Stuffed Rib of Beef with Horseradish Yorkshire Puddings | Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Oct 30, 2016
  • A brilliantly stuffed rib of beef cooked all together in one pot, with yorkshire puddings laced with fresh horseradish. A spectacular Sunday dinner with a modern twist.
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  • Michell Gomez
    Michell Gomez 10 hours ago

    Está crudo e.e

  • Choxolet yo
    Choxolet yo Day ago

    I wonder what kind of snacks his kids bring to school

  • Lu Luong
    Lu Luong 3 days ago

    Flavor: **INTENSIFIES** XD

  • Thomas Powell
    Thomas Powell 3 days ago

    His daughter has never tossed a frying pan before...Has he ever spent any time with his kids at all????

  • Rabinarayan majhi
    Rabinarayan majhi 5 days ago +1

    I don't eat beef it sucks..

  • Deon Govender
    Deon Govender 5 days ago

    He doesn't no hw to cook for shit but I guess white people think Der no it all can't believe he as his own restaurant but his cooking skills ar so caveman

  • Dexter Playz
    Dexter Playz 7 days ago +1

    imagine dating one of his daughter by impressing him with cooking

  • Jepoy Domingo
    Jepoy Domingo 8 days ago

    Its fucking raw😂🐓

  • Deepak yadav
    Deepak yadav 8 days ago

    now i hate humans 😠😠🙏

  • dude23187
    dude23187 8 days ago

    the chef how never gonna be a tv chef. shit talker.

  • Teak Meteor
    Teak Meteor 8 days ago +1

    Hold that open for daddy

  • unclewilliamderek
    unclewilliamderek 9 days ago

    Jack: nice.

  • Black fyre
    Black fyre 10 days ago

    His dialogue could easily be used in the Karma Sutra!

  • Nine Tailed Fox
    Nine Tailed Fox 11 days ago


  • gioyamy11
    gioyamy11 13 days ago

    When, quieres conquistar a la Hija, pero Primero tienes que Conquistar a su papá :v

  • ML Clips
    ML Clips 14 days ago +16

    Gordon:That is....
    His Daughter:Amazing

    JONATHAN LUNA 14 days ago

    It's just me or that meat was raaaaaaaaaw

  • Fortnite Snipes
    Fortnite Snipes 14 days ago +4

    Pan nice and hot
    Olive oil in
    Sear it

  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava 14 days ago +1

    *The Video Ends*


  • Gabriel Abesamis
    Gabriel Abesamis 15 days ago

    2:41 kinky stuff

  • Felice Cammisuli
    Felice Cammisuli 15 days ago

    Where is the sauce

  • KG Ketowa
    KG Ketowa 16 days ago

    Bruh, is that your daughter?

  • Ison Reign
    Ison Reign 18 days ago


  • Detioroit
    Detioroit 19 days ago +1

    *His wife is so lucky*

  • Danny2092
    Danny2092 20 days ago

    Gordon i cant afford rib eye man. Does cat taste the same as beef anyone know?

  • Shit Vlogs
    Shit Vlogs 20 days ago


  • Ricky Mark
    Ricky Mark 22 days ago

    "Outside now come in gently" 🤔

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram 22 days ago


  • londi nol
    londi nol 23 days ago

    Its undercooked.. its a bloody red😅

  • Bryn Etches
    Bryn Etches 24 days ago

    What no gravy???????????????

  • boss Ambedkarite
    boss Ambedkarite 24 days ago +1

    1:00 when you can't cook
    But yo dad forces you to

  • NameHere
    NameHere 25 days ago

    his daughter sounds like teen sansa stark....

  • Ksu
    Ksu 25 days ago

    3:52 it looks raw

  • Hazzar Plays
    Hazzar Plays 25 days ago

    Gordon: Good

  • Carlos Quimis Baque
    Carlos Quimis Baque 26 days ago

    Habla en españaol mama verga que no entiendo tu puto ingles :v

  • Damion Johnstone
    Damion Johnstone 26 days ago +1

    All the people with bad minds when he said "hold that open for daddy" it's a touching moment between a father and his daughter shame on you.

    • Black fyre
      Black fyre 10 days ago

      @TheRealOmega well said mate 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • TheRealOmega
      TheRealOmega 23 days ago +1

      Damion Johnstone „a touching moment“ I see what you did there

  • Call-me-snowyy
    Call-me-snowyy 27 days ago +1

    The best dad ever lol

  • Woah Like
    Woah Like 27 days ago +97

    Imagine him reading a children book
    “Freddie crawls in bed. closes eyes, slowly. incredible”

  • Niklas Hall
    Niklas Hall 27 days ago


  • Phoenix 23
    Phoenix 23 28 days ago +10

    How I wish I had a gordon Ramsay in my kitchen,,I might not want to go out😋😋😋😘

  • Faith and Jillianne
    Faith and Jillianne 28 days ago

    Its Raw

  • Mario Pag
    Mario Pag 28 days ago

    Hijo de puta !!!!!!

  • Biba Biba
    Biba Biba 28 days ago +6

    0:45 is that an onion peel??!!!

  • humphrey peek
    humphrey peek 28 days ago

    have you ever tasted his food its

  • Al Akbar
    Al Akbar 28 days ago


  • Manoj Mithun
    Manoj Mithun 29 days ago

    I am a vegan but this brought water in my mouth

  • MrBlimminAngry
    MrBlimminAngry Month ago

    Where's the fucking gravy??

  • MICRO Ruchit
    MICRO Ruchit Month ago

    Boss had a good pump at the gym today

  • HoRiZoN
    HoRiZoN Month ago

    Megan you really fucking cute I gonna fuck you

  • lebron delos reyes
    lebron delos reyes Month ago

    gordon you forgot to season the carrot

  • Kim Dela Cruz
    Kim Dela Cruz Month ago

    ting ana om

  • Higham10 Total football

    His stringing up is atrocious

  • //Hack to Much//
    //Hack to Much// Month ago

    Likes se siete ITALIANI

  • iseeolly
    iseeolly Month ago +5

    Lovely cooking...but that bit of meat cost a whole days wage.

  • Axel Voss Is Gay
    Axel Voss Is Gay Month ago

    oliv ol

  • Grace Hodkinson
    Grace Hodkinson Month ago

    Open that for daddy did anyone else hear that? 😂

  • grass hopper
    grass hopper Month ago

    I like your daughter

  • Frag Asher
    Frag Asher Month ago +11

    I just want to appreciate Gordon as a tame kind father, but a wild beast in the kitchen (restaurant)
    Edit: critical spell check

  • Optimus Douche
    Optimus Douche Month ago +20

    2:40 keep that open for daddy 😂😂😂
    I'm so sorry I just had to 😂😂😂

  • Gova Murali
    Gova Murali Month ago

    It's Rawwwww!!!

  • SuperSpidy3000
    SuperSpidy3000 Month ago

    Off course gordan is "easy" on her

  • Stealen't memes
    Stealen't memes Month ago

    2:40 when ur eating her out and you need a little break in order to breathe

  • Creed- Gaming
    Creed- Gaming Month ago +1


    that's what she said

  • Lights Northern
    Lights Northern Month ago +1

    You are killing me with your foods, it's 1:22 AM now and my stomach is killing me

  • Hyarah C
    Hyarah C Month ago

    Where is Tilly? lol hahaha

  • Madalin Danii
    Madalin Danii Month ago

    "i see you tomorrow

  • elliot hardwick
    elliot hardwick Month ago +4

    am i the only one that noticed he keeps calling himself daddy

  • Naleli Mokone
    Naleli Mokone Month ago +1

    A skilled vet can bring that shit back to life

  • Max van der Meulen
    Max van der Meulen Month ago

    one papercut and he dead bro

  • Chubnubbs
    Chubnubbs Month ago

    The Ramseys are so awkward

  • Lizeman
    Lizeman Month ago

    Nice recipe but I wonder how it is kind of raw to me

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk Month ago

      Ruben it was in for 2 hours and 15 minutes.... the fat would literally melt on contact with your tongue

  • Temba Sanyang
    Temba Sanyang Month ago


  • Street Sweeper
    Street Sweeper Month ago

    Jack: *Nice*

  • جبران احمد

    ترجمة للعربي

  • Tristy1987
    Tristy1987 Month ago

    Still mooing

  • king shah
    king shah Month ago +1

    2:40 Ok... go on Gordon!

  • CHEF.M-SEKI all about food

    Is Michael ... from Uganda please .. want to be like you....

  • jay correa
    jay correa Month ago

    Its raw and too oily

  • Sohith Bandari
    Sohith Bandari Month ago

    Another Gordon Ramsey video, another great comment section...

  • Oli Dagless
    Oli Dagless Month ago


  • Sleep Forever
    Sleep Forever Month ago +1

    His wife is so lucky that she doesn't need to cook for the family

    • Black fyre
      Black fyre 10 days ago

      Sure she cooks. Ramsay's jetting around the world quite often, so it falls to Tana and Tilly most of the time

  • General Motors
    General Motors Month ago

    All these comments about seasoning, whats wrong with it? I hate bland tasting food.

  • Meet The Smythes
    Meet The Smythes Month ago

    Awesome.😊 😊👍👍👍👍

  • Joseph Valenciano
    Joseph Valenciano Month ago +5

    2:41 "hold that open for daddy"🤔🤔

  • Unlimited Chidori
    Unlimited Chidori Month ago

    How isn’t he dead from salt poisoning?

  • G Boss
    G Boss Month ago

    Hold this shotgun for daddy

  • Soumendra Mallik
    Soumendra Mallik Month ago

    Everything starts with salt and pepper and ends also with salt and pepper.. nothing more

  • Sam Salame
    Sam Salame Month ago +1

    Its gives me anxiety knowing she purposely put salt on the floor; Please sweap it up!

  • suga glider ;-;
    suga glider ;-; Month ago

    Me: *makes pot noodles*
    Also me: bitch I'm gordan Ramsey

  • Pepijn Vd Vlist
    Pepijn Vd Vlist Month ago +56

    Who heard the: “hold that open for daddy”

  • Arie BP
    Arie BP Month ago +2

    cute daughter

  • amit Zimba
    amit Zimba Month ago

    Where's the sauce???

  • muhammad sindhunata
    muhammad sindhunata 2 months ago

    Is it still raw?

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk Month ago

      muhammad sindhunata no, it was cooked for over 2 hours. Black and brown doesnt mean cooked

  • John Fothergill
    John Fothergill 2 months ago

    Clean that shit up you threw over your left shoulder. Gordon never tells his daughter to get out the fucking kitchen, your shit.

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk Month ago

      John Fothergill a pinch of salt over the left shoulder is a ritual gesture for good luck in kitchens.... He will have been the one who taught it to her

  • Sheepys575
    Sheepys575 2 months ago +2

    Gordon ramsey:
    Jack: Nice

  • nufi ahmad
    nufi ahmad 2 months ago

    Donald Trump in the kitchen

  • Jean Claude Bezzina
    Jean Claude Bezzina 2 months ago

    2:37 Congratz its a boy

  • Владимир Садчиков

    я в шоке как можно употреблять сырое мясо!? оно же не приготовленно на половину.

  • David kumar Maxi
    David kumar Maxi 2 months ago


  • Fritz Cockin
    Fritz Cockin 2 months ago +72

    Gordon reads his kids recipes as bedtime stories every night

    • 宇宙不思議な
      宇宙不思議な 20 days ago +1

      @Sheriff Industries 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Sheriff Industries
      Sheriff Industries 29 days ago +2

      Leave it! Leave it! You’re gonna blow fire in your face you dick!”.

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk Month ago +5

      Fritz Cockin “And the wicked witch concocted her evil brew to prepare the poison apple, but I said oh fuck off will you, you dozy cow! Not in my kitchen”

    • jeuz uzoma
      jeuz uzoma Month ago