Cooking with Evette: THE PERFECT MEXICAN RICE || Ep. 1

  • Published on May 24, 2018
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  • Evettexo
    Evettexo  Year ago +866

    Thank you all for your lovely comments!! For the people wondering why I didn’t rinse my rice before hand the brand of rice I’m using is a short cut rice that doesn’t require me to wash it. I don’t want to get rid of the starch on my rice because that will dry it out. I’m showing you guys how I like to do MY rice. No it’s not nasty to not was your rice it’s being boiled and cooked fully, it’s old traditions people follow. My mom used to was her rice a whole day before. Lol cooking should def be quicker and easier that’s why I’m showing you guys this easy way to make bomb Mexican Rice. ❤️

    • Zaory Estrada
      Zaory Estrada 16 days ago

      Evettexo while the rice is steaming to make it like fluffier you can put a bag on top

    • Leticia Silva
      Leticia Silva 3 months ago

      That's how I make my rice minus the tomato sauce 👌

    • grammyj1
      grammyj1 3 months ago

      Jessica Pittman ~ Jessica! You're FIRST person I've read who understands the 'dirt from processing' and the 'traces of arsenic' in rice!!! Triple A plus for you💯 Thankx for the tip about soaking in the juice 👍. Always learning something different from other cooks!!! No one way is etched in stone👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Go Gurl 🙋🏽

    • Wendy Catalan
      Wendy Catalan 4 months ago

      Evettexo hey where can I buy that pot? I’m missing the final piece lol

    • serena evans
      serena evans 4 months ago

      Girl why is the Oya $159 now lol 😂😂😂 I really wanted to purchase!

  • Maribel F
    Maribel F Day ago

    This tastes just like my moms 🤗🤗 (I like to add half a table spoon of cominos) #Bomb!🤤🤤

  • Edgar Alexis
    Edgar Alexis 3 days ago

    Sorry this isn’t Mexican rice. Misleading title, this is your type of rice.

  • Felicia Bennett
    Felicia Bennett 3 days ago

    I still don’t know how to cook 👩‍🍳 Mexican rice but after this video
    I think 🤔 ima make this shit rite this time lol 😝 thanks boo💋

  • Felicia Bennett
    Felicia Bennett 3 days ago

    Awww I love herr love 💕

  • Jessica Gage
    Jessica Gage 5 days ago

    Bitch you’re so cute ♥️♥️♥️

  • Michelle Sandoval
    Michelle Sandoval 5 days ago

    How many quarts is your pan?

  • Xo Bear
    Xo Bear 5 days ago

    I feel you on that one 😂 the echalee pokito I’m like really !?

  • Rachel Vargas
    Rachel Vargas 8 days ago +3

    Ive been w my man since 16 ans have always had a talent for cooking, my mom never taught me to cook i tought myself watched videos and put love into it lol when im stoned too i make bomb food loved seeing this and recreating it , just realized i follow u on twitter so ayyyer

  • Giselle Fernandez
    Giselle Fernandez 9 days ago

    Did you rinse your rice?

  • Kong David
    Kong David 9 days ago +1

    Everyone came to watch them big tits :)

  • trina trina
    trina trina 9 days ago

    Can i use Jasmine rice?

  • Lisa Clampit
    Lisa Clampit 11 days ago

    I don't know what the ingredients were spice wise even though it looked yummy no reason to subscribe because I need English name of ingredients

  • Ev M
    Ev M 12 days ago

    Oh wow u can cook rice

    • Ev M
      Ev M 12 days ago

      What a chef

  • Elizabeth Borrison
    Elizabeth Borrison 12 days ago +1

    So I'm married to a hispanic man and I always feel like I'm comparing my food to his moms cause well obviously shes his mama and I want it to taste like hers lol i can never get the rice on freaking point but girl you hella helped me thank you so much!!

    • Autumn Orozco
      Autumn Orozco 11 days ago +1

      Elizabeth Borrison girl, me too. it’s hard you don’t want to disappoint and I’m a perfectionist so I have to get everything right. 😂💁🏻‍♀️

  • wavy iko
    wavy iko 13 days ago

    I love this!!! This is exactly the way I make my rice, and I definitely agree that you need to have a “rice” olla 💕💕

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez 13 days ago

    Hispanic and latino moms same recipe dinners never taste the same lol. Muah gracias MoMA por mi comida

  • Cindy Mendoza
    Cindy Mendoza 14 days ago

    Just used this exact recipe but used diced tomato from the can put it in the blender and added garlic and onion to it :)

  • Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes 14 days ago

    Rice came out great, thanks. Any charro bean recipes?

  • Dust Sparkle
    Dust Sparkle 17 days ago

    Hmmm what my mom does and what I do is fry the rice first with onion then add the tomato sauce and wait for it to lightly boil with the rice give it a few seconds then add the water and seasonings

  • Robyn OReilly
    Robyn OReilly 17 days ago

    I did it and I added to much of the seasoning so it’s a bit salty

  • damesio jones
    damesio jones 17 days ago

    Nothing is more attractive than natural beauty. Who seen a girl that looks good with no make up. Hard to find now a days. Even men be putting eye lash and shit like that on. # build that wall

  • Naaa_jelly
    Naaa_jelly 18 days ago

    Just tried your recipe and hands down bomb af 🤤🤤 I would always struggle with my rice it would always look and taste different each time 😂

    JP PONCE 18 days ago

    Salio bomb af!!! 😭😭 Gracias been tryna make good aroz for a long time!

  • Swyper G
    Swyper G 18 days ago

    You should do more cooking videos
    I'm 23 and living on my own and barley learning how to cook 💯😂

  • Jeanette Garcia
    Jeanette Garcia 19 days ago

    Thank you for this video. Growing up my mom had no patience in teaching me how to cook. Being married for 3 years ive had alot of fails. And today i made bomb ass mexican rice! Thank you

  • Guadalupe Davila
    Guadalupe Davila 19 days ago

    Okay so i followed your recipe and it turned out good but the bottom of my rice is a little burnt 🙃🙃😂 any tips ?! Did I miss something

    • Guadalupe Davila
      Guadalupe Davila 15 days ago

      I left it on medium !! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂 I’ll try it again thanks for the tip

    • Whitney Sanders
      Whitney Sanders 15 days ago +1

      Did you turn it all the way down. Maybe you were using too big of a burner.

  • Gabs Rawr
    Gabs Rawr 19 days ago

    Love your cooking videos pls doooo moreeeee

  • misshcp805
    misshcp805 20 days ago

    I was just about to give up and then I came across your video!!! Girl thank you!!! Do you know how to make white rice not Chinese rice but the one that you use chicken broth con verdudas!?!?! If you do please share I fuk up on that all the time too LMAO!!

  • cindy castillo
    cindy castillo 21 day ago +3

    Can you do a video of how you do your flautas

  • liliana tamayo
    liliana tamayo 21 day ago

    Please do now cooking with Evette ! Love them

  • And Another Thing, with Dave

    OMG que bonita

  • Felicia Rojas
    Felicia Rojas 27 days ago

    Girl I just did you rice and it came out perfect 👌🏽 the kids love it thanks love it came out delicious 😋🤤❤️

  • dolie dolie
    dolie dolie 28 days ago

    all these Mexican terms idk wtf you’re saying but I’m here for it still 😂

  • Justine Martinez-Flores
    Justine Martinez-Flores 28 days ago +1

    I'm just following cause you're gorgeous ❣️❣️

    SKYDIVEINGWHALES 29 days ago

    Just know that I need a new house😂

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia 29 days ago

    Hi beautiful I'm not great at making rice .my moms was always good she past two years ago I always loved her rice.but I'm gonna try your method and see how it comes out .great video your awesome.

  • E- Lo
    E- Lo 29 days ago

    Making the rice right now... just tasted the jugo and dayuumm, soo gooood. 👍 gracias!

  • Jason Cisco
    Jason Cisco Month ago

    You look like not whorish version Brittanya Razavi 😅

  • Playa from the Himalayas

    Came for the rice, same for the tatas

  • Kaylan_ Balderas
    Kaylan_ Balderas Month ago

    The volume lmao😂😂

  • Kat Duran
    Kat Duran Month ago

    I don't think I've ever saw anyone cooking rice like this... I grew up with all kinds of Latin culture

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela Month ago +1

    Canned tomato sauce? Uhh ew

  • Dee Jr
    Dee Jr Month ago

    She has some great tetas

  • Daniel Luna
    Daniel Luna Month ago

    your fuckin finnnee

  • couchpoet1
    couchpoet1 Month ago

    Ok, Kim. 🤮

  • Eizelle Joie
    Eizelle Joie Month ago +6

    in conclusion, yall *dont* wash yall rice???? 😳

  • Ashley rubio
    Ashley rubio Month ago

    This is exactly how I make my rice!! Lol I sometimes add corn to it BOMB

  • aldo tamez
    aldo tamez Month ago +1

    I tried this, works perfect everytime... Thanks 😊

  • Janice Burns
    Janice Burns Month ago

    So I put 2 and 2 on accident I wasnt paying attention I just seen that you put 2 of de pollo so I did 2 tomato

  • Matthew Gamez
    Matthew Gamez Month ago


  • Adelina Garcia
    Adelina Garcia Month ago

    Please make more cooking videos !!!! You’re cooking is A-1💯❤️🥰

  • Jessica Gross
    Jessica Gross Month ago

    How long do u let it boil for before turning it down. Because mine came out kind of mushy.

  • Marlen Rodas
    Marlen Rodas Month ago

    I’m Honduran and we only cook white rice but I looove Mexican rice. My mom tries to make Mexican rice but it’s 🤢 anyways turns out we’ve been doing it all wrong lol thanks for the recipe!!!!

  • diamondgirllisa
    diamondgirllisa Month ago

    Is that a teaspoon?

  • Nick Morris
    Nick Morris Month ago

    So sexy ma

  • Vlogs con Lluvia
    Vlogs con Lluvia Month ago

    I made this recipe the other day and my husband loved it 😊. Thank Evettexo for showing us . I really love your channel.

  • Mike Vargas
    Mike Vargas Month ago

    7:42 I was like yo did a fucking nail stone fall off 😱 haha but finally I know how to make this lol

  • D. boy
    D. boy Month ago

    Hey just tried this i have kidney stones cuz the amount of sodium shit!

  • Adrian lizette
    Adrian lizette Month ago +4

    This is exactly how my mother taught me at 10 years of age to make rice! I’m 25 now so I can definitely say I’ve mastered my rice 🍚 😇

  • Miimii Mosha
    Miimii Mosha Month ago

    Omg thnx Evette I followed every step and my rice is bomb!!!!!

  • Ayana Loera
    Ayana Loera Month ago

    I tried making rice twice before it always came out bad. Tried out this recipe today. Omg I did it! It’s good. Made my boyfriend happy lol.

  • Water Boy
    Water Boy Month ago +3

    I fallowed these directions and I’m on the boiling part I just tried it and omg it’s delicious I’m so proud of myself my girls gunna think imma chief

  • Water Boy
    Water Boy Month ago +1

    Gunna try this out never made red rice but it’s for my girl

  • Keyra J.
    Keyra J. Month ago +2

    Girl, I followed every step. That rice was freaking amazing! My son who hardly ever eats rice loved it, he ate like 3x more rice than he usually eats.
    Definitely making this often, it was so delicious.

  • Boy Vasquez
    Boy Vasquez Month ago

    Mexican Kim Kardashian lol

  • jbd2226
    jbd2226 Month ago

    Man that shit looks delicious.... The rice looks ok too.

  • Ayden’s Fun World

    I love you so much Evette your very sweet and your so honest love your videos !!! Keep rocking !

  • Skyler Wilson
    Skyler Wilson Month ago

    Are there any substitutes for the 2 seasoning lol I know might be a dumb question , but I really want to make this now , I just don’t have those two things 😭😭😭

  • missmy420friends
    missmy420friends Month ago

    Cooking starts at 3:42

  • Makeupbyplopez XboxBTW

    I swear this is the best most easiest recipe I have found on TVclip!

  • Miss CaliBay Nothin' But A G THANG!!

    What if it’s not ready in 20 mins? How do I fix it?

  • Miss CaliBay Nothin' But A G THANG!!

    I’m about to try this! I usually use a rice cooker but it’s the same!

  • Arsen Akopyan
    Arsen Akopyan Month ago

    damn your pretty girl what a hell can we chat sometimes i love that hot latina lool of yours girl woww yummy

  • Roy boy
    Roy boy Month ago

    Rice and corn 🌽 🤢🤮

  • Roy boy
    Roy boy Month ago +1

    I hope u cleaned underneath those nails
    before u started cooking

  • Rom N
    Rom N Month ago

    For a second there I thought Kim Kardashian was cooking! 😊

  • Alexis Mitchell
    Alexis Mitchell Month ago

    Looks good! All it’s missing is bell pepper and onions!

  • Carmen Aguilera
    Carmen Aguilera Month ago

    Hi I am new to your channel and I love it already. I almost that you were KimK for a second. :)

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S 2 months ago

    Looking like a Hispanic Kim kardashian

  • Crystal Pacheco
    Crystal Pacheco 2 months ago

    I have that same olla from Princess House and I use it for the same thing, to make rice! Lol :)

  • Hitaf Johnes
    Hitaf Johnes 2 months ago

    Yeah very healthy .. with this msg bullion 👍

  • CaligrlathRt
    CaligrlathRt 2 months ago

    Has anyone ever tried the Maggie brand chicken flavor instead of knorr? Its bomb.

  • Ez M
    Ez M 2 months ago

    Just followed your rice and sopita video! Came out great thank you for these videos.

  • Lily Fuentes
    Lily Fuentes 2 months ago

    Omg!!! I made your rice n it came out perfect!!!!! Thank u thank u thank u!!!!

  • From Dreamer
    From Dreamer 2 months ago

    OMG that's not even the way u make rice! Ure supposed to fry the rice then add onions then tomato sauce consume then water! But guess that's ure way# 😱😜

  • kaela martinez
    kaela martinez 2 months ago

    How’d you learn to cook ?!

  • Hi Me
    Hi Me 2 months ago

    What are the measurements

  • Screxxm
    Screxxm 2 months ago

    You are so relatable I love it 💖 I've watched some of ur cooking videos and they have helped me so much, I've recently moved out with my boyfriend so now I have to juggle cooking and school 😢

    JENNIFER SANCHEZ 2 months ago

    Omg looks great but my mom taught me to add garlic and it’s delicious!!!!

  • claudia santillan
    claudia santillan 2 months ago

    Where do you get the tomato sauce I looked at Walmart and Kroger they don’t have it ??

    • Alexis Roman
      Alexis Roman 2 months ago

      claudia santillan they should have it in the Mexican area it’s not where the seasonings are . You can always ask the store employee and they could help

  • lovely_karii_reviews
    lovely_karii_reviews 2 months ago


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    Edna Lovelace 2 months ago

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  • Lucas Huerta
    Lucas Huerta 2 months ago +2

    I followed your exact steps/recipe and girrrrrl my rice has never came out better! All my family devoured it, thank you so much 😊 and May I say you slayyyyyy hunny 👏👑

    EL CHAPO GUZMAN 2 months ago +15

    No cebolla? Ke pedo. My jefita taught me different...1st u fry the rice con la cebolla till golden brown, then u add your tomatoe sauce, fry that up a lil mor y dedpuez eL agua. Y ya dedpuez eL cubito. Sale mas sabroso asi......keep up the gd work..........❤💛💚

    • From Dreamer
      From Dreamer 2 months ago

      Right? Way more flavor this way!! U have to fry the rice till it's brown then add onions then add tomato sauce & consume then add the water!!! Lol the way she's making it it probably doesn't have that boom flavor! 😒😱

  • Sapphire Rose
    Sapphire Rose 2 months ago +11

    I love the way the white rice smells in the oil while it fries, thats my favorite part of cooking this.. its sooo good

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    Caelo Marroquin 2 months ago +2

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