that condensation, id be afraid of it collapsing and smothering.