"The Decision" deserves a deep rewind | LeBron James' free agency 2010

  • Published on Jun 30, 2018
  • Everyone remembers "taking my talents to South Beach," but the weeks leading up to The Decision had several twists and turns and rumors that really did make it hard to say where LeBron's first foray into free agency was going to wind up.
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Comments • 1 655

  • Build
    Build 3 hours ago

    If only he picked the Bulls...

  • Jerome Yudiet
    Jerome Yudiet Day ago

    In 2010 the decision..

    In 2011 the choke..

  • John Mortellaro
    John Mortellaro 4 days ago

    Damn why is everyone talking about jebron lames and who the hell is he?

  • Chvse
    Chvse 5 days ago

    wait if tony and carmela were in witness protection then that means tony was arrested at the end of sopranos and wasn't shot!!!!

  • Survival
    Survival 7 days ago

    The Bulls would make perfect sense but it would put a lot of pressure on LeBron.

  • Ivan Drago
    Ivan Drago 8 days ago

    Personally I feel this is when ESPN sold out. Prior to this they where scores, highlights, and analysis. The things sports fans want and expect. ESPN manipulated and manufactured this "event". Their over the top nonstop coverage of his FA was the entire focus of their expansive network for weeks. The thing is that it worked and drew the ratings. That is why we get endless, pointless, manufactured sports news all day every day. They start a talking point on their morning radio show, "Lebron mowed his lawn yesterday". That same topic then gets gutted on their mid day talking shows like First Take, "Lebrons grass was cut to short and may die", now we have a crisis. The late afternoon shows Around the Horn and PTI, "will Lebrons grass regrow and should Lebron employ someone to manage his yard". This same manufactured topic then transcends into the evening and eventually the game. Which is airing on ESPN that night and is the third game of a 82 game season. In the mean time they ignore The NHL, MLB, talk a little, and ignore the Championship UFC fight because Lebron cut his grass to short.

  • Shoegum
    Shoegum 9 days ago

    3:34 These were the exact power point slides used in their meetings.

  • SlayinSaiyan 94
    SlayinSaiyan 94 10 days ago

    Reason I don't like NBA near as much as other sports.
    You can almost guarantee who will be in the finals, if not guarantee who will win finals.

  • Patrick Rasnake
    Patrick Rasnake 14 days ago

    Haha I couldn’t believe this when I heard about it. Not him going to the heat, the fact that he had an ESPN special around where he would go called “the decision”. I still think it’s kind of stupid but hey, dudes got game if he’s got the whole league dancing for a chance at signing him. Respect.

  • Chris Ahearn
    Chris Ahearn 15 days ago

    Also why are Tony and Camilla in New York, didn't they just finish a gang war with the gangs there? Plot matters!

  • Sports Insider
    Sports Insider 20 days ago

    Melo just told in his interview this summer that Lebron and Wade told him to accept only 3 year deal with the Nuggets and 2010 free agency they will team up but he signed 5 year deal and Lebron and Wade take Bosh with them instead

  • Jaxon D
    Jaxon D 20 days ago

    My favorite Stephen A tweet will always be:
    evidently your ass is eating it... Yuck mouth!

  • A Lee
    A Lee 21 day ago

    Same shirt... Anyone noticed haha

  • Frank Things
    Frank Things 24 days ago

    he played the long con to let Cleveland rebuild for his return with championship experience, but then the warriors got hot

    so now he's trying it again this time with LA

  • Show -ZD
    Show -ZD 26 days ago

    Ok. I think that basically LeBron was going to stay in Cleveland and add bosh and wade but wade wanted to stay in Miami and bosh went there so he went too

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Month ago

    2019 Free Agency: hold my players

  • An3
    An3 Month ago

    How was this the Most Important and Pointless Event of 2010?

  • iha asc
    iha asc Month ago

    Lebron is the most coddled athlete in recent US sports history. Between the soft game, the rule changes, the horrible Eastern conference and the shuttle door free agency (not to mention the steroids) the guy is never questioned.

  • Lord Highsenberg
    Lord Highsenberg Month ago

    I would love to see that miami meeting with MJ and Pat

  • Sean Jeffrey
    Sean Jeffrey Month ago

    Just started those 😂. They're pretty awesome lol. Thanks #SBNation

  • Lil Lean
    Lil Lean Month ago

    Yo if lebron joined the clippers and stayed for about 4 years

    Yeah thats a GG

  • theZinator
    theZinator Month ago

    The fake presentations of each of the teams had a real Jon Bois vibe, which I love.

  • Red Skull
    Red Skull Month ago

    Chicago would be so much better ugh😣😫

  • cchanc3
    cchanc3 Month ago

    this video did not go where I thought you would go. I expected to hear a story about the Boston playoff series and the Delonte rumors

  • Korey Sylver
    Korey Sylver Month ago

    As a Heat fan, I still thank Bron for making that decision. The most successful 4 years of Heat history was lead by him, including 2 championships. Neither the Heat or LeBron has had similar success since

  • badfshn
    badfshn Month ago

    Leboy sucks

  • Gold Standard
    Gold Standard Month ago

    that Sopranos video sounds so patronising.

  • Tmbgnicu 2001
    Tmbgnicu 2001 Month ago

    Cote scoopin’ it

  • arifali01
    arifali01 Month ago +1

    Do one for Kawhi joining the Clippers

  • Qinghui Yu
    Qinghui Yu Month ago

    Do a rewinder on Kawhi's shot. Plenty of Toronto history to talk about

  • Mr. L
    Mr. L 2 months ago

    Clippers? Don’t you mean bootleg Lakers. Clippers are so ass

  • The Freakers Films
    The Freakers Films 2 months ago

    The hourlong special just came across as super douchey.

  • terence w
    terence w 2 months ago

    alternate universe... what if he goes to south beach but did not take his talents along ? what if the monstars took it

    JONATAN BARRANG 2 months ago

    No, Lebron still not the gme best player in 2010, it's still Kob era.

  • Link Chan
    Link Chan 2 months ago

    Guess it worked out well :D 2 rings, why not! :D

  • Alex Au
    Alex Au 2 months ago

    3:26 Cleveland did not fly to Cleveland

  • Moritz D
    Moritz D 2 months ago

    Just Imagine the Chicago Bulls If they didn't sign boozer But lebron,Wade and bosh together with drose and Noah 🔥🔥🔥

  • Arthur Younger
    Arthur Younger 2 months ago

    Super team .... 2-2....

  • you're a shitty person
    you're a shitty person 2 months ago

    Christ, imagine lebron playing with rose

  • That smrt Guy
    That smrt Guy 2 months ago

    Rewind the Easter epic

  • 305unleashed graphix
    305unleashed graphix 2 months ago

    My beloved Miami Heat got two rings out of this...

  • Sampson Frimpong
    Sampson Frimpong 2 months ago

    LeBron was almost a knick

  • Travis Lindberg
    Travis Lindberg 2 months ago

    I can't believe anyone could care show much, it's just a game

    SHAWN EVANS 2 months ago +1

    Not clutch

    SHAWN EVANS 2 months ago +1

    Lebron james is overrated

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith 2 months ago

    We....(Knicks fans) could of had Lebron
    Smh moving on

  • LaRon Carter
    LaRon Carter 2 months ago

    Nice shirt my guy he must be going to south beach

  • Patrick Berke
    Patrick Berke 2 months ago

    Holy matching flannels Batman!!!

  • Roni Edouard
    Roni Edouard 2 months ago

    Again NYK clearing cap space for nothing.

  • B. Weatherspoon
    B. Weatherspoon 2 months ago

    Knicks fans know no bounds of disappointment

  • 3rdworldgwaming
    3rdworldgwaming 2 months ago

    "They made a pact".......lol....like what the sisterhood of the travelling pants did??

  • jersey boiii
    jersey boiii 2 months ago

    Tony Soprano in Witness Protection🤔😒

  • westie420uk
    westie420uk 2 months ago

    Imagine if he went to the Bulls and DRose never gets hurt.

  • Joe Stois
    Joe Stois 2 months ago

    Being born and raised in Cleveland this one hurts to watch.

  • Forums Page1
    Forums Page1 2 months ago +1

    I always thought Lebron use to sound like Barack Obama

  • Brian Maldonado
    Brian Maldonado 2 months ago

    And it was this decision that my beautiful city of Miami enjoyed years of victory in the NBA!

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago +1

    Now, it all about taco tueeeeesssssday wtf

  • luckyshotgun
    luckyshotgun 2 months ago

    I need to see that Sopranos scene

  • Trey Jackson
    Trey Jackson 2 months ago

    spoiled the sopranos

  • Derek Poland
    Derek Poland 2 months ago

    Who’s here after the knicks also missed out on kd, Irving, and Zion