When the grandad flies better in Emirates Economy | Emirates Airline

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • Live sport at 40,000 feet. You get so much more in Emirates Economy. bit.ly/YouGetMore

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  • Hyder Kamran
    Hyder Kamran 3 months ago

    I’m flying Emirates it’s my flight tomorrow and can u guys wish I have a safe flight

  • Antonov 225 Airplane
    Antonov 225 Airplane 3 months ago +1

    I wish I could fly Emirates
    Your a Great Airline

  • Kabul Afghanistan كابول افغانستان LOVE

    I will fly with Emirates in 6 days!!!

    Oh and by the way, Emirates is my dream airline.
    I want to be a captain in Emirates.
    I am 13 years old, but I already know most buttens and switches in the cockpit.
    And now just hope that I’m going to have enough money for the academy.

  • Ahmed MASUHAIL
    Ahmed MASUHAIL 3 months ago

    4 one to comment

  • IncredibleZab
    IncredibleZab 3 months ago +2

    When I fly better in Emirates Economy

  • Michael's Aviation
    Michael's Aviation 3 months ago +3

    Never been on emirates but want to

    • Lynn
      Lynn 3 months ago +1

      Its good until there is the 20 hour dubai transit

  • Beni Boi
    Beni Boi 3 months ago +3

    I love Emirates and would love to fly with them one day.

    • IncredibleZab
      IncredibleZab 3 months ago +2

      U should try it it's so good especially the IFE