Glass - Movie Review


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  • Mike Ill
    Mike Ill 12 hours ago

    Loved this movie.. the way the whole story went was great loved the end it really became a orgin of of a comic

  • Joe Carless
    Joe Carless 12 hours ago +1

    I know the movie came out years ago but review tron legacy

  • Shirou Amakusa Kotomine

    Yeah, still not happy about The Last Airbender thou on fight and story sequences.

  • CDN Adrian
    CDN Adrian Day ago

    I have seen no movies from this Franchise but I am very intrigued now. What Order would be best to watch these or does that matter? I am willing to binge watch all three this weekend lol just someone who is a fan please guide my viewing order to maximize the experience if you be so kind.

    • dark0knight15
      dark0knight15 14 hours ago

      Watch Unbreakable, then Split, then Glass.

  • Saajan Saleen
    Saajan Saleen 2 days ago

    stupid movie

  • M. P.
    M. P. 2 days ago

    Simply loved this movie, so many hidden messages. Blasted my expectations a walked out different . . .

  • Maribel Orozco
    Maribel Orozco 4 days ago

    June 21st 2006, February 19th 2010, March 23rd 2011.

  • Maribel Orozco
    Maribel Orozco 4 days ago


  • Alycks
    Alycks 5 days ago

    wasn't very believable that one single sniper bullet to the torso can kill while a shogun from point blank did nothing

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 6 days ago

    Is this Chris's first question mark?

  • Wankshaftsbury
    Wankshaftsbury 7 days ago

    Haha, I guessed it probably would not be quite what I wanted, knowing his films! So I know what you mean by conflicted, and there is something I would rather not have had happen - no spoiler alert, if you've seen it you know what I mean - but by the end I was blown away.

  • Daniel Lawrence
    Daniel Lawrence 7 days ago

    Dude that shirt is fire, tried looking for it on Amazon couldnt find it

  • David Smith
    David Smith 8 days ago

    great movie

  • Icono Color
    Icono Color 9 days ago

    Sorry being negative but... really LAME movie. It's a script talking about a script. Almost 90% of running time stuck in a mental asylum, so the story get stuck in a mental emptiness making no sense. Bruce Willis doing NOTHING, he's captive and he doesn't even react, he look like a simpleton on weed. No funk, no wig split, no cheeks busted. They're talking about fighting on the Osaka Tower for people to see, but they're fighting in a parking lot against rookie cops like retards. The Comic Book thing is so kidergarden, poopoo stuff and asexual. Plus, the ending was pure laughs and total cringe. Shyamalan never been a good writer.

  • Froggy Juice
    Froggy Juice 9 days ago

    So, we're just going to completely disregard how Mr. Glass just wheels right out of his room with no question? This movie was an F in my book!

  • Josh
    Josh 9 days ago +1

    What's the point of making two reviews? Just do one! But 'split' them into two parts, first a quick spoiler-free review to get people to see the film, then a spoiler review

  • williem dafoe
    williem dafoe 10 days ago

    To me m night only has one good movie everything else sucks yeas unbreakable. The visit. Glass. Split too

  • Stephen Devore
    Stephen Devore 10 days ago

    Good or even great movies with no direction or directorial oversight . Nothing their to keep the director or the setup when putting the movie together. I Like Sopranos ending. I understand why they did the end with a sudden ending. No country for old men was really spot on. This attitude with movies that could have been great and needed a better ending. Or some with rediting could real help. The last 10 years with a massive set of crap endings has to change. Im sure the suits got involved and help ruin it Like The Thing remake. And Awfully misrepresented Mother as fake horror. The only Horror was in the money you wasted to see IT 😲😂😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😨😎

  • Notificación YouTube
    Notificación YouTube 13 days ago

    *You are not a critic, you are a fan boy*

  • dmanc1
    dmanc1 13 days ago +1

    Amazing movie.
    Definitely Definitely Definitely go and see this movie!

  • Peter Pellechia
    Peter Pellechia 14 days ago +1

    Signs is way overrated

  • Peter Pellechia
    Peter Pellechia 14 days ago

    You are too nitpicky

  • Peter Pellechia
    Peter Pellechia 14 days ago

    I think glass is a masterpiece.i think all you critics critique of this great film is way way too nitpicky.i think m night is masterful and also i think its a very creative story overall.

  • Barron Thomas
    Barron Thomas 16 days ago

    Lol so you don't like the ending huhh? Either you are naive to whats happening right under our noses or your dissapointed that he exposed it..... Great fuckin movie💪🏾💯

  • Jerry F
    Jerry F 16 days ago

    West Dylan Thordson actually DOES use many of James Newton Howard's score in this one. Disagree on that, Chris.

  • Logan Cox
    Logan Cox 16 days ago

    I get why people aren't into the ending, and I've got some issues with it myself, but ultimately I just had to kind of admire it. It takes balls to feed into all these expectations and then defy them like that. And so much of the rest of the movie is so damn good that it really doesn't matter to me.

  • Tori
    Tori 16 days ago

    Good to know that I'm not the only one who always tries to defend M. Night Shyamalan 😂
    I have four main issues with the movie and without it, this would get easily a rating of 9/10
    -the psychologist was important but somehow boring. They could have cut most of her scenes
    -specially at the end I feel like they run out of budget. The places were just very random and unspectacular
    -there was this strange group with the tattoo in the end. This is the one thing that upsets me the most, because it's very strange for Shyamalan of not hinting this from the beginning.
    -I wish they could have shown more/longer flashback. Like how Carrie really feels about Kevin, what Elijah's mother went through after knowing his son was a murderer. And of course more about David's family circumstances

  • Noor ••
    Noor •• 17 days ago

    The ending was horrible
    Megamind's plan was more elaborate than that.. James McAvoy was the only good thing about this movie

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 18 days ago

    Keep up the great work Chris.

  • Charles Matthews
    Charles Matthews 18 days ago

    Is the ending as a big a letdown as The Village?

    • brandon brooker
      brandon brooker 18 days ago

      If you go in believing it will be a dumster fire then you have nothing to lose

  • TheCladi8or
    TheCladi8or 19 days ago


  • Cine y Cafe
    Cine y Cafe 19 days ago

    Jackson's performance reminded you of Unbreakable? wow I'm curious why

  • IAN N
    IAN N 20 days ago


  • mathy906
    mathy906 20 days ago

    I was disaponted

  • Denzel Romero
    Denzel Romero 20 days ago

    The quality of the film from a objective stand point was fucking terrible compared to the perfection that was the beginning . Even the shots look so boring and cheap at the end

  • Helen Coltart
    Helen Coltart 21 day ago

    I agree- the performance of James McAvoy in this movie is awe inspiring and I hope he is recognized for this. I thought the movie reached its logical end and was done well.

  • emmy lite
    emmy lite 21 day ago

    It seems to me that people who require a second viewing because they aren't sure how they " feel " are deluding themselves . They can't simply admit to themselves that the film was bad/disappointing & need to see the film a second time to assuage those feelings .

    • brandon brooker
      brandon brooker 18 days ago

      Well preconceived notions of something can affect the way you perceive it. I don't think disappointment means something is necessarily bad. Just because The Force Awakens fulfilled our expectations, does that really mean it is a good movie?

  • qu David
    qu David 21 day ago

    A second review after watching??

  • GeorgeInHerJungle
    GeorgeInHerJungle 21 day ago

    The people that actually liked this movie are the same people that liked Suicide Squad

  • Closet.Rebel
    Closet.Rebel 21 day ago

    See it? Rent it? Skip it?

  • Janet Dillingham
    Janet Dillingham 22 days ago

    Carla is still having her ordinary weekend.

  • Peng Li
    Peng Li 23 days ago

    The movie was a really good sequel to Unbreakable.
    Split is just that, it kinda splits the two and splices them together.
    The ending of Glass was amazing if not perfect.
    Sorry the critics don't get it.
    The truth is they didn't like Unbreakable either when it came out 19 years ago.

  • Mads97415
    Mads97415 23 days ago

    At first I was shocked that Chris said he didn’t want to do letter grades anymore, but then I remembered that one of my favorite movie review channels Screen Junkies doesn’t do letter, number or star grades. They just give the review and at the end say if you should go see it, wait till it comes out on blu-Ray later or to just skip it and I think that’s fine. Whatever you do Chris I’m sure it will be fine!

  • Mads97415
    Mads97415 23 days ago

    I’m not sure how I feel about Glass yet and the twist ending. Was surprised but at the same time underwhelmed? Don’t know how to explain it. I will say I think the idea behind it was very intersecting. I think I liked it overall though lol. My only problem with it right now isn’t even the movie itself, but the people saying that the people who didn’t like it just “didn’t get it” or “where to stupid to get it”. Just don’t with that crap...

  • Spencer Tickle
    Spencer Tickle 23 days ago

    It's like the Las Jedi... first time you're flabbergasted but entertained, but the second viewing you're pissed.

  • Brandon Barrales
    Brandon Barrales 23 days ago

    Sorry I really have to disagree with most of this comment section literally this movie was great all the way through I honestly thought it was the best move I've ever watched and I've watched many marvel movies and some other big movies the acting was great the the pacing the ending and the message at the end and the potential uprising it set up I really don't understand how people find this movie terrible is it the lack of patience or lack of understanding or both just baffled first movie I would say I rate 10/10 wouldn't change anything first hero type movie I could say had like no action really and surpassed all big names for me I also want to add the best part of this movie for me was that ending wasn't expecting that and James mcavoys acting was perfect

  • Nawal_ N_Heaven
    Nawal_ N_Heaven 23 days ago

    James performance was out of this world he was the biggest highlight of the movie. Loved the cinematography as well! The movie is an Introduction for series of Glass & have a great concept: you are an extraordinary-creature believe it & don’t let any one let this believe down.

  • Non Pervenuto
    Non Pervenuto 24 days ago +1

    take a vacation, your heart just ain't in it anymore

  • alwaysxnever
    alwaysxnever 24 days ago

    The POV shots were definitely overused. I appreciate the held back approach to the action, the climax pissed me off, but the final scenes really worked for me. I think Night could have given us more then ending most of us wanted but the emotional beats REALLY worked for me.

  • Jeck Cuario
    Jeck Cuario 24 days ago

    hahaha!!! maybe i will not watch this movie iguess??

  • Bruce Laborin
    Bruce Laborin 24 days ago

    The movie was titled GLASS. Unbreakable was David Dunn's story and character focus, and Split was Kevin Crumb's focused story. We all know what happens at the end of GLASS, so I'll just say that this movie's real point is how smart MR. GLASS is, and how in the end he really did prove that incredible people do exist. He also destroys a secret society by staying in the background for the whole film. The film was aptly titled, and in the end delivered what Unbreakable promised in a villain like Mr. GLASS.

  • 1milazzo
    1milazzo 24 days ago

    Dumbest movie Iv'e seen in a long time....

  • josseph
    josseph 25 days ago

    the ending of review was conflicted too )

  • Darren  C
    Darren C 25 days ago

    I liked the movie, i enjoyed unbreakable and split, I am not sure if i did enjoy this one though. I am literally split down the middle of either loving or hating the movie. It felt like Doctor Staples decisions/actions were a little too rigid for my liking. Obviously her employee's had already made up their/her mind, as all the preparations to receive the patients pointed to a loaded outcome/event, which kinda spoiled the ending for me.
    The good "doctor" never really believed anything she was saying to the trio in their discussion groups. If you are going to load a gun, you may as well fire it I guess. I felt like she was shooting blanks however during their therapy sessions. I got frustrated during the question and answer sessions, because life is never "split" down the middle, there are no yes or no answers, good or bad, its not that simple, it cannot be ? I mean the trio prove that given the right push in either direction, (that being mr glass), one can go off in a different direction. So the equation is self balancing in the end. Any interference from an external source is going to unbalance it again, I think this is where the good doctor failed to do her maths. Thus a product of a rigid mind, not able to see things as they really are, or will be.
    (Maybe I should call this film "Unbelievable" instead). There were also multiple issues with the movie, the under use of such actors, the security of the installation, the interactions between patients and other patients, access to the victims for the abusers, a lot of normal stuff was thrown out the window to make this happen. I did enjoy the trio's performances, despite their limited conversations. Ultimately did it satisfy, I dunno, I think I have to watch the movie again.
    I did like all the nods to the previous films continuity though, I really do need to watch it again!

  • Michael Hiers
    Michael Hiers 25 days ago

    Amazing movies. Mister glass's mom says it all at the end of the movie. They were witnessing the power of the universe....the power of the mind. People who rule the planet wants you to stay in the dark and not believe in the power each person holds. That's why the bad reviews hold no merit.

  • Isaac Campos
    Isaac Campos 25 days ago

    I agree so much with everything you said. I liked the movie but my issue is some of those small things that don't make sense (how all the guards are downright retarded). And also how the plot twist is over something that happened in the last 5 minutes so it had no weight at all really.

  • manu M
    manu M 25 days ago

    stuck u are such a dic why u dont review roma ur reviews lately suck and basically i dont blame you bullshitwwood has not deliver anything good , suck it up

  • MW2fabian
    MW2fabian 25 days ago


    Near the end of the movie where the “psychiatrist” is confessing her plans to practically dead main characters was so pointless and rushed. Wouldve been cooler to have it fleshed out throughout the movie

  • MW2fabian
    MW2fabian 25 days ago

    Last act of the movie felt so disconnected from everything else because of the constant twist. Last 20 minutes were as if a child was in charge of the script and said “ok lets add this, and then this person is this, but turns out that thing is actually that, but that knew about this.

  • Chern69
    Chern69 25 days ago +1

    unbreakable is unwatchable...

  • J. Rene C. Aguirre
    J. Rene C. Aguirre 25 days ago

    For me, the film is brilliantly titled. Glass. Mr. Glass and his actions are the centerpiece of this entire film and you don't really get to see it till more than halfway through and as each piece is revealed I found myself in awe. I think that the ending was another twist brilliant stroke by shyamalan.

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 26 days ago

    Grade: oh yeah yeah.

  • McRib Prime
    McRib Prime 26 days ago

    Listen each to their own some like some people hate.
    I absolutely loved this movie I enjoy the universe M Night has set up and loved the semi conclusion to this franchise.
    I found it more of a phycological thriller movie than anything else and I loved the twist.
    Like I said to each to their own but I really loved it and I think Mcavoy is incredible yet again.

  • Yusri Xnimrodx
    Yusri Xnimrodx 26 days ago

    Chris,for me you are the best movie reviewer on youtube,but it seems like you let your 'fan' things affect your review for this one,shaymalan wasnt a great filmmaker,he just far from it,unbreakable and sixth sense wasnt really a masterpiece,it was a good movie but not a masterpiece,..he just coincidentally success to make that movie great,...this movie just show how bad shaymalan is...i enjoy this movie but there are so many issues that let me down while wacthking it,

  • Prahley Heard
    Prahley Heard 26 days ago

    This strip of firm was terrible

  • Charanjit Singh
    Charanjit Singh 26 days ago +2

    Boring movie

  • Malie
    Malie 26 days ago

    I LOVED this movie...the beginnign was a bit slow but it picked up really well and the ending was very satisfying. I think those who didnt like it were expecting a typical m night ending twist, or are just very heavy movie critics, me however I liked how it ended with a very sentimental life lesson type ending.

    Da BUTCHER 26 days ago

    It concluded well, but the execution of this film was a bit suspect. I'd give it a B- / C+.

  • Daniel Newman
    Daniel Newman 26 days ago

    Keep giving grades! They don’t have to be perfect, but people want them.

  • Shogunchris
    Shogunchris 26 days ago

    The cinematic universe was great, just like MARVEL and The Conjuring. I wonder what's in Phase 2 in the Unbreakable Cinematic Universe.

  • Guy Smith
    Guy Smith 26 days ago

    To me the point of the movie wasn't for the superhuman to live on but for the world to know that they exist..

  • Joe V
    Joe V 26 days ago

    Chris, I disagree. I thought it was an excellent movie, and although the whole secret society thing was weird, I thought the climax was still amazing. Still, I respect your opinion, and I still think you're a good critic :)

  • Bill L.
    Bill L. 26 days ago

    Don’t listen to Rotten Tomatoes 🍅, this was a great fucking movie & it wrapped up nicely!!!

  • John Daily
    John Daily 26 days ago

    Rotten Tomatoes needs to die.

  • Fuel Fire Desire
    Fuel Fire Desire 26 days ago

    besides bruce, james and Sammy acting, i hated it

  • Daniel Filippus
    Daniel Filippus 26 days ago

    Let me just say this. M Nacht Shamalat, will always disappoint you.

  • ivan
    ivan 27 days ago

    Well as usual... He hates the movie

  • Lamoy Garwood
    Lamoy Garwood 27 days ago

    Unbreakable was dave storyline so i kinda understood why he didn't get much screen time in this movie

  • Liz Smith
    Liz Smith 27 days ago

    Sorry Chris but I just saw this and I’m so glad I did, it was really good!

  • James Mockridge
    James Mockridge 27 days ago

    Lol the ending? Well ok..the special orginization that sent this supposed doctor in to illiminate the 3 superhero characters fucked up because of the cameras that Mr Glass used..that scream at the end when she realizes this was so over dramatic i couldn't stop the video goes viral for all the world to see..would ppl find it just entertaining? Fake? Would they really care? Being most ppl today have sort attention spans....that ending was pointless. Great film, pointless ending.

  • Maddie B.
    Maddie B. 27 days ago

    Would you review The Kid Who Would be King? I've heard that movie surprisingly got great reviews.

  • janissaryfilms
    janissaryfilms 27 days ago


  • Rin So7o
    Rin So7o 27 days ago

    5 star movie

  • Ravi Tewari
    Ravi Tewari 28 days ago

    I think the people who hated this movie are racist. And probably don’t want a brown director in Hollywood. Let’s be honest, if you went in the theater and saw this movie with an open mind, and say fuck racism and other people’s opinions and judge for yourself. You know damn well it was damn good. All these movie critics are trash and stop listening to other people shitty opinion. You have a perfect vision. And fuck yea. Super humans exist. Remember 2 years ago some zombie dude ate some guys face off. Then vitally made a prank on it. Have a great day

  • Andrew A.
    Andrew A. 28 days ago

    I whole heartedly agree with you!I waited to watch this video after I watched the movie and, like you, I am let down by the unearned ending.

  • Giggles
    Giggles 28 days ago

    WTF no grade 🤔

  • Kira1Lawliet
    Kira1Lawliet 28 days ago +1

    I actually thought the ending was pretty good (if a bit of a downer). Honestly, the thing I couldn't get behind was the last-minute twist they tried to pull at the end. You could have had the exact same ending and left out that twist, and the movie would have been better for it.

  • James Flanagan
    James Flanagan 28 days ago

    I thought it was AMAZING and I can't understand the hate for the ending. Was it what I expected or wanted? No. But he let the story guide him in that direction. As a film that defies expectations, I can't help but think of The Last Jedi. But I had two completely different feelings leaving the theater from those two movies. And that only reinforces in my mind what an utter POS TLJ was! Glass subverted my expectations but I left feeling satisfied with the story and knew that the director was personally invested in the characters and let the story guide him. I left severely disappointed from TLJ and feeling the opposite about the director and the screenwriter in that movie having any reverence whatsoever for the characters we were invested in for all those years. David Dunn's story arc was over so I had no problem with his fate. And the other two's endings were beautifully shot and scripted I thought. I loved the movie. It was not a masterpiece but it was a fitting final chapter to the series in my opinion.

  • Carson Anderson
    Carson Anderson 28 days ago

    Most vague and generic review ever. Wtf. If you're going to bash on a masterpiece at least say why

  • Herojuana 710
    Herojuana 710 28 days ago

    I actually disagree with Chris on this one. I really liked the film. 7/10

  • Ed Melendez
    Ed Melendez 28 days ago

    I thourogly enjoyed this film. Personally I thought it was worth the wait. Yes. There are many (sractchin your head), obvios plot points. But for some reason I chose not to let that deminis the film and story for me.

  • Ed Melendez
    Ed Melendez 28 days ago

    Yes. Watch it again.

  • Oli 84
    Oli 84 28 days ago

    I completely disagree with chris on this one. Great movie. Satisfying ending to the 2 prequels.

  • Andrew Ochoa
    Andrew Ochoa 28 days ago

    I love this film. For me is the best closed of the trilogy

  • Charlie Harris
    Charlie Harris 28 days ago

    I fell asleep. Paulson was annoying.

  • Chris White
    Chris White 28 days ago +1

    I'm sitting here in my lonelyness and despair and listening to the Kevin Wendell Crumb theme.
    .A little bit sad and displeased with which route M Night Shymalan took
    with Glass. I think that Split is the only real good movie of the three. In
    Split we got a low budget thriller/horror movie that also was a great
    character study and an insight into the humand mind. I wanted a dark
    into the Twin Peaks woods like follow up about the character of Kevin
    Wendell Crumb. Where did he go and how did he come to exist. What we
    got insted was another asylum movie with no mystique nor real thriller
    moments. This felt more like a drama movie full of fan service from M
    Night Shymalan as a token to all of the viewers who have seen the
    previous movies. Glass wasn't bad but it wasn't good either...........
    I didn't want Kevin Wendell Crumb to go out like this.....It did
    injustice to Split....Like The Force awakens did to it's
    This could have been executed so much better....It's like a piece of my heart flushed down in the sewers of Philadelphia Zoo...

  • jc laffarga
    jc laffarga 28 days ago

    It was a boring movie, Unbreakable was awesome, I didn't watch Split because I'm not a fan of this director since Signs. I hate his work since then, i watched this one just for because I'm a nice bf, we both thought it was pretty boring and a waste of time. Shyam always dissapoints.

  • Katy G
    Katy G 28 days ago

    I used to love watching Chris’ reviews but to get rid of grading movies??? And when he didn’t do worst movies of 2018.... Those videos is what made me keep watching him because of his honestly and funny reactions to horrible movies. I hate to see him go down this route because it truly is unappealing and sometimes boring.

  • A F
    A F 28 days ago

    This movie is a Masterpiece!

  • Track Plus
    Track Plus 28 days ago

    Huge fan of your reviews. Been following you for 5 years and I can tell you've gotten better! I understand the philosophy behind it but please keep up the grades.