Just how tough is Security Glass?

  • Published on Dec 16, 2012
  • Video that demonstrates the varying levels of security provided by different grades of security glass. Included are EN356 Resistance to manual attack glass, LPS1270 Intruder Resistant Glass and EN1063 Bullet Resistant Glass.
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    WIKIPEDIA 24 seconds ago +1

    Guy : ur mom gay
    Glass : no u
    *this video*

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 9 minutes ago +1

    It takes 20 seconds to fully load a Glock 19 magazine with 9×19mm. You would be ready for someone 10 seconds before they made a big enough hole to get their hand through

  • RubenPlaysYT
    RubenPlaysYT 13 minutes ago +1

    ESG: ESG is best!
    Me: let me look
    ESG: just a 100 dollars per square inch!
    Me: whatever *buys 2th best glass that costs triple as less*
    Me: *picks Shotgun*
    Me too: not if it meets my shotgun
    *shoots once*
    *breaks in million pieces*
    ESG: everybody run, he figured it out!
    *t h e e n d*

  • your local furry
    your local furry 38 minutes ago

    all i see is glass rice krispies

  • Modez Mods
    Modez Mods 38 minutes ago

    I T S N O T A P R O B L E M A N Y M O R E ! !

  • Marine56733
    Marine56733 2 hours ago

    500000 mm ballistic glass, 5 years later..... 'NOT VERY TOUGH'

  • Martyn Simkus
    Martyn Simkus 3 hours ago

    Just build a wall

    JAYDEN ALONSO 4 hours ago

    Now that's allot of damage

  • Adriana Valigini
    Adriana Valigini 4 hours ago +1

    NoT vErY tOUgH

  • Connor Dew
    Connor Dew 5 hours ago +1

    This comment will be analyzing each test (Sorta). Showing the amount of hits it took to break the glass, the weapon that did the job to break the glass, and how fast it took to break the glass.
    (Pushing will not be counted)
    1st test: 19mm Tgh
    Took 2 seconds to break
    Took 1 hit w/ a claw hammer to break
    Rated as: Not Very Tough
    2nd test: 19mm Tgh Safety Filmed
    Took 3 seconds to break
    Took 6 hits w/ a claw hammer to break
    Rated as: Not Very Tough
    3rd test: 11.5 Anti-Bandit
    Took 4 seconds to make a hole in the glass (Not featuring the time for the bricks.)
    Took 4 hits w/ thrown bricks and didnt break.
    Then, took 8 hits w/ a small sledgehammer to make a hole in the glass.
    Rated as: Not Very Tough.
    4th test: 13.5 Anti-Bandit
    Took 5 seconds to make a hole in the glass
    Took 6 hits w/ a normal sledgehammer to make the hole
    Rated: Not Very Tough
    (They did the same piece of glass... Literally. Not even gonna try.)
    5th test: 23 Tgh Lam-3.04PVB (Slight damage but who gives a sh*t)
    Took 15 seconds to make a hole
    Took 14 hits w/ a sledgehammer to make the hole
    Rated as: Not Very Tough
    6th test: EN356 P8B All Glass 30mm
    Took 9 seconds to make a hole
    Took 6 hits w/ a sledgehammer to make the hole
    Rated as: Not Very Tough
    7th test: BR4 Ballistic 32mm
    Took 34 seconds to make a hole
    Took 27 hits w/ a sledgehammer to make the hole
    Rated as: Not Very Tough
    8th test: ESG Secure P8B 13mm
    Took 1 minute and 30 seconds and the glass didn't break
    Took 15 hits w/ a crowbar
    Then, took 5 hits w/ the hammer side of the claw hammer
    Then, took 12 hits w/ the claw side of the claw hammer
    Then, took 11 hits w/ a small sledgehammer
    Then, took 21 hits w/ a normal sledgehammer
    Then, took 35 hits from a hatchet (its a sharp weapon wtf...)
    Rated as: EXTREMELY TOUGH!
    Done! ESG wants your fuggin money!

  • Hope XFear
    Hope XFear 6 hours ago

    According to this no glass is strong/tough

  • Jaidyn Nguyen
    Jaidyn Nguyen 6 hours ago

    These glasses will protect you from intruders though, Ike imagine someone with a sledgehammer whacking it at 2:00am

  • Hieu Nguyen
    Hieu Nguyen 6 hours ago

    For some reason it’s satisfying

    Am I just weird?

  • Marvin Nanale
    Marvin Nanale 7 hours ago

    this video is a GLASSIC

  • Barry M.Cockener
    Barry M.Cockener 7 hours ago


  • Zane Hasan
    Zane Hasan 8 hours ago

    10 years later not very tough

  • Moedabro 22 AKA Moises Morales

    Seems like an ad

  • I am Mr Hoth
    I am Mr Hoth 8 hours ago

    Hits i with s nuke not very tough

  • Abram Millis
    Abram Millis 9 hours ago

    Well, I want this job.

  • Moises Vega
    Moises Vega 9 hours ago

    Why didn’t he use the sledgehammer on the last glass

  • Mr. Fizzles
    Mr. Fizzles 9 hours ago

    Lmao he went at it with a fucking mallet. What is he a judge?

  • Erick Pizzi
    Erick Pizzi 9 hours ago +1


    • R O H A I L
      R O H A I L 9 hours ago

      Erick Pizzi A robber would be pissed.

  • Iron Worker20
    Iron Worker20 9 hours ago

    This glass pane can only take 32 whacks with a sledge hammer? Pathetic!

  • Benson Jean
    Benson Jean 9 hours ago +1

    The guy must love his job

  • Cameron Solomon
    Cameron Solomon 9 hours ago +1


    HPW ROCK 9 hours ago +1

    is it just me or does anyone else find this satisfiying

  • Trixal
    Trixal 10 hours ago +1

    This is soem good porn

  • Fatty Katty - Fortnite
    Fatty Katty - Fortnite 10 hours ago +1

    Depends on the strength of the smasher

  • hyuugajay 5150
    hyuugajay 5150 10 hours ago +1

    Launches a fucking nuke at the glass and then proceeds to rapidly shoot it with 280 shotgun rounds and creates a hole just smaller than a kiwi.

    NoT VeRY ToUGh!

  • ÐłØ
    ÐłØ 10 hours ago +1

    me causa gracia cuando mete la mano 😂😂😂

  • Dust
    Dust 10 hours ago +1

    Not Very Tough

  • IDoRandomThings
    IDoRandomThings 10 hours ago +1


  • rat man
    rat man 11 hours ago +1

    Plz reply if u agree there is a flaw with glass being that strong because if ur in a burning house ant the only way is threw the window then u are gonna end up like a well done steak

  • Destroyer of terror Soon to be youtuber

    How much do they cost if there expensive the person will prob only have one so go to a different window

  • The lone builder 457
    The lone builder 457 11 hours ago +1

    The BR4 Ballistic is useless because, who would notice you have been smashing it with a sledgehammer for 38 seconds to create a tiny hole?

  • Kyle McAvoy
    Kyle McAvoy 11 hours ago +1

    Not very tough he had to break is for 6 min

  • Gabriel Giroux
    Gabriel Giroux 11 hours ago +1

    The name of your channel need to be NOT VERY TOUGH

  • Cerzoa
    Cerzoa 12 hours ago +1

    Watching him hit that glass is so satisfying.

  • Mess With Gecko You Get A Pecko

    It also doesn’t help that he’s using different sized hammers

  • 彡Qvix
    彡Qvix 12 hours ago +1

    Are we just going to ignore the fact he put his arm through a glass and doesn’t give a shit about it

  • Ultra Instinct Trinton
    Ultra Instinct Trinton 12 hours ago +2

    thank you for showing robbers how easy it is to break into places👏👍

    • R O H A I L
      R O H A I L 9 hours ago

      Ultra Instinct Trinton 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • SunkenComet
    SunkenComet 12 hours ago


  • Andrew Manson
    Andrew Manson 12 hours ago

    @1:38 you took a pane of security glass that was already damaged! That's cheating!

  • HazardousFarts Gaming
    HazardousFarts Gaming 12 hours ago

    He put extremely tough for one and not very tough for the rest because this is an ad to buy security glass made by his companie. Duh.

  • NetherThief
    NetherThief 13 hours ago

    Not very tough, wow. Just like how hard it is for you to get an education, most of these are tough but that's depending on the price range and all you do is make it so where you hand reaches through, should be as much of where you body is

  • NOVA
    NOVA 13 hours ago

    The first two look like styrofoam

  • ThatSaxGuy
    ThatSaxGuy 14 hours ago

    Ok it pisses me off when he sticks his arm through, usually the hole is barely big enough. Plus he's going to have to destroy way more to get in the house. Also you'd hear somebody hit your "NOT VERY TOUGH" glass 60000 times with a sledgehammer as well. This video pisses me off

  • TheMiner8627
    TheMiner8627 14 hours ago

    I wondered what would happen to the security glass if you shot it with a Rifle or any other powerful gun?

  • FalconrBoi
    FalconrBoi 14 hours ago

    N O T V E R Y T O U G H

  • sunnyoishi
    sunnyoishi 15 hours ago

    Tenshi Hinanawi is very tough

  • aesthetic gurl
    aesthetic gurl 16 hours ago

    I just wasted 6 minutes of my life watching a random dude breaking glass.

  • Ewan Wells
    Ewan Wells 16 hours ago

    30 seconds is tough cause a normal human should have woken up already and called the police

  • FBI
    FBI 16 hours ago


  • A Random Argonian
    A Random Argonian 16 hours ago

    *Hits glass with crowbar* HL3 CONFIRMED

  • TheBGChannnel
    TheBGChannnel 16 hours ago

    a shotgun woyld have givven it a nice window

  • Lisette Figueroa
    Lisette Figueroa 17 hours ago +1

    Not very tough

  • Nomu The Chaos Maker
    Nomu The Chaos Maker 17 hours ago

    When your playing roblox and the sword you spent 500 robux on does 9 damage per hit

  • Johnhen Egf
    Johnhen Egf 17 hours ago

    What if he says it's kind of tough

  • gigi Ӏҽҽ
    gigi Ӏҽҽ 17 hours ago

    *Me when I'm angry*

  • VeryHandsomeDoge Says hi

    We all know that when it gets harder you switch hammers

  • Bruce Howland
    Bruce Howland 18 hours ago

    so if i cant get hit with a sludge hammer 9+ times i'm not tough?

  • David Ciuhan
    David Ciuhan 18 hours ago

    :)) why dont you hit in the same spot and from start with the biggest hammer? is not fair ..

  • Elliot Sandvad
    Elliot Sandvad 19 hours ago


  • Gamergirlwir l
    Gamergirlwir l 19 hours ago

    This is a stupid test

  • Legit Nation
    Legit Nation 19 hours ago

    1:58 how's that not tough 15 seconds with a sledgehammer banging on glass wtf

  • Enes Kazdal
    Enes Kazdal 20 hours ago

    Herifin gücü tükendi vura vura sonlara doğru. Eğitimli birisi çok rahat içinden geçer.

  • MkB123
    MkB123 20 hours ago

    Why is he using different tools that aren’t as tough on ESG glass?

  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay 20 hours ago

    you can clearly see how he didnt hit the same spot over and over again on the last glass to show "toughness" lol poor try at making your glass look better

  • Acoletus
    Acoletus 20 hours ago

    Hits bullet proof glass with a .357 revolver bullet and does nothing to glass. Not very tough.

  • George P
    George P 20 hours ago

    Really you're repetitively hitting glass with a sledge hammer and are just making a small hole but it's 'not very tough' bullshit!

  • Jayne Animations
    Jayne Animations 20 hours ago

    but what if there is a fire

  • Jaden Guillen
    Jaden Guillen 20 hours ago

    not very tough
    not very tough
    not very tough
    not very tough
    not very tough
    N 0 T V E R Y T 0 U G H

  • Gamer-Grape
    Gamer-Grape 21 hour ago

    I don’t get why people have to nitpick this i just think it’s fun to watch a Guy beat the living shit out of some glass

  • Mystery Box
    Mystery Box 21 hour ago

    *not very tough* he said, but 6 minutes of hitting and making a small hole didn't say

  • MLGdoritos Slayer7382
    MLGdoritos Slayer7382 21 hour ago

    Why keep on saying not very tough when you can only fit your hand, what? Use the force to magically steal something, you need your whole body, not your hand

  • Dicky boi 123456
    Dicky boi 123456 21 hour ago

    If it takes thirty seconds to smash through it with a ten pound sledgehammer I think it’s pretty fucking toughs

  • Awayforthewin
    Awayforthewin 22 hours ago

    This looks so fun

  • knd spender
    knd spender 22 hours ago


  • M E A T B A L L M U S I C MAN

    -not very tough-

  • Lola Femme fatale
    Lola Femme fatale 22 hours ago

    It is tough if you think about it who’s gonna have time to hit it that many times before the police shows up

  • James Schiavone
    James Schiavone 23 hours ago

    Hits the glass 28 times before a little hole is formed

    *not very tough*

  • Elbl Jiří
    Elbl Jiří 23 hours ago

    Sledge main? Anyone?

  • samic9392
    samic9392 Day ago

    Such a bias video

  • stephanie cambiador

    All of the glass is not very tough🙄👎😑

  • ExteremTaTa 12
    ExteremTaTa 12 Day ago

    The "ESG Sexure P8B" tho is the ultimate

  • RG Loop
    RG Loop Day ago

    this guy is a dumb f#ck how r u gonna say " Not Tough"

  • TheRemixPunk
    TheRemixPunk Day ago

    so youre telling me that the br4 ballistic aint that tough despite putting up with it with a FUCKING sledgehammer instead of a crowbar

  • F_u ck
    F_u ck Day ago

    *Not Very Tough*

  • Vietnam Flashback

    Vibranium glass

  • Justin Joens
    Justin Joens Day ago

    hits glass with a sledgehammer that can smash brick for 34 seconds and creates arm sized hole. even damaging the frame.
    not very tough...

  • Dead Al Ready
    Dead Al Ready Day ago

    Hes not hitting hard

  • So Fly Official
    So Fly Official Day ago

    can I get a hit?

  • Jay Mike
    Jay Mike Day ago

    4:56 that is some tough glass

  • BlakeGFX _
    BlakeGFX _ Day ago +1

    *_-Not Very Tough-_*

  • Jake Beck
    Jake Beck Day ago

    It does not take a person 30+ seconds to call the cops or grab a weapon

  • Chun Yong
    Chun Yong Day ago +1

    When you are grounded and you tried to escape but you noticed the windows is made with the toughest glass

  • GSF_LEO_102437
    GSF_LEO_102437 Day ago


  • JDG KoRn
    JDG KoRn Day ago

    Wrost glass ever

    DJEENIS Day ago

    What kind of people hit glass and tries to break it with a axe

  • jakub rembacz
    jakub rembacz Day ago

    i just watched an ad and enjoyed it