Casey Neistat Melts His Face Off While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
  • Casey Neistat is a TVclip O.G. and one of the trailblazers of the vlog era. Over the years he's pulled some truly insane stunts on his channel, from hanging out of helicopters to skateboarding behind a Lamborghini. But can he handle Zombie Apocalypse and Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage? Find out as Casey and Sean Evans go sauce for sauce, deep-diving into the state of media and the culinary merits of Connecticut along the way.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Year ago +8885

    THE WAIT IS OVER. Hope you enjoy, Hot Ones fans...

    • Bring The Rain
      Bring The Rain 9 days ago

      HOT ONES! I HAVE A SOLUTION! Why don't you have the wings cooked one by one and you have them delivered out to you sort of like room service in a fancy way or something. So they're all cooked to the same nice temperature.

    • XXVelocityXX
      XXVelocityXX 14 days ago

      I'm not watching until you have Joe Rogan on here.

    • Qronic - PS4
      Qronic - PS4 22 days ago

      Can you invite Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin on to the show?

  • M T
    M T 3 hours ago


  • Brian Tinsman
    Brian Tinsman Day ago

    Weirdest face ever

  • Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren

    like your reading a book....... aha so for the guests it is a japanese one huh??? ;-)

  • Mag1Krap
    Mag1Krap Day ago

    He's a cool dude but damn, that's an unfortunate face

  • in motion
    in motion 4 days ago

    Is it just me or he is one ugly pup

  • TheWoolySammoth
    TheWoolySammoth 5 days ago


  • justin decastro
    justin decastro 6 days ago

    I miss when Casey used to curse in his old vlogs

  • Michael Reinhardt
    Michael Reinhardt 6 days ago


  • Eshu Prakash
    Eshu Prakash 7 days ago +2

    Damn his answers and Sean's questions are professor level

  • TheBradge
    TheBradge 8 days ago +1

    "My response to them is" *Cough cough* "That's Spicy"
    Those, are great words to live by.

  • iRealDeal
    iRealDeal 8 days ago +1

    We want Will Smith on this show, please.

  • Mikethedude22
    Mikethedude22 8 days ago


  • Wes Pruitt
    Wes Pruitt 8 days ago

    Joe Rogan, Conan O'Brien, Obama

    • Seth Silverstein
      Seth Silverstein 5 days ago

      Obama? Calm down man. You don't wanna get the worst president on here

  • Ishmael Cook
    Ishmael Cook 8 days ago

    Dying to do this. Get me on the shooooow😂😂😂

  • Noah Stolee
    Noah Stolee 9 days ago +1

    "This is the last dab. We call it the last dab becau-"
    *pours the entire bottle on the wing*

  • Mahin Mazid
    Mahin Mazid 9 days ago

    right after the last wing i thought Casey became a full on villain

  • Miauw Lammers
    Miauw Lammers 9 days ago

    jesus christ that last dab:')

  • Adith Vikhram
    Adith Vikhram 9 days ago

    Get PewDiePie on here

  • Seth Turrentine
    Seth Turrentine 9 days ago +1

    wow honestly...

    what punchable face he has

  • Tye Gettys
    Tye Gettys 10 days ago

    A real life caveman wow

  • hopperjohnathan
    hopperjohnathan 10 days ago


  • William Roberts III
    William Roberts III 11 days ago +1

    Good job with the wing temp

  • Sarah Morrison
    Sarah Morrison 11 days ago

    I love how humanizing this platform of interviewing is.

  • Rudd Redding
    Rudd Redding 11 days ago

    Great Job Casey!!!! Way to Hang!!!

  • Rudd Redding
    Rudd Redding 11 days ago


  • martinh88
    martinh88 11 days ago

    Old-ass child.

  • BanzJo
    BanzJo 11 days ago

    Somehow Casey looks more normal without his glasses, even though he always has glasses on. (Just something I noticed)

  • Zsenie2081
    Zsenie2081 12 days ago

    this cunts head is so munted fuck me dead

  • AlextheGreninja
    AlextheGreninja 12 days ago +1

    Image of first ever cave man trying out some spicy mammoth juice (circa 8 million BC)

  • Jrocity Roc
    Jrocity Roc 12 days ago +2

    His nose needs to be famous not him

  • The Pigeonator
    The Pigeonator 12 days ago +1

    Y'all nearly let him kill himself with that last dab 🤣🤣

  • dshew d
    dshew d 12 days ago

    Casey and TVcliprs are so fucking disgusting. their job is to do what rich people do in their down time. so unworthy. they also look way to average or strange looking to be in front of cameras as well

  • travisdrake1991
    travisdrake1991 12 days ago

    Get catfish Cooley in a video!!!

  • Benjamin Phillips
    Benjamin Phillips 13 days ago

    That satisfying bottle flip at 19:35 tho

  • Thebroomman 03
    Thebroomman 03 13 days ago +2

    ive never seen a cave man eat chicken wings before...very educational

  • Mike Gibson
    Mike Gibson 13 days ago

    Casey rocked it...he's not a pussy

  • Mike Gibson
    Mike Gibson 13 days ago +2

    Get his buddy David dobrik on the show

  • Ale
    Ale 13 days ago

    this uglyass motherfucker is the perfect proof that any of you fucking retard cretin americans can be a youtuber

    PAINTnPONG 13 days ago

    Wasn’t a huge last bite but he did pile on the sauce

  • Daring Darius
    Daring Darius 13 days ago

    20:51 what is "opus"? I tried looking it up. Google gave a decent answer though I'm a bit confused, everything else I checked were acronyms or completely unrelated. Can someone explain?

  • Denis Kozumplík
    Denis Kozumplík 13 days ago

    Spicy Neistat

  • Faux Shizle
    Faux Shizle 13 days ago

    To bad he couldn't melt that fucking nose off his face.

  • YamiPoyo
    YamiPoyo 13 days ago

    i dislike casey so i hope he burns in this episode now to watch.

  • Ara J
    Ara J 13 days ago +3

    most overrated person ever lived

  • KanyeLovesKanye
    KanyeLovesKanye 14 days ago

    Who is this?

  • Sam Seed
    Sam Seed 14 days ago


  • Belamundo
    Belamundo 14 days ago

    Poor Casey... :)

  • FishAntsPlantsAndDave
    FishAntsPlantsAndDave 14 days ago

    Who's this weird Neanderthal-looking homo?

  • justsaybobby
    justsaybobby 14 days ago

    They never have trouble with the Last One from First We Feast. It seems...

  • Jake's Machinery
    Jake's Machinery 15 days ago +1

    This is a really interesting show.

  • null null
    null null 15 days ago

    No one needs to pay for my opus, no one needs to pay for any opus. We have a responsibility to each other whether you care enough to know or not.

  • null null
    null null 15 days ago

    Thank you, Sean Evans, for breaking my ignorant stereotype of this sincerely cool individual, Casey Neistat.

  • Cat Milton
    Cat Milton 15 days ago +1

    My bad - I've scrolled by dozens of these TVclip suggestions, and this interview was exemplary. E.X.E.M.P.L.A.R.Y.

  • Tammy Bunting
    Tammy Bunting 15 days ago

    this was great my favorite guy .

  • Azsunes
    Azsunes 15 days ago

    Connecticut style lobster roll? That sounds exactly what they do out east. First time I had one of those was about 20 years ago in PEI but they called it the plain butter roll. It was just warm sometimes freshly cooked lobster on a bun with butter poured on top.

  • lee bags
    lee bags 15 days ago +2

    This episode scared me lol. He was really going thru it.

  • Hexspa
    Hexspa 16 days ago

    I can barely handle Listerine. No way I could do this, as much as I'd like to.

  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash


  • groggybox
    groggybox 16 days ago

    Rare sighting of a caveman eating hot wings

  • JetlinerDtj
    JetlinerDtj 17 days ago

    According to his brother Van ... Casey was a dope dealer as a teenager ... left home at 15 with 10 grand in drug money .

    REVERSE PLAZMA 17 days ago

    Casey put too much of the last dab.

  • Myhco Estacio Films
    Myhco Estacio Films 17 days ago +1

    Damn i learned so much in this video since i'm starting out my channel.

  • Hussein Mazin
    Hussein Mazin 17 days ago +1

    When see this then see Gordon Ramsay preparation and over reacting .... you fell like different hot sauce

  • Seth Eagan
    Seth Eagan 17 days ago +1

    Guest: *opens their mouth*
    Sean: Look, I'm no superhero

  • AX7 Duran
    AX7 Duran 17 days ago +1

    Jesus this fuck is UGGGLLYYYYYY

  • jay hawq
    jay hawq 17 days ago

    this show jus ousts vegans

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 17 days ago

    Get Snoop Dogg. That'd be legendary.

  • Aaron Cornejo
    Aaron Cornejo 18 days ago

    It’s really amazing to see these like minded two in an honest, modest setting. Both of which have very similar upbringing on the platform, one who grew a little faster than the other, but still success nonetheless. Such an interesting and inspiring mix.

  • Matthew Torrence
    Matthew Torrence 18 days ago

    The US constitution and Declaration of Independence were both written in Philadelphia. Connecticut was the site of many noteworthy revolutionary war battles, and political espionage and betrayals and that sorta cool history stuff, can't claim either of the founding documents though, sorry Casey.

  • Chris Dutton
    Chris Dutton 18 days ago

    Another celebrity introduced to me by Sean n Hot Ones... Thanks!!

  • Junior Sanchez
    Junior Sanchez 18 days ago

    I thought that guy was ken shamrock for a sec lmaooo

  • Ice Freezer
    Ice Freezer 18 days ago

    Love the Hot Ones. Hate this talentless overrated piece of human garbage that is your guest this time. Fuck him.

  • djjazzyjeff123
    djjazzyjeff123 18 days ago +7

    Isn't his face already kinda melting off?

    • RazoRaptor
      RazoRaptor 15 days ago

      My exact thoughts lol. Was looking for this :D

  • Yeetus Fungus
    Yeetus Fungus 18 days ago

    He went sicko mode

  • Kylie F.
    Kylie F. 18 days ago


  • CinemaWins
    CinemaWins 18 days ago +3

    Sean , I love that you have warm restaurant wings now. Huge improvement! You guys have come a long way. Though Gordon Ramsey still managed to complain. Seriously though, I've been watching on and off since Franco and Cranston but just recently have gotten addicted to Hot Ones. Somehow I missed this Casey episode. Sean, you have a skill that never ceases to amaze. You legit have ice in your veins to keep up/keep your composure with Gordon last week. That man is terrifying and at no point were you not just owning that episode. Love watching this show/channel blow up.

    • heygem
      heygem 9 days ago

      Wow discovered your channel through your comment. Somehow I also just watched this episode even if I've been following on and off.

  • Joanna Hiryaned
    Joanna Hiryaned 18 days ago


  • KarmasSoldier
    KarmasSoldier 19 days ago

    you should just have a chef with a fryer bhind your preping each wing. Like a co host that doesnt have to talk much. preferably an Asain guy. BANG everyone is happy wings are fresh and you got a new element to your show

  • Kyle Crocker
    Kyle Crocker 19 days ago

    Get joe Rogan

  • SloMoe Official
    SloMoe Official 19 days ago

    "Casey Neistat Melts His Face Off While Eating Spicy Wings" No he just looks like that

  • TheMV1992
    TheMV1992 19 days ago

    I never liked Casey Neistat but I must honestly say this video changed my mind. He is such a cool, genuine, down-to-earth person :)

  • scott duncan
    scott duncan 19 days ago

    Sean is the best interviewer hands down. So eloquent and personable. Love your show!

  • Brad Lamb
    Brad Lamb 19 days ago

    This guy looks like a chicken wing

  • kazumo maeda
    kazumo maeda 19 days ago

    This is my second fav. Gordon R. Is my first

  • Noah McGilvary
    Noah McGilvary 19 days ago

    1:37 wisest thing I’ve heard

  • David Peralta
    David Peralta 19 days ago +1

    Casey Neistat looks like Tom Holland in the thumbnail Lol

  • Bilal Jaddi
    Bilal Jaddi 19 days ago

    Who here in 2019

  • Ray Gaming
    Ray Gaming 19 days ago

    His tongue went numb in the last one

  • Paul P
    Paul P 20 days ago

    This guy should have been flushed down the toilet in a condom. Watch what he stands for.......Just flush!!!

  • Tiger Dragon
    Tiger Dragon 20 days ago +22

    He looks like an old man that forgot to put his teeth in.

    • Kethina
      Kethina 15 days ago +1

      He looks like the real version of Otto from Team Rocket on Nickelodeon

    • Tiger Dragon
      Tiger Dragon 18 days ago +1

      +627283 8383 : )

    • 627283 8383
      627283 8383 18 days ago +4

      That's true. Cruel but true.

  • Kermit the dick
    Kermit the dick 20 days ago

    *WHEN THE PLANE HIT??? WHAT DAMN PLANE??* how stupid

  • Hound of Uladh
    Hound of Uladh 20 days ago

    To be fair Caseys face already looked melted before the hot sauce

  • Spookypichacat
    Spookypichacat 20 days ago +2

    Why has that peepee got glasses on his head?

  • Laughing turtle
    Laughing turtle 20 days ago

    Weird to hear him swear so much lol

  • Miroz
    Miroz 20 days ago

    I thought his nose would actually melt off by the end

  • JoshHayes
    JoshHayes 20 days ago +1

    Got excited when I read the title. Liberal scum.

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black 20 days ago

    Damn I thought those wings were made fresh damn.

  • Ok Yeah
    Ok Yeah 20 days ago

    This guy basically told people who don’t agree with politically that they were insane.

  • mk private
    mk private 21 day ago +1

    19:44 "is this spicy" hahahaaaaaaaa..........Casey is a monster - 100%