Glass Explosion at 343,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jul 17, 2016
  • Gav and Dan film their slowest video yet. It's so slow, it's almost like looking at an entirely different plane of existence. DO NOT TRY AT HOME.
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    Glass explosion at 343,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys
    Filmed between 28000 and 343000fps with the Phantom v2511
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  • Miles Andrews
    Miles Andrews 2 days ago

    7:33 the music gets creepy...

  • John Smith Cuares
    John Smith Cuares 2 days ago

    3:48 I see Elsa's powers

  • syed taha
    syed taha 2 days ago

    7:46 water drop reflection on eye

  • It is balanced.
    It is balanced. 2 days ago

    Why you need to low the resolution, when you recording in more fps?

  • Dominic Cartwright
    Dominic Cartwright 3 days ago

    Do a laser beam through a cloud of smoke to see how fast the beam travels as you see it come out of the laser! Or is that too fast?

  • Austin Greenmun
    Austin Greenmun 3 days ago

    The talk about him being smart and the noises 4:37

  • Zilli
    Zilli 3 days ago

    8:13 My Eyeeeeessssssssss :D

    L4 GAMING 3 days ago

    i always watch these videos on 0.25 speed

  • lolol xdlola
    lolol xdlola 4 days ago

    my network best is 35k ping at fortnite,i barley land

  • Brynda1231 [Bran Quakes]

    i wish I had a camera that can do that...

  • madelyn trepka
    madelyn trepka 4 days ago +2

    is anyone here from the longest 5 seconds on youtube

  • Ujification
    Ujification 4 days ago

    what a bulky camera

  • MaxON L
    MaxON L 4 days ago

    Благодаря Вашим просмотрам и подпискам- у этих бездельников камера уже давно окупилась и приносит реальные бабки ( этим двум амёбам даже работать не нужно, чтоб прокормить свои семьи...)))

  • Kiara M
    Kiara M 5 days ago

    it looks like their just pouring water into his eye and like a million seconds later he just goes to sleep not even knowing it 7:46

  • John Cuzzourt
    John Cuzzourt 5 days ago

    How does the speed of crack propagation in glass compare to the speed of sound in the same glass?

  • RoK3zZ
    RoK3zZ 8 days ago

    Still Floopin in 2019 Anyone? xD

  • FastDonkey9903
    FastDonkey9903 10 days ago

    3:48 at 0:25x speed

  • Michele Johnson
    Michele Johnson 10 days ago


  • Cheese Nugget
    Cheese Nugget 10 days ago

    Why do they say faster when it actually goes slower

  • chico carlos1221
    chico carlos1221 12 days ago

    It look cooler if you on play speed 0.25

    AKQS GT 12 days ago +4

    *the longest 5 seconds on youtube?*

  • Ravenel Curry V
    Ravenel Curry V 13 days ago

    the handle looks like a Prince Rupert drop

  • psagar
    psagar 13 days ago

    How do you guys get the sound?

  • Yuan
    Yuan 14 days ago


  • John Mark
    John Mark 17 days ago

    *Sweet Dreams are made of these, I travel the World and the Seven Seas*

  • Rogério Dec
    Rogério Dec 17 days ago

    What about a second war grenade explosion?

  • momosta zanko
    momosta zanko 17 days ago


  • Potato animation
    Potato animation 18 days ago

    *f L o O p I N*

  • Ian Bunyan
    Ian Bunyan 18 days ago

    Did you get much take up on the sweaty t-shirt range? (This is not an order for one). Great vid, thank you.

  • Romeo Boucher
    Romeo Boucher 19 days ago

    Iv never seen someone wink so slowly before.

  • Ironically Pineapple
    Ironically Pineapple 19 days ago


  • Seth Rotherforth
    Seth Rotherforth 19 days ago +1

    Now in the TVclip original series it's like "1,000 FPS! It's amazing!!"

  • Robert Hodson
    Robert Hodson 20 days ago

    It was hard to watch that drop hitting his eye.

  • briar uriega
    briar uriega 20 days ago

    I live in texas more almost all year round in the area for texas that i live at it makes sence because i live in part of a desert in texas i can cook an egg or 2 in my drive way at some points in the year if i try to cook an egg on the street with no shade the egg just burns it just burns

  • HyperKitten97
    HyperKitten97 20 days ago

    watch 6:08 at 0.28 speed

  • Virtual
    Virtual 20 days ago


  • Safir
    Safir 21 day ago +1

    *f l i p*

  • Septicbro 9075
    Septicbro 9075 23 days ago

    the droop snoot flooped

  • Jon Spahr
    Jon Spahr 25 days ago

    For amazing FPS it has horrible graphics

  • LordofTrumpets
    LordofTrumpets 26 days ago

    they said 38 degrees and it took me a little bit too long to realize they were referring to degrees Celsius

  • Risky
    Risky 27 days ago


  • Nam Le
    Nam Le 28 days ago

    5:45 that is the slowest five seconds video

  • casandra lira
    casandra lira 28 days ago

    2:17 play at 0.25

  • santi prado
    santi prado 28 days ago

    Like si estrayan a the slow MO guys

  • Jose Marcos
    Jose Marcos 28 days ago

    glass explosion vs the speed of sound or the speed of light

  • SoundWave
    SoundWave 29 days ago

    He said 38 degrees and I'm thinking, "wtf that's freezing." I forget they're in the UK and use Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.

  • hughbo52
    hughbo52 Month ago


  • Alex Visions
    Alex Visions Month ago

    That awfully quoted Jurassic Park reference made me wanna smash my phone up it was so bad.
    Stick to making things slow boys, leave the comedy to comedians and other such funny people

  • muhammed yusuf macit

    Çevirmene saygılar ey güzel allahım xd

  • Sollec Pacer
    Sollec Pacer Month ago


  • Game.2 -YT
    Game.2 -YT Month ago +1

    Wow voi chiar sunteti romani?

  • Rangertastic
    Rangertastic Month ago

    Well its 3am again....

  • Randomninja47
    Randomninja47 Month ago

    Has anyone ever asked them how they clean their backyard? Or is it just a warzone of legos, broken glass, wood chips, metal and everything in between?

  • Sophie Grey
    Sophie Grey Month ago

    7:45 It was at this moment he knew...

  • Derek Leiro
    Derek Leiro Month ago

    Glass is glass and glass breaks

  • Wraith3777
    Wraith3777 Month ago

    Now imagine the speed of light.... Mind blowing

  • Mevrix
    Mevrix Month ago

    Slow down a laser pointer turning on Lol!

  • Genesis Corp
    Genesis Corp Month ago

    I got here from 19 hour video, anyone else?

  • Walker Roberts
    Walker Roberts Month ago

    Why does Dan age but Gavin doesn't???

  • aaronbcj
    aaronbcj Month ago

    Message from video: should your reading glass decide to floop one day, you have zero chance to save your eyes

    DANIEL SCHURIG Month ago

    Where can I buy this camera? 😂

  • Chetan Chanmal
    Chetan Chanmal Month ago

    I'm big fan of slow motion videos sir plz tell me which camera use

  • Katie Henke
    Katie Henke Month ago

    oh gosh that made my eyes water.

  • FyreForce 1600
    FyreForce 1600 Month ago

    2:17 thank me later

  • Andre Ortiz
    Andre Ortiz Month ago

    Gys how fast de glass cracks em km/h ou mp/h ??/ Can we do this math???

  • 1017
    1017 Month ago

    Minigun slow mo please

  • Johnson Osborne
    Johnson Osborne Month ago

    Do slow mo twerking but not with dan

  • iTzSh
    iTzSh Month ago

    I wish I get that much fps in games lol

  • Tatiana Otroc
    Tatiana Otroc Month ago

    Почему ручка не треснула?

  • SaltyCracker
    SaltyCracker Month ago

    I have twixtor... Now I can do things like this (not thaaat slow) too! A normal 30FPS 15 second video can be a 2 minute slow motion... I love this technology

  • James Baldelli
    James Baldelli Month ago

    I’ll take the sweaty shirt 🤪

  • Crafty Fox
    Crafty Fox Month ago

    13 million views and 11 million subscribers


  • kyler buck
    kyler buck Month ago

    a little water I was thinking a drop na he pours a fuxjinf waterfall on him 😂

  • kyler buck
    kyler buck Month ago

    how much is that cannon camera you're using?

  • Плоская Земля

    Американцы тупые. Россия правит миром! Суки кранные.

  • Phyllis
    Phyllis Month ago

    Why am I watching this at 1 am????

  • Flux3on
    Flux3on Month ago

    343K FPS vs 144p video quality

    GOHDS Month ago

    If a lispyleaf comment pops up on this video I will be crying.

  • CatAstr0phic006
    CatAstr0phic006 Month ago

    Only madlads watch at
    .25 speed.

  • YOU
    YOU Month ago


  • Sans
    Sans Month ago

    2:17 watch it at 0.25 if you want a true slow motion

  • Kryptiv Official
    Kryptiv Official Month ago

    that you can see with your own face

  • Samuel Vesey
    Samuel Vesey Month ago

    I wish they still filmed this fast

  • Sikher Head
    Sikher Head Month ago

    May be this was asked earlier but do we know at what frames/sec does Flash see things when he runs at his top speed?

  • The Darkened dimensions B.

    when i herd 38 degrees it sounds cold to the states

  • Narcoleptic Badger
    Narcoleptic Badger Month ago

    This only makes me want to see them do the leidenfrost effect

  • RAMBIE 408
    RAMBIE 408 Month ago

    5:40 so... It looks like it got Frozen before it breaks

  • J Alvi
    J Alvi Month ago

    An 18" glass stirring rod (chemistry glass) should give you the same effect, but more linear-ish and mark it like the flat glass video, and see the speed difference between the two 🤔
    Just a thought 😁

  • Aymerik Merette
    Aymerik Merette Month ago

    Very good experience

  • killzunvalid278 Twitch/YouTube

    Play at 0.25 speed while at the explosion

    TRICKSHOT Month ago +1

    Lol takes like 9 mins to smash a mug lololol

    Btw no hate I love the videos

  • Jakey DaBob
    Jakey DaBob Month ago +2

    Anyone else wear headphones at 5:00 ?? That was weird

  • Dr. Applesauce
    Dr. Applesauce Month ago

    Wait, did you... make me learn?

  • Cato Kjelstad Johansen

    How fast do we blink

  • Janne Ahonen
    Janne Ahonen Month ago

    Would be interesting to know how far a fragment of glass bottle (pyrex) would fly if dropped against concrete from 1 m. Would you test and film it also?

  • Isabele Valente
    Isabele Valente Month ago

    oi tudo bem eu sou a sua prima

  • fayaj Shaikh
    fayaj Shaikh Month ago

    like for that eye reaction...

  • Technical I.T.
    Technical I.T. Month ago

    Superb job guys

  • Blue Tube
    Blue Tube 2 months ago

    Try Speed of Light in Slow Motion....

  • RavenShorts
    RavenShorts 2 months ago