• Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • The Airbus A380 is probably not the most beautiful aircraft but I am always mesmerized by the appearence of this massive airplane, especially when you compare it with a smaller aircraft. The Airbus A319 is one of the smallest jets of the Airbus family and it was pretty cool to get one of the smallest Airbus planes and the biggest Airbus plane in one frame. Emirates started operating the A380 on its daily flights between Dubai and Düsseldorf a few years ago and meanwhile they even use the super jumbo on both of its daily Düsseldorf flights. The small British Airways Airbus A319 was almost above my camera when the A380 apeared in the background. Of course the video shows a very normal procedure but it`s still an awesome sight in my opinion.
    I am always looking for these kind of situations. A normal takeoff and suddenly a big bird appeares out of nowhere in the background.
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  • Gavin
    Gavin 2 months ago

    That last Condor ate up all the runway, must have been loaded.

  • robolox7860
    robolox7860 3 months ago +2

    Oh no.

    Airbus A380 is bullying his brother again..

  • Lawrence Hennessy
    Lawrence Hennessy 3 months ago

    It is Airbus 380 Probably the Best Type Model Of AIRCRAFT FLYING today. Indeed, it May be Improved By attaching more Fuel Efficient Engines, And, Lengthen Fuselage. With add stipulation all Maintenance be carried out by Airbus. The Reason for the latter necessary requirement, is on All the A380 i have Flown, Cabin Fixture's were coming apart, possibly due to Airline inhouse service Not be fully Aware of the Exact Way's to resecure Cabin Fixtures after their inhouse services. But even rattling fixtures, i can forgive, As Long As The Airbus A 380 Fly's And Land's Safely. The A380 is a Marvellous Aircraft, and, this video shows some, but Not all of the Marvel's of the A380. The Wing's Of The A380 with a Fully Fueled and Loaded Aircraft, are a Sight to See Science in Action. Personally, i believe, The Airbus A380 with more Fuel Efficient Engines Has A Place in Aviation. But, bean counters, never understand Beauty in Aviation! Thank you for this interesting video.

  • Kim Paul
    Kim Paul 3 months ago

    That was really cool!!

  • warak anda
    warak anda 4 months ago +1

    You guys are really really awesome, spotting and taking shots of all these man-made giant birds flying, landing and taking off. Really enjoyed. Tq bro..

  • loveflying2
    loveflying2 5 months ago +1

    Beautiful, thank you, I enjoyed it very much

  • Yaser Malik
    Yaser Malik 5 months ago +1

    V good picture quality. And v clear landing capture. i mean that smoke behind the engine of a380 can be seen clearly

  • Daniel ChadlersReynols
    Daniel ChadlersReynols 5 months ago

    That's a crazy! All was so closed.

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 6 months ago

    Seemed like the timing was kinda close.

  • Yochi Yochi
    Yochi Yochi 6 months ago +2

    Bye bye sweet loving Ba .... Gran-pa is coming. Awesome video

  • Ася Имашева
    Ася Имашева 6 months ago

    Шикарное приземление.

  • Joseph Zhou
    Joseph Zhou 7 months ago

    haha monent, love it

  • keramatzade _com
    keramatzade _com 7 months ago

  • Adik Abang
    Adik Abang 8 months ago +1

    I love plane
    1.Garuda Indonesia
    4.LION AIR

  • Jybran Gul
    Jybran Gul 9 months ago


  • Amelia Smits-Ayerman
    Amelia Smits-Ayerman 9 months ago

    The 747 is a beautiful aircraft Airbus... Eh...

  • Max Luna torre
    Max Luna torre 9 months ago

    Está lindo el video



  • mani sunny
    mani sunny 9 months ago

    380 best being on that 1 week ago

  • Ole Baadsgaard
    Ole Baadsgaard 9 months ago

    Kawasaki karburator

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs 10 months ago +1

    the horizontal stabilizer wings at the back is satisfying

  • Al Briansyah
    Al Briansyah 10 months ago

    Mantap pilotnya

  • Mongoose
    Mongoose 10 months ago

    Pilot A_380)

  • Manutuba Whistler
    Manutuba Whistler 10 months ago


  • Faru Farhan
    Faru Farhan 10 months ago

    لامارات وبس

  • The Railfanning Birdwatcher
    The Railfanning Birdwatcher 11 months ago +1

    IDK why but I love the part at 1:08 when it shows both planes.

  • Musa Masih
    Musa Masih 11 months ago

    To me its like falling apart, it is too heavy or it's going to fall apart any minute

  • Obsessed with Trains

    Airbus A380: I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN
    Airbus A319: Ok.... clear to land.
    Tower: Yup, Airbus A319 annndddd we’ll make sure the A380 behind you doesn’t crash into you.
    Airbus A380: n0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0

  • Chieu le hoan
    Chieu le hoan Year ago

    How was a lots of smoke( dust or steam ?) appeared when all gears touch the runway ? what is made that smoke ?

  • Dinh Tran
    Dinh Tran Year ago

    that cools right 😎

  • Constanze Steegmiller

    right now it is hot and very dry. Now you need to go to Düsseldorf and take a video of Emirates A380 taking off. I took one with my cellphone but with your camera it will be a hit. Watch what I am talking about

  • EntoSanto
    EntoSanto Year ago

    It's enormous even in that distance.

  • 成沢慶樹
    成沢慶樹 Year ago +2


  • Ian Robertson
    Ian Robertson Year ago

    The Airbus reminds me of a very fat lady with her arms out

  • janam khan
    janam khan Year ago


  • Yiming Wu
    Yiming Wu Year ago

    am I the only one thinks the shaking horizontal stab is cute?


    *I’m here :3*

  • ANNIE H.
    ANNIE H. Year ago

    Yikes! I almost forgot how to breathe. One small plane crossing the runway, one big plane ✈️ ready to takeoff and next is a huge Emirates Airbus right on his tail ready to land. How exciting and lucky to get a video like this all at once. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ishwar Natarajan
    Ishwar Natarajan Year ago

    Why are these runways so uneven?

  • Antonia Ataide
    Antonia Ataide Year ago +1

    Well, I'm amazed! A380 is magnificent!!!! Your video is really cool and it's awesome when we see the A319 and the Airbus biggest bird. Here in São Paulo there's a daily flight to Dubai. I hope to visit the place just to fly in plane like that!

  • Nathans aviation
    Nathans aviation Year ago

    0:40 🙄🙄

  • Trey Ward
    Trey Ward Year ago +1

    The A#80 is a damn behemoth. I didn't realize how big that plane is.

  • Hann Gaming
    Hann Gaming Year ago

    Cessna from 747 citation is back

  • Mohamed Taqi
    Mohamed Taqi Year ago

    Good I like it

  • BaconEggsSP
    BaconEggsSP Year ago


  • aeroaa2
    aeroaa2 Year ago

    no way some fucker deemed it safe to let a plane about to land be that close to a plane taking off, that's BS

  • Andrew Craner
    Andrew Craner Year ago

    2:42 - Oh good, they got a displaced threshold!

  • never mind
    never mind Year ago

    Airbus A380: hallo brother, WHY ARE YIU RUNNING?!?!?
    Airbus A380: I’m sowie :c I just mishes wu :c
    Airbus A319: is potay c:

  • frank2398
    frank2398 Year ago

    Geez, the 380 is one ugly damn plane. Fantastic, but they really went to town with the ugly stick.

    CENTER MEDIA Year ago +1

    Look at this:

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee Year ago

    well the airbus is slower coming in .Then theose taking off . But U got 2 be Quick ??

  • James Cassidy
    James Cassidy Year ago

    "I have you now!" rofl!

  • Nam Pham
    Nam Pham Year ago

    xã ra khối đen không
    ô nhiễm 1 phần là da máy bay

  • Nam Pham
    Nam Pham Year ago

    Bọn mày giàu quá he bay đi bay về liên tục coi chừng bão tố gãy cánh chết hết

  • Zebackpackkid
    Zebackpackkid Year ago

    Why are the wings of the airbus A380 moves a lot?

  • Spock
    Spock Year ago

    04:21 and 04:33 onwards the wingtip vortices

  • Simon pYUL
    Simon pYUL Year ago +1

    Amazing catch, well done!

  • juanumberone
    juanumberone Year ago

    It is so disappointing that airlines are not buying this beautiful machine (A380) and because of that it is dying year by year...

  • Sir HK91G3
    Sir HK91G3 Year ago +1

    One piece of junk after another.........

  • rear speaker
    rear speaker Year ago

    looks like a over powered airbus guppy

  • Fluppi
    Fluppi Year ago +55

    ATC: "caution wake turbulence from the A319 ahead"
    A380 pilot: "hahahahaha - excuse me?"

  • Aleks Gjiknuri
    Aleks Gjiknuri Year ago

    It is a380 & a320 there is no such thing yet as an a319!!! :

  • Niklas Enblom
    Niklas Enblom Year ago +1

    Great job to the photographer AND ATC!!

  • The Flying Man
    The Flying Man Year ago +1

    1:13 Thats sound thats honey for my ears. ❤

  • Budiono Sukses
    Budiono Sukses Year ago +4

    Hi Mr.Martin, do you have special access to airport so you can record video so closely? or you record from outside airport but using supertele camera? thanks for answer. Hello from Indonesia

  • steevee1945
    steevee1945 Year ago +1

    Gorgeous photography.
    Among the best on the internet.

  • Worldaviation 4K
    Worldaviation 4K Year ago +5

    Cool Video, I saw a tight landing behind another one today at Heathrow ^_^

    DREKOR Year ago +2

    Fantastic. Well filmed, and thank you for sharing. 😎🍻✈

  • 3paynes
    3paynes Year ago +1

    What a BEAST!!! Almost appeared to be hovering when it landed......amazing!

  • 21sT CENTURY
    21sT CENTURY Year ago +13

    2:08 the Emirates A380 was looking majestic!!!

  • 21sT CENTURY
    21sT CENTURY Year ago +1

    Wat camera do u use ???
    Pls answer and also say the price

  • Ernest Johnson
    Ernest Johnson Year ago +1

    Great filming, enjoyed watching, Thank you very much

  • daniel cuéllar
    daniel cuéllar Year ago +1


  • cliby25
    cliby25 Year ago +1

    a319 a330 a380 all in one shot. lovely

  • Plane Trekka
    Plane Trekka Year ago +1

    Awesome footage mate, that A380 was spectacular. Love your filming as well, great angles and really smooth! HUGE LIKE from me!