We Try the Ultimate Real vs Candy Challenge

  • Gummy Shark or Fermented Icelandic Shark? Candy Chicken Feet or Real Chicken Feet? Vat19ers spin the wheel and take their chances!
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Comments • 80

    A DUH KIDFLASH 2 hours ago

    The guy with Kara is very childish, it's pretty funny

  • Nancy Maddox
    Nancy Maddox 3 hours ago

    In those hidden in plain sight Jamie says dannie does nothing but he does he eats gummy

  • Paperbag Jonsson
    Paperbag Jonsson 9 hours ago

    In Sweden every kid have eaten blood sausage or like in Sweden blod pudding and most of the kids have the blod pudding vad a favorite

  • Ayva Turcotte
    Ayva Turcotte 11 hours ago

    I have the same glasses as adam

  • fortnite boy NiNja
    fortnite boy NiNja 13 hours ago

    If your Cambodian you would of eaten chicken feet
    Tbh chicken feet is good

  • nyanruCat
    nyanruCat 20 hours ago

    vietnamese ppl eat chicken feet but it's cooked

  • Jannice Khoh
    Jannice Khoh 21 hour ago

    actually, chicken feet is a delicacy in some Asian country, for example ,China.

  • sibba Eiriksdottir

    as an icelandic person, it is really funny seeing them trying to pronounce hákarl.

  • თორნიკე გოგალაძე

    dude georgia is not Russia but its nice to see that you my country's food

  • shanon bracale
    shanon bracale Day ago

    The rattlesnake meat expires on my birthday this year. I feel accomplished

  • Alexander Bonner

    Your eating a greenland shark

  • Daniel Boi
    Daniel Boi Day ago +1

    The whole comments:
    tHiS iS wHeN jAmIe WaS TrYiNg To FiNd DaNnY!

  • f L҉ - e ى h
    f L҉ - e ى h Day ago

    Georgia? Pretty sure not russia

  • sergo sergo
    sergo sergo Day ago

    Georgia is not in Europe it is in Caucasus... churckhela i Georgian not Russian....

  • Quackys
    Quackys Day ago


  • HariyoBimo Ranuwicaksono

    I know if cow tails are good

  • Urban Outtlet
    Urban Outtlet Day ago

    I’m Jamaican so we eat chicken feet in soups

  • PlayStation 4 ZombieZachary5

    Number 7 use my delicious blood I DRINK MY OWN BLOOD I can be one blood man who will give their blood

  • Brooke Gelts
    Brooke Gelts Day ago

    I Ate a jumbo dog treat

  • Mason Hunter
    Mason Hunter 2 days ago

    Have you ever tried shark leve a like if you have

  • Andi
    Andi 2 days ago

    Shark meat looks tasty

  • saffia najieha
    saffia najieha 2 days ago

    Isn't this time where they're filming hidden in plain sight and theres hint wheres Jamie was looking for

  • Estrellas
    Estrellas 2 days ago

    Georgian🙋🏻‍♀️🇬🇪 and we are not part of Russia.

  • Oscar Ball
    Oscar Ball 2 days ago

    Some shark is nice

  • EU domantic
    EU domantic 2 days ago

    Opaaa churchxela sagol dddd

  • Daniyal ismail
    Daniyal ismail 2 days ago

    I wonder how many gummies have kosher gelatin

  • Adam Sam
    Adam Sam 2 days ago

    eating a snake😁 (Welcome Corona)👍🏻

  • Cocoa Kubo
    Cocoa Kubo 3 days ago +1

    Ben: is it good?
    Kara: nOO!!! >:(

  • temo nishnianidze
    temo nishnianidze 3 days ago

    ჩურჩხელა 👌

  • Odin Badr
    Odin Badr 3 days ago


  • •Incipiens wave
    •Incipiens wave 3 days ago

    "how do you even eat chicken feet?"
    Asian: *observe*

  • UnMi An
    UnMi An 3 days ago

    I idk why

  • UnMi An
    UnMi An 3 days ago


  • UnMi An
    UnMi An 3 days ago

    Why was the boss having a spoon ?

  • Gergian tobacco
    Gergian tobacco 3 days ago

    im from georgia pis make a video about georgian food plllllllssssss

  • Bethsaida Boyery
    Bethsaida Boyery 3 days ago

    She's eating it wrong the chicken foot

  • yeeted moose
    yeeted moose 3 days ago

    I eat 🐄 so I would eat that 🐄 tail

    KRUZY 3 days ago +1

    That’s a fat blunt not I cigarette

  • Zhi Ni Lim
    Zhi Ni Lim 3 days ago


  • kokicheeks_
    kokicheeks_ 3 days ago

    "How do you even eat chicken feet?!"
    *laughs in filipino*

  • LoLo Gaming
    LoLo Gaming 3 days ago

    When you said “dog bones” I thought you meant actual dog bones

  • Chloe Tian
    Chloe Tian 3 days ago

    You can actually eat the chicken feet as a meal cooked

  • Emilio Quilchez
    Emilio Quilchez 3 days ago

    Dude! Snakes don’t have bones

  • Devin Strause,Summers

    Dog bones don’t taste too bad 😅 I’ve had them before delish

  • Diana Akramova
    Diana Akramova 4 days ago

    1:43 isn't it the time when there was a hiding in plain sight video and the n Danny was behind the curtain in the room.

  • Chong Vang
    Chong Vang 4 days ago


  • Cia Gorsuch
    Cia Gorsuch 4 days ago

    Them: Ewww chicken feet.
    ME (as a 9 yr old mexican):I eat chicken feet, its my favorite food.


  • Brooke Sample
    Brooke Sample 4 days ago

    The rattlesnake was born a mistake 😭😢

  • C a n d l e
    C a n d l e 4 days ago

    What did you do-

  • Steven Chang
    Steven Chang 4 days ago


  • Steven Chang
    Steven Chang 4 days ago

    I like chicken feet when cooked!! With scoop too

  • _simply.jackie_
    _simply.jackie_ 4 days ago

    The mall in my hometown used to sell 2 foot long gummy snakes and I LOVED THEM THINGS

  • Elwira Kardasz
    Elwira Kardasz 4 days ago

    Jamie like CURTAIN CURTAIN

  • 100k without any videos challenge!

    6:40 isn't that black pudding

  • Marcel Timmermans
    Marcel Timmermans 4 days ago +1

    Did you guys actually ate sharks?? Don’t you know they are near to extinction? I’m so angry right now!

  • Bryle M. Palitoc
    Bryle M. Palitoc 4 days ago

    Chicken feet is a delecasy in the Philippines!

  • markuss kaplers
    markuss kaplers 4 days ago

    Blood sousage in our country is made out of out intestinc and fuk load of blood

  • Godwin Cabrera
    Godwin Cabrera 4 days ago

    Ahhahahahha in 4:00 the the the down😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣

  • Jaden Hugo
    Jaden Hugo 4 days ago

    Where I’m from we eat cow tail soup

  • Danny:v 17
    Danny:v 17 4 days ago

    When the school th0t opens her legs

  • Mikeman 88
    Mikeman 88 4 days ago

    “Fake shoot”

  • tan the beast
    tan the beast 5 days ago

    I did not know u guys smoke

  • Milky
    Milky 5 days ago

    1:35 I saw that in hidden in plain sight

  • Cayden Akana
    Cayden Akana 5 days ago

    Jamie's was here trying to danny

  • NRPC
    NRPC 5 days ago


    Jamie: RED HERRINGS!!!

  • Mateo Florez
    Mateo Florez 5 days ago

    I want chicken feet!!!

  • Guðjón Árnason
    Guðjón Árnason 5 days ago

    3:32 danny: why why
    Me an Icelander: he he he just because we can
    But they havent tried the icelandic skate

  • Karen Emmons
    Karen Emmons 5 days ago


  • Spider- Man
    Spider- Man 5 days ago

    At 2:55 I got an ad and the person in the ad went NOOOO, perfect timing

  • Kathy Steph
    Kathy Steph 5 days ago

    Them: *disgusted from chicken feet*

    Me: *my family eat them to but I am actually terrified of them*

  • Gunta Kursīte
    Gunta Kursīte 5 days ago

    why didint they use the choco candles?

  • Jecua Draws
    Jecua Draws 5 days ago

    Wasn't his the time when Jamie walked in on the shoot trying to find Danny?
    As a snake lover and vegetarian this episode... Disturbed me.

  • 4 Minute Crafts
    4 Minute Crafts 5 days ago

    Witches have 6 toes btw

  • EgoesBOOM
    EgoesBOOM 6 days ago

    2:50 a mark

  • Kaylee Schaffer
    Kaylee Schaffer 6 days ago +1

    I just realized, Jamie crashed the video before

  • Ashlyn Stuart
    Ashlyn Stuart 6 days ago


  • BallonEEE
    BallonEEE 6 days ago

    Sharks: *Being hunted and poached endlessly*
    Vat19:mmm seems tasty.

  • Matthew Ganesh
    Matthew Ganesh 6 days ago

    Why does he look like Steve O

  • simbo
    simbo 6 days ago

    Im from finland and in here we eat a lot of bloodsausage and in finland it's verimakkara

  • post melon
    post melon 6 days ago

    I ate a candle once. It wasnt very good :/