Deadly Matrimony (1992) | Brian Dennehy Full Thriller


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  • Belinda Trimarchi
    Belinda Trimarchi 6 days ago

    Another excellent performance not only by Brian but by all of the cast! Wow,, what a great movie. I'm addicted to all of Brian Dennehy's movies, and after looking up his life. He has more than
    I'd ever thought possible!

  • Marcella Castillo
    Marcella Castillo 8 days ago

    Shes so stupid

  • edward lacson
    edward lacson 9 days ago

    Who would take the risk of fighting against power and money combined? Only a fool would take that,unfortunately,this world is running out of fools these days.

  • Alma Davis
    Alma Davis 13 days ago

    Americans are always trashing cops of other countries but never admit we have a boatload of "bad" cops. So many the good no longer stand out.

  • Bernice Pollard
    Bernice Pollard 15 days ago +1

    The old lifetime movies had great actors we knew, but now it's actors we've never seen or heard of. It's like lifetime is for the, trying to be the up and coming actors. 👎

  • Corazon Fernandez
    Corazon Fernandez 15 days ago

    Thank you. It's a great and beautiful scary movie. I enjoy it very much.

  • 十一狼
    十一狼 16 days ago

    This IS a true masterpiece. Thanks for the upload Edgar. This is certainly one of the best 3 hours spent on TVclip!

  • Carol Milligan
    Carol Milligan 19 days ago

    What happened to autopsy. That would've told them she was shot after the fact. It is so hard to go back in time and see these murders because forensic science is awesome.

  • Pj Lewis
    Pj Lewis 20 days ago

    I realize that this was made before trump but if they make a movie about his "fix it guy" lawyer, you've got our cast members all ready.

  • Shirley Gonzalez
    Shirley Gonzalez 21 day ago

    True Excellent Movie!

  • Shirley Gonzalez
    Shirley Gonzalez 21 day ago +1

    They don't make good true stories anymore! Lifetime went down the hill! Brian Dennehy makes nothing but excellent movie's!! I wish they would make good true story stories, there is so much going on in this 🌎! They can make so many true they used too! Yes, those were the good o days!

  • queen bee
    queen bee 24 days ago

    This is how most cops judges prosecutors are..CORRUPT ..🖕🏻the🚔🚔🚔

  • tempo ratus
    tempo ratus Month ago

    Man! I just wanted to have a chance to punch Allan right in his mouth and knock the light out of that bastard

  • Appen Zeller
    Appen Zeller Month ago

    Positive...the way Polish Americans continue to have pride and honor their heritage and family ties to this day is admirable !

  • Appen Zeller
    Appen Zeller Month ago

    Money,power,prestige...arrogance, narcissism, playing around (adultery), greed ,envy...all the glamorous quickly people are sucked in and trapped. And there are women who search and seek for it at any cost. Brute power or mental manipulation and emotional abuse...Some try to leave and are intimidated...and those who dare expose what is going on become targets for destroying their reputations and unfounded accusations. None of it is worth losing your self esteem or your life. Diane was going public without actually going public...her establishing the women's center was her way of "establishing" herself. It drove Alan the great nuts. Her success scared the he** out of him and that's when they get desperate.

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    Well, if you start on the wrong foot as a home wrecker demanding romantic justice for yourself, karma might bite you. While no one deserves to be abused, I see this as "what goes around comes around." Still, I hope all abuse victims gain the courage to break free even upon on threat of death or loss of children, because otherwise, they aren't truly living and they're children might lose them anyway as poster picks of domestic abuse. That goes for abused men too. They also take beatings and even get killed by their wives..

  • Joyce Briault
    Joyce Briault Month ago

    Glad the husband got hisjust deserts

  • Sheila Targo
    Sheila Targo Month ago

    Wow, that guy suspiciously looks like Blagojevich from IL. Ha ha...

  • Odessa Aird
    Odessa Aird Month ago

    2:13:06 THATS GANGSTA

  • malone sinclaire
    malone sinclaire Month ago

    This movies l have watched 10 it reminds me of the Republican party the good old boys behind trump, Kavenaugh, Moore....sick female republicans who support these bullies

  • Becky Zaugg
    Becky Zaugg Month ago +3

    So: young women particularly those from lower social level, get an education so you can rise up through your own sweat. Don’t be blinded when you meet a rich guy, and see the luxury he can give you instead of seeing his true self.

  • rene florencio
    rene florencio Month ago +1

    The court scenes should have been given more was edited badly.........

  • Liza van den Berg
    Liza van den Berg Month ago

    3 hours well spent to watch this movie. Thank you for sharing.

  • 9Spank9
    9Spank9 Month ago

    Frame # 2:13:05 - You GO Arlene Reed!!!!!

  • pink girl
    pink girl Month ago

    Ok This lady is not jelous of a dead woman..

  • pink girl
    pink girl Month ago

    Her friend is so stupid.

  • pink girl
    pink girl Month ago

    I feel sorry for the daughter though.poor baby

  • pink girl
    pink girl Month ago

    She did it all wrong. Had an affaire with a married man, then married him , stayed while he beat on her, and then cheated. I mean dang girl you had all the time from the begining to not make the first mistake

  • BestTunz
    BestTunz Month ago

    this is just such a fantastic mini series

  • lymarie1974
    lymarie1974 Month ago +5

    in real life they didn't have a huge wedding, she was wearing jeans at a civil wedding. as my mother said... remember how you got him or her. you were the mistress and knew he was married and knew it was wrong... but you excepted. if he cheats on his wife with you he will cheat on you too. don't be surprised.

    • Norma Glick
      Norma Glick 13 days ago +1

      Yuo bet, if a man cheats on someone while dating you or before he will cheat on you too ...FOR SURE

    IMJUSMEMONIQUE 113 Month ago +1

    To many ballroom dresses and no ball😘

  • Rocky Falls
    Rocky Falls Month ago

    One of my favorite movies. Thank you for uploading!!

  • Kimber Messick
    Kimber Messick Month ago

    Brian Dennehy has been one of the greatest actor of all time, he is even good in the TV show Blacklist!

  • Alicia Drunday
    Alicia Drunday Month ago

    What a film, worth watching it!,

  • Jessica Jackson
    Jessica Jackson Month ago

    Don't try it Roy🔫🔫🔫 wife was ready to shot his ass lol

  • Odessa Aird
    Odessa Aird 2 months ago

    Why did she go back to the house after the lawyer tried to kill her?

  • Odessa Aird
    Odessa Aird 2 months ago +3

    Most men can't stand for a strong, independent woman to have power over them. It makes them feel small and weak so they have to destroy by any means necessary..... STAY STRONG WOMEN AND KNOW YOUR STRENGTH.... Of course one person isn't better than the other when climbing up that ladder but it's what you walk away with.

  • Christine Haigh
    Christine Haigh 2 months ago


  • Christine Haigh
    Christine Haigh 2 months ago

    I love who done it movies...

  • Christine Haigh
    Christine Haigh 2 months ago

    What a horrible beast he is towards her...I'm afraid for her!!!!

  • Christine Haigh
    Christine Haigh 2 months ago

    A wonderful new man?!?!

    • Norma Glick
      Norma Glick Month ago

      Arlene the wife sounds a little girl and kind of acts like one too. Did not like her characters behavior a lot of the time.

    • Norma Glick
      Norma Glick Month ago

      A murderer she meant. Ugh

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron 2 months ago

    Nice to see Robert Picardo is in this :)

  • Kriss Tinn
    Kriss Tinn 2 months ago

    I studied this case during my second year of college and believe it or not, the facts are crazier than the film! Heartbreaking story but so eye opening.

  • Brenda Harris
    Brenda Harris 2 months ago

    so, she leaves her kid home with a madman who she knows wants her out of the way/beats on her, and then he hires someone to run her off the, instead of going straight to the police, she goes straight home........I understand her child was there but I would have gone straight to the police station/Brian Dennehy or whomever could be trusted, for help...........sometimes I wonder what woman are thinking.........

  • Ayesha Felder
    Ayesha Felder 2 months ago

    Need to be improve better movie picture quality

  • Good Soldier
    Good Soldier 2 months ago +1

    That woman is the kind of wife I want. She is there for her husband all the way. She is strong and very supportive of him. I liked the way she pulled the gun on that intruder cop.

  • Good Soldier
    Good Soldier 2 months ago

    Its as if all the blood is flowing to the reproductive organs instead of feeding the brain. Why would you drive right back to the house where the person who is trying to kill you is hanging out waiting for you? Why not go to the police first.?

  • Sarthak Misra
    Sarthak Misra 2 months ago

    A great film to watch I am truly thrilled by it

  • Sue Davenport
    Sue Davenport 2 months ago


  • Roger Waihaperoger.
    Roger Waihaperoger. 2 months ago

    Excellent movie, Brian Dennehy always puts a 100% into his acting..The whole cast played their parts well..

  • Quinn Walker
    Quinn Walker 2 months ago

    very long movie but good and sad I loved it thanks for uploading 👍👍

  • Lenore Meyers
    Lenore Meyers 2 months ago

    needs better upload

  • foxibot
    foxibot 2 months ago +2

    It really makes you sickened to know people you are supposed to trust to be fair are dirty, bought off by the mob or a rich person. You have judges, cops, businessmen, so how can we expect any kind of justice if this isn’t stopped and they don’t check cops and judges and elected officials periodically by investigating them to make sure they aren’t corrupt.

  • foxibot
    foxibot 2 months ago

    I was so scared Jack the cop trying to bust the mob and dirty cops was going to get murdered by them, when they showed the guy he trusted setting him up. Cops reporting dirty cops should get special protection from another source, the fbi or some special type of organization formed to protect the good cops, a special forces type unit that is separate from any kind of corruption.

  • 420 Master
    420 Master 2 months ago


  • 420 Master
    420 Master 2 months ago

    Brian Dennehy was born in Bridgeport CT.

  • Norma Glick
    Norma Glick 2 months ago

    Arlene is very controlling and should shut her mouth already at times., Seems like she runs the show in the house. Ha Ha

  • Gina Cable
    Gina Cable 2 months ago

    I hate bent cops makes my skin crawl, I'm glad iv only met wonderful officers in my life .

  • Gina Cable
    Gina Cable 2 months ago +1

    She wasn't exactly a devoted mother she was never with her daughter.

  • wally
    wally 2 months ago

    This film is THREE hours! I am not one hour in and am shutting it down. Yuk. What a stupid, awful is nuts. I figured Dennehy would make another fine show here, but forget that. Crap!

  • wally
    wally 2 months ago

    Didn't "Treat" play the weirdo a lot? The bad guy? He has the face for it.

  • Al Sultan
    Al Sultan 2 months ago

    life is a bitch and then you marry one

  • Plague of Lust
    Plague of Lust 2 months ago

    The wife is extremely annoying

  • imawade
    imawade 2 months ago

    when you go to the dress shop, you automatically get a new hair style with every outfit?

    • Norma Glick
      Norma Glick Month ago +1

      Only in the movies does that happen. That is right. Ha Ha

  • liveyourbestlife
    liveyourbestlife 2 months ago +1

    She reminds me of Alyssa Milano!

  • Mickey Bob
    Mickey Bob 2 months ago

    Great movie

  • Aroha Gerrard
    Aroha Gerrard 2 months ago

    What the hello divorced one week married a month later goh this is really bad so far. 29:05mins later, and the signs have already started, and she is thinking what have I done!!!

  • Tosha1112 Brevan7uu
    Tosha1112 Brevan7uu 2 months ago

    please leave a comment without clues of the movie duh!!!!!!

  • lisa roberts
    lisa roberts 2 months ago

    I love bryan denney best actor.

  • Garden Glory
    Garden Glory 2 months ago

    this movie is awful..woman gets raped twice in one night, terrible and people are in these stupid relationships.

  • Sheas Heayv
    Sheas Heayv 2 months ago +1

    Great movie. Suspenseful. Never knew what would happen next. Some pleasant surprises.

  • Chuck Summers
    Chuck Summers 2 months ago

    Wow, what happened to dennehy to make him go from this to ending up killing all those young boys in that movie Gacy? What a split personality.

  • Mei Rui
    Mei Rui 2 months ago

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  • Forgotten Palace
    Forgotten Palace 2 months ago

    Of course it would be dark and stormy while they try to kill her.

  • Living Righteousness God’s Way in Christ

    Two wrongs DON’T make a right! Two wrongs = ONE death 💀 [hers]
    She was very foolish! He was evil!

    BLODWYN DAVIES 3 months ago

    Don't mess with Brian Dennehy if you are a Bent copper on the take.( 2.13.25) love it.

  • annmarie barrett
    annmarie barrett 3 months ago

    Really good movie.
    Dianne was really stupid for going home after the attempt on her life.
    Alan Masters thought he was sooo invincible, wonder how he's doing in prison? Not so cocky now I bet.
    I'm so sorry that it ended this way for Dianne, my heart is pained.

    BLODWYN DAVIES 3 months ago +1

    I am not a violent person and abhor any such acts but that Bastard Husband need s a real Good Kicking.

    BLODWYN DAVIES 3 months ago

    What a Pig of a Husband. Than again, I am being unkind to Pigs as he is noythat clever.

    BLODWYN DAVIES 3 months ago

    Film is a little Jumpy but anything with Brian Dennehy is is worth a watch.

  • Sharmella Krishnasamy
    Sharmella Krishnasamy 3 months ago

    Dying is a better option than living with a person who constantly wants to test you.

  • brenda taylor
    brenda taylor 3 months ago

    A Sad but awesome movie to watch. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to share this with others. :):):)

  • gabriel hebert
    gabriel hebert 3 months ago

    Appart from BRIAN DENNEHY and TREAT WILLIAMS awesome acting , actress SEAN YOUNG aside from her very good acting talent must of been very young in this movie , because usually very pretty, in this movie she is gorgeous ! an all star cast , sadly highly under rated actors that should be recognized for their art ! *

  • Mary Ann Donnachie
    Mary Ann Donnachie 3 months ago

    Excellent Entertainment
    we need more movies like this in 2018. We don,t see movies and story lines like this any more!!!

  • Barwudu Johnson
    Barwudu Johnson 3 months ago

    wow! At last a decent movie. Thanks for sharing

  • Gamergirl4AyaBrea
    Gamergirl4AyaBrea 3 months ago +1

    Damn Diane is sexy as hell!

  • Shakamo Faridah
    Shakamo Faridah 3 months ago

    was good

  • Carole Roberts
    Carole Roberts 3 months ago

    Did it start in the middle???

  • Debbietnp
    Debbietnp 3 months ago

    Great movie, great cast...the good old days!!

  • Rachel Kennedy
    Rachel Kennedy 3 months ago

    Team players! yeah right! what a pack of scheming underhand bas#@%%#!! plain sickos. think they are so powerful and in control hiding behind others.....but so so weak and cowardly. Fabulous movie, thank you for sharing Edgar.

  • Kyndra Stewart
    Kyndra Stewart 3 months ago

    this was good.

  • lesley brown
    lesley brown 3 months ago

    everybody who isnt saved WILL go to a VERY REAL HELL --far worse than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Pendergrass
    Maria Pendergrass 3 months ago

    very good movie....thank you

  • Latonya Burroughs
    Latonya Burroughs 3 months ago

    I rather be solo.the shit I hear what people go through in their marriage. Is worster than mines for 11years in marriage. I just rather do me fuck the fuckery shit.I know people been married over 40years and be on some foul shit with their spouse.the sad thing is you lay down with a mf and you don't know how a mf really feel about your azz .waiting for your azz to die .Man I seen alot of shit from all race especially white people shit be off the chain.When things to good you better keep 1eye open all the fuckin ⌚.real shit💯

  • Burner Fire
    Burner Fire 3 months ago

    I have a phone and u don't then go have sex with yourself!!!!

  • Gamergirl4AyaBrea
    Gamergirl4AyaBrea 3 months ago

    Wtf?!?! Omg I'm so sad Diane died. She was so gorgeous and I wanted her and the guy with the glasses together! I hate her husband and that ugly mustache asshole. That was 100% unexpected

  • Ava Goldsby
    Ava Goldsby 3 months ago

    If a man cheats on me I'm gonna cheat back....period Point Blank

  • Rita Eichler
    Rita Eichler 3 months ago +4

    sorry but the wife was no saint . its not ok to sleep with someone , get pregnant then be stuck with a lunatic and have an affair when you have a beautiful daughter baby to take care of. Her focus should be to run and protect herself and baby!

    • Norma Glick
      Norma Glick Month ago +1

      She did not know Alan well enough to have gotten into a marriage so soon after her divorce. Stupid thinking on her part. Hot pants.

    • Rita Eichler
      Rita Eichler 2 months ago

      +Brittany Wallace 2 wrongs don't make it right, her priority should be to run & protect her child!

    • Brittany Wallace
      Brittany Wallace 2 months ago

      Rita Eichler you sound stupid . If he's cheating why she can't ?

  • DoctorArt PhD
    DoctorArt PhD 3 months ago

    Wish details were provided