Dear Samsung!


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  • gledi kapllanaj
    gledi kapllanaj 3 hours ago

    Next video Dear girls

  • Thaqui Ali
    Thaqui Ali 6 hours ago +1

    Dear Windows

  • Thaqui Ali
    Thaqui Ali 6 hours ago +1

    Dear Windows phone

  • Taha Shafiqi
    Taha Shafiqi 2 days ago

    Dat intro

  • No One
    No One 3 days ago

    Did anyone even notice the smoke that came off the Note 7 boxes when MKBHD mentioned the battery problem at 0:39?

  • Simeon Shaffar
    Simeon Shaffar 3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the subtle smoke coming out of the note 7?

  • Satyam Dashora
    Satyam Dashora 4 days ago

    So, they addressed the "case" you pointed out. Get it? Why don't you make a video series that is a follow up of dear.... Series. Apple did their part too. And i low key think the knitted case for s9 is legit.

  • Abelio De Souza
    Abelio De Souza 7 days ago

    S9 is out and the button sadly, so they didn't listen.

  • Till Helfert
    Till Helfert 9 days ago

    I kinda liked the 5c cases.



  • FunNCrazy
    FunNCrazy 11 days ago

    Jut found some kind of smoke comming out from the top of samsung galaxy note 7 ..
    Just see 0:42 onwards...

  • scampbell21
    scampbell21 12 days ago

    You can disable Bixby, right?

  • Harem Mhamad
    Harem Mhamad 13 days ago


  • Akshat Vats
    Akshat Vats 14 days ago

    I laughed so hard when the days count came. Amazing video 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kwadwo Effah
    Kwadwo Effah 19 days ago +1

    Samsung wants it customers to be familiar with its own apps so when they turn to Tizen users won't be uncomfortable

  • Amlan Biswal
    Amlan Biswal 20 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed at 0:28 at the left side "hi phill"...🧐(3 frames only)

  • Shoot2kill29
    Shoot2kill29 21 day ago

    Dear samsung:

    Your cases are shit

  • Robert Crawford III Wilson

    At 5:12, LOL.

  • Albus Wingston
    Albus Wingston 22 days ago

    # my fav....

  • Rahul Raipure
    Rahul Raipure 22 days ago

    I loved the red one and also you are wearing the red T-shirt then it'll be going to be a great red battle.....😘

  • Ⱥnonymous Hacker
    Ⱥnonymous Hacker 23 days ago

    Dear MKBHD

    its ok to be Google Fanboy not allowing Samsung to compete with Google 😂

  • José Aponte
    José Aponte 29 days ago

    The box is fuming at 0:44(?)

  • Omar Niazi
    Omar Niazi 29 days ago

    Why u hate Bixby I like it

  • Harvey Luizen
    Harvey Luizen Month ago

    theyre not copying google
    they're trying to make they're own OS with they're own apps , voice assistant.....etc. and not from the GOOGLE NOTCH city
    with they're dumb notchmare PIXEL 3 XL
    that means they're trying to ditch android by making a own new OS l
    ike what apple's original "IOS"

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J Month ago

    Wait a second I dont think I have ever seen anyone with the bikini case?! Did a multi billion dollar company not focus group that thing? How was that choice made? I have so many questions....

  • Daniel Stephan
    Daniel Stephan Month ago

    0:42 on the Note 7 :D

  • LightenStar // TurboLighten

    I think Samsung wanted to show off the body.

  • Bz Ez
    Bz Ez Month ago


  • Aslak Myhre
    Aslak Myhre Month ago

    The ferreli snap on case looks so good on the s8

  • Gaming Legend
    Gaming Legend Month ago

    0:43 look at the Note 7😁😁

  • Alameen Samad
    Alameen Samad Month ago

    Is it me but when I watch this video just within 45 second into the video you can see the Samsung galaxy phone had a smoke come up from the box

  • Jacob Scarlett
    Jacob Scarlett Month ago

    Did anyone else see the puff of smoke at the 43 second mark?

  • Nicen't guy
    Nicen't guy Month ago

    0:43 wtf was that on the phone package

  • Vass TT
    Vass TT Month ago +2

    hi phil (anyone else?)

  • Pawan's Muzic
    Pawan's Muzic Month ago

    Dont say about samsung😠

  • Christopher Hernandez
    Christopher Hernandez Month ago +3

    Almost 2019 and they still haven't learned. Please let Android just be!!! 😑

  • youssef beshara
    youssef beshara Month ago

    Bixby is good and is better on the S9+

  • youssef beshara
    youssef beshara Month ago

    The samsung versions of everything is good!!!!!!!!!

  • youssef beshara
    youssef beshara Month ago

    Samsung has better software what does he mean???

  • Prakash Chawla
    Prakash Chawla Month ago

    sitting in room.. is much better than working so hard in company

  • Sanjay-aryan Nair
    Sanjay-aryan Nair Month ago

    0:42 anyone else notice the smoke on the note 7 box???

  • المعتصم بالله

    F***en tell us about the the K in MKBHD 🤬🤬

  • المعتصم بالله

    I don't think so about Samsung copying Google of every thing they make because we do have benefits about that .... So let them compet

  • chelsea boy
    chelsea boy Month ago

    Dear Samsung Plays Let Apple Win Somethimes 😂😂😂😂

  • Beginner Dot Net
    Beginner Dot Net Month ago +1

    Marques, don't know why you don't get it.
    1. The reason Samsung make duplicated software is they need user's data - your data.
    User's data is money, lots of money. They can do a lot of stuff with that data, like AI (which is bixby), ...
    If Samsung use stock rom from google, so google will have those data, so google can create google assistant (a lot of data explain why now it so smart).
    Smartphone isn't future of Samsung anymore, i think you know that, so ... in Samsung perspective, what they're doing is necessary.
    2. And for the cases, the world have samsung's design months before it has been introduced. So, i think that's good opportunity for other manufacturer to be creative, let the world take care of that extra stuff. And if you don't like the bikini cases, just don't buy it, let the market decide the winner.
    P/S: you guys can see my avatar, i'm not a SS fan.

  • Aryan Jingade
    Aryan Jingade Month ago

    Today in 2018, Bixby is way more smarter than siri, alexa and all other assistants. But combination of Bixby and google assistant is great. Because Bixby can control your phone more effectively than google assistant. But google assistant is the best for searching anything. This is the reason why Marques Samsung made Bixby.

  • flash king
    flash king Month ago

    Dear Apple

  • dipro001
    dipro001 Month ago

    Who else spotted the smoke at 0:44?

  • Kenny
    Kenny Month ago

    Samsung might be planning to replace Android os with their own Samsung mobile os completely.
    They could be working on that right now.

  • Salas Kamat
    Salas Kamat Month ago

    New fan herw

  • Yfyh Hfyu
    Yfyh Hfyu Month ago

    A lot of samsung apps versions i prefer them over the google versions
    Like samsung internet over chrome

  • Akbar Maulana
    Akbar Maulana Month ago

    What about Google lens

  • Adnan The Panda
    Adnan The Panda 2 months ago

    *i cant complain about samsung's keynotes, wow*
    they already have the best displays on the market!

  • The_Mikey
    The_Mikey 2 months ago +1

    they want to be the best on the market, alone

  • Rafi Ansari Rahat Danger

    The smoke effect was awesome!!

  • Brenda Killon
    Brenda Killon 2 months ago

    The Samsung cases are laughable
    Bixby is a good idea in process, multiple double/duplicate are not

  • xXTheNerdGamer Xx
    xXTheNerdGamer Xx 2 months ago


  • Dragan Cetkovic
    Dragan Cetkovic 2 months ago

    they plan to develop their own OS ( Tizen)

  • Pipo Claude
    Pipo Claude 2 months ago

    "Ecosystem " is the key to your suggestions...

  • Maze FX // Left
    Maze FX // Left 2 months ago +1

    İ love samsung ui, i hate stock android ui even though i'm using it right now. So samsung, keep developing ur experience ui. Who else thinks like me? 🤔

  • Carnage
    Carnage 2 months ago

    Theres a app that lets you remap the bixby button

  • Prajop Praiseto
    Prajop Praiseto 2 months ago

    Because of u samsung is gonna make unbreakable phone
    All thanks to u

  • Tejas Sohoni
    Tejas Sohoni 2 months ago

    Dat old intro song

  • pranoy paul
    pranoy paul 2 months ago

    those were some ugly mugugly cases by Samsung!!! yuck

  • Junghwan Lee
    Junghwan Lee 2 months ago

    Marques Brownlee, Don't get me wrong on this, Google is the one trying to get rid of Samsung hardware from google empire. Samsung made a big footprint for Android success. but once google think their software good enough to compete with apple ios, google trying to get rid of hardware from google's alliance. Samsung corporation(not only Samsung electronics) CEO Lee, byung-chul warned about their own OS development quite a bit long time ago. if Samsung couldn't get software their own, Samsung electronic will be disappeared. that's why Tigen born and Samsung trying to push to have their own OS. it is not wasting their time, they trying to survive. In korea, all Korean knew about Samsung electronic isn't no longer Samsung's flagship company anymore. Samsung wants to focus on AI and bionic business. currently CEO's son has Samsung bio stock-share more than any other Samsung group stock-share. Samsung changing their flagship business to AI and Biotics. because google's betrayed and can't compete with cheap Chinese smart phone. those business are not easy to steal from other company that spent tons of knowledge and effort. that is why Samsung trying to stand alone. thanks for all you do, I enjoyed your videos

  • UncommonGaming
    UncommonGaming 2 months ago

    Samsung. Keep on the good work on originality and quality. You will be always my best.

  • lolb4udie
    lolb4udie 2 months ago

    Samsung Pay is better than Android and Apple pay

  • RightWingKing
    RightWingKing 2 months ago

    0:40 look at the Samsung box. 😂

  • Mirza Wilayat Ali
    Mirza Wilayat Ali 2 months ago

    they should remove google assisstant and only place bixby

  • Ronit Raj
    Ronit Raj 2 months ago

    0:28 whats that Hi Phil

  • Anton B
    Anton B 2 months ago

    maybe samsung is making apps similar to googles so they can use them in south korea?

  • Jorge Lebreault
    Jorge Lebreault 2 months ago

    Make a video of Dear Motorola!

  • Du Hanan
    Du Hanan 2 months ago

    I love Bixby😍

  • Suhayb Ali Abdi
    Suhayb Ali Abdi 2 months ago

    Samsung isn't your younger brother with the way you talk. 'look, Sammy'. We know that this video is sponsored by Google wen you force the little similarities to be a copy from Google. Your opinion only matters to you not anyone else in youtube

  • Tejas Bhandare
    Tejas Bhandare 2 months ago

    Any one noticed the smoke coming out of note 7 box when he mentioned battery problem

  • banana mango
    banana mango 2 months ago

    I LIKE THE part about the cover case 😂😁

  • Flash703
    Flash703 2 months ago

    The cases lol ahahahaha

  • Flash703
    Flash703 2 months ago

    Bixby I don't think now its to compete with Google. Cause I don't remember which TVclip said they work really together unlike siri

  • Lloyd Share
    Lloyd Share 3 months ago

    why banana dude common, would have dank if you said like weed or somat

  • fifth estate
    fifth estate 3 months ago +1

    dear black people...

  • Donut Dog
    Donut Dog 3 months ago

    is that a note 7 box in the bottom right of the screen?

  • Eitan Sheffer
    Eitan Sheffer 3 months ago

    Hi Phil?

    LOKANANDA S 3 months ago

    When will Samsung Note 5 get android Oreo update?Why don't you urge Samsung!

  • Damian Montes Vargas
    Damian Montes Vargas 3 months ago

    Keep it real bro, I love your channel

  • Alfred Miranda
    Alfred Miranda 3 months ago

    Hi phil

  • Rona Fanfouna
    Rona Fanfouna 3 months ago

    0:46 HAHAHAHA Look At the Note 7 Box

  • /\HSBB64/\
    /\HSBB64/\ 3 months ago

    0:43, lol that smoke above the note 7

  • Google User
    Google User 3 months ago

    I like all of samsungs versions of the duplicate apps and i use them all excet the calander its really bad

  • Intensity EXILE
    Intensity EXILE 3 months ago

    I know this is old. But dear Samsung. Please make it that fucking screen protectors actually stick to the display

  • Random guy
    Random guy 3 months ago

    0:42 😂😂😂😂😂
    Look at the phone box

  • ImAHuman
    ImAHuman 3 months ago +1

    I hate samsung

  • Patrick
    Patrick 3 months ago

    Bixby is pretty nice with the macro google assistant + bixby macros is a really nice siri killer.

  • Jesus Zafra
    Jesus Zafra 3 months ago

    Hi Phil

  • LoRD_ ÁSH
    LoRD_ ÁSH 3 months ago

    I have an samsung A8 2018 gold and its too beautiful to be with a case tho. I need to use a case i hate it.

  • Mohammed Ibrahim
    Mohammed Ibrahim 3 months ago +1

    Samsung is doing that make an Ecosystem

  • Junior Gamer05
    Junior Gamer05 3 months ago +7

    The dislikes are from apple fanboy

    • Khaled Elbalal
      Khaled Elbalal Month ago +1

      doesnt need to make sense if it is hate on apple

    • Brandon Adam
      Brandon Adam 2 months ago +4

      Junior Gamer05 that doesn’t make any sense because he’s arguing AGAINST Samsung so if anything it would be Samsung fanboys

  • [G]555
    [G]555 3 months ago +1

    I though Samsung always vs with iPhone.
    I never know Samsung vs Google.

  • trigui fedi
    trigui fedi 3 months ago

    Samsung need to support their phone and provide updates for longer ammount of time

  • STR1D32 n' stuff
    STR1D32 n' stuff 3 months ago

    OH I WONDER WHAT THIS LONG YELLOW THING IS? HEY BIXBY, WHAT'S THIS? "Would you like to buy a banana?"