Khachapuri Is the Georgian Cheese Boat of Your Dreams | Food Skills

  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
  • In this edition of "Food Skills," we head to Old Tbilisi Garden in Greenwich Village, one of the few restaurants in New York City to serve traditional Georgian cuisine. The highlight of the menu is a bread-shaped boat of cheese and egg yolk called khachapuri adjaruli. To make the classic dish, a mound of slightly sour sulguni is stuffed inside butter-brushed dough, before being left to brown and bubble in the oven.
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Comments • 132

  • Myfriendsdont walktheyran
    Myfriendsdont walktheyran 3 months ago +1

    I think everyone should try this delecious dish. At least once in their lifetime.
    love georgia and georgian calture.😍😍

  • TATO
    TATO Year ago

    It's adjarian khachapuri but typical khachapuri is made of cheese only

  • Bobby Botorola
    Bobby Botorola Year ago

    I fuckin love khachapuri they sell at most of the Armenian pizza spots here in LA

  • Michael Trapani
    Michael Trapani Year ago

    I see stuff like this getting popular and just get angry. I haven't had ice cream or bread in months and I'm still fucking fat. Hate seeing skinny people in sundresses and rompers eat this crap

  • Haarlemmer
    Haarlemmer Year ago

    Halep isi :)

  • giga poladishvili

    they made it wrong :)

  • Zura Xvichia
    Zura Xvichia Year ago +1

    so glad my country is being put on the map ^^

  • I AM A CAT
    I AM A CAT Year ago

    You won't eat real khachapuri id don't eat it in georgia. I am saying this as a Georgia person :D

  • Johnneh590
    Johnneh590 Year ago

    real shit? If I could, I would eat this every single day.

  • Beyblade420
    Beyblade420 Year ago

    Why are people so obsessed with cheese

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot Year ago

    Can I go to a Georgian restaurant if I'm Russian?

  • N G
    N G Year ago

    it really is delicious!

  • gl4evah
    gl4evah Year ago

    Do you have to work with the gloves ?

  • flyingbutthole
    flyingbutthole Year ago

    Tons of places in bensonhurst serve this.

  • aeson1992
    aeson1992 Year ago

    Will you be my cheese wife?

  • Pinky Malin
    Pinky Malin Year ago

    Oh! That looks divine.

  • Beli Berserker
    Beli Berserker Year ago

    komplet lepinja

  • Haigaz Tataryan
    Haigaz Tataryan Year ago +3

    I should make a video of how you eat it...

  • Dumb Stupid
    Dumb Stupid Year ago

    Wow... that's amazing. Looking to find a place that serves this in the Bay Area now. If I can't, man, I might have to visit NYC soon.

    • Tor
      Tor Year ago

      Dumb Stupid Visit Adjara in Georgia (Country not the state) that is where the dish comes from.

  • neil macmillan
    neil macmillan Year ago +1

    I was lucky to get one of these in LA once, craaazy good

  • Deathbrewer
    Deathbrewer Year ago

    Kinda reminds me of a Georgian calzone.

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Year ago

    wait... isnt this a repost?

  • Rass' channel of things

    I do not recall khachapuri being open-top. I guess that's just some flair or local variation the restaurant is doing.

    • george gogoladze
      george gogoladze Year ago

      Rass' channel of things it's adjarian khachapuri.youre thinking of imerian or megrelian khachapuri

  • Bacon
    Bacon Year ago

    What could I replace that cheese with? Rural texan here, not like I can find authentic georgian cheese

    • Tina Kakabadze
      Tina Kakabadze Year ago

      Goat cheese- or any crumbly cheese should do tbh, my mom makes it with any she finds at the supermarket and it's A-1

  • Lou Diamond
    Lou Diamond Year ago

    i would 💩 non stop after eating this

  • Lzhe Dmitriy
    Lzhe Dmitriy Year ago

    That's disgusting.

    • George From Jungle
      George From Jungle Month ago

      That's disgusting ? Lol you mental bro ? )

    • Irakli Dolidze
      Irakli Dolidze 10 months ago

      wait till you try it then have orgasm. then come back and give me a reply

    • SparklyFeces
      SparklyFeces Year ago +5

      Your mom is disgusting

  • Lonezewolf Gaming

    Looks good

  • Dylan Z
    Dylan Z Year ago


  • Chensmur15
    Chensmur15 Year ago

    That looks fucking disgusting.

  • Cody Wilson
    Cody Wilson Year ago

    All the foods I've seen on Food Skills segment look good af, but "Food Skills" is a bad name. It sort of implies that we're gonna learn how to make some bad ass food, then all we get is a brief glimpse of it. Still enjoy watching, especially since it's so fast.

  • TheGodOfPez
    TheGodOfPez Year ago

    Give me all those calories!

  • John Mongler
    John Mongler Year ago

    dank af

  • Tigran Takhtadjian
    Tigran Takhtadjian Year ago +23

    Khachapuri is made without the egg and doesn't have any openings but still has the cheese in the middle. But the one that he is making in the video is called Ajarski. MMMMMM So good. Armenians love to make and especially love to eat it.

    • Prince X
      Prince X 2 months ago

      armenian shit :))

    • Myfriendsdont walktheyran
      Myfriendsdont walktheyran 3 months ago +1

      Tigran Takhtadjian it's called acharuli khatchapuri there is different kinds of khachaburi in georgia and this is one of tham.
      Real georgian speaking here.

    • Alexander Markaryan
      Alexander Markaryan 7 months ago

      There is many different types, my favorite is Thai one which is called adjarski, the word adjarski is Russian for a town is Georgia.

    • E. Esakia
      E. Esakia Year ago +5

      We Georgians have many varieties of khachapuri. Imeruli, Megruli and this one is Acharuli khachapuri

    • danny brown
      danny brown Year ago +7

      yo armenia fuck off this is south western khachapuri from adjara.

  • cactaceous
    cactaceous Year ago

    I was gonna go search it this weekend but they fucked it up w that egg. Pass.

  • George Maddux
    George Maddux Year ago

    That looks so good!

  • FruityHappiness92

    Damn. Can you at least eat it after you showed me what it is. Damn. This was like having sex and stopping before orgasm. Im hurtbae.

  • FedorMachida Last

    Looks pretty damn good. Would sacrifice a heart attack to try this thing.

  • David Sahakyan
    David Sahakyan Year ago


  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales Year ago

    If I took time off from work for 2 weeks, scheduled a doctors appointment with a gastroenterologist , and prayed to baby Jesus everyday for the rest of my life, it still wouldn't prepare me enough for the bubbleguts that would come from eating this shit.

  • Rawbbing Mysellph

    oh.... you mean Peinirli?

  • Serge Stambolyan
    Serge Stambolyan Year ago

    lmao i guess they've never been to coney island cause there are a shitload of places that serve Khachapuri

  • Tig Palan
    Tig Palan Year ago

    Its called ajarakan xhachapuri in Armenian.

  • Smiley
    Smiley Year ago +4

    I am Gergian and I prove this 👌

    • Giorgi Jackeli
      Giorgi Jackeli Year ago +3

      Calm down. My fellow Georgian countryman wanted to say - I approve this, meaning this is a real Acharuli Khachapuri made according to a traditional Georgian recipe.

    • Smiley
      Smiley Year ago +4

      "Khachapuri Is the Georgian Cheese Boat of Your Dreams"

    • Ace Von
      Ace Von Year ago +2

      prove this to be what?

  • Art Z
    Art Z Year ago +8

    looks so good, don't know if i should eat it or fuck it.

    • SuperPat88
      SuperPat88 9 months ago

      @James and @Art(open): You sound like a recent MATCH GAME episode in which the contestant, in trying to match the celbrities, actually WENT THERE with her answer!

    • James C
      James C Year ago +7

      Fuck it like American pie, then eat it.

  • Joy Barr
    Joy Barr Year ago

    There are a lot of restaurants that serve this in Los Angeles, also called an "egg gondola."

  • LogicalWaste
    LogicalWaste Year ago

    Add that to my list of things to do when i hit NYC.

  • Stalin Of Rivia
    Stalin Of Rivia Year ago

    Vague explanation of how the dish is made + no results shown?
    Consider me unsubscribed.

  • DucksFanSinceBirth

    Welcome to food skills aka shit youll never be able to eat unless you live in new york...

  • gofixmechickenpotpie


  • referral madness
    referral madness Year ago

    That runny egg made me vomit . How can anyone eat that ?

    • George From Jungle
      George From Jungle Month ago

      Don't it this than. What's a big deal ? Lol. I eat every weekend and it's beyond delicious ! To each it's own.

    • a n u k a
      a n u k a Year ago

      i hate eggs but this food is most amazing and delicious food on earth :) i dont now how they made in new york but omg in georgia its looks like you have never eat food before :)

    • referral madness
      referral madness Year ago

      +palmtrees bananapants i don't ear runny eggs because that's disgusting, i eat my eggs hard boil or over hard (fried)

    • Azazel XVII
      Azazel XVII Year ago +2

      referral madness you are supposed to mix it with cheese while its hot, so the egg will actually be cooked quite well.

    • water bear
      water bear Year ago +1

      yeah who eats eggs

  • Bjarke Rugsted
    Bjarke Rugsted Year ago +2

    yo looks disugesting yo

    • Bjarke Rugsted
      Bjarke Rugsted Year ago +3

      I am from Denmark, and there is no such thing as a cheese danish

    • James C
      James C Year ago +2

      It's like a fucked up cheese Danish with runny egg.

  • higgy
    higgy Year ago

    "one of the only restaurants in NYC that serves the dish". Yeah and McDonalds is one of the only restaurants that serves the Big Mac. See how stupid that comment is?

  • Pierre
    Pierre Year ago

    This is served in the greater LA area, including resturants in Glendale and Burbank California.

  • tornike tvalavadze
    tornike tvalavadze Year ago +2

    And my favourite channel just posted video about my country. Guess i can die now in peace

  • Notorious Ene
    Notorious Ene Year ago +1

    Sour cheese? I'll pass

    • OuterStratus
      OuterStratus Year ago

      It's probably something similar to cream cheese in flavor. Deliciousness.

  • Falangist
    Falangist Year ago

    Come to L.A. They can be found in a lot of places.

  • Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert Year ago

    Who ever was in charge of taking the shot at 0:07 did a terrible job 😂

  • Alessandro Torres

    Shame about all the bread though. That stuff will kill you

  • Dejanoz
    Dejanoz Year ago

    Classic Armenian food!

    • Smiley
      Smiley Year ago +3

      If it's Georgian how it can be Russian too... Check for you brain existence friend! 😑

    • Falangist
      Falangist Year ago +1

      yr enthusiasm gives you away

    • Dejanoz
      Dejanoz Year ago

      Oh so it is a russian food? I did not know, thank you friend!

    • Smiley
      Smiley Year ago +1

      There is a State in America called 'Georgia' but there is a small country near Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan called 'Georgia' too that's where the khatchapuri and other awesome things are coming from. In our country Georgia, Armenians are known for appropriating things that ain't theirs. That causes mistrust and hate to them.

    • Dejanoz
      Dejanoz Year ago

      Here in eastern europe it is known to be armenian food. I thought Georgia was a part of the USA. The food doesn't look american.

  • A Lemon
    A Lemon Year ago

    Georgian food is amazing, some of their cold food is weird though

  • జ్ఞా Dippy Jippy జ్ఞా

    I just know this would give me the shits.

  • Steven Rubinstein

    Khachapuri is amazing. Always have to grab two boxes at least

  • La 4eva
    La 4eva Year ago

    . ..

  • Magnus Anthony
    Magnus Anthony Year ago

    to much cheese, give me half.

  • garen sotery
    garen sotery Year ago

    I thought this was Armenian.

    • Smiley
      Smiley Year ago +1

      Just google it 👌 Thats the "adjaruli khachapuri" in Georgia we have other types of khachapuri too 😇👌

    • young thor
      young thor Year ago +1

      no !!!!

  • Poopie Pants
    Poopie Pants Year ago

    First of all can we get a video of y'all making this non sauce having ass wings

    • Tyrell Scott
      Tyrell Scott Year ago +1

      You should eat a cactus dipped in arsenic

  • Joseph
    Joseph Year ago

    looks delish ... definitely worse than a heart attack burger... but yolo

  • Glamazon 617
    Glamazon 617 Year ago +7

    Been trying to perfect this since visiting Tbilisi a few years ago. A good pizza dough works really well.

  • elmo TM
    elmo TM Year ago +151

    You know a restaurant is classy when it has comic sans for their sign

    • C'est d'la bonne
      C'est d'la bonne Year ago +5

      Get the fuck away from here, you pig.

    • Tyrell Scott
      Tyrell Scott Year ago +13

      Hey Shoe...get your ass on Hot Ones and slam a bottle of Blair's Mega Death...oh wait, they have real celebrities on their bad!

  • Random49558
    Random49558 Year ago

    You sure do know how to make someone Kreygasm.

  • Mario Munoz
    Mario Munoz Year ago +26

    Love these videos but wish they were longer and showed the whole process of making them. Great way to make me hungry though 🙁

  • Randy Miller III
    Randy Miller III Year ago +48

    LOL, Comic Sans for their restaurant sign? 0:07 XD

    • Tyrell Scott
      Tyrell Scott Year ago +4

      You should eat a cactus dipped in another cactus

    • JohananaV2
      JohananaV2 Year ago

      papa franku would be proud

  • Mekfal
    Mekfal Year ago +3

    ხაჭაპური Hell to the fucking yes.

  • Jayna Lynn
    Jayna Lynn Year ago +9

    Fuck, that looks delicious. I gotta make this sometime.

    • SuperPat88
      SuperPat88 9 months ago

      @salamandra: Georgiaaaaaaahhhhh... Georgiaaaaahhhhhh... you're on my miiiind... lol

    • salamandra
      salamandra Year ago

      go to Georgia :)

  • bertasaur28
    bertasaur28 Year ago


  • Mr. Tuna
    Mr. Tuna Year ago +8

    I can't pronounce it but I want to eat it!

    • Saba Shubladze
      Saba Shubladze Year ago

      im dead laughting here on these vida and comments tryig to pronounc our food ( language) u guys need to be borned and raised here to know our launguage so far no one has fully learned our grammar or spelling or alphabet or anything its so hard to others to pronounce our words we have very hard language and english and all is like a "light" language pretty mutch everyone can learn it but whohohoo georgian is so hard that we rehearsel our childrens about age of 3-7 to learn alphabet and grammar and you guys need to know the way you hear a word for example ხინკალი we say it hard and we dont change any pronouncing to it so we write ხინკალი again that leads us to that we dont teach our childrens spelling we teach them alphabet so spelling is NO problem in our country and georgian alphabet comes from 3rd century befor jesus was born and no one has letters like us and our alphabet is another level of language pronouncing our letters is no where near to another language and thats why its hard to learn it (for others ) so yeah thats all

    • fkostyuk
      fkostyuk Year ago

      Mr. Tuna it's really tasty, can confirm

    • sl1ckk1ll3r
      sl1ckk1ll3r Year ago +2

      Mr. Tuna cah-cha-por-ee

    • Glamazon 617
      Glamazon 617 Year ago +2

      Mr. Tuna haatch-ah-pouri 😉

  • The Muffin Khan
    The Muffin Khan Year ago +2


  • Dyslexic Monkey
    Dyslexic Monkey Year ago

    Yes please