Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - Opening Ceremony

  • Published on May 7, 2017
  • The opening ceremony of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will broadcast live from Mariyinsky Palace in Kyiv. All 42 countries and the hosts will enter the red carpet and be interviewed by press from all over Europe and beyond. The opening ceremony marks the start of the Eurovision Song Contest weeks. The Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 9th, 11th and 13th of May.
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  • ILoveYouu
    ILoveYouu 2 months ago

    Why is the host in the blue dress saying 'The' before the country name lol

  • ILoveYouu
    ILoveYouu 3 months ago

    Welcome back at the red carpet of eurovision 2070's, Im standing next to a contestant, she is beautifull girl from the Armenia 😂

  • Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne Smith 6 months ago

    I watched this year's EU & the start of it was great but when the singer started I was sadly disappointed not of the singers but of the display of it, it was a bit boring it was so boring I started to fall asleep 😴😴😴 again geart start, good songs from the singles but needs to give it a bit more pazaz.

  • Iarnród Eireann Trains

    They were really rude to Blanche

    SEN _MENIMLE 7 months ago

    Украина моя вторая родина люблю вас))))вы хорошие привет из Азербайджана

  • RS RS
    RS RS 8 months ago

    What happen in the Opening Ceremony?

  • купол купол
    купол купол 8 months ago


  • Такуто Хасигава

    людей нет. Простых зрителей. Говнище,а не конкурс))))

  • Пустышка
    Пустышка 8 months ago +1

    All was good in Eurovision 2017 except this red carpet. If it has been little bit worse then result would has been better but as trash performance :)

  • Cheung Connor
    Cheung Connor 8 months ago

    just curious about why the ladies with white gloves are dancing? What kind of job do they do?

  • NihilSineDeo
    NihilSineDeo 8 months ago


  • Smiley K
    Smiley K 8 months ago

    I just watched this because of Kristian Kostov 😂🔺❤️

  • total sky
    total sky 8 months ago

    3:00 oh my god

  • total sky
    total sky 8 months ago

    Пир во время чумы🎭🎉🙈😷

  • total sky
    total sky 8 months ago

    hello ,
    London is a capital of Great Britain , Kiev is a capital of Ukraine 🎉🙈🌞 Ukrainians are europeans ! Ukraine is Europe too, Ukraine is not Russia!!! ..they love Bandera and uncle Adolf like you!!! Ukraine is Europe , don't forget about it, Putin is Everywhere.....🎭😲

  • Fluttersh MLP
    Fluttersh MLP 8 months ago

    I love youu sooooo muchhhhhhh Azerbaijannnnnn ❤❤❤😻😻😻💋💋💋😍😍😘😘😘🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  • Patrick Jammet
    Patrick Jammet 8 months ago

    ... l'Australie 12 points à l'Angleterre ; Papa Déchu/Duché...Jamala ! - De l'Anglais millénaire ! ... Charlie ! :o)

  • Василий Иванов

    позорище, жуткое позорище, порошенко полный фиаско

  • Karl Barraca
    Karl Barraca 8 months ago

    So many russian butthurts sheeps here. Admit that youre not a european country because ukraine is one of a true european country. unlike russia belongs to asiatic country. So shut the fck up ruskies!

  • Solange romero
    Solange romero 8 months ago

    Where i can Find the second part?

  • littlerebelle
    littlerebelle 8 months ago

    Wow this must have taken so long to upload. My 5 Minute long videos mostly take 30-90 minutes ..

  • butcher fresh
    butcher fresh 8 months ago


  • TheReal Pau
    TheReal Pau 8 months ago +1

    ukraine ultimate

  • José Carvalho
    José Carvalho 8 months ago +1

    I would really love to visit Ukraine :-) so beautiful Kiev... Hugs from Portugal

  • Alexander Shcherbakov
    Alexander Shcherbakov 8 months ago

    Shameful event. If everything was honest and Russia won, then we would have shown to all what is the Big Show in the largest capital of Europe. Kiev is still only a Russian province city. Like Rostov, or Krasnodar. Sad but true.

  • Olga N
    Olga N 8 months ago

    Что это за еврей - ведущий в синем костюме??? что украинцев нет? в своей стране евровидение провести только жидов пустили... суки жиды здохните

  • Olga N
    Olga N 8 months ago +1

    А что местных украинцев, киевлян к дорожке не подпускали полицаи?? Что за идиотизм? только чужестранцы у дорожки

  • kyoka
    kyoka 8 months ago

    3:00:05 XD

  • Brucila Voss
    Brucila Voss 8 months ago


  • Sossolov
    Sossolov 8 months ago



    ээээээээээмммммм...я одна думаю что в начале это песня Shakira-try everything?

  • Олег Лопин
    Олег Лопин 8 months ago

    А где Россия?

  • Fraterniphonie
    Fraterniphonie 8 months ago

    Tout se fait en anglo-américain ! Je ne savais pas que l'Ukraine était une colonie américaine !

  • Vagina Pingvina
    Vagina Pingvina 8 months ago

    Ебаный стыд...

  • TheMightyKinkle
    TheMightyKinkle 8 months ago

    That song playing in the background in the beginning is awful

  • Creomortis
    Creomortis 8 months ago


    • Creomortis
      Creomortis 8 months ago

      53:35 Biggest Merkin I have _ever_ seen!

  • YuCriis Niki
    YuCriis Niki 8 months ago

    1:17:41- 2:39:05 Epic sax guy is back

  • AndrosAndrosAndros
    AndrosAndrosAndros 8 months ago

    it`s so green in Kyiv. Fascinating

  • Viktorbumaga super
    Viktorbumaga super 8 months ago


  • Marie Davat
    Marie Davat 8 months ago


  • Francesco Bonfiglio
    Francesco Bonfiglio 8 months ago

    so english is the official language of Europe?

  • Алия Mored
    Алия Mored 8 months ago

    суки как без России можно? эххх

  • HelenaNIK 389
    HelenaNIK 389 8 months ago +1

    Самое красивое Евровидение из всех и самое приятное, что БЕЗ КАЦАПОВ!
    The most beautiful Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and the most pleasant is that WITHOUT RUSSIA! Bravo UKRAINE!!!! :-))))))))))))))

  • Elena Grebenova
    Elena Grebenova 8 months ago

    А че они набрали угольков вести? Чтоб жена Уилла Смита снова не обиделась?:)
    But seriously, what do black girls do there? why must they have hosted the contest?...

  • Amgul
    Amgul 8 months ago +1


  • Amgul
    Amgul 8 months ago +1

    im so so happy

    • Amgul
      Amgul 8 months ago +1


    • Amgul
      Amgul 8 months ago

      italy faled!!!

  • Amgul
    Amgul 8 months ago

    HAHA ITALY on the 6 place

  • xris tina
    xris tina 8 months ago

    1:58:19 I was born ready😆😆😆

  • ►All In
    ►All In 8 months ago

    whats the Name Of this mix song with the stormtrooper girls?

  • Илона Илона
    Илона Илона 8 months ago +1

    все равно, это было очень достойно! Безумно классная песня и вокал Жени! Я горжусь О.Торвальд💕🌻🎉

  • ArbitrFIFA
    ArbitrFIFA 8 months ago

    Молодцы хохлы - ни одного слова по украински.

  • Денис Самохвалов

    Regular competition. Another geographical vote. The jury needs to be removed. Competition becomes not popular

  • Juhász Kitti
    Juhász Kitti 8 months ago

    Hungary the winner👑❤

  • Loredana Sporeanu
    Loredana Sporeanu 8 months ago

    i am not able to vote . whyyyy

  • loco2000
    loco2000 8 months ago

    no entiendo porque coño todos cantan en puto ingles no podian haber cantado en su propio idioma ?? ehh

  • Olivia Olivia
    Olivia Olivia 8 months ago

    Armeniaaaaaaaa <3 love from Romania!

  • Геннадий Новичков

    Во сколько финал?

  • Mooga
    Mooga 8 months ago

    Тут есть O.TOrvald? Если, да, то на каком моменте?

  • Марина Жукова

    нечестный и политически зависимый конкурс стал, очень жаль, а так хорошо проходил ранее.

  • Heb Xh
    Heb Xh 8 months ago +1


  • ilo oli
    ilo oli 8 months ago

    Jesus fucking Christ they should've shown her in the beginning to make the hosts look better 3:00:05

  • ilo oli
    ilo oli 8 months ago

    The hosts are cringey af

  • Aliska BtsExo
    Aliska BtsExo 8 months ago

    Armenia ARA xaytarak exanq chair Kara angleren sovoreir

  • Callum Swords
    Callum Swords 8 months ago +1

    This is the cringeist piece of crap I've ever seen in my entire life

  • ШтЫрлиТц
    ШтЫрлиТц 8 months ago

    Кроме журналистов, участников, и организаторов на открытие никто не пришел. Киевляне просто проигнорировали это мероприятие. Ошибка организаторов - дата открытия. Евровидение 2017 провал для Украины.

  • Smi le
    Smi le 8 months ago

    Politik,Propaganda,Hetze,Verarsche!!! keine Musik, kein Wettberwerb!! NUR POLITIK UM DIE MENSCHEN DORT ZU HABEN WO SIE ES HABEN WOLLEN!!

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law 8 months ago

    слава виталику!

  • Nekochikichibi
    Nekochikichibi 8 months ago

    nee nee papa

  • m vad
    m vad 8 months ago

  • m vad
    m vad 8 months ago

    Eurovision turned into kohlbacher

  • m vad
    m vad 8 months ago

    Евровидение превратили в Хоолобачення

  • m vad
    m vad 8 months ago

    А чего АЗОВЦЕВ И ПРАВЫЙ СЕКТОР не пустили к дорожке?

  • Booba
    Booba 8 months ago

    Дорожка в 255 метров,маловато, нужно было пару кирометро добавить,с общим забегом.

  • Ferhat Ozcelik
    Ferhat Ozcelik 8 months ago +1

    My favorites: Denmark from semi final 2, and Azerbaijan from semi final 1 in 2017

    MADEIRA PORTUGAL 8 months ago +1

    Please make PORTUGAL WINNER on Saturday please

  • Capiche Madafakas
    Capiche Madafakas 8 months ago

    This is going to be the dullest Eurovision ever. Nothing funny, nothing extraordinary. Just plain, talentless and boring.

  • zs9
    zs9 8 months ago

    awful camerawork

  • Мид Асанов
    Мид Асанов 8 months ago

    Where Russia???

  • Il Gabbro
    Il Gabbro 8 months ago

    1:09:46 Italia - Francesco Gabbani ❤
    👌😉👌 Namastè !
    👐🐵 Alé !

  • Zhiltsova
    Zhiltsova 8 months ago

    Awkward - is the best word to describe this ceremony. Seems like everyone are stressed and lost. And this "music" on a background - it's a pure torture!

  • Ollie Ardor
    Ollie Ardor 8 months ago

    This was weird.
    First, instead of so many hosts that could barely speak English they could have chosen just two, but with decent English. Actually, the only host whose English was ok is this blonde woman in blue dress, but her partner was doing horrible job. He could barely pronounce words. I understand that eastern Europeans usually have trouble speaking English, but I can't believe that it was impossible to find 2-3 TV hosts with decent English in the whole country. And I am not speaking about the accent - most people speak foreign languages with accents; I mean at least some basic grammar. Seriously, why use articles with almost every country's name?
    Second, they should have decided between themselves which questions to ask the performers. Many contestants were asked the same questions multiple times: first at the gate, then by the other couple of hosts, and then by the two black girls and the bearded guy. Also, each country should be given equal time and attention, but instead we saw Lindita, Slavko, and a couple of other contestants everywhere, while some others were ignored, like the trio from the Netherlands.
    Third, the attitude. For example, they asked Kristian about his song, and then, without giving any attention to what he was trying to reply, they said "What does he know about love, he's just 17?" That was disrespectful af. The African girls and the bearded guy seemed to not listen to the answers at all, they just asked questions and considered their job done. Why even ask if you don't listen and just interrupt the artists all the time?
    Also, where are all the fans, looks like only the media were invited, but not the common people, why making the ceremony closed, it's against the idea behind this red carpet ceremony.
    But the worst part was the First Lady and the mayor speaking. I was so embarrassed just by watching this. The video about Kyiv could've been interesting if they had it recorded with a voice of professional actor/actress/presenter, but the mayor's broken English turned it into a total disaster.

  • Brutaleris
    Brutaleris 8 months ago

    and in this time in other side of Ukraine people stays in the dark, no food, no water, just death around them. Hope at least some one will think about them when watching this contest

  • Yigitcan Dülger
    Yigitcan Dülger 8 months ago

    TURKEY * Contest result
    1 - Spain
    2 - Belgium
    3 - Hungary
    4 - Moldavia
    5 - Azerbaijan
    Heart Leader 2017 - Hungary 12 point <3

  • mvolnayagmailco80089
    mvolnayagmailco80089 8 months ago


  • вікторія кіндзерська

    тихий жах...особливо виступ першої леді, завчила текст. Цікаво вона сама розуміла що говорить.

  • anzhela garkusha
    anzhela garkusha 8 months ago

    то просто жах!

  • anzhela garkusha
    anzhela garkusha 8 months ago

    який жах!

  • Anton AD
    Anton AD 8 months ago +1

    Even my cat knows English better but I like this

  • Vlad Ivanov
    Vlad Ivanov 8 months ago

    твенти ентин евестмн онема 😅😅😅
    пиздец речь просто ужас хоть бы не позорилась 😅😅😅

  • Заработок в интернете

    cool !!! 😎

  • Mc Ксю
    Mc Ксю 8 months ago

    Чому ви всі критикуєте Україну? За те, що перемогла Джамала, а не представник вашої країни. Люди чим вам всім недогодили ми українці, і вся Україна?Чому ви пишете про нас гидоту?Чому ви так ненавидете Україну?Я просто не можу зрозуміти, що такого поганого ми вам зробили?

  • Pulia Czchcz
    Pulia Czchcz 8 months ago

    1:17:20 Poor Kristian, he don't know what is he doing. Now he probably can't log into his Instagram because of milions of horny teenage girls :D Good luck

  • Деций Меридий

    Hitler caput

  • SendiKade IcE
    SendiKade IcE 8 months ago +1

    Where are people? I see, that participants of eurovision are more then viewers! Is it private party or
    International spectacle? It is bored...

  • Trifeh Irandoust
    Trifeh Irandoust 8 months ago

    What the actual f is up with their english? The only host who spoke good english is the one who stands at the entrence at the rep carpet. The opening ceremony looks great and the weather is amazing in Ukrain. But next time Ukrain host ESC they should concider to have better hosts. These were terrible and way to nervous to talk infront of a huge audiance.

  • А178
    А178 8 months ago

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! фонтанка.ру
    По сообщению пресс-секретаря Президента РФ, Д. Пескова, 11 Мая 2017 года, Президент Российской Федерации В. В. Путин подписал указ "О ежесуточной пожизненой моральной компенсации, каждому гражданину Украины родившемуся до марта 2014 года, в связи с присоединением Крымского полуострова к Российской Федерации в размере 10000р/сутки(~170долларов США)" как, сообщает пресс-секретарь Д.Песков, для получения выплат необходимо обратится в МФИН России лично или с письменным заявлением, паспортом и свидетельством о рождении, банковскими реквизитами для перечисления средств, а также документом подтверждающим свое беспрерывное пребывание на территории Украины не менее 3 лет

  • А178
    А178 8 months ago

    хохлобаченне2017 и Великий хохлозабор с канавой в доль него- два самых важных и великих события за всю историю уркаины!

  • Светлана Галаева

    Акцент чудовищный! (Первая леди краины)(((((

  • Xzerius
    Xzerius 8 months ago

    Фоновую музыку в Макдональдс одолжили?

  • MuserCorp
    MuserCorp 8 months ago

    Very pleased Opening Ceremony, the only thing that slightly inebriated me is people wearing white gloves. Mime type ..