• Published on Mar 27, 2016
    for similar videos on other missing and rescued kids.
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    Original air date - May 2010
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    On June 17, 1984, Diane Downs was found guilty of shooting her three children, killing one. She was sentenced to life plus 50 years for the crimes. But as Downs was about to begin her new life behind bars, she brought new life into the world. Just days after her conviction, Diane gave birth to a daughter. The baby girl was whisked away hours after delivery. The baby was secretly driven to a hotel room and given to her adoptive parents, Jackie and Chris Babcock. She was the typical little perfect baby." The Babcocks knew the child they were to adopt was Diane Downs'. They followed the mother's murder trial carefully. When their new daughter arrived -- it was their second adoption -- they named her Rebecca.

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  • Blue Side
    Blue Side 15 hours ago

    What the fuck. I forgot that she got pregnant again.

  • Mary Alcantar
    Mary Alcantar 16 hours ago

    Crazy white bitches

    SIERVA DE DIOS 18 hours ago


    SIERVA DE DIOS 18 hours ago

    Wow she looks so cold telling the story, how can a mother a monster just like her will kill her childrens. No tears. She's a physco.let her rotten in jail

  • The Original EB
    The Original EB Day ago

    I was dating a man who was rather strict with my son - not abusive, but lots of rules. He’d scold my son for things like leaving his shoes in the living room, or not thanking someone when we left their house after a visit. But we also had fun as a family, and my son liked having a father-figure around, since his dad ran away from the responsibilities of being a parent.
    One day, we were driving home from an outing, and my son was extremely hyper and was talking non-stop. Later that evening, I was talking to my boyfriend about it after my son had gone to bed. We were both laughing about how hyper my son had been, and I said “he was driving me nuts!” My boyfriend, still laughing, said “yeah, I kept thinking ‘shut up you f*cking little piece of shit!’” The smile immediately left my face, my eyes started to water, and I said “how could you say something like that?” He apologized profusely, but I still broke up with him, even though we had been together for two years, and had even discussed marriage.
    My son is grown now, but he was, and still is, my number one priority. I will never tolerate anyone talking about my son in that way. And I absolutely could never imagine hurting or killing him!!

  • Dee DeCorte
    Dee DeCorte Day ago

    she (Downs) needs to stop smiling. It is not amusing at all!

  • Dee DeCorte
    Dee DeCorte Day ago

    At the 12:54 mark, Downs even looks EVIL!

  • Dee DeCorte
    Dee DeCorte Day ago

    Downs? You stop the car for a stranger with YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR? Then to TURN OFF THE IGNITION?? WOW. The first part doesn't make sense. I don't have kids, but at least I know that you don't do that. Then the giggling??? GUILTY. Some people don't deserve to be in this world. If you rape, sexually abuse or kill children, that deserves the Death Penalty. UGH!

    • Dee DeCorte
      Dee DeCorte Day ago

      Talk about GOING POSTAL!

    • Dee DeCorte
      Dee DeCorte Day ago

      Some people should also NOT be allowed to BREED!

  • Mia Marino
    Mia Marino Day ago

    Why ppl back then looked so weird? LOL

  • Kulani Nkuna
    Kulani Nkuna Day ago

    Even the mentally ill do not react like this after realizing what they have done. This woman is a living demon

  • Renegade Dragon
    Renegade Dragon Day ago

    she did it for lust!

  • Queenie Miller
    Queenie Miller Day ago

    Pregnant a again this crazy goat she knows how to have sex and knows how to kill kids and also this man that lay down for this sick woman he have to be also crazy what a shame and a disgrace u people are

  • Queenie Miller
    Queenie Miller Day ago

    This woman is a sick devil can't u see she even look like the devil put her in the electric chair no long talk put the devil to sleep sick sick low life devil those poor innocent children some women shouldn't have been born to lay down to bring innocent kids in this world plus she is a disgrace horrible ugly liar this married man should also go to jail for going to bed with this monster crazy ass sick woman

  • Samba Joyy
    Samba Joyy 2 days ago

    Demonic bitch.

  • glucose goblin
    glucose goblin 2 days ago

    so we gonna jus ignore tht she got foundation on her lips its all
    i kan look at

  • Doomsday Tuther™
    Doomsday Tuther™ 2 days ago +1

    Oh No man she smoked marijuana. And people say it never kill nobody.

  • Destiny Baker
    Destiny Baker 2 days ago +1

    She looks just like Jannelle Evans.

  • san juanita cruz
    san juanita cruz 3 days ago

    She’s getting all the attention, she loves it. Deserved what she got. Still , she should of gotten the death penalty.

  • Joseph Roessler
    Joseph Roessler 3 days ago

    She's is Satan's Wife fucking bitch 😈😈
    Sick bitch.

  • Wendy Fiolek
    Wendy Fiolek 4 days ago

    She's a total nut job telling the story and laughing like she's telling a joke.

  • LoveTheHorrorOfItAll

    This story will haunt my dreams. I sit here crying knowing I lost my daughter a couple of years ago and I would die so my child could live again. This is a monster.. I just can't imagine doing this to anyone must less your children.

  • The bitch From hell
    The bitch From hell 4 days ago

    As a mother of two this makes me physically sick... evil

  • K Hodge
    K Hodge 4 days ago

    OMG she made me so I'm shaking watching this!! This smirking after tell the story of what happen to these babies makes my blood BOIL!¡!¡ 😠😠😠😠

  • Megan Lopez
    Megan Lopez 4 days ago

    And here I am two days after having an emergency ectopic pregnancy surgery where both my Fallopian tubes had to be removed making me STERILE! Fucking HEARTLESS BITCH!!! I hate the world so much right now I can’t even...

  • Makeupn TrapMuzik
    Makeupn TrapMuzik 5 days ago


  • Jessica Energy Family

    She is evil

  • Cat Blue
    Cat Blue 5 days ago

    Narcissistic evil at its’ finest

  • Your mom calls me daddy

    You know what.....torturing psycho fucks like this is not that bad

  • Sherri Lawrence Browning

    WTF??!! WHY was there ever even a search, reenactment and interview??? She should have been locked up on the spot!!!!! GOOD GOD!! ARRESTED 9 MONTHS LATER??!!! GEEZE!!!

  • A T
    A T 6 days ago

    Regardless of the fact that this woman obviously has some sort of evil situation going on here 🙈 police should really stop expecting people to behave or react a certain way after a traumatic event. We don’t all behave in a certain unified way after shit goes down 😑

  • Bonnie Akridge
    Bonnie Akridge 6 days ago

    Anne Rule wrote Small Sacrifices about this case. Excellent book for anyone interested.

  • DonaId Trump
    DonaId Trump 6 days ago +1

    "She showed up at his door one evening, with whiskey and Marijuana. He let her in, and she soon took off!"

  • Robin DeGrace
    Robin DeGrace 6 days ago


  • Under Pressure - Power Washing LLc

    Sick Woman. Seek help freek !!!

  • Aquenea Vida
    Aquenea Vida 7 days ago +4

    She look like jenelle evans . It’s scary both psychopaths

    • rhonda bullard
      rhonda bullard 7 days ago +1

      Aquenea Vida I thought the same thing!!!!

  • Jackie M.
    Jackie M. 7 days ago +1

    She does not look one bit grief stricken. I've seen a grieving mother and she shows no sign of it.

  • Marie-sylvie Dondja
    Marie-sylvie Dondja 8 days ago

    She's stupid she says in the interview her kids were lucky because if she would be shorter way they would be shot they always died she is so selfish is only about her not about her kids not about what happened to her kids no it's about what happened to her only because she obviously didn't because she only got shot in the arm why would they only kill the kids I mean why would the killer kill the kids if she did not get killed she's just evil pure evil she's like The Devil Is Evil but then you have the end

  • Marie-sylvie Dondja
    Marie-sylvie Dondja 8 days ago

    What the heck she said she was not lucky because she couldn't tie her shoes for 2 months well and her kids then for 7 year old daughter could never say something again because she dyed her 8 year old daughter lost so much blood she didn't was able to talk for years and her three-year-old son was paranoid she was the luckiest of them all what

  • Autumn Perry
    Autumn Perry 8 days ago +1

    How is she able to be so calm and talk so casual ....

  • Diana Scheifen
    Diana Scheifen 8 days ago +1

    This woman deserves death penelty

  • Brandi Taylor
    Brandi Taylor 9 days ago

    Fucking psychopath..

  • Elvira Reis
    Elvira Reis 9 days ago

    REVELATION 20:15
    FOUND IN JOHN 3:16
    1 CORINTHIANS 15: 51-52

  • Richard Imon
    Richard Imon 9 days ago +7

    She is a malignant narcissist: Pathological liar and Sociopath who should have been given the death penalty.

  • Sw33tness
    Sw33tness 9 days ago +4

    I cannot finish the video. It's just so much to wrap my mind around

  • Nicole Blackmond
    Nicole Blackmond 10 days ago

    How is the two living kids now anybody knows?

  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee 10 days ago +1

    If I've ever seen a demon through the eyes of a human this is it! 😱😱

  • Itz - DC
    Itz - DC 10 days ago

    This monster is/was a narcissist. She shot her three children and killed one of them, she goes all over the news, she talks about it like it wasn't supposed to be traumatizing. She laughed and joked, which shows that she broke her act of the sad mom. She wasn't even following the "terrified" mom act. She was flat out. At 10:50 she talks about people saying that she'd lucky. I don't think anyone would say she was lucky to survive, she most likely made that up as an excuse to keep talking. This woman disgusts me and she is only one out of thousands to millions of people who deserve the worst in hell.

  • Ally Kayyy
    Ally Kayyy 11 days ago

    "I couldn't tie my damn shoes" .... BIIIIITCH YOUR KID IS DEAD AND THE OTHERS ARE IN CRITICAL CONDITION!!! You couldn't tie your fucking shoes what THE hell

  • Ally Kayyy
    Ally Kayyy 11 days ago +11

    Haha, the police sketch looks like her, that smartass motherfuckin sketch artist KNEW it

  • Kelly Lewis
    Kelly Lewis 11 days ago

    She clearly just gave her own motive. She felt her life was not the way it should. So she took action. To gain control as any narrissist would. She wanted to start fresh new without responsibility. She was ill and needed mental help!!!! No excuse for what she did.

  • Lucy
    Lucy 12 days ago

    Diane Downs is quite possibly one of the most unattractive ( inside and out) humans created.

  • lapko luna
    lapko luna 12 days ago +2

    ain't Minorities living there...those
    would have been our suspect, (Susan Smith)

  • Hope Clarkson
    Hope Clarkson 12 days ago

    Technically, everyone grieves in different ways. My young son killed himself while living with his dad. I didn't cry. I didn't shed one tear even at his funeral 5 days later. Not until 3 years later did I deal with it. Then I had a mental breakdown, but not before having some crazy crazy symptoms of PTSD. I wasn't even there at the house. But my PTSD is clear. Grieving mothers truly act like weird. If the kids were shot by a stranger....she won't be normal. She is simply saying what we think like. I was all jacked up. Had i spoke a lot it would have been really weird. I had weird shit going through my mind. From nonstop thinking that my son may not have a head or leaving him under the dirt and his body decomposing. Endless talking is a symptom of a coping mechanism and so is explaining what you are going through. It will sound crazy to anyone but another grieving mother. She sounds nuts. But really that's pretty standard. I've now decided that the way that reporters spin a narrative, they can say anything. All the Chicago news stations came down to report the suicide of an 11 year old. They immediately spun it to fit their narrative about bullying, with no evidence of bullying really. So yea I'm sure there was evidence to convict her, but the things she says and does cannot be used against her. Just real evidence

  • Lindsay Mosesso
    Lindsay Mosesso 13 days ago

    Cast that back into Hell where it belongs

  • Morgan Wells
    Morgan Wells 13 days ago

    Go to 4:35 “I” “I” did it.. she lied.. she almost $763$:$ up

  • cash bryan
    cash bryan 14 days ago

    I'm obsessed with this case, because of how bad it is.

  • Turt Reynolds
    Turt Reynolds 15 days ago

    4:10 that's a sick ass shirt

  • Naomi Flanigan
    Naomi Flanigan 15 days ago

    The sketch looks like her ..🤔

  • Alice Valencia
    Alice Valencia 15 days ago

    Abortionist are baby killers too. Just saying they should make stories about them baby killers too

  • Burgandy Henderson
    Burgandy Henderson 15 days ago

    She enjoyed the hell out of the reenactment & interviews. Sociopaths always think they're smarter than they are & love attention! And it's always they're downfall

  • C&C Phx
    C&C Phx 15 days ago

    These sketch of perp looks like the little old lay crime author but she wasn’t old when this happened, could she be a time traveler and Dianne actually told the truth?

  • Nancy King
    Nancy King 15 days ago

    The woman isn't suffering from Munchausen's Syndrome By Proxy, she's *enjoying* it!

  • angela lewis
    angela lewis 15 days ago

    This the devil

  • matt s
    matt s 15 days ago

    janelle eason

  • Josh Martinez
    Josh Martinez 15 days ago

    Acts, sounds, looks like Janelle from teen mom and does anything for a man that's not worth a dime

  • bigfish langille
    bigfish langille 15 days ago

    Poor woman interviewing the thing,she must have wanted to reach over and slam that demons head against the wall grrrrrrr

  • bigfish langille
    bigfish langille 15 days ago

    So many years ago and i still have that sickening terrible sad feelings for those poor souls .What an EVIL NARCISISTIC DEMON ,I HATE HER

  • Fr0zenNightmare
    Fr0zenNightmare 16 days ago

    Okay that part at 9:42 is difficult, because what that other blond woman says right after. I mean, if that would REALLY happen and not some cover-up-shit by that "mother". Sure, the kids should get first aid too (even if that "mother" actually want them dead, even if it just looks like first aid and doesn't really help at all), but on the other hand: IF the "mother" herself doesn't cover her wound first and is minutes later too weak to drive the car properly, then the kids will die anyway. I know it's just a minor wound in her arm and not the chest or somewhere else. But what if she gives her shot kids first aid first and then lose consciousnes right after?

  • Nymiura Lee
    Nymiura Lee 16 days ago

    I have 4 kids... I remember yelling and startling my 2yr old and he burst into tears... it broke my heart. I remember when my oldest daughter fell at the park and scratched up her leg and I freaked out, my daughter told me to calm down and then she ran away to go play

  • DiDi DiViNe
    DiDi DiViNe 16 days ago +1

    She’s hella fuckin ugly!!! You ugly nasty bitch!!!