• Published on Apr 23, 2018
  • 10 creepy Mandela effects reacted to by Teens!
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    Teens react to 10 Mandela effects! Watch to see their reaction!
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    Sex and the City
    Silence of the Lambs:
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Comments • 3 794

    REACT  Year ago +766

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    • MrSantagoose1
      MrSantagoose1 Year ago

      Teens/adults react to Hobo Johnson amd the Lovemakers

    • cam BOYD
      cam BOYD Year ago

      REACT ,

    • Judith Chaves
      Judith Chaves Year ago

      Ok sorry if your busy but teens react to lil tay

    • Judith Chaves
      Judith Chaves Year ago

      Teens react to kids that beat the system

    • Gaming with matt.
      Gaming with matt. Year ago

      REACT the guy does have a mini ale but they changed it years agp

  • Merryjr
    Merryjr Year ago +6

    Another mandela effect:
    In Alice in wonderland there is a famous line that the chestshire cat says “We’re all mad here”
    BUT NOPE APPARENTLY HE SAYS “Most everyone’s mad here”

  • Nib ba
    Nib ba Year ago +5

    maybe the last one is because of chicken little? i remember him saying it

  • Nick van de Peppel
    Nick van de Peppel Year ago +11

    It did at a concert of Queen. But indeed not in the actual song

  • eric
    eric Year ago +1


  • eric
    eric Year ago +1

    The target one was just a memory game. I know that one

  • FuzzySW
    FuzzySW Year ago +3

    The reason for the we are the champions being remembered as we are the champions of the world is because in an extended cut/live (I forget which) they said of the world

  • Arron Jenkins
    Arron Jenkins Year ago

    4 so far right

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez Year ago +7

    The target one is so easy

  • Yo Momo
    Yo Momo Year ago +2

    On the last own, the last lyrics are on some versions but sometimes they cut of the last part

  • Dakota Eads
    Dakota Eads Year ago +2

    Field of Dreams he says "if you build it, HE will come" not they will come.

  • William Shie
    William Shie Year ago +3

    2:48 I remember that there are ... two versions of Mona Lisa out there? The one we know and run to Louvre to see is the one on the right. Yes I am talking about the portrait of Mikaela (3:09).
    6:05 I always remember the song as "We are the chimpanzee, we are the chimpanzee~" - I don't even remember other lines.

  • Jose Rankin
    Jose Rankin Year ago

    For anyone feeling weird about the we are the world lyric. It's there but not in the short version but rather in the extended version

  • Joshua Salem
    Joshua Salem Year ago +2

    6:06 He does say it at the end of the 1st verse though, so the confusion is understandable

  • IndoN1nja
    IndoN1nja Year ago

    You guys should check the label of the Tony Chocolonely chocolate bars saying lonely instead of chocolony

  • cookiepackツ
    cookiepackツ Year ago +5

    i am confusion

  • cookiepackツ
    cookiepackツ Year ago


  • KhaleyBeanzz
    KhaleyBeanzz Year ago +8

    I got the target one right tho?

    • Li
      Li Year ago +1

      Same and I'm not even from America and have never been to America.

    • Farious Marious
      Farious Marious Year ago

      I did too

  • Stupid Username
    Stupid Username Year ago +4

    The song does end with the line “...of the world”, it’s that when the song was made they didn’t end it with that line, but then that line shows up in live concerts 8-Years-later.

  • Matthew Drayton
    Matthew Drayton Year ago +8

    Target has always had one circle.

  • Angelo James Mordini

    I honestly think queen maybe sang of the world live? Maybe added that in a live performance bc I definitely can hear his voice without fault saying it

    • David Weisfield
      David Weisfield Year ago

      Yeah I listened to the ending and I can also here Freddie Mercury saying of the world

    • Aidan Kukosky
      Aidan Kukosky Year ago

      In live performances Freddie would end it with "of the world"

  • Scott T
    Scott T Year ago

    What! I had to pause and listen to the ending of queen!

  • Eric Svensson
    Eric Svensson Year ago +3

    I dont even live in the USA. I've been there once and went once to target and I knew the right answer

  • I dont get jokes
    I dont get jokes Year ago +1

    Anyone that watches dashie knows its JIF! Not jiffy

  • John three sixteen
    John three sixteen Year ago +1

    1 John 2:17- The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.
    1 John 2:15-Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    Believe Hebrews 11:6 John 3:16
    Repent Acts 17:30
    Confess Matthew 16:16
    Be Baptized Acts 2:38

    • Blazing Burrito
      Blazing Burrito Year ago +1

      The Ting me too but I’m not randomly putting bible verses that have nothing to do with the video

    • The Ting
      The Ting Year ago

      Blazing Burrito cause he’s Christian like me

    • Blazing Burrito
      Blazing Burrito Year ago

      The Ting but why

    • The Ting
      The Ting Year ago

      Blazing Burrito bible verses

    • Blazing Burrito
      Blazing Burrito Year ago +6

      John three sixteen What r u even talking about

  • Red Zone
    Red Zone Year ago +5

    There’s actually a crazy frog version of we are the champions that ends with ‘of the world’.

  • Boofy
    Boofy Year ago +2

    I am shooketh right now

  • Cynicayke
    Cynicayke Year ago +11

    Your brain didn't make up lyrics. Two choruses do have the 'of the world' lyric, just not the last one. So obviously our brains would assume the third chorus has those words, especially the people who have only heard the song sporadically.

  • Sebastian Olivas
    Sebastian Olivas Year ago +9

    There are concerts of Queen singing "... of the world" in the end.

  • Gretchen Hangleton
    Gretchen Hangleton Year ago +7

    These examples seem more like the result of most people simply not caring enough about something to notice specific details - or commit them to memory - than genuine mandela effect. Like Shazaam, for example; it's much more difficult to explain why millions of people remember a movie that was never made than why people don't remember the exact spelling of a product.

  • Jessie Firestorm
    Jessie Firestorm Year ago

    I had an out of body experience before so this makes me curious 🤔 what if... OH 😱 MY GOD WHAT IF I CAME BACK TO THE WRONG BABY LIZARD!

  • m3talh3ad123
    m3talh3ad123 Year ago +1

    I mean, they do say of the world in We are the Champions, it’s just not at the end.

  • Diane Riley
    Diane Riley Year ago +3

    Mayer is how it's always been spelled but it sounds like Meyer. Remember the song 🎶My Bologna has a first name it's O.S.C.A.R My Bologna has a second name its M.A.Y.E.R. 🎵

  • Diane Riley
    Diane Riley Year ago +1

    DEA is no longer drug enforcement agency.

  • bryxzz
    bryxzz Year ago +2

    0:49 😂😂😂😂

  • yshedeau123
    yshedeau123 Year ago +7

    The whole thing with we are the champions is that in studio versions they do not sing "of the world". However, live freddy would always end with "of the world. This is why people remember it being in the song, because it sort of is in the song

  • Ashe
    Ashe Year ago +16

    I work at target and that threw me off

    • Ashe
      Ashe Year ago

      Mostly because when you asked it throws you offe

  • Hiro Gokua
    Hiro Gokua Year ago +4

    people remember the queen ending as " Of The World " because of Crazy Frog, his soccer video with a resang/redone version of the song.

    • Hiro Gokua
      Hiro Gokua Year ago

      Well thats why I remember it, could be the shorter version of the original song that has the phrase at the end too.

    • George Griffiths
      George Griffiths Year ago

      Shadowite D no it’s not😂😂😂

  • Daulton Venglar
    Daulton Venglar Year ago +5

    The line “Hello Clarice” is from Hannibal (2001), not Silence of the Lambs. Same franchise and its still Anthony Hopkins so I can see why people misremember it.

  • Andres Vaca
    Andres Vaca Year ago

    There are two famous mona Lisa portraits

  • Ruperallmighty
    Ruperallmighty Year ago


  • Big Mike
    Big Mike Year ago +3

    6:10 it does at 2:58 the end only in some tho m.tvclip.biz/video/KXw8CRapg7k/video.html

  • Serenity Reyes
    Serenity Reyes Year ago +5

    4:38 people get confused with the monocle because of the peanut with the monocle

  • Serenity Reyes
    Serenity Reyes Year ago +2

    3:40 people get confused between skippy and jif. That’s why you will get confused when you see “jiffy”

  • Salt l
    Salt l Year ago +3

    2:49 how?!?!?!
    I had a whole art class dedicated to mona lisa and it talked about her smile

  • DeadpoolMinion
    DeadpoolMinion Year ago +49

    The target one was soooo easyyyy

  • The PurpleDragonFish
    The PurpleDragonFish Year ago +12

    Queen says “of the world” in the remastered version not the original one

  • Jaden Wuertz
    Jaden Wuertz Year ago +9

    The target one is so easy

  • hawyee
    hawyee Year ago +1

    carson is so pretty

  • Tyler Hobbs
    Tyler Hobbs Year ago +7

    actually in the 1940s TARGET had three loops

  • MaestroRigale
    MaestroRigale Year ago +2

    Jiff and Skippy, yup.

    • Diane Riley
      Diane Riley Year ago +1

      I was thinking Jif and Jiffy Pop

  • Andrea Støyle
    Andrea Støyle Year ago +6

    I see Freddie. I click

  • Matrix
    Matrix Year ago +194

    How the hell did they get the target one wrong?

  • ThePeridotPanda
    ThePeridotPanda Year ago +1

    Another Mandala effect is in Porter Robinson's Sad Machine. Is it "100 years and we'll be born again", or "100 leaders will be born of you"?

    • ThePeridotPanda
      ThePeridotPanda Year ago

      Aiden8r It's actually a song, you should listen to it. It's pretty good

    • Fogo
      Fogo Year ago

      The_Emerald_Turtle Ya know people get movie quotes wrong all the time, right?

  • HarleyTheHufflepuff
    HarleyTheHufflepuff Year ago +2

    Dude I had a berenstein (hopefully spelled it right) it said BERENSTEIN bears and then somehow in a few freaking months I think it was that or a year it changes to BERENSTAIN bears...

    • The Man From Krypton
      The Man From Krypton Year ago

      Of ALL the things that could possibly slide between dimensions - a children's book author's name.
      Maybe I'd be more impressed with Sylvester Stallone having directed SW rather than GL.

    • Mikee
      Mikee Year ago +3

      Dream Park Yea sure

  • Sebi The Hunter
    Sebi The Hunter Year ago +5

    The bears, it has been proven that it’s BOTH

  • JamesCPotter13
    JamesCPotter13 Year ago +2

    My bologna has a first name...it's O S C A R
    My bologna has a second name it's M A Y E R

  • MrGeltyGuy96
    MrGeltyGuy96 Year ago +17

    i dont even have target in my country and i got it right

    • Robman92
      Robman92 Year ago

      Same. And I have only visited one in the US once

  • Carley Adair
    Carley Adair Year ago +2

    Actually in Silence of the lambs now he just says good morning not even her name but I remember him saying Hello Clarice .I watched this on dvd and I defiantly heard him saying it.

  • Carley Adair
    Carley Adair Year ago +2

    I thought she used to frown not smile .A Mandela effect within a Mandela effect !

  • Komm Stein
    Komm Stein Year ago +16

    But how about the fact that people use the japanese word; "sayonara" as a Spanish word? I heard some people use sayonara like "Sayonara amigo" instead of "adiós amigo". In the film "Boss Baby", Tim used "Sayonara" when he escaped from the babies, based on the Mexican influence on this kid like the piñatas and señior squeeky, DreamWorks made a mistake in their scripts and dialogue by using the Japanese word for goodbye, instead of the Spanish word.

  • Nukin Neovenators

    My teacher said that about Queen blew me away

  • cindy mananzala martinez

    the simple explanation is FALSE MEMORIES

  • petur oliver
    petur oliver Year ago +7

    Pikachu doesn’t have a black mark on his tail

    • kylie katcarter
      kylie katcarter Year ago

      Not a fully black tail, but I vividly remember him having a black strip on the end on his tail.

    • Yusuf Patel
      Yusuf Patel Year ago +1

      kylie katcarter ... But he never had a black tail. At All.

    • kylie katcarter
      kylie katcarter Year ago +1

      That's the point of the mandela effect. It changes official art and pictures but most people remember it the same.

    • Yusuf Patel
      Yusuf Patel Year ago

      kylie katcarter No it doesn't. Go watch a scene or a picture of Ash's Pikachu or any other official art. No black mark on the tail.

    • kylie katcarter
      kylie katcarter Year ago +2

      yws he does

  • ArsonGamer
    ArsonGamer Year ago +6

    when a target ad appears to help you out

  • Sunny J
    Sunny J Year ago +6

    In the first book of the Harry Potter series, Hagrid says "Harry you are a wizard" not "You are a wizard Harry".

    • Blackbriar95
      Blackbriar95 Year ago

      No he definitely says "Youre a wizard Harry."

    • Symmetrical Being
      Symmetrical Being Year ago

      NO! What? My life is a lie.

    • Claire Burbank
      Claire Burbank Year ago +4

      Sunny J but doesn’t he say “you’re a wizard harry” in the movie?

  • Popspaceman
    Popspaceman Year ago +5

    Double stuf and mega stuf Oreos only have one f

  • Randy Gass
    Randy Gass Year ago +1

    The Berenstain bears was something where at some point it was Berenstein bears but was changed

    • Chandler Grooten
      Chandler Grooten Year ago +2

      it never changed, look at old copies of the book bud

  • Oscar Sal14
    Oscar Sal14 Year ago

    There is a jiffy peanut butter I seen it at my grocery store

  • Picolous Cage
    Picolous Cage Year ago +2

    The ending of we are the champions is
    We are the champions...............
    no world I think I’m gonna go watch it know

  • RedHeadNationVlogs
    RedHeadNationVlogs Year ago +1

    Double Stuf Oreos have one F in Stuff

  • BadJovi praying
    BadJovi praying Year ago +18

    We are the champions ends with " of the world" in live version. that's why we assume that would be the case in the live version so no, no Mandela effect.

    KMIMI Year ago +10

    In the song they say "..of the world" at the end of each chorus, just not the last one.

  • Snehal Roy
    Snehal Roy Year ago +5

    Plzz react to Shane dawson

  • JBroZ Tv
    JBroZ Tv Year ago +172

    I'm triggerd that they can't even remember what the Target logo looks like

  • Veri Nyce
    Veri Nyce Year ago +15

    The name of the famous clock tower in London is actually called the Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben is the name of the largest bell inside the clock tower.

  • Hannah Alyssa
    Hannah Alyssa Year ago +14

    The pringles guy might be why y’all are confused with the monocle

    • Austin Cook
      Austin Cook Year ago +1

      Probably have both of them confused with the planters peanuts guy.

    • Sick Revolting Piss
      Sick Revolting Piss Year ago +1

      Marilyn Canty the pringles guy doesn’t have a monocle either

  • Gloria Vargas
    Gloria Vargas Year ago +3

    I have one

    Did Mickey Mouse ever have suspenders? he never did.
    This happened at my school. My friend told me about it and I said no he didn’t then she said he did. We asked to teachers. One said no they other said yes he did. And yeah

    • Adam Gardiner
      Adam Gardiner Year ago

      Gloria Vargas Ya I remember him pulling his suspenders in steamboat Willie.

  • TheMagentaPuppy
    TheMagentaPuppy Year ago +11

    How did they get the Target one wrong? That was so easy lol.

  • Cajamarca
    Cajamarca Year ago +2

    "Kind of like a Hmmm" AWWWW

  • MrNunneZ
    MrNunneZ Year ago +2

    it ends with "of the world"

    • Jack R
      Jack R Year ago

      MrNunneZ it doesnt. That’s the live version loads of artists change lyrics in songs while live, listen to the studio version

  • Kikon Sketches
    Kikon Sketches Year ago +6

    Its because of chicken little that everyone thinks that it ends with "of the world"

    • MattTheSunbro
      MattTheSunbro Year ago

      EnZy Plays ye

    • Kikon Sketches
      Kikon Sketches Year ago

      MattTheSunbro yes that too, pretty funny actually

    • MattTheSunbro
      MattTheSunbro Year ago

      EnZy Plays it was also cause in the live version they ended with of the world

  • Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll Year ago +1


  • Just Spacey
    Just Spacey Year ago +2


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +3

    I don't understand the effect at all!

    • Veri Nyce
      Veri Nyce Year ago

      There's an old saying that if you repeat a lie often enough, people would start to believe it.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +1


  • XProject13
    XProject13 Year ago +6

    Also “of the world” was in some remixes not the original song for we are the champions. That’s where mans heard it from

    • Geek Beat
      Geek Beat Year ago

      There is a recording in which Freddy sings "of the world" at the end. It is not a real Mandela Effect Thing.

    • Emerje1
      Emerje1 Year ago +1

      No, the trick is that it's in all versions of the song, but it's not in the final chorus ending the song.

  • XProject13
    XProject13 Year ago +6

    Target was in canada for a solid 3 months and I still knew that logo lololololol

    • jason jones
      jason jones Year ago +1

      XProject13 I live in the US. There are Targets in almost every state and I don't understand how they got it wrong

    • beautifullybroken275
      beautifullybroken275 Year ago +1

      Same lol.

    • Avanter TM
      Avanter TM Year ago +1

      XProject13 same bro i live in ontario and i know the logo

  • ICagamingpearl
    ICagamingpearl Year ago

    On the hello clarice I've heard people also say it was good afternoon clarice

  • Darcean
    Darcean Year ago +19


    • Me.
      Me. Year ago

      Darcean me

  • Dulce Gomez
    Dulce Gomez Year ago


  • Kool aid Man
    Kool aid Man Year ago


  • Kolbe Hardy
    Kolbe Hardy Year ago +6

    There is indeed a version of the song “We are the champions” where it says “we are the champions of the world” it was released in the single. But if you look up the extend version on TVclip at the end it’ll say “of the world”

  • dEAD. cOON
    dEAD. cOON Year ago +2

    in silence of the lamb he says hello i just watched the scene

  • Yasmin Gardner
    Yasmin Gardner Year ago +7

    The Bernestein bears show literally says bernestein bears not berenestain bears

    • MattTheSunbro
      MattTheSunbro Year ago

      Talking about the books

    • frost
      frost Year ago +1

      Yasmin the original one is berenstain

  • JJ360 Gaming
    JJ360 Gaming Year ago +5

    I'm English and i got the target one

  • Amad Ali
    Amad Ali Year ago +5


  • Le Farm
    Le Farm Year ago +2

    Internet comment etiquette..

  • CJ
    CJ Year ago +11

    actually, there is indeed a version of 'We are the champions' that ends in "of the word", it just wasnt released in the single.

    • Chase Fleming
      Chase Fleming Year ago

      thatwavycarrot it’s part of the live shows he did. He says “we are the champions....of the war”

  • JR Equestrian
    JR Equestrian Year ago +1

    He actually says good morning.
    But some people edit it to when they were on the phone and he says hello Clarice.