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  • Liza Koshy
    Liza Koshy  Year ago +33018

    YOOOOOOOOOOO... ga. I know it's basically Saturdays with Liza now lol. My videos just take longer to edit now! It takes a long time to look this cringy! Lol, thank you for your patience and your views! SERIOUS NOTE/SENTENCE: My hometown of Houston is in need, and any contribution can help. Please text "HARVEY" to 90999 to make a donation of $10. Thank you, babes.

  • Nadesma Cardine
    Nadesma Cardine 8 hours ago

    I love your voice

  • Xitlaly Rodriguez volgs

    2018 guys?? ♥️💛

  • Cinnnamon Dragon

    I’m not kidding but I almost fell watching this lol 😂

  • Alley's World
    Alley's World Day ago

    2:21 LMAOOOO

  • Courtney Simmoms

    And marowanana “hehy”

  • Ladia Flanders
    Ladia Flanders 2 days ago

    3:49 lol

  • sarah s
    sarah s 2 days ago

    1:47 I lost it

  • Tilly Silburn
    Tilly Silburn 3 days ago

    Hi 🦄

  • Luna Stone
    Luna Stone 3 days ago

    You should do a duet with superwoman I would be awesome I love your vids

  • Angels world
    Angels world 3 days ago

    When she said you sat through act like this I was like ...what the fuc how does she know !!!

  • Daetona Simons
    Daetona Simons 4 days ago

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you can do asmr

  • The Yoga Serenity
    The Yoga Serenity 4 days ago +1

    Wow amazing ❤

  • Nadim Khan
    Nadim Khan 4 days ago


  • Nadim Khan
    Nadim Khan 4 days ago


  • Kamora Dandridge
    Kamora Dandridge 5 days ago

    Go yoy girl

  • Catacorn Cats
    Catacorn Cats 5 days ago

    Do do do do ya

  • Oreo and Me
    Oreo and Me 5 days ago

    YO GEESE!!! 🦆 YO!!

  • Jasmin Valdivia
    Jasmin Valdivia 6 days ago


  • Sophie liveslife
    Sophie liveslife 6 days ago

    My science teacher does yoga. WHY COULDN'T MY SCIENCE TEACHER BE LIZA

  • Ella Storm
    Ella Storm 6 days ago

    I have the same designed and colorful headband

  • Čes Goda 🖤
    Čes Goda 🖤 6 days ago

    Do ,, Yoga with Helga” video

  • Emma Norton
    Emma Norton 8 days ago

    3:43 onwards hahaha

  • Emma Norton
    Emma Norton 8 days ago

    Lizza..... how do you tooot that hard?

  • Quinn Charsky
    Quinn Charsky 8 days ago

    I love how David came in and screamed like a girl love ya

  • Ethan Lightning
    Ethan Lightning 8 days ago

    omg I can do that 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Kileigh Rojas
    Kileigh Rojas 9 days ago

    When I watched this and I laughed so hard I Cryed in happy tears but my brother just laughed

  • Ainsley Baron
    Ainsley Baron 9 days ago

    You should have a whole channel for yoga with other people and also yourself

  • Sofie C
    Sofie C 9 days ago

    Who else is watching liza’s old videos bc she is to busy to post every thursday😂

  • KarinW
    KarinW 9 days ago

    you make me laugh

  • Bella Jordan
    Bella Jordan 9 days ago

    Do the hot lava challenge with David

  • Manacha XD
    Manacha XD 9 days ago

    4:32 song?

  • bellarina b
    bellarina b 9 days ago +2

    "You sat through an ad for this" I didnt have a ad

  • Greyfirefox
    Greyfirefox 10 days ago

    3:56 SHE DEAD

  • Bob’s Burgers
    Bob’s Burgers 10 days ago

    I say through no ad

  • Zynia Merisier
    Zynia Merisier 10 days ago

    oh my gosh this video is so funny good job Liza Good job 👍

  • Zynia Merisier
    Zynia Merisier 10 days ago

    u reminded me of my mom that farts when she does work outs wait every does that

  • Lulla Bee Edits
    Lulla Bee Edits 11 days ago

    2:15 lol

  • Teal fox queen
    Teal fox queen 11 days ago

    It's so odd fall is beautiful but everything is dying

  • Reeba Swty
    Reeba Swty 12 days ago

    Such a cutie....... 😘😘

  • lilly b
    lilly b 12 days ago

    1:34 I’m now a little scared of Liza’s content...

  • Chubbadubba Donk
    Chubbadubba Donk 12 days ago

    Liza koshy is the best
    Like is you agree

  • Asteri Galaxias
    Asteri Galaxias 14 days ago

    OMG I CAN'T I'm super sick and I can't stop laughing it hurts your so funny XD

  • Doughnut Lover
    Doughnut Lover 14 days ago

    Your the best Liza!! I love your videos!😺 The puns are so funny.

  • Michael Nolen
    Michael Nolen 15 days ago

    Liza you are AMAZING

  • Zainab Z
    Zainab Z 16 days ago

    Wow Liza u have the loudest farts 😁😁😁

  • Wish Queen109
    Wish Queen109 16 days ago +2

    OMG I LITTERALLY died laughing because your vids are SO FUNNY!! As in my brother had to walk in and shut me up cause I was to loud laughing!😂😂😂your the best!!!

  • Ashley Lau
    Ashley Lau 18 days ago


  • Peach Glow Reyah
    Peach Glow Reyah 19 days ago

    i swear ur stoned

  • Blue_berry 7.0
    Blue_berry 7.0 19 days ago +1


  • Emily Tabone
    Emily Tabone 19 days ago

    I love you so much lizza you are the best and I made my brother follow you because your amazing

  • Berry
    Berry 19 days ago

    1:24 *L I F E*
    *G O T*
    *M E*
    *Q A K I N'*

  • TheFlipmasters 3.0
    TheFlipmasters 3.0 20 days ago

    3:28 I've replayed this so much😂😂😂
    Edit: yes I just made a replay button for myself😂😂
    Another edit : especially 3:44 😂😂😂

    xxMYLIFEASAGAMERxx 20 days ago

    See's a liza vid * MY GURL POSTED A NEW VID IM WATCH *dies from laughter and comes back from the ded * DIS IS WHY I LUV U YOUR SO FUNNY

  • Jan Dyškant
    Jan Dyškant 21 day ago

    Me in school: hmmm this test is pretty easy..... Next question: Me. : 0:56

  • Alvaro _Balu
    Alvaro _Balu 21 day ago


  • Alvaro _Balu
    Alvaro _Balu 21 day ago


  • Zainab Mandlawala
    Zainab Mandlawala 22 days ago +1

    I'm Indian and this is not offensive at all!!!!!

  • Chiara Mendoza
    Chiara Mendoza 22 days ago

    ?cringy or cringey?

  • Tissar Challenge
    Tissar Challenge 22 days ago

    1:40 thought it was because her arm smeld bad😆😆

  • Sadhika Alampally
    Sadhika Alampally 23 days ago


  • AEBravenclawX
    AEBravenclawX 23 days ago


  • Gachaverse Gal
    Gachaverse Gal 23 days ago

    Me: Wow. Yoga seems so relaxing.
    *Goes to yoga*
    Me: Okay maybe it was that one time.
    Six weeks later
    Me: Wow yoga is alot harder than I thought.
    Six months later
    Six years later
    Me: At this point I only come for attention.

  • Garland Barrett
    Garland Barrett 24 days ago +1

    2:23 is soooo funny

  • Shannon-Rose JONES
    Shannon-Rose JONES 24 days ago +1

    There should've been a pose called "Vine", and Liza should've laid down with her hands across her chest!😂😂❤️

  • Kari Galletly
    Kari Galletly 24 days ago

    Lol I didn't even have an add for once my life is a lie

  • Kendra Alfaro
    Kendra Alfaro 24 days ago

    You made my day and I just laughed through the whole thing I love Liza so much!!

  • Kevin VIDS
    Kevin VIDS 24 days ago

    I tried the full moon and camel toes and ex pose

  • Amelie Coveliers
    Amelie Coveliers 25 days ago

    Point your feet!!!!!

  • Maya White
    Maya White 25 days ago

    I reapeted 0:42 like 100 times because it was so funny

  • Noam Kassirer
    Noam Kassirer 25 days ago

    I didnt have to watch an ad

  • Elise Whitcomb
    Elise Whitcomb 25 days ago

    OMG!!! I have the same headband that the yoga teacher has!! But I never use it

  • Jordan VanScoik
    Jordan VanScoik 25 days ago +3

    3:41 who else thought of melanie martinez.

    Just me

  • Cyre King
    Cyre King 26 days ago

    Ummmm..... I think little brown girl is coo coo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😶

  • Amarissa Pearson
    Amarissa Pearson 26 days ago

    I love liza

  • Leslie Carlson
    Leslie Carlson 26 days ago

    What's an ad

  • Just JOJO Slime
    Just JOJO Slime 26 days ago

    0:44 that’s nanasty

  • Ohr Stöpsel
    Ohr Stöpsel 28 days ago

    Omggg sooo cooool 😩😂😍🔥❤

  • Milly Mihell
    Milly Mihell 28 days ago

    I'm lafin 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😀 😀

  • Alexi’s Gaming channel

    I replaced yoga with yo-geese

  • Ari j
    Ari j 29 days ago +1

    Shutup,I've been using my butt hole this whole time *HEAVY BREATHING*-yoga class with liza

  • lisalisa cute
    lisalisa cute Month ago

    I ❤ you

  • Killer 97
    Killer 97 Month ago +1

    you are so funny you mack me laugh so hard!!!

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez Month ago

    No Liza's was harm in the making of this video

  • Blue Moon Lps
    Blue Moon Lps Month ago


  • Abbey Miller
    Abbey Miller Month ago

    Your so funny

  • AJ-Matthew
    AJ-Matthew Month ago +1

    4:16 - That pose it's called... "Wait for me, I'll be there". Hahaha. Beautiful and talented is this girl.

  • Zuri Green-Banks
    Zuri Green-Banks Month ago

    Tasana eat a bite from your bananana

  • Anthony Puls
    Anthony Puls Month ago


  • • Fire Fox •
    • Fire Fox • Month ago

    2:24 Liza asmr

  • Madison Williams
    Madison Williams Month ago

    The gassy one!

  • Veronika Castaneda
    Veronika Castaneda Month ago


  • Dina Loula
    Dina Loula Month ago

    Liza can you do some dance teaching videos funny and real

  • Sebastian Sanfratello

    if she was in my yoga class I would not be able to focus at all.

  • Jace Crain
    Jace Crain Month ago

    You suck

  • Hope York
    Hope York Month ago +1

    That ain’t namastay that’s nanastay

  • Jaime Jimenez
    Jaime Jimenez Month ago +1

    You got a grate ass

  • Daisy amador
    Daisy amador Month ago +1

    Hey watch the professional do it : LOVE ACTIVIST

  • Kawaii Kam
    Kawaii Kam Month ago +1

    Look whos out of ideas O_o

  • deja Blue
    deja Blue Month ago +1

    Request yoga go step by step how to get all the poses she knows