Cody's Radioactive Box

  • Published on Mar 31, 2016
  • I show what is currently inside my radioactive materials collection.

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  • Ryan Okubo
    Ryan Okubo 5 days ago

    How heavy is that box anyway?

  • Victor Pérez Villar

    Half of hour to do this video at mean rate of 100 mSv/h you received a big amount of radioactive dose. Be careful

  • PC Principal
    PC Principal 9 days ago

    They use tritium for pistol sights

  • Severity One
    Severity One 10 days ago

    Casually mentions that he's going to build a fusion reactor.
    US power sockets are funny, though. They look like a (pardon the pun) shocked face.

  • Rev Rav
    Rev Rav 15 days ago

    Only cody keeps radioactive material in a box.

  • Bob Macadu
    Bob Macadu 15 days ago

    How heavy is that box?

  • bormisha
    bormisha 16 days ago

    That's not an x ray image, that's a gamma ray image!

  • Joseph Pentony
    Joseph Pentony 19 days ago

    You should make it out of lead

  • rotaryskratch
    rotaryskratch 20 days ago

    Did you just contaminate that countertop?

    • Jarynn
      Jarynn 15 days ago

      He left everything in the containers. Radiation itself cant accumulate. Radiation leaks are dangerous because of material escaping containment and creating radiation where it isnt supposed to. So no, the countertop is fine.

  • Юрий Фатум
    Юрий Фатум 23 days ago

    А в России школьника ФСБ довело до самоубийства за безобидные опыты(

  • Justas FBL
    Justas FBL 24 days ago

    Im more interested now how much those tritium rods cost xD

  • geministar
    geministar 25 days ago

    Wouldnt all those CPMs tear his DNA apart?

  • CanDyPoiSon
    CanDyPoiSon 26 days ago

    If I lick that uranium ore will I be superman ?

  • Jacob Peacy
    Jacob Peacy 27 days ago

    still waiting for that fusion reactor

  • Bryan Haley
    Bryan Haley 27 days ago

    Well, at least now you know your Geiger counter stores the value in sixteen bits :v

  • Peter Schmidt
    Peter Schmidt 27 days ago

    If you take a normal CMOS-based webcam (so basically any cheap one) and remove all the lenses you should be able to detect alpha, beta, and gamma particles. The lens can often block the alpha and beta particles.
    Since the events are very fast, you want to set the exposure to be pretty short, so the camera gets a better frame rate. Not all cameras let you change this, though.

  • Honey badger Fearless
    Honey badger Fearless 28 days ago

    Omg 😲 now there’s the people they should keep eye😳 not unimportant poor kids 😂😂😂🤣🤣😱😱🤭 the National homeland security are so miss led 😂

    TONY LARIOS 29 days ago

    All I could see were the arrows but no particles and couldn’t see the fork’s x-ray either.

  • Dylan Bullock
    Dylan Bullock Month ago

    why the fuck does he have these radioactive rocks open and in his house

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 27 days ago

      Because he knows and understands how to deal with the material :)

  • dylan animations
    dylan animations Month ago

    If i had all of that i'll probably have radiation sickness now and die of cancer! :)

  • Bluecore
    Bluecore Month ago

    This video cured my cancer.

  • Draggy654
    Draggy654 Month ago

    Thats one strong box to hold that lead

  • your nightmare
    your nightmare Month ago


  • Camel likes flannels

    The green rock from your grandpas collection is a piece of the glassy layer above the first nuclear test site. It’s got that classic radioactive green color to it. Look it up, because tbh I don’t know much about it.

  • ochi ghozi
    ochi ghozi Month ago

    Are you planning to make a nuclear battery???

  • YouuTube ReD
    YouuTube ReD Month ago

    reminds me of fallout 4 a lot

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Cody, you should totally try radiation breeding some new plants! it would make for a fascinating series.

  • Ted Bundy
    Ted Bundy Month ago

    I wonder how many watch lists you are on lmfao

  • Felix Gunstone
    Felix Gunstone Month ago

    Cody, this is genuinely worrying! Your basically sacrificing your life for this! Radiation is no joke! You may not have been around it for long, but you will probably get lasting effects! Cancers for certain I would expect!!

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 27 days ago

      I recommend you to read up on how much radiation the human body can handle.
      Cody isn't putting himself in any considerable danger here, don't worry about it.

  • Felix Gunstone
    Felix Gunstone Month ago

    Your Geiger counter wants to kill itself, it seems to me

  • Felix Gunstone
    Felix Gunstone Month ago


  • thanks
    thanks Month ago

    put the ionizing material inside a Leyden Jar with a vacuum inside it. the leyden jar will self charge over time. more efficiently. Nuclear Capacitor. good experiment and educational.

  • Im Lost
    Im Lost Month ago

    when I goto college im going to study chemistry and astrophysics

  • BrennenJames
    BrennenJames Month ago

    Where do you even get uranium?

  • Andrea Vazquez
    Andrea Vazquez Month ago

    you are so nuts i i love it

  • Banana eatingmonkey
    Banana eatingmonkey 2 months ago

    Love how he places all this radioactive stuff onto the kitchen counter where foods

  • F34R Gridlock
    F34R Gridlock 2 months ago

    Still waiting on that lead container video.

  • Jesus Trump
    Jesus Trump 2 months ago

    Works with uranium and is fine, gets wasted by a piece a butter

  • Spencer Hansen
    Spencer Hansen 2 months ago +1

    You bought these on EBAY???

  • Anupam Lall
    Anupam Lall 2 months ago

    U gonna get ass cancer

  • Gion Uein
    Gion Uein 2 months ago

    That ending music rocks! Neeeneneneneeeeeee leeeleleeepepepepeeee

  • Mesa Muratovic
    Mesa Muratovic 2 months ago

    How are you not geting cancer

  • EDG
    EDG 2 months ago

    You should get some Thorite, it contains quite alot of thorium

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson 2 months ago

    Not very safe glow Sticks there dude

  • TrituruS
    TrituruS 2 months ago

    Those rocks are almost as big as the tumors you are gonna have

  • Ryan Root
    Ryan Root 2 months ago

    bye Cody...

  • lauren Trahan
    lauren Trahan 2 months ago

    Uranium fever

  • A Kommentár Xiszó
    A Kommentár Xiszó 2 months ago

    The geiger will die at some point... after making uranium... over 60k counts ffs xD...

  • Erfan Samandarian
    Erfan Samandarian 2 months ago +1

    New video: Why I’m becoming a sperm whale.

  • InfinityArch
    InfinityArch 2 months ago

    >Highly radioactive materials
    >Only stored in ZipLoc bags and a cardboard box

  • Karl Hall
    Karl Hall 2 months ago

    absolute mad lad

  • Allan Hodgson
    Allan Hodgson 2 months ago

    Be cautious about using lead shielding with beta emitters. When a beta particle interacts with a dense metal such as lead it can create X-rays. This could be why at the beginning you were getting such a high reading when measuring on the top of the lead.

  • Dani Paunov
    Dani Paunov 2 months ago

    I feel like your Geiger Counter is using an unsigned 16 bit variable to track the CPM and so it overflows back to 0 once it reaches 65536. Could be wrong

  • Jacob jacoby
    Jacob jacoby 2 months ago

    Pretty sure a fusion reactor is what doc oc was trying to build when spiderman kicked his ass

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 27 days ago

      Doc oc was building a fantasy nonsense reactor :p

  • Gabriel Alvarado
    Gabriel Alvarado 2 months ago

    Like how much radiation where you exposed to with all of the video; and how much time could you be exposed to the uranium before you could start feeling sick or even get cancer or something? Like you're videos 👍🏻👍🏻

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 27 days ago

      Doing some wild approximations, if he held all these rocks tight to his body for an entire hour, he could receive in the order of 3-4 sieverts worth of damage - which is potentially lethal.
      1 - He used protective gloves
      2 - The materials were far away from his body
      3 - The materials were mostly in the box
      4 - He didn't stand around for an hour
      These steps reduce the damage received by A LOT. Probably in the order of tens of millisieverts instead.

  • Pugz4Life
    Pugz4Life 2 months ago


  • Kris Radford
    Kris Radford 2 months ago

    Next time on cody`s lab ... how to build a homemade nuclear bomb in you radioactive shed!!

  • Kris Radford
    Kris Radford 2 months ago

    Now his shed will be radioactive for the next 2000 years

  • Ormarion 974
    Ormarion 974 2 months ago

    RIP grandpa

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker 2 months ago

    If Cody doesn't turn into the Hulk someday I'm unsubscribing.

  • Ethan Li
    Ethan Li 3 months ago

    Can you burn a thorium mantle and film it on youtube for me? I am very excitrd to find out. Thanks

  • Lalremruata Colney
    Lalremruata Colney 3 months ago

    Use that tritium to build what dr octopus build in spiderman 2

  • john19050
    john19050 3 months ago

    Cody's Radioactive Bollocks more like

  • Darth Globe
    Darth Globe 3 months ago

    I just found your channel today. Just don't become Marie Curie!!😂😂😂
    Live long and prosper

  • The Power of Electricity


  • Blowitup1991
    Blowitup1991 3 months ago

    i've seen a video from bionerd23 a while ago about a working geiger counter app that used the flashes on the foto detector for counting

  • cl8ff
    cl8ff 3 months ago

    can you see specks of light while looking inside that box in a dark room?

  • NL-PROgamer
    NL-PROgamer 3 months ago

    Umm Ur not dead Jet

  • granskare
    granskare 3 months ago

    we used to have these shoe things that we could look into and see our toe bones :)

  • Ryan Lynch
    Ryan Lynch 3 months ago

    why is the tritium so much more radioactive but doesn't show up on the counter?

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 27 days ago

      Because there's so little of it :)

  • Ben Lavine
    Ben Lavine 3 months ago

    you should change your last name to Slab

  • Are you Serious ?
    Are you Serious ? 3 months ago

    Codey wants to get cancer but doesn't know how to ..

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 3 months ago +1

    ....I need to know what a radio active lab is....

  • Mittens
    Mittens 3 months ago

    No matter what video it is he always ends up pouring some sort of acid into a beaker

  • Holly boop
    Holly boop 3 months ago

    NOT neat at all

  • Kristóf Szilvási
    Kristóf Szilvási 4 months ago

    How much uSieverts are in a Sievert?

  • Kony Stark
    Kony Stark 4 months ago

    cody was found with a suicide note and a self inflicted gunshot wound in the back of his head

  • Ryan's animals
    Ryan's animals 4 months ago

    You should do a Geiger counter video

  • starbuckwhy
    starbuckwhy 4 months ago

    i am interested in doing mutation breeding in plants, corn specificaley, but a couple of other plants too.
    i will eventualey try using a little x-ray tube in a cement box, but in the mean time i am wondering if there are any other ways of causeing radiation or chemical mutation in plants without to much risk to my self?
    is there anything "over the counter" so to speak that might do the trick?
    my chemistry knoledge is pretty limited unfortunatley, so i probabley can't dafley pull off anything to advanced...
    any sugestions would be apreciated. thanks.
    love the chanell.

  • J Bolo
    J Bolo 4 months ago +2

    Coach sunglasses are radioactive???? Well, i know what I'm getting my ex-wife for Christmas 😉

  • Tanzimul Emam
    Tanzimul Emam 4 months ago

    *opens up case with most radioactive thing he has*
    an ugly hairline appears and instantly destroys the universe

  • Sullyvan
    Sullyvan 4 months ago

    Jesus Christ that’s the most uranium I’ve ever seen.

  • Isaiah Higgins
    Isaiah Higgins 4 months ago +1

    When copious amounts of lead make it safer, you know it's dangerous

  • Creation La
    Creation La 4 months ago

    Dude you are fucking crazy. You have uranium in your House. 😄👍🏻

  • Claiming Herald
    Claiming Herald 4 months ago +1

    I didn’t think that this was legal, but alright

  • Fap Crafter
    Fap Crafter 4 months ago

    youu' re going to die maybe

  • Sylas Wojciechowski
    Sylas Wojciechowski 4 months ago

    Most radioactive glowstick

  • nzoomed
    nzoomed 4 months ago +1

    Did i hear him say FUSION REACTOR????

    • patrick nepton
      patrick nepton 3 months ago

      crazy right lolll here i was thinking bout building a pond ....

  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C 4 months ago +1

    Cody, stop touching the damn things :D you can explain without fingering them :D

  • mercurywoodrose
    mercurywoodrose 4 months ago +1

    he's not under surveillance. he probably advises the NSA on how to track materials for a dirty bomb. he's a grown up boy scout with a chemistry set.

  • mercurywoodrose
    mercurywoodrose 4 months ago +1

    "these i will likely use in my fusion reactor which i will eventually build". very funny!

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 27 days ago

      Building a fusion reactor isn't that amazing. Building one that can sustain itself is.

  • Albaraa Thunder
    Albaraa Thunder 4 months ago +1

    if i got uranium i would die form it or build a bomb killing my self in the presses ;(

  • Bruni
    Bruni 4 months ago

    Cody if you can build a fusion reactor at home, by yourself you are a god among men. I think even Odin himself would require some help provided he didn't use the magic of the runes

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 27 days ago

      Building a fusion reactor isn't that amazing. Building one that can sustain itself is.

  • Guillaume Drolet
    Guillaume Drolet 4 months ago

    can we have more info on that fusion reactor project? you really did say that so casually

  • Erin Asadourian
    Erin Asadourian 4 months ago

    How do exactly ship a radio active substance?

  • Speedload 285
    Speedload 285 4 months ago

    Damn that's cool man, little bit like a mad scientist but it still cool :) AMAZING!!!

  • Felix Gunstone
    Felix Gunstone 4 months ago

    If you create a fusion reactor, can I be your Protegé?

  • Felix Gunstone
    Felix Gunstone 4 months ago +1

    Cody. We will remember you

  • Felix Gunstone
    Felix Gunstone 4 months ago

    Yep. I’m being watched by the NSA still. This isn’t helping my alibi for why I’m handling potentially explosive materials

  • WormholeJim
    WormholeJim 4 months ago

    I think I may have become radiated some from watching this vid. The big chunk, then one consisting of 50% uranium and making your geiger counter start over counting because the Measurement surpassed the amount it was able to tell. Twice. That chunk, it polarized my glasses and made my fillings screech. Please don't handle that thing in your house, man.