George RR Martin asks Stephen King: "How do you write so Fast?!"

  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
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  • OtherWorlds AllWorlds
    OtherWorlds AllWorlds 2 days ago +1

    Stephen King churns out two or mediocre books a year and endorses anything and everything with his name on it - not matter how much it sucks.
    Martin > King

  • Bruh Dab
    Bruh Dab 7 days ago

    Simple. Just write the same book over and over again with minor changes here and there.

  • Ruben Baeza
    Ruben Baeza 13 days ago

    For someone who is trying to be a writer, you look at these guys and wonder how they make it so easy? I'm turning my screenplay into a novel now and I'm playing a different ball game.

  • MrMagooo
    MrMagooo 16 days ago +1

    I think I read somewhere he has a cottage where he goes to write with no internet or distractions.

  • Crystal Balentine
    Crystal Balentine 18 days ago

    Stephen King writes like it’s his job....because it IS his job! George RR Martin isn’t writing like an author cause he’s NOT! It should only take 1 year to get a book out and he has published trilogy books 1 every 5 damn years!!! He’s a lazy, money hungry liar.

  • benjamin hoyos
    benjamin hoyos 22 days ago

    Winds of winter. Still waiting

  • morpheos111
    morpheos111 28 days ago +1

    Michael Crichton wrote 10000 words a day. In 1995 he had a nr 1 movie (Congo), book (The Last World) and television series (E.R.) in America. He did it again in 1996 with Twister , Airframe (book) and E.R. Some people are just driven to get it DONE.

  • Tim Mill
    Tim Mill Month ago +1

    Chasing down the last White person is the goal of "diversity".

  • Justin Chaney
    Justin Chaney Month ago +1

    Stephen King writes 6 pages a day while GRRM writes 1 page every 600 days

  • Jarl Trippin'
    Jarl Trippin' Month ago +2

    Basically, just write everyday. Write when you don't want to write. _Especially_ when you don't want to write. That voice in your head is your greatest enemy. Ignore it, and you will win.
    Do short stories to not only get a more concise experience in story structure but it's also a remarkable way of keeping momentum. Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised like any other.
    And finally, have a good reason for doing it. Do it for _you,_ no one else. Don't think about your potential successes. Don't worry about whether or not it's good. Just have fun with it. Stephen King could have retired decades ago but continues onward because he truly enjoys it. And it shows: he's quite arguably in his prime.
    Cool, thank you for reading my dumb bullshit. Now write, you procrastinating fuck.

  • Caitlin Brewer
    Caitlin Brewer Month ago +2

    GRRM is a human who is a writer. King is a writer who happens to be human.

  • Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

    2 genius!!!

  • Killjoy McQuire
    Killjoy McQuire 2 months ago +1

    How JK Rowling Finished Her Last Book, written and narrated by Stephen King.

  • Master Lavellan
    Master Lavellan 2 months ago

    Stephen King's writing is rather dry, innit? Better suited for movie scripts, but eh.. the prose isn't my style. Story's great though.

    SJ ARYAN 2 months ago +1

    Work machine

  • Sage Lovos
    Sage Lovos 2 months ago +2

    "her hair tied back in horse tails" HAHA

  • Tec-9 holder
    Tec-9 holder 2 months ago +1

    598 plumbers found this video

  • Gengonglike Arbukle
    Gengonglike Arbukle 3 months ago

    I find steven kings stories were not truly represented, the movies based on his books were shit.

  • Horrormaster13
    Horrormaster13 3 months ago +2

    George: "How do you write so fast?"
    King: "Well, I'm not lazy."

  • Vincent Borne
    Vincent Borne 3 months ago +1

    GRRM: How do you write so fast?!
    Stephen: Well I work really hard to get 6 pages a day
    GRRM: Wow, 6 words
    Stephen: No, I said 6 pages
    GRRM: Damn, I wish I could write 6 words a day
    Stephen: GEORGE, I WRITE 6 PAGES A DAY!!!
    GRRM: If only I could write six words a day...

  • Emil K
    Emil K 4 months ago +1

    How to write as fast as SK? Upgrade your RAM.

  • ManuAlvarado22
    ManuAlvarado22 4 months ago +1

    For anybody interested on understanding a bit more in depth how the f$ck does Mr. King writes so fast, I would highly recommend you to read his book On Writing. It's a terrific book in my opinion, and what one can learn from it is not necessarily only for writing. You can probably learn quite a lot even if you want to be something other than a writer, especially in the first section of the book.

    SJ ARYAN 4 months ago +1

    Good question to king

  • VW
    VW 4 months ago +1

    Hahaha. George RR Martin is a perfectionist, and not all of Stephen King’s books are even that good.

  • M
    M 4 months ago

    I have to say, king may be not the best author in this world .. but he works hard and I believe he deserves the fame he has.. his books are all the same tho lol .. children with superpowers xD

  • Heavy Metal Collector
    Heavy Metal Collector 4 months ago +1

    I've hit five, eight, even ten pages in a day before. Of course, those days are a tiny drop in the bucket compared to all the days I've lost barely writing or not writing at all, but holy shit, this is actually doable. If I can just be consistent, six pages a day really isn't too bad. I was expecting him to say twelve or something.

    Now if only I had a fraction of Stephen King's talent...

  • Funkyboodah
    Funkyboodah 4 months ago

    king is such a great speaker. everything he says has like a beginning, middle and end. he breathes structure

  • carrymeohio
    carrymeohio 4 months ago

    No cocaine, no gain.

  • Omar Delawar
    Omar Delawar 4 months ago +1

    "How do you write so fast?"
    "Adderall is a helluva drug, George".

  • WarpCOm61
    WarpCOm61 4 months ago

    I thought he said joe rogan lmao

  • Trish Hamilton
    Trish Hamilton 5 months ago +1

    6 pages in 3-4 hours can mean anywhere from 1.5k words to 3k words. It all depends on the size of the physical book. The bigger the book, the more words are needed to fill a page, which is usually between 250 to 400 words. That said, holy moly!

  • jagesh goyal
    jagesh goyal 5 months ago

    Gods be good grrm Literally is having a tough time with TWOW

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 5 months ago

    if george really wanted to know the answer, he wouldve read king's "on writing"

  • Henri
    Henri 5 months ago

    Random reissu😂

  • J L
    J L 5 months ago +1

    If they both were my grandfathers, then by golly I would feel like the luckiest person in the world. I mean, who wouldn't? Not for only their writting, but mostly to just listen to them talk like about anything. To be there just for King's cussing and F'd up stories that he got motivation from. And George's "starting the car" laugh.😂😂😂😂

  • Luka
    Luka 5 months ago

    That looks a bit aqward

  • Mohammad Ahmad
    Mohammad Ahmad 5 months ago

    Imagine a book or a tv show written by these two legends

  • 1manuscriptman
    1manuscriptman 6 months ago

    Questions Martin asks stephen King:
    How do you stay so skinny?
    Can I have some money?

  • Sheesh
    Sheesh 6 months ago

    At least the question was answered

  • Yes, I expect you to read all of it.

    Wow okay this is helpful . I sometimes write 6 pages on TVclip without realizing it . 😂 I think I can do it .

  • Did it suck
    Did it suck 6 months ago

    Why does both there laugh sound like Batman and Jim Gordon from ttg

  • Xionary
    Xionary 6 months ago +4

    King is not only passionate, he is very disciplined. Very routine. He treats writing as his job. I think that’s why he’s able to do it.

  • Rick Riffel
    Rick Riffel 6 months ago

    I would be very pleased to have The Winds of Winter come out, but I don't want it in any kind of hurry. Back in 2011 when the fifth book arrived -- five and a half years after the fourth -- I assumed the sixth book would take maybe that long, but after six years don't hold your breath. We simply don't have book six, and we won't ..... until we do have it for real.

  • Cris S.
    Cris S. 6 months ago

    I love king, but he could never create a world so complex and vast as ASOIAF.... George has to check everything he has already written to be able to keep writing. And with every book he has more to keep up with be next time

  • Elen Kontou
    Elen Kontou 6 months ago +1

    Oh now I know why the last harry Potter book was shit.

  • Chris LeVan
    Chris LeVan 6 months ago


  • Beven W
    Beven W 6 months ago


  • North American YouTuber

    I write as slow as Martin.

  • Herr Grauwolf
    Herr Grauwolf 6 months ago +4

    Martin: "How do you write so fast."
    King: "I have computer."

  • Kyyni
    Kyyni 6 months ago

    What they said in a nutshell
    Goerge RR Martin: I hate my life and everyone is always pressuring me
    Stephen King: Stop being such a bitch and suck it up. You're not doing this for yourself you're doing it for those who love your work.

  • Diggnuts
    Diggnuts 6 months ago

    Having real an original ideas probably helps. GRRM only takes random historical sources, changes the names, twists them up in other random events and ads magic and his clueless concept of dragons and calls it a decade.

  • Rose Marie Holt
    Rose Marie Holt 6 months ago

    Bricks. Interlocking bricks.. I’m still finding connections & hints. King is the opposite.

  • Ashlyn Wolff
    Ashlyn Wolff 6 months ago +1

    Maybe they should cooperate together writing SoIaF

  • Lord Colin
    Lord Colin 6 months ago +9

    Martin “ how do you write so fast?”
    King “ I actually write.”

  • Shadow Drags
    Shadow Drags 6 months ago +1

    I can write 300 word mini story in 10min at the longest

  • Kingo
    Kingo 6 months ago

    How the Hell did this in my recommendation.

  • Robbe Nagel
    Robbe Nagel 6 months ago

    Well, if King would actually write good books it would've been impressive.

  • GiacoC
    GiacoC 6 months ago +1

    George RR Martin is that creepy guy from neighbourhood who laughs on everyone while keeping abducted teenager girl in his basement

  • Frederic Petitpas
    Frederic Petitpas 6 months ago

    GHOST WRITERS. That's how.

  • Kat R.
    Kat R. 6 months ago +2

    Not to take anything away from Stephen King, but GRRM is writing a very complex and intricate political fantasy with MANY character arcs and schemes. It's not easy and I don't expect it to be written fast.

    However... I WANT THE NEXT BOOK!!!