5 part-time online jobs to do from home in 2020

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • In this video, you will find out which online jobs will be in high demand in 2020.
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    Time codes:
    0:00 Intro
    0:47 Sales Funnel Manager
    4:09 TVclip Channel Manager
    6:33 Voice Over
    7:13 Virtual Recruiter
    8:24 Graphic Designer
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  • Silicon Valley Girl
    Silicon Valley Girl  Month ago +121

    Which online job mentioned in the video you would choose?

    Time codes:
    0:00 Intro
    0:47 Sales Funnel Manager
    4:09 TVclip Channel Manager
    6:33 Voice Over
    7:13 Virtual Recruiter
    8:24 Graphic Designer

  • somali site
    somali site Day ago

    I need job online i will take 20$ per hour

  • Tom Carter
    Tom Carter 3 days ago

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  • Andrey Kuzmenko
    Andrey Kuzmenko 5 days ago

    Так странно слушать тебя на английском)) какая талантливая украинка

  • And
    And 5 days ago

    Very helpful if you to not only say what the jobs are but to explain a little of who’s demanding it, how to get into it, and websites relating to it!

  • Shaun Grace
    Shaun Grace 6 days ago

    Can I do some ideas please. Some people just look like they deserve help without even asking.. ideas of the future:
    A video or content navigator specialising in finding relevant or pushing aside irrelevant content. AI will always lead us up it's path unless somebody wants better
    A premium (youtube) account assistant where can design interface and select more or less content. This is assuming youtube and all social sites allow you to make small changes to your intro page
    A story writer specialising in gaining real clients trust and dollars
    A dreamer job. This would be the hierarchy job for all inventors etc. They are employed to analyse what allowed and are paid for every original idea while competing against AI
    Small investment online searcher. Their job is to search for all small investment start-ups or established small companies and advise boss but no further so cannot claim or be implicated in decisions or they'll build up an attitude as such
    Assumption clerk. If anyone has anything they wish to run by somebody before the boss, they use the assumption clerk so they don' look like a fool to the boss. Must be most trusted
    An online phone holder. You link your phone up to this company and they hold the line while you go about your chores then ring a specific ringtone on phone for you to come back and talk to operator. The small fee is nothing compared to the wage you lose if paying self through business
    Online shopper. They have a new app which is a basket and can place all the item links into a basket and from this the best deal can be made for the business based on bosses fast correction or advice
    Credit card manager for staff. All staff can sign up and be witness to their own better spending so turn up to work non-depressive. Business can then offer deals and be offered deals through the credit card companies for faster payments
    Sorry about long essay like comment. But if you can give a person a job you might just start something good
    So, from above, unemployed can sign up for 10 per month to your business to find jobs away from area they are in. As in location area
    An office runabout who simply gets bookwork each night to take home and do or if can, do these odd jobs at work between all the running around for staff
    A car washing at work service. The car detailer comes to office and grabs car keys and cleans close by
    An executive overlord. Retired CEO's are given a specialty app and they can answer any question, for a price, to any CEO or similar (paid up and approved) roll person
    A drink driver company. They'll come by the pub or the office and drive you and car home or just the car and goods etc
    A spiritual coordinator. People want to do spirituality at the right time of the day so acting only to the CEO, the spiritual coordinator allows people to do that 10mins of meditation etc, or advises on more about spirituality
    Radio tuner. Somebody will one day be able to cut and paste all the radio stations, for a price via a overseer, to get best radio based on work feedback of what they want
    Online book specialist. You can call up on your phone during a lunch break and get a 20min synopsis of a story told in the best way possible. There are so many books/stories and not enough time and it will give the brain a rest as well
    Thanks for reading. 20mins here to help hopefully. Hope it's worth it in some way. Cheers

  • Bima Sudiarto
    Bima Sudiarto 8 days ago +8

    I've been doing this since 1998. Struggling hard as a freelancer all my life. It's doable, but realistically speaking, not easy. I'm lucky to have a wife who also works full time as a government official. We cover each other's back that way. Especially with 2 kids in tow.

  • Artur CookieJar
    Artur CookieJar 8 days ago

    Good video! I personally love affiliate marketing xD made $170 my first 3 weeks. But I'm participating in a good challenge it helps a lot

  • Katie Hildner
    Katie Hildner 8 days ago

    Is anyone knows some online classes to learn about graphic design? I know some in Russia, but I live in US so it makes sense to learn what US customers need :)

  • Kunjan Shah
    Kunjan Shah 8 days ago

    Hi I can use some help with part time job. TVclip manager sounds great. Can u help. Thanks

  • Sheesh Kebab
    Sheesh Kebab 9 days ago

    Why do you need to be careful with titles?

    ZULFINES 9 days ago

    Your tips dan idea is very good.... thanks

  • AQIB ALI Bhutto
    AQIB ALI Bhutto 9 days ago

    Can you teach me plz plz marina

  • Cheska Reas
    Cheska Reas 9 days ago

    Is this available in the Philippines?

  • Kira Lee
    Kira Lee 9 days ago

    Do you need to register a business or company to do these jobs?

  • Mohib Hamdard
    Mohib Hamdard 9 days ago

    Very good

  • D N
    D N 9 days ago +1

    really great, that finally explained all this put together to me. But how to handle the law and privacy of customers in a newsletter for example. I don't know how this is in your country but here in Germany it is really not easy to start without a lawyer and so there are so many conts to consider first. And where can I find clients who need assistant for their vlog? THX!


    hi so good

  • hairol omar
    hairol omar 10 days ago

    Nice,very good presentations i like it, Thank you sis, I'm Hairol from Malaysia.

  • Kristofer Milhauser
    Kristofer Milhauser 10 days ago

    It's not call sales funnel manager.its called a Facebook ads expert or a media buyer and why would you do it for someone else hourly? I charge my clients 2k a month each....bebinar lol...also, getting a gig on up work is super hard as every post gets a ton of applications

  • Leo
    Leo 10 days ago

    My idea is to be a latin market you tube manager... then a consultancy company.
    I want to offer services to you tube channels to boom their audiences in spanish(latin america and spain) portuguese (portugal and brazil) and italian(italy) these latin world communities are huge online and very connected to their own languages and cultural ways of seeing; reacting and buying things but the potential is amazing. I want to work with subtitles; small traillers for their videos; efficient titles with proper keywords to boom the audience in their languages also offer later on you tube market researches to show in the client's niche what is popular content for their markets forcasting and suggesting efficient content to be producing and who are the top players now in their market in those languages and countries.
    What do you think? Any input?

    GODS GRACE 11 days ago

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  • Soham
    Soham 12 days ago

    So what I studied till now is now useless??

  • Tore Foncello
    Tore Foncello 12 days ago

    Aci sei parli veloce come una macchina da corsa ferarina Ina o è losai che ci vuole unbe a capi cuelo che tu ai nel cuore e farne abitazione di un po di tutto e perdo tropo tempo per fare una affermazione oi che dolore e tropo

  • quranandhadees
    quranandhadees 12 days ago

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    quranandhadees 12 days ago

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  • AtaMotion
    AtaMotion 12 days ago +1

    Creative market? They don't really have job listings there.. but you can sell your products there 😁

  • chad taylor
    chad taylor 12 days ago

    homerun video; tremendous amount of value!

  • Aeri Co
    Aeri Co 13 days ago

    thanks, useful and up-to-date info, but camera jumping to closer look constantly is hurting my eyes( i ended up just listening

  • Rans LeisureTime
    Rans LeisureTime 13 days ago

    Thanks ...I think it will help me for my career. .😇❤❤❤

  • Sai Tudtud
    Sai Tudtud 13 days ago

    The guy in 8:50 is so familiar. Is he from Philippines?

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    Ayde Guerrero Rosas 13 days ago

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      AtaMotion 9 days ago +1

      I mean it's not secret that these "how to make money" video ant products have the best conversion rates sooo gotta grab the opportunity to cash in lol

    • mercy mureithi
      mercy mureithi 12 days ago


  • PythonWarrior
    PythonWarrior 13 days ago +45

    99% of these online classes that promise to make you rich are a scam !

  • PythonWarrior
    PythonWarrior 13 days ago

    Где ты так научилась презинтации делать ? И продовать ? Как школа называеться ? В израеле или в США ?

  • mimtoo s
    mimtoo s 13 days ago +2

    Hi! I am really dedicated for work and I am fond of watching you tube video.I am really looking for part time job.on the other hand, my existing job is digital marketing and brand associate. I wanna be TVclip manager. I will be able to start it from 12 January 2020.I have IELTS exam on 11 th January 2020.I also have 4 years more experience on customer service (call centre and face to face).Moreover , I have Adobe photoshop and illustrator skill .Thanks a bunch for your helpful video.

  • Zakari DARO
    Zakari DARO 14 days ago

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  • The Wealth Bravehearts Channel

    Hi Marina,
    This video has so much useful content.. I learned a lot.. I already use canva but still have to maximize it.. Anyway, keep doing what you're doing!
    Jo 🙂

  • joven arevalo
    joven arevalo 14 days ago +2

    I’d also like a part time job focusing on html/css/javascript. I can do core programming but i think its just too much stress for a “part time”. So a front end work would not drain me as much. What would you suggest?

  • Boris Marinin
    Boris Marinin 15 days ago +1

    I am a TVclip video and channel manager, video production specialist, motion graphic artist, creative director and marketing specialist. And I struggle to find a dissent paying job. How would you advise connecting creatives like me to the ones looking for us?

  • Italiano in 7 minuti
    Italiano in 7 minuti 15 days ago

    I hope this video goes virally, opportunities are endless and people should be aware of that. Thanks!

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    Yuleisy Cepeda 15 days ago

    Thanks for this valuable information!

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    Ifti Neel 15 days ago

    Thank you so much for the information Marina ...seriously may the Almighty bless you and may you have a beautiful baby. :)

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    Dinara Baxadirovna 15 days ago

    so amazinggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Darlene P
    Darlene P 16 days ago +14

    I see sales funnels as just a useless bunch of clicks. I ignore them. They bore and frustrate me

    • Eusebius Bob
      Eusebius Bob 11 days ago

      Yeah but remember 80 20 rule I have list I do the funnels if you have 10 or 20% of the list engage that will make you good money and again what we share have value if you apply

    • Marie Smith
      Marie Smith 13 days ago

      Mee too! I'm not the only one. If I see a funnel, I leave no matter how amazing their deals are 😄😄😄

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    david king 16 days ago +10

    Work in the computer and live everywhere , working everywhere

  • david king
    david king 16 days ago

    Imaging I got one apartment in NYC like yours would be so lit

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    Ben Martin 18 days ago +1

    I think I laughed way too hard when you were eating the banana in the beginning 😂

  • Caroline Balkon
    Caroline Balkon 18 days ago

    That would be interesting however I want to know if there any artist part time jobs? OH I don't have Facebook I can't have social media account except google currently.

  • Tanya Jackdaw
    Tanya Jackdaw 19 days ago +1

    No professional should consider using Upwork. You will get undercut a lot, UpWork is a race to the bottom, everybody tries to lower their prices and clients often choose the cheapest option. Even marketing your page there isn't worth it. Why would you market yourself somewhere where people could easily be redirected to someone cheaper, or better. Do your own website, run ads or reach out to people constatly. Upwork is not a way to go.

  • Jorge Burrito
    Jorge Burrito 20 days ago +2

    Wow you even put the time where every job you state nice 👍🏻🔥 exceeded my expectations

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    Great tips. Thanks.

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    the name 'Silicon Valley Girl' seems misleading...

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    Thanks for sharing! That’s very useful and helpful information ℹ

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    These are skills not job

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