• Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • hey guys!
    today is my long awaited back to school clothing haul! i went to stores like brandy melville, urban outfitters, vans, and hollister to find clothes for next school year when i start my freshman year! i hope u guys enjoy this video!!

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  • Christina Krasnova
    Christina Krasnova 8 hours ago

    Zhirelle: I put synonyms everywhere I said "cute"
    Me: You missed a few times...

  • kristal lee broski
    kristal lee broski 24 days ago

    You missed the word cute three times

  • kristal lee broski
    kristal lee broski 24 days ago

    you didn’t voiceover the word cute with something the first time you said it😐

  • Kadallin Kindavong
    Kadallin Kindavong 25 days ago

    11:42 "i am really like it" but she the amount of times she said cute was outrageous😂

  • Zzz z
    Zzz z 28 days ago

    6:58 Where did you get them? Idk if you said it or not bc I wasn’t paying attention lmao.

  • Tahli Clare
    Tahli Clare Month ago

    Some of those synonyms made me crack lol

  • Ava Lynn
    Ava Lynn Month ago

    She left in a cute

  • Sophia and Dara
    Sophia and Dara Month ago

    I love how she’s trying so hard to be vsco

  • Lucia Canales Franco

    I am from spain and i think the prices are crazy. Like, you pay 39$ for a tshirt? anyways loved the haul

  • Paige Peters
    Paige Peters Month ago

    ok why "cute"

  • macey nicole
    macey nicole Month ago

    1:34 you forgot

  • Riley Nash
    Riley Nash Month ago +1

    U only said it 22 times I counted looollll

  • M&J HEHE
    M&J HEHE 2 months ago

    Who else got annoyed with the synonyms

  • Miriam Paleheart
    Miriam Paleheart 2 months ago

    The voice over is so hilarious im laughing my ass off watching this video I love it

  • Avril Schatz
    Avril Schatz 2 months ago

    You missed a cute at 9:33!! Lol

  • Sayou
    Sayou 2 months ago +1

    You look so much like emma chamberlain it’s actually crazy

  • Rana Nagash
    Rana Nagash 2 months ago +1

    put it on 1.5 speed if u get kinda bored

  • Rana Nagash
    Rana Nagash 2 months ago


  • hannah way
    hannah way 2 months ago

    Girl if you wanna say cute, say it. Don’t worry about what other people say about it, it’s totally fine. Just you being you💕

  • braedyquinn
    braedyquinn 2 months ago +2

    this is super... wInNiNg *let me tell you i died*

  • Catherine Kaiser
    Catherine Kaiser 2 months ago

    Here's a tip put clear nail polish on your rings and necklaces so they don't rust it will keep things together

  • Miri
    Miri 2 months ago

    I got my Birkenstocks for 65 euros

  • Grace Riley
    Grace Riley 2 months ago

    If I stood next to you I would look like I’m in the 6th grade, and you would look like a senior. But then somehow we both in the same grade😂😂

  • Shanna Rahe
    Shanna Rahe 2 months ago

    Is she in college or hs

  • megan elsaesser
    megan elsaesser 2 months ago

    Love how people are calling it a “cross body bag”. It’s a fanny pack, not being worn on the waist 😂😂

  • zue nea
    zue nea 2 months ago

    shes look like emma chamberlain

  • Katie Grutz
    Katie Grutz 2 months ago

    she missed a couple cutes lmao

  • Oops Why
    Oops Why 2 months ago

    Vsco girl?

  • Lily Pauly
    Lily Pauly 2 months ago

    Your so pretty

  • Chloe Jackson
    Chloe Jackson 2 months ago

    I ThiNK iT IS sOooO endearing

  • Tereza
    Tereza 2 months ago

    She said the word “cute” exactly 22 times

  • Haley Owens
    Haley Owens 2 months ago

    Haha! Loved all the cute synonyms 😂😂

  • Vickø 27
    Vickø 27 2 months ago

    You said cute >:3

  • Mira :3
    Mira :3 2 months ago

    You said 22 times the word "cute" 😂😂😂

  • Miranda Moe
    Miranda Moe 2 months ago

    To shine up your jewelry, try silver polish. It makes it look brand new.

  • zebragirl
    zebragirl 2 months ago

    Why are y'all stupid idiots hating on her for days cute like it's her life not yours 🙄 PERIOD

  • Grace Wahl
    Grace Wahl 2 months ago

    I’m a freshman too

  • Akylai Baisalova
    Akylai Baisalova 2 months ago

    why does her eyebrows and face look like emma

  • Ambra 121
    Ambra 121 2 months ago

    I never felt that broke before
    But i really love your acc❤️❤️

  • Takoda Crabtree
    Takoda Crabtree 2 months ago

    1:31 look at how cute**

  • lovely looks by lauren
    lovely looks by lauren 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone else realize she missed the word cute when showing the 2nd shirt

  • lovely looks by lauren
    lovely looks by lauren 2 months ago

    I don’t mind if you say cute, the voiceover is weird...

  • Keisha Quinto
    Keisha Quinto 2 months ago

    So the next thing i see...

  • Mariana Rocha
    Mariana Rocha 2 months ago

    Sorry but ur jeans are normal jeans And not mom jeans

  • Jelske De Vries
    Jelske De Vries 2 months ago

    I don’t really care if you say cute, but I am laughing every time you replace a word😂

  • Pizza pasta mandolino _

    How old are you?

  • Filippa Schytz
    Filippa Schytz 2 months ago

    mom jeans? No, skinny jeans

  • Rosa 749
    Rosa 749 2 months ago

    9:33 OMG you said cute xD

  • Amra Zulcic
    Amra Zulcic 2 months ago +2

    who saw the person walk by at 4:45

  • Azenette C:
    Azenette C: 2 months ago

    you remind me of that one crazy girl from gossip girl. Can’t remember her name but I think it’s Georgina?

  • שני פרץ
    שני פרץ 2 months ago

    I like your video and I from Israel 😍

  • 4lighter d
    4lighter d 2 months ago

    11:05 In our country they are like 3 dollars or something

  • Janne
    Janne 2 months ago

    Brandy jewellry is very good quality, it does last long i also have the chain necklace and its not brown and i wear it alot and i got it like last month so i think you do something wrong with your jewellry... no offense tho

  • Reagan McHenry
    Reagan McHenry 2 months ago +1

    someone make a cute compilation

  • Ayliin Aylin
    Ayliin Aylin 2 months ago

    You said "cute" 16 times😂

  • Ahlam Abdi
    Ahlam Abdi 2 months ago

    You sill said cute

  • Vicki H
    Vicki H 2 months ago

    Can we just appreciate how much time and effort it nust have taken for her to do all those voiceovers of synonyms for cute

  • karina awesome
    karina awesome 2 months ago +2

    Zhirelle has so many cute stuff for back to school
    Me: wearing just leggings and hoodies😂😂😂

  • Μαρια Παπαδάκη

    I loved the sweet scrunchie and the winning t-shirt

  • emely‘ xo
    emely‘ xo 2 months ago +1

    why does everyone think these voiceover are so funny lol am I the only one that doesn’t think so hahah