Glass Explosion at 343,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jul 17, 2016
  • Gav and Dan film their slowest video yet. It's so slow, it's almost like looking at an entirely different plane of existence. DO NOT TRY AT HOME.
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    Glass explosion at 343,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys
    Filmed between 28000 and 343000fps with the Phantom v2511
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  • Pablo Abugo
    Pablo Abugo 22 hours ago

    Do you ever stop to think that... Yeah, you can. But should you?

  • Forqotenn
    Forqotenn Day ago

    Wait If This Is 343,000 FPS
    Then Don't We Want 0 FPS xDDD

  • Harvell Kids
    Harvell Kids Day ago


  • The Old Toy Freddy
    The Old Toy Freddy 3 days ago


  • 1
    1 3 days ago +1

    i showing this video made option speed 0.25

  • MaximumEfficiency
    MaximumEfficiency 5 days ago

    get to the point!

  • TL: Tiny Living
    TL: Tiny Living 6 days ago

    I'd love to see slow mo of the hot glass going thru the tarp.

  • 21-0RIDER
    21-0RIDER 6 days ago

    They actually posted the entire 19 hrs in the 2nd channel

  • Aiden Holloway
    Aiden Holloway 7 days ago

    2:17 watch this at 0,25 speed

  • The AwesomeRCMinecrafter


  • Misael Aguilar
    Misael Aguilar 8 days ago

    00:25 hi five... ok no!!!

  • IRJustman
    IRJustman 8 days ago

    At the 5'00" mark, I thought something bad happened outside. Turns out it was the slowed-down sound of the glass shattering in my headphones. Not loud; just a little alarming only because I wasn't expecting it.

  • Endy
    Endy 9 days ago

    because 38 degrees is sooooooo hot.... (I'm Floridian)

  • jaacк шayиё мacy

    the glass cracks move at 30,000 mph

  • Jamie Carver
    Jamie Carver 9 days ago

    we should find a v500K in 2022 LOL

  • Luka Rehorić
    Luka Rehorić 9 days ago

    the handle explosion reminds me of prince ruperts drop

  • Ghost 123
    Ghost 123 9 days ago

    7:30 oh my god this is like slow motion in X men films with quiksilver😱

  • Brett B.
    Brett B. 9 days ago

    I think cracks travel so fast through glass because of its density. Generally, with the correct properties, the more dense a material is, the faster such can happen through it. What do you think?

  • jeremy hamlyn
    jeremy hamlyn 12 days ago

    Can you calculate the speed of the leading edge of one of the cracks...

  • HayaGura
    HayaGura 12 days ago

    When your going to stop a train in gta 5 be like

  • ImfamousWarrior
    ImfamousWarrior 13 days ago

    “I’m too COOL to shatter.”
    “Couldn’t HANDLE it.”

  • Manuel Marshall
    Manuel Marshall 13 days ago

    4:43 gavin shirt is from roster teath

    • Robin
      Robin 12 days ago

      No kidding, he works there

  • Noe Simon
    Noe Simon 14 days ago

    Super duper extremo bananza

  • Fandi Gaming
    Fandi Gaming 14 days ago +1

    2:00 ITS jumpscare

  • Rebekah Wood
    Rebekah Wood 15 days ago +1

    I love how they do this almost every day, but they're still fascinated by it 😁

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Well I hope you used the holes in the tarp to locate the shards of glass. Remind me not to run barefoot in your backyard.

  • Chance Smith
    Chance Smith 16 days ago

    Who else Fast forward

  • Nesstalgia
    Nesstalgia 16 days ago +1

    5:39 you guys came here for longest 5 seconds thingies

  • Евгений Климинов

    не знаю почему смотрю это, но это офигено

  • Liana Da Cookie :3
    Liana Da Cookie :3 17 days ago

    i used 2x in Playback speed :D

  • low school
    low school 17 days ago

    watch it at .25 speed

  • Steven Haskell
    Steven Haskell 17 days ago +1

    This is making my eyes water

  • Mark Perry
    Mark Perry 17 days ago

    Not funny at all but the time the handle just fractured completely was super cool

  • LinkCanBackflip
    LinkCanBackflip 18 days ago +3


    STUNT BURGER 19 days ago

    I woulf watch that entire 19 hour video if you upload it

  • Undead Believe
    Undead Believe 19 days ago

    how about lightning ??

  • Toklo9503 OwO
    Toklo9503 OwO 20 days ago


  • ItsMe Homie
    ItsMe Homie 20 days ago

    I watched it in playback speed 0.25

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong 20 days ago

    *Smiles* 960fps *Smiles*

  • David Moutray
    David Moutray 21 day ago

    This team created a technique that can record 5 trillion frames per second:

  • David Moutray
    David Moutray 21 day ago

    Check out this link. A team at MIT created a camera that can record 1 Trillion (with a 'T') frames per second.

  • •kali•
    •kali• 21 day ago

    4:17 *FlOoPiN*

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 21 day ago +2

    I hope someone invents a camera that can do a million frames at 720p or better

  • Martin Ciboch
    Martin Ciboch 21 day ago +1

    But my question is... Can you make it slower?

  • Dante Diep
    Dante Diep 22 days ago

    "38 degrees? That's almost freeze- Oh wait, British."

  • Oliver Fawcett
    Oliver Fawcett 22 days ago +1

    did a (very) rough calculation of how fast the crack spreads through the glass handle and it goes about 1150 metres per second , thats over 3 times the speed of sound

  • Garrison Pendergrass
    Garrison Pendergrass 22 days ago

    Gavin, I did the math. The exact film rate was 343,915fps, with a time dilation of 13,756.6x, yielding a recording time of about 19h 28m.

  • Ddarke11
    Ddarke11 23 days ago

    When you slo mo a slo mo video and it's still not slow enough.

  • David Groll
    David Groll 23 days ago

    Very cool

  • marwan :v
    marwan :v 23 days ago

    Cold wataaa

  • Benny Lilwall
    Benny Lilwall 23 days ago

    4:28 I love his hello kitty plaster 😂😂

  • Amanda Chapone
    Amanda Chapone 24 days ago

    So 38 degrees is somewhere around 90 Fahrenheit... it gets over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in June here in Texas.

  • no u.
    no u. 24 days ago


  • Beno Uhlich
    Beno Uhlich 24 days ago

    Wtf vy jste češi?

  • Aaron Rarang
    Aaron Rarang 24 days ago

    im wondering what if im a speedster and im watching this

  • MrSpoo
    MrSpoo 25 days ago

    And this is how the slowest 5 seconds on TVclip was made.

  • Scottishboi 1212
    Scottishboi 1212 25 days ago

    I heard that cracks in glass can move up too 300 mph

  • LtGemina
    LtGemina 25 days ago

    *When Hears 19 and a half hours of footage*
    Dan: I'm going to be sick!

  • mark norris
    mark norris 26 days ago

    i have some experience with shattering pyrex , fascinating stuff , as a fraction of the speed of light , how "fast" was it

  • Mark Pinther
    Mark Pinther 26 days ago


  • Can this channel Get 100 subs without any videos

    *tip* watch at 0.25 speed

  • Ian1212
    Ian1212 26 days ago

    veri gud video thank you

  • BloodOnTheDanceFloor
    BloodOnTheDanceFloor 26 days ago

    Michael eres nau liga pra gente

  • Sillybelius
    Sillybelius 26 days ago


  • Butchaa
    Butchaa 26 days ago +1

    Even blink of eye is so slower

  • TheTalantonX
    TheTalantonX 27 days ago

    Ah flip, it was absolutely mullered. Floopin.

  • Jordi Gajardo
    Jordi Gajardo 27 days ago

    Please Upload the footage of 19 hours.... I definitely want to watch it

    • Robin
      Robin 12 days ago

      It's been out for 2 years

  • Олег Тинькоф

    Что он накапал в воду? Новый вид яда-НОВИЧЕК ,который убивает за секунду дае стекло?

  • Pootis Ultra
    Pootis Ultra 27 days ago

    I just discovered you guys yesterday, I'm really liking this channel so far.

  • Mr. Barrel
    Mr. Barrel 28 days ago

    4:23 *F L O O P I N*

  • metaspherz
    metaspherz 28 days ago

    Here's what I found out about the modern line of Pyrex cookware:
    "If you’ve ever poured hot water into a Pyrex glass dish and been shocked to see it fracture before your eyes, a new report may give you some insight into what’s going on. Pyrex glassware, which came out in 1915 and was long marketed as “icebox to oven” cookware that did not expand or compress when exposed to high heat or low temperatures, is no longer made of that hardy borosilicate glass. And the new stuff, scientists publishing in the American Ceramics Society Bulletin have found, doesn’t stand up well to some of the temperature changes involved in cooking.
    Over the past century or so, many cooks have gotten used to the idea of glass cookware that’s heat- and cold-resistant. However, in the early 90s, Corning, the company that invented Pyrex, started using soda lime silicate glass instead of borosilicate (another manufacturer now owns the line). The switch was, its makers say, to boost the glassware’s ability to withstand being dropped."

  • SkipReverse
    SkipReverse 28 days ago +1

    Is it bad that I wear a windbreaker when it's 100f + outside lol

  • Christopher Guthrie
    Christopher Guthrie 28 days ago

    I once lit a pyrex bowl on fire with thermite
    It was fun
    However the Pyrex bowl was from my pancake making childhood. So I’m sad that I blew up a piece of my childhood at the same time.

  • FaZe CHRIS
    FaZe CHRIS 28 days ago +1

    I watch these videos in 0.25x so it’s slower lmao

  • Cancer
    Cancer 28 days ago

    Dan is one of two people I know who say tarpaulin.

  • Kage No Oji
    Kage No Oji 28 days ago

    8:04 the saddest part brings TEARS IN MY EYES

  • cocopuffchloe:/
    cocopuffchloe:/ 28 days ago

    I was thinking why were they talking so fast and the glass explosion wasn't slowmo until i realise i put the playback speed on 2x

  • Shane Cormier
    Shane Cormier 28 days ago

    Who wants to go walk barefoot in their lawn?

  • Jessika Joenck
    Jessika Joenck 29 days ago

    Anybody knows how much would cost a camera like that? Just curious, I don't have even a regular one. Haha

  • Grinderfoot
    Grinderfoot 29 days ago

    *When you're about to get the scare*
    "I'm ready" Crazy you've been on TVclip for years. I've seen you since you were just a small channel.

  • Patrick Starr
    Patrick Starr 29 days ago +1

    That’s not fast

  • Pr0tacter dr.
    Pr0tacter dr. 29 days ago

    Video is not 10min?

  • Vax22
    Vax22 29 days ago

    Who also felt uncomfortable at 8:03?

  • 크래시 피버장화

    Floopin Heck!

  • Jimi Jamba
    Jimi Jamba Month ago

    8:05 My eyes watered just watching this clip.

  • Bytor
    Bytor Month ago

    The playback wouldn't be the same without the monotonically varying and chorused tone. Great videos!

  • _-FeliX-_
    _-FeliX-_ Month ago

    5:00 3D sound (use headphones)

  • Israphell
    Israphell Month ago

    When did you turn romanian?

  • Mark Barton
    Mark Barton Month ago

    Looked like the destruction of the prince rupert's drop.

  • Vincent Foley
    Vincent Foley Month ago

    So _this_ is what the floopin meme is from

  • Jopeplayz 03
    Jopeplayz 03 Month ago +5

    *F* *L* *O* *O* *P* *I* *N* *'*

  • JordanTRS
    JordanTRS Month ago

    If you hold left, you can see Dan's hand spaz out in the very beginning! xD

  • The Hybrid SABER
    The Hybrid SABER Month ago

    9:14 That's some Dr Woe Jurassic World stuff right there.

  • banned.
    banned. Month ago

    ba esti roman ?

  • Jeffrey Zhang
    Jeffrey Zhang Month ago


  • Kacper Fit
    Kacper Fit Month ago

    how much this camera costs?

  • tyrex dragon the dumbest channel ever

    Sounded like you said tyrex

  • Nila Comly
    Nila Comly Month ago

    It's called Thule shock

    BENJAMIN HONG Month ago

    hi chris

      BENJAMIN HONG Month ago

      crispy barbicue chips shut up if I spelled the word after crispy wrong

      BENJAMIN HONG Month ago

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