Rachel Nichols: It would be a 'gamble' if Celtics traded for Kawhi Leonard | The Jump | ESPN

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
  • Rachel Nichols joins The Jump and asks if the Boston Celtics are really the best destination for Kawhi Leonard next season, saying it would be a "gamble" for them to trade assets for him.
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Comments • 556

  • The COACH
    The COACH 9 months ago

    Lebron to Spurs Kawhi stay and they win championship

  • packers12to80
    packers12to80 9 months ago

    Boston doesn't need 2 do anything or add anyone , kyrie and Hayward would have got them into the finals easily last season

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Kawhi needs to man up and say if he wants to leave. Go Spurs!

  • baddestone147
    baddestone147 9 months ago

    Lowkey Ramona was looking good today:)

  • B
    B 9 months ago

    he said she said...

    THA KID SB 9 months ago

    okay everyone likes rachel nichols but these half the video intros are a bit much... im at the point where I just skip to half the video so I can actually get an answer to the questions...

  • J.R Give Me Your Ring
    J.R Give Me Your Ring 9 months ago

    Kawhi Leonard is a pussy!

  • Inquisitve m
    Inquisitve m 9 months ago

    kawhi might end up like being in boston and sign a long term deal

  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper 9 months ago

    The uncle didn't want the meeting, he was afraid that Popovich would be able to fix things, and he will loose the money agreed with the Lakers

  • Joel Walker
    Joel Walker 9 months ago

    I would not want to keep a player that was not loyal and wants to join a literal nobody team regardless of chances of superstars eventually joining. Its like Kawhi and his just as goofy uncle dont know Kobe retired.

  • Edwin Merced
    Edwin Merced 9 months ago +1

    Rachel is super hot

  • bob brown
    bob brown 9 months ago

    I take a ring over jaylen brown skarrryyy teeeeerrrrrrryyyyy and some draft picks.

  • Keyz Smith
    Keyz Smith 9 months ago

    Fact: kawhi Leonard is not going anywhere he said he will resign with the spurs and this is fake news once again

  • Jim Bertido
    Jim Bertido 9 months ago +1

    If I'm Boston the only person I'm trading for is AD. I'd offer Brown, Horford, Kings & other picks for AD. Tatum is untouchable. Celts could enough to win a title now with their current lineup.

  • Shin Yokoyama
    Shin Yokoyama 9 months ago

    The jump is so much better then watching Nick Wright and the MAX,s of the world. And the Jump has Rachel She at least thinks what she says and is not blinded by bron and she is alot hotter then those two fools,dont get me wrong bron is great but not a perfect cant do no wrong GOD. And she has a good point about Kawai and if he wants to be a lakes his home town and he can get bron and PG the on top of it why would he stay with the celtics.

  • The Hoop Lab
    The Hoop Lab 9 months ago

    boston could win it all if their players are fully healthy.

  • Edgarr Segura
    Edgarr Segura 9 months ago

    Trade him for a second round in 2025

  • Michael Solis
    Michael Solis 9 months ago

    Hot, hot, hot!

  • Michael Eastman
    Michael Eastman 9 months ago

    her arm looks like a fat baby's stomach.

  • M Westen
    M Westen 9 months ago

    I get Kawhi wants to be in LA, it's more about the city than the team but with that what makes Kawhi think that the Lakers wouldn't handle in future injuries the same and if he's so bent hurt about Parkers comments, LA is more of an outspoken team like that the players that went at each other this year (Ball & Kuzma rapping) and the 2 that went out each other last year I forgot their names, the rookie I think it was had to be shipped out I think it was Russell

    SSA INVINCIBLEx 9 months ago

    Kobe needs to come out of retirement and come off the bench for 20 minutes a game

  • freshfade28
    freshfade28 9 months ago

    I think the more important issue is how Leonard is handling this situation. No matter how talented he is, as an organization I wouldn't want someone on my team who conducts his business this way. I'll pass

  • A-Maq
    A-Maq 9 months ago

    The C should trade for the 3rd pick then pick Bamba but who will they give up? Its either Tatum or Brown or maybe Hayward and Rozier for 3rd and 19th pick. I know its a risk but they have to give up one SF
    PG Irving
    SG Smart
    SF Brown/Tatum
    PF Horford " Natural Position"
    C Bamba
    Because I know Coach Stevens will turn Bamba into a Defensive beast.

  • Make Earth Great Again
    Make Earth Great Again 9 months ago

    I really want to know what tf the spurs did to kawhi 😂😂 who hurt you bro ??

  • Micah Hammond
    Micah Hammond 9 months ago +1

    Like if she talk to much

  • The007FMG
    The007FMG 9 months ago

    Wow... klaw you need new confidants

  • Joseph Noël
    Joseph Noël 9 months ago +1

    Why would the celtics give up jaylen brown for a 1 year rental?

  • Joshua Symons
    Joshua Symons 9 months ago

    Trade Kyrie for Kawhi.. then trade for AD release cap for Lebron... Warriors will get destroyed

  • Sibzi Also him
    Sibzi Also him 9 months ago

    Boston got a great coach im sure kawhi will play at the same level before he got injured.

  • David Charo Jr
    David Charo Jr 9 months ago

    Trying to guess what Pop is thinking is like crazy. It is the topic, but better to wait and see what Kawhi wants. Calm down everyone!

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes 9 months ago

    trade kawhi to pheonix give me devin booker. josh jackson & a pick

  • youngnebula187
    youngnebula187 9 months ago +1

    First of all Rachael looking good as usual 😍👌, My Opinion Spurs need Boston more than Celtics need the Spurs but Kyrie wants to be an Spur so lets see what happens....🤔

  • Thamor
    Thamor 9 months ago

    Grow balls Kahwi, this season shit news was about Kahwi being this kind of personality. Hope my team will always steer away from this kind of drama queen.

  • T Will
    T Will 9 months ago

    Ramona you so dumb. According to you, the Spurs have to acknowlege and apologize to Kawhi for telling us the truth about why Kawhi was missing. As a Spurs fan, Im glad the Spurs did everything they could to keep us informed about Kawhi. If Kawhi got his feelings hurt then too bad, Kawhi and his group should have came out and told us season ticket holder Spurs fans what was going on.

  • Keyon Webb
    Keyon Webb 9 months ago

    The Kawhi/Pop pic was dope🔥🔥🔥 Like a Top Rated Horror movie😂

  • T Will
    T Will 9 months ago

    All these teams wanting Kawhi but his value is so low right now cause he is injury prone. Kawhi messed himself up by pointing out the Lakers as his team of choice bringing his value way down. Thank your uncle and great advisor for that Kawhi!

  • Ricardo Rivera
    Ricardo Rivera 9 months ago

    Trade that clown from a no name to a somebody now you want to leave go!!!!!!!

  • Shae Micah
    Shae Micah 9 months ago

    "I don't think anything in the NBA is irreparable"??? Wtf!? Whose man is this? Did he just start watching basketball? 😂😂😂

  • Shae Micah
    Shae Micah 9 months ago

    Hey Shelbourne...fat ass...Kawhi isn't staying in San Antonio...fuck outta here you dumb bitch

  • Virgil Joshua
    Virgil Joshua 9 months ago

    I hope the Celtics do trade for Kawhi Leonard and take this distraction away from the Lakers. I'm more intrigued to see the Lakers youth movement continue to grow rather than seeing this whole Lebron circus and forming a superteam with the Lakers. By the time the Lakers youth movements reaches maturity, it will time perfectly with the Warriors superteam no longer being around. Let the Warriors win a few more championships and then the Lakers youth can rise at the right time after that.

  • Sterling M
    Sterling M 9 months ago

    Boston should trade Kyrie and a piece for AD.

  • tyrone bates
    tyrone bates 9 months ago

    Why work to keep someone who don't want to be kept? He's a top 5 player but, he just doesn't want to be there.

  • MySportsReviews
    MySportsReviews 9 months ago

    Wrong word choice, it would be "stupid" if my team traded for him, knowing he wants to be in LA. If I'm any team other than the Lakers, don't make any move, you'll be getting finessed next summer when he leaves & while your assets are on another team, facts.

  • DrJ
    DrJ 9 months ago

    Bucks should trade their whole team for Kawhi, all but Gainnis. And if somehow get Devin Booker and Kyrie Irving! And if the could keep Maker, what a starting 5!

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones 9 months ago

    No shit Rachel, you dumb bitch

  • Ayititunes
    Ayititunes 9 months ago

    Please come to okc kawhi!!! Presti get rid of westbrook and carmelo

  • quantae06
    quantae06 9 months ago

    Don't trade him to a West team. Be smart San Antonio!! Wait until the trade deadline to make a decision.

  • Mabsss33
    Mabsss33 9 months ago

    Kawhi uncle like "yo get me paid nigga"

  • agnobayis enalemis
    agnobayis enalemis 9 months ago

    The Clippers must be regretting trading Blake now..A trade package centered around him for Kahwi wouldve been great..

  • Tre Day
    Tre Day 9 months ago

    Rachel can get it

  • Cedric Barrey
    Cedric Barrey 9 months ago

    Send him to Phoenix or Sacramento . That would teach him a lesson .

  • Josesp92
    Josesp92 9 months ago +3

    Rachel Nichols I love you 😘😍

  • Tomaz Erzen
    Tomaz Erzen 9 months ago

    Kawhi will never again put on a Spurs Jersey.. he is out of there and was planning this since the argument over his injury..And Pop will never concede to sign him on a super max ..These journalists are as always clueless.

  • Phumpetch Roumjit
    Phumpetch Roumjit 9 months ago

    Rachel you are sexy

  • Gseric47
    Gseric47 9 months ago

    I honestly can't think of anyone that would fit with the Spurs right now on the Celtics. The guys in San Antonio are meshing very well...

  • Michael Direnzo
    Michael Direnzo 9 months ago

    You out yo mind if you think Ainge is trading Tatum and high draft picks for a 1 year rental that quit on his team.Nope not happening. Leonard will end up in the BIG city of LA with his BIG "I'm Quitting and taking my ball home" attitude

  • Ron Vill
    Ron Vill 9 months ago

    Boston doesn't need Kawaii

  • tcdahn7
    tcdahn7 9 months ago

    Rachel Nichols is awful

  • docfan29eastflat
    docfan29eastflat 9 months ago

    Ramona shelborne and Kevin Arnovitz...2 people with real insight on the mindsight of a 26 year old black athlete with cornrolls.

  • pauljohn0001
    pauljohn0001 9 months ago

    Tony Parker needs to go that would make kawhi a little happy n Tony Parker needs to understand it about wining business part of the NBA

  • thrillhouse
    thrillhouse 9 months ago

    Lunch lady arms < busty cleavage

  • Andy Velasquez
    Andy Velasquez 9 months ago

    We don't want Kawhi he's not loyal!!! We good with Tatum!!!

  • willie williams
    willie williams 9 months ago

    Lady's and Gentlemen.....and You too Haters.....
    The Lakers....Cowboys and Yankees are the Premier teams in their Sports..
    Oficinados of Sports knows the NBA isn't the same without the Lakers being in Hunt for that Chip..
    The Lakers take care of their players...Past and Present...the u r fingerprints are All over the NBA..
    Lue..drafted by the Lakers is coaching....Walton...drafted by the Lakers is coaching...Magic...drafted by the Lakers...part owner of the Dodgers and Sparks..successful businessman..
    Jerry West...successful everywhere he has been....Lakers...Memphis...GSW..
    Shaq....Broadcasting...Pat Ripley...Running the Miami Heat....
    Kobe...Commentating...Winning an Oscar...and the List goes on..
    What other franchise can claim that?

  • Donn Lester Regalado
    Donn Lester Regalado 9 months ago

    N h

  • Nana Gyambibi
    Nana Gyambibi 9 months ago

    I like Kawhi and I hear the rumors of AD but the Celtics better stay like they are and go for it next year. No need to break this team up. You get Kyrie and Hayward back. I know teams like "star guys" but this depth that the Celtics have going into next year can take out the Warriors.

  • StarScream4434
    StarScream4434 9 months ago

    Let me go to BOS and play under Danny Ainge. You know the guy who had IT play hurt and then flipped him for Kyrie. Kyrie you know the guy they tried to package to get you at the trade deadline. The guy who will flip you for Anthony Davis in a two years. Ya let me go there

  • will M
    will M 9 months ago

    Forget about a trade. Celtics for life.

  • dave m
    dave m 9 months ago

    Rachel will be 60 one day and still look good.

  • DomJX
    DomJX 9 months ago


  • J Mendez
    J Mendez 9 months ago

    The guy is a sensitve diva i hope celtics dont trade 4 him

  • Dale Trinihooper Austin

    The media is irritating me when they call players rentals. These guys are great athletes that put everything on the line each night to win basketball games their humans not commodity chips. Kawhi is special, all he wants to do is hoop, strive to be great, & win championships. This drama with Kawhi & the Spurs will end badly unfortunately, but somethings don't have a great ending. The business side of basketball is a shady game.

  • Danny Blau
    Danny Blau 9 months ago

    I keep harping on this to people, but they have mismanaged him injury wise dating back to the conference finals against GS. He had missed a game in the Prior series due his ankle. Everyone wants to hate on Pachulia, but ignore the fact that literally about 2 minutes before that incident.....he twisted the same ankle he had hurt prior and then hurt in the play with Pachulia bad enough that he couldn't stand for awhile and had to stop the game. They had a 20 point lead and didn't take advantage of having a lead and taking him out of the game to at least evaluate him properly. He essentially just stayed in on a bad ankle when he could have been getting rest anyway with a 20 point lead and then the pachulia thing happens and he was done done. I thought it was pretty crazy real time when it happened and it makes it very believable that they are capable of misdiagnosing an injury. Besides, it's not like a medical staff on a team misdiagnosing hasn't happened before. It has seemingly happened at some point to almost every team in sports no matter how good they are.

  • Jesse el GATO
    Jesse el GATO 9 months ago

    lol she said agenda... Coming from an espn reporter

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 9 months ago

    Black players don't want to play in racist Boston. Kyrie Irving has been there a year and already wants out. The only All Star free agent they ever signed was white Gordon Hayward.

  • Andre Pavlik
    Andre Pavlik 9 months ago

    Celtics fans keep saying that with Kyrie and Hayward healthy they have a chance against the warriors. Guys, chill. Hayward got injured in the first game so we don’t even know what has value or impact is on the team and relative to the other players. How would his 30 Plus minutes playing impacted the development of the Celtics rookies, we don’t know, this factor applies to the Kyrie injury. I would argue that the Celtics actually got better as a team when Kyrie was out of the lineup. His absence opened up their chemistry and rookie development to the point that now all of you Celtics cock suckers are screaming “don’t trade Tatum, Brown and Rozier”!!!

  • Jordan Thompson
    Jordan Thompson 9 months ago

    Aye Rimona losing weight?, looking good

  • Groovy K
    Groovy K 9 months ago

    Spurs should trade him to Phoenix for their picks and devin booker

  • Tbksrk99
    Tbksrk99 9 months ago +1

    no team gonna beat the Warriors next year... Prepare for the F5

  • GunR
    GunR 9 months ago

    what if kawhi goes to OKC for melo and some other niggas, and Pop turns melo into the greatest player

  • KPspeaks FACTS
    KPspeaks FACTS 9 months ago +2

    Ramona has the perfect face for radio

  • TheKingJason3
    TheKingJason3 9 months ago

    0:28 That Kawhi graphic gave me OCD because Lonzo is #2.

  • Jamii Tata
    Jamii Tata 9 months ago

    Am I the one who saw Kawhi pictured in Lonzo's jersey number?

  • Jerald Vincent Zumel
    Jerald Vincent Zumel 9 months ago

    Trade him to GSW for the sole purpose of breaking that core. Imagine, who would GSW offer to get Kawhi? Draymond and Klay + a draft pick? Long shot, KD and Javale? We wouldnt know.
    If I'm Pop, I'd call GSW just to see who they would offer. If they offer 2 of their 4 all stars, then I'd say take it.

  • Red Yet25
    Red Yet25 9 months ago

    Why do people think you can just throw lots of money at kawahi and everything will be good. The dude clearly doesn't want the money if he's dodging your calls and you had to go out there just to meet with him

  • Roberto Sanchez
    Roberto Sanchez 9 months ago

    Kawai Lenard going to find out how hard it is to learn a whole new system. Players will be all over his ass on the court. No one in the Lakers to keep Kawai opean like the Spurs can........

  • Eric Yip
    Eric Yip 9 months ago

    there's nothing wrong about the handling of his fake Injury. He just quit on his team and try to get to LA

  • Lifes Good
    Lifes Good 9 months ago

    Humans = Assets

  • Stephen B. Smith
    Stephen B. Smith 9 months ago

    Rachel, that top isnt low enough. Let those puppies loose

  • Guest Useraccount
    Guest Useraccount 9 months ago

    I would trade for Rachel Nichols. She pretty. Never mind Kawhi.

  • Will Play Tennis For Food

    I wasn't in on the issue....I was glued on Rachel's tits!

  • Santiago Mendoza
    Santiago Mendoza 9 months ago

    Ok are they always gonna use that lamarcus aldridge story lol

  • Saint Aubyn
    Saint Aubyn 9 months ago

    Great monologue from Rachal

  • mark gerard madarang
    mark gerard madarang 9 months ago

    How does kawhi pull this off? If the spurs dont trade him to the lakers and the lakers sign 2 max free agents this year, the lakers dont have enough cap room to sign him next year. He'd have to loose so much money

  • muadhnate
    muadhnate 9 months ago

    Photoshop skills are being upgraded. 😂

  • selwyn gonzales
    selwyn gonzales 9 months ago

    Why bring up Kobe, everyone knew Kobe was never serious about the trade request smh

  • Astor Wainwright
    Astor Wainwright 9 months ago

    Duncan gone, Manu and TP might be going soon, Kawhi leaving, Pop might retire in 3 years, this is too difficult for me, suddenly SA becoming Sacramento

  • Life•Iz• Hektic#1
    Life•Iz• Hektic#1 9 months ago

    He wants to be in the West, Lakers! It's a wrap!!

  • Big Worm
    Big Worm 9 months ago

    Do the carpets match the drapes tho.

  • Arc Sabre
    Arc Sabre 9 months ago

    Celtics not trading for Kawhi. Book it!

  • LA Vin
    LA Vin 9 months ago +2

    who is hotter?..Nichols or Ledlow???