What if your car's Hood won't Open?

  • Published on May 21, 2016
  • Hood Release Stuck? How do you open a stuck hood? If the hood of your car is not opening or the hood cable is going bad, this video is for you! I show you how to open a hood with a broken cable and how to replace the hood cable with some helpful tips and tricks to make the job easy!
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  • KewlJewlz
    KewlJewlz Day ago

    Hey Chris, I can't seem to do it from the bottom of the car cuz there's a plastic covering.. any thoughts? Thank you for your help!

  • JustSaiyanSh1t
    JustSaiyanSh1t 2 days ago

    Yo. Uhhhhh my car's door won't lock on one side without manually inserting the key in the lock. Any advice?

  • gene mayne
    gene mayne 3 days ago +1

    Chris , how do you rest all your doors and windows boot locks after changing your battery

  • J L
    J L 4 days ago

    Was this oem cable from the dealer or something else?

  • Mihai Ghita
    Mihai Ghita 5 days ago +1

    Amazing videos not just for car lovers but for any person pasioned by mechanical devices. Keep up the good work, Chris!

  • Edward N. Hartman
    Edward N. Hartman 7 days ago +1

    Your father should be very proud of him self for having installed good morals and values in you. Great job as usual, keep up the great work with these videos.😁

  • imad krvavac sad The rip channel

    Open opel

  • Petrol Key Planet
    Petrol Key Planet 9 days ago +1

    Or just remove the hood so you don't have to open it

  • Sergio Murillo
    Sergio Murillo 10 days ago +3

    I wonder if the former owner watches this and is like wow I could have fixed that lol

  • Amandamarievargas
    Amandamarievargas 12 days ago


  • Nick Hacker
    Nick Hacker 17 days ago

    I watch these for my parents cat

  • Kimball Wade
    Kimball Wade 19 days ago

    Hey chris fix my trunk onaztek wont open its stuck need assistance

  • hero0gt
    hero0gt 21 day ago

    Felt bad that not many people knows ChrisFix long ago while he works so hard to help people..But now?💪💪

  • KiLiK The RedNeck
    KiLiK The RedNeck 21 day ago

    I wanna be a mechanic and I'm so happy I found your channel I LOVE how you go super in depth on everything you do or can do you deserve more subs than you already have definitely hitting that bell :D

  • I'll fight u in Comments

    This Jaguar X is a great example of showing car issues and problems. Great choice though. Was thinking of getting a 2013 Jaguar XF but i guess i won't.

  • Deplorable B.R.
    Deplorable B.R. 25 days ago

    How appropriate a Jag would have a worn out hood release.

  • Elias Navarro
    Elias Navarro 25 days ago

    could you show another video like this but to a 1999 dodge grand caravan

  • SparK SparK
    SparK SparK Month ago +9

    He went to the junkyard to find a hood latch just to show us how it works. Love it

    YOLOSWAG4JESUS420 Month ago

    I hate that i've watched every single one of your videos and now i have to wait for new ones.

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Month ago


  • Lord of Dunvegan
    Lord of Dunvegan Month ago

    Great video...what I had to know was how to open the hood on my 2000 Honda crv. I saw at least 5 vids with all kinds of gibberish...even dismantling and/or breaking the grill. Thanks for the vid..well done!

  • **
    ** Month ago +1

    Good tips! It's a good thing your dad likes those garbage Jaguars, if he drove a reliable vehicle you'd have nothing to make videos about! ;-)

    • **
      ** Month ago +1

      @ChrisFix That's good news, maybe it's actually one of the "good" ones, a unicorn Jaguar with minor problems and is pretty reliable. Or maybe you just fixed it so good it's scared to break down again, _it's afraid of you_

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago +1

      I didn’t have to make any videos of this car for the last two years lol

  • Jamora 710
    Jamora 710 Month ago

    Tried fixing my hood would close one side but not other now it won’t open at all should I just use the pry bar pop it open from bottom ? Also seems like my cable is to shorty should I just remove it all and add a new cable please help i have the Same exact car

  • Jamora 710
    Jamora 710 Month ago

    I got the same car one side doesn’t close all the way I’ll try this thx🔥

  • life leave
    life leave Month ago

    what is color of this car ?

  • GamingHades217 _
    GamingHades217 _ 2 months ago

    What if your hood won’t close and lock? Also your hood struts going bad .

  • W J
    W J 2 months ago

    I once slammed my hood with my engine cover on the side off the engine and it was stuck semi-open/locked, Schrödinger's hood.

  • Jamez
    Jamez 2 months ago

    My dad had the X-type (car in the video) exact same thing happened except it came open with a fair bit of jiggling around! it was the mechanism that was stiff. I fixed it myself with a with of lubricating fluid (WD-40) so it is not always the cable. jags tend to give problems when they age XD

  • Derek Munich
    Derek Munich 2 months ago

    Sorry but what a piece of shit car

  • Brandon Safe
    Brandon Safe 2 months ago

    I've been watching your videos for year. I currently have this issue and I'm so glad you had a video. The cable popped off the latch.

    Thank you so much!

  • Jovanna Beasley
    Jovanna Beasley 2 months ago +2

    I have a jag x type with the same problem

  • Erik Krotz
    Erik Krotz 3 months ago

    This is exactly the video I was looking for and I'm so glad it was you that did a tutorial.

  • Philippe Silva
    Philippe Silva 3 months ago

    Who's the assoles that keep giving dislikes?You guys must be lazy or have no life.This information is free and gold.

  • Philippe Silva
    Philippe Silva 3 months ago

    Who's the assoles that keep giving dislikes?You guys must be lazy or have no life.This information is free and gold.

  • Brian Hill
    Brian Hill 3 months ago

    You sir are awesome!!!!!! Thank you!! It worked!

  • ツBainy
    ツBainy 3 months ago

    My solution: blow up the car

  • Adam Woodward
    Adam Woodward 3 months ago

    Does your dad still have this jag???

  • Atom Black
    Atom Black 4 months ago

    Hi Chris ...hello from Portugal!....Avid listener to your channel and learned a lot from you..I have a Jaguar S Type 2.5 v6 and was wondering if you know how to reset the windows on these jaguars?

  • Ashraf M.
    Ashraf M. 4 months ago

    Dude, the way you talk, it's really nice and easy on the ears. You should do TV or something similar.

  • David Smalldridge
    David Smalldridge 4 months ago +1

    My hood is not working! I have an idea! (CLICK) Here we go now! (BEEP) Hey guys ChrisFix here!

  • tiderfish
    tiderfish 4 months ago

    I realize this is an old video, but I'd like to make a small suggestion.
    I had the hood cable snap on my old E39 a few years ago, and to keep the new cable from rusting and fraying in the sheath, I shot some white lithium grease spray into the sheath. This made popping the hood buttery-smooth. It was a good thing too, cause that car needed lots of work, and I was under that hood all the time!

  • chocolatewheelchair
    chocolatewheelchair 4 months ago

    My brand new Infiniti’s hood won’t open...

  • Tank guy
    Tank guy 4 months ago

    I dont know but i find his videos satisfying.

  • Příslušník VB
    Příslušník VB 4 months ago

    The hood latch placed just above the space for the pry bar? Coincidence? I don't think so...

  • Wildappache714
    Wildappache714 4 months ago +1

    Chris I know this video is pretty old, but I was just able to open a jag's hood that was shut closed for mlre than 7 years. Thank you bro

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  4 months ago

      Awesome! Glad the video was helpful!

  • ShakoDaBows
    ShakoDaBows 5 months ago

    remember when i crashed my car head on a hill, 2 days later i had a new car and that car missed a battery so i was just gonna get the battery from the crashed car. had du cut of the latch and use a tractor to rip open the hood. the damn battery work to this day :P

  • geosh10
    geosh10 5 months ago

    Well Audi can’t figure how to open my Audi Q7’s hood! Maybe I should send them this video! Lol

  • David Smalldridge
    David Smalldridge 5 months ago +1

    Doggone it! My hood is not working! Hey guys ChrisFix here!

  • web1187
    web1187 5 months ago

    How do you do it on a Buick LeSabre ???

  • Frank Brown
    Frank Brown 5 months ago

    interesting that the cable was exactly the correct length.

  • Unknown Kidd
    Unknown Kidd 5 months ago

    What if it doesn’t want to close smh

    • Unknown Kidd
      Unknown Kidd 5 months ago

      ChrisFix can I use any cable or does it have to be specific for the car

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  5 months ago +1

      Lubricate the cable and latch.

    AJ TINO 5 months ago

    This was very helpful it works like a charm Thanks Chris Fix it you are the best it saved me 500.00

  • Idzox
    Idzox 5 months ago

    I have problem. Some times my audi don't eant to open trunk. I mean it wont unlock trunk. That hapends sometimes. What to do. Sorry for my bad english.

  • Gulraiz nafis
    Gulraiz nafis 5 months ago

    Make some videos of steering rack and pinion system thanks

  • Kathy Anderson
    Kathy Anderson 5 months ago

    I want to be his neighbor

  • Ashwin Vijayan
    Ashwin Vijayan 5 months ago

    Hi Chris

    My VW Jetta 2007 is having similar issue. Hood release lever is working fine. When I pull it, it pops the hood open, but there is a tiny button which I have to push to make the hood completely open. When I press that button and pull the hood, it is supposed to open but it does not open. Any thoughts???

    • Ashwin Vijayan
      Ashwin Vijayan 5 months ago

      @ChrisFix thank you

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  5 months ago +1

      Spray it down with some silicone or wd40 or something to loosen it up.

  • Officer Garcia
    Officer Garcia 5 months ago

    hey Chris FIx, just wanted to give you a HUGE thank you, because of you im a PROUD owner of a 2003 CVPI and purchased a perfect condition vehicle thanks to your checklist i printed out, the owner gave me an odd look lol but it helped!!!!
    you are AWESOME! literally everything im curious about i just youtube it and you pop up!! keep up the great work!

    TERRORoftheLORD 5 months ago

    Thanks for the video, and the useful tips! this will help with most cables! I changed all of the cables on our Yamaha Blaster, and it takes some careful threading of the cables.

  • Martzen Couperus
    Martzen Couperus 6 months ago

    Grab an angle grinder and grind the shit out of it

  • The Internet
    The Internet 6 months ago

    What to do if your hood won't open? Turn the car upside down.

  • michelle todahl
    michelle todahl 6 months ago

    Nice, now I can do my Jeep hood latch without going to a shop.

  • Nikusui Senetza
    Nikusui Senetza 6 months ago

    Thanks for all your videos and knowledge. You've saved me hundreds of dollars. :)

  • Jacob Faseler
    Jacob Faseler 6 months ago

    I see what my parents meant about British cars having horrific wiring. Why would anyone in their right mind put a chassis reference behind an interior panel? Those belong in plain sight under the hood so that the question of a grounding issue can be easily resolved. Imagine the horror of diagnosing a bad ground if you didn't know where to look.

  • Stephen Irwin
    Stephen Irwin 6 months ago

    Chris I love the upbeat attitude in your newer videos. It makes them great to watch. I appreciate how you lay out the tools and steps and show the potential gottyahhs or differences we might encounter. Thanks,

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  6 months ago

      Glad the videos are helpful!

  • Marvin Harrison Smith II

    I just want to do hood latch stuff with my friends.

  • Hannan
    Hannan 6 months ago

    It's 3 AM I'm watching how to change a hood release mechanism on a car and i don't even have a car

  • Sakari M
    Sakari M 6 months ago

    thats the new fast opened hood system. its not a problem

  • Aarav Baby channel
    Aarav Baby channel 6 months ago


  • Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice 6 months ago

    I thought is was a bmw

  • Speed Way boys
    Speed Way boys 6 months ago

    What i do if i am bored i go to my quad an i put new led panel an battery to it done i have now 999999 leds