Trying American Candy ♥ Taste Test

  • Published on Jun 23, 2015
  • Swedish girl trying American candy ;)
    In today’s video I’m trying the good, the bad and the neon from the American candy shelves. Enjoy! xx
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Comments • 3 392

  • Hailey Popovitch
    Hailey Popovitch 8 days ago

    Australian candy is probably trash nothing beats American candy I don’t think honeslty though

  • Andre h
    Andre h 6 months ago +1

    This candy testing kid is so sweet :)

  • Falcon 927
    Falcon 927 8 months ago

    How can you not like Hershey’s?!! Chocolate is good 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🍫🍫🍫🍫

  • Khoe Law
    Khoe Law 8 months ago

    i'm American so this is hilarious

  • Odditz
    Odditz 9 months ago

    I'm watching from 2019 and these type of videos i love thank you

  • isabella_elizabeth
    isabella_elizabeth 10 months ago

    When she talked about the Hershey I had to go into my pantry and get a hershey's kiss just to remind myself what it tastes like😂 and it tasted kind of weird when I heard what she said but that's probably bc i just ate a spicy ramen sooooo

  • LynX 476
    LynX 476 10 months ago

    Dots is gross
    And i also hate twizzlers/lichorish
    I probobly spelt that wrong

  • Kirishima
    Kirishima 10 months ago

    >not candy

  • Jaceygirl 27
    Jaceygirl 27 11 months ago

    We’re do you live what country

  • Tyler Blalock
    Tyler Blalock 11 months ago

    I love almost all the candys you dislike

  • Dawi Malik
    Dawi Malik 11 months ago

    I like blonde girls & candy US

  • yolo_frea
    yolo_frea 11 months ago

    MAAAAAANNNNN she’s a tough critic

  • Vanessa Irene
    Vanessa Irene Year ago

    Check out my taste testing with Pablo!!

  • Veronica VonKaenel

    She says she hasn’t had any of these but then it feels like she’s tried all of them before 😂😂

  • Just Bubbly
    Just Bubbly Year ago

    Where are u from

  • Bridgett -ofishial

    I am American and love all these

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith Year ago

    I love Dots !

  • Crazy Cassie
    Crazy Cassie Year ago

    Hershey cookies and cream IS MY FRICKIN LIFE

  • Tatiana A
    Tatiana A Year ago

    fuck u

  • Anna Hanif
    Anna Hanif Year ago +1

    Why don't you taste Japanese Candy!

  • zmanmaster 185
    zmanmaster 185 Year ago

    At least shes sry for offending us

  • Rahma Rezgui
    Rahma Rezgui Year ago

    I live in the UK but I still got to purchase air heads bits from my corner store they are chewy but really good

  • Urban Meyer
    Urban Meyer Year ago

    Girl you got some white ass teeth

  • Yanny Zanchez
    Yanny Zanchez Year ago

    what hearshy is the best

  • Memes 4life
    Memes 4life Year ago

    I’m offended Hershey’s should be 420,369,6969/10

  • Jake Eves
    Jake Eves Year ago

    im from canada i have tried all of these snacks when visiting the USA

  • Doggo Doggo
    Doggo Doggo Year ago

    I’m from America and I’m not really a fan of the regular Hershey’s anymore

  • Sydney Mae
    Sydney Mae Year ago

    I'm American and I can't stand Hersheys

  • shelbi Martin
    shelbi Martin Year ago

    I love Hersheys

  • Mikayla Fountain
    Mikayla Fountain Year ago

    Not trying to be rude but I feel like your really picky and hate everything

  • Mikayla Fountain
    Mikayla Fountain Year ago

    You did not just get the off brand twizzlers and there is more flavors than cherry🤦🏽‍♀️ they have rainbow and other flavors and how can you not like Hershey’s or dots smh your missing the good stuff😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah Year ago

    You’re so pretty!!!
    I hate dots lol. I like twisllers but i miss them, haven’t had them in forever.

  • Louise Minnie
    Louise Minnie Year ago

    to 2:30 she clearly dont know her shapes

  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez Year ago


  • Variah Sione
    Variah Sione Year ago

    The twizzlers look good

  • JJ Stalcup
    JJ Stalcup Year ago

    We have twizzles

  • Mollymakesmagic
    Mollymakesmagic Year ago

    Well I’m an American and I (insert opinion on candy here)

  • Asa Mackenzie
    Asa Mackenzie Year ago

    I'm from Sweden but i love american candy

  • Noah Yaseen
    Noah Yaseen Year ago

    I'm American and I love twizzlers

  • Chloe Cook
    Chloe Cook Year ago

    Omggg I’m British and I loveeeee hersheyssss

  • Jolie Smith
    Jolie Smith Year ago

    I am British personally from my review I love American candy I. Have heard bad things about the original Hershey s chocolate bar but I haven't tried it yet I have tried the cookies n cream chocolate. Bar it rocks I haven't tried dots but air head Mike n Ike butter finger i love although I don't like. Twizzlers to. Me they taste. Like plastic u could have done better with twizzlers

  • Unicorn Gaming
    Unicorn Gaming Year ago +1

    Anyone in UK, and tasted cookies and cream kit kat?

  • Ella Bates
    Ella Bates Year ago +1

    try a pay day

  • Grace's Vlog's
    Grace's Vlog's Year ago

    I love your videos can I have a shot out

  • outlaw yee yee
    outlaw yee yee Year ago +1

    I don't like Twizzlers either

  • Rilee Dolan
    Rilee Dolan Year ago

    What I meant to say I'm from America and you need to try Doritos I personally do not like cool ranch so I want to try that sour skittles and salt and vinegar chip

  • Rilee Dolan
    Rilee Dolan Year ago

    Bear cut you need to try Doritos sour skittles and salt and vinegar chips favorite

  • Emerald Pokémon
    Emerald Pokémon Year ago

    You didn’t eat the best one out of America TWIX

  • Mom and me Makeup and more

    Honestly I kinda like Hershey bars but not too much

  • Oyun Sergelenbold

    The red vines matches your lipstick

  • Mad Madz
    Mad Madz Year ago

    I don’t understand because u r American and your tryout no American candy?

  • pro skate productions

    whoes watching in 2018

  • Mikl Pickle
    Mikl Pickle Year ago

    I don’t like Hershey’s very much either. I like it, but I don’t like it very much. What I do like, though, is Dove and Godiva.

  • Aimee Sanderson
    Aimee Sanderson Year ago

    Hershey's is rectangles not squares 😂

  • Marie Rodriguez
    Marie Rodriguez Year ago +1

    You don't like Hershey's,?
    But you like twislers?? Bad choice, Bad taste 🤢

  • Avangli0n
    Avangli0n Year ago

    My God,you are so beautiful!

  • Ty Hill
    Ty Hill Year ago

    The plain Hershey's is kinda gross tbh . The other flavors are good but the plain is weird

  • Hhbhv Hggh
    Hhbhv Hggh Year ago

    American candy is tasty af.

    And I love candy af.

    From the.
    United States of North America

  • Angela Enriquez
    Angela Enriquez Year ago

    the dots are nasty

  • Olivia Riley
    Olivia Riley Year ago

    Megan is selling her album son TVclip videos