The Secret World of Jeffree Star


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    I think rice gum needs to sit in that pink throne

  • Monica Sarabia
    Monica Sarabia 13 minutes ago

    Andrew's oreo part made me laugh so much it was so cute 😂😂😂

  • Potatx Gamer
    Potatx Gamer 22 minutes ago +1

    How old os jeffree star?

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    HEHE 🐽

  • Sara Rothermel
    Sara Rothermel 36 minutes ago

    “I feel like Make-A-Wish.”

    Honestly, me whenever I borrow a hair tie from my friends. 😂

  • Paige Cheney
    Paige Cheney 49 minutes ago

    When he said has never done drugs except for WEED. lol WEED s a drug

  • Annika Sky
    Annika Sky 51 minute ago

    I know feel the need to buy something

  • Celine S.
    Celine S. Hour ago

    5:40 It was just a speed bump.

  • fatema mimi
    fatema mimi Hour ago

    2:06 did anyone else see Jeffree’s neck tattoo having a filter

  • Anahi Ortega
    Anahi Ortega Hour ago

    can jeffree pls adopt me or?

  • Amayrany Romero
    Amayrany Romero Hour ago +1

    Me watching this playlist for the 6th time in the row

  • Kawaii Sophie
    Kawaii Sophie Hour ago

    Jeffree Star is literally more rich than bts

  • Savannah poynter
    Savannah poynter Hour ago

    Was that jess the one from his podcast?????

  • Falcos Fan
    Falcos Fan Hour ago

    i want to meet you and jefree so bad but know it will never happen

  • Mia Konevski
    Mia Konevski 2 hours ago +1

    Litrally jeffree reminds me of Taehyung *cuz they are obsesed with gucci*

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C 2 hours ago

    Jeff and Shane should do a full closet breakdown video where Shane guesses the price of every single item. So much fun it would be!!!!

  • makaila shelton
    makaila shelton 2 hours ago

    Beginning of video Shane so nervous end of the video Shane thinks he's rich

  • kayan Ayman
    kayan Ayman 2 hours ago +1

    Excuse me Jeffree eats so much food and doesn't gain a pound and I smell chocolate and gain 5 pounds.

    Like if this is you

  • Janice Andrews
    Janice Andrews 2 hours ago +1

    Can you buy me a PS4 or Xbox please

  • Babina Saraswal
    Babina Saraswal 2 hours ago +1


  • Makayaters Stream
    Makayaters Stream 3 hours ago

    I can relate to Jeffree so much with the whole metabolism thing. I eat so much junk food but never gain weight so I can totally relate

  • Just Soni
    Just Soni 3 hours ago +1

    Jeffery: um this was just 3,000
    Me: ill just go home now

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 3 hours ago

    ok. give that to Morgan

  • Sue Pierce
    Sue Pierce 4 hours ago

    I can only watch this video in bits and pieces--the movement of the camera makes me feel queasy :O

  • Za Chaa
    Za Chaa 4 hours ago

    Shane is LITERALLY ME when going inside to my friends’ house for the first time. OMG I can’t.

  • Sleep is ToxiX
    Sleep is ToxiX 5 hours ago

    The maid has a better life than me

  • laven Yoon
    laven Yoon 5 hours ago

    Honestly my ed shook when you did the vomit noises cause same bitch

  • Denise Albiter
    Denise Albiter 5 hours ago +1

    I womder if Jeffree has airpods 😂

  • Isobel Buchanan
    Isobel Buchanan 5 hours ago

    ‘Sorry me kitchen is so small, I’m so embarrassed’

  • Nataliee Meyerss
    Nataliee Meyerss 5 hours ago

    *_i can’t afford to watch this_*

  • Amaya Jiselle
    Amaya Jiselle 6 hours ago

    If I had that much money I would make a house that looks like a shed but underground it’s a mansion that’s safe if there is a nuclear war. Just a idea.

  • Doughy Dust
    Doughy Dust 6 hours ago

    Pause at 4:00

  • Amelia The Diva
    Amelia The Diva 7 hours ago

    Why do you need an ID to see Jefree?

  • Campbell Young
    Campbell Young 8 hours ago

    i’ve always wondered why he was so rich. like, ik he’s a queen, but why is he RICH😂

  • Super Saphire
    Super Saphire 8 hours ago

    I was so shocked by this I nearly threw up because everything was so expensive and I swear my puke tasted like Doritos

  • killer bee
    killer bee 9 hours ago

    Jeffree brought her own pronoun

  • Pacion Vazquez
    Pacion Vazquez 9 hours ago


  • alfred venturina
    alfred venturina 10 hours ago

    The way Nate looks at Jeffrey at 18:36..

  • Sára Szenta
    Sára Szenta 10 hours ago

    fiú vagy lány?????😩😩😩😦😦😳

  • Allisa
    Allisa 11 hours ago

    wait what sex swing?

  • I don’t exist
    I don’t exist 12 hours ago

    Tf? How old is Jeffree?

  • Steffi Spr
    Steffi Spr 12 hours ago

    When is the jeffree wax figure happening?

  • boss haha
    boss haha 12 hours ago


  • ItzCake
    ItzCake 12 hours ago


  • Howdy Partner
    Howdy Partner 13 hours ago +3

    Anyone else come back to watch it all over again?

  • Tejaswani Bhardwaj
    Tejaswani Bhardwaj 14 hours ago

    Shane's expression are everything. 🤤

  • Sofia Salo
    Sofia Salo 14 hours ago

    Jeffree is literally me fav person ever

  • jasmine dunning
    jasmine dunning 15 hours ago

    My friend said that Jeffree and Nates 10 year age gap was disgusting and gross and i said that she should go home

  • Bailey Carmouche
    Bailey Carmouche 15 hours ago

    Having everything is fun but it gets so wack cause u have everything its not fun anymore but I LOVE YALL

  • wet ASMR
    wet ASMR 16 hours ago +1

    *”the grand total is $59,268.76”*
    think of how many 20 piece chicken nugget packs they could’ve bought with that

  • Aavale' Storm
    Aavale' Storm 16 hours ago

    27:37 Diva!

  • Nusaiba Rahman
    Nusaiba Rahman 16 hours ago

    Omg now I want to know what exactly happened during the threesome talk that they cut out

  • singerfg05
    singerfg05 16 hours ago


  • Jennie Cloud
    Jennie Cloud 17 hours ago

    Here I'm in Wisconsin

  • Torontopia
    Torontopia 17 hours ago

    Wait let mw get this "straight", Nate is $traight? What? STFU!

  • Kawaii Kitty
    Kawaii Kitty 17 hours ago

    Jeffrey: like seriously it’s 100 dollars it’s so cheap

  • Midanya Wonders
    Midanya Wonders 18 hours ago

    The real question is how are you so rich Shane??????
    illuminati confirmed

  • Madeline Anderson
    Madeline Anderson 18 hours ago

    * BARBIE IS QUAKING-34:37*

  • Curtis Plays Games
    Curtis Plays Games 18 hours ago

    wait sociopath has 19 mill

  • Abigail Konrad
    Abigail Konrad 18 hours ago +1

    nates story made me cry

  • Victoria dazzle
    Victoria dazzle 18 hours ago +3

    Taehyung is SHOOK

  • Literal Trash Can
    Literal Trash Can 18 hours ago +7

    Can we just talk about how Nate is constantly letting out cute little grins whenever Jeffree speaks? Like he’s so attentive and caring and it’s so clear that he actually does care a whole shit load. Y’all are goals 💕💕💕

  • Kathy Kinder
    Kathy Kinder 18 hours ago

    Does her face melt

  • AnjieDoesThings
    AnjieDoesThings 19 hours ago

    he picked the right shirt to wear for this XD

  • Big MamaBear
    Big MamaBear 19 hours ago

    Lol I eat frosting out of the can too

  • Katie Anthony
    Katie Anthony 20 hours ago +1

    and i thought i was rich eating
    squish candy

  • waifu
    waifu 21 hour ago

    too broke to say the G word, gucci-


  • Fan Of my hero academia

    Me 2,500 omg hell no to much!
    Jeffree omg so cheap!

  • Pretty Much Paige
    Pretty Much Paige 21 hour ago +1

    I want to have as much self esteem as Jeffrey Star has money

  • itzmac
    itzmac 21 hour ago

    “Why does it taste richer in your house?” 😂😂

  • itzmac
    itzmac 21 hour ago

    He’s 57!?!

  • Katie Anthony
    Katie Anthony 21 hour ago +1


  • M Guru
    M Guru 21 hour ago


  • xx gamexz
    xx gamexz 21 hour ago

    18:34 that got dark..

  • Princess_Unicorn
    Princess_Unicorn 21 hour ago

    Me: *eating nutter butter*
    2:31 omg Jeffre eats the same food as new!

  • Gavin Kesselring
    Gavin Kesselring 22 hours ago

    16:11 two bottles of Jack Daniels in the left bottom

  • Gummy Gator
    Gummy Gator 22 hours ago

    6:05 time to inves-tea-gate

  • Freyja Úlfarsdóttir
    Freyja Úlfarsdóttir 22 hours ago

    His fridge is bigger than my house

  • Marin Jakobsen
    Marin Jakobsen 22 hours ago

    If that was my closet, i'd never get out of the closet ;) ;)

  • Katie Anthony
    Katie Anthony 22 hours ago +1

    shane: what surgery haven’t you had?
    *looks down at jeffree’s chest*

  • Keri Cait
    Keri Cait 22 hours ago

    I just finished this series. Thank you Jeffree for being so authentic, for being real & for showing the world that although you are fabulous AF you're just a normal human like the rest of us. I cried a bit & LOL'd a ton. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
    And to Shane Dawson, thank you for creating this. You gained another follower today!!

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 23 hours ago

    this is my 3rd time watching this series!! ❤️❤️

  • Erica Piatt
    Erica Piatt 23 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the red bull in his hands when Shane went in? Then Jeffree said he never drank beer. ???

  • Isaiah Celaya
    Isaiah Celaya 23 hours ago

    Kim k live in calibasis but in the Cathy griffin vid lives next to Cathy ? But we stan

  • Cool Natalie
    Cool Natalie Day ago

    Jeffree do your makeup with dollar tree makeup

  • Audrey Furmage
    Audrey Furmage Day ago

    I dare Jeffree to go buy dollar store make up for a day... lets see if he will

  • Audrey Furmage
    Audrey Furmage Day ago

    I dare Jeffree to go buy dollar store make up for a day... lets see if he will

  • Aanya and Kaitlyn

    I’m scared to find out the cost of her whole house

  • Genevieve TV.
    Genevieve TV. Day ago

    I love how the whole time Nathan's just in the corner nervously laughing like... "OMG what it happing why are their 2 random people in my house discovering all my secrets??!"

  • K C
    K C Day ago

    They should know that suckling constantly through a straw is going to give them a smokers mouth with lines all across the lips.

  • Sophie Lee
    Sophie Lee Day ago

    Aw the pig shirt. If I knooooow, u know

  • Kiki French Fry
    Kiki French Fry Day ago

    Can we just say I love Pomeranians and have one myself and omg they’re so cute mine’s name is Cookie

  • Esej Snake
    Esej Snake Day ago

    21:43 "Great"
    23:47 "Richer at your house"
    30:52 Flamethrower

  • ThatOne ArtKid
    ThatOne ArtKid Day ago

    Haha... rich people humor is amazing

  • Panic!ed Killjoy

    rewatchng this and noticing that mY COUSIN LIVES THERE

  • ThtsFufu
    ThtsFufu Day ago

    Shane is hilarious LOL "YOU HAVE A MOUNTAIN!?" LOLOL

  • millie Brownridge

    And then we get robot teeth hunny ;)

  • Beata Novosedlikova

    So funny video.. OMG!:)

  • CJ ;-;
    CJ ;-; Day ago +2

    Me feeling poor for 42 minutes straight lmao

  • CJ ;-;
    CJ ;-; Day ago +1

    I’m sorry, how old is Jeffery? 😂❤️