Average North Korean vs the Average South Korean - People Comparison


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  • 러바오 Lebao 乐宝
    러바오 Lebao 乐宝 10 hours ago

    지금 한국에서도 실업률 나왔아요

  • GamersOnVideos
    GamersOnVideos Day ago

    tax abolishion day on *APRIL FIRST* HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Hornigold locke
    Hornigold locke 2 days ago

    what if north korea gets freedom ??? it will be a history and the history chapter will come in 2050
    The Korean revolution and the rise of kim jong un (a.k.a bullshit)

  • zikri risnanda pane
    zikri risnanda pane 4 days ago

    Happiness is not always about money, see the suicide rate in South Korea is so much compared to North Korea. I'm not saying North Korea is better than South Korea, but the media is very unfair if it only compares with numbers that are too rigid

    • zikri risnanda pane
      zikri risnanda pane 4 days ago

      And why do Westerners always say democracy is better than anything, do you see in Africa they also do democracy but still poor even North Korea is better than Africa that runs democracy but why is it always that North Korea is highlighted? As if going to North Korea is the poorest country on earth, even though many are poorer in the African continent but ignored by the media

  • 송도균
    송도균 5 days ago

    This is absolutely true...
    A suicide is the biggest problem in Korea.

  • wooziekuzi la
    wooziekuzi la 6 days ago

    really man they are koreans with the same average height and weight

  • Vampire Lee
    Vampire Lee 7 days ago

    If you are North Korea you can’t travel ANYWHERE
    If you are South Korea you can travel ANYWHERE

  • Crazy Kayori
    Crazy Kayori 8 days ago

    America peeps:
    We have freedom so

  • Masii Xo
    Masii Xo 9 days ago

    North Korea is just literally full of fucking psychopaths

  • Federica Kpopper
    Federica Kpopper 9 days ago

    I’m thankful that I live in Europe.

  • None None
    None None 9 days ago


  • 저는요
    저는요 11 days ago +1

    0:11 저도 애국은 좋은데요 현재는 대마도는 한국땅이 아니랍니다. 뭐 대마도 우리땅이면 좋겠지만....

  • Tim Kilam
    Tim Kilam 11 days ago

    Korean reunification! A United Korea is better than a divide Korea!

  • jeet Shah Rajendra
    jeet Shah Rajendra 12 days ago

    Make in hindi

  • Johnny’s Bricks
    Johnny’s Bricks 12 days ago


    ALL CRAZYSHIT 13 days ago

    Compare Philippines to other country in asia

  • PaperParody
    PaperParody 13 days ago

    South korea:Twice
    North korea:Eciwt

  • NightKat
    NightKat 13 days ago

    North Korea and South Korea are heaven and hell in a nutshell

  • I am kpop trash
    I am kpop trash 14 days ago

    *Kim Jong Un has left the chat*

  • 아즈문드자스민
    아즈문드자스민 14 days ago +1

    헬조센이랑 북헬조센이랑 다를께 뭐가있냐? 그냥 언어차이 빼곤 모든게 똑같음

  • Elijah H
    Elijah H 15 days ago

    My birthday is Tax Abolition Day.

  • 민정애
    민정애 17 days ago

  • archegon
    archegon 18 days ago

    I'm South Korean, don't judge.

  • 청솔향
    청솔향 19 days ago

    The NK is the heaven that we definitely don't want.
    In the other hand the SK is the hell where we want.

  • Abhi Gamer
    Abhi Gamer 19 days ago +1


  • zXxBraydonxXz
    zXxBraydonxXz 19 days ago

    North Korea is like a trap. You have no access to the modern world and you are poor.

  • zXxBraydonxXz
    zXxBraydonxXz 19 days ago

    Well I guess it’s quite backwards in North Korea I think the leaders and higher ups will have loads of money whilst everyone else will be poor

  • 최재혁
    최재혁 20 days ago +2

    Hi im highschool 3rd grade student in south korea, And i'm preparing for the test(we call it su-neung) to enter a college.
    It's almost true that we students in korea should study notorioulsy because of the social culture, but it's not that serious about the suicide rate of studens here... Half of students are thinking about suicide? Not really :)

  • 하늘색동화
    하늘색동화 20 days ago

    North can NOT see this video,
    Soutn can see this.

  • oss lod
    oss lod 21 day ago

    well,republiq state isnt bad at all

  • HersheyParkFan I suave no videos

    i live 6 kilometers away from the south korea/north korea line (i moved from pennsylvania)

  • Ryu Andy
    Ryu Andy 23 days ago

    I'm South Korean but i"m tall I'm 182 And I'm only 17years old

  • Delana Trujillo-Johnson

    South Korea has the highest suicude rate. Lots of competition in that country. Sad.

  • Lily Kitsune
    Lily Kitsune 25 days ago

    North Kore: Tsundere
    South Korea: Deredere

    BISHISTAX 26 days ago

    i hate kim jongun he is the most cruel person ever i hope that bitch die as fast as possible i want the north korean people to live with freedom (like if you agree

  • light na
    light na 26 days ago

    I am korean I think your information is little bit wrong . next time please investigate correctly

  • 범땡이
    범땡이 27 days ago

    North Korea: hell
    South Korea:heaven
    Some one say, South Korean is hell, too. But, it isn't.
    If you live North Korea, you can't think it.

  • Park Coreano
    Park Coreano 27 days ago

    Damn cooool helpful and informative

  • jae hee kim
    jae hee kim 28 days ago

    I’m South Korean but speak English language

  • 2003 Pleiades
    2003 Pleiades 28 days ago

    Hello I’m South Korean. There are something you have to know. North Korea is worse than South Korea. Not like this vid. But, also in South Korea, we are not happy. Although we can use internet without permission, although we have good health care system, some people in ROK suicide a lot. Although DPRK people lives in strict control system, they are happy. I think the reason is why South Korean people know ‘what is free’. So south Korean people wants to live in the free country. We wants more free life. But, North Koreans don’t know what is free. They are satisfied with where they live.

  • rkslds sp
    rkslds sp 29 days ago +1

    What? hey I'm Korean girl student, our country girl's average is not 157.. it's too short..!
    Also there are some mistakes about North Korea. I'm really sad about North Korea is the closest country from here, but why it is too far from our heat? Actually we were the one country.

  • 딩팡
    딩팡 Month ago

    북한은 애초에 기대치가 너무 낮아서 그런듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한국 분들 외국인들이 오해할까봐 걱정마세요 외국인 댓글 보니까 너무 웃겨욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • icewallowcman
    icewallowcman Month ago

    North korea will last longer than s korea

  • Odysseus Rex
    Odysseus Rex Month ago

    When the day comes that the two Koreas are reunited, and the Northerners get a look at the real world, the shock is going to be unimaginable. It will be like bringing people one or two hundred years into the future. Most of them do not have electricity, private automobiles, radios or televisions. Common comforts like dining out, going to the movies, having lights on after dark, simply do not exist there. It's really going to be something to see.

  • sawyermatters
    sawyermatters Month ago

    So economy is 80x smaller. Population 2x... communism is the worst shit ever, even worse than I thought, and I thought it was apocalyptic

  • sawyermatters
    sawyermatters Month ago

    “Everything free” that’s the same populist shit Democrats supports in USA. So destroying the country’s economy to have things free. You leftists are always the same, be a real man instead of blaming riches for your failures. If you wanna free heath care you have to increase taxes, which is dangerous for economy and the job creation, in other words, poor will suffer. The economy is growing 4 per cent, and due to Trumps tax reductions. Ps: I am not American and I know better about USA’s economy than you. Study “””” liberals “”””

  • Nerf Elite Army
    Nerf Elite Army Month ago

    Is this even a competition?

  • 붕어
    붕어 Month ago

    근데 북한 그림은 무표정이고 한국 그림은 웃고있는 사진이구만 의미있게 추가한건가?

    ZERO ZERO Month ago

    외국인에게 모국을 배운다니 놀라운 경험

  • Glitter Sparkle TV
    Glitter Sparkle TV Month ago

    South Koreans get more money then my mum.

  • Android
    Android Month ago +1

    Kim John un is a butt

  • 세숫대야
    세숫대야 Month ago +1

    0:07 3시 방향에 있어야 할 대한민국의 섬 '울릉도'와 '독도'가 빠졌습니다. 그리고 5시 방향에 있는 섬 '대마도'는 일본의 영토 입니다.

  • 윤지웅
    윤지웅 Month ago +1


  • 유현준
    유현준 Month ago

    한민족이래도 김정은 개새끼 씨발새끼 랑 엮지좀 마...

  • Cometa K
    Cometa K Month ago +1

    I'm south korean and a year ago, i was high school student. Usually my friends and I studied over 10 hours for a day. It feels that I want to suicide. Everyone in south korea, we always said I wanna suicide, I wanna leave school or company. Becuase we work and study everyday like machines. We usually choose not we want, choose we must to do. This is why We were able to flourish in a short time. 'A double-edged sword'. Isn't it amazing?
    아 근데 이거 우리나라 현실 반영 너무 잘하지 않았어요? 한국인 없나? 진짜 허를 찌른다 팩트만 때리네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Silly Girl
    Silly Girl Month ago

    Living in NK is torture

  • 혜조전
    혜조전 Month ago

    여러가지 찾아보고 했을꺼 같은데 ...정보가 다 정확하진 않아도 저 영상 준비하는데 엄청 시간들었겠어요

  • Fun
    Fun Month ago

    Very little but langege is diffrent
    Same langege but...
    Something like northamerkian saying and south american saying

  • Capitalist Anonymous

    NORTH koreans:
    Propaganda, Useless North Korean bots, Fat leader!
    South Koreans:
    Good food, Great K Pop, GOOD LIFE!!!

  • 으응
    으응 Month ago

    에요...한국인으로써 북한인들 참 불쌍하다고 느낀다

  • 정겨울
    정겨울 Month ago

    그래서 남한은 미국 농산물 열심히 수입하는 착한 나라? ㅋㅋ

  • 이지은
    이지은 Month ago

    팩트)북한상위1프로vs남한 평균

  • jmj7793
    jmj7793 Month ago

    실업률은 안나와있네 북한은 몰라도 한국은 돈없으면 죽고싶어도 못죽거나 정말 죽는곳인데. 게다가 국가 부채 저출산 노인부양률 기하급수적증가 되려 이민 영주권이 가장 쉬운 해결책

  • 오윤주
    오윤주 Month ago

    댓 읽고싶은데 뭐라는지 모르겠음ㅠ

  • 컵고양이
    컵고양이 Month ago +2

    남한이북한보다안좋은점이라면...법이 솜방망이얌

  • 김태연
    김태연 Month ago

    날래 날래 나우라오

  • Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max

    There's another difference between North Korea and South Korea...

    NK is evil!

  • K K
    K K Month ago +2

    I am a South Korean. During vacation abroad, many foreigners ask us “Korean?” then “South or North?”. Do not ask that kind of thing please. North Koreans cannot even travel abroad. They are prohibited to do that strictly.

    • K K
      K K Month ago

      스키퍼 그쵸 저도 뭐 웃어넘겼는데 여기서함말해봤어요

    • 스키퍼
      스키퍼 Month ago

      K K 외국인들은 북한에 대해 몰라요. 비록 그런말 들었을때 기분이 나쁠수는 있어도 별수 있나요. 무지에서 비롯된것이니 우리가 참아야죠

  • 김향기
    김향기 Month ago


  • 북괴에 미친문재앙

    North korea is really hell in the world

  • 박지수
    박지수 Month ago

    시발 한국인들아 외국인들 많이 보는데 한국 욕쫌하지마라 쪽팔리게 ㅅㅂ

    • 박지수
      박지수 Month ago

      스키퍼 내가 한국 욕햇나

    • 스키퍼
      스키퍼 Month ago

      박지수 너는..?

  • 황또
    황또 Month ago

    I want an app....plz....❣️

  • SangUn Kang 강상언

    Maybe Kim jong un can see this video.
    Oh oh Kim, If you see this comment don't forget to subscribe my channel

  • 한시원
    한시원 Month ago +1

    0:08 An island in the southeast is not the land of South Korea... it is Japanese. There is a small mistake on this video.

  • 동파째끼
    동파째끼 Month ago

    결론 그냥 북한은 한국한테 쳐발림

  • 윤경
    윤경 Month ago +2

    외국인들 평가하고 지랄;

  • Sodaliss Mean
    Sodaliss Mean Month ago

    Compare taiwan and china

  • whelchs Grape
    whelchs Grape Month ago +1

    Almost young south korean hate north korea

  • 만원
    만원 Month ago

    남한은 너무 정확하게 딱딱 집어서 할말이 없다 북한은 약간 부족하네 실상은 훨씬 심각한데

  • Rabistone Ch
    Rabistone Ch Month ago

    Seoul is the most highly developed city in the whole entire world. There’s no doubt about it.

  • 나나를사랑하자

    엔시티랑 차은우만 아니었어도 이미 한국 뜨거나 생 마감했지 시발진짜..

  • 설윤석
    설윤석 Month ago

    This is contrast of very very high class North Korean (high rank 1%) and just normal South Korean. In reality many North Korean come or try to come South Korea. Because North Korea is very difficult to live. In north korea. Someone who has 40million$ is the rich. If the upper class North Korean come to South Korea, they are just the middle class in South Korea. Resultingly, it can be wrong video

  • Army WALKER
    Army WALKER Month ago

    I came here for BTS

  • LawrenceGaming
    LawrenceGaming Month ago

    South Korea is my fav.

  • 한국여자
    한국여자 Month ago

    Do you like South Korea? or North Korea?
    남한이 좋냐 북한이 좋냐 참고로 나 한국인 한국인 나와봐

  • Theodoric Kim
    Theodoric Kim Month ago

    North Korea, worse than this video says.

  • Theodoric Kim
    Theodoric Kim Month ago

    Just think like this: North Korean cannot use TVclip.

  • 조선족
    조선족 Month ago

    북한이란 명칭은 한국에서만 부르는 명칭임

  • Tokuy
    Tokuy Month ago

    Why do u compare them like they should be similar? Im in South Korea. Its like America just more apartments than houses.

  • Jackson Reno
    Jackson Reno Month ago

    천달러가 천백만원이냐 병신번역자새끼야

  • 너굴
    너굴 Month ago


  • 뽀 뽀
    뽀 뽀 Month ago

    다들 김정은 얘기 밖에 안하넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 무색큐브
    무색큐브 Month ago

    세계에서 2번째로 근로시간이 많대 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    ??? : 웃지마 니 얘기야

  • Cheryl Wong
    Cheryl Wong Month ago +1

    Its not true that North Korea is the only no tax country because there is other countries have a no tax too.

  • F.D네오
    F.D네오 Month ago

    Ha ... I'm really hate Kim Jung-eun. because he tortured and killed innocent people.

  • 이기영
    이기영 Month ago +4

    지도에서 대마도 한국땅이라 표시되어있네요 대마도 원래 한국땅 입니다 대마도 찾아옵시다

  • 팤민미
    팤민미 Month ago


  • Brian Guillemette
    Brian Guillemette Month ago

    lets safe the poor people being forced to live in north korea

  • Kamonohashi3sei Suzuki

    HEY! Tsushima is japan‼️🇯🇵

    • 윷앤
      윷앤 Month ago

      4132 suzuki 객속릭학곡작빡젹넥