where have i been??!

  • Published on Jun 12, 2017
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    Hope you enjoyed the video! have a great week, loves xx

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    QIONGYUN GUAN 2 months ago

    Yep, it's SO stressful when other people keep asking your to do your next step. I passed a national test this year and got the inform in October. My mom has already asked me to do a promotion test!!! I even haven't been into the training center! I just wanna breathe.

  • LeShaun Lewis
    LeShaun Lewis 2 months ago

    But .... Oprah😂

  • Jeremy Sorello
    Jeremy Sorello 9 months ago

    Oh wait I came across that movie there is a bisexual character I think will look again I never noticed your name did not read any credits lol.

  • Jeremy Sorello
    Jeremy Sorello 9 months ago

    I went away for one week and two of my plants died, they survived until my return and died two weeks after gosh.

  • Bindu Bharti
    Bindu Bharti Year ago

    Hi @Connor Huge Fan from India, Since College Days (2015). You Inspire me so much.
    1. Leaning Guitar - (Bought It - Joined Guitar Classes - and Also Practicing it)
    2. Reading Book Daily - While Sleeping (Will try to do it more often)
    3. Sketching Daily - Anything can be anything
    4. Styling Myself and then Sketching It :) Its really fun.

  • m3lfunction
    m3lfunction Year ago +1

    i dont care where you’ve been... you know who i care about? steve, dorris and all ur houseplants

  • Lily Espinosa
    Lily Espinosa Year ago

    Holy shit I've have missed out on a lot. Last video I've watched is "more than just words". What?!...how am I still alive. I need help

  • Samantha Baugh
    Samantha Baugh Year ago

    *4 months later he disappears again*

  • Lilly Chidlaw-Mayen

    connor franta is my aesthetic

  • Syriah Enriquez
    Syriah Enriquez Year ago +1

    lovely house party yesterday. football. :/

  • MrOJPurvis
    MrOJPurvis Year ago

    I was in Leeds the day you were there, and walked past WHSmiths, and decided not to go in, not knowing that Connor was in there...

  • Nataša
    Nataša Year ago

    Your eyes look so good with the backdrop

  • no1 partyanthem
    no1 partyanthem Year ago


  • Annie Cummings
    Annie Cummings Year ago

    I got a weird question. You know how some people have like an "internal heater", is it possible for some people to have an "internal air conditioner"?? MY MIND

  • Joshua Ogunlolu
    Joshua Ogunlolu Year ago +1

    dang, Oprah and Hillary Clinton were concerned af!

  • yellow
    yellow Year ago

    You know it's bad when oprah asks where the fuck u been...

  • rachel bear
    rachel bear Year ago


  • Ceeelk
    Ceeelk Year ago

    * a stranger whistling, birds lovingly singing, drama… * even the outside environment is adding some delightful sounds to his aesthetic video

  • AJ Godeck
    AJ Godeck Year ago

    "Ohp..! Drama..." i just about DIED laughing and its 2:30am

  • Killmerat
    Killmerat Year ago +1

    That oprah tweet tho 😂😂

  • megan lambert
    megan lambert Year ago

    Oml I love your eyes😍 the backdrop is the same color and it makes them pop and I just love😍💖

  • Sashapxx 521
    Sashapxx 521 Year ago

    Ur walls seem paper thin from all the sounds in the background lol

  • harrison douglass
    harrison douglass Year ago +1


  • Rewind Pause
    Rewind Pause Year ago

    I just got his new book and it's so beautiful

  • Amazing Pm
    Amazing Pm Year ago

    He looks good in red lol

  • Helen ✨💞
    Helen ✨💞 Year ago


  • Fiona Ryan
    Fiona Ryan Year ago

    why do all gay guys have to be the cute ones😂

  • Vaishnavi Panchal

    "His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad."
    ok bye.

  • sasha king
    sasha king Year ago +1

    you matured very well, love you connor!

  • sami nicole
    sami nicole Year ago

    I see those complementary colors you got there, connor ;)

  • Lozza 29
    Lozza 29 Year ago

    I want to be that plant

  • shady grove
    shady grove Year ago

    um and then he waited another month after he posted this

  • Elia Amighetti
    Elia Amighetti Year ago

    please. I'm getting bored of myself.

  • aimeeilavayou
    aimeeilavayou Year ago

    That Oprah tweet in the opening. 👀😂

  • Krishel Lubis
    Krishel Lubis Year ago

    it's weird how your eyes matched the backdrop..

  • Zea M-H
    Zea M-H Year ago

    I want a Connor vlog channel!!!

  • Iain Cook
    Iain Cook Year ago

    Hilary Clinton: Delete your account. haha!

  • stan nct lol
    stan nct lol Year ago +3

    U know its real when Oprah and Hillary tweet @ u

  • Moonlight Something different


  • Angel 123
    Angel 123 Year ago +1

    He deserves 10 million subscribers

  • Becca Good
    Becca Good Year ago

    You do SO much I'm literally so proud of ya

  • Amy Scoggins
    Amy Scoggins Year ago

    i love you so much. you're book was so good i need to write you a whole letter or something ugh you help me with my own problems be my best friend

  • reid kalaw
    reid kalaw Year ago

    Yay Canada

  • Alejandra Molano
    Alejandra Molano Year ago

    i've been so lost i just watched the video what's wrong WITH ME GUYS

  • PinkWDWlover
    PinkWDWlover Year ago

    He was just in the bathroom

  • jackson flower
    jackson flower Year ago

    “i am pretty hydrated”

    connor’s not thirsty
    which means he has
    a boyfriend

  • Gaya Capi
    Gaya Capi Year ago

    The trailer for 'I Love You Both' looks so good.. im definitely gonna a be watching it soon ♥♥

  • Taylor Ma
    Taylor Ma Year ago

    You've been very very busy.

  • UnclaimedLyrics
    UnclaimedLyrics Year ago

    the hillary clinton tweet gave me life XD

  • Gina Carrasco
    Gina Carrasco Year ago

    I cried so hard meeting him lmao I probably made the poor boy uncomfortable

  • Nea Green
    Nea Green Year ago

    C r u s h

  • Pan lifelord
    Pan lifelord Year ago

    DID ANYONE HEAR A CAT???? @ 4:32 LISTEN Closely then he looks at the ground

  • shankh
    shankh Year ago

    Did Hillary really say delete your account
    XD Lmao 0:15

  • Samrridhi Kumar
    Samrridhi Kumar Year ago

    I missed ya.

  • Leiley King
    Leiley King Year ago


  • Julian Owens
    Julian Owens Year ago

    meh... I've been okay ig, I've been thinking about starting my own TVclip channel but idk... not anytime soon but I'm just not sure if it'll go well. hopefully.

  • CxRYS WxLSxN
    CxRYS WxLSxN Year ago

    meeting you was literally soooo great. You were so sweet and short and well dressed and your voice is so soothing and wow damn i miss you

  • chloe bryers
    chloe bryers Year ago

    scared the fucking hell out of me at the beginning thank you i thought i was safe

  • Khristian Rachelle

    I've been doing okay. It's been nice to be out of school for a bit and just work here and there and focus on my relationships and mental health. Anxiety levels have gotten super high, and so having slow pace lifestyle at the moment has really helped me. The peace and quiet of being home with my family and my precious pets is truly rejuvenating. PS what happened to you getting a cat? Do you still want one, or are the plants enough rn?

  • Putri Air
    Putri Air Year ago

    honestly I forgot how calming you could be, like the video is just so chill and soothing and I love this ahhh

  • shadow lee
    shadow lee Year ago

    I am working on my graduation paper, love you and miss you so much.

  • Issa Girl
    Issa Girl Year ago

    he needs to come to arkansas or Missouri😄😂

  • hayden cregon
    hayden cregon Year ago

    am i the only one who read the tweets at the beginning? lol Oprah.

  • 태야 장미 🦋
    태야 장미 🦋 Year ago +1

    Oprah Winfrey - "boy where u at tf"
    I'm actually screaming💀😂

  • Ryan Chung
    Ryan Chung Year ago

    I like boys, I liked girls, I like whoever that makes me fall in love with them. And I don't like labels. I'm ME.

  • Aaliyah Thedford
    Aaliyah Thedford Year ago

    Oprah: @connorfranta boy where you at tf

  • abitucker
    abitucker Year ago

    i love your book so much wow

  • Lara Love
    Lara Love Year ago

    where tf r u BIH

  • Sarah Barreto
    Sarah Barreto Year ago

    is it just me or does the backdrop male his eyes look so fucking pretty 😍😍

  • Yeison Cardoza
    Yeison Cardoza Year ago

    hahahahaa thi is ok !!! I love you connor , I Tried save a life today !!!

  • Yeison Cardoza
    Yeison Cardoza Year ago

    I love your eyes !!!!!

  • Jennifer Charles
    Jennifer Charles Year ago +1

    I love his personality so much.

  • Sophie Ferrara
    Sophie Ferrara Year ago +1

    omg your eyes go perfectly with your background! yess

  • Keily Romero
    Keily Romero Year ago

    Hey where have you been? It's been one empty month on your TVclip page. I clearly don't follow your twitter so how do you fill your days?

    Ps. Thanks for acknowledging Canada.

  • Aura Salma
    Aura Salma Year ago

    connor franta is me when there is drama "Oh ! Drama ! *get excited*"

  • Vlada Kaplunova
    Vlada Kaplunova Year ago +1

    I stg Connor is one of the nicest youtubers (on my opinion). He's so caring and calm and adorable and cute and nice and supportive and...
    shizz... I wish I could meet Connor tbh

  • aimee
    aimee Year ago +2

    when he's apologising for not posting in a month but you watch dan and phil so you're used to it. love you connor💗💗

  • Alex's Dance Moms Audio Swaps

    I recently came to terms with the fact that I am genderfluid and watching your videos has really helped me come to terms with it and realise that it is ok no matter what, so thank you!

  • Aakanksha K
    Aakanksha K Year ago

    you are so cute

  • Logan Richard
    Logan Richard Year ago

    What's your favourite province in Canada

  • Katie gorden
    Katie gorden Year ago

    I'm writhing a fanfic about you and tyler oakley on wattpad @imjustme417

  • panni csontos
    panni csontos Year ago

    I am so proud of you

  • business tryhard
    business tryhard Year ago

    Minnesota represent

  • Levi Brown
    Levi Brown Year ago

    those tweets are hilarious

  • Langston Karabani

    does anyone else read "la croix" as "la crocs"

  • Jakob Jäger
    Jakob Jäger Year ago

    I adore that jacket on you! ly

  • aryan malhotra
    aryan malhotra Year ago

    outfit omg. 😻 also the background really compliments your eyes ⭐

  • KGGB Vlogs
    KGGB Vlogs Year ago

    Is connor franta gay pls answer

  • NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll

    I farted and it stinks. I know I am alive, for I fart and other people react (recoil in disgust and place distance from me) to it, occasionally supplanted by human language remarks to me, expecting responses they would not receive from nonliving stimuli objects.

  • C Billerbeck
    C Billerbeck Year ago

    It's been 10 days already....

  • leony amanda
    leony amanda Year ago


  • Audrey Salt
    Audrey Salt Year ago

    I'm so lit right now. GAY as hell and spending my vacation in Nice, France. Glad to hear you're doing okay

  • Tristan Renae
    Tristan Renae Year ago

    Well I'm doing great actually. I'm friends with my ex boyfriend so that's doing okay. I've just been hanging out with my bestfriend and watching Netflix all day everyday while I'm home alone so it's better. I have future plans for like driving and babysitting and volunteering but that's not until later. So my life has been good. My emotions and my feelings are still a bit hurt from my past but I'm working on it. So I've been doing good

  • Kassidi Gourlay
    Kassidi Gourlay Year ago

    why werent you at Sam's wedding?

  • vanya mahdavi
    vanya mahdavi Year ago

    thank god ur alright.

  • Precious
    Precious Year ago +9

    his eyes are SO GREEN

  • Gracee Jade
    Gracee Jade Year ago

    i met you at the book signing in cincinnati and it was one of the best days ever!!

  • kate
    kate Year ago

    queen of doing things & that trendy green color lmao. last year was that pink this year is the exact greens in your background lol

  • Kboy Suga12
    Kboy Suga12 Year ago

    I bought the book! I'm from the UK!

  • Kelsey Dietrich
    Kelsey Dietrich Year ago

    it's summer, it's pride month, and it's Ramadan ❤️