Why Dave Chappelle Is More Important Than You Think

  • Published on Aug 19, 2016
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    More than ten years after going off the air, Chappelle's Show is still eminently watchable, quotable, and hilarious. But why did Dave Chappelle resonate in the first place? And why, after all these years, do we still need him more than ever?
    High and low | 0:14
    He shows his flaws | 0:37
    Hip-hop ambassador | 1:20
    Master of the craft | 2:02
    Frank and inclusive on race | 2:24
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  • Winobie75
    Winobie75 3 hours ago

    Hes woke, and Brave.

  • Solar Panel
    Solar Panel 8 hours ago

    Dave Chappelle was killing racism thats why they wanted him to either tone it the fuck off or get lost. Dave is the last of a dying breed.....ask yourself why NO ONE in hollywood speaks out about real shit and if they do, they either Die or get their character assassinated. Fact. Ted Gunderson former FBI chief uncovered a ring of pedophiles and satan worship in hollywood... yal better wakeup...or there wont be anyone left to speak out..

  • Rayke Johnson
    Rayke Johnson 2 days ago

    He isnt the same dave he used to be.. Like a chunk of hes personally is different now.. He seems empty.. Some of hes jokes can still be funny but.. He just isnt the same dave..anymore

  • juntao11
    juntao11 2 days ago

    Thsts not Dave Dave wasn't fat

  • Frankie Rodriguez
    Frankie Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Open and shut case Johnson

  • AnthonyOMEGA
    AnthonyOMEGA 6 days ago +1

    Brand new Chapelle show on Netflix… Please please please🙏🙏🙏

  • Dood 1997
    Dood 1997 7 days ago

    I learned about OJ Simpson from Dave.

  • Kryptonite
    Kryptonite 8 days ago

    more relevant than ever

  • Michael Choi
    Michael Choi 10 days ago

    His man rape was the funniest skit

  • Ivan the Vegan
    Ivan the Vegan 11 days ago

    Gotcha you bitch

  • TheManWithNoInsides
    TheManWithNoInsides 12 days ago

    More important than I think? Chappelle Show was comedy central. No other skit show can come close.

  • HandfulOfStrange
    HandfulOfStrange 12 days ago

    I can’t watch Dave Chappelle’s Block Party because it’s just extremely saddening that I wasn’t there.

  • Rolls royce
    Rolls royce 12 days ago

    Dave Chapelle is the man😆👍👍

  • ToFester
    ToFester 12 days ago

    He's the Richard Pryor of our times.

  • b king
    b king 16 days ago

    finny thing is that majority of comedians do the same so dave aint nothing

  • Joe Kurdish
    Joe Kurdish 17 days ago

    the niggar family

  • Toufiq Aziz
    Toufiq Aziz Month ago

    "oil!! you cooking bitch?"

  • Carmela  Surban
    Carmela Surban Month ago

    killed and cloned

  • Khrystle Ooo
    Khrystle Ooo 2 months ago

    He has a full mustache. Look at the old dave. He couldn't grow hair in the middle of his mustache. Skin time is darker. Dave was lighter. He's a clone now

  • Nabeel Soofie
    Nabeel Soofie 2 months ago

    the koo klux guys

  • Q
    Q 2 months ago

    Frank yes- “inclusive” no. It’s all black perspective, which isn’t bad just not inclusive at all. His portrayal of white ppl is usually done by him, but other races represent themselves.

  • Q
    Q 2 months ago

    Chapelle’s concession to Brady makes him weak ass. U got to stick by your jokes

  • Q
    Q 2 months ago

    We don’t “need anyone. No one is irreplaceable

  • Q
    Q 2 months ago

    Ah mud butt! Makes it sound even worse

  • Ashley Lala
    Ashley Lala 2 months ago

    This new guy is NOT Dave Chappelle. Dave was hilarious, the new guy isn't funny at all. He has been replaced with a look alike by the illuminati

  • Ekon Rekon
    Ekon Rekon 2 months ago

    That's not Dave Chappelle

  • Quincy Tyrone
    Quincy Tyrone 2 months ago

    His 1st cousin even admitted that's not him bc they were click tight a1 day1 and he went to a meeting about getting the show back under his conditions but she believes they took him underground cloned him and killed the legendary original we all knew and loved. R.I.P to a Legend.
    The truth Scares most of us wherefore we go into denial until we see for ourselves or do our own research. Sometimes even if we do know the facts we still don't want to believe it bc of how fucked up the world can be.
    Wake up call people. Gotta realize that what you see on the news ain't always gonna be true. especially for celebrities. If you go into the game with good intentions and a good heart and try to save humanity they will wipe you off the map and/or replace you with a clone/look alike who's willing to do whatever for the money even if it means lowering your standards/morals. Sad but true.

  • gabrielernesto66
    gabrielernesto66 2 months ago

    Honestly when I came to America, the first show I watched was Chapelle's show, I understood great terminology such as : mark ass, mark ass trick, skit scag, scally-wag, john, john ass trickster, and so on, in all seriousness , an absolute master at ridiculing the very foundations of the racial and social issues in America, a true genius, in disguise... the greatest to ever do it without a doubt in my mind ( keep in mind i say this despite gorge Carlin, kinison, Pryor) and yet I believe he surpasses them all...

  • Trinitrophenylnitramine

    White power

  • Saul Cifuentes
    Saul Cifuentes 3 months ago

    im rich BIATCH!!!

  • Timothy Ryan Fisher
    Timothy Ryan Fisher 3 months ago

    I love his, I quit smoking pot with white people bit, and what do white people eat? He is important because he transcends race, speaks the truth, Like Eddie Murphy, Louis Armstrong, and Charlie Parker.

  • Timothy Ryan Fisher
    Timothy Ryan Fisher 3 months ago

    One of my favorite comedians, my boys and I were quoting him tonight. Thanks Dave. What the fuck is juice? I want orange drink.

  • yugobepu
    yugobepu 3 months ago

    Fuck Dave ........just saying.

  • Elise Horton
    Elise Horton 3 months ago

    He does look diff but 10 years can change you a lot.

  • Howard Rickert
    Howard Rickert 3 months ago

    This commentary is way to clinical.. if you don't know and love the show, your your; gotcha bitch!

  • c@mbaz
    c@mbaz 4 months ago

    Then he made pancakes...

  • stabkamay
    stabkamay 4 months ago

    while Dave Chappelle is known to be a great comedian, his audience sucked and still does.
    All they did and still do sometimes is care about Rick James jokes and the occasional Tyrone Biggums, but it appears
    that people don't really appreciate Chappelle's comedy for what it really is: a commentary on American social issues.
    His audiency simply couldn't catch up to the core of his comedic stories, as it is always the case.

  • f2a Finito
    f2a Finito 4 months ago

    oil? whose cooking bitch?

  • Taevon Bracey
    Taevon Bracey 5 months ago


  • Taevon Bracey
    Taevon Bracey 5 months ago

    I'm rick James bitch !

  • JJ Erler
    JJ Erler 6 months ago

    Thumbs up on Dave Chappelle, thumbs down on this video... how did this video tell me that Dave Chappelle is more Important than I think'??? It just recapped things about his career I already knew with nothing original whatsoever.

  • Daniil Ryvak
    Daniil Ryvak 7 months ago

    Too bad he has sold out

  • Khalid Alamin
    Khalid Alamin 7 months ago


  • Carlos Gerelus
    Carlos Gerelus 7 months ago

    666 dislikes they're all part of the illuminati

  • Raul Zavala
    Raul Zavala 7 months ago

    His show was funny but important? that's like saying Mind Of Mencia was important to Hispanics.

  • sanjeet arun
    sanjeet arun 7 months ago

    that's how Cassian rolls when he is not an assassin

  • Donaldus Trumpetus
    Donaldus Trumpetus 7 months ago

    Anyone else feel like puking when you hear the Looper bitch talk? She's so fake and her accent is so irritating you want to tear your ears off

  • gillrida
    gillrida 7 months ago

    Ya I never thought about it until he said it that he had to watch the show he created through key & peele. Man is a legend up there with the greats. Oh and the netflix special was dope.

  • cindy gutierrez
    cindy gutierrez 7 months ago


  • Сергей Журавлёв

    Dave Chapelle rocks!!! His name is even in apple's autocorrect

  • Dominic Lopez
    Dominic Lopez 7 months ago

    Who's the new meat head?

  • Raymond XL
    Raymond XL 7 months ago

    He's important is because he's one of the funniest comedians ever!

  • Shaun Suarez
    Shaun Suarez 7 months ago

    This fool is not Dave Chapelle, open your eyes people.

  • Mosby Brown
    Mosby Brown 7 months ago

    He knew when to get off that train. where as he was funny insightful there were also negative influences that wanted him to reinforce some truly stereotypical attitudes. he understood this and didn't drink the koolaide, so to speak.
    Bravo and bless him.

  • james strong
    james strong 7 months ago

    Somebody needs to get Dave for not another teen movie

  • Miguel Moreno
    Miguel Moreno 7 months ago

    the real Dave Chappell is dead for not compromising

  • Alan Smithee
    Alan Smithee 7 months ago

    I think maybe the reason Chappelle hasn't done much since "Chappelle's Show" is that it's such a tough act to follow. This reminds me of how long it took Quentin Tarantino to make another movie after PULP FICTION (1994).

  • Kemar Jackson
    Kemar Jackson 7 months ago

    im rich bitch

  • Miĺlimadd5150
    Miĺlimadd5150 7 months ago

    r.i.p dave

  • Mr E
    Mr E 7 months ago

    " More important than you Think" !! :) Chappelle RULES !!!!

  • Mr E
    Mr E 7 months ago

    Why Can I Hear Dave Joking About This Video !!! ;)

  • Ranortizpenn
    Ranortizpenn 7 months ago

    in short. we need him cause he is the goat and we need comedy that could unite all races.

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson 7 months ago

    I think the Illuminati made this video hot hot joke

  • JustJoshingYa
    JustJoshingYa 8 months ago

    Dave chapelle left the Hollywood scene because he didn't want to sell his soul for 10mill. his family and name is more important to him. just like how SNL tried to get him to talk shit about trump, he instead talked about how we needed to come together and SNL cast were rolling their eyes the whole time. pathetic Hollywood attempt to smear trump like they always do since SNL isnt funny nor creative anymore.

  • ringbuster1
    ringbuster1 8 months ago

    Kracka please! Rick James brought me here!

  • Onansha MalchiYahu
    Onansha MalchiYahu 8 months ago

    The real david chapel was never important to Hollywood bcuz he was too truthful this new stand in for a better word is a drab imitation of the real david chappele the old david was funny this new clone is a waste of government money and time. Rip Dave chapelle

  • casperog
    casperog 8 months ago

    the music aspect of dave chappelle is cringy and bad.. only downside of the show.. im sure millions always skipped that part when binge watching

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 8 months ago

    What an interesting video. The PC culture that would never tolerate his humor today based on their agendas wish that he would come back? Liberals ruined any sort of casual fun blending of ethnicities and decided to focus on our differences.....because equality right? Things like this were the perfect medium to bring people together. Humor that crossed all races and situations. He left the show for his own reasons and probably would of come back if not for this ridiculous b.s. about races...he left because he was worried he was reinforcing stereotypes rather than poking fun at them. He was too ahead of his time and now thanks to this snowflake madness you better believe the genius, fun, and influence of people like Dave Chappelle are long gone. It is a sad state our world is in now...this is why we cannot have nice things....

  • PharaohGoddess1
    PharaohGoddess1 8 months ago

    This new dude they call Dave Chappelle aint got it. He aint got the look, the voice, the charisma or the talent from what I've seen so far. He's nothing like authentic Dave who not only cracked jokes but used his time on stage as teachable moments. This new dude just wants to be on and in. Yall heard what he said about Flint Michigan. That shit wasn't funny and that wasn't the Dave Chappelle I remember. ijs

  • That Guy
    That Guy 8 months ago +1

    It's just weird how he never agreed doing what the execs told him then goes away for a long time then comes back looking completly different and finally agrees to the execs? Weird

  • Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller 8 months ago

    fav sketch...mad mad real world

  • 030coc3
    030coc3 8 months ago

    today he hangs with all the hollywood people like bieber, kanye etc ... have you seen his last interview before he vanished? the one 'exposing hollywood'

  • Richard Melton
    Richard Melton 8 months ago

    Player haters ball hands down!!

  • T Frezz
    T Frezz 8 months ago

    😂😂 So we just goiny to forget about the time he talked about the industry trying to get himto sell out

  • hades angelos
    hades angelos 8 months ago

    When keeping it Real goes Wrong

  • Kyle Gifford
    Kyle Gifford 8 months ago

    the woman narrating this video sounds like the same woman from watchmojo.com

  • ggj2545
    ggj2545 8 months ago

    The Makaveli of Comedy

  • Hayley Boo
    Hayley Boo 8 months ago

    He was so great at bringing people together and helping people not be so sensitive and take themselves too seriously.

  • yBrian Blash
    yBrian Blash 8 months ago

    he dead eveebody fuck off dumb ass white people. yall no shit bout blacks and what the white people do. dumb fucks

  • Tom
    Tom 8 months ago

    stop forcing us to care about Chappelle

  • Sketchbag PHD
    Sketchbag PHD 8 months ago

    The blind black white supremacist FTW!

  • rd0676
    rd0676 8 months ago


  • pinky9150
    pinky9150 8 months ago


  • VonHousin
    VonHousin 8 months ago

    dave is the biggest important figure of my life

  • the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer ! 8 months ago

    that new guy is not Chappelle that's not Dave Chappelle that new Chappelle is not the real Chappelle he's some kind of look alike and posture

  • Gregory B. Howard Edmonds

    Awesome analysis, lady. I am grateful and impressed. Keep up the good introspective work.

  • Δημοσθένης πίσω στήν πατρίδα

    Dave Chappelle now works for the 666.

  • oandersontech
    oandersontech 8 months ago

    This shit, I just don't get.

  • Yaseen Baker
    Yaseen Baker 8 months ago +1

    Kanye's gonna move into Dave Chappelle's house in Africa

  • Straight Up
    Straight Up 8 months ago

    Idk if he's just getting older but there's something odd about Chappelle after his disappearance

  • N D Lords Hands
    N D Lords Hands 9 months ago

    Yeah, leave it to a black guy to discriminate against another black guy because white people like him and then turn around and try to make him look "cool" because he is more hood, gtfoh!

  • Jonathan Trinidad
    Jonathan Trinidad 9 months ago

    Illuminati got him.....he even throwing up signs

  • Spooky Boyy
    Spooky Boyy 9 months ago

    I'm watching this anyway but he is black american comedy and Louis CK is white american comedy
    Obviously people aren't so intellectually stunted that they can only have one but those two are the essence of America comedy

  • Brenton Budd
    Brenton Budd 9 months ago


  • Tim C
    Tim C 9 months ago

    Anyone that grew up in an integrated neighborhood, knows a David Chappelle, funny as hell, but as scared of gun toting dudes as Whites. That's why, like "Prince" he lives in an all White neighborhood. Also completely self centered. But all super stars are.

  • Nimninj
    Nimninj 9 months ago

    so, why do we need him again?

  • Ruben Lopez
    Ruben Lopez 9 months ago +1

    2:17 antagonistic? I don't use the word snowflake but this white chick narrator, is a butthurt snowflake.

  • Timothy Floyd
    Timothy Floyd 9 months ago

    it takes a Virgo

  • tahjae stacks
    tahjae stacks 9 months ago

    Black Hebrews the Trendsetters of the world...

  • Graeme Dixon
    Graeme Dixon 9 months ago

    Native Americans. ....say no more !!!
    is this pcp...im itching...the spirits have got ME.!!!