#52 Making of power button Image Candy at Lofty Pursuits


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  • Laurie De Silva
    Laurie De Silva 10 days ago

    In very allergic to citric acid

  • jack the cat
    jack the cat 17 days ago

    I wish your unicorn drops where available on your website

  • Stir Drem
    Stir Drem 18 days ago

    Orange Heart

  • robo slayer
    robo slayer 26 days ago +1

    Now I'm hungry

  • Enemy Combatant
    Enemy Combatant Month ago

    The bob ross of candy :.)

  • Xx_ SCORCH _xX
    Xx_ SCORCH _xX Month ago

    Have you every cut your self on the hook

  • Beta Kokichi Ouma
    Beta Kokichi Ouma Month ago

    The candy pulling must be such a workout.

  • Let's Talk
    Let's Talk Month ago

    I’m in Florida

  • ajk Tazz25
    ajk Tazz25 Month ago

    40 pulls

  • Pintionio Bean
    Pintionio Bean Month ago

    How does that candy NOT stick to the hook you were using to turn it white

  • Andrew Baccari
    Andrew Baccari Month ago

    I’m I the only one who thought the thumbnail was cocaine

  • Not A Sour
    Not A Sour Month ago

    Love your videos. I think it’s my fourth time watching this video

  • Joshua Ladner
    Joshua Ladner Month ago

    What an awesome job

  • John Freeman
    John Freeman Month ago

    @5:22 *bit* and *byte* joke, nice!

  • Luna's Royal guard
    Luna's Royal guard Month ago

    Yay candy 🍭 yor Chanel is giving me a sweet tooth 😂

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor Month ago

    Nice blow

  • Morgan Hass
    Morgan Hass Month ago

    2018 anyone

  • DoodleSniff
    DoodleSniff Month ago

    Make a TVclip play button

  • Elite Gdog
    Elite Gdog Month ago

    2:21 look at the happy smile

  • Ryan Mckillop
    Ryan Mckillop Month ago

    You should try camouflaged candy that is pear flavored

  • Sir CoSmoZ
    Sir CoSmoZ Month ago

    *_s e c t i o n o f t e x t b e l o w t h e v i d e o_*

  • Soulless Pig
    Soulless Pig Month ago

    Who thought the thumbnail was cocaine

  • {Fhonix}
    {Fhonix} Month ago

    That logo also looks like a switch😂

  • Kirito XxX
    Kirito XxX 2 months ago

    So umm... when u use the candy puller thing
    Is it hard to use?

  • Cole Alone
    Cole Alone 2 months ago


  • Asim Ali
    Asim Ali 2 months ago

    what happens if we boil the sugar up to 300 or 290 temperature, further please let me know the exact temperature of toffee.

  • Tristen Warburton
    Tristen Warburton 2 months ago

    What is the most candy you've pulled on the hock?

  • Kody Fishing
    Kody Fishing 2 months ago

    How do you not eat it I would not be able to

  • Reese
    Reese 2 months ago

    “Section of words”
    You mean description?

  • the travel channel
    the travel channel 2 months ago

    i love this channel because its not just making candy theres history and science

  • IDWpresents
    IDWpresents 2 months ago

    "everyone can have their own byte of candy" I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE

  • Operator_six
    Operator_six 2 months ago

    I live where this table was made

  • Yaboichris _
    Yaboichris _ 2 months ago

    I live in Connecticut :)

  • Dweebenheim
    Dweebenheim 2 months ago

    Don't really plan on going to Florida, but if I ever end up in Tallahassee I'll stop by. Fascinating videos.

  • Billbo Baggins
    Billbo Baggins 2 months ago

    That thumbnail tho!

  • sleak meat
    sleak meat 2 months ago

    I don't see the point of dislikes on this channle

  • i'm bored
    i'm bored 2 months ago

    not only is this satisfying it is also educational

  • James Lee
    James Lee 2 months ago

    this is amazing. you are a true artist

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson 2 months ago

    Did you win the competition

  • Kinzuko
    Kinzuko 2 months ago

    you know... i build PCs for fun and i could never keep straight what the O was and what the I was, now i know how to remember it!

  • CatsOfFire meow
    CatsOfFire meow 2 months ago

    "section of text"

  • Auto genocide
    Auto genocide 3 months ago +1

    Was that a plastic spoon for that boiling hot candy?

  • lets have some fun
    lets have some fun 3 months ago

    Ho many vid have you made

  • meemo32086
    meemo32086 3 months ago

    Your voice reminds me very much of Merv Griffin's voice.

  • Lumos Foto e Vídeo
    Lumos Foto e Vídeo 3 months ago

    Don't get me wrong, all the people who work at that candy shop seem to know everything about hard candy, but when this guy takes it to the hook to make the white candy, we know why he's the boss...the man sure can handle his candy!

  • Wolf 098
    Wolf 098 4 months ago

    I still remember when you didn't have the hook

  • Fatrick Stare
    Fatrick Stare 4 months ago

    Christ I'm hungry, why am I watching this?

  • Riya
    Riya 4 months ago

    do u export ur candies to India?? i wanna taste them .

  • TheGreatAndPowerful will

    Quick question, do you make anything else but hard candy?

  • Zebrano
    Zebrano 4 months ago

    Couldn't you also turn that "unicorn dropping" into rods to be cut down as well? I'm not a candy expert so I wouldnt know just wondering.

  • lava lupus
    lava lupus 4 months ago

    i solved the binary code! thats cool little secret to put in your vid

  • Quashaun Deberry
    Quashaun Deberry 4 months ago

    Use a hammer so it won’t stick to the hook

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  4 months ago

      Why? I lose perhaps 3 pieces of candy worth of sugar, but if I do break it off, and re-use it I could cause a crystallization chain reaction that would destroy the entire batch. Saving 3 pieces to risk 2000-5000 pieces seems silly. The only people who do that are folks who's hook does not come off the wall. In that case how do they clean it? Mine comes off and gets boiled in a pot of water every night.

  • 1992djg
    1992djg 4 months ago

    Now I want to buy your candy ......

  • slimey_girl wishlist
    slimey_girl wishlist 5 months ago


  • honey pastel
    honey pastel 5 months ago

    I’m from Hartford! CT is such a big candy place (PEZ and the first lollipop were made in CT)

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 5 months ago

    no egg craig said you had cooties

  • Fizz
    Fizz 5 months ago

    So that’s why my hair dryer has a 1 for on and 0 for off but it looks more like this l O

  • Chaos Rein
    Chaos Rein 5 months ago

    You guys are insane, and I love it

  • j w
    j w 5 months ago

    You must have strong arms...

  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 5 months ago

    Ive watched your videos so many times I’m confident that I could make hard candies like this. Now making just plain candy is one thing, but a design... I’m still amazed at how people have the imagination to picture it in their head and form it. I can’t lol.

  • Ada Harrison
    Ada Harrison 5 months ago

    I would never have guessed from the end result that it was supposed to be the power button! Great video.

  • Felplague
    Felplague 5 months ago

    Nice job, i think doing it a few more times would make it much better, cause the 1 in the middle shoulda been much longer and the gap between the edges of the 0 and the 1 shoulda been wider, but it still looks good.

  • OliTechno
    OliTechno 6 months ago

    Stop the video at 1:59 and see a face in the red candy

  • The cheesy Channel
    The cheesy Channel 7 months ago

    I wish I had as much talent as you

  • KookieMonsta MarMar
    KookieMonsta MarMar 8 months ago

    I want to pull candy....

  • Galxey
    Galxey 8 months ago

    #lofty pursuits you are doing mighty fine im going to order my first batch of candy right now

  • Osvaldo Ah
    Osvaldo Ah 8 months ago

    Where's the power button on the candy at ?

  • rory morrison
    rory morrison 8 months ago

    Aaaaaay lmao he's making BITS with ones and zeros in them

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  8 months ago

      +rory morrison you can nibble on them if you don't want to take a byte.

  • v
    v 8 months ago

    you should do they TVclip play button

  • Lillian Early
    Lillian Early 8 months ago

    Damn I want to make fudge now I love your vids there so calming and after a long stressful day there just what you need

  • Tracey Hollan-Smith
    Tracey Hollan-Smith 8 months ago

    is your candy eatable when its soft?

  • garrett ingle
    garrett ingle 8 months ago

    You should make a TVclip play button

  • TK-421
    TK-421 8 months ago

    Where and how do I order some

  • Curtis Washburn
    Curtis Washburn 8 months ago

    Would it prove difficult to reproduce this with the flavoring of black liquorice?

  • Lipstick Zombie
    Lipstick Zombie 8 months ago

    I thought the On button was a finger pressing a button. My life is a lie >_

  • Splash the Inkling
    Splash the Inkling 8 months ago

    I hope you survive the storm!

    PRINC3 KRISH 8 months ago

    So satisfied

  • Papa Eriko
    Papa Eriko 8 months ago

    Is This Joey's World Tour's Second channel

  • Grétar Örn Grétarsson

    This is art

  • Osuenn Stargazer
    Osuenn Stargazer 8 months ago

    Finally! (insert evil laugh) I will finally be able to taste those gorgeous candy, well maybe not those in particular but you got the point. After watching so many videos of you guys making them I finally gave in to my desire to add a taste to the image and ordered some.
    The coming two weeks or so are going to feel sooooo looooong while i wait.. But its going to be worth it!

  • Lesly Lee
    Lesly Lee 8 months ago +1

    Why is the part where he cuts the candy into pieces just so satisfying?! I think I'm just weird ._.

  • sprinklez
    sprinklez 9 months ago


  • TheQueerMusketeers
    TheQueerMusketeers 9 months ago

    your videos are 75% advertising your shop 5% you saying "pulling millions of air bubbles into the candy" 10% history and 10% background candy making and explaining the candy

  • Merm
    Merm 9 months ago

    I wish i lived near there the candy all looks great but i live in another state

  • El1tERaccoon
    El1tERaccoon 9 months ago


  • dcn
    dcn 9 months ago

    power bottom candy

    LUKEtaylorMINECRAFT 9 months ago

    Great arm. Workout

  • Levi Wolf-Leviathan Lovesprung

    Wow, so the storm was also in Florida!

  • Jimmy Gohner
    Jimmy Gohner 9 months ago

    I love gregs smile every time he goes to pull the candy 😂

  • gasmask entertainment
    gasmask entertainment 9 months ago

    Could you not keep the candy rod intact and have it like a stick of rock candy

    • gasmask entertainment
      gasmask entertainment 9 months ago

      Lofty Pursuits oh right, thanks for replying

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  9 months ago

      +gasmask entertainment You can, but I have issues in shipping it in tact. I've been experimenting in cutting them in 8inch lengths.

  • mickhick95
    mickhick95 9 months ago

    the history about the I/O is my fav part.

  • Crusty Orange
    Crusty Orange 9 months ago

    I never hear the word connecticut

  • Janette Reeli Baumann
    Janette Reeli Baumann 9 months ago

    😭 i want the candeeeeeeyyyyyyy!
    Becuz people who like doing their job do the best products!

  • sleepy Xanax
    sleepy Xanax 9 months ago

    Have completely fallen in love with these videos

  • MingoDeMango
    MingoDeMango 9 months ago

    Why does he talk about the off/on button randomly XD

  • The Tupolev Tu-160
    The Tupolev Tu-160 9 months ago

    Have you ever wonder if there was no air would the Amber candy turn white

  • Crybaby Ari
    Crybaby Ari 9 months ago

    That log was thick af😂😂

  • Crybaby Ari
    Crybaby Ari 9 months ago

    That log was thick af😂😂

  • nerissa's awsome show
    nerissa's awsome show 9 months ago

    Mmm that looks 😋

  • The gaming gem brothers

    I’m watching with one17 o’clock and that looks like a giant carriage