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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  Month ago +8088

    I don't know what an "anime crossover" is, but I bet this is in the Top 10?

    • Katrina Darlene
      Katrina Darlene 3 days ago

      Jason Nash I am so sorry but dude you need a haircut

    • Natalie Williams
      Natalie Williams 5 days ago

      Literally half of the video is the sound of you chewing. Let’s stop that please

    • me you
      me you 6 days ago

      I always wondered why you put yourself down on camera,because sense you have been with the fake blonde,you do look 40 pounds hesvier.
      You still look handsome and you are gunny.
      I do not think you should put yourself down ,if your not hsppy set as n example and chsnge what you want to change,to show your kids.
      I love that you r kids are soo mote grounded as far as materialistic stuff than your so called G friend!
      Jason people love you ,when your bring you and not cater ok ng to her ,the blonde girl,and we all know she's toxic.

    • Lps Gator
      Lps Gator 16 days ago

      Jason Nash wait ew you have a channel I thaught you were only on davids vids (jk jk)

    • redrose 101
      redrose 101 16 days ago

      Top 10 anime crossover

  • Trollin since 79
    Trollin since 79 14 hours ago

    I won’t get those 18 min back

  • Layla Rose 卌
    Layla Rose 卌 21 hour ago

    “Do you ever feel like there’s a day where like ‘oh I can’t do this’?”

    *NeH eH*

  • Trinity Barney
    Trinity Barney Day ago

    When I was 15 I had to deal with my dad almost dying and trying to stay alive (he got worse after his accident and ruins everyone’s lives). He was drunk driving and he still gets drunk and is a hazard to people so.. that’s fun!!
    Also I like jojo if she was like actually my friend she would probably stop being my friend so fast because we’re almost polar opposites.

  • Matahoo
    Matahoo Day ago

    Fucking Jason smacking, *like going at it* , at like 3:10 and on made me click off the video

  • Vede Valerius
    Vede Valerius Day ago

    When Jojo is more boujee then Trisha

  • Vede Valerius
    Vede Valerius Day ago

    If you ever feel left out remember

    Jojo has a sibling

  • Alex S. B
    Alex S. B 2 days ago

    This is what happens when Liza dumps you. You fall on hard times.

  • Faith Silver
    Faith Silver 2 days ago

    So the treadmill was literally my favorite part😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jane K
    Jane K 2 days ago

    She does act 15... Tf is everyone's problem. Shit, when I was 15 I acted 25 and I regret it because now I "try" my absolute best to act 5.

    ZYLLZ 2 days ago

    the moist chewing sound emitting from jasons mouth is fuken great

  • I am Lola
    I am Lola 2 days ago

    Boy David has looooooooong fingers. 😱

  • Callee Self
    Callee Self 2 days ago

    this video is legit making me dizzy

  • Karla
    Karla 3 days ago

    Why is this in Cimorellis wedding playlist 😂😂💀

  • Rosa Reyes
    Rosa Reyes 4 days ago

    Jason: 5 more minutes
    David: noo
    Literally me when I was 3 at McDonald’s playground

  • Snow Cat
    Snow Cat 4 days ago

    I Siri says your an old fuck I almost died of laughter

  • Vernon TrashLord
    Vernon TrashLord 4 days ago

    Why does everyone hate Jojo, she is liT the sweetest thing eVer??

  • Kasey
    Kasey 4 days ago

    I can surprisingly hear Jason chewing his gum over Jojo

  • Kingz_Xzavier 43
    Kingz_Xzavier 43 4 days ago

    5:51 now run me my likes

  • Holy Namjoon give jimin some jams

    i understood what she was saying this entire video

  • Gamer Nerd2.6
    Gamer Nerd2.6 5 days ago

    Jojo siwa sucks 🍆

  • Ruined Sandwich
    Ruined Sandwich 5 days ago

    Shes so tall im,,, woah

  • Eleni Salas
    Eleni Salas 5 days ago

    Ok but can we talk about how sweet it is that Trish knows so much and cares so much about Jasons kids ❤️

  • Wexum
    Wexum 5 days ago

    If my house would be covered with my own face, i would fucking flip

  • eissetelse
    eissetelse 5 days ago

    I just had a horrifying revelation... She is what Trisha Paytas and David Dobrik's child would be.

  • ssx89
    ssx89 6 days ago

    Jason seems like a really great person.

  • ShockZ 1032
    ShockZ 1032 6 days ago

    Fix your fucking seat belt next time

  • randomemo12
    randomemo12 6 days ago

    Jasons past was so interesting. I love to hear about him growing up and stuff, that's cool.

  • OwensCorner
    OwensCorner 6 days ago

    honestly my goal in life is to be the male jojo siwa

  • Jae !
    Jae ! 6 days ago

    I literally despise that you can hear Jason chewing his gum

  • Tait Bowater
    Tait Bowater 6 days ago

    I didn't know David was 22 !

  • It´s Sofia xoxo
    It´s Sofia xoxo 6 days ago

    I feel like Jojo had a crush on David

  • Alyssa Romanos
    Alyssa Romanos 6 days ago

    Jojo is so sweet and mature💓

  • K Acosta
    K Acosta 6 days ago


    BTS X ARMY 6 days ago

    I think jojo has a crush 😏

    On David 😃

  • Click Bait O’ Clock

    This video made me realize that JoJo Siwa isn’t as bad as we all thought she was

  • sevilla theking
    sevilla theking 7 days ago

    She's going to be so depressed in the future, It happens to the best of them

  • Mereena Jacob
    Mereena Jacob 7 days ago

    I can’t wait for Trisha to be a mum.

  • YaoIqueen 3180
    YaoIqueen 3180 8 days ago

    Oh boy! I can’t wait for Jojo to turn 30 and lose all of her optimism, then she can be like the rest of us pessimistic, sarcastic bitches 😂

  • Stephanie Salinas
    Stephanie Salinas 8 days ago

    Frickin awesome

  • Kaleb Pierce
    Kaleb Pierce 8 days ago

    I swear I heard jojo say fuck

  • bobo fattt
    bobo fattt 8 days ago

    Good for you kid. Your parents should be very proud! Congrats jo

  • kenzie conley
    kenzie conley 8 days ago

  • Em’s makeup
    Em’s makeup 8 days ago

    I feel so bad for jojo so many people are just hating on her! Yes I get it she acts younger but we all need to learn that that’s her personality and we have to accept it. Jojo is nice and she’s only showing who she is and she’s showing who she wants to be. So I just want to say that people should stop hating on her. That’s her personality and nobody can change it but her.

  • we are familyee
    we are familyee 8 days ago

    Jojo can I have this plz

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith 8 days ago

    jo jo can I have this

  • Margarida Teixeira
    Margarida Teixeira 8 days ago

    I hope when jojo is 18 she hits David up 😂

  • Chatoyante
    Chatoyante 8 days ago

    How is that a 15 year old girl's bedroom...?

  • JamontoastProductions
    JamontoastProductions 8 days ago +1

    She is just basically a mini Jeffree star because she is RICH!!

  • stana916
    stana916 8 days ago

    Jason we can hear you chewing a gum :D man!

  • Octavia Alford
    Octavia Alford 9 days ago

    Aww I love JoJo

  • August D
    August D 9 days ago

    The first room. She is so generous “ Well all just trick or treat”


    In the intro I thought they were in a Walmart :0 Lmao

  • Dayanara Perez
    Dayanara Perez 9 days ago

    Wtf I’m 19 and I would go crazy in her house wanting everything

  • Grace Coade
    Grace Coade 9 days ago

    I'm 13 and I'm a stoner & drink


  • Aria Peters
    Aria Peters 9 days ago

    I wasn't really paying attention and then I heard Jason say Lin Manuel Miranda and I was like DUDE BRO BRO

  • Adleigh Faulkenburg
    Adleigh Faulkenburg 9 days ago

    I thought the title said “torturing jojo Swiss hair”...

  • Aria Peters
    Aria Peters 9 days ago

    I'd buy a Jason Nash bike

  • Luke kop
    Luke kop 9 days ago

    Either Trisha is short or Jojo is tall

  • Beriwan Bil
    Beriwan Bil 9 days ago

    Love how Trisha knows and thinks about Jasons kids

  • Niya Thomas
    Niya Thomas 9 days ago

    This video literally changed my perspective of her

  • Princess Mimi
    Princess Mimi 9 days ago

    It’s really fucking weird that there’s a whole bunch of adults inside of a little girls house/room. Wtf

  • Its _Mia
    Its _Mia 9 days ago +1

    I've gained a lot more respect for her now that I see her being mature and a lot more calm

  • Payton Zawada
    Payton Zawada 9 days ago


  • Indiana Herron
    Indiana Herron 9 days ago

    No lie I think I’m a Jojo Stan now

  • Louise Casarez
    Louise Casarez 9 days ago

    The one gay one that loves everything even if it's for girl
    PS. I mean David

  • Taylor Nicks
    Taylor Nicks 9 days ago

    “Self made” lmaoooo dance moms made you, Brat.

  • Riley
    Riley 9 days ago

    they missed a perfect opportunity at 9:40 to say "siwa later"

  • Eliza Moore
    Eliza Moore 9 days ago +1

    I just like how Trisha treats Jason’s kids like her own😍😍😍

  • Nina Moore
    Nina Moore 9 days ago

    I love how JoJo takes the bag and starts filling it with stuff

  • HollyandJoe
    HollyandJoe 9 days ago

    Honestly have a lot of respect for her now

  • Karina Muniz
    Karina Muniz 9 days ago

    Jason’s chewing is a mood

  • Sistersqudrecords
    Sistersqudrecords 10 days ago

    “Your...literally 11”

  • Shannon Daly
    Shannon Daly 10 days ago

    That woman that's in the vidoe that it's like looking at jojo in years to come hahaha

  • addy holly
    addy holly 10 days ago

    when she calms down and acts like a normal person it’s so wierd. like she’s 15? what?

  • EVshadowBG
    EVshadowBG 10 days ago

    im not the biggest fan of the idea of having your own face everywhere but she is low key so sweet

  • Bokk123nerd
    Bokk123nerd 10 days ago

    Just to think she bought that house at 15 1/2.

  • Lindsey 0hats
    Lindsey 0hats 10 days ago

    She has my DREAM ROOM

  • Papa Lergs
    Papa Lergs 10 days ago

    jojos house is like a theme park

  • cat doodles
    cat doodles 10 days ago

    I work at a party place, and yesterday there was a Jojo themed party. This is insane 😂

  • WeirdGirl Sophi
    WeirdGirl Sophi 10 days ago

    “Your 22?”
    “Yeah why?”
    “Omg your such a baby!”
    “Your literally 11 years old”
    That is one of my favorite moments ever 😂

  • Desiree Evans
    Desiree Evans 10 days ago

    I would go crazy living in a house with my face everywhere lol

  • Sara Kowalski
    Sara Kowalski 10 days ago

    jason chewing gum in the background almost the whole time is giving me anxietyyyy

  • Allah is great
    Allah is great 10 days ago

    bro jojo is the sweetest

  • Allah is great
    Allah is great 10 days ago

    bro jojo is the sweetest

  • Allah is great
    Allah is great 10 days ago

    bro jojo is the sweetest

  • Allah is great
    Allah is great 10 days ago

    bro jojo is the sweetest

  • Lena Hopefrey
    Lena Hopefrey 10 days ago

    At the start what did David say when hobo said he was a baby

  • Ikari1212
    Ikari1212 11 days ago

    i'm sorry. But who is this girl? Honestly not hating, I dont know her? What does she do?

  • first name last name
    first name last name 11 days ago +6

    How am I just realizing that Jason and Trish have the same laugh

  • first name last name
    first name last name 11 days ago +6

    JoJo really is more likeable than I thought

  • May_ June
    May_ June 11 days ago

    I actually really love jojo🥺

  • KJ Kovach
    KJ Kovach 11 days ago

    She’s not exactly humble.

  • Taleigha Bohler
    Taleigha Bohler 11 days ago +2

    We love David in a bow tho

  • Watermintz
    Watermintz 11 days ago +10

    I love the gum asmr happening behind the camera.

    • Vee
      Vee 4 days ago

      Watermintz 😂

  • angel angel
    angel angel 11 days ago

    “ Jason , that’s not how it works “ awwh she’s so sweet

  • Rika Chan
    Rika Chan 11 days ago

    idk who is jojo really is
    i did have seen her music video long time ago
    i didnt knew she is this famus to have this too many merch

  • Wilson Chang
    Wilson Chang 11 days ago

    r u related to steve nash

  • Sequoiya  Vega
    Sequoiya Vega 11 days ago

    Jason the gum😭

  • Crummy
    Crummy 11 days ago

    Wtf lol