🔪Building a Bushcraft Camp - Bushcraft Adventure - One With Nature and Alone

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
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Comments • 283

  • wally man
    wally man 4 days ago

    surprised Luke didn't break down his bench. Thought he was a "leave it like you found it" type of guy. . .

  • Boondocking Mainah's
    Boondocking Mainah's 4 days ago +1

    Great video Luke. Your bbq baked bean goulash looks good my friend

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee 9 days ago

    The bushcraft adventure is excellent, I wish I was able to even go camping but due to my wifes illnesses it's totally impossible. Those days of camping, hunting and fishing are over with I don't even have a chance to go to the shooting or the archery range. But as you say STRENGTH & HONOR.

  • Johnny Parrish
    Johnny Parrish 12 days ago

    happy to see you step up on the fallen tree and then step outward.
    so many times people just step over and there is mr. copperhead.

  • Todd DiNezza
    Todd DiNezza 13 days ago

    Hi Luke, Just wanted to say great job on this Bushcraft video! Really enjoyed watching it and seeing all of the deer that were around you and your campsite. Looking forward to seeing the next one. Strength & Honor!

  • Rosalinda Barkhof
    Rosalinda Barkhof 13 days ago

    Thank you for youre video's. Thanks to you i am starting to het my gear together. I have an allergy to spiders like others have for wasps. And now I know what to get. Thank you very much

  • David Lance
    David Lance 14 days ago

    The deer was a paid actor

  • Walter Cullars
    Walter Cullars 15 days ago

    New sub youtube. Good reviews. I went to camp Arrowhead, Tuxedo NC. as a kid. Dropped out of Boy Scouts. Didn't hunt much, then few years ago, I got the idea to hunt. Between 12 and 50, I never did outdoors. I think I missed out. Took the deer, and learned all I could from a friend from Michigan. He cut the ice to fish there every year. He lives in a slat board, has a real pioneer kind of life because he doesn't want bills. One trip with a friend as a kid took us to the AT trailhead Chattahoochee entrance. We heard it might rain. "Oh yeah, we have winter gear.. Sir." Both of us were lucky to meet professionals coming off the AT. We lived that night, but woke up under a layer of snow in our bags. That night, we slept up on a mountain logging road because roads were too bad. A three day turned into five. Yes, you can cook inside a "Pinto" hatchback, and sleep two people. Nice to meet you Luke. (Built adriondack from tree logs.) If you surf Camp Arrowhead... that's a great place! I learned to not fall out of trees on a rapel, and had a great time there. I'm near 60 now, and I want to go weekends nearby. Well, good wishes from Georgia.

  • Eric Howell
    Eric Howell 16 days ago

    Thanks man. That video was perfect for getting me through a 30 minute elliptical workout.

  • Mark Colyar
    Mark Colyar 18 days ago

    you need a dog bro!

  • Nathan 24
    Nathan 24 22 days ago +1

    Luke I wish I could come camping with you one day

  • TJ Ellis
    TJ Ellis 24 days ago

    I watch this channel and Primitive Technology....from my cubicle. I'm sad, yet entertained at the same time.
    Time to sell the wife and kids and move to the outdoors.

    CAMP CRAFTER 25 days ago

    If your camping does more harm than good you are not a bushcrafter .

      CAMP CRAFTER 25 days ago

      I believe this channel one of the best out there!

  • R1scorpio
    R1scorpio 25 days ago

    Hey boss, new subscriber, love your channel! What kind of knife you using in this vid?

    • R1scorpio
      R1scorpio 25 days ago

      Aaand just after posting this question you mentioned to email all questions lol. It's not that important lol.

  • Matt Reilly
    Matt Reilly 25 days ago

    Another adventure, another dope video. Nice job!

  • IamETOH
    IamETOH 26 days ago

    Awesome Luke ^^

  • Absolute Veteran
    Absolute Veteran 27 days ago +1

    You found a respectful way to mention that most YT bushcrafters are completely full of shit. Very tactful 👍😎

  • Sonny
    Sonny 28 days ago

    Go Vegan!

  • Bushcraft Adventures
    Bushcraft Adventures 29 days ago

    really u have Gear for 2 week

  • Bushcraft Adventures
    Bushcraft Adventures 29 days ago

    For only One Summer night u have build a Winter shelter ahahaha scared of open space when u sleep? Sorry for my bad english, but u r 'murican understand surelly.

  • Ut På Tur - Out Hiking

    Politics are fun.
    And lending, even if everyone does it, someone has to lnnd out. And they have to trust the lenders, somehow. If that trust is gone, the economy goes down the drain. Extensive lending is usually a precursor to economical breakdowns.
    But I guess our politicians, both left and right, *do* live from being able to claim that everything is going fine.

  • jason jackson
    jason jackson Month ago

    good vid m8

  • Locust Hill Outdoors

    I love my state. Born & raised here in Mason County, West Virginia . ( home of the mothman) lol

  • SammiM Dross
    SammiM Dross Month ago

    Beautiful video!!! Love that deer!!!This is why I love this channel -a little bit of everything! Bushcraft, camping, hiking, gear, cooking, add water meals, mre, the new truck, wife and family included...Thank you!!!

  • John Harvey
    John Harvey Month ago

    Hi Luke. UK viewer here, love the vids. I just wondered, what's your opinion people cutting down healthy young trees for no other reason other than they're in the way of their shelter set ups? Another guy who post's vids here on TVclip seems to hack merrily away almost every time he sets up camp. That can't be right surely?

  • bob esselstyn
    bob esselstyn Month ago

    good vid luke thanks for letting us join in

  • rob farris
    rob farris Month ago

    Theres nothing like camping in the rain. Love it.

  • donna loftin
    donna loftin Month ago

    You ROCK!!

  • westmeathguy
    westmeathguy Month ago

    Less talking is much more effective and interesting I find. Nice job and great camera work!

  • raynman67
    raynman67 Month ago

    Bam, you know when you watch these videos and you see a piece of gear you use @ 2:01 that Sven saw caught my eye immediately, love it 😍

  • Bill Mitchell
    Bill Mitchell Month ago

    Loved it. Like that bug tent.👍👍👍👊👊👊

    SWAMPHUNTER644 Month ago

    If you ever see any Hofmann hot dogs or coneys (white hots) try a package. Freeze them and bring some on your next trip. They go well in a bun with brown horseradish mustard and relish and onions or cut into chunks with beans. They are fully cooked but I would still bring them frozen to be safe. I don't think you will be disappointed. They are so popular in NYS that people who move out west ship them back on dry ice when they return to visit.

    SWAMPHUNTER644 Month ago

    Altho your rain shelter is ok for mild conditions, I would carry another blue tarp or plastic to protect your bug shelter from wind or sideways rain.

    SWAMPHUNTER644 Month ago

    I was taught in forestry school to cut the end of your axe or hatchet off square to prevent splitting when you tighten the head by tapping on the ground. Also when buying an axe or replacing a handle, pick one where the grain is running parallel to the head for a stronger handle, less likely to split.

    SWAMPHUNTER644 Month ago

    Your habit of stepping over a log in the trail without first checking it for a copperhead or coiled timber rattler on the other side is a good way to get a snakebite. I would be even more cautious if you are in known snake habitat: rocky crevices, overhangs, etc. with rocks in the trail. Be especially careful if the rock or log is bathed in sunlight. I would carry a hiking staff to explore such places.

  • Hatfield
    Hatfield Month ago

    Dude how can I reach you you say email what is your email

  • James Ellsworth
    James Ellsworth Month ago

    Thanks for taking us along on a great late-summer camp!

  • Augustus Gloop
    Augustus Gloop Month ago

    Can't wait for call fall and winter videos

  • MrLangDog
    MrLangDog Month ago

    Nice weather suited the content but...I was hoping it rained :):)

  • Tech Guy
    Tech Guy Month ago

    Looks like an old logging road where you camped.

  • P Hiser
    P Hiser Month ago

    it's good to see the hills of Va and WV. The baby birds - you did right. Nature, or life can be harsh.

  • Corné Gelderblom
    Corné Gelderblom Month ago

    Hey Luke, just to be able to sleep bug free I bought this mesh tent: www.ddhammocks.com/product/dd_a-frame_mesh_tent?from_cat=43
    There is also a tent that you can put over it, but I use my tarp to stay dry/warm(er)

    You ever had any DD Hammocks products to review? Great company, makes decent stuff for a decent price too!

  • Booz Boozy
    Booz Boozy Month ago

    I love everything you've said Bro and you're precise in every point. Learning a lot from you. Headlines are really funny. Great to see you on this Bushcraft video doing bushcraft skills. Very cool set up and perfect mini adventure. Thanks for this wonderful video.

  • Phil Ward
    Phil Ward Month ago

    you let dinner get away

  • Alaska Raft Connection - Alaska-BushRafter

    Good stuff Luke and nice camerawork. Curious what camera or cameras you are using. Also audio quality was very good... are you using an external mic or just going with what's integral to camera. Thanks.

  • Blacktahoe DMan
    Blacktahoe DMan Month ago

    Hey, what’s up Luke? Love your videos man, please make more camping videos with scary camp fire stories, my daughter loves your channel specially the special ghost hunt when you conducted EVPs on a down plane, and the ghost trail hiker.

  • Pro-gun/Freedom
    Pro-gun/Freedom Month ago

    Okay I don’t know who controls the adds but this left wing looney Harris better stop showing-up on any Channel period GOD BLESS AMERICA 🙏🏻

  • GadgetClerk
    GadgetClerk Month ago

    What did you name the new truck?

  • Buffalo Berger
    Buffalo Berger Month ago

    Awsome camp. I liked your cook kit seems I've had one .

  • Yovan Leonardo
    Yovan Leonardo Month ago +1

    great camera and lens,and great editing too, love this new style..thanks luke! awesome!

  • MrDrProfBada55
    MrDrProfBada55 Month ago

    Really liked the new style you used for filming the setting up of your camp - almost like bushcraft ASMR haha. Inspiring me to get out there and do the same! Great vid Luke, keep up the good work.

  • James Stoney
    James Stoney Month ago

    Hello Luke,
    Have you ever hiked/camped Brown Mountain, North Carolina and seen the lights?
    That might be an "interesting" couple of days and a great video!

  • james weiser
    james weiser Month ago

    I frel ya on the spiders. 🕷😖

  • Timanator
    Timanator Month ago

    Damn you ate that entire tray?

  • totally random
    totally random Month ago

    Im a nc man myself i really enjoy your videos

  • totally random
    totally random Month ago


  • Sloanirrigation
    Sloanirrigation Month ago

    Where is this? And where's your Skrama?

  • TAFF ward - davies
    TAFF ward - davies Month ago

    Great video, thanks.

    W ALKERONE Month ago

    Great vid Luke. Something seemed different though....in a good way....maybe just the feeling of serenity. A lot of just viewing. I liked that.

  • B5RS4
    B5RS4 Month ago

    Hey luke. use the anker powerhouse 200 while camping on LWM. Excellent vids! Greeting from CHI!