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Deadly Matrimony (1992) | Brian Dennehy Full Thriller

  • Published on May 7, 2015

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  • Marilyn Manord
    Marilyn Manord Day ago

    I agree I love Brian Dennenhy he is an amazing actor!I love his acting it’s phenomenal!

  • lee curtis
    lee curtis Day ago

    I guess I must have a very defensive personality. If someone treated me like shit and I couldn't get away from them, I don't know what I would do for sure. But, it certainly wouldn't be hanging around for more punishment

  • lee curtis
    lee curtis Day ago

    Brian Dennehy has great movies. Thanks

  • genevie lucious
    genevie lucious 2 days ago

    Watching old movies in 2019. The crap out there now is the pits.

  • Fifi Sabalis
    Fifi Sabalis 2 days ago

    Thank you for this excellent movie👍

  • Yvette Johnson
    Yvette Johnson 2 days ago

    I loved this old flick classic 😘😘❤

  • Stephanie Alexander
    Stephanie Alexander 2 days ago

    Diane wasn’t protective enough over her life....she unfortunately WAIVED A RED FLAG 🚩 IN FRONT OF THE VERY ANGRY DANGEROUS BULL!! 😔 My Father used to tell me...”When you live by the sword, you die by the sword” and Diane thought she could “ Duke” it out with her sword ⚔️ but she was NO MATCH for his “SWORD” and sadly was killed by a monster!

  • Stephanie Alexander
    Stephanie Alexander 2 days ago


  • Stephanie Alexander
    Stephanie Alexander 2 days ago

    Lawless corrupt ....CHICAGO!!!

  • Stephanie Alexander
    Stephanie Alexander 2 days ago

    Love Treat Williams and Brian Deneehy both great!❤️🎥❤️💁🏼Thank you!!

  • Aml Sept 15 2018
    Aml Sept 15 2018 4 days ago

    Great movie. Very well written and complete story. Great acting of course densely but regardless of of evil ways Alan Masters was certainly a great actor as he could change his personality when needed, Nina should be commended for coming forward and I hope she is doing well..

  • Tahu Quintal
    Tahu Quintal 5 days ago

    She has the most classic features a classic beauty. Make up over powers her features. She was hot in Matilda.

  • Vivian Perino
    Vivian Perino 6 days ago +1

    Looks like this movie was partially filmed in favourite place.....

  • Maryann Anderson
    Maryann Anderson 7 days ago

    The way this hothead acted on their wedding day should have sent Diane running for the hills because he clearly showed the type of person he is. When a man's words and his behavior are at variance it would be really smart for a woman to listen to his behavior instead of his words. Once a man exhibits this kind of unreasonable and violent behavior, if a woman is smart, there is NO amount of smooth talking or "loving" behavior that should let her think everything is going to be okay. Amazing that somehow women actually do make that behavior okay. When a toddler throws a temper tantrum it is not pleasant but when a grown man throws a temper tantrum just like a toddler it is not pleasant and the signal it sends out SHOULD be "get far far away from him". I am certainly in no way excusing what Alan is doing but when she KNOWS how volatile he is and how jealous he is. for her for stay late after work having coffee and conversation with another man is just not smart. Why doesn't she just go home wearing a sign saying, "Beat me". When they murdered her and put her in the trunk of the car that was pretty short sighted and incredibly stupid. If they had left her in the interior of the car, preferably at least in the front seat if not the driver's seat, even if the car was later found there would be no conclusive proof that she was murdered but very few people accidentally wrap themselves in a sheet and climb into the trunk of their car and then run the car off the road. They gave all the proof needed that she was murdered. And a COP was involved in this? Very very stupid because one would think that cops at least would have figured that out. Not to take anything away from Brian Dennehy because I adore him, but the thing that I enjoy the most in these old movies is seeing those old cars, or "tanks" if you prefer, and in these movies when someone shuts a car door you hear a solid (THWOCK!). When you shut the door on new cars you hear a little delicate, anemic . That's just how cars were built back then. You felt safer driving them because you knew there was something between you and the road.

  • Briana B
    Briana B 8 days ago +1

    3rd time watching this movie 😻😻😻

  • Tuktaya22 Tu
    Tuktaya22 Tu 8 days ago

    love and enjoy this movie.thanks 4 the upload.

  • hossain khaled
    hossain khaled 9 days ago +1

    awesome movie.💜💙💛❤💖

  • sweetrose19
    sweetrose19 9 days ago

    I love old movies. Treat Williams is cray cray fo'show

  • Sayit AsItIs
    Sayit AsItIs 9 days ago

    A great film with great actors and it really isn't all about just the one actor.

  • BigAl1able
    BigAl1able 10 days ago

    WOW Brian has a Great Wife !!!

  • Roshani Genann
    Roshani Genann 11 days ago +1

    Thanks for the great movie.

  • Ann E
    Ann E 11 days ago +1

    Dennehy excels as always!

  • tom fischer
    tom fischer 11 days ago

    Whatever happened to Lisa Eilbacher ?

  • Kennedy Friendly
    Kennedy Friendly 12 days ago

    Amazing how the side piece is congratulated on screwing a married man, getting pregnant by him and the number of folks showing up for their wedding.... SMH...the wife before her got away from the pycho ex-husband and the ...ish new wife Diane, (saying this because she didn't leave him alone AFTER finding out his martial status) get to deal with his temper tantrums along with signing her own death warrant. Diane is murdered by hubby and the first wife get to live. First wife wins.

  • Michelle Cowell
    Michelle Cowell 13 days ago

    Fantastic film thanks for the upload well worth watching it was riveting Michelle UK

  • Judy Bou
    Judy Bou 13 days ago

    Love Brian Dennehy in everything he did.

  • O L
    O L 14 days ago

    Wonderful movie!

  • L. Ravindran
    L. Ravindran 17 days ago

    Every country has seen the nexus between the law upholders, criminals and powerful guys but one honest officer makes a difference. Bravo to likes of Jack Reed.

  • katgirlblue
    katgirlblue 17 days ago

    I just read an interesting article about this. It seems that they changed quite a few facts for the movie. Dianne was Alan's mistress for quite a few years while he was married to his first wife:
    "From the very beginning, Alan, eleven years Dianne’s senior and also married, wooed Dianne with his money; buying her fine clothing and jewelry. It was everything Dianne had ever dreamed of: fancy homes, flashy cars, the latest fashions.
    For several years, Dianne was willing to be Alan’s mistress. She accepted being secreted away, a secondary thought to Alan’s “first” family, and served as an outlet for rages which often culminated in physical violence in exchange for an otherwise dream-fulfilling life . By 1974, after getting pregnant resulted in Alan forcing her to have an abortion instead of leaving his wife as she had hoped, Dianne was getting tired of it all, so she gave Alan an ultimatum: leave your wife or it’s over.....eventually he relented and showed up on Dianne’s doorstep with a garbage bag full of his clothing.
    Dianne was a woman who knew how to get what she wanted and before she agreed to allow Alan back into her life, he had to agree to two things: purchase her a new home and to get her pregnant. Although Alan hadn’t married her by the time their daughter Andrea Masters was born in July 1977, Dianne still believed she had gotten the man. She came to realize that she’d gotten more than she’d bargained for."
    Also, she did not run a shelter for battered women. An article written in 2015 says Diane Masters started an organization/hotline for battered women from her kitchen prior to her death. The shelter came into existence after her death as a continuation of her organization.
    Here's the whole article if you're interested:

  • justme33126
    justme33126 23 days ago

    What a nagging wife he had! She never stopped nagging and getting her nose into his investigation! Otherwise great movie; sad story though.

  • Kathy J
    Kathy J 26 days ago

    After watching this for about ten minutes I realized I saw it before. I continued watching it cause any movie Brian Dennehy and Treat Williams is in, is a really good movie. And this is a true story. I saw the case of this on ID Discovery Channel. Very very sad 🙁

  • lisa
    lisa 27 days ago

    i hated Brian Dennehy in rocky but every other movie love him

  • Geneille Baker
    Geneille Baker Month ago

    Love Bryan movies he can be a good guy an a bad one

  • Bobofet241
    Bobofet241 Month ago

    Second movie I saw today where Richard Treat Williams played the suave bad guy. Love Brian too!

  • Francine Poutine
    Francine Poutine Month ago

    An excellent movie. I didn't know it was based on a true story. Thanks for sharing.

  • sunshinelisa25
    sunshinelisa25 Month ago +1

    Like the way the video goes in and out like your watching VHS... old school

  • Leshell Thomas
    Leshell Thomas Month ago +1

    There is a special place in hell for men like Alan Masters. 😈👹

    • Kherry Ellis
      Kherry Ellis 22 days ago

      So true, but not just men, women too. There is never a reason to manipulate , hold a perdon hostage in their life and then beat them too.

  • jonas liljekvist
    jonas liljekvist Month ago

    outstanding very good,thanks for upload Edgar.Keep smiling!

  • ottawaandy
    ottawaandy Month ago

    16:00 Trying on expensive outfits, complete with five different hairstyles. Now that's service.

  • Lydia Robertson
    Lydia Robertson Month ago +1

    I'm here for Brian Dennehy...

  • MaTilda D'Hum xoxo
    MaTilda D'Hum xoxo Month ago

    I wonder what happened to Treat Williams?

  • MaTilda D'Hum xoxo
    MaTilda D'Hum xoxo Month ago

    Holy monotony

  • cookie64zie
    cookie64zie Month ago

    I’ve tried everything

  • cookie64zie
    cookie64zie Month ago

    How do I watch a movie death benefits

  • Keisha Mckenzie
    Keisha Mckenzie Month ago +1

    She could have put the neck lace in her draws, her purse, inside a tampon or maxi pad anything

  • Keisha Mckenzie
    Keisha Mckenzie Month ago

    These women stupid

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 2 months ago

    The real story:

  • Barbara Crickley
    Barbara Crickley 2 months ago

    What a "justice" system, corrupt cops, corrupt lawyer corrupt judge all on the take. That Masters bum should have fried in the chair, when is the psycho due for release.?

  • JennyO. LuvsFLA
    JennyO. LuvsFLA 2 months ago

    Deep State!
    MAGA 2020!

  • Tonya Heart
    Tonya Heart 2 months ago

    trapped a woman beating married man with a baby, begged him to leave his wife for "love," ...and then BOOM Karma showed up in the worst way...good movie

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 2 months ago

    Disgusting husband pimps his wife out.

  • Jasmine B
    Jasmine B 2 months ago

    I am 48 mins in and that "husband" of Diane's needs to be soaked in stove hot grits, beat with a hot pan and then shot in both knee caps!

  • Baddi Maddi
    Baddi Maddi 2 months ago

    Brian Dennehy movies helped me so much through a tough time in my life. Thanks to old school

  • Sathyanarayana Narasimalu

    Excellent movie except the film clarity enjoyed.

  • Kinky
    Kinky 2 months ago +1

    A cop found "guilty"? Boy...those were the good ol' long gone...

  • Frances Welch
    Frances Welch 2 months ago

    so sad movie now days are so much cursing and sex.. love the old movies

    SUNMAYDEN518 2 months ago

    agree dennehy excellent actor

  • Berdie Sanchez
    Berdie Sanchez 2 months ago

    why are all these actors LISPING? OH YEAH EDGAR CANT UPLOAD!

  • Bibi Bacchus
    Bibi Bacchus 2 months ago +1

    Any movie with Brian Dennehy is always great

  • LaWendyVlogs Alicea
    LaWendyVlogs Alicea 2 months ago

  • LaWendyVlogs Alicea
    LaWendyVlogs Alicea 2 months ago

  • LaWendyVlogs Alicea
    LaWendyVlogs Alicea 2 months ago

  • Lynda Linda
    Lynda Linda 2 months ago +1

    Shut up, shut up Alan master's favourite word

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 2 months ago

    Also love the actress that plays his wife brian dennehy

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 2 months ago +1

    Alan Masters is a son of a bitch

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 2 months ago

    I love Brian Dennehy

  • DJ Chris Bacchus
    DJ Chris Bacchus 2 months ago

    Nice movie

  • Latrice Carter
    Latrice Carter 2 months ago +1

    So i just saw a photo of the real alan masters! This guy must've been very charming because he most certainly wasn't cute! Getting treat williams to play him was kind of fraudulent because treat is handsome the real alan not so much yet he had affairs and was married at least twice that we know of how in the world was that possible? I feel the same way about frankie lyman he was the singer that had three wives but was butt ugly in my opinion 😂😂

  • Latrice Carter
    Latrice Carter 2 months ago +2

    Treat williams played evil a little too well in my opinion! Did you ever see the tales from the crypt episode where he marries old ladies then kills them for their money! Yep he plays evil a little too good!

    • Latrice Carter
      Latrice Carter 2 months ago

      +Dolphins And Whales i so agree 😂

    • Dolphins And Whales
      Dolphins And Whales 2 months ago +1

      I was just going to say that I could never date Treat Williams. First, his name is Treat. And second, he plays the sleazy scumbag so well, every time he'd say something romantic in that butter voice, I'd be suspicious. 😎

  • ja b
    ja b 2 months ago

    When you see the name Brian Dennehy, you know it's going to be a good movie!

    • ja b
      ja b 2 months ago

      +Ace Just finished watching - thanks!!! I don't know if he has, but Brian Dennehy deserves a Life Time Achievement Award for acting.
      It was nice hearing the bits about The Movie of the Week. I sure miss those days.

    • ja b
      ja b 2 months ago

      +Ace I just looked it up, THANKS!!!!

    • Ace
      Ace 2 months ago

      That movie ''In Broad Daylight'' was really something, have you seen that? he was wicked..

  • Maria Sol Fernandez
    Maria Sol Fernandez 2 months ago

    Excellent movie

  • Marie Jiminez
    Marie Jiminez 2 months ago

    thats ole girl frm american horror story!! i love seeing my fav actors&actress in they early careers

  • Kalifornia Sol
    Kalifornia Sol 2 months ago

    If he don't tell you about her.. hes not telling anyone about you either.

  • Sizzlean
    Sizzlean 2 months ago

    Pathetic programming garbage swallowed up by pathetic TV junkies who are too stupid to figure out why this world is the Hell it has become or why people do the things they saw on TV.

    • Sizzlean
      Sizzlean 2 months ago

      Even your Username is based off of a Follywood Prostitute's body parts! Why didn't you choose her Butt-Lips? instead? Obviously I don't have a problem, why do you ask? everything is fine, go back to sleep.

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 2 months ago

      What is your problem?

  • jeansplace1
    jeansplace1 2 months ago

    And she drags in her boyfriend into that murderous environment... WRONG.

  • jeansplace1
    jeansplace1 2 months ago

    She goes to the Center and leaves that low life with Baby Kim... that would be the last thing I would do.

  • jeansplace1
    jeansplace1 2 months ago +1

    This is hard to watch - men who beat their women like this particular one... hard to watch.

  • Amanda Poore
    Amanda Poore 2 months ago

    great movie ,loved every minute of it, watch , you wont regret.

  • Shannon Cunningham
    Shannon Cunningham 2 months ago +2

    This is one of the best movies I seen in a long time.👍

  • S B
    S B 2 months ago

    Now this is what a movie should be!

  • Howie Conteh
    Howie Conteh 2 months ago +1

    Disrespectful man Now his Jealous after all the Abused

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 3 months ago

    When did brian dennehy die? Loved him

    • Ace
      Ace 2 months ago

      he's still around,..

  • Glenda Pospisil
    Glenda Pospisil 3 months ago

    Brilliant movie. Thanks.

  • Lady Kay
    Lady Kay 3 months ago

    This movie rocks... 🎸 🎸
    Miss the 90s when movies and music was good!!!!

  • Mrs X
    Mrs X 3 months ago

    Diane's biggest downfalls were the men she chose & stupidity.

  • Mrs X
    Mrs X 3 months ago +1

    Alan,tried to trick his wife out to his friend...smh...🙄...

  • Mrs X
    Mrs X 3 months ago

    Diane, is Ms Honey from the movie Matilda!!!😍😍😍...

  • Mrs X
    Mrs X 3 months ago +3

    My grandma ALWAYS reminded me that, you lose a person just the way you found them...

  • Diane Vitale
    Diane Vitale 3 months ago

    Excellent movie! Ty Edgar.

  • rodney kitchen
    rodney kitchen 3 months ago

    great film, thanks

  • Maddie Pink Rock
    Maddie Pink Rock 3 months ago

    ! Justice has won! Good cop Jack - God bless him!

  • Maddie Pink Rock
    Maddie Pink Rock 3 months ago +1

    Money and people think can buy everything!

  • Maddie Pink Rock
    Maddie Pink Rock 3 months ago

    Bloody cops and lawyers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maddie Pink Rock
    Maddie Pink Rock 3 months ago

    The Police and lawyers cooperate with the mafia and the criminals! This is a sick system, it's the devil's web! It broke my heart when a little girl cried for mommy! Sick motherfucker killed her mother! I can't look at it and hear this disaster so calmly! People aren't people ! People are worse that an animals !!!!!!!!

  • Maddie Pink Rock
    Maddie Pink Rock 3 months ago

    Fucking monsters!

  • Wellness81
    Wellness81 3 months ago

    Please upload in HD. Thanks

  • Maddie Pink Rock
    Maddie Pink Rock 3 months ago +1

    Psycho husband! He is sick! Shock! This is shock!!

  • samuel barthis
    samuel barthis 3 months ago

    It is comforting to observe that none of the actors were chain smoking. While I am at pains not to condemn those who do I am of the opinion it does not put the movie on a better\worse scale. The storyline was more than enough...

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  • Piatequila
    Piatequila 3 months ago

    Embeth Davidtz what a beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!