Average North Korean vs the Average South Korean - People Comparison


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  • Morgan Gammon
    Morgan Gammon Hour ago +1

    Canada 🇨🇦 anayone
    Edit | I cant speak

  • Mikhailovick
    Mikhailovick Hour ago

    North Korea: Zero K-Pop
    South Korea: K-Pop
    Kim Jong-un wins.

  • 예궁
    예궁 8 hours ago


  • Lolmint 73
    Lolmint 73 11 hours ago

    Can u head to I don’t know... INDONESIA OR ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR ONCE!?

  • Bendy
    Bendy 17 hours ago

    Kim jong in speech:
    *C O M M U N I S M. THAT'S ALL C O M M U N I S M!!

  • Halibut Rzeczny
    Halibut Rzeczny Day ago

    I JUST WANT TO GIVE MY OPINION: I absolutely disbelieve the population of NK is 25 mln people!! They dont have electricity at home, and when they are given it by the government, its to watch some propaganda bs on the tv about their leader and his deeds or decisions. The average salary per person is 4-5 USD per MONTH. And now think about the capital city, which is only for the richest people - they boost this average. 1kg of rice costs 3 USD in North Korea. But you are allowed to eat rice ONLY once a year for your birthday. They are severely malnourished due to their extremely poor diet. Health care is basically non existant. Public executions take place everyday. People escape from there more often though. Many people commit suicide. Now tell me, ARE YOU SURE its 25 mln people? Also, I googled that the average lifespan in NK is APPARENTLY a bit higher than in Russia. Now tell me, do you believe it, too? This information is heavily manipulated. Nothing that leaks out about NK hasnt been filtered by its government. We see what they wanted us to see and we know what they allowed us to know thats it. But how truthful is it? Is it as truthful as the fake fruits in the shops of the capital of NK? :)

  • fjdi hdshus
    fjdi hdshus Day ago

    I love capitalism

  • 라면냠냠
    라면냠냠 3 days ago

    kim jong un is my pet. its 200000kg pig! i can't eat kim jong , because so big and dirty

  • Jimins Lips
    Jimins Lips 4 days ago

    I like Sounth Korea!!

  • 우유우
    우유우 5 days ago +1

    아니 꼭 한국이 헬이라고 홍보를 하고다녀야 속이편하냐..;;;
    외국인이 천국이라면 천국이고 헬이라면 헬인거지 뭘 그렇게 천국이라고 하는걸 부정해..
    남한이 진정 북한같이 헬인거 같아??
    꼭 취직도 안해본 급식들이 물타기식으로 너도나도 헬조선이라고함
    그래서 우리나라가 헬인게 좋은거야?
    가령 헬조선이라해도 조상님들이 잘 지켜온 우리민족의 땅을 그렇게 부정할 필요는 없어

    • Applelitchi
      Applelitchi 16 hours ago

      그건 국까&일뽕이 그리 많으니 매년마다 일본가서 방사능 쳐묵하면서 호갱취급당해도 좋다고 엔화 벌어다주고 오는 인간들이 700만씩이나 되는거고. 이 나라 국민들은 진짜로 국뽕이 많은게 아니라 자신이나 국가에 대한 자존감따윈 이미 갖다버린지 오래인 패배주의자들만 득실거리는 나라라 뭐,. 어쩔수 없음. 머지않아 일본을 경제규모 빼고 전부 따라잡는 국가가 되더라도 이런 놈들은 절대로 안 사라질듯.

  • Kyu Kyu Kat
    Kyu Kyu Kat 6 days ago

    SOUTH KOREA RULES ESPECIALLY BUSAN ;) (because jungkook was born in busan)

  • Tilly Cooper
    Tilly Cooper 6 days ago

    South Korea= BTSSS💖💖💖

  • 믹끼
    믹끼 7 days ago

    North korea:Real hell called hell
    South korea:Hell called heaven

  • G Oh
    G Oh 7 days ago

    Jong Un’s family burns in hell and soon it will be his turn too

  • sweet bangtan
    sweet bangtan 7 days ago

    North Korea's President is a dick to his citizens of his country

  • Garrett Driskill
    Garrett Driskill 7 days ago

    Just waiting for Kim Jung Un to get overthrown

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

    "Demilitarized" Zone... longest running political joke. :-P Nothing BUT Militarized. lol. Been there... it be militarized up one side and back down the other. And yes... NK has weapons parked ON the DMZ that can fire and blow up aaaalllll the way down to Seoul, with no problem. The entire 1/3 of SK is CONSTANTLY in danger of NK blowing them up... FROM the NK side of the border!

    • Applelitchi
      Applelitchi 7 days ago

      Yes, I want to see your next delusional diary.

  • Nusrat Rizvi
    Nusrat Rizvi 8 days ago

    Kim Jong Une
    Kim Jong Deux
    Kim Jong Trois.

  • William Wiggins
    William Wiggins 8 days ago

    NUKE KOREA get it? North Korea? Nuke korea?

  • ওঌ희주
    ওঌ희주 9 days ago

    Hi, I'm South Korean elementary school's student.
    My life is so hard.
    I'm 12 years old,
    but I study so much.
    Also, adults ignore children.
    So, many children are not satisfied with their lives.
    I'm one of them, too.
    Most of South Korean
    children live so sad.
    I have to study hard tomorrow.

    TEZ ARK 9 days ago +1

    North korea = Somalia

  • AnimalStudioGamers -J&R

    I am South Korean....안영...

  • jon doe
    jon doe 10 days ago

    The north are so poor, they can’t afford to pay attention

  • 파이어민트 tv
    파이어민트 tv 11 days ago

    남한 사람인 사람 손!

  • vijay singh
    vijay singh 11 days ago

    Qatar also has no tax

  • fatcatbuzz
    fatcatbuzz 11 days ago

    I'm an American who use to live in South Korea for 3 years. It's an amazing country. He called it white wine, but that's what they call it in China, or Baijiu. It's called soju in Korea and tastes different.

  • never ever igot eyes on you

    I actually saw an interview of North Korean defectant / refugee where she said ...childhood was awesome in NK with no worries contrary to SK ( if you learn only about 😆 their leaders ) but you see hell once you grow up and anytime prefer SK

  • Brandon Gabriel Medina

    This video is sooo Koreanist

  • 341110097
    341110097 14 days ago

    South Korea is way better

  • dArth Vaiter
    dArth Vaiter 15 days ago

    South Korea is beautiful
    love south korea from canada

  • Xx_Jackee_xX
    Xx_Jackee_xX 16 days ago

    Oh wow the south korean womans are so short. I’m in 6th grwde and i’m 5’2

    • Applelitchi
      Applelitchi 11 days ago

      It is one of the few elements that are wrong in this video. Currently, the average height of Korean women is 5'3.

  • IAmTehTrueNub
    IAmTehTrueNub 16 days ago

    let me guess the infographics person is being held by a north korea spy and he is threating him to do whats good about north korea

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 16 days ago

    Who would win?
    25 million cold, hungry and pissed off North Koreans
    One fat dictator boi

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 16 days ago

    South Korea: Decent cars, great electronics
    North Korean: **

  • iiJoeCats
    iiJoeCats 17 days ago

    South Koreans Don't Eat Dogs.

  • Awesome Infinite Flight Guy 8

    When I hear North Korea I think of A FAT DUMB ASS DICTATOR

  • oo W
    oo W 17 days ago

    I'm South Korean.
    Well...Ordinary North Koreans cannot go to karaoke.
    Wait... is there a karaoke...?
    And North Korea and South Korea have slightly different words.
    EX)) S.Korea->doughnut 도넛
    N.Korea->a finger ring-bread 가락지빵

  • max power
    max power 19 days ago

    education and media

  • Cengizhan Bayram
    Cengizhan Bayram 19 days ago

    North korea is the best because they have NUKES

  • koala boi
    koala boi 20 days ago +1

    South Korean: Oh, I’m Korean
    Other Person: North or South?
    South Korean inside: *what do you think*

  • EvilTo To
    EvilTo To 21 day ago +1

    Noth Korea : hell
    South Korean shcool : hell
    I cry evrytim

  • Ryungun Rie
    Ryungun Rie 22 days ago

    As a Korean, let me tell you how it is. In North Korea, the state kills you. In South Korea, you kill yourself.

  • pooi yee moo
    pooi yee moo 23 days ago

    ❤❤❤I like South Korea

  • 이진
    이진 23 days ago

    Both two korea are hell.........

  • multiyapples
    multiyapples 24 days ago

    I hope everything gets better in North Korea.

  • Aayush Patel
    Aayush Patel 24 days ago

    Russia is not in Europe only a part is but it is considered to be in Asia

  • ThereAreOnly TwoGenders

    Did you really just use "sanctions" as a reason why North Korea has terrible health care. That's brilliant.

  • Koreh Lawson
    Koreh Lawson 26 days ago

    North Korea school isn't really free...the parents have to pay for supplies like desk and tables for the kids and if they don't have the money for it the kids will child labor

    And the suicide thing I understand in north Korea there is a lot of ppl who don't wanna live they say they are living scared and controled. South Korea has a lot of standards especially in the beauty and talent part and the education all though it is good that they are ahead it isn't worth 72 hrs of their life .

  • I love Poland
    I love Poland 26 days ago

    I think Korea should unite,not by Kim Jon Un,by the president of South Korea

  • Alya Nacho
    Alya Nacho 27 days ago

    You make North Korea seem like they don't get publicly executed or tortured or the 3 generations for instance honestly if I didn't know anything about north Korea I'd think it's a fairly poor but amazing nonetheless country you sugar coat almost everything.

  • gwyneth chloe gilana

    Lmao tax free day on April 1st? Sounds like a joke.

  • User 01
    User 01 Month ago

    This garbage channel has so much wrong information

  • 아로
    아로 Month ago


  • anna cuizon
    anna cuizon Month ago

    They are all ugly

    1MY FRIEND1 Month ago

    My f.....

  • Mr. Numi Who
    Mr. Numi Who Month ago

    I'm going to look for debate teamers in the comments arguing (just for the exercise) for North Korea...

  • 이redford
    이redford Month ago

    in south korea. people pays more money for higher floor apartment for better view. like penthouse
    in north korea. people hates high floor. people bribes to change their assigned accomodation to lower floor.
    cuz there are no elevators and water flow is too weak. and even there are elevators on that building. electricity is not on 24h.... it is more like 5~6 hours per day...IF YOU LIVE IN CAPITAL
    + there are no gas supplies too. so they have to carry tinders.... and wood blocks for fuel.... (I'm not joking)
    imagine carrying wood blocks and sometimes water up 12 floors every day.

  • nowgaku
    nowgaku Month ago +1

    It's a waste of time to argue which is which.
    Both are same incompetent and harmful ethnic group.

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who Month ago

      The problem is not ethnic group, it is continued universal human cluelessness (which includes you), and the solution is philosophical enlightenment (enter me).

  • Ben V
    Ben V Month ago

    VERY inaccurate with N. Korea, they are WAY MUCH WORSE!!!!!!!!!

  • Candy Neige
    Candy Neige Month ago

    Did someone says Russia is part of Europe and not Asia ?

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who Month ago

      They are European (came from Sweden).

  • Hans Krebs
    Hans Krebs Month ago


  • Stephen Casbeer
    Stephen Casbeer Month ago

    So the day they celebrate not paying taxes is also April fools? Nice

  • Zhañg juñhao_____

    I love south Korea from India

  • Zero Black
    Zero Black Month ago

    This video is so cringy that would make Leafy feel ashmed

  • Director Ji
    Director Ji Month ago

    Even though I live in South Korea, I don’t know about DPR much. But when I see this video I learn a lot about DPR. Thanks! :)

  • imat Roll
    imat Roll Month ago

    North Korea, South Korea. Marilyn Monroe.

  • 김의석
    김의석 Month ago

    south:better hell

  • 오키나와 마하에짱 Okinawa Mahae 冲绳小真酱

    지금 한국에서도 실업률 나왔아요

  • GamersOnVideos
    GamersOnVideos Month ago

    tax abolishion day on *APRIL FIRST* HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Binita Kapadiya
    Binita Kapadiya Month ago

    what if north korea gets freedom ??? it will be a history and the history chapter will come in 2050
    The Korean revolution and the rise of kim jong un (a.k.a bullshit)

  • zikri risnanda pane

    Happiness is not always about money, see the suicide rate in South Korea is so much compared to North Korea. I'm not saying North Korea is better than South Korea, but the media is very unfair if it only compares with numbers that are too rigid

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who Month ago

      You do not know what the suicide rate is in N. Korea, so you do not know what you are talking about.

    • zikri risnanda pane
      zikri risnanda pane Month ago

      +Applelitchi Do you sometimes not be curious about how our brains are also washed by the media, news, TV, movies and others from children without us knowing, much or at least certainly will change our thinking point of view

    • Applelitchi
      Applelitchi Month ago

      Basically, North Korea's characteristic is that it instills a thorough brain education into its head from a young age, and that all but a few upper-class Pyongyang residents are equally poor communist regimes. However, in Korea, which has no material resources at all, it is evident that the structure has a high suicide rate due to the structural characteristics of surviving in a fiercely competitive system as adults, by adopting a typical U.S.-style capitalist state system. And this is not just Korea's problem at the moment, but it is in a similar situation in some developed countries in East Asia where there is little material resources such as Taiwan, Japan and Singapore and human resources can be seen as their competitiveness.

    • zikri risnanda pane
      zikri risnanda pane Month ago

      And why do Westerners always say democracy is better than anything, do you see in Africa they also do democracy but still poor even North Korea is better than Africa that runs democracy but why is it always that North Korea is highlighted? As if going to North Korea is the poorest country on earth, even though many are poorer in the African continent but ignored by the media

  • 송도균
    송도균 Month ago

    This is absolutely true...
    A suicide is the biggest problem in Korea.

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who Month ago

      It only gets the most media attention ("if it bleeds, it is a lead story" - media saying), meaning the media distorts it (for you viewing pleasure) (and for advertising revenue).

  • wooziekuzi la
    wooziekuzi la 2 months ago

    really man they are koreans with the same average height and weight

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who Month ago

      No they aren't. N. Koreans are tiny by comparison due to malnutrition.

  • Vampire Lee
    Vampire Lee 2 months ago

    If you are North Korea you can’t travel ANYWHERE
    If you are South Korea you can travel ANYWHERE

  • Crazy Kayori
    Crazy Kayori 2 months ago

    America peeps:
    We have freedom so

  • ariana tea3
    ariana tea3 2 months ago

    North Korea is just literally full of fucking psychopaths

  • Federica Kpopper
    Federica Kpopper 2 months ago

    I’m thankful that I live in Europe.

  • None None
    None None 2 months ago


  • 저는요
    저는요 2 months ago +1

    0:11 저도 애국은 좋은데요 현재는 대마도는 한국땅이 아니랍니다. 뭐 대마도 우리땅이면 좋겠지만....

  • Tim Kilam
    Tim Kilam 2 months ago

    Korean reunification! A United Korea is better than a divide Korea!

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who Month ago

      The younger South Koreans do not want unification.

  • jeet Shah Rajendra
    jeet Shah Rajendra 2 months ago

    Make in hindi

  • Johnny’s Bricks
    Johnny’s Bricks 2 months ago


  • 유정연
    유정연 2 months ago

    Compare Philippines to other country in asia

  • PaperParody
    PaperParody 2 months ago

    South korea:Twice
    North korea:Eciwt

  • NightKat
    NightKat 2 months ago

    North Korea and South Korea are heaven and hell in a nutshell

  • I am kpop trash
    I am kpop trash 2 months ago

    *Kim Jong Un has left the chat*

  • Damdin Onggorgii
    Damdin Onggorgii 2 months ago +1

    헬조센이랑 북헬조센이랑 다를께 뭐가있냐? 그냥 언어차이 빼곤 모든게 똑같음

    • 아이리어
      아이리어 Month ago

      음 여기는 탈조센 해도 말리는 사람 없지만 북한은 탈조센 하려면 목숨을 걸어야 한다는 거?

  • Elijah H
    Elijah H 2 months ago

    My birthday is Tax Abolition Day.

  • 민정애
    민정애 2 months ago

  • archegon
    archegon 2 months ago

    I'm South Korean, don't judge.

  • 청솔향
    청솔향 2 months ago

    The NK is the heaven that we definitely don't want.
    In the other hand the SK is the hell where we want.

  • Abhi Gamer
    Abhi Gamer 2 months ago +1


  • zXxBraydonxXz
    zXxBraydonxXz 2 months ago

    North Korea is like a trap. You have no access to the modern world and you are poor.

  • zXxBraydonxXz
    zXxBraydonxXz 2 months ago

    Well I guess it’s quite backwards in North Korea I think the leaders and higher ups will have loads of money whilst everyone else will be poor

  • 최재혁
    최재혁 2 months ago +2

    Hi im highschool 3rd grade student in south korea, And i'm preparing for the test(we call it su-neung) to enter a college.
    It's almost true that we students in korea should study notorioulsy because of the social culture, but it's not that serious about the suicide rate of studens here... Half of students are thinking about suicide? Not really :)

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who Month ago

      No one in the (very mentally messed-up) Western world has any room to criticize suicide numbers. That said, all of humanity is still universally clueless, which is the core problem. (enter me).

  • 하늘색동화
    하늘색동화 2 months ago +1

    North can NOT see this video,
    Soutn can see this.

  • oss lod
    oss lod 2 months ago

    well,republiq state isnt bad at all

  • iPhone XS and XS Max
    iPhone XS and XS Max 2 months ago +1

    i live 6 kilometers away from the south korea/north korea line (i moved from pennsylvania)

  • Ryu Andy
    Ryu Andy 2 months ago

    I'm South Korean but i"m tall I'm 182 And I'm only 17years old

  • Delana Trujillo-Johnson

    South Korea has the highest suicude rate. Lots of competition in that country. Sad.