Glass Explosion at 343,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jul 17, 2016
  • Gav and Dan film their slowest video yet. It's so slow, it's almost like looking at an entirely different plane of existence. DO NOT TRY AT HOME.
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    Glass explosion at 343,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys
    Filmed between 28000 and 343000fps with the Phantom v2511
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  • Xx xX
    Xx xX 2 days ago

    4:16 so this is where the memes from?

  • Amiel Singo
    Amiel Singo 2 days ago

    "Its loud as HECK."

  • Roci Stone
    Roci Stone 4 days ago

    New Pyrex is rubbish. The old Pyrex would have been better. The formulation of the glass was changed so that Pyrex could no longer be used to manufacture drugs, or so they say. I think it's just another example of cheap bean counters ruining a legendary product, like so many these days. BTW are you guys still popping corn while sitting right next to a hot plate full of oil while wearing short sleeves, and no eye protection?

  • CG Ryo
    CG Ryo 4 days ago


  • regguy69
    regguy69 5 days ago +1

    That handle shattered just like a Prince Rupert drop would. The speed is nothing short of amazing.

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 5 days ago

    What is this thing that break the glass

  • Dennis Destro
    Dennis Destro 6 days ago

    you need a much more FPS for slow down shatter of that handle.

  • Vlad Vl
    Vlad Vl 6 days ago

    А где скорость лазера заснятая замедленно?

  • Nacho Diller
    Nacho Diller 8 days ago

    like at ice age at Scrat xD

  • Cath Mcgrigor
    Cath Mcgrigor 8 days ago

    Oh, Dan .... your poor eye.

  • Cath Mcgrigor
    Cath Mcgrigor 8 days ago

    It goes crystalline. That is so very beautiful to watch.

  • lesio333
    lesio333 9 days ago

    Very cool. Thanks

  • Rick B
    Rick B 10 days ago

    Amazing camera and I’ll bet cheap too.😳😁👍👍

  • Falling Painter
    Falling Painter 11 days ago

    #saveDAN. Always doing the experiments

  • RoccoX95
    RoccoX95 11 days ago

    I'd say that's a floopin'/10

  • gamer know how 778
    gamer know how 778 13 days ago

    I played it in 0:25 x speed lol i win from u

  • Sarcastic Days
    Sarcastic Days 14 days ago

    2:43 *Best Meme* Can I use it...?

  • Dylan LaPerche
    Dylan LaPerche 14 days ago +1

    Why are they not called the slo mo bros

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo 14 days ago

    can you show how the granade exploded ?

    • Bilko367
      Bilko367 6 days ago

      They actually have a video explaining a grenade

  • andrew white
    andrew white 15 days ago

    Oh yeah let’s go Texas

  • everyusernamewastaken
    everyusernamewastaken 16 days ago

    5:39 hey look its the clip they used for the slowest 5 seconds on TVclip

  • ThePrufessa
    ThePrufessa 16 days ago

    2:38 actually it's more of an implosion. It swells up as it gets hot then when you hit it with the water it suddenly shrinks. Also, if it were an explosion most glass would land off of your tarp instead of going thru it.

  • Ignisha
    Ignisha 19 days ago +8

    Gav: "I wanna go faster."
    Dan: "It can't be done."
    Gav: "One day."
    Dan: "Do you ever stop to think that, yeah, you can but, should you?"
    3 Years Later
    Dan: "... and does 10 trillion frames per second."
    Gav: "That's thirteen zeroes."

  • yutubve
    yutubve 22 days ago

    ¿por qué las putadas se las hacen siempre al mismo? ¿es que la cámara es del otro y es un..."si no... no juego"?

  • KaiBowman
    KaiBowman 22 days ago

    What if you record a video of you doing it at 343000 fps then slow that video down to 343000 fps. so basically 343000x2 which is 686000fps

  • Arthur Vernov
    Arthur Vernov 22 days ago

    5:28 It’s also a dank resolution.

  • Sponge Memes
    Sponge Memes 23 days ago

    5:38 is so satisfying to watch.

  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous 24 days ago

    The speed the crack propagated was about 2185 miles per hour.

  • Bruno Bruno
    Bruno Bruno 26 days ago

    Anyone else got their eyes wet watching water falling into the eye?

  • Legacy
    Legacy 27 days ago

    speed of light vs speed of glass?

  • Mayra Navarro
    Mayra Navarro 27 days ago +1


    TRIDASHIE [GD] 27 days ago


    TRIDASHIE [GD] 27 days ago

    3:19 what that chemical

  • •Kookiez•
    •Kookiez• 28 days ago +1

    No One:

    Dan: *Did It Go*

  • Bagaskara Azhar
    Bagaskara Azhar Month ago

    I just realised Gav was wearing a Rooster Teeth T-shirt

  • Hunter Steinhagen
    Hunter Steinhagen Month ago

    I love da moosic

  • Jupie
    Jupie Month ago +4

    You should record a slow motion video in slow motion

  • BHVA Gyan Guru
    BHVA Gyan Guru Month ago

    Best video forever


    Very nice !!!

  • Aztic22
    Aztic22 Month ago

    Amazing at the time of the video about 4:34 of the video i was spitting and the guy said thats disgusting XD

  • Kobe Wyant
    Kobe Wyant Month ago

    The sound scared me

  • jreigha
    jreigha Month ago

    God, watching that water globule hovering above Dan's eye knowing it's about to make contact with the open eyeball gives me the biggest sense of heebie-jeebies I've ever felt in a while,

  • Koda Bear
    Koda Bear Month ago

    Every time I see these guys. it makes me think of TheBackyardScientist and Mark Rober

  • Adnan Oktar
    Adnan Oktar Month ago

    Slow down the video (0,25 speed) and watch this in 1.372.000 fps ., make that sense? :D

    • Underslash
      Underslash 13 days ago

      To be fair, that isn't 1.3 million fps, its just 300k at the speed of 1.3 million.

  • Mentai Fox
    Mentai Fox Month ago


  • Keith Matthews
    Keith Matthews Month ago

    19.5 hours of foo--age.

  • F. Bahout
    F. Bahout Month ago +1

    Put this video at 0.25% playback speed

  • Viktor Manhein
    Viktor Manhein Month ago


  • DaveST001
    DaveST001 Month ago +1

    What is the “play speed” of the slow-mo vids (in FPS). Is it 30?

  • Plants Vs Zombies normie

    Super duper, extremo, Bonanza fast.
    Any more adjectives or...?
    *F L O O P I N*
    (The captions said "Ploopin")

  • michael bayer
    michael bayer Month ago

    ... ist wie Kate Bush song - babuschka - oder die Blechtrommel wenn Schall Glas zespringen lässt.

  • lolzz gaming
    lolzz gaming Month ago

    I watch this ×0,25

  • Alenor Lagare
    Alenor Lagare Month ago

    If 343,000 fps with 4k resolutions that might be good

  • Jackson Toxic LMAO
    Jackson Toxic LMAO Month ago +1

    300,000fps in 2016 clickbait

  • Jackson Toxic LMAO
    Jackson Toxic LMAO Month ago +1

    And I thought 60 s was good

  • alpacat
    alpacat Month ago

    8:04 - 8:20
    *a e s t h e t i c*

  • dunodisko12
    dunodisko12 Month ago

    0:19 Slow Mo Guys is not responsible for injury.

  • Devon Da Rabbit
    Devon Da Rabbit Month ago

    38 f is freezing so I’m assuming Celsius

  • Kirby Rs
    Kirby Rs Month ago

    It was extremely cool! And the eye is extremely slow!! =D

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood Month ago +4

    That's not actually Pyrex, it's soda glass.
    Edit: nm, they said it in the intro.. lol

  • AdamBoss2007
    AdamBoss2007 Month ago

    Watch 4:53 in slow motion

  • AdamBoss2007
    AdamBoss2007 Month ago

    Who else watched this in slow motion

  • Icy gyci
    Icy gyci Month ago

    5:48 diamonds

  • I dont care about my username

    Watch it at × .5

  • sam signorelli
    sam signorelli Month ago

    Helloooooo thermal shock!
    The bit about the difference in composition between Euro and US Pyrex is correct. My wife has a number of Pyrex flamewear saucepots that ARE designed for stovetop use, and they're borosilicate glass.
    They're also 6 decades old and in perfect shape!

  • karen donnini
    karen donnini Month ago

    4:23 floopin

  • Professor Otoniel Medrado

    04:43 Oxente!!! kkkk

  • DiamondDoom08 YT
    DiamondDoom08 YT 2 months ago +7

    Gav: Super duper, extremo, bananza fast.
    Dan: Anymore adjectives? Or...
    Gav: *F L O O P I N '*

  • Roda
    Roda 2 months ago

    5:46 SUPERHOT

  • Nisar Ahmed
    Nisar Ahmed 2 months ago

    How about doing the opposite ,i.e Super freezing the glass in liquid nitrogen and then heating the glass and filming.

  • Krusty The Clown
    Krusty The Clown 2 months ago +2

    Nice. Now put that 343.000 FPS tech into CS :-D

  • Javier Mendez
    Javier Mendez 2 months ago

    Can the glass brake at speed of light? Or can you film a hard beam of light in slow mo and see how it travel on space?

    • Mr. P. Enis
      Mr. P. Enis 2 months ago

      They filmed the speed of light already

  • Tristan Townsend
    Tristan Townsend 2 months ago

    3:37 pause it and look at that 😨😲🤤😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😎😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  • Casey Green
    Casey Green 2 months ago

    You guys f'n rock!

  • surya vishwanath
    surya vishwanath 2 months ago +2

    watch 3:35 at .25 speed in youtube and witness the beauty !!! thank me by giving me a thumbs up !!!!!!!

  • Eazy- Austin
    Eazy- Austin 2 months ago

    4:17 this part was in one of markipliers try not to laugh videos

  • Iquerno
    Iquerno 2 months ago

    "what's in the Europe"

  • AceCraft
    AceCraft 2 months ago

    5:46 why dosnt youtube have that kind of speed

  • kevin bellanger
    kevin bellanger 2 months ago

    why you guys always breaking stuff?

  • Life is GOOD
    Life is GOOD 2 months ago +1

    4:15 floopin

  • Life is GOOD
    Life is GOOD 2 months ago


  • Philip T1UPN
    Philip T1UPN 2 months ago


  • Martin Koekemoer
    Martin Koekemoer 2 months ago

    GAVIN FREE IS IN THIS !!!!?????

  • *_No Videos_*
    *_No Videos_* 2 months ago

    I wasn’t the only one who saw a hallo kitty band aid? Was I?

  • Dove Nevaeh
    Dove Nevaeh 2 months ago

    Cut off the 343, and the PS and it spells 000F

  • RustyToast YT
    RustyToast YT 2 months ago

    4:17 flooping.mp4

  • Muhammed Hussain
    Muhammed Hussain 2 months ago

    What is
    name of this camera

  • su1cide king
    su1cide king 2 months ago

    this is why you watch the slow mo guys' videos

  • Dexter Ritardo
    Dexter Ritardo 2 months ago +1

    7:20 my eyes got teary too

  • Llama's Other
    Llama's Other 2 months ago +1


  • Dieseluk2k
    Dieseluk2k 2 months ago

    I have done a lot of internetting in my time and this video is is by far one of the coolest things I've seen

  • Tristan Shah
    Tristan Shah 2 months ago

    This is what happened to the Night King

  • Carmen Jakob
    Carmen Jakob 2 months ago

    how is the speed of the cracks vs the speed of sound in the glass?

  • Johnny B. Goode
    Johnny B. Goode 2 months ago +1

    I loved Dan’s adjectives describing his reaction to the insane speeds.

  • Marcus Alfa
    Marcus Alfa 2 months ago

    Noel Gallagher in blue

  • Krushy.
    Krushy. 3 months ago

    watch it at 0.25 speed

  • Sajied Ahmed
    Sajied Ahmed 3 months ago

    camera price?

  • Iambic Pentameter
    Iambic Pentameter 3 months ago +1

    I appreciate the fact that TVclip search results are smart enough that I can just type "slow mo guys floopin" and it knew exactly what I was talking about.

    PUBG TV 3 months ago

    play in 0.25 ×

  • Rubberduck645
    Rubberduck645 3 months ago

    At 4:58 with my headphones on I seriously thought there was an explosion outside.