How a Harvard Professor Makes Transforming Toys & Designs | WIRED

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • Chuck Hoberman's eponymous sphere is one of the best-loved toys of the last quarter century. But it's only one example of his incredible work in transformable design. From adaptive nanotech to flexible building materials, Hoberman has created surprising and inventive designs at every scale.
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    How a Harvard Professor Makes Transforming Toys & Designs | WIRED
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Comments • 818

  • Rainer Wahnsinn
    Rainer Wahnsinn 22 hours ago

    very nice toys to play on lsd with and get ur brain wasted xD

  • creator Space
    creator Space 4 days ago

    It's done well.

  • Maplemuffin
    Maplemuffin 4 days ago

    I thought the video ended with multiple video selection screen at 0:41.

  • *DeathASUNA *
    *DeathASUNA * 4 days ago

    Honestly, my iq is too low to even know 1/4 of what was said in this entire video

  • Swan Htet
    Swan Htet 4 days ago

    Always blue! Always blue!

  • Klab
    Klab 5 days ago


  • Tommy Drako
    Tommy Drako 5 days ago +1

    he's a well renowned wizard he teaches at muggle university!!!

    • elliepuckalo
      elliepuckalo 4 days ago +1

      This is North America, we call them No-Maj. its a No-Maj university.

  • H20 Souls
    H20 Souls 5 days ago

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  • Julie Marie C
    Julie Marie C 7 days ago

    i guess you could say we.... Likey?

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis 7 days ago

    It's honestly a breath of fresh air to see there's still smart people in the world.

  • mixed emotion
    mixed emotion 7 days ago

    The first spere shown can be used to make a small tablet which when put into veins can increase in size and function as stents to reduce heart attacks.

  • Ashu Rao
    Ashu Rao 7 days ago


  • beenjammin 06
    beenjammin 06 7 days ago


  • Fantasmic Art 2312
    Fantasmic Art 2312 7 days ago

    I just call the toy sphere an Interactive Explosion of an Atom

  • D Bee
    D Bee 8 days ago

    I love his honest answer for why he does what he does. I think most tinkerers will agree....while there are certainly practical and maybe even financial motivations to why they attempt these projects, the real answer is because they enjoy it. There is an ineffable sense of stirring satisfaction that comes when inventors and tinkerers jostle, bounce, and connect ideas in their head. Then, to see that idea come to life...ahhhh, there's a sense of pride there that is hard to describe....and I am sure any creative person would agree.

  • Unpopular_Opinions
    Unpopular_Opinions 8 days ago

    I went to the liberty science center for my 6th grade field trip

  • MrNicofrog
    MrNicofrog 8 days ago

    Wait didn't Buckminster fuller already invent that sphere ,and called the the dymaxion sphere?

    • MrNicofrog
      MrNicofrog 8 days ago

      as in

  • Raven Ociset
    Raven Ociset 8 days ago

    He's amazinggg.

  • JdsschuJfsxviin
    JdsschuJfsxviin 8 days ago

    Dr. incredible

    QWERTY 8 days ago +2

    Me in 2045: Stubs toe on chair leg*
    My Chair: Transforms into a bed!

  • Abhay “AkA RoBo”

    Exploring what’s there in nature.hats of to u

  • myjamismeme
    myjamismeme 8 days ago

    i really think that this could be the key to many inventions and things in the future...

  • Badei Bataineh
    Badei Bataineh 9 days ago


  • Carlos Alfonso
    Carlos Alfonso 9 days ago

    Does anyone else get in this thing when they were young?

  • R. H
    R. H 9 days ago +1

    Cause it makes me happy.

  • Alix90955 Alix90955
    Alix90955 Alix90955 9 days ago

    This man will make the first transformer

  • Aqib Ali
    Aqib Ali 10 days ago +1

    I had the sphere ball when I was young that means 6 year's ago

  • Anonymous X7z1
    Anonymous X7z1 10 days ago

    this guy will create the transformers one day

  • Desi Reuben-Sealey
    Desi Reuben-Sealey 10 days ago

    Optimus Prime...."I'm a transformer"
    Chuck Hoberman..."hold my beer"

  • MHD ChiBo
    MHD ChiBo 10 days ago

    How? Because he Can

  • 奈緒友利
    奈緒友利 10 days ago

    At Last Transformer Robots will be real.

  • ichvvhov xugcvuhi
    ichvvhov xugcvuhi 10 days ago

    where can i buy your toys please :)

  • Jesse Latrell
    Jesse Latrell 10 days ago

    Move might???

  • NarwhalStudiosZ
    NarwhalStudiosZ 10 days ago

    This man is a prodigy

  • Pynzii
    Pynzii 10 days ago

    I didnt have one of those expanding thing but I had a ball that turned into a frisbee ,was pretty cheap but fun ,first foldable toy I think I had

  • Extronz
    Extronz 10 days ago

    Watch him make a transformer and sell it like a toy😂

  • Sci heni
    Sci heni 10 days ago

    I have one in my class

  • Umbral-Games
    Umbral-Games 11 days ago +1

    2020 guy make transformer with smartest intellegence using 100 huberman spheres

  • Sksksk And I oop
    Sksksk And I oop 11 days ago

    This guy is not #saving the turds

  • onikawaii
    onikawaii 11 days ago

    like an umbrella

  • Jason is so proud of you

    It’s called a tent

  • Edgar Gonzaga
    Edgar Gonzaga 11 days ago

    the closest thing to bulmas technology

  • dead Primal
    dead Primal 11 days ago

    Transformers more than meets the eye

  • Jinkstack S
    Jinkstack S 11 days ago +3

    transformers, origami in disguise

  • nova odd
    nova odd 11 days ago +5

    This dude is seeing in multiple dimensions and trying to bring them all here!!!

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis 11 days ago +3

    This guy should make a transformer

  • Fortune Boy
    Fortune Boy 11 days ago +1

    this guy genius..

  • Brenry Paige
    Brenry Paige 11 days ago +1

    We found Rowena's Heir.

  • Demolisher Frog
    Demolisher Frog 12 days ago +2

    *this guy is gonna invent thneedville*

  • Planet Funhouse
    Planet Funhouse 12 days ago +1

    Who had this town growing up? Do you still have it?

  • Shah Iylah
    Shah Iylah 12 days ago +1

    n thanks to al-khawarizmi that discover this consept 1st before he used it right know..😌

  • Akilan K
    Akilan K 12 days ago +3

    He have great potential to transform a gun..... War could be fun

  • Nazek purples you
    Nazek purples you 12 days ago

    My cousin has one of these Hoberman's spheres and when I want to her house I wouldn't let it down, I was playing the whole time with it! And I am 17. This thing is so fun!!!

  • Carl John Cobing
    Carl John Cobing 12 days ago

    Imagine when his son become the most successful professor engineer who make foldable house and foldable car

  • 꿀꿀
    꿀꿀 12 days ago

    와 저 공 만든게 이 교수님이구나.. 대단하세요!

  • Gamer La-Jiah 13
    Gamer La-Jiah 13 12 days ago

    I noticed the narrator doesn’t really pronounce his t’s

  • Brian Scalabrine aka GOAT

    this goof did the same thing with every toy, make it expand. you need to go to harvard for that?

  • Jesus
    Jesus 12 days ago

    Cant we use this for outer space

  • torpedoman 247
    torpedoman 247 12 days ago

    I wonder if hes ever played with a toroflux

  • child of the sun
    child of the sun 13 days ago +1

    personally i love origami and one of my favourite origami pieces to make is an origami flexigon so i wonder if he could make one with a machine