Do You Spit OR Swallow

  • Published on Dec 18, 2017
  • Asking Beautiful Strange Girls If They Spit or Swallow Halifax Street Interview
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  • 01102 01102
    01102 01102 7 days ago

    Nobody except 2:00 has done a blow

  • alan landry
    alan landry 9 days ago

    it's amazing that none of them think to stop the guy before it happens..budding porn stars all. I guess it is out of the question that any woman would not perform oral sex anymore. Lots of laughter in video and they are all self admitted "man eaters"

  • ttracy howard
    ttracy howard 9 days ago +1

    swallow when drunk but i do most things when i am drunk lol

  • John Jones
    John Jones 10 days ago

    If u spit.ima part that u train to swallow?

  • Randy Brisentine
    Randy Brisentine 19 days ago

    Love them

  • Netrammac Mac
    Netrammac Mac 22 days ago +1

    Why do INDIAN PERVS always ask women such CREEPY questions?

  • mad world171
    mad world171 24 days ago

    They eat babys we all know that...

  • Run4Fun😂
    Run4Fun😂 Month ago +1

    You both ask ur mum's first smelly rat's 😠 disgusting video can't believe that comes on my screen

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson Month ago

    They want married

  • High Inquisitor of Jigglypuff in Space

    And here I am lucky if I get a blowjob twice a year

  • charles lytle
    charles lytle Month ago

    these filthy girls have no shame and who nin hell will ever marry them. swallowing and maybe taking in all those diseases-no wonder white men wont have them

  • Jay K
    Jay K Month ago

    Just uh. Sexually harassing strangers. As a prank tho.

  • VeryStableGenius
    VeryStableGenius Month ago

    you try to look funny but you look like idiots

  • Political Marketing
    Political Marketing 2 months ago

    Nasturd people!

  • GiaTheDiva
    GiaTheDiva 2 months ago +1

    The red head at :46 😂😆😆 💯PEARCH👏👏👏👏👏👏 QUEEN

    YAZEED 2 months ago

    I didn’t understand swallow or spit what. please i need to explain guys

    • YAZEED
      YAZEED 2 months ago

      devilcorn gaming1234 thanks so much

    • devilcorn gaming1234
      devilcorn gaming1234 2 months ago

      Like this was the question he said يزيد الشهري

    • YAZEED
      YAZEED 2 months ago

      Mine ?

    • devilcorn gaming1234
      devilcorn gaming1234 2 months ago

      يزيد الشهري do you spit or swallow your saliva

  • oliverrando
    oliverrando 3 months ago

    i would love a girl to swallow my cum

  • Rich83
    Rich83 3 months ago

    Of course the hottest chicks other then 1 were the only ones that don't swallow

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson 3 months ago

    3:00 the blonde spits, but I bet she loves a guy eating her for hours.

  • 7rue Op1n1on
    7rue Op1n1on 3 months ago

    In dis wideo, ve are...

  • Steve Cardoso
    Steve Cardoso 4 months ago +1

    Wish I had a chick that swallowed never experienced it

  • Shane Hall
    Shane Hall 4 months ago

    good girls swallow.

  • Lana Taehyung
    Lana Taehyung 4 months ago +1

    Spit or swallow.. Both are disgusting 🤮

  • SupDev
    SupDev 4 months ago

    If you look good and eat healthy your cum doesn’t taste too salty she’ll notice and swallow. I only had one chick that didn’t swallow. Milfs most definitely swallow!

  • Dash Dash
    Dash Dash 4 months ago

    Big up d swallowers

  • Chris Medrano
    Chris Medrano 4 months ago

    Is that a dragon fruit mango tea?

  • Chris B
    Chris B 4 months ago


  • JSabourin
    JSabourin 5 months ago

    Buzz boss, make her drink the cum sauce

  • andria
    andria 5 months ago

    Jizz - Boss - Make her drink the cum sauce

  • DTOM Gadsden
    DTOM Gadsden 5 months ago +2

    They all swallow my load.

  • Floyd Williams
    Floyd Williams 5 months ago +1

    Ladies that swallow are cool!!

  • David Boston
    David Boston 5 months ago

    I always cum inside anyway so it doesn't matter just remember kids the pill iw cheaper than 18 years

  • David Boston
    David Boston 5 months ago

    I don't believe you.... Show me

  • Adam is the coolest
    Adam is the coolest 5 months ago

    There’s more than 2 options. What about blasting their face with boner goo?

  • NOOBBOY Noob
    NOOBBOY Noob 6 months ago +1

    If I was a girl, I would swallow

  • Nicolai Shapoval
    Nicolai Shapoval 6 months ago

    Seems, white girls are best at taking baby batter down their gullets! All women should! Us men love eating the deep pink..every woman should try that first.. they just might swish that nut like mouthwash before chugging down 🤣

  • Micheal Wakanda
    Micheal Wakanda 6 months ago +1

    I love white womens.All white women is very easy and slut.

    • Aeritecn
      Aeritecn 2 months ago

      Micheal Wakanda You wish you could have a white woman.

  • shelly yastagirl
    shelly yastagirl 6 months ago +1

    Swallow is fine if his your boyfriend or ur married other then that it doesn't go in my mouth.

    • Jason Tate
      Jason Tate 5 months ago

      Sexy I love it lol

    • shelly yastagirl
      shelly yastagirl 5 months ago

      @Jason Tate breast, face,stomach anywhere but the mouth unless is your partner.

    • Jason Tate
      Jason Tate 5 months ago

      Where do you put it then lol

  • Sen zon
    Sen zon 6 months ago

    Why they all swallow tooth paste?

  • WorthyPants34
    WorthyPants34 6 months ago +1

    My brudda I don't Spit I Swallow

  • Tariq Waheed
    Tariq Waheed 7 months ago +4

    My girl friend swallaw almost 15 times

  • Taz
    Taz 7 months ago +2

    What's the difference between like and love? Spit or swallow!

  • toneman335
    toneman335 7 months ago

    Actually I prefer to tell you to get the fuck away from me creep

  • toneman335
    toneman335 7 months ago +5

    'Spitters are quitters"

  • Jorge Valentin
    Jorge Valentin 7 months ago +6

    Where all this chicks been all my life

  • Hard Ball
    Hard Ball 7 months ago

    White girls are the best.

    • Aeritecn
      Aeritecn 2 months ago

      Hard Ball You wish you could have a white girl

    • AFCA 1900
      AFCA 1900 4 months ago

      Ofcourse, white people are superior

  • Payton20ADZ
    Payton20ADZ 7 months ago

    I hope they agreed to the video

  • kim seger
    kim seger 7 months ago

    dude youd rather shove it up a man asshole and then come home and kiss me aintsawolling and cry beat the shit out of me cause you dont have big dick to satisfy your man

  • kim seger
    kim seger 7 months ago

    know about little dick syndom wemon really are disconort with a big dick men like big dicks up thier asss you dont like me is mydick tooo small

  • kim seger
    kim seger 7 months ago

    are really going to swallow after a man eats out another man asshole

  • kim seger
    kim seger 7 months ago

    when a man coms it 14 0f a cup eatting the vagina very few fluids aides and other non curable infections is why not swallow im puzzeled to why men get off on it they must themselfs swallow wont kiss those lips

  • simon makinde
    simon makinde 7 months ago +5

    ‘Until you’re married you spit that 💩out!’ 😂😂😂😂

    • Kip Slack
      Kip Slack 5 months ago

      I bet you swallow simon

  • Sullivan Sullivan
    Sullivan Sullivan 7 months ago +23

    Honestly like to swallow

  • Young Frankenstein
    Young Frankenstein 8 months ago +1

    I heard a girl get asked this question once in a Waffle House after the bars closed, and she had the most epic response of all time, "He's only allowed to cum in my ass.". Such a shame she had to look like that.

  • Steve K
    Steve K 8 months ago +4

    Spitters are quiters!

  • Larry Mitchell
    Larry Mitchell 8 months ago

    Would have been an added 'gotcha' following response to infer that it was based on brushing teeth...

  • Crip52Crazy
    Crip52Crazy 8 months ago

    *Fucc the Police cause all of 'Em Problems/ White Girls fun...Cause all of 'Em Swallow!!*

    • BIlly Ray
      BIlly Ray 3 months ago

      Stick to your own race you disgusting piece of shit!

  • andy n
    andy n 8 months ago

    douche bags two stupid guys who want 15 minutes of fame

  • 963852art
    963852art 8 months ago

    I have always swallowed, even bitter cum from a smoker is better than no cum at all.

  • MIKE
    MIKE 8 months ago

    Fucking dirty whores all women are whores

  • charlesschirripa
    charlesschirripa 8 months ago

    not a single woman said ,I don't suck dick? Amazing!

  • THEoneNonlyFOX
    THEoneNonlyFOX 8 months ago +1

    How is this even a question. Who the hell spits. How rude. Now there's cum all over the floor.

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Dang why can't I find any of these women!!!

  • BKD Vickers
    BKD Vickers 8 months ago

    Should I try asking girls these questions???

  • BKD Vickers
    BKD Vickers 8 months ago +4

    Amazing how girls casually answer these questions while laughing their ass off. Twenty years ago the guy would have been slapped and the girls would have cussed him out. Times have changed......for the better.

    • Ateee Layyy
      Ateee Layyy Month ago

      BKD Vickers the better you mean the worst

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 8 months ago

    I can want to swallow a hot and sexy 😍 girl spit

    JOE KING 8 months ago

    Ya gotta taste it before you waste it.

  • ttracy howard
    ttracy howard 8 months ago +8


    • James M
      James M 2 months ago +1

      Damn that’s what I like to hear!

    • ttracy howard
      ttracy howard 5 months ago

      yeh yeh thanks for the offer

    • ttracy howard
      ttracy howard 5 months ago

      @Playin Hard ha ha ok ; ]

    • ttracy howard
      ttracy howard 5 months ago

      @Miguel Franco no i don t go round swallowing everybodys silly

    • Miguel Franco
      Miguel Franco 6 months ago

      ttracy howard swallow mine

  • milan magar
    milan magar 8 months ago

    Need a proof

  • Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    Strangely enough, women do not ask men if they spit their fluids or swallow. That is for granted, yet when it comes to men, there should be a freedom of choice and there must be no reprecautions to the ''no'' answer, yet if a man refuses..!.

  • 963852art
    963852art 9 months ago

    I have always swallowed and always will. The best part of a BJ is when the guys cock starts throbbing and I know I am about to get my reward.

  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams 9 months ago +1


  • Bruce G.
    Bruce G. 9 months ago

    why do these guys even care?

  • AllcopsRcunts
    AllcopsRcunts 9 months ago

    Wank tank or Prank wank.

  • captin weestain
    captin weestain 9 months ago

    The bitches towards the end are feminists

  • Vincent Tran
    Vincent Tran 9 months ago

    i don't really care bout spit or swallow. i care about where i put it. preferably the face. i don't mean no disrespect either they just look too hot with it on the face

  • Aziz 24
    Aziz 24 10 months ago

    The other boy he is Arabic

  • Rick & Angela whiting
    Rick & Angela whiting 10 months ago +1

    The best women swallow

  • HoodieVello
    HoodieVello 10 months ago +9


    • Aeritecn
      Aeritecn 2 months ago

      You wish you could have one.

  • Surprise toy City
    Surprise toy City 10 months ago

    Remember girls : if you swallow, you're just a cannibal. It's literally eating potential human being.

  • headdildo
    headdildo 10 months ago

    Next time ask a variety of races and age groups because now I'm curious if white girls are more open to swallowing then the rest. Ladies take note because every time I had that happen it was with a young (of age) adventurous type of girl and it was amazing mentally. But dont go swallowing one night stands (unless you're with me).

  • Skanzool
    Skanzool 10 months ago +1

    Why don't you go ask that question to people from your own race?

  • April Nicole Willliams
    April Nicole Willliams 10 months ago

    i think the 2 guys swallow

  • John Crusader
    John Crusader 10 months ago +1

    Fun fact: when 10 people think they will ask random girls about this sort of questions 9 of them will feel okay with that and maybe the last 1 out of 10 will at least try to ask. The ratio will turn 180 degrees as soon as the same question is about to get laid out to only one person and that is your current partner. Work that mental block in your head.

  • steve wilson
    steve wilson 10 months ago

    I will definitely swallow

  • Eryn Thorne
    Eryn Thorne 10 months ago

    'Spit or swallow' a lesbian 😂😂

  • Lucien Vandegaart
    Lucien Vandegaart 10 months ago

    Guy needs to get punched in the mouth we'll if he spits or swallows. Ugly shitheads

  • paul hayward
    paul hayward 10 months ago

    Every good prostitute spits back over a blokes dick...erotic.

  • paul hayward
    paul hayward 10 months ago

    This video is just shit...and those in it trash..

  • Clifton Photographer
    Clifton Photographer 10 months ago +93

    I remember hearing a girl in high school discussing this subject.
    She said "Well when guys eat a girl out, they're always swallowing essentially so why shouldn't I?"
    She was popular.

  • Frank Sawyer
    Frank Sawyer 11 months ago

    I haven't had sex in 7 yrs.. not even a BJ... so it doesn't matter to me.

  • Kane From Milton
    Kane From Milton 11 months ago

    You guys are douchebags. Fucking freshie clowns.

  • park chaeyoung
    park chaeyoung 11 months ago +13

    Hoes after hoes after hoes

  • midiguy4u
    midiguy4u 11 months ago +1

    LOL, you won't get ANYTHING NEAR an honest reply when a man is asking this question. It should have been done by a woman.

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed 11 months ago

    1:56 she is Hot....damn.....

  • Jay Gaytan
    Jay Gaytan 11 months ago

    she cant swallow the dick if she aint spitN😁

  • mike strutter
    mike strutter 11 months ago

    check the old hag @0:38 lick her fokkin lips!

  • Avoidance Technologies
    Avoidance Technologies 11 months ago


  • Dalton Boglisch
    Dalton Boglisch Year ago


  • John Dunn
    John Dunn Year ago

    i would ask the interviewer. he looks like a shallower.