what working tech support is REALLY like


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  • Luna Moonlight
    Luna Moonlight Hour ago

    I used to work for Xbox Tech Support, and at least once a week, I would receive a call from someone having an issue with their Xbox, obviously, and when I asked them to actually do something on their console, it would turn out they weren't even around the console! It was one of the most frustrating jobs ever

  • Goat Bubbles
    Goat Bubbles 2 days ago

    Your animations are amazing!

  • Tyler Higgins
    Tyler Higgins 3 days ago

    I feel your pain, I am a network admin for a small school. I have been there. My favorite story I have ever heard was about a lady that called tech support because her computer was not working. After walking through all the normal steps, check the power cable all that, it was discovered that the power was out... that would make me go crazy.

  • Isaac Cornelio
    Isaac Cornelio 4 days ago

    ✊🏾please tell me it gets better...

  • Let me take a Jörmungandr at that

    Someone should make a story with this as a villain origin story.

  • whipmejuarez
    whipmejuarez 7 days ago

    Please note IT story times!!

  • derp_pool
    derp_pool 7 days ago

    It makes sense most of the people don't know what to say because it's I.T, their there to help

  • Trine Light
    Trine Light 8 days ago

    I work in tech support and i love it. Sometimes people can be really dumb, yes. But most of the time they are very grateful. I guess i depends on which company and which kind of people you talk to.

  • varun dewan
    varun dewan 9 days ago

    0:48 same, dude, same..

  • varun dewan
    varun dewan 9 days ago

    0:27 no, that's reading a slowburning fic with angst...

  • Sandrilyona Doe
    Sandrilyona Doe 10 days ago

    Worked for several years as game tech support for kids and then for mobile apps. Soulcrushing, loosing faith in humanity....that doeasn't even begin to cut it...

  • Paul Lane
    Paul Lane 11 days ago

    it's horrible... sad... depressing... and too relatable and true... a mine field of stupidity. 5 years and still counting...

  • Jason Hatt
    Jason Hatt 12 days ago

    Now I want you to print out all the comments (including this one) so I can hand write a reply. And get the Tech guy if it breaks

  • its michelle
    its michelle 14 days ago

    I can relate lol

  • Serenity ellie
    Serenity ellie 14 days ago

    Hello IT, have you turned it off and on again?

  • mary fl
    mary fl 14 days ago

    What app do u use for creating animations?😍😍 I really like them😃😃

  • AlleyCat 2000
    AlleyCat 2000 14 days ago

    Is it weird I get these questions at my job in retail? I work at an nz version of target at service desk so I answer the phone a lot and its crazy how many of these issues I have dealt with

  • Crystal Wake
    Crystal Wake 14 days ago

    I work in IT use to work in retail and I study IT... some days are fun and some days I just go out with my co-workers to get food to relax form the day

  • Random Furby
    Random Furby 15 days ago +1

    Wait people don’t put diferente socks on purpose

  • Bradmyr
    Bradmyr 15 days ago

    Worked in Tech support for 10 years. Changed careers after being diagnosed with hypertension!

  • Alexandra Ball
    Alexandra Ball 15 days ago

    Tech support rules! I can only imagine the stupidity you have to deal with just considering what I've handled in customer service lol

  • Rachael Lyn
    Rachael Lyn 15 days ago

    This video is genius and hilarious, but the comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Johan Schutten
    Johan Schutten 16 days ago

    This happens in all call center jobs :) Customer: I would like to make an appointment. Me: That is possible. I've got room for you after tomorrow. Customer: Do you have room for today? Internal Me: WTF did I just tell you?!

  • Ezekiel is a Pig
    Ezekiel is a Pig 16 days ago


  • whatsername1180
    whatsername1180 16 days ago

    Customer service is the worst!!
    I was working at Dillards in customer service, this lady comes in with a giant bag full of returns and throws it on the counter and says "I need to return these." (Our store policy was that all returns needed to be done in the department they were bought. So for example, womens clothing needed to be returned in womens clothing or kid shoes in kid shoes. Because those employees were trained to see if theres any damage or in some cases, people bought brand names shoes, and then bought knock offs of the same shoe and tried to return the knock offs and have the real shoes or even just sell the real shoes for profit. Yeah that actually happened... a few times) so I tell her "I'm sorry ma'am, all returns have to be done in the original department of which they were bought. "
    She then comments " what?! Since when?!"
    Me: "Its a new policy, ma'am, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I can call a manager for you if youd like."
    "This is ridiculous! This is why I shop at Nordstrom! You won't have my business!" She grabs her bag and storms off pissed as fuck.

  • Colourful World
    Colourful World 16 days ago +1

    0:44 omg i thought i was the only one that hates it😂

  • SyTheFoox Productions
    SyTheFoox Productions 16 days ago


  • SyTheFoox Productions
    SyTheFoox Productions 16 days ago

    Btw the kids look like chicken nuggets

  • SyTheFoox Productions
    SyTheFoox Productions 16 days ago


    INDIE MAINSTREAM 17 days ago

    I’m starting an IT job on monday. What have I done?

  • Kameen Avery
    Kameen Avery 17 days ago

    OMG!!! I have been in AL of these situations...... BEST ones are,
    ME:what browser are you using.....
    Customer: Whats a browser?
    Seriously the thing you just went to our website on and started a LIVE CHAT!!!
    ME: Can you copy and paste the link and send it to me.....
    Customer: How do I copy and Paste......
    ME:What is the browser you are using......
    Customer: Microsoft Windows........
    ME................. "pulls the burbon out of the desk drawer takes BIG pull"
    ME: That is your Operating system. What is the browser you are in. Is it an E does it look like a Simon says game or a Fox in a circle
    Customer: What is an Operating system?
    ME. Boss I am done for the day see you tomorrow after my therapy session.

    BTW. Serious calls above from my last job working Customer Support.

  • Jay Handron
    Jay Handron 17 days ago

    Thanks for sharing! I work in tech support and deal with technicians calling for help from customers houses and could tell you a thousand stories exactly like the anecdotes you just shared.

  • Sanj J
    Sanj J 18 days ago

    heck that’s my future 😭

  • Louis Sorace
    Louis Sorace 18 days ago

    I can absolutely relate to this. The most annoying question I used to get is "what's a web browser?"

  • Frank R. Haugen
    Frank R. Haugen 18 days ago

    I worked IT support at a university, and an older (as in 60yo) student called and said they couldn't log in to the system. I check, and the password has expired, so i say: you need to set a new password; just go to apage.uni.tld... I hear a sigh followed by: where's the best parking spot to get there.......

  • OP_Quick_Killer
    OP_Quick_Killer 18 days ago

    dude....I love your vids there funny af... love your animated character....

  • Gullible Pheebs
    Gullible Pheebs 19 days ago

    Now I feel sorry for the 3 IT guys there is in our office of about 30 ish people
    No wonder they look so done out by the end of the day

  • nodlimax
    nodlimax 19 days ago

    I'm working in IT and the stuff I've seen and heard is just mind boggling. Example from about 10 years ago (worked at a different company and IT area than today):
    Doing online support via chat:
    1. Customer contacts me and reports some problem with the product
    2. I'm chatting with the customer => customer suddenly claims he is not even online
    I'm sitting in front of my scream and be like "WTF?"
    3. So I ask him how he is communicating with me on the internet in a chat when he is not even online
    4. customer literally responds that he is using AOL...
    I was just done for the rest of the day.....

  • Thomas _
    Thomas _ 20 days ago

    My dads head of a tech support...
    At a school

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    I know this isn’t tech support, but in middle school my elective was as a Teacher’s Assistant. So many people were confused by the sheer idea of a computer. I had to teach a kid how to right click with a mouse... i just can’t believe I went back for a second semester

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby 21 day ago

    Ive enjoyably watched a lot of your reviews. but the best account that you watch the good place also. It is sooo good

  • Chris Hankins
    Chris Hankins 21 day ago

    As a telecom sales guy i love dealing w older people who get bugged out bcuz i don't carry paper... I'm selling technology to you in a digital age, why have cumbersome papers when i can do everything off of my iPad

  • Drakkenmensch Silverflare

    I work phone tech support and I can confirm this is true. Another common thing is people trying to fix a problem by doing something unrelated that can't possibly fix the problem so of course it fails, so when they call they ask you to tell them how to do the unrelated thing instead of fixing the REAL problem. This is how you get people with email password problems asking you how to create an email account when it keeps telling them that this email already exists.

  • Ria Galang
    Ria Galang 21 day ago +1

    "If you're thinking IT as a career, DONT!" - hahaha.. this is so relatable..

  • DandyCZE
    DandyCZE 21 day ago

    LOL I worked 3yrs entry level tech support in corporation and I enjoyed every second of it. You don't realize how funny those people are. I am now on senior IT staff position and I sometimes genuinely miss answering Helldesk.

  • Roffa 5311
    Roffa 5311 22 days ago

    If i would work as a tech support i think i would be brain dead by now

    PANZERFAUST90 22 days ago +1

    My best helpdesk call was "Where's my Recycle Bin?"

    Yep that actually happened.

  • Wilson Solt
    Wilson Solt 22 days ago

    Omg is your company my family?

  • Garth Palmer
    Garth Palmer 22 days ago

    I worked for Nintendo tech support when the Wii first came out, so yeah, you can probably imagine how many idiot stories I have. there were at least a couple people who didn't realize the Wii had to be plugged into the power outlet to work. not even exaggerating.

  • SpagEddie8113
    SpagEddie8113 22 days ago

    My dad works for dish, like the TV company, and he has to answer calls about technology. This sounds a lot like his work:) Also, one time someone threatened to kill him.