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Average North Korean vs the Average South Korean - People Comparison

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
  • What is the difference between the life of North Koreans and the life of South Koreans? Who has it better? Find out today in this episode of The Infographics Show: Average North Korean vs the Average South Korean ⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐
    Let's see what the differences are between North Korea ans South Korea!
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  • Rita.L ღ
    Rita.L ღ 6 hours ago +1

    4:53 *reason* / I am a Korean student. Because most elementary school students go to private academies, there are many people who go home at 11 p.m. So, the suicide rate is increasing because they have been under a lot of stress since they were young. I think the education problem is the biggest.

  • 김아라
    김아라 9 hours ago

    When I was in high school, my school started at 9:00 am, finished at 9:45 pm.

  • Windows10User
    Windows10User 14 hours ago

    2:15 "April 1st"

  • Suwin Khamchaiwong


  • Just an ordinary faggot

    Irony when he says North America in the start of the video only the USA gets colored blue

  • StarPegasus
    StarPegasus 2 days ago

    반박할수가 없네.

  • Erick Yoon
    Erick Yoon 3 days ago +2

    There is a lot of misunderstanding about the Republic of Korea.
    Korea's suicide rate is the number one among OECD countries, but other age groups are average and the suicide rate of senior citizens is unusually high, which is because hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs due to the Asian financial crisis in 1997, they were unable to prepare for retirement.
    Including countries other than the OECD, China's suicide rate is twice as high as Korea's, and Russia is four times as high as Korea's.
    And the academic stress in Korea is not high. At the age of SAT, There take extra lessons at school, but most students give up after not even a month.
    And Korea's working hours are the second highest among OECD countries, but it's only legal time and it's recently shortened.

  • iiKun Chanii
    iiKun Chanii 4 days ago


  • 익명
    익명 6 days ago

    북한은 자기들의 빈곤함을 감추기위해 고소득자의 생활만 보여준다. 실제로 북한주민 평균은 기본적인 식사조차 할 수 없을정도로 빈곤하다. 영상의 북한 주민은 북한에서 상위1% 주민을 얘기했다.

  • Bu Castro
    Bu Castro 8 days ago


  • leonA
    leonA 9 days ago

    i love south korea...

  • Joseph McLaughlin
    Joseph McLaughlin 9 days ago

    tax free day april 1= its a april fool day thing

  • Soul-Eye Animations & More!

    Kim Jong Un Vs. BTS

  • 슈하별
    슈하별 10 days ago

    엄마 여기 한국어가 없어ㅜㅡㅜㅜ

  • John Adrian Francisco
    John Adrian Francisco 10 days ago +1

    *1% Pig jong un comment*
    *99% South Korea Comment*

  • Heeseo (Kay) Lee
    Heeseo (Kay) Lee 13 days ago +1

    I mean, the misconception that South Korea is perfect isn't true either..... With so many talented people bc everybody seems to have graduated at some top university with perfect grades, but so little jobs, a lot of people are jobless. Then there's overwork, but not enough money given from certain companies. Expectations and pressure from those around you. The whole, studying 11 hours a day thing, terrible air quality, freezing cold winters with burning summers......
    Not the best country there is, but, it is still amazing. Despite it's downsides, I'd say I love my country. ^^

  • Mendel Rieseberg
    Mendel Rieseberg 13 days ago

    "The two countries have something in common as in they like to party and get wasted on white liquor"
    One country can listen to music, the other to propoganda. figure out which

  • demon eats demon
    demon eats demon 14 days ago


  • kamata kun and fre sha vocodo

    south Korea is a wonderful place with wonderful food while north korea is just a sad country with a especially evil president I'm also a south Korean and south Korean is AWESOME and the study given to south koreans is okay and helps than be smarter

  • Isaac Gomez
    Isaac Gomez 15 days ago

    Este video es propaganda Norcoreana

  • Prata Boi
    Prata Boi 17 days ago

    I live in south korea

  • Nicholas Challenger
    Nicholas Challenger 18 days ago +4

    Who’s watching this in 2020?

    Yeah, try liking.

  • Aishwarya Wadkar
    Aishwarya Wadkar 19 days ago

    You know April 1 is the Fools day

  • Layla b
    Layla b 20 days ago

    North Korean: Watches TVclip at work

    Kim Jong Un: YOU MUST DIE

  • pinguinitacori
    pinguinitacori 22 days ago

    The north korean characters look a bit scary

  • Aeron James Ocampo
    Aeron James Ocampo 22 days ago +1


  • Fluffy Pants
    Fluffy Pants 24 days ago +8

    North Korea: NO TAX !!
    North Korea: Its April first you know what that means
    Me: Celebrate no tax?
    ME:*Gets a fine for not paying taxes* AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

  • JesterClown 8397YT
    JesterClown 8397YT 25 days ago +12

    "North Korea claims to be the only tax-free country."
    *COUGH* Monaco *COUGH*

  • Lee OSC Baker
    Lee OSC Baker 25 days ago

    No Tax got to love that one

  • Dale Holbert
    Dale Holbert 26 days ago

    I have seen every mash episode so

  • julien Aubert
    julien Aubert 26 days ago

    North Korea : Dictatorship.
    South Korea : Fake Democracy.

  • Jimmy Miller
    Jimmy Miller 27 days ago +48

    Well why don't North Koreans have McDonald's?

    Kim Jong Un ate it all

    • Jimmy Miller
      Jimmy Miller 16 days ago

      +Queen Kid 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Queen Kid
      Queen Kid 16 days ago +2

      Kim Jong Un is a true American

  • Neo Pla
    Neo Pla 27 days ago

    북한에 대한 정보는 반북 언론 단체나 탈북자 주장에 기반하고 있어서 그런지 꽤 부정확하네요.

  • FoolishGamer
    FoolishGamer 28 days ago +1

    People Under Translating Comments On Korean Language And Typing It

  • Diana Tumakaeva
    Diana Tumakaeva 28 days ago +1

    Main difference: NK: hates US
    SK: Loves US

  • Bom Is Queen
    Bom Is Queen 29 days ago

    Isn't there a difference between the languages,even though both speak Korean?

  • Isaac Alexander
    Isaac Alexander Month ago

    Are teacher showed us this video in social studies class today!

  • VAN月
    VAN月 Month ago +1

    North korea:"All men are created equal, but some are more equal."

  • Nicentac Crackers
    Nicentac Crackers Month ago

    :D 'I can't take this anymore!'

  • 전설의슈퍼짱짱맨

    kim jong un the world dirtiest pig

  • 냥냥이
    냥냥이 Month ago

    5:48 ㄴㄴ한국남성 비만율 42%임
    More Than 40% of Korean Men Are Overweight

  • m o r s k i b r o s k i

    me: *calls friend from north korea*
    friend from north korea: hello ?
    me: how is north korea ?
    friend from north korea: *_can’t complain .._*

    • m o r s k i b r o s k i
      m o r s k i b r o s k i 12 days ago

      Sigma it’s a joke bro

    • Sigma
      Sigma 12 days ago

      Right, minus the part where you can't call anyone in North Korea.

  • hyekung Kim
    hyekung Kim Month ago

    I am kind of offended in one partI'm south Korean

  • unkouwn figure
    unkouwn figure Month ago +1

    Tax abolition day on April the 1st, yup sure because it's a lie.

  • Aperture Productions Studios

    I couldnt live in south 11hrs of school? I cannot even take 6...

    • Cookiecake 1112
      Cookiecake 1112 Month ago

      Aperture Productions Studios I can’t even take 1 hour of school

  • Seanna Lim
    Seanna Lim Month ago

    When the Winter Olympics were held in South Korea, literally everyone booed because they thought of North Korea and all of those terrible things.
    I personally hated that because you shouldn't think South Korea is the same as North Korea - they are both COMPLETELY different countries.

  • ChaseCain356
    ChaseCain356 Month ago

    I always thought it was North Korea that was worse, but boy was I wrong!

  • Sergio Fernandez
    Sergio Fernandez Month ago

    I Want To Go To South Korea! :(

  • Mihir Panwalkar
    Mihir Panwalkar Month ago

    North Korea is Tax Free, but who cares cause tax in maryland is how much they make a month

  • Śunfłowēr Páiñtingś

    I’d rather live in North Korea. They don’t eat dogs there.

    • Kiki Ramdass
      Kiki Ramdass Month ago

      Śunfłowēr Páiñtingś they do actually I’m from s.k

  • King Quantum
    King Quantum Month ago +4

    I love living in North Korea!!...I mean Northern part of South Korea :)

    • I eduDnosioPelpruP
      I eduDnosioPelpruP Month ago

      King Quantum well I don’t live in SK but I visit the middle part of South Korea

  • Hakseo Park
    Hakseo Park Month ago

    Freedom is the most important difference they have

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman Month ago

    all lies and propaganda

    you’re favorite fashion model, kim jong-il

  • Accurate Makes!
    Accurate Makes! Month ago

    No tax day on April fools well no tax’s is a fool

  • stxrrynight
    stxrrynight Month ago

    Who else is Korean to see how wrong this video would be?

    Its not all wrong btw :)

  • Mr Bean Bean
    Mr Bean Bean Month ago

    My question is North corea and South are same race

  • 다이아빵tv
    다이아빵tv Month ago

    한국은 인터넷이 잘돼있습니다!

  • 이레이저
    이레이저 Month ago +1

    I want to unified

    ALRIGHTY THEN Month ago

    Yeah, college is free and I won’t have to pay taxes on the $100 a month that my degree earns me? Why are people not fleeing to North Korea?

  • -QaDeeB.* Dota
    -QaDeeB.* Dota Month ago

    Usa can never attack north korea there is a big secret in which Pakistan is helping them .

    • -QaDeeB.* Dota
      -QaDeeB.* Dota Month ago

      +Eczemanorthh kofea not china

    • Eczema
      Eczema Month ago

      +-QaDeeB.* Dota "they have problems" who? USA and China? and besides USA owes 22 Trillion USD to China.

    • -QaDeeB.* Dota
      -QaDeeB.* Dota Month ago

      +Eczema they hv problems idk

    • Eczema
      Eczema Month ago

      Why would USA risk war with China?

  • 김선달
    김선달 Month ago

    General useless video. If you google or see wikipedia just for 5 mins, it'll be better than this.
    I first saw your subs and thought that this video may be uncommon informative video.
    Nah, just like the average westerners.

  • 방개.
    방개. Month ago +1

    well...uhh...erm...Hello I'm south Korean

  • zackington
    zackington Month ago

    I lived in north korea for 3 years

  • Abhishek Dahikane
    Abhishek Dahikane Month ago

    DPRK is nice country but their leader isn't 😖😞

  • Talking Smack
    Talking Smack Month ago

    I know we’re I’m going for college

  • Riddhima Kpop Multiple Group Stanner

    About SK Suicide rate, an Idol committed suicide, Kim Jonghyun.... 😔

  • Cutie Rose
    Cutie Rose Month ago


  • Cutie Rose
    Cutie Rose Month ago


  • sup fam34
    sup fam34 Month ago +2

    Kim : opens a gym
    Kim only person in North Korea that is fat

  • tragic tEa!
    tragic tEa! Month ago

    South is better OOP I DID ThAt

  • 김재황
    김재황 Month ago

    I'm korean

  • Jason Han
    Jason Han Month ago

    Dang literally everything in our country is better than North Korea!

  • Kim hana
    Kim hana Month ago +46

    South Korea is the best.
    North can be best to if that pig die.

    • kailong wu
      kailong wu 15 days ago

      nonono.If Kim Jong un dead, his son will become the next dictator. North Korea needs to change her system.

    • Sillybutcool AJ
      Sillybutcool AJ 21 day ago +4

      No ones gonna cry at *HIS* funeral! (if he’s lucky enough to have one 🤮)

    • ??
      ?? 21 day ago +1

      🤣🤣 yeah they can be best when that pig gonna di🤣🤣🤣

    • Themforever_ Blink
      Themforever_ Blink 23 days ago +5

      Kim hana yeah I feel bad for them

  • park jimin
    park jimin Month ago +1

    i live in south Korea and im still in school i study 15+ hours a day yes we study a lot and yes it is bad for our health but asians (not all of them) study alot but if u study the hard work will pay off also when i say im korean pepole always ask north or south im like come on im south north Koreans do get to do any thing

  • Nadejda Schmidt
    Nadejda Schmidt 2 months ago +1

    Why did Mossad or C.I.A still not kill the Fat Lazy Evil leader Kim Jung Un, with poisen, it will for sure safe many life's in North korea.

  • Alex A.
    Alex A. 2 months ago

    Answer: one is a Dva main
    And the other dosent have overwatch

  • Eleias Mplias
    Eleias Mplias 2 months ago +1

    South Korea is basically an island

  • AaronBorchard
    AaronBorchard 2 months ago +1

    Do a Usa vs Ussr one.

  • Navit Blade
    Navit Blade 2 months ago

    North Korea are rule by communist that take away freedom.

  • 오늘날씨
    오늘날씨 2 months ago

    North Koreans have nothing to eat, so they eat the bark of trees, and many of them even starve

  • David Anewman
    David Anewman 2 months ago

    Judaism was the perfect system. Kim Jong Un is an atheist god. How did Kim gain so much weight eating rice?

  • Doggirl Productions
    Doggirl Productions 2 months ago +1

    I will never go to North Korea 🇰🇵

  • Fr0st B1te
    Fr0st B1te 2 months ago

    North Korea wants to know ur location

  • The-Game- Tester
    The-Game- Tester 2 months ago

    Average north korean DEAR LEADER
    Average south korean FAT LEADER

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Trinidad and Tobago do one

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    You need to do one about Trinidad and Tobago

  • gaming and memes
    gaming and memes 2 months ago

    Kuwait doesn't have tax

  • Jaf IO Tutorials
    Jaf IO Tutorials 2 months ago

    What's the difference? One wont be vaporized.

  • 하리보
    하리보 2 months ago +3

    그니까 그차이임
    북한은 이영상을 볼수없고
    남한은 이영상을 볼수있고

  • sandar thein
    sandar thein 2 months ago

    South korean 😁😁

  • geunhye park
    geunhye park 2 months ago

    I feel so angry about how superpowers like USA or USSR treated (and sometimes still treats) small countries such as Korea as if they are pawns on a chess board. Every nation deserves better respect despite their power or size. Look at what they've ended up with splitting an innocent country against their will.

  • Han Ben
    Han Ben 2 months ago +1

    North korea best Korea

  • pc building gr and tech

    North korea= taekwondo
    South korea= no protection

  • pc building gr and tech

    When i hear north korea

    I break all my house by taekwondo

  • Toxic Light
    Toxic Light 2 months ago +1

    There are people richer than nk*

    Nk stands for nuke

  • Blueberry Cream
    Blueberry Cream 2 months ago

    I liv in Phillipines and i think its in asia btw im almost 4th grade and im almost 9

  • 유찬
    유찬 2 months ago


  • Moonman 1111
    Moonman 1111 2 months ago +1

    Well South Korea is better but we did have to overthrow our president a couple years ago. And how many republics have we gone through in the last 70 years? Are we at 8th? 9th?

  • Girl Girl
    Girl Girl 2 months ago

    Kim Jong Un, WhO rAiSeD yOu!?