Just how tough is Security Glass?

  • Published on Dec 16, 2012
  • Video that demonstrates the varying levels of security provided by different grades of security glass. Included are EN356 Resistance to manual attack glass, LPS1270 Intruder Resistant Glass and EN1063 Bullet Resistant Glass.
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  • YisianPlayz
    YisianPlayz 2 minutes ago

    Dude, in real life, that small shard of glass from the third scene is gonna injure so bad, you wouldn't need to have thicc glass

  • Carlos Quezada
    Carlos Quezada 9 minutes ago

    Imagine how much it cost :/

  • Ruben Rivera
    Ruben Rivera 25 minutes ago

    At that point just go through the wall

  • Katy Furry
    Katy Furry Hour ago

    I need this just in case when i'm mad at someone and ask him to stay on the other side of the glass and try to freaking murder him

  • Xeno Wana
    Xeno Wana 2 hours ago

    I bet the guy destroying the glass had fun

  • May Chan
    May Chan 3 hours ago

    Now that’s a lot of damage

  • jey the wolfie
    jey the wolfie 4 hours ago

    Strees remover 9000

  • Jazmin Gonzalez
    Jazmin Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    Half of these they say aren’t thought but they seem pretty tough

  • Luke Gibson
    Luke Gibson 5 hours ago


  • CurbyStar04
    CurbyStar04 5 hours ago

    Minecraft in real life

  • Fat Boi
    Fat Boi 6 hours ago

    The ballistic 34mm is pretty tough

  • Emmanuel Atoyebi
    Emmanuel Atoyebi 6 hours ago


  • wizardkestrel
    wizardkestrel 8 hours ago

    that's a lotta damage

  • Mc.Mike's family comics

    How is that not strong

  • Elevxted Remixes
    Elevxted Remixes 9 hours ago

    n o t v e r y t o u g h

  • Alech Koech
    Alech Koech 9 hours ago

    It kinda bugged he how there was no control hammer. They kept on using different things which did damage at different amounts

  • JDSNFHWAD jwdhiurewis
    JDSNFHWAD jwdhiurewis 11 hours ago

    *Hits glass with sledge hammer 27 times and makes a hole you can’t even fit your hand through*


  • Thiago Fernandez
    Thiago Fernandez 11 hours ago

    good work on this

  • PyroArcanist207
    PyroArcanist207 11 hours ago

    Can it block (12).38 special rounds though?

  • mya Bryce
    mya Bryce 11 hours ago


  • All_about_ethan Channel

    Why is p8b not on iPhones?

    Like if you agree

  • The not so friendly Russian

    Glass gets hit with RPG and cracks
    “Not very tough”

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 11 hours ago

    Omg the one that took 30 seconds to break is bad?

  • Cool Bunny
    Cool Bunny 12 hours ago


  • MrGianni09100
    MrGianni09100 12 hours ago

    Struggles for atleast 30 seconds.... not very tough... uses a hammer for all types of glass... but nog on its ESG security glass..

  • just me
    just me 13 hours ago

    Now this is an interesting add

  • StokedPhilosophy
    StokedPhilosophy 13 hours ago

    I would say the last one either requires explosives or hammering the shit out of the whole thing or maybe the edges first but damn that is impressive. It seems as if the more he hits it in the same spot the more it resists the inertia or some shit

  • Peter McCain
    Peter McCain 13 hours ago

    why the fuck am i laughing at this

  • Didier Maxence Maxence
    Didier Maxence Maxence 13 hours ago

    U say not tough but if taking 30 second to break a glass pretty sure u would be fucked already if ur doing a robbery just saying

  • Mr Mister Man
    Mr Mister Man 14 hours ago

    By 3:20, the man stopped using a hammer. He was not very tough

  • hraaa gamer
    hraaa gamer 14 hours ago

    Dish is funny

  • IvR_R33M
    IvR_R33M 14 hours ago

    Is he dumb, if he wants to get to other side why doesn't he walk around the glass

  • Color6ix7
    Color6ix7 14 hours ago

    This guy must hate glass just as much as phil swift hates boats

  • Hunna ThaRed
    Hunna ThaRed 14 hours ago

    It’s just on a loop u can see it cut

  • Ninja Taco
    Ninja Taco 14 hours ago

    As if there's no way someone won't hear you smashing a window 59 times with a hammer

  • INsanity
    INsanity 14 hours ago

    Lmao he smashed in so many different areas. The comparison isn’t valid.
    You have to be precise just like with the other glass.

  • alex ubuntu
    alex ubuntu 15 hours ago

    So funny how we transitioned from "Not very tough" to *"EXTREMELY TOUGH!"*, that I was disappointed for not seeing the rest of !!!!!!!!!!!111.

  • Lyrical Trvp
    Lyrical Trvp 15 hours ago

    Gta 5 shit

    JEYA AMIRTHAN K 15 hours ago

    how much does the extremely tough one cost

  • Harrisey 101
    Harrisey 101 15 hours ago

    3:06 lmao he couldn’t get his hand out

  • Galactic Gamer
    Galactic Gamer 15 hours ago

    What were his colleagues thinking about him

  • Team BZ
    Team BZ 16 hours ago

    where can i apply for this job?

  • ItzNathan c:
    ItzNathan c: 16 hours ago

    Have you tried to put bullets into it or use a drill?

  • Nikita Vasik
    Nikita Vasik 16 hours ago

    How you gonna hit everything with a giant mallet and then the one that's yours you start with a crowbar... Definition of untrustworthy company and biased results.

  • Snark
    Snark 16 hours ago

    Rainbow Six Siege - Sledge Operator Training

  • dalton leonard
    dalton leonard 17 hours ago

    These guys are idiots that laminate one took 18 seconds to get through I pretty sure somebody would hear somebody banging on glass for 18 seconds and that other one the bullet ballistic one took 30 some seconds to get through somebody would definitely hear that and stop them those two are very strong these guys are idiots I don't even think they know what tough means

  • Nguyen Pham
    Nguyen Pham 17 hours ago

    try nokia then, that hammer seems not tough enough

  • Adidas nation
    Adidas nation 17 hours ago

    That's alot of damage

  • Tempoid Beatbox
    Tempoid Beatbox 17 hours ago

    I found it funny imagining a burglar trying to break in

  • TheGnurgen
    TheGnurgen 17 hours ago

    What if i take an icepick, or something pointy like that, and try to hammer that through the glass? Can it handle that much force on such a small surface area? And if it cant, how does the glass do once it has been punctured and the integrity of whatever holds it together has been broken?

  • SkilzFTW
    SkilzFTW 19 hours ago +1

    Get Sledge in here from Rainbow six he'll show you how it's done

  • Hi, im gamer Spruzzino
    Hi, im gamer Spruzzino 19 hours ago

    That's statysfing

  • GameWave
    GameWave 19 hours ago

    take a chainsaw ;)

  • Meong Craft
    Meong Craft 20 hours ago

    Do bandit/robbers do that?
    Because it takes a lot of time and it's very loud... Police will caught them

  • VII Tragic XXII
    VII Tragic XXII 20 hours ago

    2:20 - 3:10

    Not Very Tough

  • Adrian Liu
    Adrian Liu 20 hours ago

    thats a lot of damage

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 21 hour ago

    The guy who smashed the glasses was *N O T V E R Y T O U G H*

  • non last
    non last 21 hour ago

    The esg one, sped up the dude moves like comically fast

  • zelenka _zen
    zelenka _zen 22 hours ago

    you need to buy this glass cuz you might get depressed and try to break something

  • Andhika Bayu Trimulya
    Andhika Bayu Trimulya 22 hours ago

    so when will we get the level of toughness showed in pierce brosnan bond movie car windows?, they hit it with sledge hammer and not even a hair crack is formed

  • Fluffy Studios
    Fluffy Studios Day ago

    Finally a challenger for Phill swift

  • Mohammed Eldeeb
    Mohammed Eldeeb Day ago

    use the same hammer for ur glass not a crowbar.

  • Just JS
    Just JS Day ago

    And now imagine this is an commercial on tv...
    And it shows on evrey 30 minutes.

  • Rashizzle
    Rashizzle Day ago

    Takes 45 hits to make a hole big enough for arm
    Not very tough

  • Jray GQ
    Jray GQ Day ago

    Got more melee weapons than GTAV

  • CrazyAnproFilm
    CrazyAnproFilm Day ago

    how do i meme this video?

  • 7694brando
    7694brando Day ago

    Yeah sure not tough. Took you like 30 seconds to get through the ballistic with a fucking sledgehammer. I don't think you understand how long that really is. And plus wtf are you going to do with your small fucking hand fitting through that? apparently nothing is going to cut it for you guys then

  • Jayson Grossi
    Jayson Grossi Day ago

    Anti-bandit not very tough

    *as he threw like 5 bricks at it first*

  • HomingLightning
    HomingLightning Day ago

    You hit it over 15 times, (probably) full force, with a sledgehammer.

  • cillrend
    cillrend Day ago

    **glass survives nuke** not very tough

  • iAmHealthy
    iAmHealthy Day ago

    Fuck. That BR4 though... that was good shit too.


    Fucking 2000 50 caliber bullets to break it not very tough

  • Jadon T
    Jadon T Day ago

    Where do I sign up?

  • Centrax
    Centrax Day ago

    3:03 *almost finishes*, *FINALLY* *Takes hard breather* NoT tHaT ToUgh

  • Becky Lemme smash

    If this is supposed to be perceived as real then why would you have this man stick his arm through and have the viewer be able to clearly see his bare arm?

  • Cedrick oof
    Cedrick oof Day ago

    let’s have like a 20 in phone screen protector

  • Shawti
    Shawti Day ago

    Who else cringe when he sticks his arm through like he can get cut 😂

  • AngellePlays & More

    Its just a dent

  • Dat boi is fast
    Dat boi is fast Day ago

    *takes 1 hour with shot guns spending 3000 rounds

    *_N O T V E R Y T H O U G H T_*

  • susanna
    susanna Day ago

    He thinks his glass is so much better

  • susanna
    susanna Day ago

    He says everything is not tough except for the last one

  • game geek
    game geek Day ago +2

    solid vibrainum

    Not very tough

  • Kenmahara Win
    Kenmahara Win Day ago

    *Hits a nokia with a bazooka*
    The ground is not tough

  • ABID Inc.
    ABID Inc. Day ago

    A masked scientist bangs holes in glasses and puts his hand through it.

  • atourdeforce
    atourdeforce Day ago +2

    Blak47100 It's not the glass that's making them tough it's the polymer/rubber/plastic they use sandwiched in between. Notice how the glass shatters first try every time. It stays in place because of the tough polymers holding it together.
    Therefore my point is most if not all glass will break upon sharp sudden impact. These are designed to be tough not hard or shatter resistant. A phone screen is designed to be hard and as shatter resistant as technology allows, but it is definitely not designed to be tough.

  • Carter Danger
    Carter Danger Day ago

    New speed running challenge

  • duck
    duck Day ago

    This thing has 10 million views.

  • kow lc
    kow lc Day ago

    Used a minimum but still can't break glass
    Not very tough

  • Olivia Carolino
    Olivia Carolino Day ago

    Glass abuse

  • MineCVid MCPE
    MineCVid MCPE 2 days ago

    Try doing the bart megaphone testing meme on the glass but instead of 15 megaphones use 999999 megaphones

  • JessePlays124
    JessePlays124 2 days ago

    Okay first of all if it took a burglar almost a minute to break the glass they would give up #NotTough

  • Hunter Draws
    Hunter Draws 2 days ago

    The perfect job doesn't exi-

  • Adrian Curiale
    Adrian Curiale 2 days ago +1

    Now I'm scared he's gonna come through my window and yell, "NOT VERY TOUGH"

  • Evan Tejada
    Evan Tejada 2 days ago

    Is that fun

  • Marc Indied
    Marc Indied 2 days ago

    Why the guy starts with smaller tools, then doesn't hit at the same spot each time ...

  • Thomas Rood
    Thomas Rood 2 days ago

    Chang tools to test your product real honest

  • StrawberryDan
    StrawberryDan 2 days ago +1

    **3 hours later**

    -N O T V E R Y T O U G H-

  • L*00*R*D DayZ 8bp
    L*00*R*D DayZ 8bp 2 days ago

    He knows he's hitting as hard as he can....... NOT VERY TOUGH

  • Pixel121
    Pixel121 2 days ago

    *Not Very T o u g h*

  • DuramaxRepublic
    DuramaxRepublic 2 days ago

    Try armormax