GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V

  • Published on Nov 4, 2019
  • GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V
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  • Kittenfur
    Kittenfur 5 hours ago

    54M coming soon. Never stop baby birds

  • Khuan Tuan
    Khuan Tuan 5 hours ago +1


  • 진희
    진희 5 hours ago

    Hope many new fans support GOT7 as much as they can too so that they can see GOT7 as long as they can. GOT7 need *HUGE* and *CONSISTENT* support and appreciation for them to *WANT* to keep on going after their contract ends. Being a kpop singer is already so hard as it is.

  • Stan GOT7
    Stan GOT7 5 hours ago

    Keep spinning Ahgases WE CAN DO IT FIGHTING!!!~~~

  • baby nandy IGOT7 INDIA

    We get 300k in 34th day.....pls str**m hard.....
    4.5M - 1st day
    3.3M - 2nd day [7.8M]
    4.7M - 3rd day [12.5M]
    5M - 4th day [17.5M]
    4.7M - 5th day [22.2M]
    5.3M - 6th day [27.5M]
    2M - 7th day [29.5M]
    2.4M - 8th day [31.9M]
    1.7M - 9th day [33.6M]
    1.7M - 10th day [35.3M]
    1.5M - 11th day [36.8M]
    1.4M - 12th day [38.2M]
    1.4M - 13th day [39.6M]
    1.4M - 14th day [41M]
    1.3M - 15th day [42.3M]
    1M - 16th day [43.3M]
    1.3M - 17th day [44.6M]
    1.6M - 18th day [46.2M]
    900k - 19th day [47.1M]
    1.4M - 20th day [48.5M]
    700k - 21st day [49.2M]
    400k - 22nd day [49.6M]
    400k - 23rd day [50M]
    400k - 24th day [50.4M]
    400k - 25th day [50.8M]
    400k - 26th day [51.2M]
    400k - 27th day [51.6M]
    300k - 28th day [51.9M]
    300k - 29th day [52.2M]
    300k - 30th day [52.5M]
    300k - 31st day [52.8M]
    300k - 32nd day [53.1M]
    200k - 33rd day [53.3M]
    300k - 34th day [53.6M]
    Ahgases if we get 100M in 113 days, we will enter into the chart "Top 25 fastest MV to reach 100M"..... so keep going Up Up..... Try to get 1M per day..... We can do it..... We are the best...... Ahgases fighting.....

  • th1ccake
    th1ccake 5 hours ago +1

    Dont forget to vote for got7 on tiktok yall, each person can vote 3 times a day and if u share u’ll have 2 more times to vote, it’s really easy and fast so please vote for them

  • MIRACLE RosalineBB
    MIRACLE RosalineBB 5 hours ago +1

    You are the reason for my life
    Got 7&igot7 fighting

  • Faye Ahgase
    Faye Ahgase 5 hours ago +2

    If we give up on them, they will all be alone. If we get tired fighting, no one will be there for them. We all know they only have us. If you dont wanna see them perform and do music, its really up to us.

  • defsbro arscoco
    defsbro arscoco 5 hours ago +4

    Don't give up ahgases! I'll be here with you every time you str3*m. Expect that I'll reply and encourage you every day to str3*m. I love you all.

  • alt gretchen
    alt gretchen 5 hours ago +5

    I'm here again to say that I love got7

  • Wanchai chanal
    Wanchai chanal 5 hours ago +2

    ดูดีไปหมด เพลงนี้เริ่ดมากก

  • 진희
    진희 5 hours ago +3

    Maybe we can start a 1 spin+ 3vote/day challenge until the 31st/27th with a hshtag. It feels easy to start for everybody if it's only 1 per day. Setting a not too long time limit can be motivating too. Also informing others not to keep repeating YCMN, playing the replay button etc. etc.

    TANAPORN WATT'S 5 hours ago +2

    ทุกคนกำลังเหนื่อยใช่ไหม กับความไม่เท่าเทียมที่ต้องเจอ งั้นก็พักก่อนนะ ถ้าหายดีแล้วค่อยกลับมานะ จะรอทุกคนอยู่ตรงนี้นะคะ แล้วกลับมาสู้ไปพร้อมๆกันนะ (:

    REJANE Zy 5 hours ago +2

    I love jinyouny

  • AhgaseGot7 Yours
    AhgaseGot7 Yours 5 hours ago +3


  • Arya Aki
    Arya Aki 5 hours ago +5

    Im still here at 65 !!!

  • LadyBird
    LadyBird 5 hours ago +5

    Ahgases, don't forget vote for GOT7 !! The foreigners Ahgases can't vote in TikTok, but we can vote in Korean Updates.
    You can vote all the times you want.
    And keep str3m1ng!! ;) Green Heart

  • Areni Ahgase
    Areni Ahgase 5 hours ago +7

    I feel so drained and tired: physically, mentally and emotionally.... And this whole situation of our boys isn't helping. I feel so sad and heartbroken that I cannot do anything for them. It fucking breaks my heart to see my boys being mistreated by their OWN company and mama... I really hope things get better. I'm sorry Ahgafam, I came to spin after so many days... I know the boys need our full support but I'm just not upto it, not right now

  • Faye Ahgase
    Faye Ahgase 5 hours ago +5

    53m tonigjt, we can do this!!

  • JM FM
    JM FM 5 hours ago +9

    Use those other platforms to bring back Ahgase here
    Active ones, please don't be defeated
    Much worst if you leave as well

  • rose bb
    rose bb 5 hours ago +5

    Oh yeah yeah yeah
    You calling my name

  • kim doyeon outvisualed
    kim doyeon outvisualed 5 hours ago +5

    🚨 ⚠️ 🚨 ⚠️ 🚨 ⚠️ 🚨 ⚠️ 🚨 ⚠️ 🚨
    If we didn’t give this song atleast 66M by the end of the year then GOT7 is going to be the LEAST viewed JYPE group in 2019 so everyone better stream!!!

  • kim doyeon outvisualed
    kim doyeon outvisualed 5 hours ago +5

    If we didn’t give this song atleast 66M by the end of the year then GOT7 is going to be the least viewed JYPE group in 2019 so everyone better stream!!!

  • Markyjackson Estancasadoscomono

    I love

  • Double Dab
    Double Dab 5 hours ago +12

    1st week ==> 29,567,272
    2nd week + 11,502,706 = [41.06M]
    3rd week + 8,174,951 = [49.24M]
    4th week + 2,740,090 = [51.98M]
    Day 29 + 293,759
    Day 30 + 309,011
    Day 31 + 272,682 (4 mins late)
    Day 32 + 274,339 (-4 mins)
    Day 33 + 262,093
    Day 34 + *266,901* (2 mins late)
    == *53,663,804*
    (1.3M Liked and
    We should spinning 280K/day at least, if we want to hit 60M in this year.
    *NOTE* I try to come here on time (18:00 KST) everyday as much as I can.

  • kirs vill
    kirs vill 5 hours ago +7

    feel so down... its getting harder and harder for us ahgases.. jype is pushing us away and hindering got7 everywhere its getting tiring

  • kirs vill
    kirs vill 5 hours ago +3

    feel so down... its getting harder and harder for us ahgases.. jype is pushing us away and hindering got7 everywhere its getting tiring

  • Gyan Rana
    Gyan Rana 5 hours ago +6

    Hey Ahghase
    How's goin

  • Gift Wrapped Horse
    Gift Wrapped Horse 5 hours ago +1

    First one I'm not crazy about. Most likely wont be adding to my playlist.

  • call my name
    call my name 5 hours ago +2


  • KORO sei :P
    KORO sei :P 6 hours ago +9

    Time of breakfast for me, keep going ahgase (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  • Yassmina Swarovski
    Yassmina Swarovski 6 hours ago +8


  • Arya Aki
    Arya Aki 6 hours ago +2

    64 !!!

  • Tallita Gomes
    Tallita Gomes 6 hours ago +2

    Adorei essa vibe nova a música não tão agitada mais com uma batida boa adorei as roupas DARK jp acertou dessa vez

  • Travel With Me
    Travel With Me 6 hours ago +5

    its true
    before my phone speaker was not working properly(because water went inside) but then i wanted to listen this song and after 44sec my speaker start working properly

    • khailaa
      khailaa 6 hours ago

      wow the power of thing song

  • KORO sei :P
    KORO sei :P 6 hours ago +8

    Here we go again

  • LadyBird
    LadyBird 6 hours ago +11

    Good morning from Spain Ahgases!!! :)
    let's keep growing the views of YCMN and the others videos.
    We can do a lot!! Be strong Ahgases! Keep str3m1ng!!!
    Happy Sunday for all of you!!! ;)

  • Moonlight Heartbreak
    Moonlight Heartbreak 6 hours ago +4

    Way too hot

  • jen
    jen 6 hours ago +11

    the boys are definitely going through something...i can't trust jype at this point. all I want is for mans to be happy. ahgases lets keep supporting them. i want them to be here with us for a long time, they mean a lot to me and im sure for a lot of people too. they inspire me so much . :((((((((

  • Niña dela cruz
    Niña dela cruz 6 hours ago +7

    Ahgase lets Reach 55million views!!!!

  • Khushi G
    Khushi G 6 hours ago +4


  • - jc
    - jc 6 hours ago +3


  • Beat Beat
    Beat Beat 6 hours ago +2


  • rose bb
    rose bb 6 hours ago +4

    Green hearts

    CHOI YOUNGJAE IS FLUFFY 7 hours ago +15


  • nid nid
    nid nid 7 hours ago +3


  • ronie ein
    ronie ein 7 hours ago +15

    let's continue showering this MV with our love, don't lose motivation please

  • young jae so cute
    young jae so cute 7 hours ago +1


  • C _ K - Y
    C _ K - Y 7 hours ago +1

    I รัก you

  • Sadia Zar
    Sadia Zar 7 hours ago +9

    JB is my ever bias in kpop

  • Sadia Zar
    Sadia Zar 7 hours ago +17

    Got7 is that legendary group that brought me into kpop i can't thank them enough so here I'm to join stre**ing

  • Laura Barbecho
    Laura Barbecho 7 hours ago


  • Brianna rks
    Brianna rks 7 hours ago +1


  • Lorenzo 333
    Lorenzo 333 7 hours ago +4

    My reaction in Bam's part (oh oh ..) be like Dab Dab Dab yay

  • bright cal
    bright cal 7 hours ago


  • 蓝星
    蓝星 7 hours ago +14

    Ahgases, please don't stop streaming this MV
    Let's all (Ahgases all around the world) stream at least 1M a day
    Since there are many of us, and we LOVE our boys, WE CAN DO IT !!!!! All ahgases, hwaiting !!!!!

  • 갓세븐GOT7
    갓세븐GOT7 7 hours ago +5

    Love U guys

  • hera yoon
    hera yoon 7 hours ago +11

    should we remind others in twitter to spin this?

    • 0lvia Levy
      0lvia Levy 7 hours ago

      Yes please do some aghases just need to be reminded on what to do

    • Leslene Joy Cerbolles
      Leslene Joy Cerbolles 7 hours ago

      yes please keep tweeting ahgases to spin M/Vs

  • 40ANIMEFAN04
    40ANIMEFAN04 7 hours ago +5

    Vote for GOT7 for most popular artist on Golden Disk Awards:
    You need a Tik Tok account. Also share the link on other social media, so that fans who don't know about this, learn about it.