what working tech support is REALLY like


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  • 〈my_name〉
    〈my_name〉 16 hours ago

    LOL 😂 - I work at IT too, like this video and the tinder video too....

  • Mary Ru
    Mary Ru 16 hours ago


  • Arait Zamudio
    Arait Zamudio 22 hours ago

    I don’t work in IT but I hate answering the phone, specially when you can’t understand them. They way you described it is exactly how I feel. I’m so glad I am not alone.

  • sheanne francine

    I worked at a tech support for 6 months and this is so true.
    " the TV remote isnt working" no batteries
    "connection is broken" AV mode isnt on

  • Christine Lin
    Christine Lin Day ago


  • Uncle G
    Uncle G Day ago

    I was thinking about applying for this tech support job and you have let me know that all my worries are real lol

  • Hatty Tarrant
    Hatty Tarrant 2 days ago

    My dad is a 50 years old It guy, I showed him this video and now he's histerically laughing.
    Plus, This made me want to watch The It Crowd again, so thank you for this awesome video!

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo 2 days ago

    Checking to see if the printer has ink was NOT a listed solution in the A+. Until I started screaming at fools about it.

  • cncfan
    cncfan 2 days ago

    Just watching this video alone is stressful lol

  • BigDaddyJinx
    BigDaddyJinx 2 days ago

    This is so unfortunately relatable.
    I could make an entire 5 season series with the stories I have from "contact center" stories when I was a phone monkey. If I collected a few stories from former colleagues, I have enough material for at least 15 seasons and not one story would be remotely similar in nature.
    It's a good starting point, but not a good career path.
    If you can survive a "contact center" for a couple years, you can pretty much survive anything life can throw at you.

  • Léa Mu Biu
    Léa Mu Biu 2 days ago

    This video triggers me XD When the printer part came on, I had to push down on negative feelings (annoyance, condescension, a vague desire to smash their head) like I did when I provided tech support over the phone back in the day (like 2 years ago) (now I'm in burnt out mode)...

  • Puppy Paw
    Puppy Paw 3 days ago

    ah suttle inflation joke at the beggining

  • David Ngenda
    David Ngenda 3 days ago

    I'm I the only one who sees a striking similarity between alex and sgt ducky? I mean replace the white anime dude and replace him with a frustrated little green duck with an Irish accent and you wouldn't know which channel you were on!!

  • MultiGamerClub
    MultiGamerClub 4 days ago

    0:25-0:35 - Damn you describe my it work..

  • Peaches and cream
    Peaches and cream 4 days ago

    What awkward moment when your actual name is Janet .-.

  • Michael Manecke
    Michael Manecke 5 days ago

    This is my first year in school to become a Computer Support Specialist so thank you for telling me your stories about the IT/Tech Support world :)

  • Mustard Star
    Mustard Star 5 days ago

    That good place ref

  • TheCopyto
    TheCopyto 6 days ago

    I work on a call center and I give customer support for the US, I mean sometimes there are customer that dont know english and its annoying, mostly chineese people, hispanics and hindus, seriusly if you live on america learn english dont make my job more difficult, I rather have a gringo yelling at me than a guy that is speaking gibberish.

  • cha yan
    cha yan 6 days ago

    I m not a it guy, but had to work in a off e like that, and I had some experience with pcs, I used to build and sale them, and man, making them understand their issues with pc was hell

  • esrlia
    esrlia 6 days ago

    I was responsible for IT at my jobb this summer. I fixed a "broken" computer by pluging in the power that had fallen out . .....

  • Christopher Reed
    Christopher Reed 7 days ago

    I totally feel ya. I did both field tech and desktop support as a 3rd party for a PC repair service and I got to say you are right on the money with customers. They can be a bit mental when it comes to computers. I could tell some war stories from my time in IT but I would need more space, like 10 chapters full.

  • Meli Ling
    Meli Ling 7 days ago

    😂I always feel ashamed when I call tech support.. like when I forget how to recover large emails for the nth time.. but when I tell them I’m sorry for being stupid they always tell me not to worry.. there are people much much worse than me

  • froggymusicman
    froggymusicman 8 days ago

    IT guy here too, and that video made my day.

  • YoungHee Jung
    YoungHee Jung 9 days ago

    I was a customer service rep from this huge telecommunications company in the US and basic troubleshooting is required. One time a customer called in asking for help because his phone doesn’t have service. I asked him to remove the sim card at the back of the phone and he was like “What is a sim card? I don’t know that. You’re not helping me, get me a supervisor”. It was horrible. 😓😓😓

  • Asha Mae
    Asha Mae 10 days ago

    I knew it was a bad idea to drink water while watching this. I knew it, but I didn't anyway.

    First time I've felt that "water-up-the-nose" feeling since I stopped swimming! Kinda nostalgic.

  • Gay Bear
    Gay Bear 10 days ago

    One of my friends on my desk got a call from a dude who noticed his keyboard was loose on his laptop.....soooooooo he tore it off with a crowbar. Then he asked us if we could press a button to fix it

  • BabyKiwii
    BabyKiwii 10 days ago

    I feel your pain I used to work the part of customers sevice that delt with invoice, compensation etc and that was not fun some customers has a weird thinking on what kind of compensation they should have when the internet didnt work. 1 customers wanted compensation because their internet connection wasnt working exept he wanted the company to pay him the money he brought a psp3 since he couldnt go online. -_-

  • James Lucky
    James Lucky 11 days ago

    Well.. I was studying IT. I was like "it will be awesome! I will work with PC and repair stuff and be awesome!" after school i choose to go to army than work as IT guy. Never regret it.

  • Zee Sharpe
    Zee Sharpe 11 days ago

    Lol 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol the characters are hilarious

  • A V
    A V 12 days ago

    Omg dead... At least I know I'm clueless so if I ever have to call tech support at my job, I am always super nice to them 😂 And thank them a lot hahaha

  • Ailurophile
    Ailurophile 12 days ago

    Your mouth "animation" is awful in sequence.

  • Delusional Whore
    Delusional Whore 13 days ago

    Dude you need watch the British show "the IT crowd" 😂 I think you'll relate

  • Pheonix
    Pheonix 13 days ago

    So in other words it's the perfect theme for an anime

  • AudieHolland
    AudieHolland 13 days ago

    "My computer is completely dead." -"It's not doing anything?" "Nothing."
    -"Can you hear any fan spinning?" "Yeah, it just keeps spinning like crazy."
    -"Can you see lights?" "Well, there's a message on screen..."
    -"A message? What does it say?" "No boot device found?"
    -"So your computer has power, wants to start Windows but it cannot find the boot file on your harddrive." "???"
    -"My apologies. The fault is with your harddrive. You may need to reinstall Windows or if that doesn't work, the harddrive could just be defective." "What about my data?"
    -"You may take out the harddrive and connect it as a secondary drive to another computer with working Windows. Then you might be able to copy your files." "So you're saying my harddrive may be broken?" -"That is correct."
    "Impossible! I've had it for years and years! It has never given up on me before!"
    -"Harddrives are actually the first things to go defect on any computer, and the fan of course..."
    "So should I buy one of those SSDs? They never break..." -"Nothing lasts for ever." "AAAAARRRRGHHH!!!"

  • Padge Joanna
    Padge Joanna 14 days ago

    SAAAAAME nothing worse than people making simple jobs sound complicated 🤣

  • XiggyJ
    XiggyJ 14 days ago

    OMG I deal with these things every day at my technical support job.

  • Catie F
    Catie F 15 days ago

    Playing tech support to your father who did tech support twenty years ago but hadn't bothered keeping up to date with the new standards... I've lost count of the times I've heard something like "Well that's stupid! We didn't do it that way!" Yet I made it work dad...

  • Nabeegh Ahmed
    Nabeegh Ahmed 15 days ago

    Will still go in IT

  • Alan Rodríguez
    Alan Rodríguez 16 days ago

    I feel you, giving customer service and tech support... you meet unbelievable people... in a bad way lol.

  • HitsuTwistedTalong
    HitsuTwistedTalong 16 days ago

    This is my everyday experience 😭😭😭 users will kill your braincells

  • princess priya
    princess priya 17 days ago

    There was a woman who called once, she said she is short of $100 out of 500 which she withdrew from our bank's ATM.. I thought okay it was not dispensed maybe and can help her,, but she continues to tell me that, 100 dollar bill was blown away, so its our fault and we need to give her a refund...I'm like wut!!!! Honestly people call for anything and everything..

  • Krystian Roman
    Krystian Roman 17 days ago

    It's 2018, and people still don't have a basic understanding of computers. It's like watching a tire fall off a bike and having no idea why your bike is moving...

  • Faith Bedassie
    Faith Bedassie 18 days ago

    Being on the other side of fast food is a world you never wish you entered

  • Gamer Raichu
    Gamer Raichu 18 days ago

    Whenever I report problems to companies I always be super polite and informative yet to the point to the tech support peeps, cause I can't imagine how many times they deal with the "what do you mean I gotta plug it in" people.

  • lulzimazn
    lulzimazn 18 days ago

    I work IT for the military the fucking bureaucracy is a hair puller.

  • thrillergirl021
    thrillergirl021 18 days ago

    This, right here, is why I make it my duty, at least once a year, to write an email to the head of our IT branch saying how awesome his team is and how our department wouldn't get anything done if it wasn't for all their hard work. It needs to be said more often. They are life savers.

  • YeoljeongBTS
    YeoljeongBTS 18 days ago

    Worked tech support as my first job - ever. Eighteen years old, first day on my own taking call, I got this lady call in and she was so furiously angry to the point she couldn't even form coherent words or sentences screaming at me at how appalled and disgusted she was with her new desktop she had just opened. I'm shaking nervous and now have a supervisor over my shoulder listening in waiting to take the call if I can't de-escalate the situation. The way she's screaming I'm imagining horrifying shit like she opened the box and a massive colony of spiders came pouring out or her computer arrived in a jumble of parts with a note that said "some assembly required" or some shit.
    Anyway, I finally get her to calm down enough to understand what she's saying and ask her what the actual problem was and she screamed at me: QUOTE "THERE ARE STICKERS ON MY COMPUTER!"
    *Baffled pause*
    "You mean, like it's been decorated with stickers already, like by another person, or..."
    *Incredulous look between me and supervisor*
    "Ma'am, could you tell me what is on the stickers? Do they say anything or have pictures on them?"
    "They say Microsoft and Intel Core on them."
    "I see, one moment please."
    *mute button*
    Boss and I start laughing our asses off. I got back on and calmly explained to her that those are standard with any computer you'll buy and that we didn't put them on there to "ruin" her computer. After bitching some more about how we could at least make them the less sticky kind that peel off easier so they don't leave a residue she finally hung up.
    I only lasted 8 months before I quit.

  • Holly Plyler
    Holly Plyler 19 days ago

    But that seems very Japanese to me. The land of the fax.

  • Diana Velo
    Diana Velo 19 days ago

    I work as IT. Everything is true 🤯 you get the most amazing unbelievably stories to tell here. Lol

  • Michael Czylok
    Michael Czylok 19 days ago

    I worked for the custmer service callcentre for a telecommunications company here in england. And oh boy have i got beautiful stories.
    This one is my favourite
    Customer: my remote for the tv box isnt working. I just received it.
    Me: ok, is the box on
    Customer : yes it has the blue lights
    Me: ok thank you, and have you tried different batteries for the remote
    Customer: listen i work in IT so the batteries are fine.
    Me: (not sure how the two corralate but ok) could you try different batteries please, just so we can cover all the basics beefore going into more complicated things that could be wrong.
    Customer: I dont think itll work
    Me: please humour me.
    Customer: ugh fine
    Me: (after 3 mins of silence) is it working
    Customer: (very quickly) yes (call ends)
    And one more that was funny
    Customer: my broadband isnt working
    Me: well is it on one device or multiple
    Customer: only my iphone
    Me: are you connected to your router
    Customer: whats that
    Me: "the internet box" (i said realising i was talking to a first rate moron)
    Customer: oh the sky box.
    Me: do you have broadband with us
    Customer: no i have my landline with you
    Me: could you please call sky as this isnt something i can help with
    Customer: my mother died recently.
    Me: (very sad but not relevant) very sorry to hear that.
    Customer: so can you help me
    Me: no, im very sorry but i cant as its not our product.
    Customer: listen you little shit youll get my internet working.
    Me: (fuck you) ok well coukd you go into the setting on your phone connect to wifi, match the name of the network to the one on the sky box click on that one and enter the password.
    Customer: (after 2 mins) the name isnt there.
    Me: is the box connected
    Customer: no
    Me: ....
    Customer: ill call sky
    Me: (with a sigh of relief) thank you.

  • TheSixthMonth
    TheSixthMonth 20 days ago

    I have kiiiind of the same job and I relate so much to your stories!

  • Hentes Henrik
    Hentes Henrik 20 days ago

    OMG I can relate so badly. As a general support we get lot's of tech issues. I ask them which browser are you using? They either go yes, or the one that is on the computer. Like rly? I swear most of them are 50 or above with no computer knowledge.

  • maco de blacko
    maco de blacko 20 days ago

    I know this is something of a stupid question but, living in Japan, was all this done in Japanese or was everyone at this company English-speaking?

  • GoldFish_Gamer
    GoldFish_Gamer 20 days ago

    I know this is an old video. But I work in customer service and it's not an easy job. U need to sell your soul to work with people.

  • Aleya MC
    Aleya MC 20 days ago

    This is why I always say I’m sorry when I start a call and then say thank you for your time when I finish a call.

  • Señor Creepypasta
    Señor Creepypasta 21 day ago

    The amount of stories I have gathered in 12 years of tech support are enough to fill an entire Cinematic universe with villains

  • LightfulFoxtrot
    LightfulFoxtrot 21 day ago

    I don’t know much about computers but IT stories give me confidence.

  • niuxen
    niuxen 21 day ago

    oh man, this is too true *cries in a corner*

  • amy4show28
    amy4show28 21 day ago

    please do cheeta girls

  • Mai
    Mai 21 day ago

    Super power: Computer Jesus

  • JubeiSenpai
    JubeiSenpai 21 day ago

    To quote the IT crowd is the manager from the past?

  • Equestrian Madness
    Equestrian Madness 21 day ago

    I do actually have a problem with my mac bookair when i put it on fulls screen it starts blinking like regularly and if i am on youtube and put it on fullscreen it starts lagging but if i have my mouse on the bar (the one thats showing the lenght) it is normal.If anyone has any idea why this happens pls just tell me and if you know a way to fix it or just idk have some tips pls just respond

    • Frank Mitchell
      Frank Mitchell 17 days ago

      Hello :) I don't know much about Macs, but this happened to me as well on my phone. I tried a different browser and it worked just fine. Also, you can check if there is an update for your browser and if there is, install it.

  • Crazy gymnast2322
    Crazy gymnast2322 23 days ago

    Sooooo tech support is like 911 for computers?

  • Beastmaster 64
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  • IrllyNeEdaNAme
    IrllyNeEdaNAme 23 days ago

    Wouldnt this vid be unlucky since it has 666k veiws????

  • Hayden0324
    Hayden0324 23 days ago

    Haha 666k views im the 666 thousand viewer.

  • Tiffany Jackson
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  • Gamma Rae
    Gamma Rae 24 days ago

    I work in IT, I am so glad that the problems I deal with are not on this level of stupidity.

  • myemoheart000
    myemoheart000 25 days ago

    I could relate in so many levels! 😂

  • Jessica Tebbetts
    Jessica Tebbetts 25 days ago

    I work in IT and one time I got a call from someone saying that their microwave wasnt working... 😶...............

  • Ricardo Vivar
    Ricardo Vivar 25 days ago

    Couldnt stop laughing hahahaha
    Hello from Peru!

  • Xexomaru
    Xexomaru 25 days ago

    Worked almost 6 years on customer support at a retail store...o boy, i know what "lost faith in humanity" really means!

  • Katy Watterniaux - Peeters

    I once had a lady call my IT department. She was quite shaken and afraid. She told me she was looking for a couple of Hours at a box on the wal and noticed that there where lights on and some of the lights where flickering irregularly. After this She asked me if this was normal. NO KIDDING. After the call i informed my coleagues of this hillarious call and told them jokingly the cliënt had to count the flickers and when she reached the count of 10 everything would explode.

  • Katy Watterniaux - Peeters

    Watch “the system is down”. HILLARIOUS!

  • Vixx Celacea
    Vixx Celacea 26 days ago

    It should be required that any time you go to a dentist, doctor, customer support, IT etc you sign a contract that says for the duration of the call or visit, you need to remember/follow these rules.
    1: Explaining your issue to the best of your ability. Also try to find a diagram with names of computer/body/product parts so that it is easier to everyone to understand what particular thing is having an issue.
    2: Possibly referencing something you saw online that could be related to you issue and understanding you are not the authority on the subject. We're all human, we're not mega computer textbooks, so sometimes suggesting something might be helpful
    3: You are no allowed to yell, scream or call names. Being frustrated is fine, being rude or threatening is not and will result in a fine.
    4: Know that the first couple of responses will always be simplistic, IE floss more, exercise, lose weight, turn it off and on again, make sure it's plugged in etc. These are standard. No one is trying to make you feel dumb. You're calling for help. The worst thing you can do is treat said help YOU saught like they don't know what they're talking about or that an answer can't be simple.
    5: If you genuinely have issues speaking to authority, or are very shy and have trouble explaining, try to get someone who can help you or perhaps let the person know. It's easier to work with someone who can be upfront that the next call or appointment might be confusing or hard to understand.
    6: WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU. Please try to keep that in mind.
    Being rude, derisive, threatening, yelling, blaming incompetence etc will result in an appropriated fine based on the transgression and severity. You're the one asking for help, this means you don't have the answers and my in fact be incorrect. This is not the time or place to take out your frustrations on someone else just because you can't see their face.
    Since most calls are recorded for quality assurance, you won't get away with saying that you weren't rude or didn't scream at someone. They'll have that shit on file.

  • Tabula Rasa Gaming
    Tabula Rasa Gaming 26 days ago +3

    Ho-lee SHIIIT. I cannot tell you how many times I've had customers or clients try to argue with me or correct me about the technology they bring in for me to fix. Had a guy one time bring in his laptop, was getting really slow, sometimes wouldn't boot, programs took a while to open. You know, textbook bad hard drive. I tell him this, and he literally says to me "No, that's not it." "Well, bad hard drive usually results in stuff like this,". "That doesn't sound like the problem I'm having."
    like, BITCH. You're going to bring shit in here, ask me to fix it, and then start arguing with me? The fuck?
    And yes, we ran diagnostics and turns out the hard drive was bad. Surprise surprise.

  • Mahmod Parker
    Mahmod Parker 26 days ago

    Plz keep doing videos you make me smile. I like to hear all your funny stories.. Sorry if my english is bad 😊

  • João Dias
    João Dias 26 days ago

    I feel your pain.

  • sudokuzcalkami
    sudokuzcalkami 26 days ago

    Hey, I am working in tech support as well (for Japanese pharma company, what do you know) but I work mostly with american users. and jesus christ, people are retarded. Half my work is connecting remotely to peoples computers and asking them to show me what is wrong and it turns out EVERYTHING IS WORKING. So now I wasted 20 minutes of my time because the call takes some time and creating a ticket for a request is also time consuming. And it's half the users, I swear to got. Other thing is that most issues can be resolved by simply hard rebooting your computer but ofc why try that when you can call poor it support and have them tell you what to do. AHGT I will kill someone one day.

  • Michael Tucker
    Michael Tucker 27 days ago


  • Allergic to humans not animals

    I love your stories you should make more
    Edit: Please

  • dragonlvr668
    dragonlvr668 27 days ago

    OMG I’m dying. This is so accurate! For me it’s that one time the lady told me I could go ahead and remote into her computer. I attempted to make the connection. “Uh ma’am... is the computer off?”
    Her: oh yeah it’s in the backseat of my car right now. 😤🧐

  • ThatSameMark
    ThatSameMark 28 days ago

    It takes a special kind of person to work in IT/Tech Support, and I am that kind of person. When I get off work it makes me appreciate life more, because I just came from hell.

  • Eseru
    Eseru 28 days ago

    Can relate XD

  • Swek
    Swek 28 days ago

    I don't work with IT, but I've helped my entire family with problems they've had. Especially my mom and grandfather, and it's kinda sad to say that my grandfather was a better learner than my mom.
    I say was as he passed away yesterday. Regardless, I always ended up telling my mom "it's easier for me to help you if I either come over, or you come to me". I got a flashback just now to when she called me regarding some folder issues she had for moving audiobooks over to her phone/ipad/mp3/whatever for a vacation. I want to flip my desk....
    But damn, that woman.... I'm at a loss for words. I mean even my grandpa could handle emails just fine, and I told him how to do it once back when he was like 78, but I was so proud that I'd tought him the ways of the internet. At least he enjoyed it for several more years.

  • CJ and Auntie Yaya
    CJ and Auntie Yaya 28 days ago

    I worked in the computer labs in college in the 90's where EVERYONE was as clueless as old peeps seem to be now about computers and I feel for you.

  • Nadine Irmen
    Nadine Irmen 28 days ago

    After the 4th time putting on different colored socks it sort of just became my thing and I stopped fighting it
    I am now about 14 years into tech support, I honestly think my soul takes vacations while I work at this point lol

  • raven fyhre
    raven fyhre 28 days ago

    So.. I'm on software development and they call me for tech support o-o?? why?!

  • Alika Kaleo
    Alika Kaleo 29 days ago

    Hand writes emails... isn’t that... mail

  • Rebecca Mickal
    Rebecca Mickal Month ago

    I really like ur voice 😊👍

  • Sin Pre
    Sin Pre Month ago

    My Brother, also working in tech support, always said: Shit drops from the top to the bottom, and tech support is rock bottom.

  • GeekOverdose
    GeekOverdose Month ago

    Came here from scam tech support vid3o

  • mannequinofchaos
    mannequinofchaos Month ago

    XD i feel that pain

  • Brenda Cuellar
    Brenda Cuellar Month ago

    I hope you can share more IT stories because it made me and my former IT buddies laugh. Thank you for the laughs!

  • Brenda Cuellar
    Brenda Cuellar Month ago

    I used to work in IT a couple of months ago. I was a Tech Assist at a college campus. And oh my god....the teachers made me reconsider to even apply at that campus because the level of stupidity. But it didn’t help when your manager made things harder. Long story short, to me, managers and clients are the worst in IT.

  • Corinna Liebergesell

    I feel you. Cellphone and Mobile Internet Tech. For 1.5 yrs now.
    Sometimes - no, most time - I'm like: Do customers ever know, what they bought?
    (Sorry, bad english. I'm German)

  • KingofOrono
    KingofOrono Month ago +1

    The customers might not know anything about computers, but
    Pobodys Nerfect

  • Walter de Leon
    Walter de Leon Month ago

    I feel you in an emotional level. I worked in a hosting company as tech support and also on a Satellite Internet Tech support team and I've wanted to murder around 20% of my customers

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    5 1/2 years of this and I can totally say this job make me hate humanity more than College group problems ever did. You want to know how stupid humans can be? work 1 month in IT or Customer Service and you will not believe the caliber of idiocy you will encounter. One of my favorite was for a lady I was giver a code for
    Me: The code is IjkL13
    Woman:i, j, k ,L...the 1 is upper case or lower case?
    ME: O.o *questions everything she knows about life and the universe*

  • missfairuzadotcom
    missfairuzadotcom Month ago +1

    Staff: Hey, my computer is broken...
    IT: Have you tried turn it off and on again??
    Staff: oh hey, there it is! Thanks!
    IT guy hangs up phone, and pull off the cord to never talk to humans in this building again.