"The Decision" deserves a deep rewind | LeBron James' free agency 2010

  • Published on Jun 30, 2018
  • Everyone remembers "taking my talents to South Beach," but the weeks leading up to The Decision had several twists and turns and rumors that really did make it hard to say where LeBron's first foray into free agency was going to wind up.
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Comments • 1 525

  • xander cage
    xander cage 5 minutes ago


  • One Deep Savage
    One Deep Savage 13 hours ago

    Had no Idea about the Soprano thing..Definetly wpuld have been the nail in the coffin for me NOT coming to NY lol

  • Doug Brady
    Doug Brady 22 hours ago +1

    The most embarrassing part was having the event sponsored by bing.

  • Will Henry
    Will Henry 22 hours ago

    Wish he could of gone to bulls

  • Trey Bens
    Trey Bens Day ago +1

    Wow, LeBron got recruited by 6 teams and still needed a hr tv special to make a decision smdh!

  • JawaPunter
    JawaPunter Day ago +1

    His calves weren’t the only part of him in the finals.

  • Bruno barz
    Bruno barz Day ago +2

    Even the guy interviewing him was pissed off. ...he said hmmm Miami heat ....WHY??

  • Andrew1237
    Andrew1237 Day ago +1

    Is this the same guy who can’t take off 23 because of his Nike sponsorship’s and also is the self proclaimed goat because it doesn’t seem like it.

  • Frederick Brain
    Frederick Brain 2 days ago

    For Basketball Fans Young and Old.
    The Millennial N.B.A. is a timeline playlist of the greatest players of all time.

  • tbr2109
    tbr2109 2 days ago

    I look forward to the Kawhi sweepstakes rewind in 10 years or so.

  • Rob Kirschtein
    Rob Kirschtein 2 days ago +1

    it's funny how they made Tony Soprano make a video for lebron even though he's a racist.

    • Andrew1237
      Andrew1237 Day ago

      Rob Kirschtein and considering most people thought he got his head blown off. Seeing that he made another appearance to tell Lebron to come to the Knicks is hilarious

  • P 21
    P 21 3 days ago

    There is a 13 year old outside named Donovan Mitchell
    I don’t know why I’m telling u this 😂

  • kobilka2021
    kobilka2021 3 days ago

    “.....doing not crimes” 😂😂😂

  • paulblasingame
    paulblasingame 3 days ago

    Lol Mavericks didn’t need him 😉

  • Daniel Reid
    Daniel Reid 4 days ago +1

    History repeats itself for the Knicks

  • Johnathan Lewis
    Johnathan Lewis 4 days ago

    I think a lot of Clevelanders like me would’ve been a lot more cool if he didn’t do the hour special on ESPN.

  • Bruno Giambroni
    Bruno Giambroni 5 days ago +1

    Stephen A unhinged?! *GASP*


    This is what lebrons effect can do and kawhi t

  • Kevin Myers
    Kevin Myers 6 days ago

    State income tax is huuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggeeeee

  • big earl
    big earl 6 days ago

    LeBron a French dbag

  • ADOT Splash
    ADOT Splash 6 days ago

    The decision was on the same day of my birthday

  • hal astarte
    hal astarte 6 days ago

    Uhg, this guy.

  • Jesse Cab
    Jesse Cab 6 days ago

    You pick the corniest nerdy whiteboy with the most annoying voice to do these 😂😂😂

  • Tariq Ginkinger
    Tariq Ginkinger 6 days ago

    Wells done

  • seb
    seb 7 days ago

    "Kanye's here because.. why not" i actually died laughing lol

  • ashley ronsen
    ashley ronsen 7 days ago

    I wish he joined the bulls

  • R
    R 7 days ago

    Maybe the most shameful moment in basketball history, such a stain smh

  • Jared sports Channel

    Would of not got the hate if he never had this hour show

  • Jm Vergara
    Jm Vergara 7 days ago

    You came here for 12:04

  • Wakemeup Now
    Wakemeup Now 7 days ago

    I remember this lol an hour to say he’s not staying in Cleveland!

  • Lake Lake-Arrak
    Lake Lake-Arrak 8 days ago

    he shoulda went to the daddy the Ewing, he shoulda went to the Knicks for the Billion dollar contract

  • Xristos Stamatopoulos


  • Long Jenkins
    Long Jenkins 8 days ago +2

    No one talks about the 6 million dollars he raised for boys and girls club by doing the decision.

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson 8 days ago +3

    Almost 10 years.. Jesus Christ

  • Thomas Trapasso
    Thomas Trapasso 8 days ago

    13 year old Donovan Mitchell
    Little did they know he will soon be in the nba playing against lebron

  • tswagg504
    tswagg504 8 days ago +1

    This move changed the league...after this players started taking more control of their careers.

  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris 8 days ago +1

    I like the late 2000’s power point presentation 😂😂😂

  • JT mareZ
    JT mareZ 8 days ago +1

    Damn imagine he went w the bulls

  • Quan Nham
    Quan Nham 8 days ago

    his redemption story tho

  • H Eck
    H Eck 9 days ago

    Bosch looks like a dinosaur 🦖

  • sugarbear522
    sugarbear522 9 days ago

    I guess the narrator is from Ohio.

  • Charley Varrick
    Charley Varrick 9 days ago

    U r traitors, cowards n n what u r doing there r no words for. I'm going to make sure a lot of u r locked up in prison or die

  • mohit wadhwani
    mohit wadhwani 9 days ago

    Kd ain't no snake

  • Manos Kok
    Manos Kok 9 days ago

    12:19 Cavs Fans

  • greg the groove :: drum covers

    The fact that you wore almost the exact shirt LBJ wore is an epic THUG LIFE MOMENT!

  • greg the groove :: drum covers

    So if I understand this correctly, The NY Knicks have committed suicide because nobody signed with them back then, including LBJ, twice. Once with LBJ and now none of the 856 free agents did the same. BABABAHAHAHA

    • Michael Hemsley
      Michael Hemsley 3 days ago

      greg the groove :: drum covers they made the playoffs 3 years in a row and wouldve been in the conference finals against the Heat if Amare never got hurt

    • greg the groove :: drum covers
      greg the groove :: drum covers 5 days ago

      Exactly. BUMS. How did that workout for them?

    • Michael Hemsley
      Michael Hemsley 7 days ago

      They got Amare and Melo that year what are you talking about

  • Oobydooby Tooby
    Oobydooby Tooby 9 days ago

    Lebrons dad on the right at 2:04 😝😝🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Namkuk Hur
    Namkuk Hur 9 days ago +9

    Kawhi went from being coached by a Nurse to a Doc

    • nirbija
      nirbija 2 days ago

      @Namkuk Hur
      And Kwahi is really going to need a doc to prescribe an exceptionally good 'load management' for his 'frail' body.

  • Lorenzo Bondoc
    Lorenzo Bondoc 9 days ago

    We will have a video like this starring kawhi Leonard

  • Ricky
    Ricky 9 days ago

    Those words never get old... YES.WE.DID🔥

  • jeso317
    jeso317 10 days ago +1

    This is hella cringy

  • Fluffy Flove
    Fluffy Flove 10 days ago

    This years free agency beats this

  • RLS Vidz
    RLS Vidz 10 days ago

    How you get the same shirt as bron bron.. wth is going on !?

  • LifeVault
    LifeVault 10 days ago

    abysmal homie

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 10 days ago +5

    Make a Video of Deserves a deep rewind Kawhi Lenornd free agency 2019

  • Spencer Honda
    Spencer Honda 10 days ago +2

    I always feels so empty after they finally show the clip and then just end it on that.

  • Swagger OG
    Swagger OG 10 days ago +1

    Now Kawhi goes to the clippers and gets PG Aswell new super duo

  • James Brabham
    James Brabham 10 days ago

    Now it’s 2019 and we’re waiting on Kawhi to make his decision.

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez 10 days ago

    Great choice by LeBron!

  • poshko41
    poshko41 10 days ago

    Lots of big ticket free agents left Cleveland. We’ve been through it. We can handle it. It’s the way he did it that was pretty crappy.

  • GalacticCraft212
    GalacticCraft212 10 days ago

    Imagine if this is what kawhi will do since he hasn’t made his “decision” yet

  • Mundinho
    Mundinho 10 days ago

    I waited 12 minutes for 5 seconds ffs

  • Sean McClelland
    Sean McClelland 11 days ago

    hearing now the backstory of what happened the two choices personally in my opinion were the Miami heat and Chicago bulls LeBron would make the big three with Miami or Chicago so he could have very well picked Chicago and won 2 championships with Noah and Rose

  • Rida draws
    Rida draws 11 days ago +172

    who else is watching this in 2019 when everyone is waiting for kawhi answer if he will stay in Toronto or go to la lakers or la clippers

    • Ezra Przytyk
      Ezra Przytyk 21 hour ago

      @Carter H nah he should be beating LeBron not being a third wheal for him and AD... Now the la rivalry will be insane and everygame will be different.

    • Nameless Person
      Nameless Person 9 days ago +3

      @Carter H There's only 1 ball, if Kawhi went to the Lakers he would have had to sacrifice parts of his game to fit with the others. This has happened every time a big 3 formed.

    • Cameron Legree
      Cameron Legree 9 days ago

      Clippers it is

    • Mikey Wikey
      Mikey Wikey 10 days ago +2

      Carter H facts😪

  • Michael Anaya
    Michael Anaya 11 days ago

    Do one on how he came to the LAKERS

  • Edwin Flores
    Edwin Flores 13 days ago +59

    This is Kawhi right now but more humble lol

    • Edwin Flores
      Edwin Flores 8 days ago +1

      @Dank You this was before we found out how he truly is
      What the spurs originally said about him i never believed but after this situation i believe them 100%

    • Dank You
      Dank You 8 days ago +4

      Lmao so humble yet he got PG13 to straight up demand a trade while on contract for 3 more years to just join him. I hated the way LeBron left in 2010 but Kawhi's was worse.

    • Noxy
      Noxy 8 days ago

      Edwin Flores nah kawhi is no lebron kawhi just another big name free agent ya know

  • Rob LOPEZ
    Rob LOPEZ 13 days ago

    His best decision ever. While it lasted

  • Ahmed Samir
    Ahmed Samir 13 days ago

    The holy decision.

  • WarGutsy
    WarGutsy 14 days ago

    Whos here after Kawhi to LA

  • Alex Igra
    Alex Igra 14 days ago

    Rudy Giuliani recruiting Lebron? Seriously???