• Published on Mar 27, 2016
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    Original air date - May 2010
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    On June 17, 1984, Diane Downs was found guilty of shooting her three children, killing one. She was sentenced to life plus 50 years for the crimes. But as Downs was about to begin her new life behind bars, she brought new life into the world. Just days after her conviction, Diane gave birth to a daughter. The baby girl was whisked away hours after delivery. The baby was secretly driven to a hotel room and given to her adoptive parents, Jackie and Chris Babcock. She was the typical little perfect baby." The Babcocks knew the child they were to adopt was Diane Downs'. They followed the mother's murder trial carefully. When their new daughter arrived -- it was their second adoption -- they named her Rebecca.

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  • Higher Power
    Higher Power 4 hours ago

    This woman is a cold-hearted monster

  • Higher Power
    Higher Power 4 hours ago

    There should be a law to remove these women's uterus and pedos' private parts.

  • Nancy Simmons
    Nancy Simmons 19 hours ago

    Always wonder what happened to the dad and a grandparents so happy the prosecutor adopted. them I wonder why he didn't. Adopt the baby that would have been nice I remember watching this movie

  • Chris Trinder
    Chris Trinder 23 hours ago

    I believe it, but as a woman and a mother I can’t! I’ve been married more than twice but no way would any man be more important than my children,! Anyone who didn’t want children or to share their life with me and the children were gone

  • Tina Moritz
    Tina Moritz 23 hours ago

    Were is the rest of the interview and the story,

  • MissyB 75
    MissyB 75 Day ago +1

    What the actual fuck!!?? 1:30. Bitch is whiter than me!! You wouldn’t call a black person with a bit of white in them white now would you?

  • Monk Kenyon
    Monk Kenyon Day ago

    She was the village bycicle, everyone had a ride. But she chose the old pogo stick over her kids. Now cobwebs are swarming the area of her youth-how ironic that all the sausage she wanted will be served behind bars and if the ladies don't know, they cut it up so you can't use it.

  • farrah ur mom
    farrah ur mom Day ago

    The composite drawing looks like a long haired David Soul.

  • good friends rock!

    WAIT...... can't believe what I just heard..... Her KIDS WERE LUCKY, WOW just WOW!!! and not one tear!

  • Kaycee Whitham
    Kaycee Whitham 2 days ago +1

    Give me a break..she picked a guy on her mail route and seduced him with weed and whiskey?

  • 21MarketaDiva
    21MarketaDiva 2 days ago

    13:00 I wonder why they were placed in a foster care for. They said even though her story was full of holes there was no evidence or motive or anything. It must have been legit. I wonder why she didn't fight for her kids since she wanted to get rid of them. Wtc. Seen a lot of movies when the victim makes it out. They go in the hospital somehow and dispose of them. Shes a butt head

  • Gipsy Tee
    Gipsy Tee 3 days ago

    Piece of shit should have been executed.

  • Miss Dankaveli
    Miss Dankaveli 3 days ago

    Such a hoeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • putrid jesus
    putrid jesus 3 days ago

    sorry but the duran duran song on the radio.. LOL

  • Christina Martinez
    Christina Martinez 4 days ago +1

    It took them a month to figure out her story wasn't making sense. 😳

  • Cunt Poo
    Cunt Poo 4 days ago

    I don't see a problem with what she did it's just a late-term abortion and I am pro-choice.

  • Joe U
    Joe U 4 days ago

    27 going on 48

  • Silly lil' Bung
    Silly lil' Bung 4 days ago

    SOOOOORRRY....BUT....If I have my child in the car....I'm not fûckin' stopping......not stopping without them either. Also...the most dangerous lies have great eye contact.
    Burn this bîtch.

  • Robyn Owen
    Robyn Owen 4 days ago

    I'd forgotten just what a narcissist she is.

  • Shayla Gray
    Shayla Gray 4 days ago

    Her face is disturbing😳

  • Killerbunny 2005
    Killerbunny 2005 4 days ago

    FULL DOCUMENTARY (PART 1) it’s not full

  • Caleigh Watkins
    Caleigh Watkins 5 days ago

    No mother would go sight seeing at night with sleeping children on a back road then stop for a stranger, this bitch really thought the cops believe her bull shit! Funny

  • Zoey Pfieffer
    Zoey Pfieffer 5 days ago

    She is EVIL.. just sickening n vile

  • CJ
    CJ 5 days ago

    I read that book, "Small Sacrifices", and watched the movie (with Farrah Fawcett?). I did not want to continue the book, but I had to. The author presented the information in such a way that I had to find out what happened next. The reality is sickening. I've heard of narcissism, sociopath, but I think some new term should be invented for her.

    • Emily McMurrick
      Emily McMurrick Day ago +1

      She's up for parole in 2020... but I doubt they'll release her.

  • My Book2019
    My Book2019 5 days ago

    Andrea Yates is Mentally ILL and tried to get help. Please stop putting her in the same category as this evil woman and Susan Smith

  • Missmallows
    Missmallows 5 days ago

    Her re-enactment... wtf

  • Missmallows
    Missmallows 5 days ago

    Her re-enactment... wtf

  • Pamela
    Pamela 5 days ago

    "Sightseeing after dark makes little sense" makes you think of the Anni Dewani murder in Sth Africa

  • Marla Carlson
    Marla Carlson 5 days ago

    She sounds like a Diabolical Narcissistic Sociopath.

  • Alba Gu'Brath
    Alba Gu'Brath 5 days ago

    The blonde bimbo that interviewed her is just as creepy, if not creepier than the murderer!

  • apoemandarose
    apoemandarose 5 days ago

    Welcome to the club. My mother also confessed me she killed her nephew age 8. My mom passed away...she never told that to other person only to me when she was dying. She had regrets and guilt and remorse. I told her that God is forgiveness and if she was repenting everything was ok.

  • gacha_tiger
    gacha_tiger 6 days ago

    I hope the girl who could not speak can reveal the truth about what happened back there. That is, If she was to live. I am definitly not suggesting shed be killed ^>^

  • Roo71
    Roo71 6 days ago +3

    “When my daughter was shot... I thought about ME, and My. Narcissistic. Sick.

  • Stevie 1973
    Stevie 1973 6 days ago

    Wow she looks like Diane . Diane is a evil vile. Rip Cheryl 😢😢

  • 12from121
    12from121 6 days ago

    4:54 we see Dupers delight on full display

  • Yourz Truly
    Yourz Truly 6 days ago

    Damn she really a monster fr

  • Kimberly Creel
    Kimberly Creel 6 days ago +2

    If I remember right she has borderline personality disorder, like my mother. They're kids are just objects to love them, disposable pawns.

  • Dark Knight 13
    Dark Knight 13 7 days ago

    The "experts" are quick to criticise suspected persons for their reactions to the events,this is not helpful but can be downright dangerous,how do we know how we would react until it happens,ok in this case she did turn out to be the murderer but there have been many other instances where a conviction has been achieved due to the suspect not conforming to "normal" behaviour,the most high profile case of this occuring was the Scott Peterson case,he was convicted primarily on his reactions and the fact that he was having an affair,I believe he is innocent and truly hope that a successful appeal is forthcoming before an innocent man is murdered by the state.

  • Alyssa June
    Alyssa June 7 days ago

    Wow this Springfield still seems much nicer than the one in Massachusetts 😭🤣

    AMORXLNTWA 7 days ago

    Narcissist Demon, plain and simple. Unbelievable but true. One of many.

  • Crusty Raccoon
    Crusty Raccoon 7 days ago +2

    These women should have never gone through “The Talk”
    Technically, that’s what started it all

  • Rhonda Foy
    Rhonda Foy 8 days ago

    An ugly pig inside and out. 🤬

  • That Banana
    That Banana 8 days ago +1

    I would never stop for anyone standing on the side of the road at night. Your just asking for something bad to happen to you

  • Felisha Mizell
    Felisha Mizell 9 days ago

    This bitch is sick!!!!

  • Karen Vann
    Karen Vann 9 days ago +4

    The nerves to have had children after the incident

  • Karen Vann
    Karen Vann 9 days ago +1

    That smile on Diane's face is chilling.

  • Karen Vann
    Karen Vann 9 days ago +2

    She looked & sounded like an actress.

  • Jas Gang
    Jas Gang 10 days ago +2

    That damn story about her kids getting shot ain’t even sound right

  • Yakelin García
    Yakelin García 10 days ago

    How can she start the car if she said shad thrown her keys???

    • Captain of my Soul
      Captain of my Soul 9 days ago

      Downs claims she pretended to have thrown the keys. As if any adult would believe such a juvenile statement.

  • Tonio Pierre
    Tonio Pierre 10 days ago +1

    She hurt your kids for a man, that's women for you ,eve was the first to send!!!!!!

    • rakiesha Goodman
      rakiesha Goodman 7 days ago

      Tonio Pierre nahh lets not put this on woman this hoe just crazy! Dick isn’t everything 😒

  • Torien Seals
    Torien Seals 10 days ago


  • sage austin
    sage austin 10 days ago

    my lady looks like raegan beast

  • kimberly brooks
    kimberly brooks 11 days ago

    Good lord! She's kcrazy!!!!!! Poor babies😪

  • Madison Lewe
    Madison Lewe 11 days ago +1

    Those eyes are so cold and unfeeling

  • Completely Gone Recordings

    She thinks everyone is an idiot.

  • Luca Azeri
    Luca Azeri 11 days ago

    God damn you for eternity

  • Chillin with aaliyah
    Chillin with aaliyah 11 days ago

    The fact that she said all of that with a straight face 😐 and when she was showing how she fought of the “killer” she even laughed

  • Gentle Dragon
    Gentle Dragon 11 days ago

    Shes truly insane...she isnt even crying it's a dead giveaway.

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 12 days ago +1

    So Bigfoot has a concealed carry permit. Good to know.

    • Ramiz Ali
      Ramiz Ali 6 days ago

      Rabbi Epstein is that you?

  • Shi Merrill
    Shi Merrill 12 days ago

    Seriously ?..
    is she trying to be Freddy Krueger