How To Cook A Steak by Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Jan 8, 2010
  • A cooking lesson by the potty mouthed English chef Gordon Ramsay
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  • Francisco Espírito-Santo

    good Lord, he's ruined the steak!

  • Iron man
    Iron man 6 days ago

    "Oil in".... adds Mobile 1

  • Iron man
    Iron man 6 days ago +1

    "Inside my thumb"....that's called your thenar eminence

  • gmac gmac
    gmac gmac 6 days ago

    What is that you Commy

  • The Jacklemore
    The Jacklemore 6 days ago +2

    Gordon’s lost the plot. In his other video he says turn the steak every minute, this video he says turn it once. 🤔🤪

  • D Ddd
    D Ddd 8 days ago

    Should I parboil it first ???????🤣 Hahahahahaha

  • Micheal Clement
    Micheal Clement 9 days ago

    Shit not done

  • michael buchanan
    michael buchanan 11 days ago

    All his restaurants are failing so no thanks gordon!!

  • Zeno Fraley
    Zeno Fraley 11 days ago

    This video got me through my time in my first couple of apartments, where they didn’t allow open flames on the premises.

  • Riverotter
    Riverotter 13 days ago +1

    you cook steak over flame

  • seller559
    seller559 14 days ago

    It’s still breathing.

  • Wyoming Homesteader
    Wyoming Homesteader 14 days ago

    And now you know why if you're at a restaurant that follows this school of cooking and order a steak more done than rare it dry an leathery.

  • PaulCYC_ MTB
    PaulCYC_ MTB 14 days ago

    How can 14k people 👍 the shit quality of this video... 140p? GTFOH... (XS Max, wifi @ 220gbps)... LOLOLOLOL.... 👎

  • Billy Dee
    Billy Dee 14 days ago

    A rare steak is the easiest thing in the world to cook. Try cooking it medium or medium well. Much harder.

  • Elena
    Elena 14 days ago

    1:33 battah. fucking brexit people 😂

  • aliya paden
    aliya paden 15 days ago +1

    It's fkn rawwwww 😠 oh mah gawwwdd

  • aliya paden
    aliya paden 15 days ago

    Pink? That's red 😆

  • thought patrol
    thought patrol 16 days ago

    this whole video is full of shit

  • Cory Idell
    Cory Idell 17 days ago

    Looked like ny strip

  • iTz ATL Clutch
    iTz ATL Clutch 18 days ago

    I’m ready to die and fuck off to heaven

  • Trump_Fedaykin
    Trump_Fedaykin 20 days ago

    Sirloin is a shit cut of meat. Filet or ribeye. That's it.

  • courgargold
    courgargold 20 days ago

    This steak was made from the last pillock who didn’t do what he told them in the kitchen.

  • courgargold
    courgargold 20 days ago

    “Mmm. My goodness. ...sirloin is a chewy cut.”

  • Coldcreature
    Coldcreature 23 days ago

    Those fucking hand gestures man lol

  • Alacard0malley
    Alacard0malley 26 days ago

    2:25 it looks rrAW!

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 29 days ago

    What the fuck is grand oil?

  • CanadianNewYorker
    CanadianNewYorker 29 days ago

    Perfect food porn. Got to see some pink in the end too.

  • Brian Parent
    Brian Parent 29 days ago

    Did you hear that - "Turn it once!"

  • Patrick Isles
    Patrick Isles 29 days ago

    Honestly, you can make any cheap steak taste good if you base it with tons of butter and herbs.

  • DatsTuff
    DatsTuff Month ago

    Wrong video.

  • Lisa Swetz
    Lisa Swetz Month ago


  • Nick Email
    Nick Email Month ago

    Its raw old man...

  • SoundsUnderground
    SoundsUnderground Month ago +1

    Thank you for showing us how to dull a knife.

  • Spic Democrat
    Spic Democrat Month ago +1

    Nice and raw in the middle, that's why your restaurants went bankrupt !!!!!

  • Spic Democrat
    Spic Democrat Month ago +1

    If Gordon Ramsey was a good chef, how come all his restaurants went bankrupt ?

    • nartrokobs 2
      nartrokobs 2 Month ago

      Buddy you should do some homework before commenting something so embarassing. Gordon owns 35 successfull restaurants worldwide and 7 Michelin stars. His best Restaurant in Chelsae has held 3 Michelin stars since 2001 which makes him 1 of only 4 chefs in the UK to ever hold 3 Michelin stars. In 2013 he was inducted into the culinary hall of fame. In 2016 he made as much as Beyonce... $54 million and currently holds a net worth of $190 million. He quite litterally is the best chef on the planet being widely known for his INSANE amount of knowledge he jas aquired over the decades of his career and still soaks up more and more knowledge ever fucking day. He is the michael phelps of cooking... there is nobody even close to his skill level.


    Look at that baby

  • george zofchak
    george zofchak Month ago

    Ole gordo jumping around cause he really wants his haggis .....not that steak!!!

  • itsgreenblackman
    itsgreenblackman Month ago

    What seasoning did he use? Just salt and pepper?

  • Stanglife 97Cobra
    Stanglife 97Cobra Month ago

    Bbest way to absolutely ruin a steak. A real steak is cooked over a wood fire at 500 degrees. I wouldnt wipe my ass with that steak

  • Matt Brad
    Matt Brad Month ago

    I have watched you for fuckin years. No seasoning. Wtf.

  • emersonleon85
    emersonleon85 Month ago

    2:30 “ goodness, that’s shit”

  • Glenn Hetman
    Glenn Hetman Month ago

    Cook one side flip it ..wait and watch till the up side juices of turn reddish turn down heat ... Medium

  • Glenn Hetman
    Glenn Hetman Month ago

    My steak is better in case iron

  • brian416
    brian416 Month ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay VS The Editing. Who is faster?! Stream NOW on "The Cocaine Network"

  • Marc Turk
    Marc Turk Month ago

    People told me I was full of it using the hand as a guide thank you for verifying that eat well

  • tnxjesus
    tnxjesus Month ago

    Not eating no pink raw ass meat idgaf how many michelin stars he got. Damn meat is still bloody. Not suppose to eat nothing with no damn blood still in it

  • Justin Gower
    Justin Gower Month ago

    Why even bother putting it into the pan. Just go out to a field and bite a live cow.

  • AbdulAziz Bek
    AbdulAziz Bek Month ago

    Raw 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Rich Taylor
    Rich Taylor Month ago

    He said not to flip it but in another video he did with the same steak he said turn it every 30 seconds

  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr Month ago

    Usually when a steak has this much fat, I don't add any oil to it. I let it cook in it's own oil. This way you keep it's original flavor.

  • Tryingtobegood Isitworking


  • Charles Griffin
    Charles Griffin Month ago

    Rule #1 - put the steak on a grill!

  • Juggernaut 333
    Juggernaut 333 Month ago

    The legend

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine Month ago

    Faging sauce is faux-aging rub that is brushed sparingly and allowed to dry for days.

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine Month ago

    Wrong! Selection! Draining and aging! Faging sauce! Sear in butter from the start. Rest 10 min.

  • Trance Tallentine
    Trance Tallentine Month ago

    Watched this video and followed and tweaked slightly - everyone thinks I'm the best cook around - or no one else wants to cook. Ha

  • Neurotripsicks
    Neurotripsicks Month ago

    Next video: How to make a cast iron skillet in your kitchen.

  • neil k.
    neil k. Month ago +1

    I missed the part where he screams at himself in a mirror and then his reflection verbally reciprocates.

  • Josh Harris
    Josh Harris Month ago

    Ha ha that was a strip steak not a sirloin.

  • Dmitrik Guajardo
    Dmitrik Guajardo Month ago

    Everyone would get invites to my bbq picnic except Gordon