Mitch Jones's DM Leak, Destiny's Instagram Snap & xQc's YouTube - LNOD

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    Date streamed: 09/13/2019
    00:34 - Mitch Jones's DM leak drama
    18:16 - Theaters in Europe
    22:19 - Destiny's Instagram gets Thanos snapped
    24:11 - Horrible stuff that Soviet Union did
    29:52 - Korean anti-fanbase insanity
    34:31 - What would you do if you were a god of Twitch moderation?
    42:33 - Twitch's new recommended section
    46:53 - XQC's TVclip editor
    51:37 - Is a Twitch permaban really the end of your career?
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  • Destiny
    Destiny  28 days ago +77

    Timestamps for our brave mobile memesters:
    00:34 - Mitch Jones's DM leak drama
    18:16 - Theaters in Europe
    22:19 - Destiny's Instagram gets Thanos snapped
    24:11 - Horrible stuff that Soviet Union did
    29:52 - Korean anti-fanbase insanity
    34:31 - What would you do if you were a god of Twitch moderation?
    42:33 - Twitch's new recommended section
    46:53 - XQC's TVclip editor
    51:37 - Is a Twitch permaban really the end of your career?

    • NIlk Tots
      NIlk Tots 21 day ago

      Google the East Urals Radioactive Trace and Lake Karachay btw for Soviet environmental degradation denialists

    • marx117 x
      marx117 x 26 days ago

      @DJ Blue when you are either one of the following, 15 or a moron yes. It's drama about a guy who is honestly a cretin. Destiny is a grown man with a child dude. This shit is lowest common denominator.

    • DJ Blue
      DJ Blue 26 days ago

      @marx117 x drama is fun to watch chill out kid

    • ADDISON396
      ADDISON396 28 days ago

      Theatres in London are so small cos there's no space in London.
      Anywhere in the uk outside of london (or even in london just not the city centre) has large theatres. At least up north where I live.

    • marx117 x
      marx117 x 28 days ago +1

      You are a little above this childish twitch drama at this point. You are a father and you aren't a moron. Fuck these plebs.

  • ronyan1
    ronyan1 13 days ago

    Watch the Chernobyl movie to get amped up even more about the Soviet Union. Also check king crocoduck for lysenkoism.

  • Gutter Sails
    Gutter Sails 23 days ago

    The problems with Elizabeth Warren taking money from big donors in the general. Jacobin's writer gives her take on the problems with Warren.
    Check out this episode on "Rising", on "The Hill". This is a great source for news.

  • Grant Lauzon
    Grant Lauzon 25 days ago +2

    Maybe the public mods could have anonymous names.
    X5 deemed this inappropriate.
    F4 deemed it appropriate.
    G8 deemed it inappropriate.
    User banned for 5 days.

  • mantas
    mantas 25 days ago +1

    Tell 'em Devin. It's really painful to see rich people paying any more than the absolute bare minimum they have to to people working for them. Sounds like this injustice is really causing xqc great pains.

  • Inverified
    Inverified 25 days ago


  • I am Lormenkal
    I am Lormenkal 25 days ago +1

    Twitch recommended is gonna be so AIDS

  • Dylan Cole
    Dylan Cole 25 days ago

    Destiny I watch all daily dose of xqc vid and the main channel 3 vids almost everyday I dont have a good wifi to watch twitch so its basically an easy way to get to vods

  • andrew
    andrew 25 days ago +4

    "it's a trifecta YO"

  • luls
    luls 26 days ago

    Why do people care? You can so easily fake pictures like these

  • Brian Czapik
    Brian Czapik 26 days ago +2

    Someone needs to make a meme video of the scene from "The Thing" where all of the people are having their blood tested but instead Nova is testing peoples phones or whatever Destiny suggested to see if they are the ones that leaked the DM's rofl

  • Adam 86
    Adam 86 26 days ago

    Classic wow is literally booming.. Mitch could have taken this opportunity to build back a huge streaming career.... WTF is he even doing nowdays? I used to love watching him few years ago. He needs the red pill badly about women. Women are his downfall

    • Shawn Brink
      Shawn Brink 25 days ago

      LMFAO. What is the red pill about women exactly? Right, bullshit generalizations. Then when some nitwit on the left calls someone a generalized term(racist) on the right yall get your panties in a twist. It's almost as if it's ok to generalize a whole sex of people but not ok to generalize people on something that they choose to believe.

    • Hungry Estonian
      Hungry Estonian 26 days ago

      Mitch is beyond help, I was a fan for years even through that Fortnite slog but he'll always revert after any improvement

  • Dirk Dingle
    Dirk Dingle 26 days ago


  • vmn512
    vmn512 26 days ago

    Like like like like like like like

  • Morge Zorge
    Morge Zorge 27 days ago +1

    In order for all of us to be equal, we need to cripple the talented and motivated, oitherwise there will always be inaqulity.

    • Shawn Brink
      Shawn Brink 25 days ago

      Well, spelling wise you are already crippled but I do agree with your point.

  • Seanred17
    Seanred17 27 days ago +4

    Alright, I am behind on the Destiny Streaming Universe, whats this Mitch Jones thing?

  • Jaku
    Jaku 27 days ago

    Am I retarded or does xQcs editors cut seem somewhat reasonable? He get's 60% of the TVclip revenue. xQc makes his money on Twitch, and a healthy profit off the TVclip, and the editor gets decent money too.

    • Hungry Estonian
      Hungry Estonian 26 days ago

      XQC makes $100k from twitch subs every month and probably like $20k from donos a month

  • 7AY
    7AY 27 days ago

    she leaked her own dms to avoid suspition

    • DJ Blue
      DJ Blue 26 days ago

      Naw nigga proof? Or more dumb claims

  • Rep
    Rep 27 days ago +2

    Doesn't PVC have more than one editor?
    Anyways, I've done my elementary level calculations of briefly looking at his channel.
    If the 60% is true and that much only goes to 1 editor, he/she is probably making around an avarage of 12K~20K a month.

  • Visage
    Visage 27 days ago

    What were the DM's about?

  • Coffee Jack
    Coffee Jack 27 days ago +4

    Steven taking part in in-group drama in order to experience a piece of human nature.

  • Excavy
    Excavy 27 days ago +2

    People worrying about xQc giving too much money to his editor when he just made 2k an hour from his media share Sunday. He probably has millions in his bank account but he doesn't care about money, which really should be admirable in this world.

  • Nasus The Curator Of Sands

    But you don't understand Destiny, everything that went wrong in the USSR was because of capitalist elements... ITS THE TRUUUUUUUTH!!!!!!

  • Faber
    Faber 27 days ago

    What's the VOD timestamp for the xQc discussion?

    • Guiuu Shurt
      Guiuu Shurt 27 days ago +1

      Faber it’s from the scuffed podcast about 5 hrs in

  • MUJ 118
    MUJ 118 27 days ago +1


  • Lynxsu
    Lynxsu 27 days ago

    LOL this Mitch thing is actually such kiddie fucking drama Omega LUL

  • D Lux
    D Lux 27 days ago

    The USSR was never racist against African Americans. *The More You Know*

  • JPS
    JPS 27 days ago

    So annoying how tankies are so destined to defeat facism but turn a blind eye to all the shitty things the soviets did
    Also having a rainbow hammer and sickle as your Twitter dp is unbelievably hypocritical and hilarious

  • koopk1
    koopk1 27 days ago

    I HATE HAVING no context for who any of these people are, or why i should care.

    • Shawn Brink
      Shawn Brink 25 days ago

      I don't think that anyone should actually care. Why do you have strong feelings about the situation though?

    FJBRDALLAS 27 days ago

    Apparently is a hot take on 2019 to say that the soviet union dictatorship did evil shit? Never heard Caleb deny any crimes from the soviets. He was just accurately describing how they and China pulled themselves out of utter servitude using state mandated policies. The drawbacks from it are stupid and horrible shit like science denial and genocide. The more liberal capitalist system allows for more happiness and freedoms but only if the nation in question is already on a comparatively strong position otherwise it succumbs to internal fascism (racist state mandated economy) as frankly I see America and a lot of Europe do because the "market" has no solution to climate change, rising poverty, and the refugee crisis the previous two create. Both systems are far better than what most nations on the earth actually live under: colonialism. Weaker third world nations not only are drowning on violence and corruption, they are constantly under the thumb of stronger more develop nations. Through thousands of different ways, The US, EU, Russia or China control who rules these nations, what parts of the economy they develop, what they produce, how much can they sell it for, etc; not to mention the occasional proxy wars were two strong powers use two weaker nations or different factions within a nation to play a sick game of chess.

  • Bagandtag
    Bagandtag 27 days ago

    Thank god these morons won't ever become gods of twitch moderation. First thought they have is "I'll ban what I don't like".

  • CABdosdos
    CABdosdos 27 days ago +2

    47 seething commies disliked this video. Feelsfuckinggreatmang

  • popretmaster
    popretmaster 27 days ago +10

    xQc was generous to a content thief in this debate

  • Velocity
    Velocity 27 days ago

    34:29 woah didn't expect Thump to be here

  • 8right
    8right 27 days ago +1

    Idk why we can't stream on other websites as affiliates. It's bs as fuck. I'm a dead streamer Andy but I'd love to be able to stream mixer/TVclip at the same time as twitch... :( We are essentially stuck in a system where we won't grow cause it's saturated as fuck and we can't even multi stream to other sites for exposure...

  • iownu92
    iownu92 28 days ago +1

    I feel like (in US movie theaters) two rows behind handicapped is typically the best.

  • Zachariah Marrero
    Zachariah Marrero 28 days ago +4

    Exif data can stripped during uploads but each camera sensor beteeen iPhone and android leaves a signature in the noise

    • DJ Blue
      DJ Blue 26 days ago

      Twitter back end would have all the data

  • Mother Nature
    Mother Nature 28 days ago +1

    Destiny, if you think black people and Russians would live together peacefully, you've never met a real Russian.

  • jSlazer
    jSlazer 28 days ago

    Someone should tell Destiny that there's another channel with the exact same name that does science documentaries. Some of their vids are meh.

  • polka
    polka 28 days ago +1

    Moscow and petersburg were industrialized with millions of workers. Capitalism failed them! They were unemployed, hungry, poor, ... This was the reason for the revolution! To be honest any movement could have had a chance at that time in russia. For a short time it looked like germany would implement a communist government too.
    Russians had huge problems. Communism solved some of the issues, but not all. To be honest I am not sure if any system would have solved their issues. One of their problem is that they have no checks and balances.
    Russia today has capitalism. But it suffers from the same issues. They have still no checks and balances. Journalists disappear and nobody does anything about it. So communism or capitalism is not the reason for their failing. I doubt that capitalism would have changed much in russia.
    The past ottoman empire, turkey, has capitalism for over 100 years. It has solved nothing! Many failed countries have capitalism and are still failing.
    Capitalism means that the means of production belong to the capital owner. How can that solve the deep problems of a society?
    Look at china. It has communism and became world's factory (china works in the paradigm of capitalism, because it has no other choice. But that isn't capitalism.).
    The point is that any system can work. If a system lives long enough, it can adapt and solve their problems. Also a movement doesn't need to achieve their end goal to be successful. The achievements of socialism are worker rights, syndicates, 40 hour week, vacations, pension, welfare, ... And nobody wants to give up these rights.

  • polka
    polka 28 days ago +4

    Europe's theaters have on average 30-50 rows. Sometimes they have a balcon.
    Our old city is from the middle ages. So some european theaters are really old and were not made for cinema.

    • Kaws uwu
      Kaws uwu 23 days ago

      @Shawn Brink your just like the eu boring as fuck and trash dont write me a book i wont read idiot

    • Shawn Brink
      Shawn Brink 25 days ago +1

      @Kaws uwu Showing off your age it seems. Or just your maturity level. Also the originality is on point. Using trash as an adjective is a clear marker that you don't have an original or an objective thought anywhere in there. You are the exact same person as many of your age group. Kudos for being a cookie cutter caricature of a real life human.

    • Kaws uwu
      Kaws uwu 28 days ago

      polka cuz the eu is trash 🗑

  • DaveMacara89
    DaveMacara89 28 days ago

    Does Mitch Jones still piss in bottles?

  • Levvy
    Levvy 28 days ago

    *More than half of Russians want the Soviet Union back. 70% of Russians view Stalin positively.*
    - BBC
    - The Guardian
    - Vice
    - RT
    - AP News
    - Washington Post
    - Wikipedia
    - Radio Free Europe
    And many more...
    Not trying to sound Tankie and defend the crimes of the Soviet Union. But if the majority of people that lived in the Soviet Union want it back, as an alternative to the Capitalist system of Russia today. Any heavy criticism of the Soviet Union should be taken with a grain of salt. Anti-Communist propaganda is rampant in the West, and a lot of what they say has been flat out lies.

    • 4444 1414
      4444 1414 23 days ago

      @PressA2Die I agree

    • PressA2Die
      PressA2Die 23 days ago

      You can't just say a bunch of media and claim them as sources. You need links dude.

    • Shawn Brink
      Shawn Brink 25 days ago

      How did these sources get this information? Please I would love to know how they obtained this information. Also how could they ever obtain the information. Also polls are bullshit that select specific groups or ignore mass amounts of people. This is clearly fake news.
      Lol, You actually used RT as an actual source. Keep pushing that propaganda.

    • 4444 1414
      4444 1414 28 days ago +1

      So use democratic majority ruling to bring back USSR? How do you know it's not pro commie propaganda?

  • Jo
    Jo 28 days ago +62

    When people Donate to XQC saying "donating to a millionaire LUL" they had no idea that his editor was the real millionaire

  • Martin
    Martin 28 days ago


  • domtredom
    domtredom 28 days ago +33

    It baffles me that xQc's editor gets 60% considering that he uploads a LOT of raw gameplay footage or just 15 minute clips from his livestream in which xQc reacts to something. For most of the videos that are up on xQc's channel he just has to find the VOD, cut off any excess footage, and put the outro in the end.
    Editing is involved in his stream highlights which come out every 3 days or so.

    • domtredom
      domtredom 27 days ago +1

      @Eric McDonald I didn't even know that, that's nuts

    • Eric McDonald
      Eric McDonald 27 days ago +3

      domtredom and his highlights are Done by his other editor

  • Mit Persaud
    Mit Persaud 28 days ago +1

    I hope devin can help XQc with his edit problem.

    • shoobopper
      shoobopper 26 days ago

      devin tryna destroy his channel

  • ItsCharlieTV
    ItsCharlieTV 28 days ago

    XQC giving 60 is good. It legit gives your editor more money, meaning possibly only having a part time job, leaving more hours to edit and make the content better. XQC makes dosh from dono's.

    • Aquatixx
      Aquatixx 27 days ago

      ​@ItsCharlieTV It's not being greedy if you earn money with YOUR content. If XQC wants to give money away to one single person and finance him a mansion more power to him. But he most likely wasn't even really aware of it. XQC can't stream forever. Money he earns now is not just to live now but to set aside for when his career is over. And theres nothing greedy about earning money with your content and your stream while paying your employees (editor) a great wage without financing them a freaking mansion. Don't know what world you live in lol.

    • ItsCharlieTV
      ItsCharlieTV 27 days ago

      @Aquatixx But you could live happily just on the Twitch donations. Why be greedy? One person gets money to live on or two? Also, youre telling me about 15k a week isnt income?

    • Aquatixx
      Aquatixx 27 days ago

      @ItsCharlieTV but every positive thing u say can be done with a fraction of the payment as well. For what reason are you reducing yt to just marketing when it can be both advertisement and a source of income. Most of the videos arent even edited.

    • ItsCharlieTV
      ItsCharlieTV 27 days ago

      @Aquatixx Well XQ would be making 2-3 times this amount from actually streaming. TVclip to him is just clearly marketing. He wants everyone to end up watching his streams. Having a full time editor allows XQ to use his time elsewhere. If you have ever edited even these kinds of videos, you know it can be super time consuming. Time that could be spent streaming or networking.
      There is not really room for the editor to get complacent. If he does, he could lose his income. Its smart, some people just get greedy when it comes to money. XQ clearly isnt someone like that.

    • Aquatixx
      Aquatixx 27 days ago

      @ItsCharlieTV The main reason this was a big discussion on the scuffed podcast was because XQC is too nice and naive in the eyes of Devin, who is a business man. He wanted XQC to realize that he is paying someone who does a rather simple job (video editing), someone who is very replacable 20k a week. The editor is dependant on XQC not the other way around. If XQC wants to pay his editor 20k a week it's his decision but it should be an INFORMED decision that he's basically doing charity.

      Just to make this clear: I'm not saying the editor should be underpaid. He should be able to do it as a full time job but 20k a week is just absurd from a business standpoint.

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson 28 days ago +1

    Can someone explain what the Mitch Jones drama is about? I googled for like 10 minutes now and still don't understand. They talk about fucking in the dms and someone leaked what? What am I missing? Are they talking about cheating in the dms? Are they talking about underage stuff? What makes this drama? What is the problem here?

  • Deviled
    Deviled 28 days ago

    Xqc was understandable in this debate

  • nah cur
    nah cur 28 days ago +2

    TIL 20 year old mommy gfs aren't just a meme.
    There's hope, yet for some lucky arrested development lads

  • john ornelas
    john ornelas 28 days ago

    Why does anyone care about streamer drama holy shit what a fucking snorefest

  • Timothy Trump
    Timothy Trump 28 days ago

    Immature vs mature cruelty ?

  • candr
    candr 28 days ago +3

    xqc really needs to find a new editor. The current one literally doesn't do anything. He just takes the latest stream, splices it into 10 unedited videos and upload half to xqc's channel and half to his own. A 7 year old with movie maker could do the exact same.

    • waluigi the prophet
      waluigi the prophet 26 days ago

      If xQc likes him, I don’t see the problem. El goblino is rich as fuck but doesn’t give a shit about money.

    • candr
      candr 28 days ago

      @Outdose yeah but even those edits are so trash it's not even worth 1k/month

    • Outdose
      Outdose 28 days ago

      He has 2 editors, one that actually edits and one that’s yoinks vods.

  • T vdg
    T vdg 28 days ago +1

    I don't think Devin has ever had a good take, as a person he seems to be really nice but he's just really dumb about everything he talks about.

  • IlIlililili
    IlIlililili 28 days ago

    Remember the good old days where Steven made his own content instead of leaching off other drama streamers for views? Sigh. Remember when he was interesting and witty and now he spends his entire time platforming thot streamers in the hopes of fucking them some day? pepehands

  • Azqq
    Azqq 28 days ago +14

    These idiots dont understand how Xqcs youtube actually was. His old account wasnt pulling ANY views at all, until he got the xqc vods guy who was getting TONS of views on his videos . YT is better for advertising a twitch stream and xqc doesnt need anymore money because hes not a money whore like everyone else in the call is.

  • Kevin Peterson
    Kevin Peterson 28 days ago

    Kacytrons voice loosens my bowels

  • Zerne
    Zerne 28 days ago +9

    Xqc speaks then the poor girl says can someone translate lol i love xqc so much

  • quickblood
    quickblood 28 days ago +4

    *It's a trifecta yo*