• Published on May 16, 2017
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    TVcliprs React to Bill Wurt'z latest ridiculously amazing and informative video, history of the entire world, I guess.
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    history of the entire world, i guess
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    Collins Key
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    Lindsey Stirling
    Matthew Santoro
    Safiya Nygaard
    Zane Hijazi
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  • vipin saini
    vipin saini 8 hours ago +6

    *The sun is a deadly laser*

  • NoonCat
    NoonCat 12 hours ago +3

    this is my history lesson

  • Blaze Titanium
    Blaze Titanium 15 hours ago +3

    “Time to binge watch” Not gonna take that long, unfortunately.

  • Zakku
    Zakku 21 hour ago

    Just coming back and thinking like collin sounds like ninja

  • 태리꾹
    태리꾹 Day ago +4

    i was just watching the whole video because i have board exams for this.

  • Cookie Crunch With Milk

    It's fast paste because it's so looooooong the actual history but yeah it take at least 1 day to learn all of it regular

    • 태리꾹
      태리꾹 Day ago

      Cookie Crunch With Milk *pace

  • Jerry C
    Jerry C 2 days ago +7

    There are a few problems with that guys video, but only one serious problem. That being the fact that he believes that capitalism is evil and communism s awesome.

    • Clayton R.
      Clayton R. 6 hours ago

      Jerry C He’s playing on the “red scare” of the time where communism was portrayed as the evilest evil that ever existed, and capitalism was the way to heaven. Nothing to do with Bill Wurtz’s personal opinion, just a reference to actual history.

    • Red Piper
      Red Piper 7 hours ago


    • heyitsmira
      heyitsmira Day ago +1

      Lmao where did u see it

    • EeveeFan72
      EeveeFan72 2 days ago +1

      ok, mr communist.

  • Derp Home
    Derp Home 3 days ago +1

    make a video about bill wurtz's songs! pls

  • Honeyleaf OCs
    Honeyleaf OCs 3 days ago +2


  • DreamersCosplay
    DreamersCosplay 3 days ago +6

    BILL RELEASED A NEW VIDEO PLEASE REACT TO IT!!!! I love you’re channel btw ❤️❤️❤️

  • jacqueline KLEIN
    jacqueline KLEIN 4 days ago

    china is not communist its capitalist communist

  • Jeffrey L
    Jeffrey L 4 days ago +4

    Holy shoot just saw Stirling she looks so different

  • Qc. Nerdz
    Qc. Nerdz 6 days ago +17

    It's so popular because all of the used media (video, text, music, voice) had a purpose and was relevent in the explanation of his subject. Also, its fast pace and wide variety of bright colors made sure the viewer keeps his or her interest during that long and heavy video. Of course, it's funny and educationnal, but I don't think those are the main reason for the huge success of "The history of the entire world, i guess"

  • hibari kyoya
    hibari kyoya 9 days ago +11

    History of japan!!

  • Taline D
    Taline D 10 days ago +15

    I totally showed the history of the entire world I guess to my geology professor and classics professor within the same semester at college. It's amazing

  • S.O.A. Twins
    S.O.A. Twins 10 days ago +41

    W E C O U L D M A K E A R E L I G I O N O U T O F T H I S

  • Xtof
    Xtof 11 days ago +13

    Here from grandayy

  • Arturo Perez III
    Arturo Perez III 11 days ago +14

    You want to know what's scary
    Gravity is the only thing keeping the air here and the water from boiling off the surface

  • Eric Page
    Eric Page 11 days ago +4

    Was't that an album by KRS-1?

  • Oblxviate _
    Oblxviate _ 11 days ago +42

    w e c o u l d m a k e a r e l i g i o n o u t o f t h i s

  • L
    L 12 days ago +6


  • Spetsnaz Hunter
    Spetsnaz Hunter 12 days ago +19

    Who came from grandayy?

  • Cale Gregori
    Cale Gregori 13 days ago +6

    Does Adande realize this video refutes Christianity?

  • Todor Stamenkovic
    Todor Stamenkovic 14 days ago +6

    All os lie.God crate world before 6000 years.

    • Arturo Perez III
      Arturo Perez III 10 days ago +1

      Hunter Cihal that and the SPELLING

    • Hunter Cihal
      Hunter Cihal 10 days ago +1

      lol God isn't real. The universe is 14 billion years old. The planet we're on is 4 billion years old. Life has been on this planet for a billion years.

    • Arturo Perez III
      Arturo Perez III 11 days ago

      Say that again but *_S L O W L Y_*

    • Lindsey Fuller
      Lindsey Fuller 11 days ago


    • NieCola
      NieCola 11 days ago


  • Ivy Seidel
    Ivy Seidel 16 days ago +7

    History of Japan!!

  • LazyPanda
    LazyPanda 16 days ago +7

    Who scrolled through lindsy stirlings liked videos

  • CruiserDude16
    CruiserDude16 16 days ago +4

    I'm glad I finally watched this

  • Some Artist With a Camera
    Some Artist With a Camera 16 days ago +28

    Describe your love life using only a quote from that video
    Me: hOw DiD tHiS hApPeN

  • Young Blue Skeptic
    Young Blue Skeptic 16 days ago +13


    • Arturo Perez III
      Arturo Perez III 11 days ago +1

      Young Blue Skeptic I can explain!
      I was just drinking my tea and then I just dropped the china. Sorry it broke.

  • Rich goranski
    Rich goranski 17 days ago +18

    The real question~

    Why is this video in everyone's recommend

  • penguingamer 894
    penguingamer 894 17 days ago +21

    🎼The sun is a deadly lazer!🎼

  • Sarayu Nambiar
    Sarayu Nambiar 18 days ago +10

    I believe it took him 10 months to make this video, don't quote me on that though.

    • csgrambauer
      csgrambauer 10 days ago +1

      I believe he himself said that it took him a better part of 4 years to edit and make that video.

    • Seren 47
      Seren 47 10 days ago +2

      ""I believe it took him 10 months to make this video, don't quote me on that though" -Sarayu Nambiar
      Already done, sorry" -Arturo Perez III. Well I guess I'll Quote both of you, sorry.

    • Arturo Perez III
      Arturo Perez III 11 days ago +1

      “I believe it took him 10 months to make this video, don’t quote me on that though,” -Sarayu Nambiar
      Already done, sorry

  • TomK Gaming
    TomK Gaming 18 days ago +12

    I think most people that are here watched the original video or one of his videos and got here

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 19 days ago +11

    The history of everything is great. He needs more documentaries

  • chelsea edits
    chelsea edits 19 days ago +12

    Open the country. Stop having it be closed.

  • chelsea edits
    chelsea edits 19 days ago +12

    Knock knock. It's the United States

    • Corinna Brown
      Corinna Brown 16 days ago

      With huge boats with guns gunboats "OPEN THE COUNTRY, STOP HAVING IT BE CLOSED."

  • Toni Lovely
    Toni Lovely 19 days ago +1

    Hi I'm here too

  • Fizzy T
    Fizzy T 19 days ago +22

    wait wait why is everyone on this video today lol

    • Fizzy T
      Fizzy T 17 days ago

      That's true

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis 19 days ago

      Fizzy T lol because it’s a great video

    • Rynzii
      Rynzii 19 days ago


  • Joseph Babu
    Joseph Babu 19 days ago +33

    It went viral because it was posted the day before the world history ap exam

  • Arcticwulf
    Arcticwulf 20 days ago +26

    ThE SuN Is A DeAdLy LaSeR

  • Geometry DashLOLOLOLOLOL
    Geometry DashLOLOLOLOLOL 20 days ago +22

    You could make a religion out of this!

  • Elenor Diamond
    Elenor Diamond 20 days ago +4


  • Gonta Gokuhara
    Gonta Gokuhara 20 days ago +8


  • Hyun Ryu
    Hyun Ryu 20 days ago +19

    'And the dinosaurs are gone~'

  • Gashi Drenas
    Gashi Drenas 20 days ago +4


  • Victoria, inc
    Victoria, inc 20 days ago +13

    I love Bill Wurtz

  • Derrick
    Derrick 21 day ago +11

    Lindsey Stirling is the best human ever.

  • Thandeka Khumalo
    Thandeka Khumalo 21 day ago +56

    I wish they included the “the sun is a deadly lazer” part. 😂😂

  • mako wako
    mako wako 22 days ago +37

    you could make a religion out of this.

    • Otto Günsche
      Otto Günsche 20 days ago +1

      No dont

    • KyuJi SJ 4M
      KyuJi SJ 4M 21 day ago +4

      mako wako
      No, don't

    • Kameronia 6
      Kameronia 6 21 day ago

      You can make a religion out of The History Of The Entire World... I guess...

  • aquarius bitch
    aquarius bitch 23 days ago +7

    i saw safiya

  • Rubén :D
    Rubén :D 23 days ago +2

    Aquí falta la conquista de España, el imperio donde nunca se ponía el sol y el más grande de la historia, y Alejandro Magno de Macedonia, Atila y los hunos...

  • rocío
    rocío 24 days ago +7

    'the resource omg'
    literally school education

  • John Adams
    John Adams 24 days ago +6

    *Blades of grass**

  • bonbons
    bonbons 25 days ago +34

    This would have been better with teachers reacting, I was hoping for a more insightful reaction but these people didn't seem to have much insight at all to the content and were just gobsmacked/mind boggled by elementary history and science facts...

  • Faith Sizemore
    Faith Sizemore 26 days ago +6

    Fast summarization: Nonexistents --> Existence

  • Parker Dutcher
    Parker Dutcher 26 days ago +18

    To sum it up . Our entire social networks are the results of the spice trade

    • 3bodyZZ
      3bodyZZ 25 days ago

      Correction : from atoms mating in the universe

  • Wes Griffin
    Wes Griffin 26 days ago +5

    I used that video to study for the AP test and got a 5 lol

  • Kyliorate
    Kyliorate 26 days ago +25

    You could make a rel- NO DONT

  • Moon moon
    Moon moon 26 days ago +19

    He uploaded it the day before the ap world history test I remember vividly watching it 12 times before taking the test. It was a blessing

  • ItzFoxYYT Gaming
    ItzFoxYYT Gaming 26 days ago +37

    the sun is still a deadly laser

  • Mona Saud
    Mona Saud 27 days ago +3


  • Serena Rose
    Serena Rose 27 days ago +2

    I watch that whenever I'm sad.

  • Galaxy Animations
    Galaxy Animations 27 days ago +8


  • Everything fun
    Everything fun 27 days ago


  • malika iyer
    malika iyer 27 days ago +2

    10:00 gta San Andreas my life

  • vale
    vale 27 days ago +7

    bill wurtz is life

  • Shadefire Dragon
    Shadefire Dragon 29 days ago +33

    Of course it’s fast, he had to explain the history of entire world in 20 minutes

  • JukeBox
    JukeBox Month ago +4


  • Sophia Emmer
    Sophia Emmer Month ago +4

    Watch Mr. Betts

  • Mosdager
    Mosdager Month ago +15

    I can't watch this with a straight face 🤣

  • Christian Joachim
    Christian Joachim Month ago +6

    Y u skip haiti

  • anonymousgurl12
    anonymousgurl12 Month ago +29

    Omg he got noticed!! Bill wurtz!!

  • Cosylover Pups
    Cosylover Pups Month ago +11

    My head hurts.......

  • JOE ibari
    JOE ibari Month ago +8

    That video did really explode in yt

  • Can we get 10,000 Subscribers with no videos?

    *The sun is a deadly laser*

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago +8

    I came when I saw history.

  • Alex F
    Alex F Month ago +12

    He didnt cover the wars enough. I think so.

    • Qwer ty
      Qwer ty Month ago

      Alex F man you need to check your eyes

    • Lupin
      Lupin Month ago +1

      As you can clearly see if you actually read my comment. Since I mention two things that they previously mentioned.

    • Lupin
      Lupin Month ago +1

      I was talking to the other guy that replied to you.

    • Alex F
      Alex F Month ago

      I watched it. If you actually read my comment that would help. I think he didnt cover the wars *enough* .

    • Lupin
      Lupin Month ago +4

      Apparently you didn't watch the actual 20min video where they are both mentioned.

  • SquirtleTurtle
    SquirtleTurtle Month ago +42

    When one of them said i couldn't watch this for 20 minutes but I have watched that video multiple times.

    • Serena Rose
      Serena Rose 27 days ago

      I watch it almost daily because it makes me so happy.

    • 2600D4u
      2600D4u Month ago +1

      SquirtleTurtle same

  • Johnjames Bloom
    Johnjames Bloom Month ago +1

    TVcliprs react to zefrank True Facts!!!

  • Alarik
    Alarik Month ago +33

    If u learn more from that video than your history class... Then there is something wrong with your history class.

    It's a great video still

    MACHO NACHO Month ago +4


  • Nick Baynes
    Nick Baynes Month ago +22

    You know you are out of the TVclip loop when you only know 1 of the people in this video.

  • Otto Günsche
    Otto Günsche Month ago +27

    You could make a religion out of this

  • bro van doom
    bro van doom Month ago +10

    The Original Is Even better And faster lmao

  • Alexandra Leigh
    Alexandra Leigh Month ago +9

    I think if they slow it down a little and pinpoint certain parts of the videos throughout the school year it could be a great learning tool.

    • Arturo Perez III
      Arturo Perez III 10 days ago

      Alexandra Leigh watch it over the school year and slow it down to 0.25x and problems solved

  • pissy little girl
    pissy little girl Month ago +33

    *Hey you could make a religion outta this!*

  • Ariana Negron
    Ariana Negron Month ago +4

    You should do one of the history bombs videos

  • James Swift
    James Swift Month ago +23

    They couldnt spare 20 minutes out there lives?

    • James Swift
      James Swift Month ago

      Very true, I retract my statement.

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley Month ago

      That would be 20 minutes each guest, after that cut down the clips and put together again.. its a lot of work man.

  • Saturn Planet - Roblox And more

    Do it so they react to The Russian anthem

  • Night Hawk
    Night Hawk Month ago +5

    Better than my history teacher though ;)

  • Night Hawk
    Night Hawk Month ago +20

    "The sun is a deadly lazer"

  • Killjoy
    Killjoy Month ago +1

    Who remembers when Joe found out the answer to the test were INSIDE THE TEXTBOOK?!

  • Necro Bunnie
    Necro Bunnie Month ago +5

    Just a friendly reminder that the word laser is an acronym for the expression "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation."
    Regards, England.

  • Rainbowgirl1094
    Rainbowgirl1094 Month ago +13

    Me from Ohio:YEAH they fought for Ohio

    Everyone else: what’s an Ohio and can I eat it

    • Joey Kelly 01
      Joey Kelly 01 Month ago +2

      Rainbowgirl1094 I’m from Ohio too and it makes me feel important lmao because there isn’t anything else that can make me feel important

  • Rodney Jackson
    Rodney Jackson Month ago +6

    "Wow a lot of stuff has happened on Earth"

  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 Month ago +2

    I watched the full video it gave me a headache

  • ViperKing183
    ViperKing183 Month ago +8

    4:39 OHIO HELL YES

  • Lumber Hog
    Lumber Hog Month ago +11


  • Can Everyone get100 subscribers without any videos?


    • botitonos2 the trap
      botitonos2 the trap Month ago

      hey can we go on land? no .why?. *the sun is a deadly lazer* *ow now we have a blanket* lets go on land