• Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • David, Trisha, and I got the chance to hang with JoJo Siwa the other day! She gave me a ton of her merch to give to my daughter. Her house was amazing!
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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  6 months ago +8928

    I don't know what an "anime crossover" is, but I bet this is in the Top 10?

  • Yuri_isLifue
    Yuri_isLifue Day ago

    Jojo siwa's house is like a wonderland, it has every dream a kid would ever imagine

  • litzi :p
    litzi :p Day ago

    Jason : David five more minutes then we’re going

    David : nOoo

    if this isnt cute , i dont know what is 🥺❤️

  • Yonathan vlogs
    Yonathan vlogs 2 days ago

    Sober latesquad

  • Fruity names
    Fruity names 4 days ago

    trisha was like a second mom to charlie when she was picking things out for her

  • Fruity names
    Fruity names 4 days ago

    why didn’t you show charlie’s reaction to all her new jojo stuff

  • Tammy Perine
    Tammy Perine 6 days ago

    JoJo son

  • 1000 subscribers For no reason

    I bet when the cameras are off she changes into brandy Melville sweats a baggy T-shirt and lets her hair down.

  • l.l. storrie
    l.l. storrie 8 days ago

    Why are this child's parents allowing her to hang out with Trisha Paytas, a former stripper and escort/prostitute?! WTF?!

  • Angel Valdovinos
    Angel Valdovinos 14 days ago

    " you love nachos" cuts to nerch room "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

  • Kayla Bay
    Kayla Bay 15 days ago

    She’s so sweet

  • Danae Kostrikki
    Danae Kostrikki 16 days ago

    Jojo SAID THAT DAVID IS A BABY I'm crying

  • Victor's daily updates

    No it's the JoJoikea

  • Peach Babe
    Peach Babe 17 days ago

    Jojo actually sounds like she would be a good friend lol

  • 1000 subs with no videos
    1000 subs with no videos 17 days ago +1

    Is it just me or this video kinda made me like jojo a bit

  • Isabel Juarez
    Isabel Juarez 17 days ago

    5 or 4 more mintes then were going David “ noo” hahahahahah😂😂😂😂 hiw the fuck are you soo funny

  • hhhjhgh jhh
    hhhjhgh jhh 17 days ago

    Five nights at freddy's 7 trailer TVclip 2019

  • Lilly Skerritt
    Lilly Skerritt 18 days ago +1

    Trisha was loving this and David😂😂

  • Were’s Waldo
    Were’s Waldo 18 days ago +2

    I feel like when JoJo actually grows up to like 18 or or something, she is going to have to ACT like this still and she is going to regret her past. ( no hate please don’t attack me)

  • Jmx 3D
    Jmx 3D 19 days ago

    Trisha looks like she trying to be cool mom

  • Sister Stop
    Sister Stop 20 days ago

    David is giving me big UwU energy in the tumbnail

  • wolfie gurl🐺
    wolfie gurl🐺 20 days ago +1

    When you realise jojo is so narcissistic she has a pic of herself behind the tree

  • Ԁяєѧṃєя ɞȏʏ
    Ԁяєѧṃєя ɞȏʏ 20 days ago +1

    I wonder how'd she look if she always wore her hair down?

  • Gryffindor girl
    Gryffindor girl 21 day ago

    JoJo reminds me of the younger Emma Chamberlain which I know everyone says but it's true

  • Yaretzzi •
    Yaretzzi • 21 day ago +2

    You can hate her all you want but she still makes so much money at 15 and you can tell she’s an entertaining genius

    TDR_ GLOBL3 21 day ago

    Who is the girl in the intro

  • C.HLO.E
    C.HLO.E 21 day ago

    Interesting how she doesn't mention Dance moms. Surely that was her start a.k.a not 100% self made

  • SpiderMonkeyStudios
    SpiderMonkeyStudios 21 day ago

    This is literally what happens when a child becomes a millionaire

    SSG EVEREST 22 days ago +1

    I wonder if jason is sad because he doesn't seem very happy when he's alone filming in his car

  • Hisyam
    Hisyam 22 days ago +1

    I think she's better than danialle Cohn ps:idk how to spell her name..

  • Carel R
    Carel R 22 days ago

    Going to the warehouse *loud gum chewing*

  • Margot R Mercado
    Margot R Mercado 22 days ago +10

    Jason - "how old are you"
    Jojo - "fifteen... .. ... and a half"

  • BC Clashers1
    BC Clashers1 22 days ago +1

    You know your a kid when you say you an age and a half,

  • harrystreams
    harrystreams 22 days ago

    Your actually the man Jason. I'm hoping you stay in vlog squad and be a youtuber forever. :)

  • Nathan Peterson
    Nathan Peterson 23 days ago

    Am I the only one that noticed the Steven universe shirt that Jonah was wearing

  • Ariane Eckenrode
    Ariane Eckenrode 23 days ago +13

    I love how Jason is just ranting/ talking about random stuff in the car

  • Foxy
    Foxy 24 days ago +2

    Jojo is literally so sweet.

  • Logan Feeney
    Logan Feeney 24 days ago

    It’s a Barbie house

  • Logan Feeney
    Logan Feeney 24 days ago

    It’s a Barbie hiuse

  • Mara Brennan
    Mara Brennan 25 days ago

    JoJo is surprisingly really chill in this one and she’s being mature wow

    I don’t hate her but she usually annoys me with the way she’s over energetic but she’s so chill in David’s vlogs it’s crazy man

  • DaClarkins
    DaClarkins 25 days ago

    i wonder how she’ll be in like 3 years

  • Morgan Fields
    Morgan Fields 27 days ago

    Right that house tho

  • biCh LaSagUnA
    biCh LaSagUnA 27 days ago

    *this is the first ever video without cussing*

  • Green Giant
    Green Giant 28 days ago

    Jojo is very nice

  • Neda KnirdOrb24
    Neda KnirdOrb24 28 days ago

    What about a jojo ceosc

  • Ghada Nicole
    Ghada Nicole 29 days ago

    I hate how Trisha tried to make David and Jason out to be the bad guys yet watching this and the way Jason talks about her and treats her shows how much he seems to love her. She seemed to take him for granted in my opinion but again nobody really knows what goes on when the cameras are off.

  • Rubie Rojas
    Rubie Rojas 29 days ago

    Jeff 😍😍

  • Devin Galante
    Devin Galante Month ago

    This looks lile trisha brain

  • Shared account
    Shared account Month ago +2

    I feel bad for Jojo’s hair

  • Tania Cardenas
    Tania Cardenas Month ago

    When David made the joke about the cruise Jojo should have said I’ll jojo cya

  • ElmoThe Great
    ElmoThe Great Month ago

    *TOP 10 CROSSOVERS YOU* expected

  • Coby 1
    Coby 1 Month ago

    Jojo shouldn’t end her life but if she did I definitely wouldn’t mind

  • Rafael Cabo
    Rafael Cabo Month ago

    What song is this on the last bit of the video ?

  • Maddie_K71178
    Maddie_K71178 Month ago


  • Jak
    Jak Month ago

    Jason’s seatbelt gave me anxiety

  • Tahir Ahmed
    Tahir Ahmed Month ago


  • kobramydog
    kobramydog Month ago +2

    Jason: ooo fun zone
    *3 hours later*
    Jason: david let's go to the fun zone
    David: no, later
    Jason: DAVID fun zone now, plsssss
    David: Jason, no, not anymore
    David: *pulls out paintball gun*
    Jason: o sh*t

  • joe morgan
    joe morgan Month ago +1

    I stoped watching because you were chewing with your mouth open👿👿

  • sour shadow
    sour shadow Month ago

    don't worry guys shes actually poor

  • wonu
    wonu Month ago

    “you’re a baby!” that’s exactly me, 17, babying david like it’s my job.

  • Addie Griffith
    Addie Griffith Month ago +1

    I would be the 1st in line for the David Dobrik/Jojo Siwa cruise.

  • Saba Alshammary
    Saba Alshammary Month ago

    Tell Trisha to leave the fucking camera!!

  • Pamela Aleman
    Pamela Aleman Month ago

    whats the intro song to this?

  • Sarah Nicole Starling

    David in a bow makes me so frickin happy

  • Tajmah Garris
    Tajmah Garris Month ago

    Can’t wait to have a girl so I can buy all of JoJo Bow Bows

  • melanie michaud
    melanie michaud Month ago

    Man this little girl is iconic. This is who young girls should be looking up to. She is just so sweet and kind and generous. She is literally a younger version of me, with the blonde pony tail and her infectious high energy and loud voice and fast talking. Lol I’ve been told I’m the adult JoJo - hey I’ll take that as a compliment 🙏🏼 🙇‍♀️

  • vilmaadaemilia
    vilmaadaemilia Month ago +1

    No one:

    Literally not anyone:

    Not a single soul on earth:

    Jojo: IsN't ThAt CrAzY

  • Sadie Seal
    Sadie Seal Month ago

    David and jojo r goals ik y’all seen it🙄

  • Alina Perez
    Alina Perez Month ago

    “JoJo can I have this?”

  • Thurmastat
    Thurmastat Month ago

    I think she and asher angel should do a song together

  • Thurmastat
    Thurmastat Month ago

    Does she live alone

  • uten uwu
    uten uwu Month ago

    haha i wish i could watch this entire video but jason keeps lip smacking and breathing into the mic so-

    • uten uwu
      uten uwu Month ago

      it's a no-go on the asmr today

  • Louis Trinh
    Louis Trinh Month ago

    Does anyone hear Jason breathing and smacking so loud!!!!?!?🤣

  • Supreme_ Z
    Supreme_ Z Month ago +5

    What if jojos secretly depressed💀😭

  • TheBoss Miner
    TheBoss Miner Month ago +1

    7:44 Can anyone give me the link to the English version of her intro?

  • JustToke
    JustToke Month ago

    I like that thru the whole vidio you can hear Jason chew gum up close to the mic, LMAO

  • Skully
    Skully Month ago +1

    Trisha is she was 15 and a half

  • Rick Chappell
    Rick Chappell Month ago +1

    Trisha is so fucking cringe

  • Edna Cardenas
    Edna Cardenas Month ago +3

    You can hear Jasons gum in his mouth and his breathing it's like asmr

  • ItsDana
    ItsDana Month ago

    “You don’t just buy Hamilton tickets unless you’re serious about someone.. it’s kinda a serious thing” 😂 Jason is my fave

  • Khadar Omar
    Khadar Omar Month ago

    Jason : i worked on a graveyard when i was 15
    literally 10 seconds after : i was killing it
    he didn't even say no pun intendet

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia Month ago

    Damn she is loud

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord Month ago

    Are you not rich enough yet?

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord Month ago

    Move in with Tricia, that'll be the end right?smart.

  • Amelie Butler
    Amelie Butler Month ago

    I wish i got to chill out in jojo's calming world

  • Liz Hunter
    Liz Hunter Month ago

    6:43 IS SO F*CKING ACCURATE LOL i literally nodded my head in agreement

    UGSDIT Month ago

    jason is my dads age and my dad also worked at a graveyard at 15, digging graves. hmmmm...

  • Rain Valdes
    Rain Valdes Month ago

    Jason,was that a hicky!?

  • Aleesia Knol
    Aleesia Knol Month ago +1

    4:58 I’m just loving Jason’s laugh lmaoooo

  • Izzy .O
    Izzy .O 2 months ago +1

    dang i wish i was jojo so i could see them hahahah

  • HowMany Pages
    HowMany Pages 2 months ago

    Omg David sweared right in front of Jojo Siwa

  • LowkeyAnony
    LowkeyAnony 2 months ago

    Rest In Peace headphone users 1:46

  • Caleb Bolenbaucher
    Caleb Bolenbaucher 2 months ago

    JoJo's literally my age and I thought she was 11..... And she's kinda pretty..... I'm scared

  • Siya Patel
    Siya Patel 2 months ago +2

    Say what u want abt Jojo but u have to admit she is such a generous person 🥰

  • juvia locksar
    juvia locksar 2 months ago

    I have jojo shoes that I love

  • Danil Mikhelashvili
    Danil Mikhelashvili 2 months ago

    8:13 jojo said fuck lol

  • staindman00
    staindman00 2 months ago

    3:30 Man, stop chewing gum so close to the mic.. It's annoying as fuck !

  • UltimateAdigaGamer
    UltimateAdigaGamer 2 months ago

    That fat whale has an obnoxious laugh fucking hell

  • Misava Domingo
    Misava Domingo 2 months ago

    7.01 omggg heis face😂😂so cuteeee

  • L0gical
    L0gical 2 months ago

    Jason says he was killin it right after he said he worked at a graveyard coincidence I think not